Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B101. Stripes on the birch tree.. 44.-.46.

When angry with a birch tree, the character hits or cuts it, the stripes on the bark are still there.

Ojibwa (Minnesota), Western Marsh Cree, Eastern Marsh Cree (Albany), Steppe Cree, Atticamek, Algonquins (Grand Victoria Lake), Naskapi, Mikmak, Blacklegs.

The Midwest. Attikamek [the birch tree was straight; Wisəkedjak decided that it would be too easy for people to remove the bark from such a tree, climbed onto a birch tree, began to twist it, since then the trunk has been twisted and crooked; he I began to quilt the birch tree with a wearable strap, so there were eyes and stripes on the bark; I hung the strap on the trunk, it is now visible on many birch trees]: Davidson 1928a: 269-270; Algonquins (Grand Victoria Lake) [Meso it blows on trees, they all bend eastwards; now it is easier for people to navigate in the forest; at first, M. wanted good birch bark on all trees; then decided that people would not do it that way take care of the forest and everyone will be cut down; bent and twisted birch trees, scarred the bark]: Davidson 1928b: 279; Western marsh crees (stone crees) [Wīsahkīcāhk fills the bag with moss, answers waterfowl (geese, ducks, loons) that carry songs; everyone gathers in the dance house built by V., V. tells them to dance with their eyes closed, curls the necks of the birds, starting with the most plump; Loon stood at the exit, opened her eyes, raised the alarm, V. kicked her in the ass, since then the loons had flat legs; V. ate, climbed between two birch trees, told him to squeeze so that he could empty his intestines; when ordered they refused to let go; V. called Thunder, who split the birch trees with lightning; V. returned to where he left the meat; someone ate the meat, only the bones were sticking out of the ground; V. whipped the birch trees with a willow branch since then bark in stripes and chips]: Brightman 1989:29-30; Eastern Marsh Cree (Albany) [Wicágatcak fills the bag with moss, tells waterfowl what the singing teepee is carrying, telling him to close his eyes dance; strangles birds with an arcana; Loon opens his eyes; he kicks it (the origin of the shape of a loon tail); bakes meat, goes to bed, tells his ass to guard; some person steals meat; serves signal, but V. does not respond; seeing that the meat has been stolen, he sits on a hot stone; since then, people's buttocks have been dismembered; V. He blows the winds continuously, pieces of his gut fall out; he thinks it's dried meat, he eats it; the squirrel laughs; he throws a piece of intestine into the birch tree (the origin of the growths on the birch tree); hits the birch tree with a stick ( stripes on birch bark)]: Skinner 1911:84-86; steppe crees [like Eastern Cree; before dancing, Vesakaicak paints birds (the origin of the color of species); the water chicken opens his eyes, V. steps on her tail, making it flat; bakes birds, lies between two birch trees, tells them to close not to let him eat food too quickly; birch trees hold him; birds and animals eat meat while V. sleeps; The vulture wants to peck his eyes out; V. frees himself, whips birch trees with willow twigs (stripes on a birch tree), rips off the vulture's feathers, making it bald]: Ahenakew 1929:331-332; Ojibwa (Minnesota, 1958) [Nanabozh got angry with a birch tree for something, took a bird and hit it against the trunk; the trunk left stripes on the previously white trunk, as if from bird wings]: Coleman et al. 1971:84; (cf. chippewa [a lonely old woman on the lake shore. Upper, with a girl, probably her daughter; she grew up, the wind blew under her clothes, she became pregnant; when she was supposed to give birth, she exploded and disappeared, the old woman found a drop of blood on the sheet, put it under pillow, Winabojo came out of the drop; all the spirits were frightened when they felt his strength; the grandmother replies that big fish cannot be killed, but V. prepares arrows; the grandmother replies that only the feathers of a bird living in the sky from the hole, the clouds will give power to the arrows; V. turned into a rabbit on the rock, called the bird to play; he called it an eagle, but it is the Thunder Bird; she brought a rabbit to her chicks to play; the bird's wife suspects that it may be V.; while there are no adult birds, V. takes human form, kills, plucks chicks; jumped to the ground, Thunderbirds rushed to chase, he hid in a hollow old fallen birch tree; Thunderbirds did not hit there, because birch is their own child; grateful V. made birch a useful tree, birch bark, arrows feathered by thunder feathers chicks, killed fish; lightning does not hit a birch tree; the strokes on the birch tree were made by V., and the "drawings" on it depict thunder chicks]: Densmore 1928:381-384).

Northeast. Naskapi Lake Saint John) [the birch bark was smooth; Mezo thinks it would be too easy for people to make vessels and boats out of it; gushes birch with twigs, making irregularities and cracks in birch bark]: Speck 1925:18; 1935a: 99; mikmaq [see motive M70; a woman marries her son Kukwes (an ogre giant); for her and her son, he hunts animals, for himself and her parents; does not tell you to touch a bear's stomach; son hits the stomach with an arrow, liquid drips, K.'s strength melts; he allows his father to eat his wife; the old man heats his iron staff, pierces his daughter-in-law, gutts, throws the baby from her womb into the river; The turtle brings him up, he goes out to play with his brother; he asks his father to make two bows, two arrows, etc.; the boys make a mess in the house, the family is forced to confess to his father; the father makes jewelry from bird tails; Domashny grabs in Rechnoy's house, keeps him, father comes running; first Rechnoy throws his tails into the fire, then smiles; the father fell asleep, the brothers burned him in the house; the bones collided, they turned into flies, mosquitoes, sand fleas; because they were pushed on the doorstep, insects enter the house through the entrance; The river beats the birch tree with a spruce paw, since then there are traces on the bark; brothers put their grandfather to sleep, looking for insects from him, stick to him fat, burn it, let his wife eat the liver, kill her with an ax; the bull frog hides all the water in his house in birch bark buckets, gives it in exchange for women; the River kills the Frog, breaks blood vessels, water fills rivers; brothers sail in a boat, River kills giants; Porcupine drowns so hot that Domashny dies; Riverboat wraps himself in a blanket, Porcupine dies herself, River revives her brother; house Kluskap is guarded by geese, River tells them to remain silent; K. causes frost, Domashny dies, revives him in the river morning; Domashny receives a growing beaver skin from K., becomes a merchant; River marries Skunsiha's daughter; she takes him to collect bird eggs, leaves him on the island; seagulls bring him home; his mother-in-law tells her to sleep with her, tries to strangle him with her gases, he makes a hole in the blanket; she throws into a hole, at the bottom, the Turtle devours his sons-in-law; the river gets out; meets a man walking on bent legs, kills him, makes a door out of him, brings the corpse to his relatives; snakes and frogs fall from their faces; both Brothers return to the island, turn into two stones]: Whitehead 1988:140-154.

Plains. Blacklegs [in most versions except Linderman: most trees can't detain Napi (Old Man); he clings to a birch tree; he cuts it with a knife because it ruined his game; stripes are still visible on birch bark]: Jossselin de Jong 1914 (piegan) [gophers bury each other in hot ash and dig up; The old man joins the game; lets the pregnant woman go the female, buries the rest and does not dig up; eats baked meat; falls asleep, telling the anus to make a sound if anyone comes; the anus obeys the order, but the Old Man does not react; Lynx takes away meat; The old man burns his anus smut, finds the Lynx, stretches his tail, disfigures his face; asks the wind to cool his anus; blown away by the wind; clings only to the birch tree; scolds her for ruining his pleasure, cuts her with a knife; since then birch bark pores]: 10-12; Grinnell 1962 [as in Josselin de Jong; nose instead of anus (nose snores when he sees Raven, Coyote; the old man replies it's wrong; does not wake up when Lynx comes; cuts a birch trunk not as punishment, but to make it beautiful]: 171-173; Linderman 1995 [on a hot day Napa ("The Old Man") suffers from stuffiness, tells the Winds to blow; tells Spruce, then Pine, Fir to bend and break, they listen; Birch bends but does not break; in anger, N. cuts it with a knife, leaving stripes on the bark]: 72-73; Maclean 1893 (blood): 166; Josselin de Jong 1914 (piegan) [gophers bury each other in hot ash and dig up; The old man joins the game; lets the pregnant female go, buries the rest and does not dig up; eats baked meat; falls asleep, telling the anus to make a sound if anyone comes; the anus performs order, but the Old Man does not respond; Lynx takes meat; The old man burns his anus with smut, finds a Lynx, stretches his tail, disfigures his face; asks the wind to cool his anus; blown away by the wind; clings only to birch; scolds her for ruining his pleasure, cuts her with a knife; since then, stripes on birch bark]: 10-12; Wissler, Duvall 1908 [N. tells the anus to watch the meat while he sleeps; meat is stolen; N. puts burning smut in his ass to punish his anus], No. 10, 23:27, 39.