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A4B. The sun is afraid of the night. .

The sun has decided to walk across the sky during the day because it is afraid of the night.

Angami, Koreans, Hani, Chinese (Sichuan, Shandong), Russians (Tula), Ingush, Armenians, Ainu, Maidu.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Angami [The Sun is a man, the Moon is a woman; once the Sun did not come out; the Ox, the Pig, the Dog consistently called him; only the Rooster called; the Sun admitted that he was afraid to go out at night, asked don't tell anyone; but the Rooster told]: Hutton 1914, No. 5:485 (=1921:259).

China - Korea. Hani [the cannibal Milaominao swallowed the sun and moon; a 30-year-old woman lived on the mountain with two daughters, Apei, 12, and Aniu, 6; one day, her mother went to get water and M. swallowed it and took it appearance; the youngest believed that the mother had come, and the eldest told me to show her hand; she was black and clawed; M. rolled her hand in ash; again they did not believe it; M. hears the youngest say: the mother would enter through a hole in wall; says that the one who is more likely to wash her feet will sleep with her; at night, the eldest dreamed of an old man predicting her victory over M. in the mountains; she wakes up and hears chewing; M. says she chews peas; the girl felt blood and saw M. devouring the youngest; said she wanted to go to the yard; refused to write in the room: the spirit of this place lives in every place; M. allowed me to go out, girl climbed a pear by the pond; in the morning M. asked to drop its fruit, threw it right down her throat and another vuk from above, M. died, turned into a thorny bush; an old man came up, the girl asked him to spread his cape, she will jump off and become his granddaughter; old man: I have a granddaughter; girl: I will be second; and so on until 12; went down, the old man disappeared, she went to look for the youngest; herding buffaloes, ducks, chickens do not know where she is; the frog tells her to wait for her to drink the sea; when she drank, the youngest appeared; they began to think who would be the sun and who would be the moon; the youngest was afraid of being the moon, afraid of the dark; so the moon became the eldest, and The youngest was given needles to prick the eyes of people who would look at the sun immodestly]: Coyaud 2012, No. 1:9-19; Chinese (Sichuan, wu. Jintan) [The sun and moon are Heavenly Grandfather's two treasures. He was sorry to use them and kept them in his casket. He had a mischievous son and daughter who once found them, saw how brilliant they were, took them out of the house and started playing with them. This is how they began to illuminate the whole earth, and plants, animals and people appeared on it. After a while, they played enough and put the sun and moon back, and then darkness reigned on the earth, the plants wilted, and people cried, set fire to the sandalwood, and turned to Heavenly Grandfather with praying for him to give them back the sun and moon. Heavenly Grandfather's staff, left when he rose to heaven, once turned into sandalwood, and it was believed that if you set it on fire, Heavenly Grandfather would immediately know the request. This morning, Heavenly Grandfather woke up, smelled the scent of sandalwood, and immediately sent Taishan Laozjun (= Lao Tzu -A.T.) to sort out the situation. He found out that the children were to blame and reported it to Heavenly Grandfather. He became very angry but did not know what to do, and Taishan Laozjun offered to get these two pearls, but Heavenly Grandfather refused. Taishan Laozjun noted that there will be no harm to jewelry, but if people do not receive light, they will stop honoring deities and smoking incense. Heavenly grandfather thought and agreed, but did not trust people to guard them, and commanded his children to do so: his son to control the sun during the day, and his daughter to control the moon, which is more obedient, at night. A few days later, my sister got scared at night and refused to leave the house. She and his brother agreed to change, and since then his sister began to control the sun during the day and her brother control the moon at night. People found out that a girl now controls the sun and ran to look at her. She turned red in shame, and then the sun, which had previously been white, also turned red. Even more people gathered to see it. Then my sister took the embroidery needles and threw them down. People were afraid that the needles would hurt their eyes and have not dared to look at the sun since then. While controlling the moon, my brother was afraid that his sister would not be able to cope with the sun, and, waiting for his sister, he swam bast shoes. He was seen by children running downstairs, pointing fingers at him and laughing, but then he accidentally dropped a knife with which he cut the straw, which fell down and injured one of the children's ear. The children got scared, ran away, and since then they don't dare to point fingers for a month because they are afraid that he will hurt their ears]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 11:32-33; Chinese (Shandong, Wu. Dongming) [when Pangu separated the sky from the ground, mountains appeared a month later, rivers two months later, grass three months later, trees; then insects, fish, birds and animals appeared, and eight months later - people, but the world was in darkness; when P. was lying, his body was in the sea, and his head was on the mountains, when he got up, he rested his feet on the ground and his head against the sky; he saw a ray of light in the east and went to him; when he reached a place called Fusan, he saw two twin sisters; the eldest was called the Moon and the youngest was the Sun; the eldest was calm and serious, and the youngest was lively and mobile; it turned out that the light comes from them, and P. asked them to go to heaven, they agreed; P. told them to go out one by one and the world should always remain lit; the next day, on the morning of the first day of the new year, In the lunar calendar, the Moon told the Sun that she would be the first to come out and invited the Sun to go out in the evening, but the Sun Sister replied that the evening was dark and scary, so she wanted to go out during the day; the Moon agreed; When she went outside, the Sun Sister found that all the people on earth were looking at her; she turned red in embarrassment and came back; the Moon gave her metal needles to stab the eyes of those who would look at her; the sisters agreed that they would meet once a month, and then Sister Sun came out again and threw needles at people; people no longer dared to look at the Sun, but continued admire the beauty of the Moon; on the morning of the first or second day of every lunar month, the Sun and Moon meet and go part of the way together]: Zhou Yang et al. 2007, No. 2:3-4; Koreans [ a woman returns at dusk, bringing her children cakes; a Tiger meets her on every hill, consistently demanding that she give her tortillas first, then her garments; there is nothing more to give away on the last hill, Tiger eats a woman (obviously takes her form); her three children do not open the door at first, because they do not recognize their mother's voice, they see a rough paw; the imaginary mother explains that she is hoarse, her hands are rough from work; asks give her a younger one; sister and brother spy, see her eat him; hide in a tree in the yard; Tiger first sees their reflection in the well, then looks up; brother explains that they climbed in with grease the trunk is sesame, castor oil; but the sister says what the notches were done on the trunk; at the request of his brother, a strong rope descends from the sky, the children climb it; the Tiger asks God to let him down the rotten the rope, believing that he would do the opposite; it broke off, the Tiger fell into the millet field, since then the roots of the millet have been red; at first the brother became the Sun, sister Moon; but the sister was afraid to walk at night, so they changed; to prevent them from staring at her, the Sun Sister began to dazzle the beholder with her light]: Cho 2001, No. 78:118-122.

Central Europe. Russians (Tula Gubernia) [The sun is a girl, riding across the sky on a sofa made of stars; she is afraid of the night, so her brother goes around the sky at night]: Kolchin 1899:4-5.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. The Ingush [brother herded sheep during the day and her sister worked at night; she was afraid of the dark and changed with her brother; she is the sun and he is the moon; the spots on the moon are the sheep herded by the shepherd; these brother and sister though, but they can't meet; if they meet by chance, it's dark on earth; they say, "The sun has caught," and this is what brother and sister met]: Dakhkilgov 2003:17; Armenians: Ganalanyan 1979, No. 337b [sister- The sun was afraid to walk at night, asked the mother to change them with her month-old brother; she hit her son with her hand, the mark remained], 337c [The sun complained to the Month-old Brother that it was scary to walk at night, but everything was on her during the day they look; he gave her needle rays to stab her eyes]: 126; Lisitsyan 1992 (Nagorno-Karabakh, records from the 1920s) [the sun and moon are sister and brother; the sun sister complained that she is afraid to go out at night, but during the day she is also ashamed: everyone is looking at her; the mother said: "Son is the moon, you walk at night, and you, sunshine, will be walk during the day. And so that no one looks at you, take a needle bow and if everyone has eyes who dares to look at you"; the sun sister, sitting on a lion, sets off in the sky during the day and does not give it its needle rays no one can look at themselves, and the lion protects her from the attack of evil spirits - coughs]: 168.

Japan. Aina [at first a sunwoman came out at night, but seeing so many couples copulating} asked her to walk at night for a month and she will be in the daytime; but even now she is shocked to see young couples on the grass ]: Chamberlain 1888, No. 20:.

California. Maidu: Dixon 1902, No. 8.1 [The cannibal sun lived north in a huge ice house; to the north lived a Frog with three children; the Sun stole one, second child, came for a third; The frog was sitting outside the house, weaving the basket; the Sun grabbed the child, ran away with him, created willow thickets behind him, from which baskets were woven; the frog chased, saw the willow, began to collect; when ran on, the Sun had already run into her house; the ice house was slippery, but the Frog still climbed onto the roof (where the entrance is), invited the Sun to go out, swallowed it; the Sun began to grow in her stomach, Frog burst, the Sun came out; told the frog to live in water, decided that they would both be harmless to humans; asked her Month-brother if he wanted to walk day or night; the Month invited the Sun to walk at night, but all the stars fell in love with the Sun Woman, the Pleiades followed; the Sun decided to walk during the day], 8.2 [The Sun Sister and her Month Brother live in a stone house; various animals are trying to lure them to sky; The worm made a hole, Gopher let fleas into the house, they bit the Sun and the Month, they got up from the bunk; the Sun was afraid to walk at night, chose the day, and the Month began to walk at night]: 76- 78, 78.