Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B25. Pigs fall from a tree. (.21.) .52.57.73.

Characters who climb a tree or climb up a vine and then fall turn into wild pigs or other commercial animals.

(Wed. Tibet is the Northeast of India. Panggy [Peddong-Dorum owned the Ramjo tree, it was for his son; Kare-Botte cut off tree branches from the top; some fell through the ground to Polo-Irgong-Lilong, into the lower world Wiyus perfume, turning into wild pigs there; a big branch fell into the hills, became a deer, the other a buffalo, another a porcupine, the fourth squirrel; this is how animals appeared]: Elwin 1958b, No. 3:404-405).

Mesoamerica The Sun's brother or brothers go up to the top of the tree for honey; the sun makes animals that undermine the tree; brothers fall down and turn into wild pigs. Zeltal: Monod Becquelin 1980:132-145 [The month was the younger brother, the Sun was the elder; went to clear the site; the rabbit and the court-chemin bird became witchcraft restoring vegetation; I saw this Sun; The Month grabbed the Rabbit by the tail and threw it up; the tail came off, now the rabbits are without a tail; the bird hit the head with a stick, now it sings plaintively and does not speak; The sun climbed the tree, began to eat honey , he shed one wax to his brother; the month made animal figures out of wax; they began to dig up a tree; the tree fell, dug up by agouti; when the Sun fell, the Sun turned into bakers and domestic and wild pigs; when A month came back, he was asked where his brother was], 147-159 [there were two Suns, the youngest killed the eldest; one had a leg ache, the other promised to throw honey off the tree, but only shed wax; he made it out of wax agouti; they dug up a tree, it fell; the insides of the tree stretched along branches, became fish and animals; the other went home], 161 [the woman had two sons, the Blue Sun and the Younger; every day they went to work, the Sun killed their brother; wasps and a bee collected parts of his body, he came to life; the sun climbed a tree, ate honey, threw wax to his brother; the younger cut down a tree; the body of the fallen man formed animals]; Nash 1970 [The moon has three sons; the eldest is God the Father, the middle is God the Son, the youngest is Kosh ("younger"); the lights are the brightest; when the eldest was in the sky, there was no night, he constantly worked; Kosh led him for honey, asked his mother for tortillas, two of them were small; the elder climbed a tree, threw only wax down (the same word means excrement); the animal blew up the tree, the older brothers were frightened, fell together with a tree; K. put one small tortilla to his older brother's face, he turned into a pig; the other to his face moderately, but he ran into the forest and became a wild boar; to feed the pig, K. decided cleared the milpa; in the morning the forest grew again; sees a bird come and says he does not want the forest to be burned; but K. set fire to the site; went where the sky meets the day, began to walk and come back, now day alternates with night]: 198-200; Ramirez Hernandez, Melo 1988 [also in other wild and domestic animals]: 29-35; Slocum 1965:7-18; Tsotzil: Gossen 1974, No. 114, 140, 167:312, 325-326, 338; Guiteras-Holmes 1961 [Jesus was the son of the Virgin Mary, the Younger (Kox, "kosh"); threw cotton seeds on the tree, so bees appeared; I.'s two older brothers teased him; he called them for honey, they climbed in at the tree, they threw only chewy wax to the youngest; the youngest made gopher out of wax, they undermined the roots, the tree fell, the brothers died; hung his tekomate on a branch; when his mother told him to call his brothers, the wind He was buzzing in the tecomat; he asked his mother for 6 tortillas, brought pigs in the morning; three ran away and became wild; I. grabbed their tails, but their tails came off; tortillas are their piglets]: 183-185; Laughlin 1977, No. 13 [ it was three suns, it was always light, they took turns; went for fruit, the elders climbed the tree, threw one peel to the youngest; the youngest put her paws and buried it at the roots; the peel became a baggy rat , tore up the roots, the tree fell, the brothers died; at home, the youngest asked his mother for 6 tortillas; made the brothers' noses and ears out of them, turned them into pigs; one became a domestic pig, he locked her; the other became bakers; he tried to grab his tail, his tail came off; the brothers' mother Luna cried, so the moonlight was weak], 162:40-41, 387; Laughlin, Karasik 1988:181-182; Rubel 1964 [The Moon is the mother of the Sun, vol. 6-8 years old; his older brother walks with him, wants to eat, throws him into the abyss; the sun falls to the top of the cliff; the monkeys form a chain, lift it up; his brother leads him into the thorny forest, sets fire to the thickets; the Sun hides in a flea hole, returns home again; throws cotton thread on the branches of the tree, the branches turn into a hive; he invites his brother to go for honey, asks him to throw honey too; he throws only wax; The sun asks agouti to knock down a tree; turns pieces of wax into mice and scorpions, which help to knock down the tree; brother falls; the sun creates all kinds of animals from the blood and flesh of the deceased; red the parrot is made of blood; the bakers' face is from a cake taken by the Sun from the mother]: 51-53; chol: Aulie, Aulie 1951 [the Sun brothers go to the top of the tree for honey; the Sun makes animals that undermine a tree; brothers fall down, turn into wild pigs and other wild and domestic animals] in Thompson 197:434-435; Whittaker, Warkentin 1965, No. 1-4:13-34.

Southern Venezuela. Sanema [the first ancestors climb up the vine, it breaks; the fallen turn into bakers, various monkeys, kinkaju, paka, agouti]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 144:276; Yanomami: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 145 [the first ancestors climb up the vine, it breaks, they fall, turn into various monkeys, bakers, tapira], 146 [a group of warriors blackens their faces with the juice of flowers; climbs the vine, she they tear, they fall, they turn into bakers]: 277-278; Polykrates 1967 [at first, only the Paríwa tribe came out of the land; they had no women; the chief made an incision in his ankle, and a girl came out; men made her wife, people multiplied; the chief and his assistant divided people into groups, sent them in different directions; the chief sent an assistant with several families through the post to another the riverbank, where they climbed the Lucuma caimito tree to collect fruits; the fish brought down the bridge, the chief and his men went up the river, and those who climbed the tree turned into birds and monkeys; those who stayed under the tree, turned into other animals living on earth]: 284-285; Yanomam [a pack of monkeys fall from a tree; monkeys try to climb back the vine but turn into bakers]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 147:278.

Southern Brazil. Ofaye [The sun was skillful, lucky, but against people; the Month protected them; at his instigation, people shot the Sun with bows, but it came to life; people set fire to the forest around him, but he made a lake, sat down; lured people to a tree for fruit; branches break, people fall, turning, according to the Sun, into tapirs, monkeys and other commercial animals; one monkey began to pull trees, the forest became dense and high; The sun killed a monkey with an arrow, showing how to hunt]: Ribeiro 1951, No. 1:120-121.