Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B1B. Two creators. .

Two female ancestors are involved in the creation process. The actions of one are good, the other is evil.

Ifaluk, Tibetans (Amdo), Tsow, Western and Eastern Ceres.

Micronesia—Polynesia. Ifaluk [1) two women Legubrielnialel (Leg.) and Ligesges (League.) descended from heaven to earth; Leg. had only a neck and head, no body; as soon as she wanted anything (home, food), it was appeared; she wished two men, they met with these women, the people multiplied; the League and Leg. quarreled, the League retired to Europe, so the Europeans have everything; the League left on Ifaluca led they felt bad, people became vicious like her; 2) Leg. and League lived in heaven; when the soul of the deceased came there, Leg. said, “he dies like the moon,” i.e. temporarily, and the person came to life; but League said, “he really dies” and people haven't revived since then; women quarreled and Leg. retired to Europe, giving Europeans their knowledge; stupid League stayed with the islanders]: Burrow, Spiro 1957:212.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. The Tibetans (Amdo) [the goddess Ane-Goma-jamu gave the goddess Njigma the hem of the earth, ordering the land to be flat and people equal; to say, Where should the mountains be, so that there are no mountains, where To be rich (poor), so that there are no rich, poor; she hurried and confused, saying, Where to be mountains, be mountains, who will be rich (poor), let it be]: Potanin 1893, No. 82:315.

Taiwan — Philippines. Tsou [the Nivns and Soesokha came to the river; N. was poorly dressed, people almost forgot to transport it; after crossing, both washed themselves, and the dirt that flowed down from N. was like flowers, and the dirt that flowed down from S. was like feces doggy; N. cooked a full pot of porridge or rice, breaking and throwing the only grain into it; S. tried to imitate it, but forgot the words, said, “Let the cauldron of dog feces be full,” and it happened; N. always revived the dead, only after the fifth death did man die completely; once N. was gone, S. failed to revive the deceased, buried him and mourned; since then people have been dying; N. was sad lit quinoa seeds and went up with the smoke]: Nevsky 1935, No. 6:92-93.

The Great Southwest. Western Keres (Laguna, Akoma) [Uretsete (Indian ancestor) competes shamanic abilities with her sister Naotsete (the ancestor of Europeans); W. manages to name the traces of the turkey , N. cannot name the traces of a wild cockerel; W. calls the snake's trail, she goes to her voice, W. lubricates her head with prayer meal; N. calls W. a witch; sisters fast for four days and argue who will be the first to fall on the ray of the rising sun; the Spider sends Magpie to cover the sun with its wings so that the first rays fall on the eagle feathers on W.'s head; military leaders bind defeated N., she rips open her chest, takes out her heart; a squirrel jumps out of one half of it, a dove flies out of the other; in the Akom version, there is no episode with her chest ripped open, but there is a magpie and by the sun]: Parsons 1939:244; oriental ceres (Cochiti) [Uretsiti's older sister is pueblo's mother, shorter; Naotsiti's youngest is Navajo mother, taller; N. said the eldest will be the one to whom the first rays of the sun will fall; they fell on W.'s hair, N. got angry; W. threw her rabbit hunting stick at N.; N. turned into a rat, disappeared among the rocks; so the pueblo people defeat the Navajo; var .: W. won N., she turned into a rat]: Benedict 1931:1-2; keres in general [names of two sisters: Indian: Uretseté (Cochití), Utset (Sía), Utctsityi (Santa Ana), Iatiku ( Acoma, Laguna); alien: Naotsete (Cochití), Now'utset (Sía), Nausity (Santa Ana), Nau'tsic (Acoma), Nautsiti (Laguna)]: Tylor 1964:117-118.