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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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B17. Night in the vessel .

Darkness is a special object that can be carried and transferred (usually brought from the original owner in a vessel or bag).

Bantu-speaking Africa. Luba (?) [It is no night; Manza-Pungu sent Kipangi's son to bring the night; he meets and companions a porcupine, an antelope, a dog, a bee, a spider, a crab and a turtle; on the way, some are left waiting for the harvest in the gardens and etc., but the rest were joined by a honey badger (Mellivora capensis); the owner of the night is ready to give it away if those who come 1) make bananas mature in a day (the bee stings bananas, they ripen), 2) cross the river without a bridge (the spider makes a web bridge), 3) they will cut down the forest (Nzela knocks it down); the badger dug under the leader's hut, the crab overheard the secrets that came to take the fire away; the animals passed it on the baton, and K. distracted his pursuers to another road]: Lambrecht 1963:43-45.

West Africa. Kono (Sierra Leone) [eternal light first; God sent the Bat to carry a basket of darkness to the Moon without telling me what was inside; along the way, the Bat left the basket, left; others opened it thinking that there's food inside; it's night; The Bat still sleeps during the day and rushes around at night trying to put the darkness back in the basket]: Parrinder 1967:28 (=Scheub 2000:268); curls [Ananse (spider trickster) asks the god Wulbari to give him one corncob, promises to bring a hundred people in return; consistently changing one supposedly missing item to another (he feeds the cob to the chickens, gets a bag grains, because this is God's cob!) , buys a dead young man for 10 sheep, passes him off as his sleeping son V., tells the children to beat him in order to wake him up, accuses him of murder, takes a hundred young men as witnesses to what happened; V. is offended to learn that A. thinks he is smarter than him; tells him to bring "something"; A. feathers every bird, climbs a tree, no one understands what it is; everyone says A. would have guessed; V. explains that he sent him and that "what then" means sun, moon and darkness; after learning the secret, A. slowly gets off the tree, brings what he needs; first darkness is complete darkness, then the moon comes out, finally the sun; those who looked at him straight are blind]: Belcher 2005:111-116.

(Wed. Sudan - East Africa. Oromo [eternal day first; Wak decided to create night; told everyone to cover their faces with their hands; Leo, Leopard, and Hyena were peeking through their fingers, so they now see in the dark]: Werner 1913:91).

Melanesia. Sulka (New Britain) [there was no fire; Emakong dropped the jewelry into the river, dived, ended up in the house; one of the locals called himself his namesake; E. saw fire for the first time in his house; night came for the first time, which did not exist on earth; with the onset of darkness and the impact of thunder, the underwater inhabitants turned into snakes; when the birds sang in the morning, thunder rang again, the snakes became human; E.'s namesake gave him a package of night, fire, with crickets at night and morning birds; he brought it all to earth]: Rascher 1904:234 in Dixon 1916:116; Siouai (Bougainville) [was the eternal day of the Firefly, the Frog, the Coconut Beetle, Rera (some spirit) sent to Tupi (the area in the north) at night; they bought the night, carried it in a bundle; Firefly did not want to open it along the way, but others discovered it; The frog in the dark broke off its ears, stayed in the forest; The beetle broke his nose; Rera turned to stone; Firefly made it home with a twinkle at the end]: Oliver 1955:97; Santa Cruz Islands (Nguna) [people saw that the night was at Cape Paau; went by boat to Chief P., asked him for the night; they placed chirping nocturnal insects, birds, and a lizard in empty bamboo, opened the houses, it became dark; branches with birds and lizards were opened on the top of the hill]: Schütz 1969 , No. 7:80-92; Torres Islands (Loch) [Tagaro Big (TB) is a negative character, Tagaro Little (TM) is positive; TB wants eternal night; trees without edible fruits; TM wants an alternation of night and days, trees with good and bad fruits so people don't get lazy; and so with everything; TB went to live in Omba volcano, when he quarrels with his wife, the ground shudders, the fire is full of fire]: Coombe 1911:27; Banks Islands : Codrington 1891 [Qat created humans, pigs, trees, and rocks; his brothers asked him to bring the night; he went to Vava on the Torres Islands and traded the night for a pig with I-Qong, Nights; Var.: Qat sailed to the horizon to buy the night by the Night; he blackened his eyebrows, showed him how to sleep and how to make the dawn; the Qat brothers brought birds singing at dawn, taught him to close his eyes and sleep; when birds they sang, K. cut the night with red obsidian, dawn came, the brothers woke up; (retelling in Dixon 1916:113-114)]: 156-157; François 2008 [Ikpwet created the Banks Islands, created people, created his wife Roley; promised people to get the night; brought night, a rooster and an obsidian knife from Avap Island; people asked how to wake up - when the rooster sings; they fell asleep, woke up; I. cut the night with obsidian it is dawn; so it is said that dawn is breaking through]; Espírito Santo [Sari went down to the underground country of Nalovlovvetal and brought daylight from there; asked his mother if she saw him, she replied that sees; then S. brought the night, the mother replied that she did not see it; S.: that's good, it would be time to sleep]: Guiart 1958:192; Aoba [T. made trees with good fruits, S. with bitter ones; T. said that people should walk on two legs, S., on all fours like pigs; S. wanted people to sleep in sago palm trunks, T.; T. brought night with Maewo in a shell shell]: Codrington 1891:171 (retelling in Dixon 1916:124); Tanna [god Mwatiktiki has Kasiken's eldest son, Kalpanen younger; the oldest was killed, the youngest went across the island carrying cava, night, crickets, black rooster and toka ritual dances ; at the scene of his brother's murder, he first began to drink cava; then he hit the tarot leaves, from which he drank, crickets cracked, and the first night fell; when the black rooster sang, it was dawn]: Bonnemaison 1987:121.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Kayan: Knappert 1977b [Chief Lejo made a sacrifice for planting rice; when he returned for a forgotten knife, he saw heavenly maidens eating meat, they flew away; one of them's hair entangled in branches, L . asked to be his wife; her name was Mang, she agreed, L. allowed me to fly to heaven for clothes, she brought a wicker bag, fell asleep; the child found the bag, made a hole, there was darkness inside; M. did not wanted to be seen in the arms of an earthly man, brought darkness from heaven; when M. woke up, she kicked the child out the door, but then the darkness from the room spread across the ground; when the rooster screamed, the darkness cleared day began to alternate with night; when the daughter of M. and L. became an adult, M. returned to the spirit world]: 120-121; Guerreiro 1989 in Macdonald 2005:96 [when making a boat, a person sees heavenly maidens who have arrived, hides one of them's winged clothes, marries; cries when she finds out that his wife is pregnant; the wife flies to heaven, brings night, tells me not to open the bag until everything is collected from the forest; the husband opens; those left in the forest Punan, Sihan (forest dwellers) become wild; chickens become wild, domestic pigs become wild; the husband grieves that he will have to slaughter his wife to extract the child; she has been saying the magic formula since then women they give birth normally].

The Arctic. Kodiak [see motif A26; The raven turns into a feather, swims in a spring, the daughter of the light owner swallows a fluff filled with water, becomes pregnant; her son asks for three boxes to play; in the first he finds night, in the second month and stars, in the third sun; flies away taking the last two]: Golder 1903, No. 6:85-87.

The coast is the Plateau. Katlamet [see motif A4; the woman leaves her husband; he sings, people come to him, dance; the woman goes too, forgetting the baby; hears him crying, finds only a stick in the cradle; the child is kidnapped Akas Shenas Shena; carries him everywhere; leaves him at home one day; her brother Crane tells the boy that A. is not his mother, gives him a knife; he cuts off her head, kills a soul that has jumped out of her neck; climbs a pine tree, shoots into the sky, makes a chain of arrows; attaches a bow to the bottom, climbs into the sky; meets an old woman, takes away her burden, opens the cork, becomes dark; plugs the vessel, becomes light; then marries the Sun], No. 1:9-19; clackamas [a young man kills a cannibal; makes a chain of arrows, climbs into heaven; meets a woman carrying darkness there; the hero makes it so that light and darkness are no longer possible summon, closing and opening the vessel]: Jacobs 1952:124; modoc [Minka does not tell her brother Laska to leave home; he leaves his tail and voice in the chimney while walking around; the bird Tcoitcak carries the bag; Laska insists that he let him open it; night, stars, twilight, Morning Star, Evening Star, clouds, rain come out of individual bags inside the big one, snow; Laska cannot find a home in the dark; Minka lets him go, then directs the flintlock knife east, cutting through the darkness; because Laska has been walking in the dark for so long, winter nights are long and dark]: Curtin 1912:83-84.

California. Yurok [a man comes to ask his master for the night; he devotes part of the night to people]: Kroeber 1976, No. M1 [the owner of the night asks each of the Months if he has entered the house], V2 [The sun gives night; c they live 12 or 13 Months]: 341-344, 414-416; screw [the hero comes to people living in the east; there are baskets of valuables along the walls of the dugout]: Curtin 1898 [Rabbit, Possum carry away darkness, day; Blue Jay carries away acorns; running under the edge of the sky, the Rabbit releases darkness; the pursuers stop chasing]: 211-218; Dubois, Demetracopoulou 1931, No. 11 [in baskets 1) early evening, 2) darkness, 3) dawn; Blue Jay grabs dawn, runs away; the owners are chasing him; he opens the basket], 12 [Gopher grabs fire, daylight, acorns, etc.], 13 [Antelope steals shell money; in others baskets contain daylight, darkness, etc.]: 300-304.

Big Pool. Western Shoshones [The wolf warns the Coyote not to touch the bag; he does not listen; the first night begins]: Smith 1993:157-158; Southern Payutes [man leaves a package after his death; someone opens it, night begins]: Lowie 1924, No. 1 (Moapa) [opens brother of the deceased]: 159; chemewevi: Laird 1976 [see motif K41; Wolf killed; Coyote finds a parcel among Brother's belongings, unties , it gets dark (it was night there); he tries to equip arrows with feathers of different birds; when he fires an arrow with a seagull's feather, the day comes back]: 192-207; Lowie 1924 [enemies kill Puma, Coyote's brother, and open package; Coyote shoots at a yellow bird; dawns again]: 240.

The Great Southwest. Chiricahua [there was no night; the badger gives the Coyote a basket or bag, tells him not to open it; he opens; it becomes dark; animals and birds play whether there will be eternal night or there will be day; see motive K62]: Opler 1942:27 (note 1), 66; kiliwa [Coyote People Moon appeared in the dark; from it light; took water into his mouth, sprayed on four sides of the world; the south turned yellow, the north red, the west black ( the sea became there), the east - white; identified the zenith and nadir, the sky blue, the earth - the colors of paper (amate); lit a cigarette, fell asleep, the smoke of his pipe formed all the roads of the earth and sky; made two from the calves of his legs pairs of mountain sheep; put them on four mountains to support the sky with horns; The mole dug around the world, fixed the cover; created four ancestors of the kiliv from clay; from their union with Deer, Fish, Pheasant, Other animals were born as a cat; CLL created the Sun, fell ill himself, died, became a bird; was offended that no one came to chant memorial chants; told the Deer to hide the darkness in his bag, thereby taking people away night; ordered to hand the bag to Puma and not open it, he handed it to the Snake, that Eagle, etc.; in the end, the Fox handed the bag to the Coyote, who opened it out of curiosity, the darkness flooded the world, the light disappeared; the Puma ran to the CFL, said that they did not know the chants, that only he knew them; he admitted it, told Coyote to shoot arrows in four directions, zenith and nadir; the day has come again; CFL has become a Month, walks across the sky]: Olmos Aguilera 2005:103-117.

Mesoamerica Classical Mayans (vessel paintings) [images of classical Mayans show a vessel with Ak'bal ("darkness, night") on it; if it is depicted upside down, a snake crawls out of it ( fig.1) or insects fly out (fig.2); the vessel is in the hands of the god of Death, etc. Characters; apparently, we are talking about the appearance of diseases]: Braakhuis 2005:187.

Llanos. Yaruro [the old woman (she was the oldest woman ever alive) has an only son; she is digging roots, she is tired, wants to sleep; she sees a sleeping man, the owner of the night; bought it from him piece of night; slept; people can sleep ever since]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990c, No. 33:56-57; Sicuani [after the flood, Kinkaju finds a Kaliviri tree overseas with all the edible plants on branches; his wife Paka realizes that he is eating something special, follows him, he breaks her tail (now she has no tail); she brings yams and other fruits to her children; fights with her husband; Furná Minali, Tsamani and Ivinai come to Palemekuni to ask for an ax; he does not give it; C. tickles his nose with a mosquito, he regurgitates axes and machetes; the Woodpecker gets the best ax; P. regurgitates parcels with night, wind, rain, mosquitoes, laziness; despite F.'s warning, people open parcels; makes it dark, it rains, mosquitoes bite; people turn into animals (caiman, anteater and etc.); it dawns; people cut the trunk, the felling overgrows, the axes break; ants are told to carry the chips away; the trunk is cut, the tree hangs on the vine; T. turns into a mockingbird, cannot cut it ; Squirrels cut; the male stays at the top, the female falls to the ground; the tree falls down so humans are mortal]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 49:221-223; Yepez 1984:19-20; Guajibo [ Palemekuna and his wife give people axes to cut down the Kalevirne tree and three bundles of darkness, rain and wind, and mosquitoes (the latter bring disease); people open parcels and become mortal]: Baquero 1989, No. 5:83.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritara [was out of night; Vanadi kept it in his shamanic purse; wanting to sleep, he put his head inside; told the Parrot to guard his purse; the Capuchin monkey opened his purse, so dark; the discoverer turned into a capuchin monkey]: Civrieux 1980:24-25.

Guiana. Varrau: García 1993, No. 44 [it was not night, it was in one man's bundle; his sister's younger brother, out of curiosity, opened the package, it became dark; he began to cry, ran, turned into a Tobesia bird; the owner of the night was found by darkness in a palm grove; he went, illuminating the way with a torch, and came to the young man, the master of the sun; as he was pulling the sun by the rope tied to his house, night fell when he let go - day; (or rather, he could do it); the owner of the night gave him a woman, for which the owner of the sun released the sun for 6 o'clock; the owner of the night decided that this was not enough, but he did not have another woman; carved the Usidamani woman out of wood; the owner of the sun could not get along with her because she was wooden; told the Monkey to make holes in his body, he could not; the Woodpecker did; when he made a vagina, blood splashed, painted his head red; the woodpecker called Simocu, painted it whole red; the parrot only painted his breast; gradually the blood began to change color, so the rest of the birds dyed in different colors; when the blood turned white, the Heron and other now white birds came; when the blood rotted, the Vultures came, turned black, disgusting]: 151-152; Wilbert 1970, No. 172 [[owned Imanaidorotu at night , by the sun - Hokohiarotu; I. kept the night in a scarf in a basket; in his absence, his wife's brother, a boy, opened the bag; darkness came, the boy turned into an owl; I. came to H., in his house dancing and music; when H. wanted the sun, he pulled it up on a rope; for the girl H. gave a day of 6 hours, for the second he promised to give a normal one, 12 hours; I. did not have a second girlfriend, he carved her out of wood; her name Usirumani; H. could not sleep with her, asked the woodpecker to make a vagina; all the birds were smeared in the leaked blood; a crane in white blood, a raven in the curled black blood]: 377-379; curl [hunter catches Vulture's daughter; she takes off her feathers, turns out to be a girl, brings him to heaven to her parents; one day he expresses a desire to visit his mother; he is left on top of a tree whose trunk is covered with thorns; he asks animals for help; spiders weave a thread, birds support him with their wings, he descends to the ground; with the help of birds he returns to heaven; defeated and killed by a young warrior - his son; then the vulture house was burned down; the Lanius sulphuratus bird did not want to fight, put cotton wool on its head as if it were sick; she was exposed and told to wear cotton wool at all times; the trumpeter bird (Psophia crepitans) and the kingfisher they quarreled, shoved each other into the ashes; the first one was in gray spots, the second was completely gray; the owl found a bag of darkness, opened it, and since then she can't stand daylight]: Brett 1880:29-30 (=Roth 1915, no. 142:212); hishkaryana [the chief's daughter tells her father that because of eternal day he does not have a grandson, she will not have sex; the chief sends people to bring the vessel at night; they open it along the way; hunters in the forest turn into birds, their voices can now be heard at night]: Derbyshire 1965:20-21

Western Amazon. Aguaruna: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2), No. 2 [first eternal day, people work all the time; the Sun put darkness in a vessel, sent it to earth, where eternal night became; Martin (arachnid monkey) climbed to heaven on a rope, found a vessel; agreed with Hummingbird and Gorlinka that they would pretend to be wet for the fire owners to pick them up; the Hummingbird dried up by the fire, set fire to its tail, Gorlinka swallowed the seeds of cultivated plants; M. found the vessel at night, broke it, it dawned on the ground; The sun wiped a little darkness with cotton wool, put it back in the vessel, so the night persisted, but began to alternate with day; The hummingbird flew away, put fire in the trees], 3-4 [there was no fire and no cultivated plants except cassava; people collected vine seeds, warmed them under their arms, ate half-baked, poisoned with raw cassava; Hummingbirds agreed with Gorlinka that he would get fire and she would get the seeds of cultivated plants; both should get wet, stay on the trail to be picked up; let Gorlinka swallow the whole seeds; Martin ( arachnid monkey) at that time promised to steal the vessel at night; the wet ones were picked up by the spouses - the owners of fire and seeds; M. came, found the vessel at night; the hummingbird set fire to the tail, flew away, burned, the tail became uneven; Gorlinka flew away, gave people seeds; (apparently M. broke a vessel of darkness)]: 72-75, 80-90; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 83 [forest demon Iwa trapped humans like humans they put them on pigeons; the world is dark; Machín (spider monkey) told the Dove and the Hummingbird to pretend to be dead on I.'s path; he picked them up, brought them home; M. came and said he ate pumpkins, beans and other cultivated plants; corrected the bodies of the Pigeon and Hummingbird lying by the fire so that the feathers soaked in the rain would dry; took a vessel from under the roof at night; the hummingbird lit its tail, flew away, placed the fire in the trees; The dove pecked the seeds of cultivated plants, also flew away; M. broke the vessel at night; I. wiped the slightly dark with cotton wool, and when dawn, day and night began to alternate; children used to eat cassava, warming him between his legs (en sus entrepriernas)]: 661-665; Guallart 1948:88; Wavrin 1932:121; waorani [at first it was only a day, so people worked all the time, slept little and had little rest; one person said that he knows where there is a place where it is always night; he took a palm leaf and cried his tears into it; then he wrapped his tears in this leaf and said that if one of the people unfolded the leaf, night would immediately fall; people did not believe it, they opened a sheet with the man's tears; day and night have existed ever since]: Matusovsky 2012:238.

NW Amazon. Tatuyo [adyawara is a group of characters acting as one, or older and younger brothers; went to search for land; the owner gave a vessel; before reaching home, the brothers opened, the earth spread, on the body the brothers had ulcers; followed the night to the owner of the night; opened the vessel, it became dark; it started raining; the younger brother flattens the gum of coca leaves, puts it on the tree trunk; the chewing gum turns into woody the mushroom is a shelter from the rain; it began to dawn; the brothers threw Cannes flour after the anteater, now it has a long tail]: Bidou 1972:99; ufain [there was no night, people could not rest, only the little one was getting dark grandfather; they came to him, began to wake him up with blows, he woke up after the third blow; gave a bag with the night, told him not to open it on the way; one of the four Imárika Katafikí brothers decided to open it because. the world is big, but the bag is small; it appeared like a black ball, the sun and the moon had disappeared; an old woman who suppressed the fish with poison became the Mother of the Forest (Madre Monte, Kuajukáu, a harmless forest spirit, catches crayfish, for this purpose she has long arms; var.: catches people, makes them sorcerers); the hunter in the forest has become Kurupira (like a person, but without joints, covered with hair, legs backwards, sometimes drives people who come crazy in the forest); humans turned into animals, animals used to be humans; four brothers decided to become Wistiti monkeys, created nocturnal animals; IC went to relieve himself, heard someone say he was weaving a basket for the right eyes, then for the left; others did not believe it; it was a grandfather who slept on the brothers; but IC put bark on his eyelids, the grandfather became a vampire bat, took out the eyes of three brothers, and IC only had bark; began to dry his eyes over the fire (so people go blind); IK himself turned into a bat, took his eyes away while his grandfather was sleeping, placed some right in place of the left, so there are cross-eyed ones; they began to conjure like my grandfather taught me to dawn; the darkness was collected in holes under the vessels]: Hildebrand 1975, No. II: 333-336; the macuna [four Ayawa brothers went to the Master of the Night (Ñami bükü - Viejo Noche) to ask cover the leaves; he gave a vascular, ordering him to open it after completion of construction; Bokanea (younger, naughty brother) heard sounds in the vessel on the way home; elder A. did not order to open it, but B. allegedly went swimming, opened it; it became dark, half of the leaves had time to return to the Master of the Night before the vascular was closed again; the maloka was opened again, but only half of the leaves were enough; then had to work by ourselves (as it is now); came back to the Master of the Night after night; B. opened the vessel again halfway; jaguars, evil spirits, bats, thunders appeared; the bird "el que quita ojos" appeared in the dark took out everyone's eyes; a non-poisonous spider was sent to the Master of the Night, it was B. himself; the spider brought a basket of eyes; all the animals had their eyes returned; when six eyes were left, the left one was inserted instead of the right one, therefore, the left can see worse; the elder A. adjusted the night; went again to the Master of the Night to ask for sleep; B. came in without shamanic preparations, fell asleep, so dreams can be bad; if older A. did it, dreams would only be good; dreams first became reality when they woke up, older A. corrected this; after completing the creation, the A. brothers went up to heaven; shamans rise to them]: Århem et al. 2004: 472-479; Barasana: S.Hugh-Jones 1979, No. 2B: 267-268; yukuna: Folclor 1974 [Lajmuchí built a house with his people; The owner of the Leaves gave a bag of leaves to cover the roof, people opened it by the road, now the leaves are in the forest; it takes night, otherwise people eat all the time; the Master of the Night gave a package, one person opened it on the way, night fell, people fell asleep; the Master of the Night turned into a bat, ate sleeping eyes; one put bags in front of his eyes in advance, the Master took them away, not his eyes; L. and his nephews came to the owner of the Yameru water; she gave a little bit, this water from the leaves; also only her pen had wild pigs; one man opened the pen, the pigs ran into the forest; L. watched Hamera swim and eat fish; the water in the tree trunk, they began to cut it down, his aunt overgrown the felling overnight; {apparently cut it down wood and water, there is no last page of text}]: 304-314; Hammen 1992 [the Karipulakena brothers lived with their aunt Amerú; it was not night, they came to the owner of the night; he gave the bag and told them not to open it on the way; Lamuchí (the youngest brother) discovered; animal voices were heard - animals who were caught the first night; the brothers fell asleep, but L. put pieces of carguero over his eyes; Tapurinami came, took out his brothers' eyes, and L. only took off his carguero; L. came to T., took his eyes and put them in to his brothers]: 286-287; Mich 1995:491; Desana: Kumu, Kenhiri 1980 [Ñami had the night; this is an ugly old man, but he took off his appearance on the river and became a young man; people opened a vessel halfway at night; where it happened, it was like a stone vessel on the river]: 109-112; Reichel-Dolmatoff 1968 [it was not night; The sun gave one man a black bag; he opened it, black ants came out, eclipsed the light, and the first night began; the Sun drove the ants back, the unobedient ones became forest ants; day, but night also began to exist]: 19 (=197:26); summer: Palma 1984:65-67; kabiyari [Ye'shu had four sons; while he was working to clear the site, Yakamukute ("Sky") came to dance with his children; one boy cut off the strap of the basket in which I had rattles, he could not collect them; told him to boil the worm, and threw it into the cauldron of children; the youngest became a bird, flew to his father; J. took another one out of the cauldron, who became a monkey; four years later J. arranged a party, called Y. said that he pierced his anus with a stake; Ya. wanted to be pierced, he died; his sons Mujnuyi built the first maloka in the center of the world; the Earth's Master gave the Earth the Mapitare worm, the material for construction was parts of an eagle's body; this house was the body of himself eagle; Muhnuyi brought the night from the owner of the night, the frog Karu; on the way back, they opened the bag, it got dark, they got wet in the rain]: Correa 1989:36-39; baniva: Saake 1968:271; bar: Pereira 1980 (1): 223-224; vacuenai [the sun is motionless in the sky; made of bone goes to Grandpa's Sleep (Dáinali) to get night and sleep; to look at him, he must raise his eyelashes on purpose, they are too long; SK decides to ask for sleep on his heels, not for eyelashes to sleep, because the eyelashes grow very long over time {not entirely clear}; Grandpa Sleep cuts off piece by piece from his left and right heels, puts it in his purse, tells you not to open it on the way; the burden is very heavy, people open it, a forest chicken flies out of her purse, hides at sunset, the sun goes dark with her; Ámaru's first woman knows what this is up to SK, sends small biting flies at him, he drives them away; tells the Sloth to climb to the top of the tree and see if dawn comes; he says it's dark everywhere, then opens his ass, from there the light shines, everyone thinks that dawn, the Sloth closes hell, laughs; when he reaches the village, in the presence of A. The UK opens the purse again, a small bird flies out; "It's good that they discovered it along the way," says the UK; the big bird flew to where the bodies of animals and birds are from bitter cassava, and here people can eat meat; morning came]: Hill 2009:75-80; maku [the earth burned; Idu Kamni (IR) mixed some earth with his saliva, created new inhabitants of the world; there was no night, the sun was moving across the sky from side to side side; IC went with his brother to the leader of the crickets; everyone was sleeping there; the chief gave the box, told him not to open it on the way; the elder brother opened, from there the crickets, it became dark; the elder brother climbed the tree to wait dawn; in the place where the youngest was sitting, he sees a nest of termites; the elder goes down, dawns, both return home, have a party; moving the box around the house, regulates the day; then day and night they replace each other; IC's mother ordered to cut down a huge Ye tree (mimeosacea, up to 50 m high, bitter pods); they cut down for two years; when they cut down, the flood began; the IR people escaped in the boat, she rose to the sky, their heads rested on it; the water slept, rivers remained; their channels - where Ye fell, branches - tributaries; IR put leaves and branches in piles, rapids appeared]: Silverd-Woocope 1972, No. 1:212-217.

Central Amazon. Tupi (the exact place of recording is not known): Baldus 1946:11-12, 83; Couto de Magalhaes 1882 [it was not at night; the daughter of the Great Serpent married a man; does not want to sleep with him in the daylight; asked to send his three servants to bring the night to her father; he gave them a nut, told them not to open it; the sounds of night crickets and frogs can be heard from the nut; in the middle of the journey, the servants discovered a nut; all the things in the forest turned into birds and the animals that were in the river into ducks and fish; the basket became a jaguar, the fisherman and the boat became a duck (head was beak, the boat was the body, the oars became paws); the morning star rose, the daughter of the Snake decided to separate night from day; turned two balls of threads in Kuzhubim and Inambu birds singing at regular intervals at night and dawn; turned naughty servants into monkeys]: 5-9; Maue: Pereira 1954:89-91; 1980 (2): 711-713; parintintin [the old man asked Owl to create the night; she first put the night in a vessel]: Pereira 1980 (2): 593; munduruku [the night is short, Awareubö wants to stay longer with his wife; she advises him go to her father for the thread of night; father-in-law gives A. bags with the thread of night and the thread of the day, tells her not to open it along the way; A. opens, turns into a night bird, flies away, carrying the thread of the day]: Murphy 1958, No. 20:88-89.

Eastern Amazon. Tenetehara: Nimuendaju 1915, No. 4 [The forest spirit has two black vessels inside; people carry them away, hear the voices of owls and night monkeys; they break them, the night spreads across the world]: 289-290; Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 16 [an old woman in the forest kept the night in vessels; the young man Mokwaní ran fast, he was sent after night; the old woman asked him to choose a vessel, he took a small one; opened it, darkness came out with the owls and bats; when M. reached the village, the darkness cleared, the day came; people sent him back to the old woman; he chose a large vessel, opened it again along the way; turned into a night bird, whose sad voice can be heard deep in the forest at night]: 142.

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita [through the battleship's hole, a person enters the underworld; there he sees wild pigs in the pen; some run away, enter our world where people hunt them; in the lower world, Iguana leads man to Uqua, the master of the night; the man promises that his children will not kill iguanas; W. sleeps, wakes up from the fruit that has fallen on him; at this moment the ground shakes; W. gives a package with the night, tells you not to open it on the road; the person opens to know what is rustling there; it gets dark, cicadas jump out of the bundle; then dawns]: García Tomas 1994 (3): 126-127; amahuaca: Cordova-Rios, Lamb 1971:122; Kashinahua: Ans 1975 [cachinahua lived next to the Inca; he invited them to swing; whoever was agile respected those who fell ate them; then the Kashinahua went into the forest; I. went looking for them, met Tarantula-Yotan, invited him and his wife to his place; the Sun gave Y. a vessel with the night and a vessel of cold for promising to go with them to the root of the sky; since then, those who are approaching there, J. envelops in darkness and kills with cold; Gallinaso-shëte, the owner of wind and cold, came to I.; asked I. for the sun, he did not give it; S. pretended to leave; I. took out the vessel with the sun, distributed it the contents between the three vessels, took one; S. also took one, flew away, gave the vessel to the eagle; the spider bird was the master of rain and darkness (in the rainy season, spiders gather and start singing); spiders do not accepted Sh., he ruined the holiday for them by opening the vessel with the sun: the weather improved, the spiders scattered; when S. opens the vessel with cold and wind, and the spider opens his own in darkness, the weather deteriorates]: 83-88; d'Abreu in Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 84:231

Bolivia - Guaporé. Yabuti: Maldi 1991:257; surui [Palop Leregu brings the night in a bamboo vessel; his brother Palop opens it before they get home; it's dark, they can hear night sounds; submarines create mosquitoes to punish his brother, who creates ticks in response; submarines throw feathers into the air, they turn into birds singing at dawn; day comes; at home, brothers take out the remains of the vessel nights; now day and night alternate]: Mindlin 1995, No. 21:53-54; arua [no details]: Metraux 1942:151

Southern Amazon. Kayabi [first an eternal hot day, food was cooked in the sun; the man went to look for the night; the Jaguar, the Monkey, did not have surucu á; the Owl had a vessel with the night; the man broke it, it became dark; those who worked on the site (forest birds are listed: jacutinga, uru, jacamim, jao-galinha) did not find their way home (apparently turned into birds); people in we fell asleep at home, woke up in the morning, it's light again]: Pereira 1995, No. 36:94; nambikwara [shaman (var: Owl, Speotito cunicularia) keeps the day in white, the night in black calebasses; opens them alternately; the night was shorter than this one; he leaves, tells the Nightjar (Nyctibius sp.) to do like him; the Nightjar takes the beads out of the black calebass or keeps it open for too long; night falls; some of the hunters died in the forest, others have returned to the village; the nightjar is now a bird, mourning his act; the shaman pressed his neck deep into his body; things have turned into animals: an arrow into a snake, a calebasa cup into a turtle, a braided line (xire) - in a jaguar (xire stains on his skin); the shaman had a daughter; while she was still crawling on all fours, the shaman told his wife to wash her, paint her uruku's face, take her out of the house, turn her face east, west, east again; after that it dawned, the sun came out; the shaman said that God marked day and night for us because he saw the child's face even in the dark; the shaman also had a boy; brother and sister grew up, got married, and nambiquara descended from them]: Pereira 1983, No. 3:18-20 (=1974:22-23); Iransha [there was no sun; one man became a battleship, came out of the stone, made a pot, hung it; two the other battleships were pulled, the pot fell, darkness out of it; the first made a new vessel out of the fragments; dawn and twilight began to alternate, but the sun was still gone; after darkness first came, the first As dawn approached, a child said; he did not sleep because of mosquitoes; at first they did not believe him]: Moura 1960:45-46.

Eastern Brazil. Kayapo: Posey 1981 (gorotire): 60-61; Wilbert 1978, No. 19 [(Metraux 1960:18-19); a group of people went in the direction of Aragwaia; they met various monsters along the way (people with hands sharp as bamboo chips; with long penises wrapped around his waist, etc.; passed through the land of darkness; Tyoipekro lived near the border of the second country of darkness; when he left, they kidnapped his daughter; brought him home; she met with her lover, then with another; the first to see, was offended; she ordered her father to bring the night so that there would be no such misunderstandings; T. gave Calebass, told him not to open a scorpion on the way, inside; one man wanted a little night to sleep; opened the calebass, the scorpion bit him, he became an owl; with a mako feather, T.'s daughter packed the night back to Calebasa, leaving a part for sleep and love], 20 [Banner 1957: 38-39; first eternal day; the little nephew opened a bundle of leaves that belonged to the shaman, from there darkness spread; the shaman turned the boy into an owl; some of the people who were in the forest at that time did not waited until dawn, died], 21 [Lukesh 1968:43-44; eternal day first; warriors captured and brought Dyoibekro's daughter; she ordered to go to her father overnight, otherwise she cannot sleep; people have passed various lands monsters came to the land of darkness; D. gave the calebass at night, told him not to open it along the way; one man discovered it, was bitten by a scorpion, he turned into an owl]: 88-90, 91, 92-93.

(Wed. Chaco. Vilela [in the west lived the master (HN) of the night with his wife and son; the other children beat the boy, who complained to his mother; HN told his wife to weave a thread, stretch it out to the lake; she tied the thread to the house, went to the lake, unwinding a ball; HN made it not dawn; people were left without water and food, and the HN family went to fetch water, holding a thread; Algarrobe branches hung over his house; there was a noise, it was steel falling pods means that a year has passed; the wife asked for forgiveness for people; HN took away the darkness, people were barely moving from weakness by then]: Lehman-Nitsche 1925b: 219-221).

Southern Brazil. Ache: Cadogan 1962, No. 2 [people don't sleep, there is no night; Bayi puts darkness in a large vessel, puts owls and other nocturnal creatures there; man breaks the vessel with an arrow; night and moon appear; man is frightened, burns wax to create dawn; all wild animals were in this vessel]: 51-53; Clasters 1972 [when the first aches came out of the ground, there was no night, the sun was always at its zenith (so the rituals initiations are arranged at noon); a man was walking through the forest with his son, who had not yet been initiated; saw a pot, told his son not to touch it, but the boy broke the pot, from it a stream of ash, animals and birds of the forest (this is Baiö forest owner's pets); it was constant night; then wax was thrown into the fire, a pleasant smell spread, and night and day began to alternate]: 163-167.