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A2A. Several suns are scorching the earth, A720.1, A1052.


The world has been or will be (almost) burned down when several suns are lit or are lit at the same time. (Texts with the motif "several suns" or "the moon shone as brightly as the sun" without the scorched earth motif are not included).

Diola, (von), Joluo, Latins, San Cristobal, Tibetans (Amdo), Qiang, Lepcha, Mishmi, Meitei, Apatani, aka, Miniong, Passi, Kachin, Drung, Shans, Wa, Bulang, Karen, Thais, Black Tai Laos, Vietnamese Thai, Cham, Khmer, Ancient India, Barela-bhilala, Nepali, Sinhala, Baiga, Kondas, Muria, Oraons, Sora, Birkhor, Santals, Mundari, Semangs (Jehai, Kintak, Senoi (Sakai), Temuan (Mantra), Bataki, Mentawai, Java, Dusun, Kelabit, Western and Eastern Toraja, Solor, Alor and/or adjacent islands, tsow, paiwan, atayal, sedek, saisha, bunun, kanabu, rukai, puyuma, tayal, kanabu, apayao, ancient China, Chinese (Shaanxi, Gansu, Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Shandong), Miao, Yao, Meo, Man, Achan, Lolo, Lahu, Lisu, Hani, Lee, Koreans, Ancient Greece, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Romanians, Serbs, Russian written tradition, Georgians (Tabasarans), Lithuanians, Bashkirs, Tuvans, Altaians, Trans-Baikal Buryats, Hamnigans (?) , Oirats (including merchants), Darhats, Mongols (Khalkha, central Mongolia), Mongors, Sym Evenks, Nivkhs, Orochi, Ulchi, Udege, Nanai, Negidals, Shasta, Hikake, Sekoya, Caruas, Huancavelica, Andamarca (dep. Junin), characterbet.

West Africa. Diola [the sun has as many children as the moon; the moon's children are stars, and the sun's children are hot, the earth is unbearably hot; the moon invites the sun to get rid of children to moderate the heat; throws a bag of white pebbles into the water, and the sun really drowned its children; when night fell, the sun saw that the stars were in place; decided to pull its children out of the river, but they died immediately; they turned into fish; since then, the sun has hated the moon and sometimes attacks it]: Reuss-Nliba, Reuss-Nliba 2018:66-67; (cf. background: Olderogge 1959 [The moon invites the Sun to throw its children from heaven to earth; hides its own, collects stones in a bag, dumps them into the river; the Sun really drowns its children; when the truth It turns out that the Moon explains that the Sun's power is excessive and it's better if its children become fish that humans catch; since then, the stars have been at odds]: 150-151; Toton 2017 [The moon tells its brother the Sun that they each have many children and overshadow their parents' fame; the Sun agrees to drown the children; first the Moon threw the bag into the river and then the Sun; but at nightfall, the Sun saw that the children of the Moon the stars are in place; the children of the Sun turned into fish]: 57-58; Herskovits, Herskovits 1958, No. 1 [the eyes of the creator's female half are the Mawu moon, the male eyes are Lisa's sun]: 125).

Sudan-East Africa. Joluo [Luna replied to Juoku (god) that there are many people on earth, and the Sun is few, he sees them die; he admitted that he knows little about people, they hide from its rays, and the Moon, with its soft they love with light; in anger, he scorched the moon's face, the scars remain; the moon keeps away from the Sun; Juok regretted that the Sun did not have sisters or brothers, was going to create a second Sun; the spider heard, told not to do this, otherwise people would die; the Sun told the spider not to appear in front of him for this]: Katsnelson 1968:208-209 (=Kushka 1988:24).

Southern Europe. Latins [Phaedra's fable (1st century): "Seeing a magnificent wedding, a thief neighbor, /Aesop immediately began to tell: /One day the Sun decided to take his wife, /Why did the frogs scream to the sky. Jupiter, disturbed by the gam/What's up? Swamp residents say:/"It dries the backwaters alone, /forcing us to die in dry places;/What will happen if it gives birth to more children?" (per. M.L. Gasparova)]: Phaedr. I. 6 (Gasparov 1962:10).

Melanesia. San Cristobal [The month was an enemy of people, it shone like the Sun, the earth was unbearably hot; the Sun gnawed the trees with its teeth, made a bridge across the sea, invited the Month to follow it; the bridge fell apart, the Month fell into the water, became cold; there was a lot of water, lots of trees, night appeared]: Fox 1924:338.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Amdo) [when the time comes for the end of the earth, there will be 6 suns that will burn everything on earth; then 12 moons that will rain; the rains will wash everything away and level everything; sinners will burn, souls will burn the righteous will be taken into the Tengir kingdom]: Benningsen 1912:12-13; Qiang [9 suns are scorching the earth; the elder brother and younger sister were saved in the cypress hollow; when the disaster was over, they decided to lower two millstones from the slopes - if they lie on top of each other, you can get married; my sister gave birth to a monster, my brother cut it into pieces, scattered them; people around the house in the morning]: LaPolla, Huang 1996:252; lepcha [Two Sun Brothers took turns, the heat was unbearable; the Toad (an edible species) volunteered to kill the Sun, made an arrow from a scallop (Celosia L., amaranth), and killed his older brother with it; the younger one was covered with a black blanket, it became dark; black pestles turned into snakes, wooden mortars into tigers; fireflies and a tree with white leaves tried to illuminate the world, it turned them out outside; but this is not enough; half of the people died from snakes and tigers; people, animals, and the supreme god Rum himself unsuccessfully asked the Sun to return; only when the Bat, hanging himself at the ends of the bow for legs and nose, shouted through his nose that the world would die from the cold, the Sun looked out because no one had yet spoken to him through his nose; when he saw the Bat hanging on his bow, he smiled; and then the Bat got hot fell, breaking his bones; therefore, his legs did not look like birds or animals, and his nose was twisted; they decided to punish the Toad, otherwise the Sun would not shine; his thumbs were cut off and placed in a cold place; the dead Sun became the Month; in the seventh, eighth and ninth months, the current Sun sets earlier, says it is tired; but in fact, the red rooster scallop grows to full height at this time and the Sun fears being shot]: Stocks 1925, No. IX: 363-365 (quoted in Yamada 2009a: 34-36; retelling in Kühn 1936:82, brief in Elwin 1949:54); apatani [Hintii Anii gave birth to forms - first earth and the sky, then the Sun and the Moon; they were her eyes; the evil spirits led by Giirii created the second Chanter Danyi sun and the second Chanter Pulo moon, it became incredibly hot; the Tamu spirit shot the second sun and moon, only Danyi and Pulo were left]: Blackburn 2008:154; Mishmi: Elwin 1958a, No. 12 (Kaman) [four suns were shining, it was unbearably hot; people sent eight men with two dogs to heaven, they killed three suns, bodies were thrown into the river; went back, leaving one dog, Tafyeo, to guard the fourth sun; seven died on the way, one man and one dog returned to earth; the sun stopped giving because of grief enough heat and light; T. bit him, does it regularly to remind the Sun of its duties]: 46-47; 1958b, No. 26 (taraon) [there were two Suns shining one by one, people and animals died; man caught and killed one Sun; the moon shines half in the human world, half in the dead; the tree blocks its light, so it's cold]: 62; meitei [Ch. Manihar Singh, A History of Manipuri Literature; two sun brothers were shining, there was no night; the king's servant was always on duty, unable to take care of his family; the king allowed him to shoot one sun; he did since then, night and day alternate]: Oinam et al. s.a.; aka (chrusso) [there were two suns (husband and wife) and two moons (also husband and wife); the Sun's wife became the mistress of Moon's husband, they descended to earth make love; everything around began to burn, people killed them with arrows; the corpse of the Sun's wife remained on earth, and the Moon's husband managed to rise to heaven, died in the arms of the moon; the Sun warned that if the Moon He would throw her husband's corpse on the ground, people and animals would also die; told people not to answer if his Sister Moon called them, but to answer if he called, the Sun; the Moon came out carrying her husband's body, cried; all were sleeping, but Barking Deer and Peacock did not sleep, they also began to cry, Luna threw her husband's body to the ground; the Rooster heard, called the Sun, he went out and said he could not help now]: Elwin 1958a, No. 7:288-290 ; miniong [two Sun Brothers took turns shining 12 hours a day; the frog shot one with an arrow, its lights went out, it became the Month, the shrapnel from the impact became stars; out of revenge, both brothers send his arrows to the ground, bringing death to people's children; the frog hides from the Sun in the water]: Elwin 1958a, No. 13:47; feed [there were two Suns; to reduce the heat, God fired an arrow, its light faded, it became the Moon; the remaining Sun disappeared underground, it became dark; agreed to return if it was given the daughter of the gods to eat; the Bat explained to people that the Sun did not demand a daughter of the gods, but the daughter of men; he was given a girl, it ate her, it shone; this is how people became mortals]: Elwin 1958a, No. 22:53-54 (=Elwin 1958b: 57-58); Kachin: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 24 [paternal origin from heaven and The mother's merged from the ground, gave birth to a man and a woman of natov; semi-liquid earth thickened from the fog, the nats made it solid; gave birth to a man and a woman; they first gave birth to all animals, then to humans Chaiva Neinchang Phan Wa Nainshan; he separated heaven from earth, began to rule the earth; married Tajamin's daughter, who had descended from heaven; there were nine suns, an eternal day; at the request of C., T. created an alternation of the day and nights]: 97-99; Elwin 1958b, No. 24 [it was 9 suns, it was very hot; Mathum-Matta killed seven, and the current Sun and Month are hidden behind the Himalayas; the Sun floats around the Himalayas in gold, Month in a silver boat; when the Sun boat is on our side, day; moon phases: A month sits and then gets up in its boat, sometimes sleeps]: 59; Gilhodes 1908, No. 24 [Sun Brother is the father of nine Sun Girls, Sister Moon has many child stars ; when people started stealing rice, the Sun released all daughters as punishment, gave dogs 9 tails and field mice (favorite game) 9 burrows; people made a large bow to shoot the Sun alive snakes; then the whole family of the Sun hid; sent the Battleship, the daughter of the Sun killed him; then the Rooster; he agreed that the Sun would revive the Battleship, give him strong clothes and a long tongue; scattered his own daughters by breaking them apart (they also became stars); if the Rooster does not welcome the Sun, the Fox will deal with it; if the Sun does not come out, the Toad will swallow it, and if the Moon does not come out, the Dog will swallow it]: 691- 693; Lin Lin, Ustin 1959 (jingpo) [nine suns scorched the earth, all cursed them, they fled; animals and birds began to collect money to give the suns to take turns; The Bat said mice that she was a bird, and birds like a mouse refused to give money; they decided not to allow her to use the light and warmth of the sun]: 175-176; Karen [the supreme god created the male being Tha-lu to that ruled the sky, and the female Tha-lu ruled the earth; the earth was first the size of a spindle; thanks to an earthworm, it grew; first the earth was covered with water; God squeezed it with iron and silk, the water came down, forming rivers; a spider in the sky could go down to earth and rise back; God created two suns, a man and a woman; they lived in a closed palace, they were not visible; the pangolin gnawed through a hole, losing all his teeth; both the suns came out, it became unbearably hot; God allowed man to kill one sun; he hit him with an arrow and it became the moon]: Mason 1865:175; drung (Yunnan) [two suns were shining, husband and wife; children die from the heat, plants dry; the hunter climbed the mountain, knocked down the man by the sun, the woman sun hid in horror; 9 days of darkness, everyone is afraid of monsters and spirits; on the tenth morning it is a little dawn; the rooster began to scream, "Young lady, Sun, give me earrings"; the green earring fell from the sky; the rooster promised to scream three times in the morning, after which the sun should go out; the female sun came out; and the male sun became a month, they have been taking turns since then; after death, the hunter found himself on the moon, his shadow is visible there]: Miller 1994:61-62.

Burma - Indochina. The Shans [in the world that existed before ours, first there was one sun, then a second, a third, seven or nine; men died before women because they were mothers of bodysuits and saints; the last thing to swim was a huge fish; when it burst in the boiling sea, its fat ignited and everything was finally burned; our world would also burn; worlds arise and die; at first our world was covered with water, it rose higher and higher, almost reaching the sky; 9 gods descended, but returned; then 4 gods with four spiders descended; each made a ball of web at the four ends of the ocean; the ball in the south became ours peace; the other three we can't see, but the souls of the dead are being reborn there; Mount Meru has grown in the middle]: Milne 1910:196-197; wa [every 3000 years the world dies from fire; if two suns appear, people die if three don't]: Heine-Geldern 1976:38; Thais [(a local version of Buddhist cosmogony); the world was burned when 7 suns appeared; Indra and the lower deities died; then one left the sun and the flood poured out of the sky]: Low 1836:343; the black thay (Thay) of Laos [the vá tree covered the whole world, and the háy tree covered the whole earth; seven sons Cap and Ke (brother and Ke who escaped the flood sisters) cut down trees, 9 moons ("mothers of heat"), 8 suns shone in the sky; the water dried up, the turtles cracked their shells; the coot and the turtledove flew to heaven, asked God Po Tchen to help and told the chicken she could not peck 8 suns and 7 moons; the drake could, because it was necessary to swim to the suns and moons; after that, 7 brothers and parents settled in Luang Prabang]: Bourlet 1907:924-925 (retelling in Chesnov 1980a: 622, in Kühn 1936:78); bulang (blang, south Yunnan) [at first only sky and clouds, among them rhinoceros-like li runs; Gumiya made the sky out of his skin, stars out of his eyes, and flesh - earth, water from blood, all types of plants from wool, from the brain of people, from the bone marrow of animals, birds, insects, etc.; from four legs, four pillars of the sky; placed the earth on a turtle; as soon as the turtle tries to move, Gumia's rooster bites it in the eye; if it falls asleep, the turtle moves, shaking the ground; then people pour rice on the ground to wake the rooster; 9 sun sisters and 8 month old brothers decided to destroy G.'s creation; there was unbearable heat on earth; at this time, crabs lost their heads, fish lost their tongues, snakes lost their legs, frogs lost their tails; before leaving the shelter, G. smeared the straw hat with wax, but wax melted, flowed into his eyes; G. made a bow out of wood with green bark, a bowstring from wild rattan, arrows from bamboo, moistened the tips with poison from the reservoir in which the dragon was swimming; climbed on the red-hot stones to the top of the mountain, hit 8 suns and 7 months with arrows; their blood poured to the ground, cooling it; the remaining Sun and Month fled; tired G. fired the 18th arrow, it hit the Month, that survived, but lost his heat; it became dark and cold, people plowed with their lanterns tied to oxen horns, the rivers stopped; G. sent a swallow to look for the sun; when she returned, she said that the Sun and the Month hid in a cave in the east; G. sent all the animals and birds to ask them to return; he did not go himself, because those who hid were afraid of him; two partridges, with a black and a white tuft, did not go; the first smeared a tail red - supposedly she had diarrhea; the second smeared her head white - she mourned her parents; all of them were banned; there was a swallow in front, followed by fireflies; birds were led by a rooster, animals were a boar; in the wife's cave The Sun and the Month are starving but afraid to go out; the rooster called them, the others promised that G. would not shoot at them; the rooster: from now on, go out after I drink; cut the knot, threw half to the Sun and the Month , from the other he made a comb for himself (a cut knot is a sign of the conclusion of a contract); daughter G. Gumishafema feeds the Sun three times a day with golden juice and the Month with silver juice; she is a young girl in the morning, a young wife in the afternoon, an old woman in the evening; the Sun and the Month are allowed at the end of each month return to the cave to connect (the moon is not visible at this time); the Sun is a shy wife, the Month gave her needle rays to stab the eyes of those who glanced immodestly at her; the entrance to the cave was blocked the stone, only the boar could push it away; everything is fine]: Miller 1994:88-93; Vietnamese thai [at first all the fruits, the rice were huge, people worked hard, ate a lot, violated the Po Fã and Po laws Thén; PT sent rain that flooded the earth with a flood; only Ba kap and Y ké escaped in the dry fruit; PT lit 9 suns, they dried the water, the rooster's feathers were scorched, now it is red; there is no water, no fire; The horsefly flew to the PT, which fired, on the way it goes out three times from the rain; The horsefly replies that his eyes are on his head, but they are at the ends of his wings; spies on how the PT receives fire by friction, shows people; PT gave rice and corn seeds to the Rat; she is allowed to eat grain as a reward; Horsefly is allowed to bite humans]: Degeorge 1922, No. 2:135-140; palaung [(L. Milne, The home of an Eastern Clan, p. 361); the old world was burned by the heat of the 7 suns]: Kühn 1936:79-80; ly [Phra Phum was once more powerful than the good god Phra In; descended to earth after it was devastated by the heat of seven suns; left only one sun, divided the year into months and days; his antagonist PI called the female spirits of seven planets, promised to marry them if they killed PP; PI's hair was made into a bow launched the arrow cut off PP's head; an elephant's head was placed on PP's body; the gods advised PI to marry seven sisters; they stayed with PP's head, holding her one by one for a year]: Chesnov 1982:354; Khmers [Above Mount Sumeru is the heavenly world of beautiful long-lived creatures - tevoda; they decided to punish the people who lived on earth for their sins; first, the earth was burned by seven suns, then everything was flooded by the flood; when the waters became to fall down, 8 creatures were sent from the sky - próm; they began to eat sea foam, then earth, then plants (when they appeared); according to another version, they ate mushrooms first, then vine fruits, then rice; from rice, their bellies were filled with excrement, they had two holes, P. split into men and women, gave birth to new people]: Chesnov 1982a: 340; tyamas [there were 12 suns and 12 moons, the sky was low, and the earth was thin; the goddess Atmyhekat tried to create living creatures, but it was too hot; then Saint Nymaisibaityadong (apparently Shiva, Chamsk. Siwa) knocked down all the suns, the world became dark; Avlahuk (or simply Ku, i.e. Allah), born from dark chaos, was able to make the world brighter 60 years later; A. created Mohammat, who gave birth to Jebrail, the son of D. Ibrahim began to rule the world; Adam and Eve were cast down to earth; gave birth to children, starting the human race; when the ancestors died, everything disappeared, leaving only the tall Mosi tree; A. was born from it, created animals, demons and humans; sent his eldest daughter Po Nagar to rule the earthly world; PN arranged space in accordance with her body; the sun and moon are her eyes, Venus is the heart, the Big Dipper - legs, etc.; created the seeds of the human soul, taught people to cultivate the land; Yama, one of her assistants, taught how to grow rice, make medicine, make fire; in Mecca he married a fairy, their 50 sons went up to the mountains, 50 daughters began to live on the plain; by order of father, PN returned to heaven]: Atnashev 2001:106-107.

South Asia. Ancient India (Mahabharata, Mhb.3.186) [at the end of the last south, seven suns will dry up seas and streams, burn all living things; fire devours the universe, then the rain floods it with a flood]: Vasilkov, Neveleva 1987:384; Ancient India [the idea of the four souths ("team", "couple", "generation"; the name is borrowed from the dice game, this was the name of the sides of the bone, containing 4, 3, 2, 1 mark) - eras of the world's existence; 1) kritayuga (satyayuga) - "good age"; 2) tretayuga - justice is gradually decreasing; 3) dvaparayuga - evil and vices begin to prevail; 4) Kaliyuga - people exterminate each other as warriors, kings rob subjects, women indulge in debauchery, etc.; four yugas form one Kalpa; at the end of each Kalpa, 12 or 7 suns appear in the sky, who burn the world; one Kalpa is one day of Brahma, and Brahma lives for 100 years; after his death comes 100 years of chaos, then a new Brahma is born; now it is the 51st year of current Brahma and the sixth Kaliyuga millennium]: Toporov 1982b: 676; barela-bhilala [in the east, the women Kassi raiya and Bari raiya are infertile; the sadhu tells them to swallow bubbles from the spring, they conceived the Sun and the Moon; at first not they wanted to give them away, then agreed, the Sun and Moon rose to the sky; at first they shone equally bright and hot (the moon was even hotter), the earth was burning; the moon hit Bessa in the west, his blood was red sunset; Bhagwan ordered the moon to be immersed in oil, it faded, it began to shine at night]: Stiglmayr 1970:156-157; Nepali: Maskarinec 1998:24-46 [Mahadev decides to place a man on earth to to command him; this is old Andhāserā; he cries because it is always dark; his relatives join him, the same with them; then a young married Candra comes to M. to ask for a dowry for 9 moons, 9 moons suns; in the end, M. gives them to her; the earth burns, the rivers dry up; M. tells Kandra to do 8 unacceptable things one by one; after every 1 sun and 1 moon go out (insult to address elders, deny a late guest an overnight stay, hit a dog sitting in the doorway with a stick; go out simple-haired into the yard; comb your hair back, etc.); the Satiavatī River has flowed again; sacrifice must be made barren cows, lame oxen], 78-84 [Makhaleva's married daughter Sita comes to him crying from the ground; it's dark there; he gives her 9 moons and 9 suns as a dowry; she stumbles, the stars hide in bamboo stems; S. comes again, gets lights; there are too many suns, the earth burns, S. comes to his father again; he makes sure that 1 sun and 1 moon remain]; Sinhalese [(recorded by L.A. Mervart in the village of Dedigama); in At the end of our Kalpa, there will be a mass of suns, they will burn the earth, then rains will flood it; after that, the Buddha from upper paradise will lower the lotus seed into the waters, a man and a woman will grow out of it, and new kalpa]: Kreinovich 1929:88; baiga [The Sun had 11 brothers, the Moon had 11 sisters; the brothers could not marry them, then the Sun offered to eat them; the Moon ate the sisters and the Sun hid the brothers behind her cheeks; the Moon could not regurgitate her sisters, only spat, drops of her saliva turned into stars; now the Moon works constantly, only one day every month she has her period; each of the Sun Brothers works one month a year; if they went out together, the world would burn; they are all married to the same moon]: Elwin 1939:332; conds: Elwin 1949, No. 20 [boy guards the field, sees a pregnant deer, wants shoot; the deer is pregnant with the sun, the sun from its womb warns of a flood, you must sit with your sister and food in a banyan deck; the boy's mother does not believe; when the earth overturns into the water, dies along with other people; the deck stuck to a fig tree growing out of the water; there were 7 suns, the water dried quickly, but it got terribly hot; the moon pretended to eat her children, smeared her mouth red; then the Sun ate its brothers; at night the Moon brought its child stars out]: 41; 1954, No. 7 [the earth was still unstable, Bela Pinnu descended from the sky, his leg fell; Bogi Pinnu hanged himself from loneliness; Bela Pinnu scattered parts of his body, they became hills; the seven sun-sons of Bela Pinnu descended, burned the hills, turning them into a plain], 21 (Kuttia) [Kapantali threw a mirror into the sky, turning it into 7 suns and 7 moons; the world caught fire; Nirantali caught 6 moons, hid it in her hair; told the Suns that she ate 6 moons, they allowed them to eat 6 of them; she buried 6 moons; she buried 6 moons; there was only one Sun left and one Moon], 33 (Kuttia) [the heat of the Sun and its children made life impossible; the moon hid its own in her hair, said it ate; the Sun really ate its own; sometimes the Sun catches up with the Moon and plants for a while in prison, an eclipse is coming; sometimes with the Moon her children, they imprison the Sun]: 6, 47-48, 54-55; Muria (Raja Muria) [Mahapurub drew a mirror for himself and for his wife; turned his own into the Sun- a man, her to the moon, a woman; their children were like themselves, there was unbearable heat on earth; M. hid the moon in a hole; the Sun came to look for his wife, M. invited her to eat the children in his voice; the Sun ate, and the Moon hid her own by the cheek; so that they would no longer have children, M. told them to walk separately; for half a month the Sun meets the Moon, but that moon is having her period at that time]: Elwin 1949, No. 9:64-65; the Oraons [the seven Sun Brothers were melting the earth with its heat; the Moon pretended to eat her Star Children, convinced the Sun to cook its brothers and eat it]: Elwin 1939:332 (note 1); litter [Sun and Month are brothers, both had many children ; because of the many little Suns, the earth was hot, it was impossible to live; The month hid its children (stars) in a chest, smeared its mouth with red tree sap, said that it ate the children; if the Sun eats its own, There will be no one left on earth; the Sun has eaten, the Month has released stars; the Sun has sent a serpent (Eating Spirit Month) for the Month, which swallows it once a year; this is not always visible, but if you can see, people hit drums and guns shooting; at this time when the snake burps the Month, pregnant women may have a miscarriage]: Vitebsky 1980:56; Birkhor: Evans 1927 [Sun and Moon are brother and sister; everyone has many children; from -for the children of the Sun, it is terribly hot on earth; the Moon decides to help people, hides her children, tells the Sun that she has eaten them, advises them to do the same; the Sun eats its children, then the Moon releases its children again - stars; children of the Sun are the brightest stars, including the surviving Morning Star]: 167 in Hatt 1949:75; Roy 1925, No. 15 [sun (Singi) and moon (Chāndu) are brother and sister; bright stars are children of the sun, the rest were moons; the Sun and its children were hot; the moon gave the sun an extraordinarily tasty curry and said it was made from her children; then the sun ate its own, of which only Venus, who at that time went to dance somewhere far away]: 486-487; Santals: Bodding 1942 [The sun is the husband of the moon, their children are stars; daughters stayed with their mother, sons with their father; because of them on earth it was unbearably hot; the moon offered to eat the children to make it cooler; the Sun suggested that the Moon eat her daughters first, if it did not help, he would eat his sons; the moon hid her daughters under in a basket, said she ate; the Sun ate its own and saw stars at night; wanted to kill the Moon, but softened when she gave him two daughters, the Morning Stars and the Evening Stars; the Sun is still chasing the Moon cutting off pieces from it for half a month]: 132-133; Bompas 1909 [the sky was low, rice grew flaky, clothes grew on bushes, people's heads could be removed and cleaned; the girl went to relieve herself, in this time I plucked and ate the rice growing nearby; it angered the god Thakur Deo and he made all things as they are now; people threw away used plates of leaves, one wind brought to the sky; after this TD raised the sky; then he decided to destroy people altogether; Thakur Baba, aka Sing Chango, is the sun, his wife is the Moon; they shared their child stars, who were as many during the day as at night; because of the heat Suns, people and animals began to die; the moon felt sorry for people, but the Sun said it was ready to save only one human couple; he hid them in a cave, covering the entrance with his skin, and then sent them for 5 days and fiery rain at night; when a man and a woman went out, nothing alive around; to prevent the Sun from burning humanity again, the Moon hid her children in a basket and painted her lips red; The Sun believed that she ate her children and ate her own, except two; these are the Morning and Evening Stars; seeing that the children of the Moon are alive, the Sun rushed at them and they scattered all over the sky; the Sun cut the Moon in half, so it growing and getting old; the first man and woman have 12 children; they descend from 12 peoples; the differences between them are due to the fact that they chose different foods during the holiday]: 401-402; Mundari {it is indicated that Orissa's munda was probably a mundari} [7 suns were shining, people were feeling hot; 7 brothers decided to destroy them, started shooting arrows and killed six; the seventh hid behind the hill; it became dark; animals gathered for advice; the rabbit said there was still one sun left; the lion went to ask the sun to come back, but it did not listen; the same elephant; the peacock; then the rooster cried and the sun came out; the rooster screamed louder, the sun started to rise; animals asked people not to kill this sun and they promised not to kill; since then, the rooster has been screaming in the morning and the sun rises]: The seventh sun 2014:1-11.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Semangs (Jehai) [The Sun is a woman, the Month is a man, everyone has many children like their parents; because of the children of the Sun, the Earth is terribly hot; the Month decides to help people, hides its children under his arm, tells the Sun that it has eaten them, advises you to do the same; the Sun eats its children, then the Month releases its stars again]: Schebesta 1931:107; 1937:101; Semangs (Kintak) [Moon and The sun is the elder and younger sisters; the moon hides her children in her hair (hair-knot), tells the Sun that she has swallowed them; the sun eats her children; if this did not happen, people would not be able to survive the fever many suns]: Evans 1937:167 (quoted in Ho 1967, No. 18:222); senoi (sakai) [The moon told the Sun that people cannot bear the heat of his children; let it eat his own and it eat hers; but the Moon is only hid her child stars; since then, the Sun has been attacking the Moon when it meets, causing eclipses]: Evans 1918:191; (cf. hay (besisi) [when the besisi began their journey from the edge of the sky in the east, where a giant cuts off the roots of the clouds to prevent them from sprouting into the ground, there were seven suns, seven moons, seven stars, and seven rainbows - seven snake souls Naga-Melaikat]: Skeat, Blagden 1906:317); temuan (mantra): Skeat, Blagden 1906:320 [Sun and Moon are women; Stars are children of the Moon; Moon has agreed with the Sun to eat her children, hid them, and the Sun really ate them; if the Sun were as many as stars, it would be unbearable heat; the Sun is still chasing the Moon; when it catches up, an eclipse occurs; During the day, the Moon continues to hide her children], 338 [(=Hervey 1883:190-191); there were three Suns, a wife, a husband and a child, some of them always in the sky; To' Entah asked the Moon to hide it in her husband's mouth The Evening Star and child stars, invite the Sun to swallow its husband and children; the Sun did so; when she learned the truth, she said it would swallow the moon if it was on its path; this is the cause of the eclipses]; bataks: Knappert 1999 [Si Borudea made the earth out of wet clay; her father Mulojadi created nine suns to dry the earth; it was too hot, people turned to the moon for help; she asked for a betel, hid her star children behind her, told the Sun that she ate them, let red betel juice out of her mouth; the Sun really ate its sons; now it is chasing the Moon; at the end of the month it catches up, the Moon decreases, hides for a while]: 292-293; Warneck 1909:43-44 [(paraphrased in Erkes 1926:42-43; Hatt 1949:75); the Sun has seven sons, all shining together, the earth is burning; people have sent the Swallow to the Moon asking for help; Luna hid her sons; people gave her lime, betel, tobacco - this is needed for siri chewing gum; Luna told the Sun that she ate her sons, showed seven bowls of their blood (in fact in fact, it's gum); when the Sun also ate its sons, the Moon released its own; the Sun let evil spirits (eclipses) on the moon; other spirits, the Moon's associates, cause eclipses of the Sun], 30-32 [from the sky Mula djadi sent his granddaughter land to the middle world; she created land on the head of a water dragon; he turned, the earth was soaked; M. created the 8th sun to dry the sea; the dragon was defeated, but people suffered from the heat; then M. created one sun instead of eight, alternated between day and night]; bataki (toba) [the supreme god Mula Dyadi lived on the upper of the seven tiers of the sky; created three sons; created a tree on one of the lower tiers, its branches reached the upper one; he created a chicken, it sat three eggs on a tree, three of which were born, he married them to his sons; one had the face of a lizard, chameleon skin, a girl refused, began to spin, dropped the spinning wheel into the lower world; along the unwound thread, she descended on the head of a snake swimming in the sea; put there a handful of earth brought at her request by the MD swallow; the snake was tired and turned upside down, the world that arose was flooded with water; MD created eight suns, they dried out excess water; the maiden plunged her sword into the snake, nailing it tightly to the ground so that it would not turn over again; taking new soil , created the earth anew; MD shot the virgin's fiancé with a blowpipe; once on the ground, the young man shot in the throat, she grabbed the arrow, flew away; following her, he found the heavenly maiden, married her; they gave birth to humans]: Warneck 1909:30 in Dixon 1916:160-161 (a brief retelling in Hatt 1949:33); mentawai [The Sun and Moon are women, both had many children, and the Sun's children were extremely hot; To save people, Luna hid her children, smeared her mouth with red juice, told the Sun that she ate them with pleasure; the Sun ate her children; in the evening, the children of the Moon appeared - stars; the Sun hit The moon with a knife, now visible in parts; the Moon has hit the Sun, now the Sun's edge is jagged, and the Sun and the Moon do not meet]: Schefold 1988:71-72; Java [text on the story of how the Moon provoked The sun destroy its children, A. Bastian recorded in Java (Bastian, Vö1ker des östl. Asien, Bd. V, S. 117)]: Kühn 1936:74; dusun [Long-eared Owl (Puak) was the sweetheart of the Month; the sky was close to the ground, seven Suns were shining; the pregnant woman felt sick from the heat; her husband went to sunrise, shot six Suns with a wind gun; the seventh ran, taking the sky, now it is high; the Long-eared Owl at that time came down from the roof of the house to pick up the crest that had fallen to the ground, could not return to heaven, with Since then, it screams plaintively when the moon comes out]: Evans 1914:433 (=1923; retelling in MacDonald 2005:79; Ho 1967, No. 16:220); kelabit [two suns were shining, the earth was hot; Boune went beyond Da'oune, pregnant; various signs indicate that misfortune awaits the couple; B. lost her child and died from the heat; D. decided to take revenge on the suns; hit one with a sarbakan dart; would have shot the second, but tired eyes; suns stopped shining together, wounded became the moon]: Villard 2013:26-34; Western Toraja: Kruyt 1938, No. 24 [1) The Sun Husband and the Moon Wife have many child stars; they walk with their mother, for if they went with their father, the heat would be unbearable; 2) The Sun and the Month were men, each had their own children; one person killed the children of the Sun, because they were too hot on earth; the Sun out of envy he also tries to kill the children of the Month, but he tells them to go out only when the Sun is not visible; 3) The Sun and Moon have agreed to kill their children; the Moon hid their own and then released (these are stars), and the Sun has their own really fried]: 370-371; Eastern Toraja [the sun and moon are considered spouses; but there is an idea that both are women; the Sun came out with their children, people died from the heat; the Moon promised help people; hid her star children in a bamboo vessel, told the Sun that its light kills people, and children only interfere like an extra burden; the Sun also put its children in a vessel, they died there from heat; the Moon has released its child stars back into the sky; since then, the Sun has been chasing the Moon; one child of the Sun has escaped, it is the Morning Star]: Adriani, Kruyt 1950, No. 7:377; Solor, Alor and/or neighboring islands [1) the moon shone brighter and hotter than the sun; a man named Keleramatan first hid from the heat in the calebass, then knocked down the hot star with an arrow, it became the moon; 2) there were many suns, earth was suffering from the heat; little men and women lived in the village of Rera ("Sun") Datu, but there were no children there; they poked all the suns with long bamboo poles until there was only one thing left]: Vatter 1932 in Maa β 1933:375.

Taiwan - Philippines. Taiwan [34 versions in eight ethnic groups; excess suns are usually killed by an arrow]: Ho 1964:37; Atayal et al. [legends about the two suns and their hike are common among almost all Formosan tribes, especially taiyal {atayal} and its branches; some talk about two suns and two moons, some about one sun, which, after being shot, split into two parts - a larger sun and a smaller moon; according to some legends, both suns shone continuously, and the heat burned an increasing year, according to others the heat and day gave way to a year of cold and night; in the legends of shooting in the sun, the blood splashing from the wound partly splashed across the sky and turned into stars, and partly spread across the ground and painted red color mass of rocks and stones]: Nevsky 1935:66; atayal (Maboala) [when one sun set in the west, the other rose in the east, it was unbearable; three young men were sent to kill one sun; after passing halfway through, they grew old; one came back to ask for help; they sent the other three, putting a boy on their shoulders; on the way they planted oranges, sowed millet; they found the two old men who died shortly thereafter; three of the second group also grew old and died, but the boys became adults, reached sunrise, killed the rising sun with an arrow; one of them bleed from the sun, died from it; the wounded sun became the moon; the spots on it are the trail of an arrow; the stars arose from drops of solar blood; on the way back, two heroes ate the fruits they planted and returned old people]: Ho 1967, No. 1:210-211; tsou: Nevsky 1935:64 [sky it was low, two suns were shining, people were dying from the heat; Oazyms hit one sun with an arrow; his blood became like a sea, the sky rose, both suns disappeared; the second sun began to come out first for a while, then it was like it is now; the wounded sun became the moon; the blackness in its center is the place where the arrow hit], 66 [the moon was close, its light and heat were strong; the oayim bird, when he was human, shot at the moon, it lost its luster; dark spots are the mark of the wound]; paywan: Egli 1989, No. 6 [coming out alternately, two suns were shining, because of the heat, people could not leave the house, they sowed millet only under the canopy of the house; two older brothers Kulele and younger Pulaluyan went to sunrise, shot the first sun, blinding it in one eye, it became the moon, night appeared; the brothers did not return home, but after death turned into two mountains in the middle of the plain], 17 [two suns were shining alternately, because of the heat, people could not leave the house; two brothers Kulele and Pulaluyan went to sunrise to the sea, one threw a spear, another knocked out the sun's eye with an arrow, this sun became the moon, night appeared; the Sun was the older sister, the Month was the younger brother]: 32-33, 43; Ho 1967, No. 8 [the sky was low, two suns burned unbearably; two women they pestled millet on the roof; shoved the sun with pests, one went blind, became the moon; the sky rose with the other sun]: 215; Whitehorn, Earle 2003, No. 8 [two women pushed grain on the roof; the sky was low, and two suns burned unbearably; women touched one sun with a pestle, this sun went blind and became the moon, and the sky moved away from the ground; Kidadaw shouted, the women fled, K. caught one and carried her to him, putting her on a grindstone that he put on his shoulder; woman: I'm afraid of your needles; but K. brought her home and made her wife; one day she went to wash, caught fish, cooked at home, after that, she had a stomachache; asked K. to go with her - she needed it out of need; when he was tired of walking with her, she told the crap to answer for her, ran away; when K. heard the vague for the third time," Oh," he went and saw nothing but crap; his erected penis hit a rock and thus cut out a fire], 64 [there were two suns in the sky, the sky was low, people were constantly working and awake; Tukanivan pushed millet hit the sky with the end of the pestle; one sun fell and the sky moved away; you can sleep from then on]: 71, 292; sedek (Iboh) [two suns were shining, there was no night, people could not sleep or copulate with wives; a man and a woman went to kill the same sun; on the way they planted oranges and sweet potatoes; on the way back they ate them; cooked a pot full of millet from half a grain of millet; for the first time their arrows did not touch the sun, the next morning they hit the target; this sun faded and cooled, night came]: Ho 1967, No. 2:212-212; Sairaks [two suns were shining alternately, it was hot, people covered themselves with goats with skins, but they burned quickly; a young man Tarotahorai went to kill the sun, planted oranges and bamboo along the way; killed one sun at sunrise, it became the moon]: Ho 1967, No. 3:212; bunun (Ivaho) [when one the sun was setting, another was rising, the child died from the heat; his father went to kill the sun with four millet seeds under his fingernails; knocked out the sun's eye with an arrow, this sun became the moon]: Ho 1967, No. 4:212-213; sleeves (Kongadavana) [there were two suns; two went planting oranges along the way; killed one sun, one of two died]: Ho 1967, No. 6:214; puyuma: Davidson 1903 [the first man and woman Unai and Tanval was born from a big stone; gave birth to three boys and three girls, the ancestors of the people; there were 8 suns in the sky, all tormented by the gift; Saieahao made a grass staircase, climbed into heaven, destroyed 6 suns, left two; these are the present sun and moon]: 578; Ho 1967, No. 7 [the heat of eight suns was intolerable; Saieahao made a ladder out of grass, went up to heaven, conquered and destroyed six suns, leaving two - the current ones sun and moon]: 213-214; kanabu [interesting combination of this legend (motif A26: about a girl who caught a piece of wood in the river and gave birth to a hairy man in the morning) with the story of a campaign against two suns recorded by a small kanabu tribe, classified by the Japanese as Tsou tribe, although both tribes are very different in language and custom; in this legend, Napaarama's hero is also born to a girl who catches a piece of wood, grows up, goes on a hike against two suns that have caused a lot of suffering to the human race, and manages to do so by killing one of the stars, which then becomes the moon]: Nevsky 1935:71; Kanakanabu (Nagisara) [there were two suns; Naparamatsi told his mother to stock up on firewood, tied a rope to the house, and went unwinding it with a friend by sunrise; After shooting him, he took refuge in the water; the blood of the sun splashed on his friend, he died; it became dark; N. returned on a rope; the sun came out again, went down, and the seasons appeared]: Ho 1967, No. 5:213-214; (cf. apayao, nabaloi [sun and moon shone equally brightly, it was eternal day]: Norbeck 1950:8-9).

China - Korea. Ancient China [ten suns are children of Xihe, wife of the eastern heavenly deity Di-jun. In the bubbling sea, a fusan tree grows several thousand zhans high and a thousand zhans thick; ten sun sons live on it; nine were on the upper branches, one on the lower branches (In the Book of Mountains and Seas - on the contrary); appear in the sky one by one; they ride a chariot ruled by S.; although there are ten suns, people always see one in the sky; ten suns, under the supervision of their mother, take turns every day; the way repeats from day to day, gets bored; sun sons agree to fly together, not wanting to get into a boring chariot; people are poor; before sending the arrow And to people (hollow mulberry gave birth to Yi Yin, pp. 216-217), Di-Jian gives him a bow and arrows; apparently, And he should only frighten the sun; And sympathizes with people, hits the sun with arrows, every time a three-legged golden crow falls to the ground ; wise Yao tells you to take one arrow out of Yi's quiver, one sun remains alive]: Yuan Ke 1987, ch. 6:139-148; Huainan Tzu, The Book of Mountains and Seas, Qu Yuan Questions to Heaven; Chinese ( Shanxi, wu. Yicheng) [Heavenly Lord's wife gave birth to 10 sun sons; at first they took turns taking turns, but one day they all appeared together; they were happy and the people suffered; half of the people died, the rest they began to pray to the heavenly lord, but he could not control his sons; Erlan was the son of the Jade Lord, had three eyes, and had the art of 72 transformations; he descended from heaven to Mount Kunlun, he pulled a poplar out of the ground, cleared it of branches, made it a rocker, hung two mountains on it, chased the suns for several days, pressing them down with mountains; near the village of Baiju, the rocker arm broke, the mountains fell to the ground; E. stuck two parts of the rocker arm into the ground, they turned into two poplars without crowns; there was only one sun left in the sky]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 16:27-28; Chinese (Shanxi, Wu. Pindin) [Erlan was sent by Mother Wanma, took the Roaring Dog to the Sky and two mountains with him, and chased the suns. In 81 days, he crushed nine of them with mountains, and the last one hid in the purslane thickets. The dog roaring to the sky looked for him by smell, but did not find it. The sun was sitting, afraid to move, darkness came, and Erlan had no choice but to put his rocker down and rest. At this time, Mother Wanmu told Erlan that without suns at all, heaven and earth would fall into chaos and all living things would die, so sun alone must be left behind. Erlan took the Roaring Dog to the Sky and returned to the Sky Palace. The ground that Erlan shook out of his shoes while resting made a mountain that looked like a saddle, and people called it Saddle Mountain (Ma'anshan). The sun, in order to thank the purslane, swore never to dry it]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 16a, note, p. 28; Chinese (Shanxi, wu. Pingding) [there were 10 suns in the sky, cakes could be fried by sticking them to the outer wall of the house; the rivers were shallow, the trees were drying; the Yuqiong family was Hou-yi, he decided to save life on earth; he started shooting in the sun, but in 49 days, not a single arrow reached the sun; then an old man appeared to him in a dream and said that it was necessary to make a bow with an arc from the tiger's spine and a string of dragon veins; then train every day; when one arrow can pierce 99 thick trees, you can shoot at the suns; H. did so; shot 9 suns, a dozen rushed away in horror, ran 9999 li, stopped on a slope to The SV from the village of Zhangzhuang, hid in the purslane thickets, the world became dark; H. was about to ask Grandma the Wind to raise a wind that would blow away all the vegetation, but saw Mother Wangma descending from the sky on the cloud with a lantern in her hands; she said that the last sun cannot be killed; it came out of the purslane thickets, thanked him for his salvation, returned to heaven; since then, if the purslane was pulled out of land and put it in the sun, it won't dry out after many days]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 19:31-32; Chinese (Shanxi, wu. Linfen) [night and day, seasons did not differ, 12 o'clock in the day, 12 suns rose in turn - every hour was new, forests were burning, people died from the heat; young Hou-yi practiced archery, After 10 years, he reached perfection, shot 12 suns, it turned out to be crows; the latter was only injured, the sun rose from the sea in the morning; the wounded crow fell to the ground near the purslane thickets and began to roll on the ground in pain; the purslane covered him and healed his wound with dew; after recovering, the raven told the Jade Lord how purslane had saved his life; he made purslane king of plants gave a drop of sweet dew and the title "mother purslane"; since then, the sun has not dried purslane]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 19a: 32-33; Chinese (Shandong, Wu. Linshu) [the moon shone brighter than the sun; it was nintagonal and octagonal, and when it came out, people's faces turned red because of the heat, and the crops dried up, it became impossible to live; a couple lived in one village hunters - his wife's name was Nie and her husband was Yala; Nie invited her husband to shoot the moon and advised her to climb to the top of the mountain in the morning to get to the moon; Yala shot at the moon all morning, but could not hit; but then the mountain split behind him, and a long-bearded old man appeared and said that an arrow from deer antlers from the Southern Mountains and a bowstring from the North Sea tiger's tail were needed; then the mountain closed again and the old man disappeared; his wife sent Yal to get these animals, but he replied that the animals were ancient and their skins were strong so that the arrow would not pierce them; we needed to weave a net; Nie offered to weave a net from her hair; a month later, the couple weaved a net, caught a tiger and a deer, and made an arrow and bowstring; Yala shot the moon again; the arrow cut off nine corners and eight faces from the moon, so that it became round, but her heat did not decrease; then Yala invited his wife to take a piece of silk, tie it to an arrow and thus cover the moon with it; Nie had just finished weaving a silk cloth depicting the Reevesia tree (Reevesia) pubescens Mast.), a white hare and a herd of white sheep; Yala took him, tied him to an arrow, shot him and covered the moon with it; this is how a rivsia tree appeared on the moon, and under it a white hare and white rams; when the moon went up to the sky, Nie looked at her and suddenly flew there; Yala ran after her from the eastern mountains to the western mountains, but could not catch her and cried; Nie hung her hair and Yala climbed upstairs; from then since the couple began to live happily ever after on the moon; Nie weaves, and Yala herds a white hare and white sheep; people on earth do not suffer from the heat]: Zhou Yang et al. 2007, No. 6:6-7; Chinese: Tishkov 1954 (Hebei ) [There were seven suns, people were suffering from the heat; Er Lan caught six of them, crushed them with mountains; the seventh complained to the man that he was the only one of the six brothers; EL agreed to leave him, told him to spend the night hide]: 50-51; Wilhelm 1921, No. 17 [according to Chinese sources: Fong Schen Yän Yi and Si Yu Gi); the second daughter of the Lord of Heaven, went down to earth, met a man, gave birth to a son Oerlang in heaven; father in punishment covered her daughter with a mountain, O. freed her mother; 10 suns were shining; after spending a lot of time in the dungeon, O.'s mother died when she was born; O. successively crushed 9 suns with mountains; the tenth hid under with a purslane leaf; the earthworm shouted to O. that the sun was here; the Lord of Heaven told O. to leave the last sun; for his love for his mother he made him a celestial, he is a hunter, he has a falcon and a dog, he guards people from evil spirits and animal demons; there are bright spots on the purslane, the earthworm dies in the sun]: 35-37; Chinese (Hebei, wu. Funing) [there were 10 suns in the sky, as soon as one went down, another immediately rose; it was constantly light; the heat scorched the earth and trees, the rivers dried up; the city's patron gods reported The jade emperor, who sent the god Erlan-Shen to catch the suns; the suns were worried because E. had unlimited power; some decided to give up, others to flee, but one sun said that there is nothing to fear: our light will burn his eyes, the heat will turn him to ashes; one day E., holding a double-edged trident and taking a growling heavenly dog with him, arrived at Mount Kunlun; the first sun attacked, releasing his heat, but E. was in his divine body and was not afraid to fry; opened his third eye between his eyebrows and a strong ray of light shot in the direction of the sun, blinding him; with a trident He killed the sun, threw it on the ground and pressed it down with his foot; E. caught the sun one at a time, but each rolled; he wanted his mother to help him; she descended from heaven to marry Father E.; for this she was punished and was imprisoned under Mount Taishan; E. began to catch suns one at a time, pressing down with the Kunlun, Huashan, Henan, Taishan Mountains and going from west to east; so he caught 9 suns, and chasing the latter, reached the coast of the Bay of Bohai; the tenth sun was the smallest and most arrogant; it asked the peasant who was plowing the land to hide it; he hid it under an armful of rotten straw and told E. saw the sun; then explained that the last sun cannot be killed; E. to the sun: "For the sake of an old man, I will spare you, but you will only go out during the day and sleep at night; the two peaks of Mount Tuarshan are a mountain that brought E. on his rocker arm and which flattened because he threw it too much]: Bai Gengsheng 2007:73 -74; Chinese (southwest Shaanxi, wu. Fengxiang) [A long time ago, the sun always rose in the east and set in the west. But the sun became lonely, and it commanded the animals to find him a wife. All the animals responded to his call, but the rooster, instead of helping, went to the desert to peck sand. All the animals were surprised, and the rooster told them that if the sun found a wife, he would have children, and then it would be impossible to live on earth {because of the heat}. Therefore, the rooster bites the sand to "take precautions for later life" {get used to eating sand alone}. Hearing this, the animals refused to look for a wife for the sun, and when the sun found out about this, became very angry, refused to shine and took refuge in the sea. The animals began to blame the rooster for this. The next day, the sky never brightened, and the rooster ran to the sea, stood on its shore and screamed. The sun heard his loud scream, surprised, and peered out of the water. Seeing this, the rooster ran away and screamed again; the sun saw no one and came out of the water completely. Then the rooster ran away again and screamed, and the sun rose even higher. So the sun forgot its anger and returned to normal. The animals were happy, and only then did the sun remember that it had refused to shine, but it was ashamed to come back. Since then, the rooster has been screaming every morning and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 10:12; Chinese (Shaanxi, Wu. Binxian) [There used to be seven suns in the sky that were baked so that people couldn't leave their homes during the day. These suns were siblings, and they kept everyone around them in fear, even the gods. Erlan's mother, who was also a goddess, lived on Mount Taishan. She left home one afternoon and seven suns roasted her to death. Erlan swore revenge. He took an iron rocker, hung two mountains on it, followed the suns, caught up with them in Lintong, and was about to crush them with mountains. Then people told Erlan that you can't press down all the suns with mountains, one thing should be left to shine for people. Then he crushed six of them with mountains, leaving only the youngest, who threatened that if it were ugly, what would happen to his older sisters would happen to him. After avenging his mother, Erlan relaxed and began to shake the dust out of his shoes, which was so abundant that she formed a mountain. Erlan brought the current Mount Lishan in Lintong there. There are six suns beneath it, and that's why the water that flows down this mountain is warm. This is how the warm springs of Lake Huaqing Chi appeared. The rest of the sun was ashamed to appear in front of people and often cried. A god advised him to surround himself with red needles and stab whoever looked at him. Ever since people look at the sun, their eyes hurt]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 21:21-22; Chinese (Gansu, St. Tianshui, Beidao District) [During the time of Emperor Yao, ten suns appeared in the sky, grass, trees and crops withered, rivers dried up, and people began to die of heat, thirst and hunger, and the survivors hid in caves and did not dare to go outside. Yao saw the misery of his people and prayed to the Jade Lord. When he found out what had happened, he became very angry, called How-ee, gave him a divine red bow and ten divine white arrows, and ordered him to go down into the human world and shoot ten naughty suns. Howe-ee set off, and as soon as he saw the suns, he immediately started shooting at them. After shooting nine, he reached for the last arrow, but then Emperor Yao appeared, stopped him and said that people needed the sun because without it the world would be dark and cold, and the grass and trees would be dark They'll die, so you can't kill the last sun. The shooter agreed and removed his bow. As a result, the weather returned to normal, and people hiding in the caves went outside and thanked Hou-yi for his salvation]: Zhou Yang et al. 2001, No. 15:16; Chinese (Henan) [there were 10 suns in the sky - grandchildren of the Lord of Heaven (Tien Di); the harvest was dying, the rivers were drying up; Houyi shot 9 suns to save people; the tenth hid, it became completely dark; one day H. heard someone calling him in a weak voice; Earthworm pointed out where the tenth Sun was hiding; H. went to kill him, but could not find it in the dark; realizing that they could not survive in the darkness, people asked the surviving sun to return; it came out, his greeted; purslane leaves (Portulacea oleracea) covered the Sun; returning to heaven, the Sun, out of gratitude, decided not to dry up the purslane; he punished the earthworms, and they dry out as soon as they are on the surface]: Tao, Yang & Xiu Zhong eds., Zhongguo shenhua. Chinese Mythology. Shanghai: Shanghai wenyi chubanshe, 1990, pp. 395-396 (Yamada Hitoshi); yao [an octagonal moon appears hot as the sun; crops are dying from the heat; Nie, Yala's wife, gives him her hair make a trap; Y. caught a tiger and a deer, after eating their meat became strong, hit corners from the moon with arrows, the fragments became stars; N. embroidered a blanket depicting a cinnamon tree, lambs, a hare, herself; I. launched it to the moon, moderating the heat; N. took off, merged with his image; N. rose to it]: Riftin 1993:317-320; Chinese (Sichuan, wu. Baxian) [A long time ago, there was neither day nor night, and all earthly spirits sent a petition to the Jade Lord asking him to solve this problem. He decided to send down the fire god with his nine sons. His sons, dissatisfied with this order, had something wrong and turned into fireballs. The rivers dried up, the trees dried up, the ground cracked, and people and animals took refuge in caves where they were hungry and thirsty. Earth's spirits reported this to the Jade Lord, and he sent Howe-ee to figure it out. He went down and took a heavenly bow and divine arrows and started shooting at the sun. The fire god ran away, and Howe-ee shot eight of his sons, and they fell apart. When he was about to shoot the ninth, Taishan Lao-Jun (=Lao Tzu) appeared and said that the latter should be left to give people light. How-ee told him to behave well from now on, shine on people during the day and rest at night. So only one fireball was left, this is our sun, and fragments of the eight remaining fireballs scattered across the sky and became stars]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 12:33-34; Miao: Hatt 1949 [(by Erkes in T'oung Pao XXV: 97-98); The Lord of Heaven first created 10 female suns and 9 month-old men; humans shot 9 suns and 8 months]: 77; Graham 1954 [the god of heaven Gulo took out a piece of iron, carved there are many sparks out of it that have become female suns; the god of the earth Gulong took out a piece of copper, cut many sparks out of it, they became month-old men; the sky dried up, the earth turned to dust; Gulong asked Ndeo Mba help; he found the only fig tree growing in the sea, made a crossbow out of it; Yang Ya hit the stars out of it; there was only one sun and one month left, hid; did not call the tiger, cows came out to the rooster scream; Gulo rewarded him by placing a comb on his head with his teeth up]: 172-173 (retelling in Ho 1967, No. 10:216-217); Bender et al. 2006 (Guizhou) [Yang Yu measured 6 feet to east and west, and ordered suns and moons to be created to hang them in the sky; his line was his footsteps; furs to fan the fire were a valley, the wind was blowing from the sky, the mountain range was a plunger, a high mountain - handle, boulder - hammer; pliers were modeled on a crustacean claw; when the suns and moons were ready, the Spirit of the Earth was frightened; from what was left, they made a crest for a rooster (Chicken King); each of the months I took it for myself in the sun and moon; their skins fell to the ground, becoming snow, ice and hail, Bong Yong placed them in the sky, then he also placed suns and moons there; the fallen pieces of gold became fireflies; from Xong's grandfather made stars for the remnants of gold, and when he died, his breath became a silver river - the Milky Way; (listed, but not identified, constellations made from different objects that used to make suns and moons); Bong Yong took the sun and moon to the sky, but burned and dropped them, they split, they were repaired with Immortality Juice; Bong Yong did not want to do it anymore thing, so the God of Earth tied the river to his neck and only then put the suns and moons on his shoulders; however, he slipped, the suns and moons fell into the muddy pond; Xang Ong and Vi Hxe washed them, but the God of Earth refused to carry them again; Niu Xang dragged them on wheels, and the Thunder God lowered the rope and raised the suns and moons to the sky; Grandma Yu attached the suns and moons to the sky; then pierced holes in the sky and in each placed a star; harnessed a cow and plowed the sky so that it was even and nothing interfered with the movement of the suns and moons; (further from the middle of p.66, the story of the destruction of excess stars); The Suns were told go to heaven one by one, but they didn't hear well and went out all at once; the mountains began to melt; Hsang Sa wanted to kill his grandfathers for it, but they replied that it was not their fault that the suns were deaf; then HS went shoot the sun; two young men clearing the ground under the field found an iron-tipped arrow and gave it to him; HS tried to shoot from the boat - it was swaying; from the top of the mountain - not to keep his balance; then he climbed a click that had grown half the distance to the sky, shot 11 suns and 11 moons; the last Sun and Moon hid in Du Li's house; only when the rooster screamed did the Sun decide to go out, the rooster awarded him a golden hat; Sky Dog licked the wounds of the Sun and Moon; they promised him grains for it, but did not give him; therefore, in productive years, the Sky Dog eats grain, and in lean years, the Sun and Moon; the Sky Dog gave birth to Silver Mold Bottom, he has two rows of teeth; going to shoot in the sun, HS returned home almost 12 years later; his son is the same age, he saw him hunting; the son asked where he got a goose; HS said he hit his eye in the eye; HS shot the boy, saying that both of them (on the ground) had no place; HS, his son and wife turned into stars: son comes out at dusk, mother - after dark, father before dawn]: 49-70; Kühne 1936 [(Savina, Histoire des Miao, p. 243-244); God created 10 suns and 9 moons; for 7 years they shone together, the earth dried up; people did a bow from the trunk of a giant tree that grew from primary waters hit 9 suns and 8 onions; half the sun and moon were saved]: 77; Eats 1960 [the sky made the Basket Spirit in the form of a roof; the clouds look like this because that he used bamboo in different colors; by cutting holes in the bamboo, he created stars, planets and 12 suns]: 107; Lemoine 1982 [Yang Yua's only son died from the heat of 9 suns; Yaya shot dead from the crossbow had 8 suns, and the ninth hid in the zaun tsaw grass; it was the only plant that did not burn; shot 8 moons and the ninth knocked out one eye; sent the pig to return the sun - it did not come out; then a cow, a dog, a horse, a squirrel, a bird, a lion, an elephant are the same; when the sun girl called the rooster, she went out and gave him her comb; now it's on a rooster's head]: 88-89; Miller 1994 (SE Yunnan) [first cold and dark; Sunbird (SP) turned 9 stone bowls into suns and 8 into moons, launched them into the sky; it got hot, the plants dried up, only one big hemp remained; the SP cut down hemp, made onions from stem, arrows from branches, knocked down 8 suns and 7 moons; the last sun and moon hid, it's dark again; SP sent a bull to the sky for them, but the sun and moon were even more frightened, disappeared beyond the horizon; winged the horse is the same; the rooster - the sun liked it, it came out; seeing that nothing had happened to the sun, the moon also came out, but later; since then, they have not met; the moon made the rooster golden comb, he doesn't part with it now]: 85-87; meo: Karpov, Tkachev 1958 (North Vietnam) [Ti Liau created heaven and earth, lit 10 young suns, 9 moon girls; to reduce fever, people hit 9 Suns and 8 Moons with arrows; the remaining Sun and Moon hid, it became dark and cold; the Tiger could not beg them to return, the Rooster begged them in 7 years, received a red scallop as a reward from TL]: 254-257; Nikulin 1982e (Vietnam) [Ndo Chi created heaven and earth, 10 Suns (female), 9 Months (male), myriads of stars; Suns, moons, and stars were meant to drain and illuminate the earth; 7 years not it was night; the earth dried up, NT created trees and herbs, animals, sculpted a man, breathed his soul into his stomach, gave him tongue and breath; people got hot, they made onions from huge trees, knocked down the extra ones sun and moon; after the flood, brother and sister, who escaped in a wooden drum, married at the behest of the NT, continued their human race; Meo went north, where the ice and night were 6 months old, later gradually returned ]: 206; Symonds 2004 (NW Thailand) [Saub created heaven, earth, 30 Sunwomen and 30 month-old men; from peacock copper bow, 29 Suns and 29 Months were killed, the rest hid, 7 years dark; on calls bull, horse, Nkauj Mok and Nkauj Mim Sun and Month do not react; the rooster sings three times, the Sun and the Month go out]: 215-218; man (North Vietnam, border with China) [Lightning spirit Leung Kung descended to set fire a banana leaf house of Tiang Lo Ko's spirit; TLK caught it, turned it into a rooster, put it in a cage; if you give the Rooster even a drop of water, he will become a thunderstorm again; LC gave his beak for water, TLC filled him with water, LC flew to the sky; his beak became a tree with one fruit; to catch up with LK in the sky, TLK blocked the river, caused a flood; on the advice of the birds, the young Fu Hai and his sister sat in the fruit and escaped; LK destroyed the dam, the fetus from the FH descended on the mountain; Turtle, Bamboo advise brother and sister to marry; FH hits them, now they have stitches; FH still marries his sister, she gives birth to a fetus; people have grown out of seeds; after the flood, 12 suns, moons and stars appeared, God told them to dry the earth; Luong Wung shot the stars, leaving one sun and one moon]: Karpov, Tkachev 1958:260-262 (retelling an episode of a shooting in the sun in Kühn 1936:78, there are also brief other versions; the original of the entire text in Savina, Histoire des Miao, p. I09); achan [the sky was larger than the earth; the sky went south to repair the sky; Earth-zhemima remained to weave; at this time, the demon Lahong placed two extra suns on the top of the mountain in the middle of the earth; the real sun and moon did not move either, everything was shining; the earth was burning; a pig, a dog, a bull and a horse began swimming, went into the water, and fish and crabs went to land; when he returned, Zhepama wanted to destroy L. by poisoning waters or mountains, but Zhemima said that then both humans and animals would die; it is better to become friends with L. and then kill him; Zhepama does so; wins the competition: L. dries up the peach tree, and Zhepama rains on it, it blooms again; has a better dream than L.; he loses his strength in despair; ( apparently Zhepama is destroying excess suns; other versions recorded by the same informant only talk about one sun)]: Richtsfeld 2000:305-309; lolo: Graham 1961 [had 9 suns and 9 moons, the earth was burning with heat; the wonderfully born son of an eagle hit 8 suns and 8 moons with arrows, the last sun and moon hid, the earth fell into darkness; they were later persuaded to return; the same hero tamed God Thunder]: 84; Ho 1967, No. 10 [there were seven suns, six moons, birds and animals prospered; Shigar lived with two wives on an island in the East Sea; flew on a winged horse to see if everything was safe in world; Lark said that the Boa constrictor on East Mountain in the rays of seven suns, six moons is getting stronger; demands that a bird be brought to him every day; today is Partridge's turn; S. shot with an archery six suns, the seventh asked not to kill him so that cold and darkness would come; the birds began to sing happily]: 216; Kühn 1936 [(according to Bastian, 1. c., I, S. 88); there were 12 suns and 12 moons; the god of heaven extinguished 11, to prevent the earth from burning]: 77; lahu [Ghusha brought out 7 suns and 7 moons (C.B. Antisdel, Journal of the Burma Res. Soc., Rangoon, Vol. I, 1911, P. I, p. 67); first G. hid the Sun and Moon to destroy people, but two people escaped; then he sent 7 suns and 7 moons, from the heat of which the water evaporated, the earth caught fire; on the water was the vessel, brother and sister in it, new people descended from them (Antisdel, 1. c., p. 68-69]: Kühn 1936:80; fox: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994 [shone 7 suns (women) and 9 months (men); during the day everything the suns gathered for the festival, and all months at night; life on earth is under threat; 7 years later, a dragon emerged from the lake to see how things are on earth; shot six suns, and the seventh managed to escape; he shot 8 months at night, the ninth managed to escape; it became dark and cold, a year later the animals gathered for advice; decided that the cow would call the stars, but because of her mooing they only hid behind the mountain in fear; After 4 years, the animals gathered again; they chose a tiger, the stars hid from its roar again; after 7 years they chose a rooster; his first scream made a month excited, after the second they came out; after the third The sun began to stir, after the fourth it came out; the month awarded the rooster with spurs, the sun with scallops]: 154-156; Miller 1994, No. 3 [brother and sister are orphans; two birds told them that there would be a flood; told them to sit in pumpkin and go out when they hear their voices; brother and sister tried to warn people, but they did not believe them; for 99 days the sun hung above the ground, it did not rain, the earth began to burn, the foliage crumbled; then it began a thunderstorm, a flood flooded the ground; when the waters came down, the pumpkin was on the mountain; hearing the voices of the birds, the brother and sister went out; after the flood, 9 suns began to burn the earth, and 7 moons began to freeze it at night; the birds said Brother and sister, that a 9-horned dragon lives in the lake under the rock; if you get its golden bow and silver arrows, you can destroy the extra suns and moons; the birds gave a hammer to break the rock, silver mites grab the fish that the dragon would send; he sends three fish sequentially, brother and sister threw them ashore; grabbing the dragon by the nose with mites, they forced him to give up his bow and arrow; from the top of the mountain They knocked down 8 suns and 6 moons; brother and sister each went looking for people, found no one; the birds told them to marry; they agreed after the abandoned turtle shells lay down one on horseback and the other up, the two halves of the millstone descended from the mountain lay on top of each other, and the brother's arrow hit the sister's needle eye; and so on three times; they gave birth to 6 sons and 6 daughters; the couple remaining in place became the ancestors of the fox, and 5 others are the ancestors of Han, Tibetan, Bai, and Keqin]: 78-84; Hani [nine suns shine; some offer to cover them with baskets, others to hide in cellars; ask for a shooter named Opubula destroy the suns; he hit eight with arrows, the ninth hid; various birds are sent to lure him out to no avail; when the rooster sang three times, the sun came out]: Lin Lin, Ustin 1959:17-19; Koreans [Heaven and Earth were not separated; Mireuk placed 4 bronze pillars at the four corners of the earth, separated Sky from Earth; two suns and two moons were shining, it was too hot during the day, too cold at night; M. did from one Star Sun, North Bucket and Southern Bucket from one Moon]: Choi 1979, No. 720:314; (cf. miao [Naloyingou separated the sky from the ground, raised the sky, lowered the earth; Renyungulo gave eight wooden pillars and 16 millet stalks to support the sky; these, as well as stone and iron supports, turn out to be short-lived; old woman Uluoso told N. to pull four of the eight joints out of his legs, to support the sky on four cardinal points; in this likeness, N. blinded four legs to animals; N. stretched the sky and the earth, they expanded; W. gives 12 eggs, N. lets the bird sit them; 12 suns hatch, N. placed them in the corners and in the middle of the sky]: Riftin 1993:306-312; yao [appeared hot as the sun in the sky octagonal moon; crops are dying from the heat; Nie, Yal's wife, gives him her hair to make a trap; I. caught a tiger and a deer, eating their meat became strong, hit the corners of the moon with arrows, the fragments became stars; N. embroidered a blanket depicting a cinnamon tree, lamb, a hare, myself; Y. launched it into the moon when the heat died; N. took off, merged with her image; N. went up to her]: Riftin 1993:317-320); lee (Hainan, wu. Qiongzhong) [a gorlyanka pumpkin grew on the ground; the mountain became larger; the immortal spirit made a hole in it and placed two clay-sculpted men, brother and sister, as well as clay buffaloes, inside. bulls, pigs, dogs, cats, lizards, mantis and others like them - each creature in pairs; at this time the great flood began, the gorlyanka squash began to swing on the waves; when the flood receded, five appeared in the sky suns and five moons that quickly dried all the water; thanks to the sun and water, the little men and animals in the pumpkin came to life and jumped out; the suns were burning like fire, and in the evening, when the moons came out, it was so bright that I could not open my eyes; then the immortal spirit asked who could get rid of excess suns and moons; the wild boar replied that he had long fangs and could eat them; brother and sister became asked him to do this, but the boar replied that they should then feed him rice sprouts; brother and sister agreed and told him to eat four of the five suns; the boar ate four suns and four moons gnawed, their pieces turned into stars; when he returned, there were no rice sprouts to give him, but his brother and sister allowed him to eat all the rice he saw; so wild boars they often eat rice sown by people; brother and sister went to wander around the world, but could not find people and cried; the heavenly god of thunder heard their crying, came down and asked why they were crying; told them to get married; brother and sister said that they were relatives and if they married, they would be punished by the god of thunder; he replied that he did not intend to punish them; brother and sister did not believe it, and then he decided to show theirs strength; there were peals of thunder, the ground shuddered, rivers overflowed, trees split; the god of thunder laughed if they believed him now, and then they obeyed and married; they a son was born, they could not get enough of him; the god of thunder came again and told him to give the child to him; brother and sister said that the child had not yet been born, but the god of thunder replied that he already knew everything; he promised that he would turn the child into a multitude of people, and then brother and sister would not be sad that there were no people in the world; brother and sister disagreed, and the god of thunder took the boy by force; he cut it into pieces, began to sift them through a sieve; the sifted pieces of meat turned into four boys and four girls; the god of thunder gave them clothes; the first was a shirt and pants, he became Han; for the second cloth it was not enough, the god of thunder gave him two pieces, tied them in front and back to his waist, and he got so-called bag-shaped pants; this boy became a tsisky; the third young man got even less cloth; the god of thunder made a triangular loincloth for him, this young man became Xiaomi Li; the latter got the smallest piece of cloth, this young man became Bende Li; boys married girls, humanity became live from generation to generation]: Zhou 2002, No. 2:3-4; li (Hainan, wu. Qiongzhong) [after the flood occurred, the land was damp and people were hard to live; a god named Wan-jia ("The Darkness of Families") decided to dry the earth; created five suns and five moons and hung them in the sky; they were all octagonal semigrans, neither round nor square; emitted terrible heat, the earth cracked, the trees dried up; people asked V. to get rid of 4 suns and 4 moons; V. agreed to help, climbed the top of the mountain and began to shoot at the suns and moons with a bow; 4 suns and 4 moons fell down, leaving one sun and one moon; due to the flood and heat, many mountain ranges and rocks appeared; V. created a large a harrow and a huge bull, and began to harrow the land, pulling rocks and mountains into the sea; first he harrowed near Wenchang City and Mount Qiongshan (in the east of the island) and created many plains there; then he began to harrow in near Dongfang City and Baisha County (in the west of the island), but at this time its harrows began to break; therefore, in the vicinity of Dongfang, Baisha, Qiongzhong and Baoting (in the west and central part of the island) there are many mountains and rocks left]: Zhou 2002, No. 3:5.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [Phaedrus's fable (1st century): "Seeing a magnificent wedding, a thief neighbor, /Aesop immediately began to tell: /One day the Sun decided to take his wife, /To which the frogs screamed to the sky./ Jupiter asked, worried, /What's the matter? Swamp residents say:/"It dries the backwaters alone, /forcing us to die in dry places;/What will happen if it gives birth to more children?" (per. M.L. Gasparova)]: Phaedr. I. 6 (Gasparov 1962:10); Gasparov 1968, № 289 [Perry 1952, No. 314; the sun is celebrating its wedding in the summer; the frog is afraid that the sun will have a child who will dry the earth more than the sun]: 146; 1991, No. 6 [ The sun decided to marry; the frogs screamed and turned to Jupiter: The sun is killing us alone, but what happens when he has children?] , 25 (Babriy) [=1968, No. 289, Toad and Sun]: 273, 358; Bulgarians: Kovachev 1914 []: 43-46; Kuznetsova 1998 [1) The sun announced his wedding to the Moon, invited all the animals; the Hedgehog sat sad, chewing on a stone; replied that he liked the treat, but he wanted to learn how to eat stones in advance, because when the Sun has children, everything on earth will burn; the Sun refused to marry; the animals are angry with the Hedgehog, the Sun gave to protect his needle; 2) The sun is going to marry his Moon sister; "matchmakers" gathered - all animals; The hedgehog threw food into the horse's feeder, sat silently; replied that the wedding would take place if his horse ate his horse food; explained that when little suns are populated, everything on earth will burn, so he wants to teach the horse how to eat stones in advance; the animals decided to make sure that the Sun and the Moon never meet]: 78; Marinov 2003 [The sun decided to marry; the Hedgehog, who came on a donkey, put stones in his feeder instead of hay; explained to the Sun that when the Sun has children, the heat from many suns will incinerate everything, let the donkey settle gets used to eating stones; The Sun has given up its intention to marry]: 29; Stoynev 2006 [(briefly, like Kuznetsov)]: 303; Johns 2005 [The sun asks God for permission to marry; God consults the Devil, that replies that he is God, it is up to him to decide; God sends a bee to Hell; she overhears the Devil telling his donkey to drink from the river, for when the Sun gives birth to children, the rivers will dry up; God refuses to give permission for the wedding]: 268; Strausx 1898:11, 37-38 in Hatt 1949 [The Sun was put to marry because people (or the Devil) began to think what would happen if he had children]: 73; Gura 1997 (Central Rhodopes) [The Sun had two eyes or many eyes, but the snake sucked them out]: 283; Serbs [The sun decided to marry, invited everyone to the wedding; the Hedgehog gave his donkey stones, said that he should learn to eat them; when by the Sun children will be born, everything will burn; The sun refused to marry]: Janković 1951:63-64; Macedonians: Tsenev 2004:32 [1) Milino; there were three Suns, it was bad; 2) Orache; first there were three Suns; one ate serpent, the second has gone underground and shines there, the third remains; 3) Strnovac; the Sun has brothers and children who shine in other lands], 36-37 [1) people decided to marry the Sun to Petrovden; only St. Peter was sad; said that when the Sun had sons and daughters, the world would burn; people decided that the Sun could not marry; 2) The Sun was going to marry, but the Hedgehog said that when many Suns were born, live it would become impossible; the animals decided that the Sun should not marry; then he sank into the sea; the Rooster began to sing, the Sun came up and accused him that he, the Sun, was drowning and singing; since then the Sun has come out When a rooster sings and he cursed the hedgehog, he hides that day; 3) God forbid the Sun to marry, then he sank into the sea; the Rooster began to sing, the Sun went out to see why he sings and stayed; 4) when the Sun decided to marry, Mule said that if there were two suns, he would burn; the wedding was canceled and the Sun cursed the mule to have no offspring]; Martin 1955 [the animals began to think they could do good for Suns; the Hedgehog offered to marry him, the Sun was happy; Leo doubted: new suns would be born, the earth would burn; the Sun sank into the sea; the Rooster volunteered to return him, crowed for three days, but to no avail; then he jumped into the sea, got wet and appeared miserable; the Sun asked what was wrong with him; the Rooster replied that he had been persuaded to marry and was now miserable; there is nothing better than living alone; the Sun was happy and came out; the hedgehog was condemned and he is now hiding from everyone]: 32-36; Ortenzio 2008, No. 4 [the animals gathered for the Sun's wedding; the hedgehog picked up stones, put his donkey in the feeder; explained that when The sun will give birth to children, it will be so hot that there will be nothing left but stones, let the donkey get used to it; after learning that the animals no longer want him to marry, the Sun disappeared into the sea; the rooster led to the seashore an old shabby rooster and began to crow until the Sun came out and asked what was going on; the rooster said he sings for joy - he was single, but the example of a married man next to him; the Sun decided that It's not worth getting married and came back]: 15-18; Romanians [God sends a bee to ask the Devil whether to create one sun or several; sitting in the Devil's hair, the bee overheard him think out loud ; we must create one sun, for several will burn hotter than hellfire and the Devil will not be able to torment (sinners); if the suns shone night and day, people would not fall under the power of the Devil]: Gaster 1915: 71 in Johns 2005:269.

Central Europe. The Russian written tradition ["Jesop" by Simbirsk captain Pyotr Kashinsky (1675, of the two surviving lists, one dates back to 1684 and the other to the first third of the 18th century), which consists of three books and is a free translation of fables from the collection "Przypowieśći Aezopowe, z Łacińskiego na Polskie z pilnośćiů przełozone. Przydane sů k temu przypowieśći z Gabryela Greka y Laurenthego Abstemiusa", published in Krakow around 1600: the toads were happy when they heard that the sun was taking a wife; the old toad said : "Oh silly people, what are you happy about?! Gentle to you, a ray of one sun causes you to lose that the swamps dry up. Well, do you know if he has many such children better?" (Book 2: "The Proverbs of Gavril the Greek", listed in the 18th century)]: Tarkovsky, Tarkovskaya 2005, No. 39:418.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Georgians (Dusheti district) [devas ate people, people asked God to destroy the devas; God brought out 9 suns, 9 moons, but failed to cope with the devas; then he dried the waters; nine suns heated by the heat, the devas trembling at night from the cold of nine moons are almost exhausted]: Virsaladze 1973, No. 1:47-48; (cf. Tabasarans [at first there were two suns, eternal summer, everything was blooming, but people worked without rest, died early from diseases; Umchar turned one sun into a moon, night and day began to alternate, people - read Umchar]: Khalidova 2012, No. 12:40).

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Lebite 1965 [the frogs found out that the Sun was getting married; they decided that when children appeared, they would dry up the water bodies, burn everything; went to complain to God, but did not find him at home; the Sun found out that frogs went to complain deprived them of their warmth; frogs became afraid of the sun, they croak only after sunset]: 400; Veckenstedt 1883, No. 51.1 (samogites) [God was alone; then created angels so that those they served him in heaven, and people to be honored on earth; but at first it was cold and dark, angels and people began to complain; then God created two suns, one near the sky, the other near the earth; angels and people began to suffer from the heat and complained again; then God destroyed one sun and placed the other between heaven and earth so that angels and people would be light, neither too hot nor too cold (Anfangs) bewohnte Gott den Himmel allein, dann schuf er Engel, welche ihm im Himmel dienen und Menschen, welche auf der Erde, die früher unbewohnt war, ihn verehren sollten. Aber es war überall Finsterniß und Kälte und die Engel und Menschen klagten Gott, daß sie die große Kälte und die dichte Finsterniß nicht errogen könnten. Gott beschloß der Noth abzuhelfen, und schuf zwei Sonnen, die eine nahe der Erde, die andere nahe dem Himmel. Nun aber konnten die Engel und Menschen die Hitze nicht ertragen und beklagten sich deßhalb bei Gott. Da ließ Gott die eine Sonne verschwinden, die andere aber setzte er zwischen den Himmel und die Erde, so daß fortan die Engel und Menschen Licht haben und vor zu großer Hitze und Kälte behütet sind)]: 237.

Volga - Perm. The Bashkirs [two suns shone when one set, the other rose; people suffered from light; bai promised a daughter to someone who would hit one of the suns; Ural batyr split one sun with an arrow; from one parts formed a moon, another fell, turned into the treasure-rich Ural Tau mountains; when the arrow hit the target, the people shouted, Ay; this is the name of the moon now]: Barag 1987, No. 2:31.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tuvans [The groundhog was a man, a hunter; there were three suns; he shot one of the bow and missed; when angry, he cut off his thumb and buried himself in the ground]: Potanin 1883, No. 6d: 179; Iroic Hamnigans (Tungus-speaking) ["we only managed to record an interesting fairy tale about tarbagan (baibak) with them. There were 3 suns in the old days. God once told an animal breeder that there would be a severe drought and that he should shoot three suns, but if he did not comply with this order, he would become a punishment that would live in the ground, drink dew instead of water and that one finger will be taken away from him. Indeed, God turned the animal into a tarbagan, whose offspring bred in great numbers everywhere; the whole earth was covered with many holes and holes, and it became dangerous for people to travel on the ground. But when God saw this, he caught Tarbagan, a former animal bearer, and told him to "Reduce the number of your devils." Since then, there have been fewer tarbagans and they have begun to be found only in dry places where there is less water"]: Talko-Gryntsevich 1904:74; Oirats (Tarbagatay traders) [author's western, 1889; Burkhun-Bakchi created the earth, Shulma wanted to burn it, created three suns; B. covered it with all water, defeated Shulma in a long struggle; B. left one sun, overthrew the other two into the lower world of Shulma; when Sh. tries to return these suns to sky, two others are visible next to our sun]: Ivanovsky 1890:263; darhats (somon Khujirt, Uburkhangai aimag) [Shooter Erhii-Mergen, born by a husband, had strength in his thumb, in liver gallbladder, was young and hot, he believed in himself, so he swore, "If I can't shoot every sun out of seven with one arrow, I'll cut off my thumb, stop being a man, not I will drink clear water, I will not eat last year's grass, I will live in a small cave where the sun does not penetrate!" Starting from the east, he started shooting at the suns lined up from east to west: he destroyed 6 suns, just got ready to shoot with spells in the 7th, when the swallow flew in front of him and closed { the sun}. He shot and pierced her tail, so the swallow's tail is now split; the last sun was frightened and quickly went beyond the western mountains]: Mongolian expedition of the Russian State University for the Humanities, Western 8.20.2006; Khalkha-Mongols : Potanin 1883, No. 6g [(from Bogdoshabin from Urga); The groundhog was a hunter; there were four suns, one on each side of the sky; he shot three suns; Burkhyn-Bakshi was afraid that there would be no light turned the hunter into a groundhog]: 179; 1919b, No. 4.1 [there were three suns; Erhe-Mergen hit two, missed the third, then cut off his thumb, turned into a tarbagan marmot], 4.3 [there were three suns; Erhe-Mergen he bet with Burkhan that he would destroy them all by shooting a bow, or cut off his thumb; Burkhan covered one sun, E. cut off his finger, turned into a groundhog]: 17; Skorodumova 2003 [seven suns they burn the ground; people ask Erhiy Mergen to cut them off; he promises to cut off his thumb if he doesn't hit each one; when he shot seventh, a swallow flew by, the arrow hit her tail, since then he's forked; the sun hid behind the western mountains; the horse tells EM that if he doesn't catch up with the swallow before dusk, let them cut off his front legs; if they don't catch up, EM cut off his legs, the horse became a jerboa; EM cut off his thumb became tarbagan; he still has human meat on his body, so they don't eat it]: 28-30; Sharakshinova 1980 [several suns appeared in the sky, burning everything; Erhiy Mergen hit them with arrows]: 37; (cf. The Mongols (Kuytun-Nor Lake) [Michit's seven stars sent cold; Erke-Mergen promised to hit everyone with one shot or turn into a groundhog; shot down only one star, now Michit six; E. became Tarbagan]: Potanin 1919a, No. 4.4:17-18); the Mongols (Khalha) [Tarbagan promised to hit Dolon-Michit's seven stars with one shot; shot down only one star, now Michit six; the same tarbagan wanted break the sun and moon, but someone prevented him; he was reborn into Tarbagana]: Potanin 1919a, No. 4.4:17-18; Mongols, Oirats, Tuvans, Altaians [Erhii-Mérgen (" Thumb shooter"), Tarbagan-Mérgen ("Marmot Shooter") in the mythology of the Mongols and Oirats, sometimes also Tuvans and Altaians, knocks down excess suns, which were originally two, three, four, etc.; without getting into the last one, he turns into tarbagan]: Neklyudov 1982d: 669; the Mongols (Urga) [the land was created by Burkhan Shagji-Tubi; he threw a pinch he had brought from the sky land into the ocean; a pinch has grown, formed the ground; grass and animals appeared on it; S. brought a man to it; people are gradually degenerating; they will live seven years, as tall as an elbow, horses will be the size of hare; then 3 suns will appear, everything will be burned, mountains will remain; lead rain will level them, sand will remain; the wind will sweep it away; then two whales and a frog on which the earth stands will be free; Maidari will create a new land by placing it on the same whales and a frog]: Benigsen 1912:13-14; Trans-Baikal Buryats (Selenginsky: Tabanguts) [shortly after the creation of the world, a man named Hara-Erhe-Myrgen, who was a very good shooter; without hunting animals or birds, he only exterminated evil spirits and sorcerers; firing an arrow from a bow told it who to kill; arrow in she followed the order accurately and then returned to HAM; Burkhan-Bakshi created three suns in the sky: large in the middle, and smaller at the edges; seeing that all the earth could dry out from these suns, and from of strong light, man's life on earth will become unbearable, God called the shooter and said: "Do you think you will destroy everything you have done?" ; HAM: "Not just living things, but even three visible suns. If I don't destroy them, first of all, I'll cut off my thumb and toes, and second, I'll become a beast like you haven't created before; six months a year I'll live under the ground, I won't drink any water no dew, not even come out of the hole after the rain"; when he was ready to fire an arrow, God covered the middle, largest sun from him; when the arrow returned, God opened it; seeing that the arrow destroyed only two suns, and the third remained, and in keeping his oath HAM fulfilled his oath; promised that if anyone killed him with an arrow, he would turn to a person and harm the people; when tarbagans were still being hunted with a bow, it happened that a tarbagan wounded by an arrow hid in a hole; hunters began to dig it up and found a little man with a bow and arrow; since then, hunting with Tarbagan onions are strictly prohibited; the front of tarbagan is not eaten much because it is human flesh]: Smolev 1902a: 101-103; the Mongols [seven suns appeared in the sky, all It burns, people asked the shooter Erkei-Mergen for help; he promises that if he fails to hit seven suns with seven arrows, he will cut off his thumbs, stop drinking, become an animal; he killed six suns, when he shot at the seventh, a swallow was just flying by, the arrow hit her tail, now it is split; the Sun hid behind the Western Mountain; EM rushed on his horse Qarčagai-Alag in pursuit of the Swallow; he told EM to cut off his legs and throw him into the steppes if he could not catch up with the Swallow before dusk; he did not catch up, EM cut off his legs, and the horse became jerboa, whose front legs were shorter than his hind legs; the swallow has been flying over the horsemen ever since, asking if they will catch up with her; EM has become a groundhog, comes out of the hole in the morning and evening to kill the sun; when he comes out in the evening, the sun hides in fear behind West Mountain, so day and night alternate]: Gadamba, Čerensodnom 1984:735 in Nassen-Bayer, Stuart 1992:330; the Mongors [nine suns were constantly shining, it was unbearably hot; shooter Hou Yu shot eight from the moon; married Chang E; an old Taoist gave HUW the powder of immortality; HUW did not want to be immortal without a wife, hid the powder; in his absence, HUW's disciple began to persuade CHE to give the powder him; Che did not know what to do, swallowed the powder herself, became light, went up to the moon; when she saw her there, HUGH spread pieces of bread for her on the table; since then they have been doing this on the 18th day of the eighth month]: Stuart, Limusishiden 1994:137-138.

Eastern Siberia. Sym Evenks [Konstantin Ilyich Likhachev, August 12, 2009; mother told me as a child; in the southeast there is a cluster of small stars like a fist; there used to be two suns; the Tungus did a big bow, one was crushed, so little stars appeared; this sun was shot not because it was shining brightly, but interfering with the shaman; he wanted to predict the future of the earth and the second sun prevented him glittered]; Davletshin 2009.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nivhi: Kreinovich 1929 [nivkh pulled out a seal, she turns into a woman; her mother dies at sea, she leaves; he tells the teal to drink the sea; the next morning, hand in hand, two suns rise; sea man asks the nivkha not to break the universe; he tells the teal to spew water; only one sun rises again, the wife returns]: 88-89 (quail in Ostrovsky 1997, No. 28:227); 1973 [there was one sun, one moon; then a snowstorm all year, tar rain, three suns, three moons rose; the earth was burning; two tit brothers came out from under the hummock; golden and silver birds descended to them on larch; older brother with They rise and fall with a silver bird; the golden bird turns into a woman; the youngest comes to the old man, her master; he boils it in a cauldron, makes it iron, gives a bow and arrow; the younger one kills the extra suns and months; the old man boils it again, returns human flesh; two brothers and two female birds give birth to people]: 329-333; Medvedev 1992 [three suns mercilessly burned the earth; the old man was born and the boy Samnyun grew up; took a bow, goes to fight the suns; stops at the old woman; she gave something like a ball; S. flew through the air; ended up in a woman's house; she will be in the morning; he killed the first and the last suns that came out, the middle one is gone; returned to the old lady, gave the ball, returned home; now there are two dead on the sides of the sun]: 34-37; Pilsudski 1991a: 33 [man killed both suns, both moons; wife says that outside the door there are images of two suns, two moons; tells you to throw one into the sky, bury one], 42-45 [starting in Kreinovich 1973; both birds turn into women, brothers go down to earth with them, humans come from them]; Sternberg 1908, No. 16 [the older and younger Tit Brothers lived under a hummock; there were two suns, two moons, too hot in summer, too cold in winter; golden and silver birds descend from the sky over larch; brothers fight them, the eldest falls down from silver; gold turns into a woman, the youngest takes her as his wife; her father demands to kill the extra sun and the extra moon; the old man cooks A young man in a cauldron makes iron; he kills first the sun, then the moon; a woman from the ground demands to chain a knotty stick - her mother's horns; it turns dark; the young man opens the door in the larch; inside there are two images of the sun, two moons; he throws one sun, one moon to the sky, buries the others; brings the Golden Bird to his village where his older brother and the Silver Bird already live]: 150-155 ( quail in Ostrovsky 1997, No. 27:223-224); Orochi: Aurora, Lebedeva 1966, No. 47 [at first three Sun Sisters shone, the earth melted (red rock is now visible in the cliffs); Hadau killed two with arrows, left his middle sister; shadows of those killed can be seen (phantom suns)], 49 [H. killed two of the three suns; no details]: 193-194, 196; Bereznitsky 1999, No. 1 [there were three suns; meteorites killed one, then the other with a crossbow; it got cooler]: 18; Kreinovich 1929 [three suns were shining; rivers flowed from one bank to one side, to the other side; one person shot the extra suns, the ground cooled down]: 84-85; Margaritov 1888 [1) three suns were shining, it was impossible to live on the ground, people swam on the water and flew through the air; now you can see the spongy stones that were boiling then; a man killed two suns with arrows; 2) three suns were shining, a man killed two with arrows; the flow in the rivers was double, people were no different from animals, the wind was blowing from four sides at once, etc.; The otter lost its child, whom took it the other way, asked Anduri to change the world, which he did]: 28; Ulchi: Zolotarev 1939:167-171 [a young man lived in fir to Condolin, a girl named Adjois in the root of the cedar; K. met A., got married; A. gave birth to twin girls, then two sons in turn; when brothers hunt, animals laugh at them; brothers threaten to kill their mother, force her to confess that she and theirs father is brother and sister; all family members become different spirits, good and evil; var.: older brother rises to heaven, becomes Hadau, kills two suns], 171 [H. was born in the ground, killed two suns, then people appeared; the soul of the deceased returned to the body through a hole; H. shut it up, since then people have been dying forever]; Smolyak 1976 [when three suns were shining and the stones were soft, woman drew drawings on them with her fingers (about petroglyphs near the village of Mai)]: 133; Udege people: Lebedeva et al. 1998, No. 5 [two suns were shining too hot; hunter Egdyga hit one with an arrow, it became moon]: 81; Podmaskin 1991, No. 2 [the sky was low, two suns were shining, it was very hot; a strong man shot one of the bow, it became the moon], 3 [two suns were shining, it was very hot; a man Gangta was Namik's son, he grew up to kill the second sun by hitting him with the thirty-third arrow; the moon appeared in the place of the victim; the sky rose; people bred; the flood began; only N. the sister escaped to the mountain; N. agreed to marry his sister if she was threaded into the needle's eye seven times, throwing a needle; the sister got there; they gave birth to ancestors of twelve Udege families], 4 [(= Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010:27; there were three suns, one big, two small ones around the edges; cereals fell from the sky instead of snow, there was oil in the lakes; Batani's man had a son, cried all the time, mother threw it into the fresh dough; he fell silent, and since then he slept in the dough; God Enduri found out that the baby was sleeping in the dough, began to send snow instead of cereal, water instead of butter; the father decided that three suns were to blame killed two, the third managed to rise high]: 118-119; Negidals: Khasanova, Pevnov 2003, No. 3 [there is unbearable heat on earth; strong people decided to kill two of the suns, leaving the middle one; but killed two strong, weak (current) dodged; traces are visible in place of the two former suns], 4 [the earth is burning; a strong man killed two suns out of three]: 53-54, 54; Cincius 1926 in Sam 1996 [there were three suns, the earth was burning; the first man Udi killed one sun with an arrow, the second did not have time, killed the third]: 139; Nanais: Laufer 1899 [three people lived: Shanwai, Shankoa, Shanka; sent three swans dive to get stones and sand for the ground; the birds have been under water for seven days; they went out - the earth grows, the Amur flows; three people made the Kado man and the woman Julcha, the maiden of Mamilji ; the people multiplied; it was three suns, it was too hot; K. went east, hid in a hole, shot the first and third suns, shooting at the second, missed; M. drew pictures on the stones while the stones were soft from the heat; decided there were too many people, died to show them the way to the afterlife; chipmunk, tumna (?) , the snake sleeps in winter, does not die; the rest are mortal]: 749-750 (quoted from Okladnikov 1968:163-164); Kiel 1996, No. 45 (Amur District) [there were three suns, terrible heat; the man ran east for a long time, hid behind with a boulder, shot two suns with a bow; in severe frost, their reflections are visible on the sides of the remaining one]: 399; Lopatin 1922 [brother Khoday and sister Mämendi lived; M. bit a finger, a man and two appeared from blood drops women, people come from them; at the request of M., H. kills two out of three suns with arrows; M. sends him to look for a door to the next world (buni), because people on earth are cramped; H. finds a tree with shamanic accessories, puts everything in a bag; they demand that they be released because they are not the only one for him; he opens the bag, the accessories are scattered to different people worthy of becoming shamans; now you can bury the dead, take souls to boonies]: 237-238; Okladnikov 1968:165-166 (recorded by V.G. Larkin, 1963 in Sakachi-Alyan) [Boa Enduri killed two extra suns from a bow; the fragments turned into stars]; Sam 1986 [ Shimkevich's retelling of 1896 (see below) with the addition: Doldchu-Khoday is the son of Mameldi and her husband named Guranta; G. hides in an ice column, it melts; in a wooden column it burns; in a stone column it kills suns]: 39-41; Smolyak 1976 [Hado killed extra suns - two out of three or five out of six]: 134; Cowards 1884 in Sem 1996 (Riding Nanais) [there were three suns, Mafa, Marie and Gordo, it was hot; Goronta shot two suns, Marie was left; found a woman named Mame stuck to her trunk trees, separated, made a wife; they had a son Julchu, daughters Hada and Verinka; people descended from them]: 134; Chadaeva 1990 [Hado Myamelji creates a tree to the sky from copper leaves, bark of live snakes, lizards, frogs; leaves turn to the side where the disaster is; an evil spirit releases two more suns into the sky, the river boils, the stones melt; XM kills them with arrows; his daughter cries because there are too many people, asks to open the door to the afterlife; XM has gone there forever, people are following him; Black Dragon Sakhari Dyabdian creates a tree covered with cobwebs; people on whom the wind brings a bunch of web, die]: 5-7; Shimkevich 1896 [=2011:177-180; the son of the first man and woman Doldchu-Khoday is alarmed by the immense multiplication of people; goes into the cave, the father fills the entrance with a stone; D . dies, but the rebirth of people does not stop; then Mother D. closes the entrance to the cave with her skins; when the last one has decayed, people begin to die; the next day three suns and three moons rise; Father D. on at sunset, he kills two suns from a bow, kills two at sunrise; he goes to a shaman tree, which has bark made of reptiles, roots are snakes, leaves are felts (round mirrors), flowers are bells, at the top metal horns; takes shamanic accessories and costume details (felts, bells, several horns knocked down by an arrow), brings him to the fanza, closes the doors, but the accessories begin to fly away through smoke hole; in a dream, the old man tells him to keep all the items one at a time; the rest will fly away, other shamans will get it]: 9-10; Sternberg 1933:493 [the fish was dying, it was hot; Hado went east, made a grass house, it burned down; the same was wooden; then stone; killed two suns out of three], 455 (? check) [the water was boiling, the mountains were melting; Daxsur (Hado) killed the two extreme suns, the middle one remained].

California. Shasta: Curtis 1976 (13) [Ten month-old brothers have frozen the ground; only they have edible camas rhizomes; Curlew has been placed as a watchman, removing bones from his legs and wings; Coyote inserts him sticks instead of bones; grateful Curlew calls his owners to feed him; Months enter the house one by one, beheaded by Coyote; he almost froze to touch their heads; the earth thawed]: 204; Powers 1877 [ The Old Mole digs, the earth he threw away forms our world; the Great Husband created people; they were cold; the Coyote went east, brought flint, gave it to people; the Sun had nine brothers as hot as he was the Month has nine as cold and icy; it was terribly hot during the day, cold at night; the Coyote killed the brothers of the Sun and the Month with his flintlock knife; the rain was the tears of a man crying in the sky; once died Young Indian, everyone cried so much for him that a flood flooded the earth; only one couple of people were saved]: 250-251 (=Judson 1994; retelling in Hatt 1949:77): 27-28; (cf. pomo [Yu-ee sun is old, gave his name, duties and a bag of hornets to his grandson; he is evil, intends to destroy everyone, but Coyote wants to save people; Y. approaches villages, people think he is brought them dancing, and he burns the audience in the houses, lets hornets run out; the Coyote rained, but Y. became a bat, hid under a leaf; also survived a snowstorm, frost, lightning; then Coyote created two trails, one is easy to walk, the other is difficult; advised me to follow a difficult one; Y. did not believe it, went along a wide and flat path, said that all people would follow it, fell into a loop set A coyote; he was taken to the sky, he slapped into a lake on the moon; two female sisters on the moon said it was their brother in the form of a rabbit; brought him into the house, washed him with live water; Y. decided to return to earth, although You have to work there every day, and all wishes come true on the moon right away; Coyote allowed him to return, not as a sun, but as a night creature, a bat]: Clark, Williams 1954:49-52).

Honduras-Panama. Hikake [The Sun has four brothers; the sun is walking, people grab it, put him in jail; the father of the stars releases four suns; the water in the rivers boils; agrees to remove excess suns in exchange for release of a prisoner]: Chapman 1982, No. 27:112-113.

Western Amazon. Sekoya [men first menstruate; Nyanyo (Month) takes her son out of his knee, puts him in a pot; his wife only breastfeeds the boy at night; her sister opens the lid, breaking her leg A parrot placed by a watchman; the boy cries, N.'s wife comes running from the field, throws red achiote paint at his sister; since then, women have menstruated; the boy continues to cry; the parents put the pot on fire; the boy plays the flute, flies to the sky, becomes the Sun; another person Toayo (Wanyo) also sits into the fire, becomes the second sun (now he is with the first one; without details) ; first, the suns burn; N. moves the sky further from the ground with a stick, reducing the heat; The battleship manages to extinguish the second sun, but its tail burns]: Cipolletti 1988, No. 7:65-68.

The Central Andes. The ancient inhabitants of the earth are dying from the heat of several suns that have risen to the sky. Caruas (dep. Ancash) [two]: Stein 1987:251; huanca (Jauja, dep. Junin) [One day, many demons appeared in the world, led by Huari-vilca; then five suns rose, demons fled, everything burned down where they were; the Incas revered the Sun, but also built a temple for Uari-fork]: Cieza de Leon 1976, ch. 33 (LXXXIV): 116; Wanaspampa village (dep. Huancavelica) [machu (pagans) survive famine, flood, earthquake sent to destroy them; then four suns (tahua intis) burn the earth; the rest are destroyed by the flood]: Galindo 1990:219; Mine (dep. Huancavelica) [there were two Incas in the pagan world; the wife of the upper one was Lake Titicaca, the lower wife was Mother Sea; three suns appeared, taming the arrogance of the pagans; only the highest mountains escaped the heat, they still have snow]: Ortiz Rescaniere 1987:197; Risua, Andamarca (dep. Junin) [God has decided to punish the Gentiles, sends a fiery flood; some are saved; then God tells two suns to shine at the same time; pagans and Incarry die]: Ortiz Rescaniere 1980:138-139.

Montagna - Jurua. Character: Barriales 1970:59; Calífano 1995, No. 7 [it was two suns and it was too hot; two birds cut off one head, hung it on a tree; the head turned into bees and honey]: 184; Gray 1996:59 [there were two suns, a man and a woman; the man was huge and walked so close to the ground that everything was burning; a man named Manco hit him with an arrow in the eye, he was gone; our current sun - woman].