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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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B16. Salt water: body secretions, A1115. (.

The water of the sea, rivers, etc. arises from or is polluted by liquid flowing out of the body of a living being; therefore, it is salty or opaque.

North Africa. Arabs (?) Morocco (Essaouira) [the sea told the earth it was stronger, threatened to flood it; God sent a malaria mosquito that drank the sea; the sea apologized; God told the mosquito to pour the sea back; then it became salty]: Thay Thay 2001, No. 12:15-16; the Berbers of Morocco (Nador) [Noah told his wife to fill the stove with clean water only, not slop; she filled it with salty broth; the water poured in, formed a sea, there was a flood; there was no salt water before]: Thay Thay 2001, No. 13:16-17.

Western Europe. The Bretons [The sun went down to earth, people were dying from the heat; God sent all his saints, they began to write, the Sun returned to heaven not to drown; the sea has been salty ever since]: Kabakova 1998, No. 2:11-12.

Australia. Murngin [Wallaby refused to remove the lice from the Cockroach; the angry Cockroach wrote to the fresh sea, making it salty; Wallaby ran into the bush, becoming an animal]: Waterman 1987, No. 2270:76; Tiwi : Waterman 1987, No. 159 [the big and black Sun Woman (pukwi) came out of heaven; created land, sea, island, animals, trees, rivers; when she sat as a turtle in a freshwater pond, her Heron and fish noticed; the Heron killed her, her urine made seawater salty; the woman became the Sun, walks back the Milky Way at night; she stops at zenith and makes a fire, so at noon on earth hot], 2275 (1) [two people harpooned fish in the swamp, one accidentally pierced her mother; she threw herself into the sea, her urine made the water salty, she jabiru; fishermen a bald eagle and an osprey], 2275 (2) [ a man mistook a woman for a fish and pierced her with a harpoon; she wet herself, the sea water became salty; she became jabiru, and people had to go inland for fresh water]: 30, 76.

Melanesia. Dauan [the fruit fell, breaking the crab shell; the mollusk cut the fruit in half with its shell; the fire began to burn the mollusk, the water flooded the fire, the quail drank the water, the arrow pierced the quail, the water poured out; while turtle hunters damaged one of them's gallbladder, the bile got into the water, so the sea formed]: Wirz 1932:294; Saibai [the fruit fell on the crab, which asked the mollusk to cut its fruit with a sink; the fruit asked the Fire to burn the mollusk; the mollusk to fill the fire with water, the fire asked the jellyfish to drink water, the water asked Kimus (any sharp object) to pierce the jellyfish, it pierced, the water poured out, filled the sea again; at this time, turtle hunters damaged the turtle's gallbladder, bile made the sea water salty]: Laade 1970:273-274; Gazelle Peninsula, Bining, Bougainville [grandmother cooks for grandchildren eat in plain water, and for themselves in sea water or urine; they spy, open a hole, and water gushes from there to form the sea]: Speiser 1944:49; Aoba [woman forbids two grandchildren to go home; there she always urinates in a large leaf; grandchildren shoot lizards, an arrow hits a leaf, water pours out to form a sea]: Codrington 1891, No. 8:372-373.

Taiwan - Philippines. Ilocan [Añgalo and Aran are the first anthropomorphic couple, giants; Añgalo created the world by order of the supreme deity (nothing is known about him); at first the earth is flat, there was no sea; he He scratched the surface of the earth with his fingers, valleys and mountains appeared; his urine filled the sea; his spits turned into people; he put them in bamboo, threw them into the sea; bamboo sailed to the coast of Iloko, came out of it man and woman, became the ancestors of ilocans]: Yabes 1958:221.

SV Asia. Kereki [mice are rolling down the hill; this is the yaranga where the Kala woman lives; she sews; something blocks the light; she thinks it's her cheek, eats it; then the second cheek is the same; when she sees mice, put them in a bag, hung them in yaranga on the upper crossbar; a fox lives next to her daughter Imyna; went to wander, hears crying; mice teach: in order for the bag to fall, you must promise to fill it with mouse oil; the fox released the mice, was left alone, who died; the fox filled the bag with shiksha branches; told the mice to go home; let everyone migrate, leaving the sheep's carcass in its original place; tells Ymynne to cook at home alder bark; feces returned with firewood; got an answer from the stone who released the mice; the fox says she is sick; gives tiny alder feces, says it's a disease, asks you to go to the mountain and throw it away there ; she came up from behind and pushed the feces off the cliff; eiders are swimming on the ice floes; the fox asks her to take a boat ride; they say that the boat will disappear; seagulls take; the seagull has fitted the fox's wings; tells her not to sneeze, when the sun rises; the fox sneezed, fell into the sea; swam on a log to the shore; went to bed with her eyes out and velv to guard her; the old Kala got out of the abyss, poured water on her sleeping room; the fox became angry to my eyes for not guarding them well, I ate them; went to look for new ones; my eyes made of berries are not suitable, everything is red around; made new ones from ice floes; shot at a sleeping bear; she offers to cure him hot stones; the bear died; the fox's daughters ate meat; the fox imposed the vertebrae on a rope, tied a sleeping wolf to the tail; shouted that he was being chased by toothy fanged; the wolf cut off his tail on bushes; my grandmother sewed a new one, but it was no longer fluffy; and the parts of the fluffy fox ordered her daughters to sew; now the tip of the fox's tail is white and the fox is black; the sea used to be transparent; after the fox fell into it, it became salty and muddy]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 116:364-371.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos [The raven and his wife created Alaska from a long waist knife, some islands from the scabbard tip, the other from the eider's nose; from their hair from deer, from their nails from dogs, from urine - sea]: Bogoras 1913, No. 5:424; Kodiak [The raven brings light into the world; at the same time a bubble falls from the sky, a man and a woman in it; they blow, the bubble grows; they stretch out their legs and arms, mountains appear; a man scratches his head over the mountains, his hair falls, mountains are covered with forest, animals grow in them; the sea arises from a woman's urine; a man pulls ditches and holes, a woman spits in them, Lakes and rivers appear; a woman pulled out one tooth, a man made an ax out of it, began to cut wood; from chips that fell into the water, fish arose; from fragrant cypress, pink salmon, from red, coho salmon; their elder The son was playing with a stone, Kodiak appeared out of stone; putting a man and a sukah on him, he shoved the island to its present place, where people then divorced]: Lisyansky 1812 (2): 77; Lisiansky 1814:197-198 in Lantis 1938, #1:131, in Oswalt 1967:212.

The coast is the Plateau. Yakima [five virgins live with grandparents; grandfather doesn't tell me to sleep on his back looking at the stars; the oldest two do it, the youngest of the two wants a bright husband, the eldest wants a dim star; the youngest wants a bright star as her husband, the eldest wants a dim star; the youngest wants a bright star as her husband, the oldest X áfash wakes up next to a young man, the eldest Y áslaams with an old man; sisters dig roots, make a hole alone, see the ground; they weave a rope out climbing plants; the youngest comes down, the eldest falls and breaks when her husband cut the rope; the youngest gives birth to a shining boy; this is the North Star; the Coyote and others want to kill him, but he's all wins; looks at a girl, she gets pregnant and gives birth; amniotic fluid has become soda sources; she threw a baby at him, the abandoned one tore off the young man's leg; standing on one leg, the North Star always spins in one place]: Beavert 1974:188-192; tillamook [The frog keeps all the water in a wicker bucket; the South Wind hits it, spills the water; the frog has peeled, so some rivers have green water] : Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 39:147.

The Midwest. Eastern Swamp Cree: Bird 2007 (Winisk River) [Big Skunk finds a place where animals have gathered on Lasky's trail; they decide to resist, rush at him, Wolverine grabs her ass; the huge Wild Cat threw himself around Skunk's neck, gnawed; everyone ate, the remaining pieces became the current skunks; Wolverine was blind to Skunk's liquid; he was directed towards the sea so that when he washed, he would not ruined the lake water]: 153-161; Ellis 1995, No. 68 (West Bank Hall. James) [Weesahkwechahk gathered the animals for the festival; a giant Skunk came, refuses to leave, Wolverine grabs his ass; goes blind because of it; goes towards the sea, bumping into trees, asking everyone what is his name; every next person grows closer to water (birch, willow, alder); finally bumps into a rock, enters the water, washes his eyes; the sea becomes salty]: 363-367; Skinner 1911:96-100 (Albany) [ The Big Skunk chases all animals; they are hungry; only Beaver has a large supply of food; the Beaver spoils the air trying to lift his bag of food; the Otter laughs, the offended Beaver does not give food; if only animals then got it, they would eat grass and bark like beavers; The Skunk continues to chase; the old otter (not the one who laughed) pretends to be dead; the Skunk feels him, takes his anus for a bullet wound, decides pick up the carcass later; Wolverine grabs the Skunk by the anus without letting him shoot; the Otter pierces him with his tail like a spear; before death, Skunk manages to pour his liquid on Wolverine's face; he is going to to wash in the lake, he is asked not to do so, because the water will become salty; he goes to the sea, bumping into trees and asking for their names (Black Fir, Larch, White Fir; the penultimate is a stump on the shore, then ice; Wolverine washes, the sea becomes salty], 100 (Cree Muses) [Wolverine killed Skunk, but he managed to spray his face with his liquid; blind Wolverine walked to the water, bumping into trees; asked everyone, as his name; finally found a fin, realized that the shore was close; washed his face, since then the sea has been salty]; atticamec [everyone is afraid of the huge Skunk; Wolverine crept up, grabbed his ass; all the animals ran up, cut the big skunk into pieces, so the skunks are now small; the Skunk managed to stream into Wolverine's face, she is blind; walks, bumps into trees, asks everyone what his name is; When it comes to Poplar, she realizes that water is close; Wolverine washes her face at sea, so seawater has a characteristic smell {apparently taste}]: Davidson 1928a: 270-271.

Northeast. Naskapi [The Big Skunk kills everyone with his jet; Wolverine clutched his ass with his teeth, while others killed Skunk; but when Wolverine unclenched his teeth, a stream splashed into his face; he ran to the sea wash, the sea has been salty ever since]: Millman 1993:31-32.

Plains. Teton (oglala) [see motif J5; the eldest of the four brothers pricked his toe; a girl, their sister, was born from an abscess; the brothers disappear; she swallows a stone, gives birth to a Young Stone; he breaks Rolling Rock; crushed by an old man who killed him by his uncle; from which salt water flows (the origin of salt springs and lakes)]: Walker 1983:140-146.

California. Yurok [the creator urinates in a bowl, splashes it west, the sea appears; next time his urine is weaker; he splashes it east, fresh water appears]: Kroeber 1976, No. V 1:412; viyot: Curtis 1976 (13) [The duck swims in a boat with Adak -sora -hlukih across the bay but refuses to marry him; the water in the bay was fresh and the Duck drank it; he pees in the water, the water becomes salty; when she agrees to marry it, he creates freshwater bodies near the shore; at this point along the coast, fresh water is shallow everywhere under the sand]: 196; Reichard 1925, No. 37 [girl Rejects a young man from the Southwest; he urinates where she drinks; therefore the sea is salty]: 199; Juaneño [Brother Sky descends to Sister Earth, offers to unite; she rejects him, but later He gives birth to sand, earth, stones, trees, Oyot 'a; he has many children; he has been poisoned; his mother makes a potion for him from urine and worms that can heal him; leaves him in the sink; Coyote overturns the shell with his foot, the flowing liquid forms the sea; worms turn into fish; because of urine, the sea is salty]: Reichlen, Reichlen 1971:244; luiseno [great-mother earth urine]: Kroeber 1906b: 314.

Big Pool. Western shoshones [The rabbit kills the old Sun, it falls into the sea; that's why the sea is salty]: Smith 1993:171.

The Great Southwest. Mojave [a huge shaman rattlesnake into the sea; he is sent for him, supposedly the patient should be treated; he puts his head into the house, it is cut off; the head turns into a rock on the river; the sea arises from blood snake, therefore salty]: Kroeber 1972, No. 9:11; yuma [The Rattlesnake bit a man, began to grow in the sea, his body circled all over the earth; Kumastamxo sent a Spider for the Serpent to ask him to heal him man; in fact, there is a dummy in the house; The serpent put his four heads into the house, K. cut them off at once; the snake's blood became gold, saliva became silver, and the sea formed from his urine, so it is salty; K. does a hole in the ground, draws the Colorado riverbed with a spear]: Harrington 1908:340-342.

Mesoamerica Mountain Totonaki [an old woman seasons beans with salt from her armpits; beans are delicious; daughter spies; out of shame, an old woman rushes into the sea; they have been salty ever since]: Ichon 1969:19-20.

The Antilles. Central Cuba [Amao is the first man, son of Huion 'a, a Sun man; Guanaroca, the first woman, daughter of Maroya (Moon); Amao, son of A. and G.; A. the child in the mountains, he dies; A. hides the corpse in the fruit of the Guira, hangs it on a tree; G. finds the fruit, drops it, water gushes from it, floods the ground; fish and turtles appear; fish make the rivers of the Jagua region, from turtles - Majagua isthmus, from Guanaroca's salty tears - lake of the same name]: Borodatova 1992:158; Feijoo 1986:13-15.

The Northern Andes. Guajiro [the girl's tears turn into a stream, so the water in it is brackish]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1986 (2), No. 50:618.

The Central Andes. Yanakachi near Ondores (dep. Junin): Duviols 1976:284-285 [the farmer covered the llama with a blanket, it went into the ground, her urine became a salt spring; the same with another llama and a cub], 293 [while shepherds were to build for the Inca the bridge, their lamas disappeared underground; a spring clogged at this place; it was salty because of the urine of the lamas], 294-297 [when Jaguar Wacac conquered the Chunk and Huanca, the people fled, but the lamas stayed and sank into the ground; This place was filled with salt springs; a girl promised to be Inca's concubine and a young man who had not yet been allowed to marry made an appointment; two lamas appeared, reproached them; they drove them away, the sources dried up; the perpetrators were executed, the sources flowed again].

The Southern Cone. Tehuelche [the hero fights a giant; drops of their sweat fall into the lake, it becomes salty]: Samitier 1950:193; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984b, No. 45:68-69; selknam [the old woman hides the water, a hummingbird kills an old woman; her blood makes some of the lakes salty]: Wilbert 1975, No. 17:58.