Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B107. Black oyster.. 42.43.

During a (world) fire, the oyster burns, so the oyster shells are black.

Heilzuck, flethead.

NW Coast. Heilzuk: Boas 1895, â„– XXI.2 [boy asks mother about his father, she says he is far away; boy cries; man named Shooter gives him a bow and arrows; boy shoots at the sky, does a chain of arrows, climbs upstairs; the current wife of the Sun says that he will come soon; the Sun is happy to his son, wants to hand over his duties to him, tells him not to go down too quickly; the son does not listen, puts on clothes suns, rocks melt, sea dries up, shells turn black; The sun throws his son to the ground, turns him into a hole]: 234 (=2002:485); 1928 [during a world fire, one person hid, face out; he turned into an oyster (clam), it is black on top]: 33-35.

The coast is the Plateau. Flethead [Coyote and Fox traveled; the leader of the Kalispel tribe (aka Pend d'Oreille) refused to marry the girl Coyote; he retaliated by creating Spokane rapids above which salmon are not rise; the Coyote enters the womb of a giant creature unnoticed; feeds swallowed people with monster fat; cuts off his heart with a knife (it turns into a mountain range); swallowed people jump out through the creature's mouth; clenched jaws flatten the Tick; Coyote sees two women, sits between them, they jump up, dance into the river; Coyote asks to wait, follows them, they drown him; companion The Coyote Fox finds the body, jumps over it, the Coyote comes to life; the Fox says the Coyote should not have been with these women, they are from the Shell tribe; the Coyote has set fire to the grass, the women are burned; now some oysters are black on top because they were burned in the fire]: Edmonds, Clark 1989:29-31.