Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

A29B. The Torn Month. (.21.) .31.35.

A character connected to the upper world, and a character connected to the land or lower world, each strives to master a hero or heroine who is or is associated with the Month or by the Moon. See motif A29.

Ossetians, Abkhazians, Abazins, Ingush, Sami, Nenets, Eastern Khanty, Southern and Northern Selkups, and Kets.

(Wed. Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lhota [Tiger wants to eat a woman, she promises him her daughter when she is born; when the girl grows up and can carry water and fuel, the Tiger takes her; Tiger's wife gives birth to him a daughter, wondering why, left with her father, the girl cries; sees him hitting her head against the hearth, licking blood; goes to wash, leaving a louse and a flea responsible for herself; runs away; the Tiger catches up with her at her mother's house; the mother does not believes that the daughter is alive, does not open the door; the daughter climbs into the hole for the dog; the Tiger and mother pull her, tear her in half; the Tiger cries, buries her half; the mother cooks a piece of meat from her half, gives it to him; he eats, pulls and eats buried goods; tigers have been eating humans ever since]: Mills 1922:190-193).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ossetians [seven brothers went to mow, at which time their mother gave birth to a fanged girl; she immediately followed her mother to her brothers; the youngest saw that she ate half a horse, left; met a girl in tower, began to live with her; went to visit his family; the wife brings a comb, coal, whetstone with her; the sister greets her brother, gives a fandyr (string instrument), goes to sharpen her fangs; the mouse tells me to run through the back window, runs along the strings of the fandyr; sister comes back, swallows the mouse repeatedly, it jumps out from behind her; brother throws objects, they turn into bushes, forests, mountains; sister gnaws through the road; brother runs to the tower, his wife gives him a hand, his sister grabs from below; the women agree that each one should own it for two weeks; the young man has become a Month; when in his sister's hands, she gradually eats it, and the wife feeds again]: Miller 1882:297-299; Abkhazians: Bgazhba 1983:31-33 [the young man promises to marry someone who will sew him a full set of clothes in a day; the girl does not have enough time to sew clasps; she asks God to bring the sun back a little; when the young go to bed after the wedding, someone calls the young man; he returns in the morning tired; his sister, mother watch, cannot grab him, for he turns into a snake, a frog, a flame; the wife holds them; this young man is Amyz (month); his former wife Amra (the sun) says that the new one separated them, but she will not allow their marriage to come true; and takes him away every evening], 33-35 [the prince has three sons; he begged God for a daughter; he shot a wolf's finger, his daughter cries at home, he put a finger to her hand, she was a werewolf; sister chased his younger brother; woodpecker to him did not help, said that he should get food for the children, the young man made the rotten tree young and hard; the witch Arupap sent him along the road, he came to the moon, got married; went to look for parents and brothers, The moon gave a ring; everything is desolated at home, only her sister lives; she consistently eats the horse's legs, goes to the blacksmith to sharpen his teeth; the rat tells the young man to run; the woodpecker, A. sends the witch along the wrong path, but she again catches up; a young man throws a ring to his wife in heaven; dogs rush at a witch, a young man climbs his wife along the moon path; a witch tears his brother's leg to his knee; a one-legged man is visible on the moon]; Ochiauri, Surguladze 1980 [the sun Amra is a beautiful woman, her husband is Amza, haunted by his devil sister; after catching up, she begins to eat; at that moment Amza appears, pulls in his direction, sister in her direction; a dispute between the deity allows them: for 15 days he gives Amza to his sister, who during this period almost completely devours the moon, and for 15 days to Amra]: 604; Chursin 1956:149-150 [A. Joakimov, 1874, No. 54; the family has three brothers; a daughter was born; on the same day she took her younger brother to the cloud, but he cut off her finger and escaped; after getting married, the sister ate her husband; the younger brother came to visit; sister ate his horse's leg, the other, third, the whole horse; tied her brother in a leather wineskin, went to sharpen her teeth; the rats gnawed at his wineskin, his brother ran away; threw a handful of wheat (forest), salt (sea) behind; sister she snuck in, swam across, grabbed her brother at the house, and her brother's wife began to pull him towards her; they decided that the sister would eat Brother of the Month, and the wife would fatten him], 150 [N. Janashia; 7 rich brothers wanted a sister, she was born, cattle began to disappear; younger Amzu (Month) offers to kill her, others disagree; he leaves, marries Sun-Amra; comes to visit his brothers ; there was only one sister, his horse ate him, went to sharpen her teeth; brother ran, Amra was pulling towards him, sister to herself; God gave the Month for 15 days to the Sun Wife, and the devil's sister for the other 15 days], 150-151 [ Gudauta County; two single brothers, the third eldest is married; sees an invisible force carrying a ram from the sky every day; the middle one shoots, a bloody finger falls from the cloud; at home the older brother's daughter's finger in the cradle is torn off; the brother put a finger on her, he has grown up; the brothers are gone, the youngest is the last; asks the woodpecker to detain the witch; he replies that he needs to get food; the brother hits the tree , it becomes young; Baba Yaga tells you to go straight, he comes to the Maiden Moon; lives with her; goes to look for brothers, the Moon gives a ring; at home niece (var.: sister); eats one, two, third, fourth the horse's leg, the whole horse; puts the young man in a wineskin, goes to sharpen his teeth; he runs away; woodpecker, Baba Yaga help; he throws a ring to the moon, dogs rush at the witch; she manages to tear off his leg; on the moon he can see a man with a leg torn off below the knee]; Abaza [a daughter is born after seven sons; the younger brother is not happy, he is driven away; the girl eats cattle and people, when the younger brother returns, he goes to sharpen teeth; the youngest woman gives a mirror, a comb, a thimble, tells him to learn the names of their dogs; the mouse tells him to run, all he has to do is pull the strings of the Pyartsa (a violin-like instrument) at him so that his sister thinks he here; the sister devours the mouse, chases her brother; he throws objects, they turn into an ice field, a forest, an iron pole to the moon; he goes up to the moon, calls dogs, they eat the pursuer, the head remains; during eclipses it tries to eat his brother on the moon; people shoot, wake up dogs to save the moon, dogs drive their heads away]: Tugov 1985, No. 36:91-93; Ingush [seven in the family sons; everyone wants a girl; apples disappear after the girl is born; the thief is wounded in the finger; everyone is checked, the girl's finger is injured, the mother asks her not to kill; then the younger brother leaves; returning after a lot years old, finds an empty village; the ant says that the girl ate everyone, tells her not to agree to eat, ask her to bring a sieve of water; the sister eats her brother's horse's legs one by one, each time asks how many legs did the horse have; the brother replies that three, two, one, that the horse crawled; that he came on foot without a horse; while the sister carries water, the ant tells me to take a comb, vitriol, coal; brother runs; comb turns into a forest, vitriol into a vitriol field, coal into a black mist; the brother asks the Month to save him; the Month picks him up, the witch manages to tear off one leg of the horse; The month and brother are now together]: Malsagov 1983, NO. 138:297-299.

Baltoscandia. Sami: Kharuzin 1890 [the old man pulls birch bark, the Frog tells her to marry, otherwise he will stab her to death with scissors; they have sons Hewn Stump, Reindeer Yoke, daughter Vostroeye; Frog and her the children ate the old man and his old woman; she manages to tell her daughter to collect her 99 bones, hit Ostroeye, the hundredth bone will fall out, put it in a bag, run, a house will emerge from the bones; an old woman's daughter plays with with the sun, embroiders a silver belt; stabs with a sleepy match Stump, Yoke, they lose sight and hearing; Vostroeyka has other eyes on the back of her head; The Frog and the Eye sew the old woman's daughter into a seal skin, they throw it into the water; she ripped her skin with a knife, comes to a house with blood on the floor; she turns into a spindle; Ninas asks her to show up, promises to marry her; she opens; he says he's here Flashes cut, gives a ball of thread, he rolls to his mother; The flashes scream, Ninas' wife is coming, but the Sun will soon take her; mother N. transports her across the river; at night she hangs a silver belt over the bed, N. believes that these are stars, although it's already a day; she goes out, the Sun grabs her hair, N. tries to hold her, dies; she gives birth to the Sun a daughter; (more about the Sun's son-in-law)]: 348-350; Charnoluski 1962 [(p. 294: text restored from fragments and various sources); the wife warns her husband not to go to tear birch bark in the moonlight; Oadze jumps from his eye to his neck, tells her to marry, does not get off; her daughter jumps on his chest Eye, on the feet of her son Burnt Stump and the Shaggy Mouse; O. and her children eat up the old man, his wife and daughter Akkaniidi; eat the old man and wife; A. puts Hemp, Mouse, to sleep, meets the son of the Sun Peyvalke; Vostroeye remains to guard; A. does not notice that she has a third eye on the back of her head; O. and her children sewed A. in seal skin, thrown into the lake; A. comes to the house where Ninas, chief, lives among the Spolokhov; becomes his wife; he gives her a ball, A. follows him to his mother; N. tells her that his mother must be told to transport her across the river; N.'s mother never sees him, for he appears only at night; weaves the base of the night sky, and A. weaves stars on it; N.'s mother covers the ceiling of N.'s bedroom with a blanket, he thinks it's still night; jumps out, burned by the Sun; A. tries to block it, the Sun grabs it for her son Peyvalke, throws it to the moon - mother A.; A. is visible on the moon with a rocker arm and buckets of water on his shoulders]: 50-79.

Western Siberia. Nenets: Drannikova 2002, No. 94 (Arkhangelsk Region; Western 1992 in Naryan-Mar) [Ostyak had a god sit down; he drowned him because there is no luck; he went to see a girl, she replies that she will live not for long; such a wife is not needed, the ostyak is gone; the second one has the same; the third says that there is no death for her; the wife does not tell Ostyak to go to his former house for the knives and axes left there, but he goes; in the house here , chased; the first two girls have already died; the wife grabs her head and sit by the legs; tore them off, took them away and ate them; in his wife's bed, the ostyak turns into a baby or half an adult; after three his wife threw him into the sky, he became a month], No. 95:191-194; Sherbakova 1984 [the man got angry, threw his helper spirit into the water (sit down); he chased him, on the verge of the plague grabbed him legs, the wife grabbed her hands, tore it in half; ate the back of the seat, threw the front wife on the bed, she turned into a baby or half a man; the wife threw him into the sky, he became A month, it is by the Sun]: 87 in Golovnev 1995:303-304; Eastern Khanty (Vasyugano-Vakhov; Nizhne-Vartovsk; Tromyegan River); southern (b. Tym) and northern Selkups; Kets: Alekseenko 1976:83 [west from P.N. Kamensky; Sun and Month were husband and wife; A month went down to earth to see how people live there; kyns (Khosedam ) chased him; he rose up to the Sun, where their plague stands; the Sun sent his wolf to help; The month had only ripped off the grip over the door, half entered; the Sun was one half grabbed it, but for another; half of the Month remained with her heart; the Sun tried to make a new heart for the Month out of coal - it failed; then told him to leave; the Sun is always ahead, and the Month is behind], 83- 84 [west of K.M. Tyganov; The month was born on earth, his name was Bangdehyp' (son of the earth); H. tore him in half; the Sun rocked her husband, but did not revive him; during the day he was like a man, and at night only half; The sun told him to shine at least half at night]; Dulzon 1966, No. 47 [the old man does not tell his son to kill the seventh burbot - this is the devil's daughter; he killed; married the Sun; went to visit his parents; the devil ate them and his sister, put on her skin; cut off his horse's leg; he pulled this leg out of the fire, stuck his horse, drove to the Sun Well; the devil grabbed the horse by the leg; the young man dived into the well, the devil pulled out he, ate half where the heart is; the Sun revives it, but every time he dies again, becomes a Month]: 113-115; Nikolaeva 2006 [brother and sister are orphans, brother wants to see the world; Sunwoman raises he wants to visit his sister with his hands, rays; the Sun gives him a whetstone and a comb, sends him on a winged horse; Hosyadam ate his sister, took her form; she is outwardly friendly to her brother, but he sees that she cooks his horse's back leg; he snatches out his leg, hastily attaches the horse, jumps away; throws a whetstone, which turns into a mountain, X. gnaws at it with his teeth; the comb is a forest, H. makes his way; The sun and X. grab a person by the different legs, tear him apart; the Sun has half without a heart; a person will live a week, die again; the Sun says they will meet once a year on the longest day; throws a man into the dark half of the sky, this is the Month]: 123-126; Osharov 1936a: 111-115 [the elder and middle brothers are shamans, the youngest is not; a myrak runs into their dugout, tells them to make a coffin; in the morning the eldest is dead, his put in a coffin; the same with the middle one; the youngest does not die, the myrak fights him, falls into the coffin, the lid slams shut, two snakes wrap around the ends; the guy comes to the plague, where the girl tells her to step over her leg, takes her husband; the guy goes to the forest cheerful, returns crying, replies to his wife that he was beaten in the eyes with bars; the bars tell his wife that they did not beat him, and the husband cries for the dead brothers; the wife gives her husband the comb and the flint, tells him to return to earth; after 7 years he comes to his dugout; he kicks the coffin with the myrak, he jumps out, he drops it back into the coffin, the lid closes again; the guy leaves, but hears the chase, throws the comb (thicket), the flint (cliff), the wife managed to grab her right hand, the myrak by the left hand, tore it, the right half was left without a heart in his wife's hands; by night she took him out whole man, by morning he was half again; she said he would shine at night when she slept; this is how the Sun and the Month appeared; (quail in Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951:160-163)], 142-144 [ the hero caught a colorful burbot, let his daughter eat, she gave birth to a daughter, Haez-Ham, she grew up at night, ate people, became small with her mother in the morning; the hero's wife tells me to hide her son and daughter in hollow, fires an arrow, let the children put a plague where she falls; brother grows up; after shackling an iron horse, he comes to the old woman, she promises to send wolves to help her; the young man comes to the camp, looks into plague, there XX asks the skull where his children are; asks what your brother should feed you, goes to sharpen his teeth; the young man rides an iron horse, XX grabs it, but the old woman sends wolves, they tear off half they bring the old woman, the XX tears off the other; the old woman sends the wolves to take half of the young man to his sister, puts a trap, XX falls into him, dies; the sister nurses her brother, but as soon as she stops, from him again half; they go to heaven, she becomes the Sun, Brother Month]; Nikolaev 1985 [1) as in Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov; brothers seven; when he learns that a person cries when he sees brothers on earth, the Sun gives him a comb, a whetstone and a horse; catching up with a man, the devil tears off the horse's leg; 2) the brother is carried to the sky by the Sun, his sister is eaten by Hosyadam; the boy misses his sister, the Sun gives him a comb, a whetstone, a horse; H. takes the form of a sister, treats his brother with the foot of his horse; he puts the horse's leg, runs away; more about the persecution and the two halves of the man]: 44; Sangi 1989 (Prokofieva's recording) [brother goes further and further from the plague where his sister lives; the Sunwoman takes him to heaven; a week later he asks him to let go; she gives him a whetstone and a comb, sends him down on a winged horse; during this time Hosyadam ate his sister, took her form; he realizes this when he sees her cooking the leg that she tore off his horse; he sticks his leg back, rides his horse away, throws a whetstone, a comb, they turn into a mountain, a forest ; H. overcomes obstacles; The Sun grabs it by one leg, X. by another, breaks it in half; the Sun gets a part without a heart, it puts coal instead of the heart, revives man, but he dies again and again; she sends it to the other side of the sky, turns it into a Month, sees him once a year, they see each other's eyes; the month is cold because without a heart]: 142-144; Donner 1933 [traveling to the sun, first Shaman Dōg used the Milky Way as a road; during the flight, the devil grabbed the shaman; the sun began to hold another part of his body; the devil took Dōg`a's heart and the sun, which was married to shaman, he inherited the rest; since the devil's heart was left, Dōg could only live at night; the sun and devil made the month out of it]: 94.