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B115B. The victim turns into viburnum. (.28.)

One brother kills another, or one sister kills another, or brother kills sister. Viburnum or another shrub with red berries grows in this place.

Ukrainians (Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Podolia, Chernihiv, Poltava, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk), (Russians).

(Wed. The Balkans. Romanians (Moldova) [viburnum grew out of Noah's blood when he cut (cut off?) yourself a finger building an ark]: Niculiţă-Voronca 2008 (1) :34).

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Ivano-Frankovskaya, p. Stary Kosov, Kosovo District) [Husband and wife, they have two daughters. Grandfather's daughter is hard-working and friendly, babina is rude and lazy. Grandfather and woman gathered for three or four days at the market. They order their grandfather's daughter to chop wood, burn the stove, cook food, clean the house and take care of the cow while they are away. And a woman's daughter should sit down and weave a cloth. Grandfather's daughter goes to the yard, does everything her grandfather told her to do. Babina's daughter lies down on the stove and gets warm, does not want to get up and weave. Grandfather's daughter tells Babina that her father and mother will arrive soon, it's time to weave the paintings. Babina says she can't and doesn't want to, and asks to weave for her. Grandfather's daughter replies that their parents will bring something to both of them, and she also needs to work. She says she doesn't want to, let her grandfather poke. A quarrel begins. Babina's daughter takes a knife and kills her sister, buries her daughter near her house under viburnum. Grandfather and woman come and see that the house has been cleaned, but the canvas is not woven. They ask where my sister is. The daughter replies that she went to the forest for firewood and did not return. They go to the forest to look for it, they don't find it and they come Grandpa is crying. One day, a young man returns from military service, goes to bed under the viburnum, cuts a pipe out of a branch. She blows at her and says, "Play, play, young man, ask to go home for the night, tell mom and dad what my sister did to me, how she buried me in the ground under viburnum." He's scared. He sees a hut nearby. She comes in, says hello and asks to spend the night. The girl tells her parents not to let anyone in, but her father lets her. They let him eat dinner. He says he carved a pipe out of viburnum and would like their daughter to play it. She is sitting on the stove and doesn't want to get off. But her father and mother pull her off the stove, make her play, the pipe sings: "Play, play, twist, open your soul, sister, tell mom and dad how you stuck a knife in my heart, you killed me out of the light." The father and mother understand where the grandfather's daughter went, and they begin to ask Babina how it happened. She confesses to being expelled from home]: Zinchuk 2008, vol. 3, No. 87:252-253; Ukrainians [Husband and wife, they have three daughters. The two elders like to dress up and visit guests, the youngest stays at home and helps her mother, does not argue with her sisters, and is inferior to them in everything. The father is going to the fair, asking his daughters what gifts to bring them. The two older ones want earrings and rings, the youngest sits silently in the corner. Her father asks her what to bring her. The girl says she doesn't need anything. My father tries, she asks me to buy her a silver saucer and a bulk apple, and not buy anything else. My father promises to buy everything and leaves. He was lucky at the fair, he received a lot of money and started buying gifts. I quickly found everything for my eldest daughters, the youngest will not find a silver saucer and a bulk apple anywhere. People either laugh or wonder, he wants to come back without a gift, but when he leaves town, he suddenly hears a song: "Roll, roll, bullseye, on a silver saucer!" She looks around, and a beggar sits under the wattle fence, and a bulk apple rolls next to her on a silver saucer. She agrees to sell for what they give. The father gives a generous gift to the old lady. At home, the older sisters interrupt each other and ask him what he brought them, and the youngest greets her father, brings him to wash, sets the table, but does not ask about the hotel. The father gives gifts to everyone. The elders try them on and argue, and the youngest sat down in a corner and sings slowly: "Roll, roll, bullseye, on a silver saucer, show me an apple, and you, a silver saucer, and mountains and heights and skies beauty, and blue seas and green fields!..." She sings, and a liquid apple rolls on a silver platter, and every wonder appears on a silver platter: ships sail in the blue sea, groves make noise between the fields, and marvelous people walk in wonderful cities. The father is interested, invites his wife and neighbors to see him. Sisters come running, see their sister fun, throw away their gifts and want to take her gift for themselves. Dad doesn't allow this to be done, just as they don't cry or argue. They harbor their anger and agree to kill their younger sister. When strawberries are ripe, they persuade them to go pick berries and take a saucer and an apple with them so that when they pick the berries, they show them. They pick berries, sit down to rest, and the younger sister starts rolling her apple on a saucer. One of the sisters stabs her in the heart with a knife, then they dig a hole with that knife, bury her younger sister, tear off her bloody clothes and throw pieces across the forest. They come home at night crying that their sister is offended by them and they could not find her. The father and neighbors find bloody shreds, decide that the girl was torn apart by wolves. Autumn is coming, the Chumaks are returning from Crimea and traveling through that forest. One is good at playing the flute, sees a beautiful viburnum bush on the mound, and decides to make a pipe out of a branch. He starts playing, the pipe is pushing, crying, saying: "Little by little, chumachok, play, don't hit my heart completely! My sisters killed me, killed me from the light, and stabbed me in my heart." The Chumaks hear and say that there must be some reason, they decide to go to the village and find out what happened here. They go to the village where the girl comes from, and they stay overnight in the largest courtyard, and this is exactly her father's yard. The owner invites the Chumaks to dinner, asks where they were and what they saw. The Chumatsky chieftain says that they traveled around the world a lot, saw a lot of divas, but they haven't seen anyone like this in the forest before. The owner asks what a wonder there is in the forest, because how long he lives, he has not heard how wonderful they were in the forest. He talks about the flute and tells Chumak to play. The pipe sings. The father is amazed, takes a pipe from Chumak, puts it on his lips, she sings and calls him his native father. They give a pipe to a mother, she calls her mom. The father realizes what happened, but he wants the older sisters to play the flute, they don't want to, they hide in the stove, grab the pipe, don't let themselves be pulled off, they are pulled together and forcibly applied to their lips pipe. She plays to everyone: "Little by little, my own sister, play, don't hit my heart completely! You killed me, killed me out of the light, and stabbed me in my heart." The sisters are forced to tell us how they envied their younger sister for an apple and a saucer, how they lured her into the forest, and how they killed her. Chumaks are baptized, parents are grieving and crying. In the morning, the whole village goes to the forest with their parents and chumaks, and the sisters show where they buried their younger sister, this is exactly the mound on which the viburnum grew. The grave is being dug up, and a girl lies in it, so nice and fresh as if she were buried yesterday. Parents are pushing. The Chumatsky chieftain takes out two bottles of living and dead water from his wallet, which he brought from Crimea, waters the girl. She pours dead water - the wound in the heart grows together, wateres it alive - the girl comes to life. Everyone is happy. The older sisters are immediately tried and sentenced to be buried in the same hole from which the younger sister got up. She begged to be forgiven]: Domontovich 1947:36-42; Ukrainians (Nebilov, Rozhnyatovsky District, Ivano-Frankivsk Region) [Grandfather's daughter is hard-working, babina is lazy. Daughters go to the woods for berries. Grandfather picks berries, babina does not collect berries. We should go home in the evening. Babina takes her grandfather's berries and kills her with a knife. He buries him and goes home. When asked by his grandfather, he says that his daughter was eaten by a wolf. Viburnum grows in the place where Babina's daughter buried her grandfather. One day Cossacks go and sit under that viburnum to rest. One Cossack is surprised at the beauty of viburnum, cuts out a pipe for himself, plays, the pipe says: "Oh little by little, shepherd, play, don't completely hit my heart, my sister killed me from the light, stuck a knife in my heart." Cossacks go to the village. They give my grandfather to play. The grandfather plays, the pipe calls him father, gives him to the woman, the pipe calls her mother. They give the girl, the pipe says: "Oh little by little, murderer, play, don't hit my heart completely, you, sister, killed me out of the light, stuck a knife in my heart." Babina's daughter is tied to the tail of a horse, she dies]: Zinchuk 2006, No. 31:130-131; Ukrainians (Podolia) [Brother kills brother for killing a wild boar, elderberry grows on the grave, which tells about crime]: Sheykovsky 1860:9-10; Ukrainians (Bakumovka, Mirgorod District, Poltava Region) [Husband and wife live poorly but amicably; they have a beautiful daughter, Kilina. Where she appears, birds begin to sing, flowers bloom, and people rejoice. My mother fell ill and died. The father takes his stepmother with daughter Hotina, who is lazy and capricious. She and her stepmother hate K., put all the work on her shoulders, but K. does everything with the song. One day they go to the forest for berries. K. picks every last berry, H., seeing that K.'s basket is full and envious of its beauty, kills it and buries it by the stream. She takes the berry basket herself and goes home. Her father is told that K. was angry with her for picking up a basket full of berries and left, saying that she would not return home. The father grieves but thinks that his daughter will find her happiness. Birds and flowers mourn according to K. The sheepdog stops by the stream, sees a bush with red berries that he had never seen before, berries like drops of blood. He cut out the pipe, played, the pipe answered in a gentle voice: "Oh little by little, shepherd, play, don't hit my heart completely, my sister killed me out of the light, stuck a knife in my heart." Ovchar is surprised, comes to K.'s parents' house. Hearing the pipe, the father asks to let me play, and the pipe calls him father. His wife also wants to play; the pipe calls her stepmother. They offer Hotina to play, she refuses for a long time, then starts playing, the pipe cries and moans: "Oh little by little, murderer, play, don't completely hit my heart, you killed me out of the light, a knife in my heart stuck it." The father comes to the bush, admires it, saying: "You are my Kilinka, my you are Kalinka", falls beside him. It is buried near a bush called viburnum, it now grows everywhere, loves streams, its berries are healthy, and it is used to make flutes. Not everyone can play on such a flute, only a kind person. People curse Hotina. Where she appears, the birds stop singing, the sun hides behind the clouds, and the streams dry up. This is how she dies, no one buries her, eagles carry her bones]: Zinchuk 2010, No. 238:276-277; Ukrainians (Recorded by artist Lev Zhemchuzhnikov in the village. Linovitsa Piryatinsky u. Poltava governorate) [Once upon a time there was a grandfather and a woman, a grandfather had a daughter and a woman had a daughter. They went to the oak grove for berries. Grandfather's daughter collects and collects, collects a full bowl, and the woman will eat whoever takes the berry. My grandfather's daughter invited her sister to go home and share it. They're walking along the road. Babina's daughter invites her sister to lie down to rest. They lay down. Grandfather's daughter, tired, falls asleep, babina takes a knife, pierces her heart, buries her. At home, she boasts how many berries she picked. The grandfather asks where she took his daughter. Babina's daughter replies that she is walking behind. Chumaks (salt merchants) come and decide to rest. They see a grave above the road, and on it a beautiful viburnum. A pipe is cut out of it. One chumak started playing, and the pipe said: Oh little by little, little, chumachok, play, don't hit my heart completely, my sister brought me out of the light - she stuck a knife in my heart. Others say it means something if the viburnum pipe says so. They come to the village and find themselves with that grandfather. They ask to spend the night, and for this they will tell them what happened to them. When they enter the house, one asks the other to start playing. The pipe says. My grandfather is surprised what kind of pipe is that he plays so beautifully that he already wants to cry. He wants to play. The pipe refers to him like a priest. The woman from the stove asks me to play. The pipe treats her like a mother. Babina's daughter is sitting in the corner on the stove, afraid that they will find out. My grandfather tells her to give it to play. The pipe sings: Oh little by little, murderer, play, don't hit my heart completely, you, sister, drove me out of the light - you stuck a knife in my heart. Everyone will know what happened. A memorial dinner is given for the grandfather's daughter, and the woman is tied to the horse's tail and carried across the field]: Kulish 1957b: 20-23; Ukrainians (Romanovka Novograd-Volynsky y. Volyn Gubernia) [Three brothers, two clever, and the third is a fool, they have golden apples in their garden that a boar is used to. A father sends his sons to guard. The elder goes, does not wait, falls asleep. A boar comes, digs, eats an apple, leaves. Dad gets up, counts apples, there's no one. He sends the middle man, he waits, he falls asleep. A boar comes, digs, eats an apple, leaves. Dad gets up, counts apples, but there's no one again. The fool says he'll go. My father doubts him. The fool asks for a gun. The father does not want to, the fool takes it himself, goes to watch. He breaks the thorns, stumbles them around them, sits. When he sleeps, he stabs him. He hears a boar coming. Only he wants to dig, a fool shoots at him. Brothers hear and come. They see that the boar is lying and they say that they will get it now. The elder suggests killing a fool, burying it in a hole and saying that they killed a boar. They kill, bury them in a hole, take a wild boar themselves, go, wake their father up, say they sit on the doorstep, when suddenly a boar comes and they kill him. The master is driving, seeing that a beautiful viburnum has grown on the mound. He gets out, walks, cuts, makes a pipe and plays. She plays and sings herself: "Play, master, play, just don't hurt my heart! My brother killed me, my brother buried me, but because of the wild boar he dug in the kindergarten." I went to the tavern, where the father of the victim was. Pan says he was driving, cutting a pipe, and she was playing herself. Dad takes him, plays, she calls him dad. She brings her home, lets her mother play. Dudka calls her mom. Dad lets his brothers play, but they don't. He orders. The youngest takes it, the pipe calls him brother. The father lets the eldest who killed him play, he doesn't want to, the father yells at him. He takes it and plays: "Play, brother, play, just don't hurt my heart! You killed me, you buried me because of the wild boar you dug in the kindergarten." Dad wants us to take you to where he killed him. My brother is driving. They dig up, bury the dead in the cemetery, tie the older brother to the stallion, who even breaks his bones; (also No. 160, Chernihiv Gubernia. - The fairy tale is completely identical to No. 56, they only sing: "By little boy, master, play, don't hit my heart completely: that brother killed me, stuck a knife in my heart, because of the veprik who dug in the garden"]: Rudchenko 1869, No. 56:159-161; Ukrainians (Dnipropetrovsk region, Mezhevsky district, Mikolayivka) [Brother and sister Ivanko and Hannusya live. They are orphans and their parents are long dead. Hannusya grows up to be beautiful. She doesn't like any of the boys. One day, Chumaks drive through the village, going to Crimea for salt, and stop in the village. Among them is Petro, a handsome Cossack boy. Hannusya sees him and falls in love. They meet in secret. Brother Ivan finds out about this, lures Peter into the forest and kills him. The girl finds out about this, cries for a long time, tells Ivan that she will tell the Cossacks that he killed Peter. To prevent this, Ivan kills his sister and buries him in the forest by the road. The Cossacks are waiting for Peter, they decide that they and Gannusya have fled somewhere together and are going to Crimea. At the place where Ivan buried Gannusya, a viburnum bush grows, in spring it blooms white like a bride, and in autumn it has bunches as red as blood. It takes several years. Cossacks are coming to the village again. One Cossack sees a beautiful viburnum bush, cuts off a branch from it and makes a pipe. She just puts her singing in Gannusin's voice to her lips: "Oh little by little, Cossack, play, don't hit my heart completely, my brother killed me, killed me from the light for the Cossack who killed me in the forest." The Cossacks will find out where their Petro went. They take a pipe and go to Ivan as if to visit him. They're asking him to play with them. Ivan, unwittingly, puts a pipe to his lips, she plays: "Oh little by little, brother, play, don't hit my heart completely, you killed me, killed me from the light, for my sweet Peter in the forest killed." Ivan is scared. He throws the pipe and confesses everything]: Zinchuk 2011 (vol. 35), No. 236:296-297; Ukrainians (Filiopol, Khmelnitsky district, Vinnytsia region) [There is a poor family in the village: father, mother and son. The son grows up, goes looking for happiness, sees a viburnum bush on the edge. He sits under him to rest. Viburnum gently rustles with twigs, as if she wants to tell something. The young man carves a pipe out of viburnum and plays. The pipe says in a human voice: "Oh little by little, young man, play, don't hit my heart completely, my sister killed me out of the light, stuck a knife in my heart." The young man reaches the village and tells people about a strange adventure. They tell him about the tragedy that took place where viburnum grew. Babina's daughter, envious of her grandfather's beauty and hard work, killed her and buried her in the forest. A viburnum bush grew in the place where the girl's blood was shed]: Zinchuk 2010 (vol. 30), No. 89:102; (cf. Poles [a childless woman asks Jesus to be remembered; he turned her into a viburnum whose berries resemble proszącej cheeks]: Krzyżanowski 1963, No. 2639:188); (cf. Russians (without reference to the source) [in a Russian fairy tale, two sisters kill a third "for a rattle and a trinket", and a bush grows on the grave of the victim]: Sheykovsky 1860:10).