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A31. A Month in Love. (.11.) .19.21.-.

As a result of intimate contacts, love conflict, etc. The month (Moon) takes on its current appearance, or rises from the ground to heaven and/or whether its face is covered with spots, which are now visible.

(Wed. Bantu-speaking Africa. Chokwe [Kalunga (Month) had an ugly wife and a beautiful daughter; he went with her to the river, took possession of her in the water; at the same time he lost his headstand; people turned to the oracle, who was all said, K. pleaded guilty]: Frobenius 1983:105).

Southern Europe. Catalans [Sun and Moon - Husband and Wife; Var.: When the stars found out that the Sun had chosen the Moon as his wife, everyone gathered to see the beauty; she raised her cloud cover out of vanity, to reveal his beauty to others; the jealous Sun said he would not marry then, threw ash into the Moon's face, its light and beauty faded]: Amades 1930:244-245.

Melanesia. Monumbo [building a house to initiate the young men, people cut down and brought a wooden beam; when the boat was approaching the shore, light emanated from the beam; a beam was installed in the house; when the men left, it became human, he danced with the children; the men threw a beam into the sea, it sailed to Fr. Manam, people made her a headrest; when everyone left, he became human, ate all the chickens, pigs and dogs; the men threw the headrest into the sea, he swam to the shore of the main island; he became a baby; husband and wife adopted him; at night the baby became an adult, made love to the foster mother, who became pregnant; while his wife was away, the husband wanted to throw the baby on a palm tree, but he jumped into the river and swam away; the women of the village came to fish; the headrest man came out of the water and met them; the men sent the boy; the women covered him with nets, but he cut a hole, peeked; the men hid on the shore, they killed the one who came out, cut off his penis, let his wives eat; the old woman put her piece next to him; he flew to heaven, became the Month]: Höltker 1965, No. 4:80-82; huli (southern mountains) [Ni peeked, how his sister Hana rubs against a tree in the forest; put a sharp stone in the trunk, he cut through Hana's vagina; she told Ni; he saw a vagina and met his sister; ashamed of their mother Honabe, Ni and Hana got up to heaven, Hana became the Moon, Ni the Sun]: Glasse 1965:34; synagoro [A month-old boy lived on earth, watched women and girls in the gardens; gave a voice, the woman put him in the basket, hung him on a branch; told him not to scream while she cooked his food; he got out of the basket, ate sugar cane, had sex with a woman, she became pregnant; so went on, their husband found them, burned the basket, the blood of the Month splashed into the sky, became the moon; when it was full, women and girls were menstruating]: Seligman 1902:300 in Ploss et al. 1927:784; Admiralty Islands [two women cleaned the tarot, did not have a scraper from shells; The month came down, they used it instead of a scraper; same the next night; both became pregnant; told Month that he would now have dark tarot marks on his face]: Meier 1907, No. 4:939; Manus [The month was sick, his brother Sun went fishing alone; at this time the Month had sex with the Sun's wife; the Sun found them; sailed away with his people; the Sun is now rising from the east, Month s west (otherwise they would both rise from the east); the people of the Month are stars; the people of the Sun live in Nauna]: Meier 1907, No. 5:940-941.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Khasi: Gurdon 1914 [the woman has three daughters Sun (Ka Sngi), Fire (Ka Ding) {the third unnamed} and her youngest son Month (U Bynai); the month was as bright as the Sun; tried to get along with her; she was angry threw ash in his face; The month was ashamed and faded, spots on the moon are still visible]: 172-173 in Kühn 1936:87, Elwin 1949:55-56; Rafy 1920, No. 17 [=Bertrand 1958:133; Fire, Water, Sun are the elders sisters of the Month; The month was as bright as the Sun; wanders, indulges in vice, demanded his mother's sister, the Sun, as his wife; the Sun threw hot ash in his face; the moon became pale, stained, not shows]: 89-91; garo [The moon met her brother the Sun; dew is the tears she now pours for her beloved; the creator god was against incest and forbade them to meet; sometimes the Moon visible after sunrise, but quickly hides, hiding their faces in a thick veil; pigeons are birds of the moon and cannot be killed; ducks sit on the moon at night]: Bertrand 1958:82.

Burma - Indochina. Ede [I Do is the adopted son of the girl Hkung's mother; in order not to incest, H. asked Eid the difficult task of pouring the dam; he did it; H. ran away from him in the sun; Eid chased her. found himself a month away; they are allowed to meet only occasionally, at which time lunar and solar eclipses occur; when people came to earth from the dungeon, ID settled them, gave them languages and customs]: Nikulin 1980d: 480.

South Asia. Hinduism: Enthoven 1924:49-50 [Indra fell in love with Ahalya, wife of the sage Gautama; persuaded Chandra (Month) to come in ahead of time, screamed with a rooster himself at midnight; G. decided it was morning to go to the Ganges perform rituals; in his guise, I. came to A.; when G. returned, I. tried to hide in the guise of a cat; G. cursed all three: I. covered a thousand ulcers, Ahalya petrified, and spots appeared on Chandra's face], 50 [ Brahma's son Daksha Prajapati gave all his 27 daughters to Chandra, but he loved Rohini alone; the others complained to his father; he told C. to go down every month, and C.'s face stained]; balahs [on the moon shows an old woman spinning, or (common Hindu tradition) is dhoti, i.e. the tissue around the hips wrapped by a man who was thrown into the moon by her husband after learning of her infidelity]: Fuchs 1950:286; Punjabi [A month fell in love with Ahalya, Gautama Rishi's wife; taking the guise of her husband, began to visit her; one day G. found lovers, cursed his wife, turning her into stone, and in the Month threw his shoe (shoe); the impact trail is now visible on the moon]: Crooke 1891, #87:13

The Balkans. Macedonians: Belova 2004a [mother of the Sun and Moon threw cow manure at Daughter Moon to separate them]: 126; Bulgarians [1) The sun stained the moon with manure when they quarreled and their wedding was upset; 2) the mother of the Sun and Moon threw cow manure at her Moon daughter to separate them]: Belova 2004a: 126; Romanians: Beza 1928 [1) Sun-man asks God to allow him marry Sister Moon; God shows him hell and paradise, but the Sun is better prepared to be in hell than without a lover; during marriage, a hand reaches out to the moon, throws it into the sea, where it turns into a fish (golden barbel); The sun rushed west for the bride, but God grabbed her, threw her up, she became the moon; told them to look at each other from afar, not to get closer; 2) The moon agrees to go beyond the Sun, if he builds an iron bridge across the Black Sea and a staircase to heaven; he did, Adam and Eve showed him heaven and hell in heaven]: 16-18; Mailand 1886 (Transylvania) [1) a shining young man asks his mother for permission he should marry his sister; she agrees if he builds a wax bridge across the world with a cold spring in the middle; anyone who drinks from it asks for atonement; 2) the young man asks his mother to allow him marry his sister, because after going around the world, he did not meet the girl more beautiful; she agrees if he makes iron shoes and goes around the world in them; makes a copper bridge above the ground and a silver bridge above the world; he fulfills the condition, leads the bride to church, she asks to let go of her hand, rushes to the Danube; 3) the sister answers the Sun that she will marry him only if he builds an iron bridge to him, silver above the ground; 4) The sun wants to marry its sister Juana Cossinczana; on the wedding day, a hand reaches out from the sky, throws the bride into the sea, and then into heaven, where she becomes the Moon; God tells the Moon and the Sun that they they will follow each other forever]: 3.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kumyks [A month was in love with the Sun, found her at work, she smeared gray clay on the ground floor; he joked with her, she threw a piece of sheepskin at him, she used to smear the floor, ran away; she became By the Sun, the young man became the Month, still can't catch up with her]: Abakarova 1984:123; Hajiyeva 196:329; Ingush [the blacksmith wanted to marry a girl who lived in the tower; she was radiant; he did not know that she was his sister, and she knew; replied that fire and ash would remove her radiance; at night he followed her, taking a golden head; she ran, he followed her, so they ran to death after each other; sparks from the guns turned into stars; the girl was left with radiance, the young man had a gun; they became the sun and moon; the Sun is still striving to catch up with the Moon]: Dalgat 1972:257-258 (same as Aliroev 1976:222-223; Malsagov 1983, No. 156:295); Lucky, Lezgins, Dargins, Avars [in the mythology of the Laks (Barz), Lezgins (Varz), Dargins (Badz), Avars (Mots), the Moon has the appearance of a beautiful girls; was in love with the Sun (Laks - Barg, Avars - Buck, Lezgins - Rag, Dargins - Berkhi); began to boast that she was more beautiful than the Sun, that they looked at her more; the Sun threw clods of dirt and spots at her stayed; repenting, trying in vain to catch up with the Moon]: Khalilov 1980:163; Lezgins: Gamzatov, Dalgat 1991 [=Khalidova 2012, No. 15:42; The month was in love with the Sun, she did not like it, she threw it at him a handful of earth, spots remain]: 371; Seferbekov 2000 [Month - brother, Sun - sister; spots on the moon - slap in the face received from her sister]: 7; Rutultsy [sister, offended by her brother's harassment, hit with a ladle, ran away, turning into the Sun; his brother, turning into a Month, is trying to catch up with her; since then, the Month has been staining]: Gamzatov, Dalgat 1991:293; Megrelians [Sun and Moon fell in love with their son widows; his mother followed him, found him sitting at a luxurious table with the Sun and Moon serving; the next time she milked the cows, threw cow droppings at the stars; the sun rushed into the windowsill, bathed in milk, soared into the sky; the moon flew to swim in the sea, but by the time it reached it, the droppings dried up, the stains remained; the sun is called bzha (milk) in Mingrelian]: Kobalia 1903, No. 2:90-91; Armenians: Bagriy 1930 (3) [The Sun was the wife of the Month; when the wife was kneading the dough, the husband flirted with her; the wife threw dough into her husband's face, ran away; the month began to chase the Sun and is still chasing; spots on the moon - dough]: 125; Ganalanyan 1979, No. 337g [The Sun and the Month were swimming; The month came out first to see her sister's nudity; she rose to heaven out of shame, the Month is still chasing her, the Sun is stabbing eyes with needles and rays]: 126-127; talyshi: Bayramalibekov 1893 [The sun was the wife of the Month; when the wife baked cheeks in the tandoor, the husband flirted with her; considering it indecent during cooking chureks, the Sun Wife threw a test in her husband's face, ran away; The month is chasing her; can't wash herself; used to be more beautiful than the Sun]: 203-204; Bagriy 1930 (3) [The Sun was the wife of the Month; when the wife she baked cheeks in a tandoor, her husband began to flirt with her; the wife threw dough in her husband's face, ran away; The month began to chase the Sun and is still chasing; the month cannot wash off the dough; it used to be more beautiful than the Sun]: 10-11.

Iran - Central Asia. The Shugnans [The moon knew that the Sun was her brother, but the Sun did not know it; they went out to heaven in the morning and walked together until evening; the Sun falls in love with the Moon, one day intends to take possession of it by force; Moon breaks out of the hands of the Sun and, offended, stops communicating with him, decides to walk only in the night; she scratched her face with annoyance, traces of scratches remain (spots)]: Bogsho Lashkarbekov, personal communication, 2005; Bartangans [like the Shugnans; the Moon did not scratch itself, this Sun scratched the face of the Moon, traces of which we see now]: Bogsho Lashkarbekov, personal report, 2005; Vakhans [like the Shugnans; Sun after of that case, it pursues the Moon and chases it, cannot catch up; the Moon bypasses all 12 zodiac signs in a month, and the Sun makes this journey only in a year]: Bogsho Lashkarbekov, personal report, 2005.

The Arctic. Central Yupik [the youngest of four brothers is lazy; does not hunt, stays at home with her sister; one day she wakes up feeling near him, drives him; the next evening she cuts off her chest, puts her chest down, puts him down fat and berries on top, invites him to eat it, since he wanted it; a ladder descends from the sky, she climbs it, turns into the Sun; the brother hurriedly puts one leg in his leg, pulls his sock over the other, rushes after her sister, turns into a Month; still chases her; loses weight from hunger; sister feeds him from the plate in which her chest lies, the Month is getting fat again]: Nelson 1899:482; Nunivak Island [the husband's nephew lives in their house; the wife says that someone goes to her at night, puts off the lamp; the husband realizes that this is his beloved nephew; he comes openly, they both love each other; the wife takes a lamp, runs, rises to the sky, becomes the sun; nephew follows her, becomes a month; once caught up, the Sun almost burned the earth]: Lantis 1946, No. 2:268-269; Northern Alaska Inupiate : Ingstad, Bergsland 1987 (Anaktuvuk Pass) [it's always cold, dark; when collecting fuel, women tried their tongues, dry wood or alive; brother began coming to see his younger sister at night; she smeared his clothes charcoal on her shoulder, identified her brother in the morning; cut off her breasts, held a bowl to her brother, saying that they were two wives for him; went up into the sky in circles, became the Sun; the brother grabbed his bag of tools, got up, standing A month; with it a large whale shoulder blade; the phases of the moon - it closes with it and then reveals itself; at dawn, the sun is red, it is the blood of severed breasts]: 25-30; Gubser 1965 [(nunamiut believe that borrowed this story from the coast from the Eskimos living at Point Hope); brother and sister live alone in the house; brother asks sister to marry, she refuses; she asks him to take a wife, he too refuses; goes to bed with her at night; to find out who she is, she stains the rapist's face with ash; in the morning in a community house (karigi) she sees that her brother's cheek is dirty; cuts off her breasts, mixes her with urine, and with blood, makes akutaq (Eskimo "ice cream") out of it, invites his brother to eat it; tells everyone what happened; with a burning fat in his hands, he walks counterclockwise in circles, rises to the sky; her fat tree gives more and more heat and light; her brother takes his bag of tools, follows her, becomes light but stays cold; since then, the Month has been haunting the Sun forever, but cannot catch up; dark stains on it - a man with a tool bag]: 190-199 (specify!) ; Lowenstein 1992, No. 2 (Point Hope) [(=1993:10-15); the girl lives in the same house with her older brother; someone comes to her at night; she stains her lover's forehead with greasy soot; in the morning she sees a mark on her forehead brother; cuts off his breasts, mixes it with his urine and feces, puts everything in a night pot, invites him to eat it: he goes up to the sky, she follows him: he leaves for a month, tells her to go to the sun; in the morning and in the evening, the sun is colored with blood from the girl's chest; the Month (Alinnaq) continues to chase her sister; when it catches up and copulates with her, an eclipse occurs, followed by an earthquake; The Month is the master of everyone marine and terrestrial commercial animals]: 13-18; Lucier 1958, No. 2 (noatagmiut) [the young man goes to his sister at night; she smears his finger with soot, stains his forehead, recognizes his brother in the morning; cuts off his breasts, hands him on plate; lights a torch, rises to the sky, becomes the sun; oil that has dripped from the torch turns into oil outlets; brother follows her to the moon]: 91-92; Rainey 1947 (Point Hope) [to Sukunuk someone comes at night; she smears her lover's face with soot; in the morning she sees a mark under her brother Alignuk's eye; fills the bowl with urine and feces, cuts off her left chest, A. gives it all, suggests eat if he loves her; they began to spin, rose to the sky; A. told his sister to go to the sun, where it is warm, he himself went to the month where it was cold; on the disk of the moon you can see A. holding a bag of tools in his hand; the sky at sunset is colored with blood from S.'s chest]: 270; McKenzie's mouth (chiggling) [the young man goes to his sister at night; she smears her hands with soot to identify her lover; sees spots on his brother's face in the morning; runs to heaven, becomes the sun; brother runs after her, turns into a month; still haunts her, an enemy of women]: Petitot 1886, No. 3:7-8; caribou [people find brother and sister in each other's arms; out of shame those they run to heaven, turn into the Month and the Sun; both carry torches; the Month moves fast, its torch goes out]: Rasmussen 1930b: 79-80; polar Eskimos [two options; young people play a game of extinguished lamps; the young man sleeps with his younger sister; both run with torches in his hands; the brother stumbles, his torch goes out; they go up to heaven; the sister turns into the Sun, the brother into the Month; both live in separate departments home alone]: Holtved 1951, No. 3:7-8; igloolik: Kroeber 1899, No. 26 [a lover goes to the girl at night; she finds out that it is her brother (without details); cuts off her chest, invites him to eat; runs away, he chases her, falls, his torch goes out, both rise to heaven; the Month has a wife in the sky; the Sun Sister lives in another part of the house]: 179-180; Rasmussen 1930a [girl smears soot her face night lover; identifies his brother at the dance]: 81; Spalding 1979 (Repulse Bay) [Aningaat is blind; his mother points his arrow at a polar bear, says A. got hit by a dog; feeds him a dog, herself eats bear meat with her daughter; his sister secretly gives it to his brother; takes him to the lake; Loon dives with him, rubs his eyes three times, he sees the light; ties the tench to his mother's belt, harpoons a large beluga whale, she takes him away mother at sea; brother and sister come to people with long nails; sister comes into the house to ask for water; inhabitants begin to rip off her meat; brother breaks in, kills everyone with an ice ax; wipes sister's back with snow and urine, the flesh recovers; they come to the cup-and-ball players; A. takes one device, runs away; comes to people without anus; A. tells her sister to take her husband there; she gives birth; the local foreman says they now have a man with an anus and a penis; pierces his anus; another pierced, missed, died; A. began to secretly go to her sister; she smeared her nose with soot; both came to the meetinghouse, it's a holiday; everyone laughs at A. when they see his black nose; his sister dips the moss torch in fat, runs away; A. runs after her, but did not dip the torch in the fat, so he quickly went out; sister became the sun, A. month]: 48-50; netsilic [Aninga is blind; his mother Agthulg-Rarnan aims his arrow, lies that he did not hit the bear; eats meat herself; his sister Aleka He feeds him secretly; he asks him to be taken to the sea; two Loons in human form lick his eyes, making them keen; he harpoons a walrus, tying a tench to his mother, a walrus drags her into the sea; brother and sister go away; the mother's spirit in the form of a strip of fire, a moving belt blocks the road; they jump over these obstacles; the sister goes to ask for water from the spirits with claws in their hands; they want to kill her, brother kills them, heals their sister; they come to people without anuses; they suck meat to be satiated; brother marries, sister marries; those women do not have vaginas, pregnant women have their bellies ripped open; sister gives birth normally; her mother-in-law pierces her vagina with a meat fork, dies; sister smears black face of an unknown lover, identifies her brother in the morning; they decide to turn into something; sister suggests, brother rejects variants (wolves: their teeth are too sharp; bears: clubfoot; musk oxen: sharp horns; seals: sharp claws; etc.; in the sun and month); they light moss torches, run, rise into the air; sister extinguishes her brother's torch, so the month is cold]: Rasmussen 1931:232-236; Labrador Eskimos: Hawkes 1916 [the girl smears her chest with soot to identify her night lover; in the morning she sees soot on her brother's face; cuts off his breasts, puts her in front of him; if he wanted me, eat me now; my brother rushes after her around the house, outside, into heaven; they become the month and the sun; when they meet, eclipses occur]: 156; Turner 1894 [girl smears her chest with soot to identify her night lover; sees soot on her brother's lips in the morning; parents scold them; brother runs away, turns into a Month; sister grabs burning smut, pursues him, turns into the Sun; sparks from smut are stars; when his sister catches up with her brother, eclipses occur]: 266; angmassalik [The month comes to sister Sun; she smears his face with soot, in the morning he recognizes his older brother; runs with a burning torch, rising in circles to the sky; cuts off one chest, throws the Month; he stumbles, his torch goes out; he rises behind her to the sky]: Thalbitzer 1923, No. 215:397-403; West Greenland: Birket-Smith 1924 [Sun and Month are sister and brother; the story of a brother running after his sister and both going up to heaven is well known; now the spot above on the right of the lunar disk it is identified with the Month itself, on the left with its dog, and at the bottom with the Ripper trying to make people laugh and then tear their guts out; stains used to be considered traces of soot, with which her sister smeared her brother's face]: 437-438; Egede 1818 [a month old boy Anningait, his sister Malina was the Sun; boys and girls gathered to play in a house out of snow; A. began to come to M. at night; she she smeared soot on his hands, stained his face and clothes; therefore, there were spots on the moon; his snow-white reindeer suede clothes were covered with soot; M. lit a bright moss torch, and A.'s torch went out, so the moonlight pale; M. took to the air, A. has been stalking her ever since]: 207-208; Ostermann 1942 [during a wife exchange, when the lamps are turned off, the girl suspects that her older brother is converging with her; his face gets dirty soot; when the light is lit, he sees a mark; lights the torch, rises to the sky, becomes the sun; brother with another torch behind her, his torch goes out, he becomes a month]: 137; Rink 1875, No. 35 [in absence Two little birds enter the old woman's house, first snow bunting (Plectrophanes nivalis), then wheat-ear (Saxiola ænanthe); each says that someone else will come in and tell something; A sunwoman enters, tells her story; she smeared soot on the back of an unknown lover, identified her brother in the morning; cut off her breasts, invited him to eat them if he likes her body so much; both they lit pieces of moss, began to rise into the air; her moss burned well, it went out; it became the Sun, it became the Month; the Sun is beautiful in front, and the back looks like a skeleton]: 236-237.

Subarctic. Koyukon [a girl rejects her suitors; someone comes to her at night; she ties a pen to his hair; in the morning she sees that she is the eldest of her four brothers; puts on her best clothes, goes up to east, becoming the Sun; her brother forgets to wear one moccasin, follows her sister, turns into a Month; people don't look at the Sun without wanting to dishonor her]: Chapman 1903, No. 5:183-184; inhalic [ a girl rejects her suitors; someone comes to her at night; she ties a feather to his hair; when she comes in porridge, she sees that it was her brother; puts on her best clothes, cuts off her breasts, puts them on a bowl with food, gives it to his brother; rises to the sky, becomes the Sun; brother runs after it, becomes the Month; hurries to wear only one moccasin]: Chapman 1914, No. 4:21-22; tanaina (informant: this is an Eskimo story) [brother tries to incest with his sister; both go up to the moon; their figures are visible; brother is taller than sister, holding a bag of menstrual blood in his hand; because of this, women menstruating]: Rooth 1971:93-94.

NW Coast. The Tlingits ["The sun and the month, according to their myth, were once people, brother and sister. But they cannot say correctly which of them was a brother and who was a sister, believing that the month was a brother and the sun was a sister. My sister, living on earth, had a lover, but secretly from everyone. Her brother somehow found out and wanted to shame his sister in an extraordinary way. One dark night, when he was sure that his sister's lover would not come to her, he came to her himself; his sister mistook him for a lover, and caressed him as usual, but did not see him caress him. This surprised her a little, and as if as punishment, she decided to secretly impose a sign on his braid, on his head, in order to laugh at her lover in the morning. But instead of her lover, she sees her own sign from her own brother; she immediately ran away from home out of shame, and then became the sun, and her brother became a month old. His sister's shame is always with her, and that's why she tries to escape from the Sun; since then, the Moon has been running away from the Sun, trying to escape from her brother, meeting him as little as possible. "]: Veniaminov 1839:62 -63.

Southeast USA. Caddo [a lover goes to a girl at night; she stains his face, identifies his brother in the morning; he turns into a man on the moon]: Voegelin in Weigle 1982:165; chirokee [Month-brother visits Sun sister; to find out who it is, she touches his face with her hand stained with ash; in the morning, the Month rises to the sky out of shame and has been avoiding her ever since]: Mooney 1900, No. 8:256-257.

California. Cahuilla: Curtis 1976 (15): 106-110 [In the primary darkness, two creatures emerged from red and white lightning; they began to feel parts of their bodies, naming them from crown to toe; Múkat easily reached the smoking pipe, and Témayawut had a hard time; everyone said he was older; they took out two (red and white) crickets, pupae, lizards, mudhen, told them to put off the night; those few they pushed it away; the brothers took out the rod, made a pole out of it, told all the snakes to wrap around it, all the spiders attach a web to it; climbed up the pole; the bottom from which they got out was menstrual blood; from their hearts they created earth, sky and water; created stars; the earth rotated, they sent ants into it, it froze; M. created the sun and T. the moon; the people created by T. had the membranes on the fingers, too many eyes and ears, the noses and mouths in the wrong place; T. wanted death and M. wanted the dead to squeeze; T. decided to leave, taking his creations; the Moon woman stayed with M. taught people how to shoot bows and dance; M. hurt her, she went to heaven; people decided to kill M.], 110-121 [The Night Woman and the Huge Man created Múkat, then, at his request, Témayawut ; M. told him he was his younger brother, T. responded with the same words; they argue for a long time about who is older, who will create what, T. repeating Mukata's words every time; everyone creates tobacco and a pipe; M. wants both they created one world, and T. created their own; M. creates earth from a handful of black sand, T, gray; M. wants to create people as they are now, and T. with two faces, feet back and forth (to see and go both ways), webbed on their fingers to swim; both created 12 pairs of their men; M. asked their father Huge to give them Sister Moon; M. created the sun, it shines more in the south, where half M.; offended M. and his people went north and then down; while mountains appeared on earth, many people died; M. created new ones; M. began to come to his sister at night; she recognized and climbed sky; before that she created a bow and arrow; M. created a rattlesnake; people decided to kill him; Yasheritsa saw where he was relieving himself, and the Frog swallowed his excrement, carried him to the lower world; M. dies, spits, Coyote swallows his sputum every time, wants to kill him faster; M. died; the woman lay down, the Fly man began to rotate the spindle on her, first splashed blood, then lit a fire; woman turned into a fireboard, the man turned into a fly (and now she is rotating something with his paws); the Coyote was sent away, but he saw smoke, came back, jumped over the short Badger, took and ate his heart].

Mesoamerica Mountain Totonaki: Ichon 1969, No. II [see motif A5; it was only the Month, the lover of all women; said he was the Sun; after the Sun came down, the Month calls women again to make love, but they they splash the water they used to wash corn in his face; since then the Month has been dim]: 55-57; Relatos Totonacos 1994 (Veracruz, Papantla de Olarte) [it was dark, three wise kings ruled; man found the emitter light and warmth are a stone, a lizard constantly lay and warmed on it; one of the kings ordered that the stone be given to the boy, sent him to the east; a man who spent time at the holidays and seduced women, said that the stone should have been given to him, followed him; the king said that the sun would soon appear, told him not to wait for sunrise when he climbed the tree; one man climbed, was the first to see the sunrise, turned into secapalo vine; the Sun was followed by the Month, which was that seducer of women]: 9-13.

Honduras-Panama. Bribri [Marcos Guevara recorded from Bribri Ali García, the story is rare; after hugging the moon (incest), her brother Sun burned her face, the spots remain]: Guevara: Personal Report, 2007; cabecar [light The moon is dim as punishment for incest with her brother Sun]: Stone 1962:55; kuna: Chapin 1989 [see J16 motif; Olotvaligipileler secretly visits his sister Magiriyay; she tells you lice, tick, sandy wake her up to the flea; the flea wakes her up, M. smears his lover's face with a genip, dries the rivers; in the morning he sees his brother's face; he runs away in shame; M. runs after him, returns to take his baskets, loses his way; on the way copulates with many animals; brother rises to the sky For a month, spots are visible on her face; on the river bank, old woman Mu Quelopunayay invites her into the house, hides her in a vessel; her sons are iguanas, wild pigs, tapirs, fish; they say they smell pineapple; the next day, Mu hides M. under the roof; on the third day he turns him into a loom part; sons find and devour on the river bank; Mu cooks giblets]: 33-35; Holmer 1951 [see motif J16; the young man sleeps with his sister; she tells her first, then the tick, the flea to wake her up; the flea wakes her up in time, she smears her lover's face with genipa juice; asks The owner of the Rivers dry them; in the morning, the brother cannot wash off the paint, leaves in shame; the sister follows him; returns three times for her faith to fan the fire and other objects, loses his way; goes to the sound Brother's flutes, then stops hearing him; asks the cockerel and four other types of birds about the way; each shows the way after she agrees to sleep with him; the brother rises to heaven, becomes a Month; spots are still visible; children are told it is a rabbit]: 145-151; Wassen 1934b: 5-7.

The Northern Andes. Dabaiba [the man who committed incest with his sister sticks to the moon in punishment and is seen there]: Anghiera 1912 (2), dec.7, vol.9:321; kogi: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2), No. 4:35 [when the Moon went up to heaven, one of her lovers threw a handful of ash in her face], 36 [Moon Sister and Sun Brother sent to heaven as punishment for incest]; yupa [woman covered the face of the Month with her soiled menstrual blood with clothing, causing the first eclipse]: Armato 1988:49f at Halbmayer 2004:42.

Llanos. Yaruro [India Rosa has a Sun Son and a Daughter Moon; The Sun has a sister who has given birth to people]: Petrullo 1939:240.

Southern Venezuela. Panare [without details]: Dumont 1976:94; yabarana [to identify her lover, the girl paints her breasts with red paint; he washes it, then black; in the morning the girl identifies her brother; from shame it turns into a Month, spots are still visible; when it turns red, women have periods]: Wilbert 1959:62 (=196:156); makiritare [Nuna (Month) steals an egg with human embryos, intends to eat him; his sister Freeman hides it in her womb; at night, the Month comes to her to extract embryos from her body; to find out who it is, she paints his face with paint; spots remain]: Civrieux 1960:118-125; 1980:47-50.

Guiana. Warrau: Osborn 1960 [Someone comes to the girl at midnight; she smears paint on her hand and puts paint on her lover's back; in the morning she sees paint on her younger brother's body; scolds him, he cries; brother has become moon]: 79; Wilbert 1970, No. 17 [brother visits his two sisters, they do not know who their lover is; they paint their breasts with a genipa; in the morning he can't wash off the paint, rises to heaven, becomes the Month; women - Daughters of the Month; when he is red, he oozes blood], 18 [(original in Roth 1915, No. 187:256); the girl smears the face of an unknown lover with genipa juice; in the morning she recognizes her brother, who goes to heaven out of shame, becomes a Month, spots are still visible; when you see the moon (in any phase), a woman is bound to menstruate], 19 [brother turns into an opossum, then into a Month]: 63, 64, 65; Caribbean Dominica: Delawarde 1938 [zap. Raymond Breton in the mid-17th century; goes to Sésé's sister for a month; his mother stains her lover's face with genipa juice; out of shame he rises to heaven in the morning, his face is still stained; S. gave birth boy Hiari, asked the hummingbird to pick him up to his father to look at him; he completed his assignment, received bright plumage as a reward; Hiari became the leader of the Caribbean; until now, women are not trust the Month]: 202-203; Taylor 1952, No. 1 [He goes to her sister at night; the girl's mother stains her lover's face with soot; out of shame he rises to heaven in the morning, his face is still stained; the girl gives birth Hiali's son ("he became sparkling, clear"); the hummingbird lifted him up for the Month, received bright plumage as a reward; H. became the leader of the Caribbean]: 269 (translated to Siebert 1952:269); arecuna [Wéi (Sun) and Kapöi (Month) were friends; K. visited one of V.'s daughters at night; her father told her to smear her lover's face with his menstrual blood; K.'s face remained dirty, he avoids meeting V.]: Koch-Grü nberg 1924, No. 15:54-55; curl [the girl is visited by an unknown lover, she smears his face with soot; in the morning everyone shames her brother; he rises to heaven, becomes a Month, the spots are still visible] : Roth 1915, No. 198:256; waiwai [The month of Nuña comes to his sister at night; while his spirit plays the flute outside the house to make the girl think that her lover cannot be her brother; sister smears his face is a genipa; in the morning he can't wash himself off, covers his face with his hands; his sister scolds him; he makes a chain of arrows, he understands the sky, the spots remain; var.: sister became a star (no details)]: Fock 1963:54-55; hishkaryana [A month comes to his sister at night, she smears her lover with a genip, he makes a chain of arrows, climbs into heaven; from there he says, Who dies, will return in a short time; people didn't hear, crickets heard]: Derbyshire 1965:26-27; trio: Koelewijn, Riviere 1987, No. 10 [I slept with my sister for a month; to identify his lover, she smeared his black face; in shame he got up to heaven with a chain of arrows; now it determines the time when women menstruate]: 53-54; Magaña 1987, No. 21 [A month has been the lover of their two sisters; to find out who sleeps with them, they get dirty his face with his genipa; in the morning he rises to heaven in shame playing the flute; his sisters follow him, turning into two stars next to the month]: 136; Riviere 1969 [I slept with my sister for a month; she smeared his face black paint; he took to heaven out of shame, making a chain of arrows; now controls women's menstruation]: 264; oyana [to see who comes to her at night, a girl smears his face genipa; recognizes his brother in the morning; he rises to heaven out of shame, turns into a Month]: Magaña 1987, No. 98:54; emerillon [the older brother can no longer have children; the youngest sleeps with his wife; when she gets pregnant, her husband is looking for the culprit, people point to her brother; he was growing genipa juice at that time, covered his hand, smeared half of his figure; runs and rises from the top of the mountain to the sky, becomes the Month ; half of his face, blackened with paint, blends into the night]: Perret 1933:85; Kashuyan (Arikena) [? ; Moon Woman's face is stained with paint, no more.]: Kruse 1955, No. 33:415; oyampy [The month was the lover of his two sisters; to find out who sleeps with them, they stain his face with their genipa; in the morning he rises to heaven out of shame]: Grenada 1982, No. 12:132.

Western Amazon. His wife no longer liked Siona [Ñañagüé Nianyague (Month) because she had to look in his head; he climbed a Juansoco tree, threw fruits at them, they got drunk by them and fell asleep; N. pulled piranha teeth out of his wife and sister's vagina (further as in 134-136); on the way he took the trapped birds, put rotten leaves in them, sent his father-in-law to check the traps; father-in-law returned, asked his daughters to remove the thorn from his leg; N. told him to lie not in a hammock, but on a bark bed, to become a tapir; the tapir ran, leaving a trail - the Milky Way; N. told him to become Mother of Earth; when to move, there will be an earthquake; N. changed his appearance, came to his wife; she fell in love with him, smeared his face with soot at night; he washed it away; then with his genipa, these spots are still visible; Turtle hid all the water; N. cut down the bamboo, the grove turned into a river, both women swam; N. did not let his wife go ashore, her sister came out; there was a palm tree in the water, the wife went to her; M., If you approach the shore, storms would begin; the turtle was told to eat rot; his wife's sister to be the mother of the living, the patroness of the dead, sent to the land of the dead]: Chaves 1958:143-145; Napo: Foletti Castegnaro 1985, No. 1a [the girl is pregnant, although there are no people around; she realized that her brother, who rose to heaven, became the Month; the parents were gone; the girl asked the parrot to take her to people; the eagle ate all three parrots; she asked the twins in her stomach about the route; they asked her to pick a flower; she was bitten by a wasp, she hit her stomach, the twins fell silent; she went to the Jaguar house; the old woman hid her under the pot, she saliva dripped, the Jaguars jumped to get the woman, Puka Puma ("Red Jaguar") took it out; the old woman asked for giblets, went to wash, found two children, raised them; these are Cuillur and Duciru; they they asked them to make bows and arrows; they took out the head's lice, killed her, cooked her, took her jaw to the forest; her name was Jaguars, her jaw said it was cutting wood; the brothers told the Jaguars that they ate their mother, turned into hummingbirds, flew away; they brought down the bridge with jaguars, the pregnant female escaped; the brothers decided to cross the sea across which the bridge was on the back of the caiman; the eldest does not tell Cayman that He had bulging eyes; the youngest said Cayman bit off his leg; the elder dried the pond, killed Cayman, put his brother's leg back; the elder made boats by shooting at trees; the youngest broke the boat, now theirs it's hard to do; the brothers made a chain of arrows, went up to heaven, became the Pleiades; there's also a caiman jaw and a basket in which their mother carried parrots]: 55-60; Hartmann, Oberem 1971 [two similar options; He lived on earth for a month, visited a woman at night; she smeared his face with her genipa, stains since then; he went up to heaven and wanted to take his wife with him; but she hesitated to dress, and he did not become her wait; she became a nightjar (iluku), screams plaintively when the moon appears in the sky]: 692-694 (=1987:155) {literally "owl", buho de parduzco moreado, que grita en tono menor; but in the Amazon, apparently, always nightjar}; Mercier 1979 [Quilla ("moon, month" in Quechua) secretly comes to his sister at night; she smears his face with a genip; he asks monkeys to lick his face; their faces also turn black, but they don't wash the Month could; he asked the birds to take him to heaven, became a Month; invited his sister to get up too, but she could not grab hold of his clothes, stayed on the ground, turned into a filuco night bird with a long with a tail (a piece of K.'s clothes left in her hand); sings, my brother, my brother! The month shines poorly because stained]: 25-27; Orr, Hudelson 1971, No. 1 (napo or canelo) [the girl stains the cheek of an unknown lover with genipa juice (huitug); in the morning she brought her brother breakfast, and he was under with a mosquito net; noticed spots on his face; his parents were furious; out of shame, his brother started shooting arrows into the sky, they pierced one another, he climbed into the sky; his sister climbed after him, but his skirt interfered, arrows separated and she fell; the brother asked the ilucu birds, then the arrocero birds to pick her up, but they could not fly high; the brother became a month old, the spots are still visible; the sister became an ilucu bird, singing on the new moon , grieving for his beloved]: 3-5; Ortíz de Villalba 1989, No. 50 [a married man secretly went to his sister; she smeared her body with a genipa, saw that her brother was stained in the morning; he began to rise to heaven; his the wife hesitated, dressing, could not get up; if she got up, there would be two moons, cold and hot; the husband became cold, he had genipus stains; the wife became a filuco's nightjar, screams in the moon]: 99-100; Wavrin 1937 [Married for a month, but secretly went to his sister; at night she ran her hand covered with a genipa over her lover's body; in the morning, Month ran into the woods out of shame, asked the Whistiti monkey to wash it; this failed , but since then, Wistiti's face has been black; A month has climbed a rope into the sky, the spots are still visible; his wife has turned into an iluca (nightjar), cries for her husband at night; if not for this incest, the Month would be the same bright as the sun, and there would be no night]: 607; Canelo: Karsten 1935, No. 6 [I secretly visited my mistress for a month; she became a nightjar]: 522; Whitten 1985 [Jilucu (Kozoda) smeared the face of an unknown lover genipa; in the morning she saw her brother of the Month in the sky; now her children will be connected to ailya and father and mother, jilucu and quilla]: 69-70; waorani [no details]: Rival 1996:263; aguaruna: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2) [The mistress of the Month is the daughter of Possum; when he comes to see her at night, she accidentally touches his face, before staining her hand with the black dye she dyed her hair; out of shame Month rises to heaven, his heel still remains]: 129; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 16 [Married for a month, but also sleeps with his sister]: 205; saparo [girl smears her face with genipus juice lover; he turns out to be her married brother; out of shame he decided to go up to heaven in the morning; made fans out of feathers to fan the fire, asked the bird Sarah Squeak to help take off; wanted to say goodbye to his wife, but she hesitated; took off playing the flute; became a month old, spots are still visible; the girl turned into a night bird (apparently a nightbird) singing cusa-kusa ("husband, husband") in the moon; var.: mistress of the Month gets to the Jaguars, dies, her children avenge her; see motive J9]: Reinburg 1921:11-12.

NW Amazon. Desana: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1975:127 [At night, a month goes down to sleep with her daughter; she prepares a vessel of black paint, touches her lover's face with her hand; when she leaves home, she sees spots on disk of the moon; since then, the Month has been hiding in shame for three days every month; the Jaguar asks him why his face is stained; he answers; all wild cats go to the girl and paint (the origin of the color jaguars, cougars, etc.)], 137 [The Sun and the Month are brothers, they live in heaven; the Sun lives openly with her daughter as a wife; the Month goes to her secretly, she takes him for the Sun; one day he comes when she has menstruation; she pushes him away with a blood-stained hand, since then the face of the Month has been stained]; barasana: S.Hugh-Jones 1979, No. 4A: 474; Torres Laborde 1969 [The month of Muyhu, son of Mení, at night comes to her sister (her name is Méneri -Ya, Mya), she became pregnant; spread black paint, smeared his face; identified him in the morning; since then, spots on the moon; the month drowned in shame; his body has rotted on shore; the Bat ate his flesh, since then he became an ogre; Mení sent a shaman owl to look for his son, he did not find him (owls have big eyes since then); three Adyába brothers (creators) found Muihu's bones; they told the ants to put them together, stuck them with tobacco leaves, creating a new body; Muihu came to life, but fell apart again when middle A. said that M. slept with ME; A. revived him again; I did not recognize him; from him a monkey with him, he asked ME to get her kaimo fruit from the top of the tree to eat; made the tree tall, I stayed in the upper world; the mochilero bird looked for it, saw a reflection; I was bitten by a wasp, mochilero killed the wasp, brought ME water, a anklet; weaved a rope out of sweet potato to go down; the rope broke off, MYA fell, returned home; Muihu told her to bring water, but the filled vessel dried immediately; while she was trying to fill it, Meni and Muihu left; at the fork in Menya he left a vessel decorated with turkey feathers that looked like a man; Meni told him to show ME the right way if I came crying, and false if laughing; I laughed while she was far away, and when she went to the vessel, she cried; the vessel showed the way to the Jaguars; I came to the Opossumicha; she asked her to lie in her son's hammock, but he smelled badly, I went further; the Jaguars had their mother Oako, Menya's sister; the Jaguars returned from work on the site, carrying axes; the Jaguar saw Mya hiding in a vessel in the mirror; she spat out of disgust; the youngest of the Jaguars agreed to dance with her; starting with his fingers, he ate her; the giblets were given to her mother; she carried them to the river, the boy Warimí Sué jumped from the womb into the water; the Jaguars tried to catch him; he became a frog; they ate a frog, but he actually went down the river to where Menya's sons live; bathed with them; the boys didn't know who he was; he didn't go into the house; painted or ate butterflies; their fathers told them lure V.; the big girl was buried in the sand, others wrote from above; butterflies flew; V. began to paint, the girl grabbed him; V. became a little boy, began to cry; Menya thought it was the child of his eldest daughter; passed from one daughter to another, but V. stopped crying only on the youngest's lap; he was blown, painted with red paint (since then they have been doing this to babies); V. quickly grew into a ten-year-old boy; Meni told him that his mother had eaten jaguars; V. came to Maloka Jaguarov, became a baby again; the jaguar who ate ME touched V., licked his finger, turned out to be bitter; V. saw how this Jaguar regurgitated his mother's blood; V. turned the Jaguars into different animals (tapir, paka, etc.), since then they have been eating each other; the Jaguars played a sounding calebass made from the head of W.'s mother, can be heard her voice, my Son; V. put a log in his hammock, the Jaguar ate it; in the morning, the Jaguars played with Mya's skull again, V. threw him into the forest; told the water gauges to collect the husks of the miriti palm nuts, threw it into the water, it turned into piranhas; Tapira, with whom he went to collect miriti, V. pushed it into the water, the piranhas ate it; V. made a bridge, the Jaguars walked along it, V. swung it, the Jaguars fell, their piranhas ate; the one who ate ME held one paw above the water, was left with one paw; Jaguar V. burned the house; then see motive K1]: 31-45; macuna: Århem et al. 2004 [Month (Makañi ñamigaü - "Night Sun"), due to the absence of women, copulated with plants; his leg began to swell; to cure him, his sister Meneriyo offered to meet her on the condition that this would not happen again; but he began to come to her secretly at night; becoming pregnant, M. smeared her lover's face with her genipa to find out who was coming to her; he could not wash off the paint, drowned himself in the river; the father sent the owls to look for his son, they did not find it; the Ayawa brothers found, the sixth finger was missing; A. began to laugh with the stories of all the animals; the toad did not laugh (apparently, the finger was in her throat), so people had a finger between her thumb and forefinger There is no sixth; Bakonea (naughty little brother) ridiculed the Month, so the elder was only able to revive him for the fourth time; he was placed at the mouth of the Amazon, collected dust from his body, and turned into midges, biting when the moon was in the sky; entering Maloka, M. did not greet his revived brother, but asked the Monkey what he ate; the Month said that the fruits of caimo; M. tried to pluck it, the branch sprung, threw her into heaven; then their father went to live in another boy, put the figure of an old woman at a fork in the roads; if M. laughs at her, the old woman would send her to the path where the feather of the utu bird leading to the shaman- the cannibal ~Gãs; if not, then on the path to her father's house, where the guacamayo feather; the mochilero bird saw M.'s reflection in the water vessel, found M., cleared her body of flies, brought the rope down; the rope turned into a certain kind of vine; finding no one, M. asked the old woman where her father had gone, laughed at her; she sent her on the path to ~Gãs; then see motive J15]: 484-488; Trupp 1977 [Menery Yo, daughter of Father Peace, sees her brother Umakanö (Month) making a vagina in the sand and inserting his penis into it (this is where papaya and cotton grow); she invites her brother into her hammock, but with so that this is the first and last time; but he continues to come to her; she paints his face with paint; he cannot wash off the paint, he is drowned in shame; he is revived and thrown into the sky; not enough sixth finger, people have not had it since; M. gets to the Jaguars, eaten, her son Umawadö (Rainbow) avenges her; the colors of the Rainbow are his feather crown]: 50-56, 63; letuama [Month - son of the Sun; There are no women around but his sister; first he inserts the penis into the holes in the pieces of wood, then begins to go to his sister; she smears him with her genip, he dies of shame; he is restored from his bones, but alone There is no finger, frogs have eaten; now people have not six but five fingers; The month is ashamed of its father and always lags behind the Sun]: Palma 1984:36-39; bar [I went to my sister for a month, she smeared him with her genip, spots are still visible; during eclipses The month descends to earth there are corpses, people are trying to drive him back into the sky]: Jackson 1983:206; Kabiyari [Keri, Month, Jejechu's son, began to come to to her sister Meneriyo; she smeared his face with a genip to find out who his lover was; in the morning, the Month could not wash himself, died; he was resurrected from his bones; when asked if he knew that M. was a sister, he was again broke up, restored again; M. climbed a tree, it grew to the sky, M. went down the rope; got to the Jaguars; their grandmother hid it under the roof; the Jaguars returned from the site, found M., because she looked down; the grandmother took her giblets, found the boy Mujnuyi in them (a name common to several brothers in other texts, see motif B7); he slipped into the water, became a fish; at the mouth of the river he began to play beach with Jejechu's daughters; they buried one in the sand, hands out, wrote, butterflies flew, M. came to play with them, the girl grabbed him; he immediately became a baby; grew up in five days, shot flies, then birds, asks how her mother died; J. replies that she was bitten by a snake (M. lets herself be bitten, alive); burned down, fell from a tree, ate a jaguar, drowned; every time M. shows that this is not the case; now he has a name Pitche; he comes to the Chawine Jaguars who killed his mother; finds his mother's head; the jaguars licked his head, it's bitter (the pitchi tree on his head is bitter); P. placed his mother's head on the other side rivers, made a bridge there; the jaguar stepped on it, he collapsed, the fish ate them, one escaped, his heel was bitten off; then see motif K1]: Correa 1989, No. 3:53-67; tatuyo [Mene Riyo, daughter of the Sun, became pregnant from her brother Months (apparently with an episode of identifying her lover with paint); she was eaten by the Jaguars, her son took revenge on them]: Bidou 1972:66; ufaina [(exactly this episode, No. XI: 345-346); Month is son Sunshine, began to come to his sister at night; one woman advised her to smear her lover's face with her genipa; in the morning Month began to try to wash off the paint and washed himself until he died of hunger; they tried to no avail revive; the Sun tries to make another son, but all creatures turn into animals and birds; four Imarikakana brothers have found the remains of the Month, revive, but Imárika Kayafikí said that He copulated with his sister, and his bones fell apart; the toad took his finger away; he was revived (since then people have five fingers, not six), he died again; the brothers wanted to kill the old man, who eclipsed the sun and caused a flood; the brothers escaped on the tree fungus, turned into caterpillars; the tree grew to the sky; the water was boiling; they threw fruits down; IC cut the old man in two, one part became a tree parrot, the other a water parrot; the sun is shining again; they have made its way to the waters, the sea has appeared; Opossum scalded its tail in boiling water, now bald; The monkey scalded its face, stripes]: Hildebrand 1975, No. XI-XXVI: 345-358, 376 [from incest Rainbow was born with his sister for a month; the Jaguars ate his mother, who killed the Jaguars]; (cf. Wanana [a beautiful woman comes down from the moon, all the boys are in love with her; she turns out to be a man, leaves all the girls pregnant in three nights; they want to grab him, he returns to the moon]: Amorim 1928 in Goeje 1943, no. d31:120); andoque [He began to go to her brother Sun's wife for a month; she smeared him with her genip to see who his lover was; the stains still remain]: Landaburu, Pineda 1984:45; uitoto: Calella 1941-1944:39 in Rodríguez de Montes 1981:112; Izquierdo Rios 1943 in Sebastiani 1990 [the old woman notices that her adopted daughter enters the room where her adopted daughter is staying every night light; smudges the light with genipa; spots are visible on the face of the month the next night; the night bird has been singing ever since, Tiwayooh (You're a fruit)]: 212-213; Preuss 1921, No. 10:107, 330-332; San Roman 1986:116; Wavrin 1932:137; Okaina: Girard 1958 [A month got together with her sister; mother noticed her daughter's pregnancy, her father (his name is "Light, Clarity") squeezed the fetus out of her belly, told her lover to smear her face at night with genipa juice to find out who went to her; it turned out that her brother ran to heaven, became the Month, put on jewelry so that his father would not notice his soiled face; the younger sister asked who smeared his face, that admitted that the older sister; the youngest asked me to take her to heaven; the month told me not to look down; everyone below is screaming, the girl was afraid of screaming, looked down, fell, turned into a toayo bird {apparently with a nightjar}, now sings on the full moon; the father drove away (again) the eldest daughter, who had become pregnant, she gave birth, came to the old woman's house; she painted her body to protect her from animal bravo (otter or jaguar); when swimming the paint was washed away, the fierce beast ate the woman; the boy was raised by an old woman; at the age of 5 he was discovered (le revelaron) that his father was a Month, and his mother was eaten by a fierce beast; the boy went to the forest to play with the cancer shell (huesos) de cangrejo), this is how he fired the first fire; trained by throwing darts at tree trunks; he met a fierce beast; he invited him to play together, was going to eat; the boy made a bridge over the river, ran over him; when the beast ran, the bridge collapsed, the beast was killed; the boy went to look for his father; the Month sent him feathers and ornaments; the son made a crown and wings out of them, rose to heaven, became the Sun]: 137-139; Wavrin 1932 [I went to my sister for a month; to identify her lover, she smeared his face with a genip; out of shame he went to heaven]: 144 (=1937:640); bora: Anderson de Thiesen 1975 [see J15E motif; girl does not know who comes to her at night; her father notices her pregnancy, tells her lover to be smeared with a genip; in the morning he sees spots on her son's face; he stains his face with resin, puts it under bee stings, but he does not stain disappear; he flies to heaven; his younger sister (not his mistress) follows him, but is frightened and he drops her; his father curses him, tells him to become the father of animals; tells his pregnant daughter to carry water in a basket, leaves her alone; after many adventures, she finds her parents, but her brothers kill and eat her; her grandmother raises her son, who kills murderers]: 7-19; Wavrin 1932:142 [Sister of the Month paints his face against his desire], 143 [the girl smears the face of an unknown lover with a genipa; he turns out to be her brother Month, in shame rises to heaven]; Putumayo (bora, ocaina, uitoto or andoque) [A month visited sister, mother advised me to get her lover dirty with a genip to identify him; out of shame The month rose to heaven, sometimes hides, does not meet the Sun]: Girard 1937:639; Yagua: Chaumeil 1983:192- 193; Powlison 1972a [at night The month comes to her sister, who retired to a separate hut for her first period; the sister wants to know who her lover is, stains his face with paint; The month rises out of shame to the sky, the spots are still visible; the girl's mother and relatives turn into storks, fly away; the girl goes to look for them; she is bitten by a bee; then she loses her way, gets to the jaguars, the Jaguar eats her; The mother of the jaguars takes the baby out of the womb to the river to wash before eating it, he throws himself into the water and swims away; downstream, a boy finds a baby, brings it to the mother, she raises them together; the son of a woman killed by jaguars agrees to the named brother's offer to be burned to become the Sun; he ascends to heaven for his father Month]: 71-72; Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 12:11; chikuna: Nimuendaju 1952 [brother came to his sister's hammock at night, she gave birth to a son; according to custom, she painted the baby's back with a genipa, placed a pot of paint by the hammock; at night with her hand smeared her lover's face; he could not wash himself off, went up to heaven, became the Month]: 143; Pereira 1980 (2) [Sun's sister came to her brother at night; when she became pregnant, the Sun realized that from him, because there was no one else; he smeared her face with his genip, she became the Moon]: 463-464.

Central Amazon. Rio Jamunda [sister visits her brother secretly; to find out who is sleeping with him, the young man paints her face; out of shame, her sister rises to heaven along a chain of arrows, turns into the moon; brother longs , turns into a bird (Nothocrax urumutum Spix mutum)]: Barbosa Rodrigues 1875 in Ehrenreich 1905:37.

Eastern Amazon. Spiking [one of the two brothers notices that her sister is pregnant; advises her to smear her night lover's face with genipus juice; they turn out to be another brother; brother ties bamboo poles and rises to heaven with her sister; there she reproaches her for betraying him, throwing him to the ground; she flew by a meteor, became a tapir; brother becomes a Month; the other brother tells the soldiers to shoot; only an arrow The battleship enters the Month; blood is shed; women wipe themselves from the bottom up, are under the influence of the Month; men wipe from top to bottom; birds bathe in blood, receiving colorful plumage]: Nimuendaju 1920:1010-1011; urubu: Huxley 1956 [after the holiday, a girl spends the night with a man (different options: knowing or not knowing that he is her brother); paints his face with paint; in the morning he runs away to forest; firing arrows into the sky, makes a chain, rises to heaven, turns into a month; his sister follows him, turns into an Evening Star]: 165-167; Ribeiro 2002 [the young man came to his sister and to niece; found a dark spot on his face {apparently, the girls anointed him with paint}; lay in a hammock all day; his father told him to stand up, saw a stain, told him to show up forever only at night; he became a month; his sister can be seen next to him - a star near the moon; his mother is a big star in the sky {Venus?}] : 487-488.

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita [A month is in love with many women; old people find out, laugh at him; he asks him to rain, people are wet; visits his cousin (prima) at night; she smears his face with a genip to find out who is her lover; in the morning he is ashamed to leave the house; she finds him, talks about what happened to Kumpanam; he tells them both to go to heaven; now some say that the moon is that woman, and others that the month is that man]: García Tomas 1994 (3): 102-103; Ashaninka (Kampa district of Pajonal) [people ate the land, went to collect it; the girl had her first period, she stayed in a special hut; chewed plants to regulate menstruation; a man came, she spat in his face; he said he would now be stained; The month gave her cultivated plants; when her parents returned, they began to take fruit in a mess, so everything is mixed up in the forest; the moon has risen, people have turned into earth-eating worms and animals; the girl's mother, father and younger brother are left; she gave birth to the Sun, and grabbed the wrong thing during childbirth the tree for which my husband ordered burned down; A month told my father-in-law to take his son away and throw him on the ground; he threw him into the water; the Sun rose, but in the fog]: Varese 1970:167; Machigenga: Baer 1984, No. 1 [people They ate the ground, there was no cassava; the girl is left alone in the hut on the occasion of her first period; the month comes to her, gives cassava, yams, corn, bananas, plants it all in the garden; she gives birth to her first son; dies, giving birth to the second; Month said that his wife would soon come to life, but his mother-in-law angrily told him to eat it, threw her daughter's blood in his face; the corpse turned into a tapir, the Month fried it; The month with both sons rose to heaven; both sons are the Sun, on different levels; at first the Sun almost burned everything, but the shamans told him to shine weaker]: 423; Pereira 1988a (=Pereira 1942; see motif A30): 23 [Wife of the Month is swimming , a fish (=her husband) penetrates her vagina, she throws a fetus in the face of the month], 33 (note 1) [a girl rejected for a month throws a clot of her blood in his face]; pyro [stories related to the Month: 1) being in ritual isolation, the girl paints the face of an unknown lover; he turns out to be her brother; he turns into a Month, stains on his face; 2) He molested the girl for a month, she smeared him with paint face (without incest motive); 3) the girl wants to go out in the Month, but he refuses because she had too many lovers, one of them is the brother of the Month; 4) The month comes as a guest to initiate the girls, offers beer to the audience]: Minna Opas, personal message, January 13, 2009; kanamari: Carvalho 2002 [Month (wadja) went to see my sister (not native, classification) at night; she smeared his face with a genipa , in the morning I found out that he rose to heaven out of shame and became the Month]: 283-284; Reesink 1989 [Tamakori - Month, main cultural hero, Kirak is his brother Sun; T. paved riverbeds, created various groups people; spots on the Month appeared as a result of his incest with his sister (a common South American story); however, T. is not identified with the Month in this story]: 122-123, 130; conibo [Bari-Inca, The sun was supposed to marry his sister Use, Luna; she was sitting on the shore, he came up to her from behind and jokingly smeared her face with a genipa; she rose to heaven in shame; not to see her brother, she only goes out at night]: Castañeda 1923:404-405; shipibo: Eakin, Lauriault, Boonstra 1986 [is the mistress of the month his relative?] : 37; Gebhaert-Sayer 1987, No. 9 [woman wants to know if her daughter's husband is really the Month; lets her genip smear his face at night; the next morning The month is stained]: 357-358; Waisbard 1959 [incestous sun brother, face his moon sisters are stained with paint, without details.]: 64-65; kuniba [someone comes to the girl at night; she smears his face with a genip, recognizes his brother in the morning; enemies (?) they cut off his head; his brother picks it up, his head asks him to eat and drink; his brother runs, his head chases him, he locks himself in the house; his head thinks what to become; rejects turning into water, stones and etc.; turns into a Month, rises into the sky, unfolding a ball of thread; taking revenge on his sister, sends menstruation to women]: Baldus 1946:108-109; kashinahua [Yobuënawaboshka comes to a parallel one at night cousin Buëran Tsai; she smears his face with a genipa; J. goes hunting in the morning, but his sister guesses who slept with her; J. and a relative Bótopa go to kill dwarfs, they kill him; they hang him his live head on a rope, they arrange a holiday; B. depicts a ghost, smeared with a glowing mass received from fireflies, takes his head away; she asks for a drink, water spills through; his head does not lag behind from B.; people hide behind a fence in the village; mother and sisters name objects that the head can turn into (tree, house, river, earth, sun, night, sky); he decides to become a month that does not yet exist; asks for threads, he throws six colorful balls, he throws them into the sky, a colorful road appears; warns him that he will be in the sky in three days; I must say, "This is Y."; if they say." Month", a parrot will pierce the genitals of girls with its tail; you can't point your finger at the rainbow and say "Rainbow", otherwise people will die; a young girl says, "It's a month," she has menstruation begins; when the rainbow first appears, someone points a finger at it and says "Rainbow", since then people die; spots on the month are still visible]: Ans 1975:113-121; sharanahua [young man comes to her sister at night; to find out who sleeps with her, she smears half of his face with her genip; in the morning she sees paint on her brother's face; says, Let your enemies kill you! Enemies attack, cut off the young man's head; his head is smeared with firefly feces to glow in the dark; the young man's elder brother puts it in the basket; his head asks for water, but she spills through and through; the older brother and other people run across the river, make it full; hide in the house of the mother of the decapitated; the head tells them that she saw the battleship; men begin to chase him, head into it time copulates with all women; they start menstruating; the head asks the mother to give her balls of black and white threads; climbs into the sky, becomes the Month; all women menstruate]: Siskind 1973:47-48; yaminaua [like sharanaua; a young man goes to his sister, who smears his face with a genipa; later enemies cut off his head; after a series of adventures, the head manages to have sex with all Yaminaua women; in This is the reason for menstruation; the head climbs into the sky, turns into a Month]: MacQuarrie 1992, No. 1:216; character: Barriales 1970 [The Sun and the Month are brothers; the Sun painted the face of the Month with a genipp, he ran to heaven out of shame]: 59; Calífano 1995, No. 9 [I visited a woman for a month, she smeared black paint on his face to find out who was going to see her; the spots are still visible]: 184.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana (cavinha) [Married to Venus for a month; one day his relative {Schwagerin} comes and calls him to drink chicha; He gets drunk for a month, falls asleep, Schwagerin smears his face with genipa juice; in the morning he can't wash off the stains, they're still visible]: Nordenskiöld 1924:297; guarai [by Franciscan José Cardús, 1886; Grandpa's two sons started shooting arrows into the sky, they pierced the tail one another, along this chain, both went to heaven, became the Sun and the Month; the Month began to descend at night to the woman; she smeared her lover's face with soot to identify him in the morning]: Grubb 1924:187: Grubb 1924:187; Pierini 1910:704-705; guarazu [a man comes to his sister's hammock at night; to find out who it is, she paints his face; in the morning he runs away from shame, finds himself in heaven; she looks up, recognizes her brother; when the Month visits a woman, she menstruates]: Riester 1970:472; 1977, No. 4:230-231 [sister smeared her lover's face with her genipa; it turned out to be her brother, became the Month]: Riester 1970:472; 1977, No. 4:230-231; tupari [after learning that he slept with her, the angry Sun Sister splashes genipa juice into her Month-Brother's face (the origin of the moonspots)]: Caspar 1975:195; synth larga [at first, the sun was constantly shining, people were dying from the heat; Ngurá created the night, man was afraid that there would be eternal darkness; N. created the Star, promised that it would dawn again, man calmed down; Ngati (a month) secretly came to his sister at night; she smeared her lover with genipa juice, saw in the morning that it was her brother; Ngura punished Ngati by placing him in heaven; genipa stains remained in the month; angry at women, Jealous of them, the Month sends menstruation, copulating with every woman; when there is no Month in the sky at night, the Star shines]: Leonel Queiroz et al. 1988:19-20; surui [the girl has her first period, her visits a man, replies that he is her maternal uncle (i.e. legal fiance); she is surprised that he comes secretly, she smears his face with genipa juice; in the morning she and her mother see spots on her brother's face; brother and sister goes up to heaven, brother turns into Month, spots on him are still visible]: Mindlin 1995, No. 5:21-22.

Southern Amazon. Nambiquara [girl gets pregnant; prepares paint from Brosimum galactodendron juice, coal and sand, smears the night lover's face; in the morning he climbs a tree, from there to the sky; spots on the face of the Month remain]: Pereira 1983, No. 94:119-120; Iranian [girl gets pregnant from a lover visiting her at night; smears his face with genipa juice; in the morning asks her older brother to organize a ball game; among There is no lover of players; the ball flies into the house where the girl's younger brother, Vaapali, is sitting; she now tells him to become her husband; they come to the house of two old women; they swim in the river, get younger; brother turns into a Month, says he will also rejuvenate by swimming in a lake in the east and shedding his old skin]: Pereira 1985, No. 13:82-84; Rickback [a person returns late from the mansion, does not copulate with his wife, but with his widow's mother-in-law; she becomes pregnant; smears her lover's face with a genipa; when exposed, he lies down in a hammock, wears an eagle feather hat, a monkey tooth necklace; goes up to the sky becomes the Month; when he wears the necklace, the new moon, the hat is the full moon]: Pereira 1973, No. 8:45 (=1994, No. 29:183-185); paresi [Caimare sent a tick to find out which one the girl was more of a venus tubercle; he said that his younger sister Olojalo; K. began to come to her at night; to find out who it was, she smeared his face with a genip; he disappeared into the sacred house flute; when he was called to play ball and he went out, everyone saw paint; O. tried to throw herself at the arrow, at the ax, wanted to be bitten by a snake, but they did not want to kill her; K. took the form of another person, took O. to fish, said that she would now pay for his shame; sat down with her in a basket that rose to heaven (var: a vine has descended from the sky); they became the Moon/Month]: Pereira 1986, No. 15:242- 246; Umotin [young man Hári (Month) told the forest mite to find out which girl had a bigger vagina; it turned out that his sister Barukolotó had; when everyone went fishing, B.'s mother left B. at home, After telling her to make cassava cakes, she did not want the coloring on her body to be washed away; H. stayed, led her sister to the river separately; she saw that there was no fish on the river, and a rainbow was approaching her; I realized it was a brother; she started yelling at him, both went up to heaven; when the mother returned and did not find her children at home, she looked up to the sky, saw that her son had become the Month, the daughter became Morning Venus]: Schultz 1962, No. m : 244-246; (cf. vaura [The Sun is Kame, the Month is Kerre, brothers; during an eclipse of the Sun, the Month copulates with it]: Coelho 1983:151).

Araguaia. Tapirape [Luna Tamparawa, sister of the sun Ancerika, married the ancestor of Tapirape Anchopery, who divided birds into fratria and age groups (a prototype of human divisions); people learned from him that the Sun is bald, wears a crown of mako feathers (see motif A27); The Sun hit the moon in the face for adultery; the hand was covered in the juice of the genipa, there was a mark on the Moon's face; var.: The sun and the moon committed incest, A. married their daughter, not the Moon itself; because of their incest, the Sun and Moon stay apart; when the Sun is in the sky, the Moon is underground, and when the Sun comes to its home in Maratava (on East), Moon in the Sky]: Wagley 1977:179.

SE Brazil. Botokudo [A girl (not a relative) visits a month at night; she smears his face with a genip, identifies him in the morning, the month is leaving]: Krenak 2003.

Southern Brazil. Caigua: Telémaco Borba 1908 (West at Parana in Tibagy in 1874): 62-69 in Frič 1912:480-482, at Koch-Grünberg 1921:213-215, in Metraux 1932:138-139 [the husband told his wife to sow corn, immediately sent her for the cobs, she did not believe that they were ripe in a day, did not go; the husband sent it again, said that their unborn son wanted to eat; the wife replied that the son was not from him; the husband left, his wife went to look for him; the son from the womb asked him to pick flowers and fruits for him; the woman was bitten by a wasp, she slapped her son, hitting herself in the stomach, the son stopped showing the way; she came to the mother of the Iary jaguars; she hid it under a vessel (cernidor), the last of the jaguars smelled the woman, ate her, I. asked for an embryo, there were twins; they jump off the pan, jump out of the mortar, I. left them in alive; the elder Derekey, asked I. to make him a bow and arrow to hunt birds; the younger Derevuy is only crying; the red macaw told Derekey about his mother's fate; the brothers found her bones in the excrement of the jaguars, Derekay revived her, but the tree rushed to suck her breast, her mother fell apart; Derekay kicked the rotten tree in anger, it turned into bees and honey; the tree ate it, stopped crying; having tied the jaguars, the brothers went looking for the father, came to Ahan, Derevuy married his daughter; ran away from him; they called the father from the tree, he responded from heaven; the eldest chose the day, became the sun, the youngest became night, became a month; went down to sleep with Aunt, she smeared his face with genipa juice, since then there have been spots on the moon; Guarani come from Derevuy's son and his aunt's daughter]; Hanke 1956:225-226; Koch-Grünberg 1921:213-215; Metraux 1932:138-139; apapokuwa: Nimuendaju 1914 [younger brother A month visits older brother The sun, making same-sex love with him; he smears his lover's face with a genip; recognizes his brother in the morning; they rise to heaven; first The month takes a day but it's too hot; it takes the night; always hides its face from the Sun]: 331; Coelho 1983 [younger brother A month visits his older brother The sun makes same-sex love with him; he smears his face lover genipa; recognizes his brother in the morning; their father Nyanderuvusu put both in heaven; The month is ashamed of his older brother, so he hides his face from him]: 151; mbia [see J9 motif; trapped for an owl falls into the partridges; the girl takes it for herself, becomes pregnant from her; the owl turns out to be the supreme deity of Pa-pa Miri; he goes to heaven, the woman promises to come to him with her son, who will be born; hits to the creatures of Mbae-ypi, they eat her; the baby in her womb cannot be killed, it is Pa-i, the Sun; he grows up, lives with an old woman, makes a brother out of a leaf (next Month); brothers kill Mbae-ypi, a pregnant woman escaped, she gives birth to jaguars; Brother Pa-i comes to his aunt at night; to identify her lover, she smears paint on his face; Pa-i makes a chain of arrows brothers climb it to heaven, become the Sun and the Month; the moon sickle is the bow in Brother Pa-i's hands; his face remains stained; when he tries to wash them off, it rains]: Cadogán 1959:70-83; Cadogán, Lopez Austin 1970:74-85.