Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B110. Where the back is gullies, where the head is red poppies.. 27.-.

A character who is dragged on the ground or who is running falls apart or hits the ground with different parts of his body. This determines the characteristics of the landscape and flora.

Moldovans, Russians (Olonets), Ukrainians (Galicia, Podolia, Kharkiv), Rumeians, Armenians, Lithuanians, Eastern Sami, Veps, (Seto), Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Northern Mansi, Northern Khanty, Southern Khanty, Southern Selkups, Central Yakuts.

The Balkans. Moldovans: Moldavian tales 1968:204-214 [the stepmother brought her own daughter a lot of nuts, and her stepdaughter alone; she planted it, a walnut tree has grown; its branches bend only towards her stepdaughter, to tear fruits; when she goes to church, the stepmother tells her to separate the ash from the wheat (two eagles perform; the next time the millet scattered around the yard is pigeons; poppy seeds are sparrows); the walnut tree opens, inside clothes and jewelry; for the third time, bachelors smear resin on the threshold of the church; the shoe sticks, the girl throws a ring at her, runs away; the boyar's son finds the owner of the shoe, marries; when he leaves, the stepmother with They came as a daughter disguised as beggars, cut her stepdaughter into pieces; she laughed - the flowers grew, cried - the diamonds fell down; a passerby saw that the stepdaughter's remains were ordered to be taken to a nut; the nut revived her, she hired her husband as a worker, herds geese, and her stepmother's own daughter put on her jewelry, pretended to be a wife; the maid bakes bread, leaves the ring, the husband recognizes him, takes two stones of patience, tells them about what happened, she goes to his wife; the old woman was tied to the horse's tail; where she kicked, ravines appeared, where gullies were with her back, red poppies with her head; her own daughter fell into the ground up to the neck], 243-250 [ The prince sees the girl Beauty of the Ages The Fragrance of Flowers (K.); she turned into a doe, he did not catch up with her; the king is told to marry his son, otherwise he will die; the king finds a bride, Philimon-Fat-Frumos (F.) was born; the doe appeared to him, K. became, hugged her, gave her a ring and a handkerchief; her father promised to marry her as F., but while he was on his way home, she was married by the one-armed and one-legged Lame Lord; when he laughs, gold falls from his mouth; F. won , took Arap the Mighty (AM) as sister brothers, they destroyed HV and his army; they came to Father F. together with K.; he tried to burn them in the house, but AM froze everything; then the father led F. through deserted places, fed them salted olives, took his eyes in exchange for water; F. hears birds talking in the forest: let him lie down, and we will bring living water; seeing the light, he chose an oath from the old man, she became a heroic horse; tied his father to his tail horse; where the hand fell, there was a well, where the leg was a stream, where the body remained was an abyss].

Central Europe. Russians (Olonetskaya: Zaonezhye) [the king bent over the well, someone grabbed him; let him go, gave water for a promise to give what he did not know at home; the king did not know that a daughter was born; the water promised After 12 years, come for a gift; when his daughter is 12 years old, the king put her in a cart, harnessed her, and he took her to another country; from an oncoming cart {is there a sorcerer?} they ask the goat what he is lucky; he replies that brushes and pins; {it's not entirely clear, but they are running away from the chase}; the girl asks the goat what she can hear, he each time replies that the chase is on his heels ; the girl throws a comb (ice floe from east to west, from earth to sky), a brush (bone mountain); the pursuers drilled, cut through; the towel is a river of fire, the chase stopped; the girl locked herself in the house, but the king had to open it, he married her; Yaga-baba pushed the queen into the water, replaced her with her daughter; the king is surprised that his wife is thin; she asks to slaughter the goat; he comes to the sea: sister Natasyushka, I will be stabbed tomorrow; N.: a white stone presses my neck, the sands fall asleep, the water floods my eyes; the king overheard, took out N., on the fourth day she came to life, told everything; Yaga Baba and her daughter tied to 12 stallions and let them into the open field; "Where the head fell, there is a slit {rocky ridge}, where the corpse is there is a swamp, where the legs are hooks, where the hands are there are rakes"]: Karnaukhova 2009, No. 64:176-180; Ukrainians (p. Brodsky's Berlin, Galicia) [The king has three sons: two smart, the third stupid. He owns a garden, a wild boar got into the garden and started digging. The king says that whoever protects the garden will sit on his throne. The eldest son calls in, goes, but doesn't kill. The youngest goes and doesn't kill. The average decides to go. They laugh at him like he's a fool. A foolish man goes to the garden, makes his own bed, goes to bed and sleeps. He finds a thorny thistle, sticks it in his heads, and it prevents him from falling asleep. A boar comes, starts digging and picking apples, a fool kills him with a gun. He goes to his father very happy, reports. The brothers laugh at him, call him a fool, He swears. My father and brothers go to see it and see if it's true. His father admires him and tells his brothers that he is smarter than both of them. They advise him what to do, decide to go for a walk and kill him there. Mikhasia's name is to go out with them. They find a fish pond in which the water has dried up, but there is silt. Little brother doesn't agree to kill. The older brother punches the stupid man in the nose, then on the back of the head, he loses consciousness and falls. The elder grabs a stick for the tanning tank and beats the youngest to death. They unfold the fabric, bury it in the mud and stick a stick in that place. The stick is accepted, a golden stalk grows, golden apples on it, a golden violin and a bow hang on it. The shepherd drives the herd, drives him to the pond. He has a son, and he sends his son to wrap his herd from the pond so that someone doesn't get stuck. The shepherdess goes to wrap, sees a golden apple tree, a violin and a bow, gets out, picks apples, takes off his violin and bow. He wraps the cattle, starts playing, the violin says: "Little by little, little by little, my shepherdess, play, only mine, just don't cut my heart! For in the meadow by the branches, my brother killed me for the veprik that dug in the garden." The shepherdess comes running to his father, says he plays. The violin speaks to him. He brings the cattle to the king, comes to the rooms, brings the violin, kisses his hand and tells him where he got it. The king plays, the violin calls him father. The king is crying, the queen is playing, the violin calls her mother. My little brother comes and asks me to play, the violin says: "Little by little, little by little, my brother, play, just mine, just don't cut my heart! For in the meadow by the branches you said: "Don't hit!" , for the veprik who dug in the garden." My older brother comes and asks for a violin, she says: "Little by little, little by little, my brother, play, just mine, just don't cut my heart! For you killed me in the meadow by the branches, because of the veprik that dug in the garden." They go with the shepherd, the shepherd shows the place where the apples were picked, they begin to dig a hole, find the victim in the mud. The king orders that the stallion from Staney be brought and the eldest son tied to the tail. He is allowed into an open field: where he hits his head, there is a valley, and where there is a mound with the rear]: Franco 1895:221-222; Ukrainians (Podolia) [Two daughters, my grandfather has one, the woman has another. They go to the forest for cherries. Grandfather puts together what he collects, the woman immediately eats what she collects. They go beyond the forest. Babina's daughter offers to lie down and rest for a while. Grandfather falls asleep, the woman takes a knife, sticks it into her heart, takes berries and takes off her ring, and covers her with leaves. The shepherd drives the sheep to fall there early, makes a pipe there. She plays, she says: "Play, shepherd, play! Don't cut my heart with a knife! My sister did it to me, stuck a knife in my heart, by a mug of berries, for the gold ring that the gentleman gave me." The shepherd brings the sheep home, asks his grandfather where his daughter is. The grandfather replies that she went for berries and the bride where she disappeared. The shepherd reports that she herded the sheep and played the pipe, and she spoke to him. A grandfather takes a woman, a daughter and a woman, and goes to the forest. He starts playing the pipe, the pipe says: "Play, father, play! Don't cut my heart with a knife!" They take it out, take it home, bury it. For a woman's daughter, they give a fast horse that has never been to the yard, has never seen the sun and has never heard a voice. They tie it to the tail and let it go into the light. He's running with her. And the mountains and valleys in the world were the ones she knocked out. Because where I hit my head, there's a valley and where it's backwards, there's a hill]: Levchenko 1928:494-495; Ukrainians (Kharkiv Gubernia, Izyumsky U., p. Danilovka) [The beekeeper's wife has two daughters and a young son. She sends them to pick mushrooms and berries and cut the bast, promises every ribbon. The youngest daughter picks mushrooms and berries, the eldest, mother's favorite and sissy, sleeps and dreams that her sister got both ribbons. The youngest daughter finds an apple tree and plucks two golden apples from it. The eldest daughter offers to comb her head, stabs her heart with a knife and hides it in the reeds. He returns home bragging about his discovery. At home, she replies that she does not know where her sister is and that they went apart. They think she was taken away by an animal. The victim's brother grows up, hears the reeds rustling, makes a pipe. When he brings it to his lips, the pipe sings: "Hush down, brother, play; don't break my heart to the edge! My sister killed me and stabbed me in my heart. For a ball of berries, for a golden apple!" The father hears those words, gets the pipe, and she calls him father. They learn about the miracle in the countryside, people run away and demand a murderer. In her hands, the pipe sings: "Hush down, sister, play; don't break my heart to the edge! You killed me, sister, stabbed my heart. For a ball of berries, for a golden apple!" The people condemn the murderer to death, tie a horse to the tail and let him cross the steppe. Where she hits her chest, there is a thorn, where with a scythe, there is a feather grass, where with her hand, there are black graves. The mother rushes after her daughter, sees it and turns into a sycamore]: Danilevsky 1901:101-104.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Rumei (a handwritten text in Rumei, kept in the library with. Yalta, Pershotravnevy district, Donetsk region) [the old woman walked and held a pot of water in her hands; the prince threw a pebble and broke the pot; the water spilled; the old woman said: "Love for three oranges"; the prince grew up and always remembered these words, they did not give peace to him; when he became a young man, he decided to go in search of three oranges; people said that they were very far away and well guarded; the prince found and took three oranges {without details}; on the way home I decided to cut one of them; a beautiful woman came out from there, said: "Water, water," and then turned into a bird and flew away; the prince cut the second orange, the situation repeated; the prince came to the well, cut a third orange; a girl who was more beautiful than the first two came out; she asked for water, the prince gave it to her; the girl said that she was his fate; the prince told her: "Climb a tree, I I'll go home, gather my matchmakers and come back for you"; the royal maid came for water; looked into the well and saw a beautiful woman sitting in the water; the maid said, "Put your hair down, I I'll see them, you've been sitting here for so many days, I guess you've worn them up"; the girl let her hair loose; the maid climbed upstairs, stabbed the girl, put her clothes on and sat in a tree instead of her; the girl turned into the bird flew away; the prince returned with his matchmakers, mistook the maid for an orange girl; asked why she had become ugly; the maid replied: "You have been gone so long, I turned black in the sun"; the prince believed her, married her; the bird began to fly in and sit on the trees; the tree she sat on dried up; all the trees were so dry; the maid knew she said to the prince: "Catch this bird, kill it, I'll kill it I'll cook it and we'll eat it"; he did it; the wife took the bones and buried them near the threshold; a tree grew out of them; when the king, queen or prince came out into the yard, it hugged them with branches; when the prince's wife - her branches were beaten and burned; she told the prince to cut down this tree; he did it; the wind picked up one branch and threw it by the road; the old woman picked up this branch, brought it home, put it behind the icon; when the old woman left from home, the branch turned into a girl and did everything around the house; the old woman decided to find out who it was; hid and saw the girl; she told her everything; the old lady said, "I'll go to the king, get their shirts, and you You will sew them"; the girl sewed shirts for the king and queen that it was not clear that their hand had touched them, and sewed their daughter-in-law's shirt with stubble from a pig; the old woman took the shirts to the king and told them who sewed them ; the prince came to her house, recognized the girl and took her with him; then asked the maid: "Wife, what do you want - forty knives or tie you to forty horses?" ; she replied: "Forty horses"; the prince tied her by forty horses; where her body hit, there were beams and hills; the prince married an orange girl; "They still live and reign"]: Intercepkalskaya et al. 2001; Armenians [Lusik loves everyone; her brother married, L.'s wife disliked; cut dishes, accused L.; stabbed her horse; finally stabbed her child, put a knife in L.'s pocket; L. is judged, hands are cut off, thrown into the forest; a prince finds her, takes her as a wife; she gives birth to a golden-haired boy, a messenger is sent to her husband with a letter, brother L.'s wife replaces the letter: the wife has given birth to a puppy; the husband tells me to wait for him to return, the daughter-in-law again replaces the letter with an order to drive L. away, hanging the puppy on her chest; L. drops the child into the well, the old man tells her to get it, her arms grow; the prince returned, went in search of his wife, met, without recognizing him, her brother, who is also looking for L.; they stop in a caravanserai, where unrecognized L. comes, tells her story; daughter-in-law is tied to the horse's tail; where her blood splashed, thorns and thorns grew, where her tears shed, a lake opened; at the bottom of it you can see a child in a cradle with a knife under his pillow, and in front of the cradle weeps on woman on her knees]: Tumanyan 1984:20-33.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2013, No. 93 [9 brothers have left, Elyana's sister is at home, she has a coachman bunny; laume calls to swim: there is a wine well in the middle of the river, at the edge of silk; bunny: a blood well and algae; laume consistently comes out, tears off the bunny's leg, then his head; turns himself into a flea, E. into a louse: whoever comes out of the water faster will put on clothes; a flea is faster than a lice; laume takes the place of E., and that he grazes the horse and sings: laume is sitting at the table, and E. herds the horse; the brothers heard it, returned his sister; they smeared the horse's stomach with resin, glued the laume, the horse smashed it to shreds; when the snow shines in the sun, it glitters fat laume], 94 [when going to war, 9 brothers tell their mother to hang out an ax if a son is born (then they won't come), a spinning wheel if her daughter (then they come); laume-ragana replaced the spinning wheel with an ax; her sister grew up went to her brothers; laume ragana followed her in a trough drawn by a pig; persuaded the girl to get off and wash her face, drove off in her wagon wearing her clothes; the brothers mistook her for a sister, and sent her sister to herd horses; she sings about what happened, her older brother understood; her sister was returned, the laume-ragana was tied to a harrow and the horse was released; the gleam of snow in the winter in the sun is her scattered bones]: 208-210, 210-213; Lebite 1965 [Sigute's brother went to war; her stepmother gives her a bundle of tow, tells her to hide and sew a shirt; a black cow swallows a tow, spits out her shirt; stepmother spies on her daughter, stepmother decides to burn S., otherwise brother S. will return, take revenge; fills the hole under the threshold with hot coals, sprinkles it with earth; the black dog warns S. every time not to go there; her stepmother breaks her paw every day, then pulls out her tongue; on the sixth day, S. failed, burned down; the cow licked the ashes, the duck flew out, told his returning brother about the incident; he smeared his horse with tar, told his stepmother to push him, she stuck with her arms and legs , head; brother tells the horse to scatter her stepmother's bones across the field; snow is her bones white]: 84-90; Eastern Sami: Yermolov 1959 [Ilmolme-Akk has a son, Ozzse-Akk has a daughter; they left their children by a pine tree, went to pick berries; O. came back first and took the boy; he became a hunter; he heard O. say out loud: It's good that she replaced the children; the young man says O. that he will go to the black mountain - there are deer; Oh .: don't go, they'll eat you there; he came to the bottom of Y., threw a piece of bacon on top of the cauldron; girl: fat pops up; Y.: it's your mother's fat that pops up; the young man came in, told his mother everything and agreed with her ; the three of them went to O., taking a kitty with ash; O. ran out, picked up her shawl, the old woman threw a kitty with ash in her face, ash fell asleep in her eyes; the old woman began to beat her with a scraper, tied her to the deer, and he ran; where the head remains, a marsh hummock grew there; O.'s daughter turned into a grasshopper marsh horse; son and mother still live]: 99-100; Zaikov 1997, No. 10 [Aads stole the woman's son, changed his daughter; a young man grows up, hears A. singing about it, realizes that she is not his mother; comes to a real mother, brings her under the guise of a bride, she throws ash in A.'s face, kills her with a scraper; A. tied to a wild deer, its head became a sedge, her legs became rotten birch stumps; where did daughter A. go, it is not known]: 194-196; Kharuzin 1890 [the widow had a son, Acek (the frog) had a daughter; A. replaced son as her daughter, took him away; he became a hunter; came to the house, looked from above, saw his real mother and daughter A.; they were cooking pine porridge, he lowered deer lard into their cauldron; hears the mother talking , Your mother stole her son, maybe he will burst from fat; agrees with the mother; she buries daughter A. in hot ash, she burned down; the son brings her mother to A. under the guise of a bride, the old woman killed A. with a scraper; the corpse the young man tied a horse to the tail; where his head fell off, red moss grew, where her legs were black]: 351-352; Veps: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 3 [the girl's mother died, her husband married Baba Yaga's sister, that daughter Varvey; stepmother and V. tyrant stepdaughter; go to the party, stepmother hopes that Ivan Tsarevich will like V.; tells stepdaughter to separate oatmeal from ash; girl cries at her mother's grave; she tells her to cut off a twig, wave crosswise, the work will be done; she will also send a horse and outfits; she must return before midnight; entering one ear of the horse and leaving the other, the girl became beautiful; at the festival she was taken to royal mansions; V. asks I. to let the bone stroke, he threw a bone at it, her leg broke; stepmother: we'll make a new one out of the hook; made her a crooked wooden leg; I. smeared the door jamb with tar, girl left, grabbed the joint, the ring stuck; next time, separate the millet from the sand; I. threw the bone at V., her finger broke; stepmother: let's attach a die; the girl's slipper stuck to the doorstep; on the third once - separate the flour from the ground; I. threw the bone, V.'s eye leaked out; stepmother: let's insert sheep; the girl's hat stuck; I. gathers all the girls to try on a ring, slipper, hat; only fit Zamarashka; a wedding is being prepared; the stepmother tells her to go between her legs, sends her horses to herd, dresses her daughter in the girl's clothes; when the bride rides, the girl screams that they are carrying a poker leg, a wooden finger, and a sheep's eye; The mother's daughter was stripped, stuffed naked under the bridge, the girl was dressed up; 9 months later she gave birth; the stepmother thinks it's her daughter; she goes across the bridge, broke the pipe, from there the voice, "Mom, it hurts!" ; the daughter is almost rotten, but the stepmother promises to make her wife I. anyway; tells his wife I. to walk between her legs and fly with geese, and dressed her daughter and brought her to the bedroom; the child cries; the goose asks the shepherdess bring her baby; seeing a flock of geese, the shepherdess asks if they have the mother of the child; they say that in another pack; in the third; the goose came down, shed its wings, began to breastfeed the baby; the same the second day; on the third, the shepherdess talks about everything I.; he came, burned his wings; I. says to his mother-in-law that he wants to slaughter a bull in the room; she hides under the bench; he hits her with an ax, every time he says that the bull kicked; finished off, the body was thrown away; the imaginary wife was cut into small pieces, put in a net, tied to the horse's tail; where the head fell, there was a rock, where the eye was a wormwood, where the nose was a spring, where the leg {arm} - there's a poker, where the ass is there is turf (Kuna langtob pä, siga kasvab kallö, kuna silm - siga silmalähte, kuna nena - sige rodnik, kuna käzi - sihe harav, kuna döug - sihe kouk {?} , kuna perze - sihe turbaz)], 11 [when dying, the mother tells her son and daughter to live together; the brother married Baba Yaga's daughter; she stabbed a cow, a stallion, accused her husband's sister, he does not pay attention; when stabbed her own baby, her brother took her sister to the forest, cut off her arms and legs; God gave her arms and legs; she came to her brother unrecognized, told her story; brother tied his wife to the stallion's tail; where a leg fell - there is a poker, where the hand is a rake, where the ass is there is turf, where the head is there is a rock, where the vulva is there is a swamp, where the eye is - there is a window in the swamp (kuna döug - sihe kohk, kuna käzi - sihe harav, kuna perze - sihe turbaz, kuna pä - sihe kalli, kuna po - sihe so, kuna silm - sihe silmlähte)]: 42-51, 69-71; (cf. Seto [when dying, parents tell their son and daughter not to marry or marry; the son's godfather is St. Mary, and her daughter has St. Nicholas; the son still takes his wife, moves his sister to the closet; the wife decides to lime her; kills piglets, tells her husband that his sister did it; the sister swears to St. Nikolai, who is innocent; the same when the wife killed sheep; cows; horses; then killed her newborn child; then the brother took her sister to the forest and cut off her hands, hung them around her neck; sister came to a wealthy house, there are apple trees, she began to eat apples; the old woman noticed asking her merchant son to guard the thief; he grabbed the girl, persuaded her mother to leave her in the house; the mother gave her son a hundred rubles to find a wife; he He spent the money, did not find a suitable bride; so three times; then his mother told him to take the handless; the son left on business, his mother wrote to him that his wife had given birth to a girl; she sent a letter through his friend, and this was just right there was a handless brother; his wife found the letter, replaced him with another, writing that his wife gave birth to a puppy; answering, the husband tells him to wait for him to return; the evil sister replaces the letter again, telling the puppy to hang it from his neck daughters-in-law and drive her out; mother-in-law hung the baby with her severed hands, which seemed alive; the woman came to the sea, asked God to pick her up, wanted to throw herself into the sea; an old man came out she stuck her hands, she took the child in them; came to her brother, he did not recognize her; her husband was there; she began to tell her story; her brother's wife tried in vain to prevent her; she was tied to the horse's tail ( huu hanna otsa) and let her go around the world; a blue stone and a walnut bush beat her for another nine years until nothing was left of her (voolits' tõist viil perrä ütesä aastakka kooni ar lõppi)]: Sandra 2004:226-231).

Volga - Perm. Kazan Tatars [two girls had a sick mother; when their father went to the mosque, the girls started playing; their mother asked for water, but they did not hear her; she prayed: "Oh God, if only I could become a cuckoo" ; turned into a cuckoo, flew away; the girls ran after her; springs appeared where their tears fell, and where blood was dripping from their legs, the leaves turned red]: Gilyazutdinov 2015, No. 280:276; Bashkirs : Barag 1888, No. 3 [Alar Khan and Bulyar Khan agreed to marry children if a son and daughter are born; a giant son Alpamysh was born, but his father died, and father Barsyn did not want to give her to A.; B. left, promising marry the one who would defeat her in the fight; began to live on a hill, rolling huge stones on those who came to marry her; A. threw a stone with his foot, fought B. for 7 days, won, married her; her parents and brother refused to accept a wedding gift from his son-in-law; A. began to prepare for battle; promises horse shepherd Koltoba property and a wife for a heroic horse; having obtained a horse, he regrets what he promised, forced K. abandon his promise; when A. was sleeping, the enemies threw him into a hole, locked his horse in a stone shed; A. made a dombra from a board that had fallen into the pit; the daughters of the enemy khan heard him and began to bring bread to A.; A. asks the geese to carry the letter; they refuse because he exterminated them; the lonely goose agrees, B. finds out about A.'s fate; the enemy khan's daughters pulled A. out, who killed him and his soldiers; the shepherd replies that A. was angry, and the herds belonged to Uncle K.; A. killed him; the same with the second shepherd; the third grieves for A., who opens up to him, showing him the golden moon on his crown; under the guise of that shepherd, A. came to K.; B. demands that anyone who wants to marry her pull a bow A.; A. pulled, B. hugged him; A. asks K. if he wants 40 mares that have never been killed or 40 sledges of firewood; he wants mares, he has been tied to them tails; the place where his head touched became a hummock, and where his tears flowed became a lake]: 45-51; Bessonov 1941, No. 37 (Zlatoust) [7 sons went hunting for 7 seas; daughter was born after they left, she went to look for them; the father then went to the cart, as fast as the wind, the bull, the rooster and the maid; quietly put a chip and three spits on it; they speak in her voice; the maid tells the girl to swim, puts on her clothes, the girl cries; the mother's voice tells her to return the clothes, threatens to cut the maid's head; the girl sings: scream, rooster, roar, bull; everything repeats itself; when the maid is dressed as a girl, the rooster is not screams, the bull does not roar, the cart does not go; in the fourth sea, the spitting is over, the maid began to beat the girl, she has to tell the cart to go; the brothers mistook the maid for the sister, and the sister was sent to watch threshing floor; she sings, complains, brothers hear, ask questions, went to the market; the brothers' wives do not like their sister, but love the maid; they wrapped her sister in bull skin, put her under the bridge, and dressed up the maid again; When crossing the bridge, the brothers heard the sister's voice; they ask the wives and the maid: do you need 40 carts of firewood or a piebald mare? they want a mare; they were tied to their tail; where their heads touched the ground, marsh hummocks formed, where their backs were lakes]: 204-207; Khusainova 2014 [(the endings of three more similar texts are given - evil a woman tied to a mare's tail); 1) where the old woman's head touched the ground, mountains appeared, where her back was lakes; 2) where her back touched the ground, the mountain range, where her hair was hairy hummocks, where her eyes were lakes; 3) where hair touched the ground, hummocks formed, where the back was mountains, where the back side was lakes]: 103-104.

Western Siberia. Northern Mansi (Severnaya Sosva, West. E. Kuzakova) [Mos-ne is lonely; went to the boat, a seven-headed menkv sat aft; says she will not cause harm; disappeared; M. drove up to the cemetery, there is a man in a fresh grave, his ears are covered; M. cleaned her ears, the man came to life; the ex-wife of the Por-ne man came and began to dance; the man told her to feed the children; P. began to cry; Usyr-Oyr-Oika came up, P. whispered something, she covered the man's ears again, left; M. revived the man again; he and his son tied one leg of P. to a white lodasha, the other to a black one, tore it in half; on one part the forest grew, a river appeared on the other; the man married M. P.'s children live with them; menkv took M. to heaven, she lives with Num-Torum; menkv does not allow her to look down; M. once looked at her village, children and husband on earth; menkv let her go; the children have already grown up, M. continued to live with her husband]: Lukina 1990, No. 128:336-337; Northern Khanty (Sherkal dialect) [husband and wife bought their son and daughter a toy - an iron horse; the horse destroyed the city and killed the couple; the children hid under the floor; the horse asks where they are; the comb, the flint, the skin scraper do not answer, it breaks them; leaves; the cow tells me to sit on it, takes it to the sea, tells her to slaughter it there, wrap it guts, get into her stomach; the horse chases, the sister throws flint (fire), the crest (the forest), the whetstone (the mountain), the flint again (the horse burned down); brother and sister killed the cow, woke up in the house, there are many food; they live on an island; a dog jumps out of a ball of foam; tells his brother that his sister will send him for fox milk; his sister sends him - he will recover from the milk; the fox gave milk: if his sister does not drink, give it to my cub; my sister did not drink, the fox drank; the same with the blue fox; the dog to the young man: the sister hid the iron horse under your bed, lie down on the side; next time wolverine's milk and cub, you have to lie back to bed, and under the bunk there will be an iron horse; then a wolf; a bear; a horse under the threshold; in front of the doorstep; the sister sends him into the house behind seven locks; there the old man lets the animals through, closes the door; the young man returns alone; his sister tells him to wash in the bathhouse and then the iron horse will kill him; the bird reports three times that the animals are digging an underground passage; the animals have come and killed an iron horse; brother he nailed his sister's hands to the floor, vessels near his eyes: if necessary, his vessel must be filled with tears, and if an iron horse, then hers; the brother married the king's daughter; took his sister to him; she put him an iron horse's tooth in bed, his brother died; he was buried in an iron coffin; the animals dug, broke it; the dog found a crow's nest: bring the grass of life, otherwise I'll eat eggs; the crow brought, the dog crushed one the egg, restored it with grass; revived the young man; he let the animals go, left only the dog; tied his sister to two sledges, tore it with horses; threw one leg into the forest, from which a swamp willow grew, the other on a hill, a forest tree has grown; brother lives well (with his wife)]: Steinitz 2014, No. 28:169-185; Southern Khanty (Irtysh) [hero ("A Strong Hero Like Swamp Cloudberry") refused to leave with his brothers and he was left alone to fight against seven brothers; he won six and defeated the seventh; the brothers took off his armor, sewed him in 7 horse skins, tied him to the tail of a winged horse; where he fell violently, he was born big rubbish (lake), where little rubbish is weak; in the village of 7 brothers, men and women beat the hero for a long time, are preparing to kill; the unmarried sister of 7 brothers frees him, brings him together with her grandmother home, washes; he regains strength; each of the brothers comes in, sees his naked sister, spits and leaves; as the house falls apart (the door, wall, corner of the house fall behind the departed); 7 brothers call the hero to competition; he easily wins target shooting and high jumps; tames a stallion by quilting him with silver, copper, iron bars, then hits him on the head with a hammer; drinks vodka with his wife's brothers; the hero's own brothers come; he sends his wife to get water; when she returns, the whole village is destroyed, her house and her older brother's house remain; the hero takes his wife to him]: Patkanov 1999, No. 1: 242-250; Southern Selkups: Lukina 2004, No. 2.17 [the wife is dead, the devil forced the old man to marry her; stepdaughter herds a cow, the king's son goes to her; the devil sends a two-eyed daughter, stepdaughter She put her to sleep; then sent her three-eyed; stepdaughter poked her eye on the back of her head with a needle, but did not put her to sleep; her stepmother ordered the cow to be slaughtered; the stepdaughter begged her head and hooves, buried and grew an apple tree; the king's son asks for apples, they are not given to stepmother's daughters; stepdaughter gave apples, the royal son asks her for his wife; the devil locked her under a trough in the basement; instead of her she dressed up Three-eyed; the rooster screams where the bride is; the prince went to the basement, and the girl turned into a sparrow, flew away; I had to take the Three-Eye; a birch tree grew under the window, a bird on it, the prince feeds her from a golden plate, but does not sleep with his wife; the devil tells cut down and burn a birch tree; a spark fell on the seashore, a house with images of animals appeared; the prince's son, "wearing his native skin", flies, hears his father (i.e. prince) talking with a three-eyed eye; she already blasphemes a miracle seen, reports a new one; 1) a house with images of animals, 2) a killer whale on a birch tree, gold is pouring from his mouth; the prince brings his son, he tells everything; returned his true wife and son, tied the false wife and son to two horses; she shouts: Where my blood falls, let the spike grow, where the pieces of meat are, the boyar will grow; whoever cuts his hand will feel good]: 58-62; Pelikh 1972 (b. Tym) [the text is confused, the informant does not remember everything; everyone died in the village, there is only one hunter girl left, went on a journey; a stump hits, a frog jumps out of there, calls to her; the girl was well prepared, and the frog didn't give a damn about the stove - it's not tasty; they go look for grooms, the frog took the girl's ceilings; she tells them; pull one leg here, and if you don't come back, then tear it apart; the frog had to do it all return; grooms water horses by the ice-hole; frog: the silk leash will be mine, and the leather leash will be yours; girl: you are silent, or I'll finish you off in your trough (she was driving in the trough); after the wedding to the frog it is enviable that the girl is more loved; offers to look for the girl in her head, sticks a wire in her ear; the girl was buried with the ring on her finger; her dog dug her up and revived her (exactly how the informant does not remember); the girl threw the ring from hand to hand, ordered the palace to appear; gave birth to a child; tells her husband to remove the frog, otherwise she will not return to him; she was torn in half by horses and burned; the head became a marsh hummock, mosquitoes came out of the smoke]: 348-349.

Eastern Siberia. Central Yakuts (Western 1950, 2nd Nakharinsky Nasleg of Megino-Kangalassky Ulus) [old Bayberikeen with five cows saw a golden and silver stem of grass grow after the rain; B. she dug it up, brought it into the house, the stalk became a baby girl, she grew up quickly; Harajin Mergen's arrow hit B.'s house, he went in, B.'s daughter fired an arrow; HM fell in love, took the bride, told her to chase what he had taken the cattle with her, went to relatives himself; the wife meets an old woman, whose half head seems to be scorched, the house is half a house, the stove is half a stove, etc.; began to take out the young lice, blew, deprived of her senses, threw off her senses into the ice abyss, put on her clothes, came to her husband's house; she does not take off her clothes, says that her mother tells her to take it off at the end of the month; when the new month has come, HM and his imaginary wife come to B., and she has a new daughter; in the evening begins to tell her story; XM rips the skin off his imaginary wife's face, it's iron with one icy eye; XM asks if she wants a springy palm tree or an immense stallion; she chooses stallion; he scattered it to dust; drops of syphilis turned into willow trees, drops of blood into squeaky trees, drops of fat into oak trees (oak does not grow in Yakutia}, brain into talc trees; this was Jage Baaba {Yaga Baba - Russian borrowing}; XM's house is completely ruined; he asks how to get his real wife back, he is told to ask for daughter B. again, this is the same girl; the girl refuses, then agrees; abundance returns]: Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 18:195-219.