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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B2C. The Earth as an anthropomorphic body .

Land in general, landscape elements, or fertile soil arise from the human body and/or land (s) are born by a woman.

Dusun, Makassars, Bicol, Manobo, Tboli, Ancient China, Namuzi, Mansi, Ancient Japan, Itelmen, Alutors, Chukchi, Bribri, Cabecar, Kogi, Huambisa, Tucano, Kashibo.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Dusun [Warunsasadun (wife of the god of heaven Kinorohingan) killed her child, buried her child, making the land fertile]: Raats 1970:32; Makassars [The moon was pregnant with the Sun; One day he chased her to beat her and she gave birth to Earth; then they reconciled]: Gervais 1688 in Lang 1899:112.

Taiwan - Philippines. Bicol [the grandchildren of a heavenly deity have bodies made of stone, gold, copper; a stone grandson tries to take possession of the sky with his brothers; killed by lightning, falls into the sea, his body forms earth; from his body golden brother - Sun, copper - Month, sister turns into stars]: Eugenio 1994, No. 21a: 65-66; manobo [Kezenan created Andaw (Sun), a man with a hot body and Bulan (Moon), a woman with cool body; B. gave birth to a child, left him in the cradle, he began to cry, get out; A. wanted to pick him up, but burned him to death; the couple quarreled, parted, cutting the child into pieces and scattered them; one part turned into earth, the others into celestial bodies]: Eugenio 1994, No. 67b: 132; tboli [in seventh heaven, the divine couple has seven sons and seven daughters; they got married; S'Fedat and Bong Libun are childless; S. asks his wife to kill him, his body turns into a vegetative land; another brother, Dwata, has many children; BL gives him land for promising to marry one of his sons]: Eugenio 1994, No. 39:95.

China - Korea. Ancient China [(Imperial Tai Ping Review encyclopedia, Interpretation of History" by Ma Su, Ren Fan, "Description of the Surprising"); the universe resembled an egg; Pangu was born in it ; he woke up, split the egg with an ax; light and clean rose up, became the sky, heavy and dirty, down, became earth; P. rested his head on the sky, grew up, raising the sky higher; when P. died, his sigh became wind and clouds, voice became thunder, left eye became sun, right eye became moon, torso with legs and arms became four countries of the world and five famous mountains, blood into rivers, veins in roads, flesh with soil, hair on the head and mustache with stars, skin and body hair with herbs, flowers, trees, teeth, bones, bone marrow with metals, precious stones, sweat with dew and rain; var: tears are rivers, sigh is wind, voice is thunder, eye gloss is lightning; when happy, the weather is good, when angry, heavy clouds]: Yuan Ke 1987, ch. II: 34-35; namuzi [the cannibal invites a woman to look for each other in her hair; first she looks for a woman, then a cannibal, kills her with her fingernail, eats her; comes to her two daughters, asks her to open door; the eldest replies that the mother had a skirt; a headband; the cannibal leaves, returns in a skirt, with a bandage; puts her breasts in the slit, the youngest wants milk, says that the door is only supported hemp stalk; sisters give the cannibal whole bread, she eats it; girls say that the mother shared bread; the cannibal tells the one who does not have lice to go to bed with her; the eldest has, the youngest agrees to lie down; the cannibal tells her to put a rooster, a bucket of water, a ball of thread, hemp seeds in bed; at night she eats the youngest girl, replies to the eldest that she chews seeds, that the rooster splashed water, threw off the ball; that the eldest can relieve the need for a house; she replies that the kitchen, the millstones will bite her, let her mother tie 9 threads to her; climbs a tree above the pond in the yard; seeing the cannibal rinse the intestines eaten, drops a tear; throws her fruit, she likes it; tells her to grease the trunk, get up; the girl tells her to bring a spear; the cannibal replies that her flesh will turn into ndo pu, blood into seas, bones - into the rocks, she will not be able to go down from the tree; so it happened; the deer replies that it will not be able to let it down, followed by dogs, dogs - that they are running after the deer; two hunters spread their clothes, the girl jumps off; they want to sacrifice it; while they go to get branches (they are used to depict animals), the girl lubricates them with chewed hemp seeds; hunters think that the birds have spoiled, which means it's a ritual You can't spend it; the mother lowered her daughter's basket from the sky, began to pick it up; those men slashed their legs with a knife, so people's toes of different lengths]: Lakhi 2009 (2): 101-134.

Western Siberia. Mansi [Tagt-Kotil-Oika sits by the hearth; the youngest son runs into the house every now and then, says that Menkv-Oika is getting closer; TKO tells his son to hit the giant with an arrow between his shoulder blades; he falls; the belt fell down, its ends formed two rivers; the penis was another river; the intestines, liver, heart, kidneys, and other organs became islands and areas; a bag of flint is a small island; the thigh is a long reach; two the villages are Bolshoy and Maly Pieces of Boot]: Rombandeeva 2005, No. 55:341-343.

Japan. Ancient Japan [the heavenly gods told Izanagi-no mikoto and Izanami no mikoto to "finish the job with this land rushing along the waves of the sea} and turn it into a firmament; Izanagi-no mikoto and Izanami-no mikoto stepped on the Heavenly Floating Bridge, they loaded the precious spear, and rotating it, they squish-squish-kneaded the sea water, and when they pulled it out, the water that dripped from the tip of the spear, thickened, and became an island. This is Onogorodzima, a Thickened Island by itself; then we descended to the island, giving birth to eight more main islands and six other islands]: Kojiki 1994, ch. 3:39-42.

SV Asia. Itelmen [Kutkhu created the land from his son called Symskalin, who was born by his wife Ilkhum while walking with him on the sea; or K. and his sister Khutlyzhich the land was demolished from the sky and approved at sea; (Orlova 1975:129: symt - land)]: Krasheninnikov 1994 (1): 71; Alutortsy [an old informant friend said: The Earth began to appear here, these named lands, where head, shoulders, arms, feet, legs, fingers; That man did something, Kala (demonic creature) pushed him away and said: "You will become a river, you will become different lands"; The one who Echei (Achaivayam village) became land; both the Apuka River and the Echei are that man's legs, two rivers go together, this is the spine; Rilpychkun's land is shoulders; Aikin is land on the opposite bank the Achaivayam rivers are like a hill, like this appendix, like a hand, a finger goes like this (the informant showed); and here's the head, like hair, the river flows somewhere, from somewhere in the forest, and where then it goes like hair, Apuka reaches the sea like human hair; and now the mitten is lost - it's Rathamlit, a hill, like a mitten; that man has lost a mitten]: Golovanova, Maltseva 2015, No. 9:27-28; Chukchi [zap. A.A. Yarzutkina, village Lorino; our Lorino is a mother, something feminine, a mother of everything. The village itself is the head. Hair is our bay, whales, walruses, and all living creatures live in our hair. There are two boobs, one is a hill with a bump, the other is far away. This mother is lying on her left side, as it were. And a woman's womb is hot springs, it's always warm. Then three hills are her three brothers, they protect this area like her sister]: Ozheredov et al. 2020:.

Honduras-Panama. Bribry: Bozzoli 1977 [The world is only rocks; The Bat flies to suck Earth Girl's blood; Bat's excrement grows trees; Shibyo sends the Mouse again, Earth's mother and grandmother cut the Mouse in half with a thread; now the bats hang upside down to prevent their insides from falling out; S. sends people to dance in front of Earth's dwelling; Earth's mother drops it, the dancers trample on the child fertile soil is spreading; Earth's mother and grandmother say they (=Earth) will now devour the dead; grandma's tears turn into birds and animals of prey]: 172-175; 1982:154-155; Bozzoli, Cubero Venegas 1982 [old woman Sula lives in the lower world; S. kidnaps her granddaughter, turns her into fertile land]: 6; 1987 [Earth was a little orphan girl, lived with her grandmother; The Bat sucked her blood; where the Bat relieves herself, plants grow; he is trapped; the grandmother is invited to dance; she drops the girl, she turns into fertile land; the grandmother tells S. that the dead will go to it, i.e. into the ground (the grandmother is also Earth)]: 32; 1989, No. 1-2 [there were only rocks; S. kidnaps a girl from her grandmother, turns her into fertile land; the Earth girl is alive; people grow plants on her]: 8-10; cabecar: Stone 1962:53-54 [Sibu made the sky; saw a flying rock a mouse, piles of land under her, her bowel movements; told her to eat more fruit; sent a woman-sea to Thunder to ask him to destroy the rock so that people could get the land; Thunder wants to eat S.'s people, but still gave The sea woman had her own rod; she left her rod, came back, saw a snake at this place, it bit her, she died, began to swell; S. put a frog on it to stop the swelling, but the frog rushed catch insects; The sea was swollen to the sky, S. turned it into a tree; it continued to grow, pierced the sky; Okama agrees to cut down the tree; S. sends a deer to trample the clearing where the tree will fall (since then since the deer runs fast); sent a kingfisher and a cormorant to describe a circle above the tree; the tree falls, turns into a sea; parrot nests in the tree became turtles, the leaves became crabs; Thunder destroyed the rock, took it out from there he spread the son of the devil, made him a round earth; told the devil to move the earth; made people out of corn grains; allowed the bat to drink the blood of humans and animals], 54 [1) first one rock; Sibu sees bat excrement, plants are rooted on it; the mouse drank jaguarenka's blood when his mother left; the jaguarenok in the rock; S. asked his relative Thunder to break the rock; S. did a wooden deer, who began to scream in the voice of a jaguarek, his mother rushed to him, while S. rubbed the jaguareka on the rock, making the ground; the jaguariha stretched out the deer's legs and neck, now they are long ; 2) Sibu saw bat excrement on the rock, a balsa tree grew on it; the mouse replied that it was eating a jaguareka under the rock; the jaguariha was called to grind cocoa, S. at that time stole a jaguarenka from the underground peace, rubbed under a rock so that there was soil for plants; ordered the monkey and deer to deceive the jaguariha].

The Northern Andes. Kogi [the ancestor goddess gives birth to five daughters; these are lands of different colors or consistencies; only the latter (black) is fertile]: Chaves 1947, No. 1 [(only seven lands are named): white, white -sandy, red-black, yellow, red, yellow-black, black]: 468-469; Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2) [sitting in the dark on a rock in the middle of the sea, Mother pulled out her pubic hair, moistened her menstrual blood, created the first man; he was boneless; the second was without a body, the third was without strength, the fourth was normal, it was Sint치na; Mother's husband was a wooden stick; she was born to Sintana and 8 other owners men; she told them to do women's work; but then she gave her beard and mustache, coca bag and lime bottle, carried water herself, washed; instead of wives, her sons had objects - a pot, a loom a machine, a grain grater, etc.; S. introduced a nail and a pebble into his mother's body with a coca stick through the navel, she gave birth to 9 lands: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Sandy, Burnt, Ash, Rocky, Black; the sons pushed the water away, the Mother drank the middle of the sea, land appeared; S. and the other sons began to ask Mother for her daughters; she gave them all, and hid her youngest daughter Black; S. began to sing and dance in the middle peace, Black Earth came out, S. took it away; Mother sent a crocodile in pursuit; Seij치nkua hid the fugitives first in his lime vessel and then in her heart; where Black Earth stepped, there appeared fertile soil; this is how the land hardened]: 19-21.

Western Amazon. Huambis? [Kumpara's wife, Chingaso, gave birth to a son, Etsa (the sun); K. took a piece of clay in his mouth, spit it out, turned Nantu (moon) into a daughter; she did not have to be his blood sister to marry E.; E. painted his face to be more attractive; N. ran to heaven, painted her body black (night), her face with spots (spots on the moon's disk); Auhu (Nightjar) fell in love with N., climbed the vine into the sky, N. cut it off; E. tied it to his hands and at the feet of parrots, they took him to heaven, began to fight with N.; their struggle causes solar and lunar eclipses; N. took clay (dirt), blew, made Nuhi's son; A. was jealous, smashed him, he became earth; N. adopted E., a son U침ushi (sloth, first hivaro) was born; the moon is growing - pregnant, decreasing - giving birth when she is not in heaven - copulates with the Sun; the second son is Apopa (manatee, helps people); the third is Huanga침i (bakers); the fourth is a daughter, cassava; Ch. gave two eggs, one broke (the heron tried to carry it away), and the second was born Mika (a vessel for making chichi); W. and M. became the first by a married couple]: Stirling 1938:124-125.

NW Amazon. Tucano actually [Earth Woman (Pamuri-Mahsho's daughter) became pregnant after eating fruit from a tree braided with a vine yazhe; gave birth to Epa-Mahsho (Earth Man)]: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985:245, note 18.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashibo [Bari's creator god comes into our world; it's just water; he throws the earth onto the waters, creating red, yellow, white layers of the earth; these layers are his sons]: Frank et al. 1990, No. 1:44.