Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

A32d2. A man with a pitchfork on the moon .

A person with a pitchfork in his hands can be seen in the silhouette of moonspots.

Italians (Tuscany), French, Walloons, Dutch, Germans, Poles, Luzhitans, Ukrainians (Hutsulshchyna, Kholmskaya, Volyn, Kiev, Kherson, Poltava, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians , Lithuanians, Ossetians, Terek Cossacks.

Southern Europe. Italians [you can see Cain on the moon with a pile of thorns (thorns) on his pitchfork]: Dante in Grimm 1883 (2): 719.

Western Europe. French: Joisten 2005 (Dauphine): 71 [a man on the moon holding a burning bunch of brushwood on his pitchfork], 355 [a greedy man went to steal what he had prepared on the night of Ivan Kupala others are brushwood for fires, climbed the mountain, the moon swallowed it there, it is now visible on it on the full moon when it is red)], 504 [children are shown Satan with a pitchfork on the moon]; wallons [man by Pharaoh went to steal turnips from his neighbor at night; to prevent the moon from shining on him through the holes in the wattle fence, he picked up a pile of brushwood on his pitchfork and tried to cover it; God placed it on the moon]: Sébillot 1904: 18-19; Dutch (Limburg) [the man wanted to cover the moon with a pile of brushwood he raised on his pitchfork; he has no name, just "man on the moon"]: (?) 1908:8; Germans (apparently north) [on Sunday, a broomstick craftsman made a broom (or a woman spun), or a man scattered manure or a man stole cabbage; now visible on the moon with with a bunch of twigs (woman with a spindle), with a pitchfork, with a head of cabbage]: Grimm 1883 (2): 718.

Central Europe. Poles (Masury, Polish Warmia, Bydgoszcz, northern Wielkopolska [a peasant who worked on the moon on the holiday carries brushwood or firewood on his back; a peasant hanged by the devil on a pitchfork for shaking their straw for Christmas]: Gora 2004:151; Poles (Jacmierz and Posad of Sianocki County) [Saint Jerzy, curious about what exactly was rattling, went to a high mountain, and when it thundered, he ran away from fear of the moon, where it still resides today; evidence of this is the eyes and nose that can be seen on the moon]: Magierowski 1896:146; Poles, Luzhitans [on the moon, a peasant with a shovel or pitchfork, He used to throw manure on Sunday, either just his head or this peasant whom the Devil hung on his pitchfork]: Gura 2006:466-467; Luzhitans: Kuchta 1926:38 [visible on the moon a peasant with a shovel or pitchfork he used to throw manure on Sunday, or just his head, or this peasant whom the Devil hung on a pitchfork (same for the Poles)]: 38; Schulenburg 1880 ( Spreewald) [One person scattered manure on Sunday. Then a little man came to him and said, "Why are you throwing manure on Sunday," and asked him whether he wanted to go to the sun or the moon? The man thought and thought it would be too hot in the sun and wished him better to go to the moon. Then they both left. So he came to the moon, and the moon has had a face ever since. There you can clearly see a man leaning on a pitchfork as he scattered manure. The man's wife went to the Sun, where she burned down and can no longer be seen]: 58; Western Ukrainians (Hutsuls) [on the moon, older brother keeps his younger brother on a pitchfork]: Kindl 2003:132; Ukrainians: Gura 2004 (Kiev) [on the moon Cain, who stabbed Brother Abel with his pitchfork when he put sheaves on the cart]: 152; Zinchuk 2008 (Hutsulshchina) [the month used to be clear; two brothers quarreled over their father's inheritance; one night the eldest killed the man with a pitchfork; looked at the month - there he saw himself and his brother on a pitchfork in the mirror]: 434; Kravchenko 1920 (Volyn) ["did my brother stab {with a pitchfork?} and keeps it for a month"]: 2; Novitsky 1912:161 [Yekaterinoslavskaya, Mariupol district; elder brother Cavel stabbed younger Wawel with a pitchfork, wanted to hide it; God told him to keep his body on a pitchfork forever, put it on the moon for everyone to see], 162-162 (Poltava) [on Easter, even cattle are forbidden to eat until dawn; a man went to give hay to oxen in the dark, his brother slept under the hay, he accidentally stabbed him with a pitchfork; so that people repented for such a sin, God placed a murderer with a body on a pitchfork on the moon]; Fedorov 1903 (Voronezhskaya, Zemlyansky u., pp. Edovishche, Latanoe, Shumeiki) [dark spots on the moon - the struggle of two brothers - Adam's sons, one stabs the other with a pitchfork]: 258; Chubinsky 1872 (Kholmskaya Gubernia, Grubeshovsky y.; also "Kholmskaya Rus" in general; Volyn Gubernia, Litinsky, Lutsk, Novograd-Volynsky Counties) [Cain keeps Abel on a pitchfork on the moon]: 7-9; Rulikowski 1853 (Vasilkovsky y. (Kiev governorate) [In spots on the surface of the moon on a full moon, people see a person who should keep another person hanging on a pitchfork in the air, and interpret it in such a way that a long time ago a brother punched his brother with a pitchfork, and that the murderer was told by God to stay forever in that position on the moon]: 173-174; Eastern Ukrainians (Kherson) [1) on the holiday, two brothers carried straw, the eldest accidentally lifted the younger one to the pitchfork; in edifying people that it is impossible to work on the holiday, God put them on the moon; 2) the elder brother returned from a party at night and, wanting to collect hay for the cattle, accidentally pricked the younger brother on the pitchfork; in punishment, God put him on the moon; 3) two brothers quarreled and the elder raised the younger one to his pitchfork; God told him to stay in this position until the last judgment]: Yastrebov 1894:3; Belarusians: Avilin 2011:180 ( Vitebsk, Minsk) [on the moon you can see the elder brother who killed the younger brother and holds a bucket of his blood in his hands], 180-181 (northwest, closer to Lithuania and Poland) [warlock Tvardovsky is visible on the moon (to the court of the day; raised with a pitchfork; Judas and nearby Tvardovsky)], 182 [on the moon Tvardovsky with a pitchfork; he killed his brother, and the blood that spread is moonspots], map 20 [the motif is presented almost throughout the territory Belarus].

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ossetians [the moon is a large candle in front of which Cain stands and holds Abel, who was killed by him, on his pitchfork]: Svyatsky 1913:22; Terek Cossacks (Ardonskaya village) [there are two brothers on the moon. After a quarrel, they got into a fight: the younger brother raised an ax on the elder, and the elder grabbed him on his pitchfork. It is believed that these brothers are Cain and Abel. Otherwise, they say that a month is a big candle in front of which Cain stands and holds Abel on his pitchfork]: Gusev 1893:317-318 (quoted in Belova, Kabakova 2014, No. 91:85).

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [in the Month you can see Cain carrying his brother's blood in buckets on his rocker arm; or he is holding Abel on his shoulders or on a pitchfork]: Laurinkene 2002:391.