Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B33e1. Freeze in the womb .27.29.31.

The cold, which is never worse, is said to freeze the embryo in the womb.

Serbs, Romanians, Adygs, Swedes, Estonians, Lithuanians.

The Balkans. Serbs [March says if only he were given one more day he would freeze a calf in a cow and a baby in a woman's womb]: Kabakova 1994:211; Romanians [mighty king with his right eye always laughs and cries with the left; he has three sons; the mighty tall Florea, the tight strong Costan and the younger Petru are tall, but the character is girlish; the older brothers refused, P. agreed to ask his father about his eye got a slap in the face; but it seemed to him that his left eye was crying less and his right eye laughing more; and he asked again; both eyes laughed: that three sons were good, but they were unlikely they will be able to protect themselves from their neighbors; therefore laughter and tears; but if you bring water from the well of the Morning Dawn fairy, I will wet my eyes and both will laugh, for I understand that the sons are brave; F. rode the best horse to the boundaries of his father's possessions; there is a bridge and a three-headed dragon: one jaw in the sky, the other on earth; F. turned, but did not return home a year, month and day later; K. went; the dragon also has three heads; he also turned, but did not return home; P. went, the dragon has 7 heads; the horse stands on its hind legs, P. returned to take another horse; the old nurse: you need the horse your father rode; he replies that the horse has long fallen, and in the stall except for scraps of bridle; the nurse tells you to bring such a piece and hit the pole with it; immediately a beautiful horse appears under the precious saddle; now there is a 12-headed dragon at the bridge; the horse orders to cut off the main one head and flies forward - one day like the wind, the other as a thought; in front of them there is a copper wall, as well as copper trees, bushes and grass; flowers whisper, but the horse forbids them to be plucked; otherwise you will have to fight with Velva; but he tore it off to see her; she has a horse's mane, a deer antler, a bear's face, a ferret's eyes, and the bodies of various creatures; after three days of battle, P. put a bridle over the velva and she turned into a beautiful horse; this is the brother of the horse P., who was bewitched; so they galloped through the copper forest; then silver (still another velva horse); golden (the strongest and youngest of these horses is disgraced ); now they are driving through the frozen country of Saint Sereda, and there is fire around the edges; this is the frost that makes the calf in the womb of the cow freeze and the rocks crumble; when they reach the house of St. Sereda, she gave a box that will show the way home and tell you who is doing what now; P. asks about his father; a box: his eldest sons have taken away his power; now they are traveling through the red-hot land of St. . Thursdays (Joi, Jupiter); rocks began to melt under their hooves; from the cool valleys, where springs and flowers, girls turn to P.; St. Thursday: Next will be the country of St. Fridays, tell her my wishes for good health; it is not cold or hot there; but darkness has descended and Tornado's daughters are in it; Tornadoes guard Friday's house; the horse tells me to throw a copper wreath, the spirits rushed behind the wreath ; a silver wreath showed Friday and she allowed her to enter; Friday is an ancient old woman; when the world arose, she was a child; asks for a mug of water from the spring of the Morning Dawn Fairy on the way back; gave the flute, the sounds of which make them fall asleep; in the morning P. fed his horses with hot coals; Friday: leave one horse here now, and enter the Fairy dismounted; she has a terrible appearance: owl eyes, fox face, claws cats; her gaze deprives her of reason; the Fairy's palace where the earth touches the sky; flowers along the way; neither warm nor cold, eternal twilight; P. sedated the giant watchman and seven-headed dragons with a flute; the milk river is not in sandy or jelly shores, and on shores made of gems and pearls, flows quickly and slowly at the same time; lions with golden skin and iron teeth; beautiful fairies sleep in flowers; P. tied to a sleeper He woke up the giant's fingers, told him to carry him across the river - then we'll fight; but the giant hammered P. into the ground to his knees, and P. to his waist; giant P. to his chest, P. his neck; then a half-bound giant agreed to carry P., standing with both legs on different banks of the river; on the table in front of the fairy's bed, the bread of strength and the wine of youth; he bit off bread and took a sip of wine, kissed Fairy, put a golden wreath on her, and picked water and left; gave water to Friday; Thursday warned not to communicate with people on the way back; gave a handkerchief protecting against lightning, spears and bullets; a knowledgeable box warns: the brothers found out that P. would bring water, they want to kill him; P. does not believe him, broke the box; the brothers met him, asked him to get water from a deep well, left it there, took the Fairy's water and came to their father; the Fairy woke up and sent all the guards they did not find it; they did not find it; the Sun looked for 7 days, but P. was where its rays did not reach; the Fairy ordered darkness to come, and now only the king father, who saw the light from that water, began to see, but everyone else did not; Florea came to see the fairy, but could not say how he got that water; the Fairy blinded him; {the same with his middle brother}; The fairy told everyone to come to her so that the winds, flowers, springs, people and giants would all cry; Friday sent tornadoes to look for P.; and only one spring breeze heard P. end up in the well; now there were only bones and ashes; Thursday boiled ashes in a cauldron with the dew of life, she got an ointment, she was rubbed bones, P. came to life; tells the horse to fly fast like a curse; came to Fairy, kissed; the flowers bloomed, the sun shone, the world came to life again; P. brothers found sight to see his happiness]: Kremnitz 1882, No. 20:237 -295.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Adygi [February was called maze huane (from maze - month, huenen - swear); this month is the most severe frosts - the end of winter shyle, which begins around January 16-17 and lasts 40 days, until February 24-25; February regrets that it is not ahead of January, but after him; then it would make people hear the sound of a dog's step like a plinth hooves, and the base of the hooves would multiply by a hundred times, make old people lazy not to leave the house even if necessary, and young animals would dry the animals right in the womb of their mothers]: Mafedzev 1984:129.

Baltoscandia. Swedes [Mart says: If I had the power of Thor, my brother (i.e. January), and Goa, my sister (February), I would be able to freeze a calf in a cow, a pig in a pig, and an old woman in stripes and fifteen fur skirts]: Kabakova 1994:211; Estonians (in most areas, but not near the setu) [March (or February after the meeting) frost would freeze the baker's hands and an unborn pig into a pig, but one eye is already flowing (one leg is limping)]: Kippar 1986, No. 294A: 180; Lithuanians [January: I can freeze a wrapped man; February: me and a calf in a cow I'll freeze the womb, can you freeze that ragged man that goes to the forest; the guy started cutting the forest and warmed up; March: I freeze the tree to the core, but the trouble is: you can't freeze during the day, the sun warms!] : Velas 1989:255-256.