Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B28D. Unrecognized converter .

Without understanding who is in front of them, the characters respond to the wandering Transformer that they are preparing weapons to kill someone or hide from such. The transducer itself kills them or turns them into animals.

Quakiutl, Nootka, Makah, Quileout, Quinolt, Comox, Chalkomeloem, Lummi, Twana, Puget Sound, Snookwally, Upper Chehalis, Lower Chinook, North Payute, South Payute, Utah, Sicuani, jagua, tariana, kayabi.

NW Coast. Quakiutl [people know Kanekilah is coming; everyone is busy preparing the weapon they are going to kill him with; unrecognized K. asks for a closer look at this weapon; uses it to transform the character; Deer: I sharpen these shells to slaughter the Kanekilah Organizer; Kanekilah turns him into a deer, sprinkled with crushed shells; from Mink's spears, the Raccoon makes it one tails; makes four blind women sighted, turns them into ducks; a man and a woman have genitals on the forehead, K. places them in the groin; leaves a person with many mouths on his body only one mouth; turns Oldest to stone; turns Perch into perch]: Boas 1910, No. 16:201-209; Nootka [people know the Converter is coming; everyone is busy preparing the weapon they are going to kill him with; unrecognized P. asks for a closer look at the relevant object; uses it to transform the character]: Boas 1895, No. XIII.1 [=2002:245-246; two Transducers descend from the sky; the inhabitants of the earth they know that they will turn into humans and real animals, gather advice; Deer ("son of a deer"): I'm not afraid I'll kill them; took two shells, put them on a stone; two came up and asked what he was doing; Deer: I'm getting ready to kill P.; they ask them to look at the shells, stick them in his head, tell him to shake his head, the shells turned into horns, the character into a deer, he ran away; P. came to the village, turned everyone in animals and birds; the Otter had a long spear, Beaver had a long wide knife, now their tails; after the animals became animals, a couple of people appeared in each village; let the tribes speak in different languages, some will be strong and others weak; P. gave people berries, shells, fish - everything they need for life; taught them how to get food, use medicinal herbs and turn to Heaven, where P. are]: 98; 1916, No. 6 [converter - Young man from snot, see motif L38; spear to tail: otter, raccoon, beaver, marten; two stone hammers in paws: bear; two knives from shells to horn: deer], 910-911; Clutesi 1967 [The deer sharpens two shells to make knives; answers the unrecognized Transformer that he will kill the Transducer with them; he asks for shells, puts the Deer on his head, turns his deer, shells in ears]: 93-97; Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 10 [tail club: beaver; knife in ears: deer; spear to tail: otter, raccoon, wolf, mink; claws (weapons) Puma, Eagle in claws puma, eagle]: 46-51; poppies [one episode only; Quati: I'll sharpen these shells to slaughter whoever comes to change our appearance; The converter turns him into a deer]: Densmore 1939:213.

The coast is the Plateau. Quileut [Queti goes when he meets different people; everyone sharpens their weapons, says they are going to kill the world transducer; he praises weapons, turns those he meets into deer (knife - ears), beaver (club - tail), otter (spear - tail); creates tribes; turns dogs into Macae Indians]: Andrade 1931, No. 27:83-85; Clark 1953:122-124; Farrand, Mayer 1919 [Kweeti travels; first meets the White Man, tells him to have only one wife; Beaver sharpens the stone tip, replies that he is waiting for K. to kill him; K. puts a point to his ass, turns it into a tail; Deer sharpens the shells, replies that K. is waiting for him, he makes his ears out of his shells; on the Kvitz River, K. spits on his hands, throws mud spools into the river, they turn into Quetzush Indians (made of mud); Hoh Indians walk in their arms, holding nets between their legs; K. puts them on their feet; in Kvileuti turns wolves into people, tells them to fish; in Ozette creates Indians from two dogs; in Nii Bay he teaches people to fish]: 251-252; quinalt [Misp meets people walking upside down and having other oddities; puts people on their feet, gives tools; The deer replies that he sharpens knives- kill Misp's shells; he turns him into a deer, shell knives into ears]: Farrand 1902, No. 1:83-85; comox [Kumsnō'otl ("our big brother") came down from heaven; in humans all over his body mouths, he laughs like a hundred people, K. turned him into stone; the cod sorcerer into cod; the monstrous octopus swallows everyone; K. covered himself with hot stones, the octopus rushed at him, burned himself; K. cut scattered it into pieces, they turned into current octopuses; paints birds, makes the crow black (see motif B82); makes water flow in different directions in the strait at high tide, not always into one; The deer sharpens two shells, replies that he is waiting for K. to come, he will kill him; K. asks for shells, pierces the deer into the head, turns the shells into horns, the Deer into a deer (the last episode in section XIX.1.25:428)]: Boas 2002, No. VIII.1:177-180; squamish [three transducers travel; ask the crane why it needs a spear; kill the transducers; show me; they broke the spear, one part made a crane's nose, the other two legs; they told them to fly away; so the cranes are long-legged]: Kuipers 1967, No. 2:229-230; chalkomel (covichan) [Kels descends to the ground; travels, turning people into animals (crows, seagulls, blue jay, etc.) and stones; a person sharpens shells; answers that he makes spear tips kill K.; he turns him into a deer, shells - ears; a group of people fry fish in the sun; K. teaches them to make fire by friction]: Boas 1895, No. IV.1:45-47 (=2002:135-138); Lummi [the young man replies to Shelas that he is preparing a weapon to pierce Shelasa; he takes a weapon to look, pierces the young man's wrists, turns him into a deer]: Stern 1934:109; twana (skokomish) [Kais, the Sun, creates the world and people; they behave badly; he goes down, turns them into animals and stones; the deer replies that he makes a knife out of the shell kill K.; he turns him into a deer; the second race is destroyed by fire, two men and their wives are saved; the third - rain flooding the earth; a man with children flees to the mountain; later, a cold winter is also sent to punish people]: Boas 1895, No. VI.1:56-57; Puget Sound [two sisters are digging their roots ferns, stay overnight on the prairie; one wants a white star as her husband, the other a red star; when they wake up, they are in the sky; the white star is an old man, the red star is young; husbands do not tell you to dig deep roots; the older sister is pregnant, the youngest is sitting by the smoke hole so as not to be seen crying because she has an old husband; when the boy is older, he dug a hole, from there the wind, husbands they immediately felt it, but the women managed to close the hole; they weaved the rope and went down with the child; while everyone was swinging on a rope and an old toad woman was watching the child, the salmon stole the boy (this is the next Month ); the mother found a rotten tree in the cradle, moistened the diaper, squeezed it five times, a second boy appeared (the future Sun); the yellow woodpecker goes to look for the Month, can not pass between the crushing rocks; the same is different woodpecker, raven, osprey; blue jay flew by; The month promised to come later; put a stick between the rocks so that the blue jay could slip back; Married for a month to a woman who is one of the salmon; his son is not wants to let him go; Month: a new generation is coming, and you (i.e. salmon) will be food; The month first made a mistake, told the salmon to go down, only then told them to go up; meets people fighting; What are you doing? - We fight; he turned them into birds and stones; turned little slaves into snipes; fishermen and people in the swamp into two types of ducks; people on the beach into oysters; people know that the Month changes the nature of people they meet, they want it kill; others argue about day and night, some want light and darkness every day, bear wants day and night to last for a year; now the bear sleeps all winter; the deer makes the tip of a spear; Month: what are you doing? - I want to kill the Transformer; Month: If you're a deer, they'll eat you; Norka argues with the Month who is who; Norka could not change the Month, and he turned it into a stick; he's Mink again; The Month cut him - the current minks turned out; four women drag each other by the hair; - We train to pull onions; The month turned them into 4 types of edible plants; made a man on the lake a beaver; carrying salmon - otter; Wild Cat roasts salmon, fell asleep; He ate everything for a month, the leftovers are in his face, now it has stripes, he has become a cat; 5 brothers are playing: fire, fire! It's all on fire; the trail: here, my grandson! but the quiver of the Month is burnt; across the river, old man Echo; only repeats: bring a boat! The month has passed by itself, began to fight Echo; bird: take the Echo giblets that hang on the wall of the dugout; the Echo echoed; the blue heron uses its head as a hammer, because stones and sticks alive; The Month made them with stones and sticks, made the Heron of Herons; The month gathered everyone to determine who should shine during the day and who should shine at night; tried the yellow hammer, but there is little light; the raven, the coyote, woodpecker is dark; hummingbirds are better, but the day is very short; younger brother The sun offered to be the sun for the Month, but it is too hot, the water is boiling; the Sun has begun to shine during the day, the Month at night; the old toad woman is now visible at night on the disc of the Month; the rope on which they swayed was up to the sky; Month: you can climb; but the Rat gnawed it, the Month turned it into a rat; the rocks on the mountain were transformed people; the Indians were relatives Months]: Ballard 1929 [Husbands find out about a ban violation when they feel the wind blowing from a hole]: 68-71; snookually [Doquibel meets the Deer; I make a spear to kill Doquibel! ; he turns him into a deer]: Haeberlin 1924, No. 6:379; Upper Chehalis: Adamson 1934, No. 45 [Brother Spear catches fish and eats alone, and his sister collects fern rhizomes and when he brings them , the brother comes to eat them; realizing that she is deceived, the sister leaves; where the sky meets the ground, she marries Salmon, she has a child; the spear comes there; the old man calls the elk, kills, takes the carcass out of her skin with her legs, tells the elk to leave, he (i.e. the skin with legs) leaves; the sister's sister Spear's sister's sister (her name is the End of the World) gives him a fraction of the berries, but there are many of them, you can't eat them all; at dusk they enter the house salmon people dancing, everyone holding an object for catching or cooking fish; so 5 types of salmon; the End of the World killed Sister Spear's child, cooked it, ordered not to throw away the bones; then the bones were covered with a handkerchief, the child came to life; like this every day; on the fifth day, the Spear hid his cheek bone with meat; the child could not be revived, he died; his sister told him to leave; he came to Thunder's house, who allowed him Take his daughter with a spear; his father-in-law teaches the Spear to become Thunder, he fails, he is afraid that he will be killed, leaves; he marries in another house, cannot get up in the morning, a board sticks to his back; the old woman separates her, tells her leaving is Resin People; the Spear comes to the old man, he warns: when you meet another old man, you have to climb a dry spruce tree, its bark will fall on him, otherwise he will eat it; that old man is killed by bark, his Spear burned; the giant offers his daughter, asks for help defeat another who breaks his heights; the giants began to fight, the Spear killed both; comes to a blind old woman, blows in her eyes, she sees the light; warned to shoot first when the Puma meets; the Spear killed, burned the Puma; Wild Rhubarb screams that they will kill the Spear but do not recognize him; he turned them into wild rhubarb; his sister is waiting for the Spear at home; he turned into the flower that blooms in May, the children play with it; my sister has also become something], 87 [Xwân makes two girls out of salmon milk; my wives turn to them, they run away; old woman shakes a baby on a swing, girls kidnap him, replacing him with a rotten deck; his mother conceived him from a blue stone, he is a Month; she squeezes his diapers, makes his brother's urine the Sun; Blue Jay goes west, slips under five barriers that fall and then rise; Month is the husband of the women who kidnapped him; they gave birth to him bushes and trees, the youngest is the mother of all fish; when Soyka finds Months, he makes arrows, the fragment hits Jay's eye; The month says goodbye to his fish children; on the way to earth he turns monsters into objects (mat trowel, wind barrier, head of cabbage); various The herbs say they want to kill the Month, he turns them into herbs; the Deer makes a spear to kill the Month, he makes ears out of it; the woman puts passers-by on a swing, rocks them, people break against the rock; The woodpecker helps her; the month is unharmed, rocks the woman, she breaks; five women breathe fire; stone, wood, water cannot cover the Month (burn, split, boil), the path covers; another woman lies with her legs open; The month knocks out her vaginal teeth and splits her in half with a hammer and a moose horn wedge; The month rises to the sky to shine during the day, but too hot; weak brother- The sun should have shone at night, but is afraid of ghosts; the Month becomes the month, the Sun becomes the sun]: 87-94, 158-169; lower chinook [the girl is taken away by the Bear; she gives birth to a son and daughter; her four brothers they come to the Bear's house one by one; his son asks to remove his lice, kills young men; the younger fifth brother does not shoot at the pheasant on the way, does not enter the bear house; together with the Bear's daughter, burns the Bear and his son in their house; Bear's wife revives brothers; dives into a lake, turns into a monster; Bear's daughter is married by Chief Blue Jay; she never laughs; promises to laugh if he stands in in the forest on all fours; laughs, devours all men; her husband's legs below the knees disappear; she keeps him in a basket; gives birth to two sons; does not tell them to go down the river; they go, find the bones of people who their mother regurgitated; they find a basket with their father; he says that their mother has become a monster; brothers turn her into a dog, put her father under water; go on a journey; they see a double-headed swan on the lake { possibly a swan with heads at both ends of the body}; the younger one shoots, swims to the bird, disappears; the eldest throws hot stones into the lake; the water boils away; he rips open the bellies of all monsters; in the latter finds a brother holding a swan; revives him; a man is dancing with an oar, while fish jump into his boat; brothers taught him how to fish with a net; another person shoots in the rain because his house has no roof; his brothers taught him how to make a roof; they wash dirt off his skin, mold people out of it, blow on them, people came to life; a man sharpens knives, promises to kill those who fix things; his brothers turned him into a deer by tying him his knives to his head are horns; a woman throws people into the abyss on sharp flints; brothers throw her, cut her body to pieces, throw them in different directions; Indians who live where their feet fall have strong legs; those who live where their hair has fallen have long hair; etc.]: Boas 1894a, No. 1:17-21.

Big Pool. Northern Payutes: Curtis 1976 (15) [Tavúu hunts rabbits, comes to a girl, sleeps with her; paints red eyes, hangs stones above the door; the girl's brothers come back, afraid of him; then they come in, take his rabbit away; he turns into a Rabbit, watches them fight to beat him; ties him by his hair, burns him at night; the girl refuses to go with him; he pricks her with a finger on the anus, throws it into the fire; the sun goes down before T. has time to get the rabbit he ran after; together with his younger brother (Little Rabbit), they go east; the sun rises, the arrows burn, T. He fires a fire drill instead of an arrow, breaks the Sun, throws bile into the sky, this is the new sun; it now walks not in the mountains, but across the sky; an avalanche of fire haunts the brothers; they are not saved by stone, wood, they hide under a cactus that only burns thorns; T. spends the night at Vulture; swaps places with his son, at night Vulture holes his son's head; T. offers to shoot each other at friend; Vulture misses, T. kills him; the old woman replies that she is weaving the basket to put those who killed the Sun in it; T. invites her to try on the basket, climb into it, rips open the old woman with a knife; other women are weaving water baskets for supply, the Sun killers will come and we'll hide; Show me! They entered the house, he burned them; people were swaying on the branches of the tree; the brothers also began to swing, told the branches to fly into the sky, the swaying ones crashed; people built a house under the rock; T.: why? - Hide from the Sun's killers; - Show me; everyone went in, the rock collapsed, crushing everyone; the brothers turned into big and small rabbits]: 143-147; Lowie 1924, No. 10 [the day is too short; The rabbit asks his maternal grandmother to give him food on the road, goes to the Sun; when they see the Rabbit, the Squirrels say that it is not clear who is going; the Rabbit kills them with an arrow; comes to the North Wind house in his absence, He hangs stones above the entrance, paints his eyes red; the people of the North Wind come in, get scared, rush away, hitting the rocks; he is given rabbit skins, he removes the stones; he is given the worst meat, but it turns out to be the best; they rush at him, he kills everyone, only the youngest hides somewhere, has become the new North Wind; The Raven (?) scrapes his claws, says he will kill Rabbit with them when he arrives; Rabbit sleeps in his house, swaps places with Raven's son, who kills his son with his claws at night; Rabbit invites him to shoot each other at friend; hangs his skin as a target, but he is unharmed; kills the Raven with the last arrow; Louse says he will kill someone from the west; Rabbit throws a lump of grass into his stomach; hears Louse say he will kill You can only crush it completely; The rabbit presses but does not find a finger; tells Lice to be lice; shoots at the Sun, the arrows burn, hits the Sun with a fire drill; removes bile from the corpse, throws it into the sky, something new the sun will go higher and the day will take longer; the rabbit goes home, behind him is fire, he hides in the badger's hole, his neck burns; the same is in the stump; when under the cactus, he escapes from the fire; comes to his grandmother, she calls him husband; he copulates with her, marries her]: 224-228; Powell 1971 [days are too short, people don't have time to hunt; Tā-vu (Little Rabbit) goes east to kill the Sun; his arrows burn in the air; it wets the latter with tears, it hits the Sun; T. gutts it, throws bile into the sky, it turns into a new Sun, which is higher, so the day is longer; the Sun haunts T., he hides in a hole, in a tree, in wet clay, but the Sun burns it every time; only under a thorny tree (apparently a cactus} that does not burn, T. escapes; the squirrel on the rock laughs at T., who pulls it out from under the stone , tears to pieces; people attack T., he takes off and hangs his skin, they shoot at it without causing harm to T.; he comes to their house, paints his face with red stripes, people who come are horrified run away; for a promise to wash off the paint, the old woman gives him her daughter; the hunters who come fry rabbits, and T. a piece of their tail; their meat is lean and a piece of tail is a fat rabbit; people rush to T., but he leaves his skin to them and runs away; burns the attackers in their house; his wife cries, he throws her into the fire too; these people were Red Ants; Chief Lice says that the Killer T is coming; T. kills with a stone him and many of his people; Vulture says that T. is coming, he will kill him with his claw; unrecognized T. comes, says he has not seen T. anywhere; at night he changes places with Vulture's son, he kills his son; T. invites Vulture to shoot at each other, takes off the skin, arrows hit it without causing harm to T.; with the last fifth arrow, T. kills Vulture; burns the corpses of him and his son; the chipmunks mock over T.; he comes unrecognized, tears their leader apart, kills everyone else; the old woman feeds T. cold porridge; he asks to warm him in a bag over the fire; she also asks to warm her, he burns her; at home some want the day to be always and ask T. to go fight the Sun again; T. objects because people should sleep with their wives and have dreams; people talk in dreams; in the morning T. tells who to bring water to whom firewood, etc.; says people should only eat once a day; it is believed that a dream speaker turns to T.]: 227-229; Southern Payutes: Lowie 1924, No. 15 (Shivvitz) [The rabbit notices that his shadow has become short, and the skin is all pierced; decides to take revenge on the Sun; comes to two boys, asks them to light a fire; they are afraid that trees (wood) will take away their parents; the rabbit sends them for firewood, but the trees they go to them; the rabbit tells them to go to it, throws the magic stone, it crumbles small; now it is safe to make a fire; makes the seeds available; before that they were crushed by a boulder; promises boys not to suffer if the ground catches fire; meets girls, tells them to blow chaff in his eyes, blows towards him; now blows into their eyes, they die; man does arrow, replies that the Rabbit is coming, he will kill him; the Rabbit offers to put a hot stone on each other's chest; he is protected by another stone, kills that man; the woman does (obviously weaves) vessel basket, says that the Rabbit goes and kills people; suggests weaving them so that they take turns inside the basket; easily gets out, walled up the woman in the basket, kills her; girls on the rock laughs; he throws his pebble at them; asks them to throw them back; they all fall after them and crash; eats up the Coyote field; the villagers kill many rabbits, but not the Rabbit; he hides in a hole, everyone they climb after him, he gets out, collapses the ground on the hidden ones, they die; the Bear digs a hole, says he will hide in it from the Rabbit; the Rabbit offers to hide one by one, kills the Bear; everything trees respond that they will burn in a fire, but shrubs will only burn from above; Rabbit breaks the Sun with a stone, hides in a hole; trees burn, the Rabbit runs farther and farther, makes a hole under the bush; gradually burns; when his eyes burst, water spills, cools the ground; Rabbit's body gathers again; he comes to those boys, his brothers, they're safe], 29 (Moapa): 142-147, 198; Utah: Lowie 1924, No. 33 (Southern Utah) [The rabbit walked around killing people; he had two cedar cone necklaces (?) ; The bear replies that he is digging a hole to hide from the Rabbit; The rabbit offers to try, puts an arrow in the hole, the Bear attacks it, dies; fills a scarecrow, drags it like a dog; rolls it drops of sweat in two balloons, throws a woman with children on the rock to smell; tells them to throw it back, they fall after them, break; two boys turn to the Rabbit, calling him the Inverted Quiver; that's the name the one he likes, he killed those who called him the Rabbit; the boys say that their mother crushed the Rock; the Rabbit moves the rock; ask them to make a fire; they say that the trees prick them; the rabbit hits cedars, says that now even children and women will be able to use them as fuel; the same applies to water; now the water does not fall in a wave on those who want to take it; the Sun calls the Rabbit Rabbit, who in rabies; the Spider masks it with its web; arrows burn before reaching the Sun; the Rabbit beats off a piece of the Sun with a club, the earth lights up; the tree, the stone, the river respond that it will burn, burst from the heat, it will boil; one grass says it will only burn from above; The rabbit dug a hole under it, only his neck is burned; The rabbit comes out, all its dicks are gradually burning; at night the Sun sent snow, the earth has cooled down; the Sun turned Rabbit into a rabbit, now even kids will hunt him]: 59-62; Smith 1992 (White River) [The sun was hotter than it is now; Cottontail went east; it had two names, simple - Tawuc, and more; when the grass (weed) called him with a simple name, he hit him with a club for it; he met the Bear, who replied that he was digging a shelter; he heard that T. was coming and killing people, he had to hide; The rabbit asks to show him beats; says that the Bear will probably stick out his nose at last to look; the Bear sticks out, the Rabbit hits him with a club; meets two boys; they say that they have no mother; The boulder did not want her to collect roots, and crushed her; they say that they are afraid to make a fire and drink water, for they frighten with sparks and splashes; the Rabbit tells them to light a fire, sparks burn the boys' faces; The rabbit hits the bush, says that from now on even old women will be able to use the bushes as fuel; the same with water, hits it, now everyone uses it; the boys turned to the Rabbit, calling him a good name; Rabbit happy; Boulder rolls, revives the boys' mother; now it is the Gorlin family; the Rabbit is waiting for the Sun in ambush, but he passes by; the Rabbit asks the Spider to cover him with a web; hits the Sun with a club, the world lights up; the rabbit runs, asks who will hide it; the trees say they will burn, but the bushes (rabbitbrush) say that the fire will come from above, they will not suffer; the rabbit digs a hole under the bushes, he is saved; there are dark spots behind his ears where the fire burned him; today's black stones were burned in that fire; this story was told the night after the children fell asleep]: 54-57.

Llanos. Sicuani [Purna makes piranhas eat his cannibal mother-in-law; runs, chased by her wife; she tells her people (these are future animals) to kill P. if they see him; everyone's inhabitants the villages respond to P., they do not recognize, that they are waiting for P. to kill him; he turns them into wasps, snakes, various ants]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 6:47.

NW Amazon. Tariana [Iauaretê people ate their grandfather and made sure that nothing was left (i.e. burned bones, drank from kashiri); but one named Yeet threw something away; thunder thundered and three pirapucu fish (from the crucian carp family) appeared; his wife, the grandmother of the fish, put them in a basket of peppers; they turned into little men, "people of blood" - Diroá; grew up and matured; becoming birds, flew to the field where Iauaretê worked; they tried to kill them, but did not catch them; and the birds became young men again and met I.'s girls; then they returned home as birds; their grandmother took them catching winged female ants (a treat); they threw fruits at girls; the grandmother released ants from her vagina, they climbed a tree and D. fell; the grandmother revived them; they made her bitten by a spider; she died, they revived it; I. tried to cut down trees on D., but they rejected them; I. set fire to the site so that D. burned down, but they were unharmed {it is not said how they did it}; D. got into the boat and sailed a big one distance, waving the paddle only once; asking people what they are doing; - We are preparing batons to kill D.; D. killed them ourselves; elsewhere they killed the anaconda that was on the tree and fried; went to kill a harpy eagle; his mother cooks resin; D.: why resin? - Kill D.; they killed her, made a whistle out of bone to lure harpy eagles; they flocked, D. killed them; the feathers of D.'s two dead eagles were turned into humans; when, after the holiday, I. intended to kill D. , a lot of people {warriors} came out against them; D. offered them a try to eat resin, she tied their mouths, they couldn't eat D.]: Brüzzi 1994:211-215; yagua [night monkeys kill their father hero; he goes, meets Sloth; he catches fish with a piece of bone of Night Monkey Food; the hero turns him into a sloth; meets Parrots; We want to kill the son of Night Monkey Food! the hero turns them into parrots]: Powlison 1993:97-118.

Southern Amazon. Kayabi [Tujarare travels, meets various animal people; asks everyone if they have heard of this traveler; everyone replies yes, that they are afraid of him, some they promise to kill him; T. says that he also heard that he is dangerous; then transforms the interlocutor into an animal, deforming his body; 1) guatá monkeys; 2) black monkeys; 3) jaguars; 4) making arrows kill a traveler - in surucua (Trigonideo); 5) women collecting peppers - in mutum birds (they have red beaks); 6) at a deer (threw garbage in his eyes); 7) a howler monkey; 8) a couple of spouses at night monkeys; 9) in caimana]: Pereira 1995, No. 5:48-51.