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B105. The transformation of a shy daughter-in-law.. 27.29.


father-in-law or mother-in-law finds her daughter-in-law in a position she is ashamed of (simple-haired, bathing, etc.). Out of shame, it turns into a bird (usually a hoopoe) or a turtle.

Macedonians, Rutulans, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Armenians, Talysh.

The Balkans. The Macedonians [the daughter-in-law was baking cakes, but her father-in-law still did not; she slowly ate them herself; when her father-in-law returned from work, the daughter-in-law hid under the sauerkraut in fear; her father-in-law told her to stay that way become a turtle]: Ortenzio 2008, #29:123.

Caucasus â€" Asia Minor. Rutultsy [father-in-law caught her daughter-in-law combing her hair; out of shame she asked God to turn her into a hoopoe]: Khalidova 2012:235; Azerbaijanis (Lankaran) [daughter-in-law washed her hair, came in Father-in-law; because he saw her simple-haired, she asked Allah to turn her into a bird; she became a hoopoe, flew away from home with a scallop that caught on her hair and remained on her head]: Bagriy 1930 (1) :236 (= Bayramalibekov 2012:90, West 1892); Georgians: Virsaladze 1973, No. 91 (Kakhi, now Azerbaijan) [the young daughter-in-law was swimming and forgot to lock the door; mother-in-law looked in; daughter-in-law in shame covered herself with a mat, became a turtle; the turtles still have this mat]: 146; Mashurko 1894 [stepdaughter washed her hair and combed her hair; stepmother came in; the girl was frightened, the scallop remained in her hair, she became hoopoe and flew away]: 238; Armenians (Elizavetpol Gubernia) [the woman kneaded the dough, began to comb her hair; her father-in-law came in, she turned into a hoopoe out of fear and shame and flew away; there was a crest on her head]: Lalayants 1904, No. 6:205; Talyshi: Asatryan 2005:14 [ The mullah's pious daughter-in-law was swimming when her father-in-law came in; she asked God to turn her into a bird to fly away; became a hoopoe; the scallop in her hair became a tuft], 17-18 [father-in-law came in when the young daughter-in-law was washing; sitting in a trough, she covered herself with a basin and asked God to turn her into an animal; she became a turtle].