Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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B1C. One creator deceives another. .26.29.34.


two creators agree that the eldest of them (the main creator) will be the one whose object is in a certain condition (usually whose tree or flower will grow or bloom) earlier). While one was sleeping or away, the other swapped objects and tricked him into winning the championship.

Lisu, Chinese (Sichuan), Kalmyks, Altaians, Telengits, South Altai Tuvans, Oirats (Durbuts), Buryats (Alar), Mongols (Khalkha).

China - Korea. The fox [the elder and younger brothers both want to rule heaven and earth; agreed to give this right to the one whose golden and silver trees will bloom first; in the morning the youngest got up earlier, saw that the elder's trees bloomed and changed trees; became a ruler; the elder predicted that during his reign people would suffer and work hard; people say we must be patient and wait for the older brother to return]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:267-268; Chinese (Sichuan, Wu. Pingshan) [The sky was created by King Pangu, and the earth was created by King Biangu. Before creating heaven and earth, they agreed that whoever would finish the work first would be the big brother, and who would be the second the younger brother. Pangu was more capable than Biangu and could easily finish earlier, so he worked and slept. Biangu was a simple man and knew that Pangu did not take him seriously, so he worked non-stop and finished the land in a few days. Pangu saw that Biangu was about to finish his work, waited for him to fall asleep, and called Ganshangao (Pole that controls the mountains) to wrinkle the ground. He took the bamboo pole that ruled the mountains, waved it three times, and the flat ground wrinkled. This is how mountains, gorges and plains appeared on earth. Biangu woke up to see that the wrinkled earth was the same size as the sky and realized that King Pangu had deceived him but said nothing. At night, he invited Tezhugan (Iron and Bamboo Pole) and told him to pierce the sky. He took up arms and made lots of holes in the sky, so stars and the moon appeared in the sky, and heaven and earth have looked like this ever since]: Zhou Yang et al. 1998b, No. 1c: 23.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. The Kalmyks [Burhan Bagshi and Maitreya have agreed to pray with their eyes closed for 49 days; whoever the lotus grows during this time will patronize the Kalmyks; BB A few days later, he opened his eyes and saw that the lotus had grown in front of M.; he picked it up and planted it in front of him; 49 days later, M. saw only a place from a flower in front of him; said that let BB be patronize the Kalmyks, but the Kalmyks will be lying and thieving]: Basangova 2017, No. 94:183-185.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians: Khokholkov 1924 [while creating man, Ulgen put a blue anemone flower (kök-chächäk) in a golden cup; Erlik's elder brother stole part of the flower from him, too created man; W. cursed his people, telling them to be black, to go west; led his people eastward; the black people were the first to make a tambourine and began to camla]: 18; Dyakonova 1976 [Ulgen overthrows Erlik to the lower world, who creates evil spirits and reptiles; his servant Aldachi (Usmekchi) extracts souls from dying]: 269-271; telengits [in the village of Ortolyk, we have recorded two legends about the creation of the world (2005, 2010); brothers Üch-Kurbustan and Erlik Biy hold a competition: whoever grows a flower in a bowl will become Kudai; the flower grows in E.'s bowl, but Ü. steals it and become a creator (Kudai); E. descends to the lower world; versions and versions are in the archives of the Institute of Altai Studies named after A. S.S. Surazakov in the recording of storyteller T.A. Chachiyakov from the village of Yelo, Onguday District; in our record, a red flower grows in E.'s bowl, and a gold flower grows in Chachiyakov's note]: Yadanova 2013:115; South Altai Tuvans [Burgan Bashky and Ochirvaan decided that the ruler over people and the world would be the one in whose bowl the flower would bloom; O. saw that the flower was blooming in BB, quietly moved it into his bowl; BB agreed for O. to become ruler, but there will be warriors in O.'s world; since wars are caused by wolves and theft, BB in his world would tie bells to wolves and put fire on thieves' heads to recognize them]: Taube 1978, No. 67:302 (=Taube 1994, No. 62:284); Oirats (durbuts) [May-Tere kept the golden cup down and Burkhyn-Bakshi upside down; both fell asleep; B. woke up first, changed the position of the cups; M.: you stole, your time will be thieves']: Potanin 1983, No. 54b: 269; Buryats (Alar) [Churmusen Tengri has sons Shingybyl, Sagadai Ebugun and Tolty Khan; they argue who rule the world; the father gave everyone a golden vessel, told them to go to bed; whoever grows flowers in the vessel overnight will become a world owner; the elder woke up, saw flowers in the younger one's vessel and transplanted it into his own; the youngest in the books found out that the flowers were stolen; said he would become Erlick and make sure that bipedals would not live more than a hundred and four-legged forty years; the best two-legged and four-legged would be constantly take away; he stole Bukhanoin's daughter as his wife]: Potanin 1883, No. 79:329; the Mongols [(recorded by the missionary you. Postnikov from Khalkhas); water was everywhere, the Ochurmans lived in the sky; decided to make land, looked for a friend, found Chagan-Shukuta; both went down to the water; the Frog that noticed them dived; O. sent ChSH find it in the water; he took out the Frog, put it belly up on the water; O. sat on it, told ChSH to dive, get the ground; he brought an armful of liquid earth from the bottom, said O., If it weren't for me, you wouldn't get it land; the earth immediately fell out of his hands, fell into the water; O. told him to dive again, take the land and carry it on his behalf; O. poured the land he had brought onto the Frog, the earth began to grow, both sat on it, fell asleep; Shulmus grabbed them to throw them into the water, but the earth grew faster than he ran to its edge; he left them; O. and ChS made a man, went looking for a soul, left the dog as a guard; promised find hair for the dog; The devil gave it wool, fed it, lit yarn, blew smoke into the man's nose, reviving him; O. and ChSH put a cup of water; on whoever side he would grow up in the cup, rule the earth; Sh. he also asked for land, got as much as at the end of his stick; stuck worms, snakes, reptiles in the ground, crawled out; the flower grew from O.'s side, but he dozed off and ChSH put it on his edge; O. said that now both people and animals will steal and enmity; he has gone to heaven; he is a real god, and Ulgen was invented by the Kams (shamans)]: Potanin 1883, No. 46b: 220-223.