Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

A39. Every day there is a new sun. .

Suns are born and die, and every day something new comes to heaven.

Nharo Bushmen, Nzema, Loritya, Alurija, Ancient China, Estonians.

SW Africa. Nharo Bushmen [cannibal giants live on the side where the sun goes down; when the sun goes down, it turns into a rhino (var: elephant, gembok antelope, etc.), giants kill and eat it; In the morning, with the first cry of a rooster, they throw a rhino's shoulder blade into the sky to the east, which turns into the sun; everything repeats itself]: Guenther 1989:55, Schmidt 2001:11 in Kotlyar 2009, No. 90a: 95.

West Africa. Nzema [Edenkema created the Nyamele sky and the Azele Earth; she boasted about her power; when N. was alone, Death grabbed his hand; said that all his children would die; also the Month, that will die and be reborn; the Sun will die every day and a new one will be born in the morning]: Grottanelli 1967:36-37.

Australia. Loritya [several Suns take turns taking to the sky]: Strelov 1908:8 in Dixon 1916:275; alurija [every morning a new Sun-woman goes across the sky]: Basedow 1925:267.

China - Korea. Ancient China [ten suns are children of Xihe, wife of the eastern heavenly deity Di-jun. In the bubbling sea, a fusan tree grows several thousand zhans high and a thousand zhans thick; ten sun sons live on it; nine were on the upper branches, one on the lower branches (In the Book of Mountains and Seas - on the contrary); appear in the sky one by one; they ride a chariot ruled by S.; although there are ten suns, people always see one in the sky; ten suns, under the supervision of their mother, take turns every day; the way repeats from day to day, gets bored; sun sons agree to fly together, not wanting to get into a boring chariot; people are poor; before sending the arrow And to people (hollow mulberry gave birth to Yi Yin, pp. 216-217), Di-Jian gives him a bow and arrows; apparently, And he should only frighten the sun; And sympathizes with people, hits the sun with arrows, every time a three-legged golden crow falls to the ground ; wise Yao tells you to take one arrow out of Yi's quiver, one sun remains alive]: Yuan Ke 1987, ch. 6:139-148; Huainan Tzu, The Book of Mountains and Seas, Qu Yuan Questions to Heaven.

Baltoscandia. Estonians (Laiuse) [after sunset, the old sun decays and a new one rises in the morning]: Kuperjanov 2003:63