Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B102. Clouds - smoke .

Clouds are formed from smoke rising from the ground.

Kamba, Ukrainians, Bontok, Tarahumara, Baniva, Mura (Piraha), Machigenga, Kanamari, Lengua.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Kamba [clouds and fog - smoke from the Creator's fire or from hearths on earth]: Lindblom 1920:334.

Western Europe. The Germans (Hessen) [in which village they don't say during the snowfall: Frau Holle shakes the bed; until recently she was talked about as a supreme being loved and feared by people; FH lives in his own lake in the mountains; at noon you can see her swimming; sometimes she is a beautiful young woman, sometimes she is invisible, and bells and noise can be heard from below; under water, vegetables grow in her sunny gardens and flowers; she gives them to those she likes; women who go down to her source become healthy and prolific; gives happy children kind, substitutions for evil; girls who go to fetch water early in the morning find in gold coins in buckets; she confuses threads and sets fire to yarn to bad ones; and spins for diligent ones at night; gives good children apples and nuts for Christmas, hits bad ones with a rod; fog or clouds in the mountains - smoke from her fire; can scare people when mad troops rush forward; if there is a knot in her hair, it's Hollerkopf]: Lyncker 1854, No. 19:15-18.

Taiwan - Philippines. Bontok [Lumawig is responsible for the rain; clouds are smoke; at night, L. brings clouds down to the ground, they are saturated with moisture and then rise]: Jenks 1905:216-217.

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Kholmskaya Rus) [clouds - smoke rising up and thickening]: Chubinsky 1872:24.

NW Mexico. Tarahumara [at first it didn't rain, plants and animals died without water; two people lit a fire, smoke rose to it; another man danced all night, smoke turned to clouds, and it rained three days]: Mondragón et al. 1995:37.

NW Amazon. Guariquena [Nápiruli was fishing, Mapiríkuli came out of the water, said she wanted to be his wife; pregnant but did not have a hole to give birth; fish began to try to do, two are not they managed, the third did it, N. grabbed her tail, the stain remained; the baby was born, disappeared into the water; found the placenta, threw it away, it became a stingray; later the boy came, he had no mouth, first his mouth was cut vertically (there has been a trail on the lip ever since), then normal; this is Kúwe; he ordered to fast before the dabukuri festival (fruit festival and boys' initiation); young men made a key out of an ant tooth (in ants) there were teeth), wasp larvae bait, began to catch and fry fish; K. was in a tree, felt smoke; rising to the sky, the smoke formed a thundercloud, K. became a cave in which they took refuge from Rain boys, swallowed them; he was in the sky; N. lured him to the ground with alcohol; after drinking, he spewed the dead swallowed, revived him with tobacco; he was pushed into the fire, he rose to the sky with smoke, sounds were heard sacred musical instruments; the intestines did not burn, they became all kinds of snakes, ants appeared from the heart, scorpions and other ants from the hair; three bushes grew at the site of the burning, their names are forbidden for women]: González Ñañez 1980, No. 2:148-162.

Central Amazon. Mura (piraha) [clouds are smoke from fires that people make;]: Gonçalves 2001:163.

Montagna - Jurua. Machigenga [didn't rain at first; when Ka'shiri (Month) burned the vegetation on the site, the smoke turned into the first clouds]: Baer 1984:245 (=1994:160); kanamari [when on site the forest burned down, the smoke rose, turned into the first clouds; the clouds thickened, the first night came; the clouds of the rainy season - smoke from burns in areas of the inhabitants of the sky]: Carvalho 2002:271.

Chaco. Lenghua [clouds - smoke emanating from the sky]: Loewen 1969:115-116.