Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B24A. Turning into wild pigs: a circle of feathers .

After a character surrounds a group of people with a ring of feathers or throws feathers into their homes, people turn into wild pigs or bakers.

Central Amazon. Munduruku [Karusakaibe lives in the village of Huakupari; sends his son Korumtau to his sisters for meat; they do not give it; K. tells him to fill their house with feathers; fumigates home, screams, Eat your own food! they hear, Copulate! , turn into wild pigs; K. kills pigs one at a time; turns into a tapira, lets people shoot at themselves, carries away pierced arrows, turns into a human again; Daira persuades Korumtau shows where the pigs are, they let everyone out at once; they chase Korumtau, kill him; K. covers the pigs with a hill; the rest run away into the forest; to cross the river, they put an anaconda across; she how to pull the shores closer together with a rope]: Murphy 1958, No. 1:70-73.

Eastern Amazon. Spiking [Kumãφári sent his young son to the people to ask for fruit; they replied that K. should come by himself; K. became angry and scattered the feathers of four mutum birds around the village; it blew at night, the village turned into a rock, and people into wild pigs; feathers around the village, people turn into wild pigs; in the morning he took his son to hunt; opened the rock, throwing three seeds, the pigs came out, he killed as much as needed; one day, in K.'s absence, his cousin (Vetter) came; K.'s son warned him to throw only three seeds, he threw down a whole bunch; many pigs cut down a palm tree, where K.'s relative and son hid, both killed, ran away; K. revived both of the drops of blood, told the relative to be the owner of wild pigs now, turned them into a wild boar; now he is a little man who rides a boar, rules the herd]: Nimuendaju 1920:1013-1014; tenetehara [Tupan came with his adopted son to the village of the boy's relatives; they did not take care of him; T. ordered for the boy to collect feathers, pour them around the village, set them on fire, people in the village turn into wild pigs and bakers; Marana ýwa T. made the boy the owner of wild pigs]: Wagley, Galvão 1949, No. 6: 134.

Southern Amazon. Rickbacz [daughters-in-law do not give a man the meat that their husbands bring; he once again sends his young son for meat, he is given only feathers; the man makes a hut out of these feathers, invites him inside his married sons, fumigates them with pepper, sons turn into jaguars, their wives into wild pigs; the youngest son has legs full of sand fleas; the father leaves him at the fork in the tree, opens the entrance slightly to the hut, kills a pig that has come out; while his father was away, a man came and asked his son to show where the father kept the game; the boy agreed if he carried him; he opened the way out, the pigs and jaguars went out and ate That man; the boy was put on his back by the pig, carried him; the father found him, but when his mother took the tick out of his ear, he died]: Pereira 1994, No. 11:117-121 (=1973, No. 1:34).

Eastern Brazil. Kayapo [O'oimbre sent his son to the village to the boy's mother's relatives to ask for food; they refused, ordered them to find the hunters and ask them for their needs; at night, O. threw him into a large house where people slept bird feathers, closed the exit with a stone slab; the boy asked his mother to take him out to pee, but soon began to scream like a pig; everyone turned into bakers; in the morning Takakö (he is brother-in-law of O.) took his son, came to the house, opened the door slightly, threw two seeds that bakers love, killed the bakers who came out, closed the door; in the morning T.'s son stayed at home with his leg injured; O. carried him and forced him to show where T was . the bakers got it; opened the door wide, the animals escaped, tore it, the boy climbed a tree, they knocked it down, tore it too]: Wilbert 1978, No. 95:249-250.