Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B110A. The falling one turns into snow and wind.. 16.29.31.

A character who is dragged on the ground or falls from the sky turns into atmospheric phenomena.

Germans (Pfalz), Lithuanians, Lezgins, Tabasarans.

Western Europe. The Germans (Pfalz) [Schönwerth 1857-1859, Bd. 2:108f; Selamina admired her daughter's beauty, considered her equal to St. Virgo; decided to take her to heaven, but in the middle of the journey she was thrown off and separated from her daughter; they did not reach the ground, but were in the air; the howling of the wind is their voices]: Balzamo, Kaiser 2004, No. 25:42.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Lezgins [an angel in a dream tells the poor man that he should send one of his three daughters to heaven as a shepherd; only the youngest agrees; dressed in men's clothes, the wind lifted her and the dog to the sky from the top of the mountain; the father and son have sheep in the sky; the father says that the boy, the son suspects that the girl; she withstands all the tests (hit the target, the dog changed the violets at night - violets will wither under the woman, but not under the man); seven years later she was released; from the sky the young man saw that she was still a girl; on the holiday everyone swung on a swing, the dog did not let the girl in, but she sat on them, the swing took her back to heaven; she had to marry; her mother-in-law did not give her keys; fell asleep, the girl took the keys, began to open the rooms; in one jug in which the moon, sun, rain, wind; she I took off the lid, saw the ground where my mother and father jumped into this jug; flew and turned into the sun's rays; the guy jumped into a jug of snow out of grief, turned into snowflakes]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 20:235- 237 (=Khalidova 2012, No. 10:37-39); Tabasarans [father confesses to his daughter that Galigambar (“a formidable giant”, but the name Kambar goes back to the name of Ali's servant in the Shiite tradition, p. 225) calls him to heaven 7 days to herd sheep; daughter goes instead of him, wearing men's clothes and taking a talking dog; 7 days in heaven — 7 months; the dog helps the girl remain unrecognized by eavesdropping and telling her what they are talking about celestials; a girl enters one house; the owner shows her all rooms except one; she steals keys, unlocks the room; there are vessels, rain falling to the ground in one, snow in the other, the sun in the third; seventh, she sees her parents harvesting crops in the field; she called out to them, but they warn her not to go down; she begins to go down the chain (or rope), but the chain is broken, the girl turns into snow crystals; when snow shines in the sun, these are the body particles of a girl who fell from the sky]: Khalidova 2012, No. 9:35.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2013, No. 93 [9 brothers have left, Elyana's sister is at home, she has a coachman bunny; laume calls to swim: there is a wine well in the middle of the river, at the edge of silk; bunny: a blood well and algae; laume consistently comes out, tears off the bunny's leg, then his head; turns himself into a flea, E. into a louse: whoever comes out of the water faster will put on clothes; a flea is faster than a lice; laume takes the place of E., and that he grazes the horse and sings: laume is sitting at the table, and E. herds the horse; the brothers heard it, returned his sister; they smeared the horse's stomach with resin, glued the laume, the horse smashed it to shreds; when the snow shines in the sun, it glitters fat laume], 94 [when going to war, 9 brothers tell their mother to hang out an ax if a son is born (then they won't come), a spinning wheel if her daughter (then they come); laume-ragana replaced the spinning wheel with an ax; her sister grew up went to her brothers; laume ragana followed her in a trough drawn by a pig; persuaded the girl to get off and wash her face, drove off in her wagon wearing her clothes; the brothers mistook her for a sister, and sent her sister to herd horses; she sings about what happened, her older brother understood; her sister was returned, the laume-ragana was tied to a harrow and the horse was released; the gleam of snow in the winter in the sun is her scattered bones]: 208-210, 210-213; Lebite 1965 [Sigute's brother went to war; her stepmother gives her a bundle of tow, tells her to hide and sew a shirt; a black cow swallows a tow, spits out her shirt; stepmother spies on her daughter, stepmother decides to burn S., otherwise brother S. will return, take revenge; fills the hole under the threshold with hot coals, sprinkles it with earth; the black dog warns S. every time not to go there; her stepmother breaks her paw every day, then pulls out her tongue; on the sixth day, S. failed, burned down; the cow licked the ashes, the duck flew out, told his returning brother about the incident; he smeared his horse with tar, told his stepmother to push him, she stuck with her arms and legs , head; brother tells the horse to scatter her stepmother's bones across the field; snow is her bones turn white]: 84-90.