Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

A32G. He held on to the bush .19.30.34.-.36.39.42.

The lunar disc shows a character holding on to a tree or bush and ending up on the moon with it. See A32D motif.

Maori, Vakhans, Altaians, Teleuts, Shors, Khakas, Tofalars, Baikal and Trans-Baikal Buryats, Kets, Southern Selkups, Eastern Khanty, Yakuts, Trans-Baikal Evenks (?) , Far Eastern Evenks (Orochons?) , Koryaks, Haida, Tsimshian.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Maori: Dixon 1916:87-88 [Rona went to fetch water, began to scold the moon that it was dark; the moon came down to pick it up, R. grabbed the tree, it broke out; R. is visible on the moon along with the tree. basket and calebasa]; Westervelt 1910:167-170 in Isis 1998 [when Hina collected water with calebas, the clouds covered the moon; H. stumbled, the water spilled; H. began to scold the moon; she grabbed her, H. grabbed her, H. grabbed her bush; on a full moon, H. is visible on the moon with a bush and a calebass in her hands]: 26; Reed 1999, No. 16 [Rona lived with his wife and three children; his wife went to his parents; in the evening the children began to ask for water; R. took calebasses from the spring stumbled; began to scold the moon why it was not there; the Moon grabbed it, he clung to a tree branch with his right hand, took both calebasses on his left hand; the moon took it, he is now visible there with calebasses and a tree]: 190-192 (Russian translation in Reed 1960:79-80).

Iran - Central Asia. The Vakhans [scolded the innocent girl; offended, she takes a jug and goes to fetch water; on the bank of the river, leaning on sea buckthorn, she began to cry bitterly; the moon looks at the girl from above, she began to feel sorry for her, attracts sea buckthorn with the girl; sea buckthorn grows up and takes the girl to the moon; spots on the moon are that girl with her jug]: Bogsho Lashkarbekov, personal communication, 2005.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Altaians [Tilbegen devoured everyone; the Sun went to destroy it, but returned, fearing to burn the earth; when T. went with his rocker arm to get water and grabbed the poplar, the Month pulled him up; T . seen in the month with a rocker arm, buckets and poplar; when the Month grows, he eats Tilbegen, when he gets old, T. eats him]: Khokholkov 1997:5-6; Teleuts [seven-headed Elbigen ( Elbigen) ate people and cattle; people prayed to the Sun and the Month; the Sun went down, but had to return so as not to burn people; the Month grabbed E., who grabbed the bush; the Month took him away with the bush together; E. had a chumak in his hand, one leg was shod, the other was barefoot; on the moon you can see a hand with a chumak, one leg is thicker than the other; to make it easier to go down to the ground, the Month cut itself in half]: Potanin 1883, No. 34l: 192; Shors [Chelbegen went up to the moon; when the girl came down with a bucket to get water, he dragged her to the moon; she grabbed the tree; C. dragged her along with the tree, and he went down; on the moon you can see trees, a girl and a bucket]: Arbachakova 2010, No. 20:307-309; Khakas: Katanov 1963 [Chelbigen ate people; the Sun cannot go down after him, because it will burn the earth 7 fathoms deep; asks Months, although he would freeze the ground; C. was waiting for a woman who went to the river to get water; the woman grabbed the rakit bush; the month was picked up by C., the bush and the woman with buckets; the darkness is lunar (spots?) that's why it happens]: 106-107; Popov in Alekseev 1980 (Kachins) [the seven-headed winged hero Dzhelbegen (b) began to devour people; the month took pity on them, dragged D. off the ground; he clung to the bush karagans; The month pulled him along with the bush, they are still visible on it]: 88; Ungvitskaya, Mainogasheva 1972 [the mother, cursing, sent the boy and girl to fetch water after dark; The month took the boy away together with the bush, a girl with buckets; after that, children are not sent to the water at night]: 28; tofalars [three brothers are able to break the most powerful trees; burhan decides to get rid of them; leaves them icy the box, the biggest hero lies down in it, the box turns into stone; the second was drawn by water, he became its master spirit; the third went to get water at night, the moon began to attract him; he grabbed the bush, was they will be pulled along with the bush; on the moon you can see a man with a pot in one hand and a bush in the other]: Rassadin 1996, No. 4:11-12; Baikal and Trans-Baikal Buryats: Galdanova 1987 [Guuwei girl I went to get water; when a month passed through the sky, her mother said, Where have you been missing for so long, did the Sun-Moon take you away, or something? G. heard a month and took her home; her silhouette can be seen on the moon, a bucket in one hand, a talinka in the other]: 17; Potanin 1883, No. 34b (from a Trans-Baikal Cossack who heard from the Trans-Baikal Buryats) [mother sent her daughter with buckets for water; she hesitated, her mother said to take you for a month; and so it happened, she is now visible there with her buckets], 34m [(from the Tungus from the tops of Irkut); stepmother scolded Stepdaughter, who went to get water, To be taken by the sun, a month; a month came down for the girl; she grabbed the talnik bush; the month uprooted it, took the girl to heaven with a bucket, a bucket, talnik bush; when there is an eclipse, Albin-Chitkur wants to take the girl away from the Month]: 190-191, 192-193; Poppe 1935 (Agin) [mother sent her daughter to get water; she lingered, her mother scolded her, shouted, for a month to take her; the next time the girl went to get water, a month went down and grabbed her; the girl clung to the branches of the talnik, but the Month took her away, made her wife; the dark spots on the moon are a girl, who holds a bucket and tulnik branches]: 54; Khangalov 1958a (Balagan or Kudinsky) [the mother did not like her two daughters from her husband's first marriage; said to take you by the moon or the sun; the girls went for you with water, the sun and the moon wanted to grab them; one clung to the bush, tore off part of it; the sun grabbed the girl first, but the moon, pointing to fatigue at night, asked the girl to give her way; since then on the moon you can see a girl clinging to a bush with one hand; she is the mistress of the sun and moon, or just the moon; she is painted on shamanic tambourines and seen in moonspots; the second girl hides in the water or under the rug of horseskin, which is considered unclean]: 319; 1960 [1) stepmother did not like stepdaughter and stepson, sent them for water at night; they did not return for a long time, she cursed them, Let the Sun or Moon take them away; the boy hid under a carpet of sheep pebbles lying on the shore, the Sun did not find him; the month took the girl; she held the willow with one hand and held the buckets on the rocker arm with the other; with willow and buckets, she could see to the moon; 2) (Khangalov, archive); The sun was the first to grab the girl, but Luna begged her to give it back because she was afraid to walk at night and needed a companion]: 14 in Sharakshinova 1980:49-50.

Western Siberia. Eastern Khanty (b. Vasyugan) [the boy and the girl went on the water, began to tease The month that they eat rolls, and he dries there; The month dragged the girl with the rocker arm and buckets; she clung to the talnik, the Month dragged her away with the bush ]: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 5:16; Southern Selkups: Golovnev 1995 [you should not point your finger at the moon - she will get sick; the girl went to get water, began to point her finger for the Month, tease him, saying, "How do you live there? I live well, I eat fatty meat"; I grabbed a girl for a month, she tried to hold on to the talnic bush; I can see a bucket on the moon, a bucket in one hand and a bush in the other (Western 1988)]: 331; Pelikh 1972 [girl with buckets and She went with a rocker to get water; at the well, the Month began to tease that she would eat meat but the Month would not; he grabbed the girl, and along with her buckets, rocker arm and waist, which she had time to grab hold of, dragged to heaven; they're like spots in a month]: 322-323; Tuchkova 2004:71 [about a boastful girl that Month dragged along with a talina bush she clung to and birch bark buckets, recorded on rivers Ket, Tym, Kyunga], 152 [the man boasted before the Month that he would eat cakes cooked with beaver fat; the Month dragged him home with the talnik bush; the spots on the moon are the man and the talnik bush] ; chum salmon [in the Month, you can see a Ket girl with tuyas (var.: Russian woman with buckets), teasing the Month and punished by dragging her away with a snag she clung to]: Alekseyenko 1976:84.

Eastern Siberia. Yakuts: Ovchinnikov 1897, No. 5-6 [two options; the orphan went to get water, stumbled behind the talina, the water spilled, the ice-hole was already frozen; the girl asked the Month to take her home; his older brother Sun wanted to take it himself, overcame the Month; he begged him to leave it to him, because it would have burned in the Sun; otherwise, the girl had a bush in one hand, which she held on]: 179-181; Tolokonsky 1914, No. 111 [a slave girl went to get water at night, asked the moon to take it as a housewife; visible on the moon with a rocker arm, buckets, a lake and a willow bush]: 89; Khudyakov 1969:372 ("a well-known myth for the Yakuts" ) [An orphan boy goes with a rocker arm to get water; says, To be me instead the spirit of the sun and the month; they go down, take him away from each other; he climbs the talina with the buckets; Month tore out the boy along with his waist, took it for himself; he is visible for a month, resting one foot on his waist, holding a rocker arm with his hand], 373 (Egins) [an orphan girl is fed scraps; she goes to fetch water with a rocker arm, grabs a dry talnik, says, If I were the spirit of a month or sun; both go down, ask who she called earlier; the sun is hot, it is cool from month to month, it turns to month; The sun tells her to "destroy along with the damage of the month and gain weight with the full moon"]; Baikal Evenks (Nerchinsky) [original text in Etn. Review book 12, No. 1:189, zap. K.D. Loginovsky in 1890; the sun and the month sit in the sea; the mother sent her daughter to fetch water at sunset; did she forget why she came; the mother shouted, Chort, did you take you? The water dragged the girl, she began to fight, grabbed the talina that was growing up during the Month, took to heaven with him; visible with a bucket in her hands holding her waist]: Potanin 1893:385; Far Eastern Evenks (" Tungus"; apparently, Orochons) [the mother sent her daughter to collect water into the sea; the daughter looked at the sea, forgot about the case; her mother shouted her angrily; when she heard the name, the marine master grabbed the girl; she began to resist, threw the bucket, held a scoop in her hand; the moon came out of the water, the girl grabbed the bushes growing on the moon, ascended to heaven; she can see there, holding a bush in one hand, in the other a ladle; when the girls come out waters, you can't call them by name]: Coxwell 1925:158 in Isis 1998:23.

SV Asia. Reindeer Koryaks (Avekov) [the evil mother drove her daughter out of the house; the girl went to the river, told the moon that even she was not sad for her; the moon came down, grabbed the girl with the surrounding bushes, carried away (the origin of moonspots); a year later, the mother dreamed of her daughter, said that there is food on the moon only when the moon arrives; when it decreases, the girl chews the sleeves of her clothes; since then Koryaks feed a girl on the moon on certain days; at a festival, food is taken to the roof of the yurt as a sacrifice to the moon and the girl]: Beretti 1929:36.

NW Coast. Hyda (Masset) [the woman pointed her finger at the star, mocked her; the stars dragged her to the sky, placed her on the roof to fry in the chimney; her female brothers brought her back, replacing her a wooden figure screaming like a human being; the stars came down to look for her, the brothers ran, throwing red paint; the stars wasted time picking her up, stopped pursuing her; the woman pointed her finger to the moon, she did it when she went to get water; she thought someone was sitting in a well, she pointed her finger at this man; at home she saw the same face in a bucket of water; splashed out the water, returned to the well, again I saw the same face, did not drink; at night I felt thirsty, returned to the well; the big man grabbed her hand; she turned to the full moon, showed her tongue; she was dragged up, she grabbed her hand saral bush; now with a bucket and holding on to the bush, it is visible on the moon]: Swanton 1908a, No. 28:450-452; Tsimshian (R. Ness) [woman points her finger at a star and is pulled up; finds herself on the roof of chimney; she was rescued, returned to the ground; then she points her finger at the month and at its reflection; The month takes her to heaven when she carries a bush of salal-berries; she can be seen on the lunar disk with with a bush and a bucket in hand]: Boas 1916:864.