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B16B. Wolverine makes the sea salty .


sea is salty because the wolverine or fox swam in it or urinated in it.

Kereks, reindeer Koryaks, Eastern marsh crees, atticamek, naskapi.

SV Asia. Kereki [the sea was clean and fresh; Lisa swam when she fell off the ice floe, the sea became salty and muddy]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 116:368-371; reindeer Koryaks (text recorded in Palana, but The storyteller M.T. Etneut was not born there, but to a family of Koryak reindeer herders (according to some sources in 1928, according to others in 1929) who lived in the upper reaches of Achaivayam) [First was Yga. They had close people — Cheung (Kuthinyaku's father) and Tonga (Kutkinyaku's mother). And so they gave birth. Ygyn father, Yga mother. And so Yga gave birth, Anotyykinav gave birth to a queen, Anoytyykinav gave birth to the sun king, then Anotykinav Vulhi (night) gave birth. Cheung Tonga gave birth to Kuthinyaka, a boy named Kuthinyaku. Then she gave birth to Mitchgeune Queen. This is his Kuthinyaku sister. And after that, when their children grew up and now they decided to marry. This is how they got married. Ingin has a daughter named Mitta for Kuthinyaka. And Mitchgeune (Kuthinyaku's sister) married the sun. And so they gave birth. Mitchgeune gave birth to stars and the moon. And Father Sun ordered his children to look down, watch what was happening below, everything below was origin, what and what, they all see, write down, note. Here it is. But Kuthinyaku is their deputy, Ygyn's chief and chief in the Sun, is like his deputy. Chief Ygyn, and he has the Sun's assistants and the chief Sun, is like a deputy. Chief Eugin, and his assistants are Sun and Kuthinyaku. So Kuthinyaku Mitta gave birth to Ememkut, then Dinnyanav gave birth, then Kichimanav gave birth, then Chanyaenav gave birth, then Yvyan gave birth — the last was a boy, so glorious grew up Kuthinyaku's son. Here it is. Then they live, live and live. Then Kuthinyaku goes downstairs. And there was only one sea below, not the sea, but liquid and damp. And a huge, huge forest grew from under the bottom. So Kuthinyaku decided to make animals, insects and birds of all kinds, both small and large. And now they don't have a place to live. This was a primitive forest, a huge forest. While they began to live in trees and in the forest, they had no place to live. They lived, lived and lived in the forest. Then the Sun King and his wife dabbled. They laughed, dabbled, and accidentally the Sun Tsar dropped Mitchgyne's wife (this is fire) down to the bottom of the liquid. And my husband wanted to raise a fire for his wife, but she refused: “I don't need to get up, I feel good here, at the very bottom: then the bottom will be the land, they will grow it on it.” And now I stayed at the bottom of the sea (this liquid). And they lived and lived. And the sun said to his wife, “Let me pick you up, or I'm alone back and forth, I'm bored.” “No, I don't want to. And you take your sister here Vulha (night), and Woolha's assistant will be with you.” And the husband agreed to the Sun King. And then Kuthinyaku says to Mitty (this is her sister by the sun): “Mitty, oh, I'm tired of living in the woods. We need to restructure.” Mitty says, “Where is your advisor, the Sun King? Go see him. And he'll tell you how to move forward.” And Kuthinyaku went to the sun and asked the Sun King, “Why have you come? Why did you come here?” — “But I came here to consult on how we can continue to live. I'm tired of living in the woods. How do we live?” The Sun King says to him: “And you gather your own. Who is brave among them, let him go to the bottom of the sea. There is land there, let whoever can go there bring it.” When Kuthinyaku returned, all the animals, birds and insects gathered and began to advise on how to move forward. Kuthinyaku said, “Whoever is brave, let him go to the bottom of the liquid sea.” They are silent, they are silent, no one answered. And the crow says, “Who else is going to go down there? Let the whale go. It's big.” And now everyone agreed and that's right. The whale is in the middle and is trying to dive down to the bottom of the earth. And no way. It's just circling. It's big, couldn't go down there. I wanted to dive and didn't dive. So since then, he has had a hole at the top, and he lets air out through it. And here we go. And no one could dive: “Oh, I'm tired, tired, I can't, I'm tired.” And he sat down and breathes and breathes, tired breathes. Everyone is silent, they are silent all around. So what can you do about it? They are silent. And the tired whale is resting, resting, breathing, her eyes are closed. And suddenly ha-ha (loon. — E. B. ) the voice says: “Let me go for land, for moss.” And then everyone started laughing. They fall back laughing. They laugh (That's why they laughed). And then she is small in the middle, and they look at her and then they start laughing and laughing. And they look where she was sitting, they just showed up the bubbles, she's already gone. Bubble bubbles come out on the fly. And so they're silent again, waiting for her to come, where she's gone, where she's gone, where she's little. And we waited a long, long time. Then we saw in the middle, from where she disappeared, and reappeared from that place. He breathes and breathes, his eyes are closed, but there is nothing on his beak, empty. And they started laughing and laughing again. And the fox pees laughing. She turned the fresh sea into a salty sea from scripture. And then again, ha-ha, while they're all around laughing, she's gone again. And we watched again — it was not there. Where, where did you go? And they are silent, they are silent. They wait, wait, wait for him to appear. Then it appears — moss keeps on its beak. And she breathes so wearily, her eyes are red, her legs are like sticks like sticks. And she still has legs like sticks. Kuthinyak distributed all this moss and ordered all animals, birds, insects: “Let's,” he says, “get to work. We need to rebuild housing.” Ga-ha left Kuthinyaku alone: “Don't do anything, you're tired, rest.” And they started doing it all]: Batyanova 1995:219-222.

The Midwest. Eastern Swamp Cree: Bird 2007 (Winisk River) [Big Skunk finds a place where animals have gathered on Lasky's trail; they decide to resist, rush at him, Wolverine grabs her ass; the huge Wild Cat threw himself around Skunk's neck, gnawed; everyone ate, the remaining pieces became the current skunks; Wolverine was blind to Skunk's liquid; he was directed towards the sea so that when he washed, he would not ruined the lake water]: 153-161; Ellis 1995, No. 68 (West Bank Hall. James) [Weesahkwechahk gathered the animals for the festival; a giant Skunk came, refuses to leave, Wolverine grabs his ass; goes blind because of it; goes towards the sea, bumping into trees, asking everyone what is his name; every next person grows closer to water (birch, willow, alder); finally bumps into a rock, enters the water, washes his eyes; the sea becomes salty]: 363-367; Skinner 1911:96-100 (Albany) [ The Big Skunk chases all animals; they are hungry; only Beaver has a large supply of food; the Beaver spoils the air by trying to lift his bag of food; the Otter laughs, the offended Beaver does not give food; if only animals then got it, they would eat grass and bark like beavers; The Skunk continues to chase; the old otter (not the one who laughed) pretends to be dead; the Skunk feels him, takes his anus for a bullet wound, decides pick up the carcass later; Wolverine grabs the Skunk by the anus without letting him shoot; the Otter pierces him with his tail like a spear; before death, Skunk manages to pour his liquid on Wolverine's face; he is going to wash in the lake, he is asked not to do so, because the water will become salty; he goes to the sea, bumping into trees and asking for their names (Black Fir, Larch, White Fir; the penultimate is a stump on the shore, then ice; Wolverine washes, the sea becomes salty], 100 (Cree Muses) [Wolverine killed Skunk, but he managed to spray his face with his liquid; blind Wolverine walked to the water, bumping into trees; asked everyone, as his name; finally found a fin, realized that the shore was close; washed his face, since then the sea has been salty]; atticamec [everyone is afraid of the huge Skunk; Wolverine crept up, grabbed his ass; all the animals ran up, cut the big skunk into pieces, so the skunks are now small; the Skunk managed to stream into Wolverine's face, she is blind; walks, bumps into trees, asks everyone what his name is; When it comes to Poplar, she realizes that water is close; Wolverine washes her face at sea, so seawater has a characteristic smell {apparently taste}]: Davidson 1928a: 270-271.

Northeast. Naskapi [The Big Skunk kills everyone with his jet; Wolverine clutched his ass with his teeth, while others killed Skunk; but when Wolverine unclenched his teeth, a stream splashed into his face; he ran to the sea wash, the sea has been salty ever since]: Millman 1993:31-32.