Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

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B38C. Loon tail. .36.39.-.

The character kicks a loon or other waterfowl. Since then, she has a flattened tail and has difficulty walking on land.

Evenks (Sym, Turukhansky, Algominsk), Central and Northwestern Yakuts, Russian Ustye, Forest and Tundra Yukaghirs, Caribou, Igloolik, Kuchin, Chipewayyan, Quarry, Steppe Cree , Western Forest Cree, Western Marsh Cree, Eastern Marsh Cree, Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake, Western and Eastern Ojibwa, Algonquins, Blacklegs.

Eastern Siberia. The Sym Evenks [at first there was water and two brothers; the younger Action made the loon dive and get the ground from the bottom; Loon could not do this, for which E. broke her legs (that's why all loons don't walk well); E. Gogol sent, who dived and seized the ground from the bottom with his beak; for this, Exery kissed him on the head (so all the Gogols have white spots on their heads since then); E. put a piece of land on the surface of the water; the land began to grow, but was still so small that action could even rest on it; his older brother was angry with E. ; when he was sleeping, he began to draw the ground from under him, but the land only stretched out and became very large]: Vasilevich 1936:4; 1959:173; Podkameno-Tunguska Evenks (Baikit District, River Chavid, West 1923) [Amaka made water, let the birds in, told Gagara to dive, she took out the sand, but did not give it to A., wanted to make the land herself; then A. sent Gogol, who brought sand, gave it to A.; A. made the land, punished Gagar, pulling her legs out of her stomach and sticking them to her tail so that she could not walk on the ground; decorated Gogol's head with a long feather]: Osharov 1936a: 15; Ilimpic Even Ki (Chirinda) [Gagara was strong and the main bird, I was not afraid of anyone, offended many; the animals complained to God; he punished the loon - trampled on, broke her legs, since then she has had them in different directions and she does not walk on the ground; so that her people they ate, God sprayed the loon with milk - she had white spots on her back]: Duvakin 2013; Evenks of the Turukhansky Territory [Amaka made water and let birds go through it; to rush - it took land; told Gagara to get sand from the bottom to make land out of it; Loon took it out, but did not give it to A., wanted to make land herself; A. ordered Gogol to dive, who brought A. grains of sand, he made land; Loon pulled out his paws from his belly, stuck them to his tail so that he could not live on the ground]: Osharov in Vasilevich 1936, No. 11:279-280; the Algominian Evenks [The loon's legs are shifted back because the crane kicked her angry foot]: Vasilevich 1959:185; central Yakuts (Ergis Nasleg of Khangalassky Ulus; Zap. Ergis, 1930) [Loon was black as a Raven; envious of the colorful outfits of the other birds, they decided to decorate themselves with colorful patterns; the Raven was the first to do so; Loon went to look into the water and dived; such treachery Raven managed to hit her sacrum with his beak and cut it in half; the Raven remained black, and Gagara was motley, but with his legs twisted]: Kulakovsky 1979:73; Ergis 1974:216-217; 1967, No. 49: 170 (quail in Sivtsev-Omolloon 1976:23, in Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:15-16); northwestern Yakuts (Oleneksky ulus) [The Eagle ordered the Partridge to have 12 eggs, and Gagara has 2; Loon started shooting at An eagle; the birds beat her, her body became flattened]: Ergis 1964, No. 41:90-91.

SV Asia. Tundra Yukaghirs [Chomga asks the Raven to paint it, promises to paint it later; while the Raven sleeps, he smears him from head to toe with coal; the Raven chases Chomga, hits him with a stick; she falls into the water and stays there because the raven broke her tail bone]: Jochelson 1926:275 (=Jochelson 1900:327; retelling in Slobodin, Slobodina 1998:105); forest yukaghirs (p. Ridiculous, Verkhnekolymsky District) [all birds are invited to the wedding of Owl and Little Goose's daughter, are painted; the Crow paints Gagara, now asks to paint her; she first painted Chomga, then The crow is bad; they began to fight; the crow broke the lumbar bones of Loon and Chomga; left alone, she painted herself completely black; the birds compete in singing and dancing; the Swan shoves Kuksha into the fire; at the last the moment Goose's daughter refused to follow the Owl; he began to shamanize, since then aquatic birds have been molting]: Nikolaeva et al. 1989 (1), No. 5:27-31; Russian Ustye [Gagara asks the Raven to fill her, he paints beautiful specks; blindfolded the Crow, smears him with all soot; sits on the water, he manages to hit her tail, now it is flattened there]: Azbelev, Meshchersky 1986, No. 78:214; (cf. coastal Koryaks (Karagin dialect) [The raven was white; asks Loon to paint it with tar better than other birds and animals; Loon stumbles, the tar bucket overturns on the Raven, he has been black ever since; Crows attack Gagar, forcing them to leave their land at sea]: Zhukova 1988, No. 49:173).

The Arctic. Caribou [Raven and Loon paint each other; Loon doesn't like the way she was painted; the Raven spits on, making him black; the Raven hits Loon on the hips, now she goes in transit]: Rasmussen 1930b: 87; igloolik: Rasmussen 1930a [Raven and Loon tattoo each other; V. throws flint at G., now she can barely walk]: 277; Spalding 1979 (Repulse Bay) [Raven and Loon they agree to tattoo each other; The Raven fiddles, shudders, Loon is tired of it, she knocked over a fat soot vessel on him, went to her home; the Raven threw a vessel from under her paints, he damaged her tail, so the loons cannot walk normally on land]: 78.

Subarctic. Kuchin: McGary 1984:460-468 [Vasaagihdzak sees the birds throw their eyes up, they fall back into their eye sockets; he repeats the trick; the second time he throws him too far, the birds carry him away eyes; someone pokes V.'s eyes, he grabs Fox, wants to tear him, he promises to be a guide; ties a rope to him, runs away; V. bumps into trees, asks their names; when a tree replies that it is Fir, he makes new eyes out of fir resin; the resin is light, so Europeans have bright eyes; Ducks and Geese are dancing; V. fills the bag with moss, says that it is dancing; one dance with with his eyes closed; V. strangles birds one by one, the White-fronted Goose opens his eyes, raises the alarm; V. steps on the Greaves of two species, since then they have a flat tail; V. leaves the prey to prepare; V. offers Fox to race, whoever reaches the meat, takes it for himself; the fox pretends to be chrome, V. invites him to run straight, and he will run along the long road himself; the fox comes first, hides the meat, sticks his leg bones into the ground; the fox comes again - supposedly just arrived; V. gnaws bones; then finds the Fox who has eaten sleeping; hits him with a stick, covers him with grass, sets him on fire; then sees him in the distance unharmed Fox], 480-489 [Vasaagihdzak replies to waterfowl that he has dancing in his bag; everyone is dancing all night; in the morning V. offers a dance with his eyes closed, curls the birds' necks; White-fronted The goose raised the alarm; when the two species of Toadstool ran out, V. stepped on their tail, so their legs turned upside down; V. bakes game; goes to the lake; the fox pretends to be sick, apparently reluctantly agrees race to baked ducks, comes running first, eats meat, sticks bones into the ground, as if the meat has burned; V. finds a sleeping Fox, covers it with grass, sets it on fire, he runs away; birds they throw their eyes up, V. joins them, the Blue Jay takes his eyes away; the fox pokes V. in his eye sockets with a stick, V. grabs him; the fox asks him to spare him, leads him by the rope; bandages her to a tree, runs away; V. stumbles upon trees, asks who they are; Willow, Poplar; when the tree replies that it is Fir, he makes new eyes out of resin; the fox does not know that V. has regained his sight, comes up, V. kills him] , 497-502 [Vasaagihdzak tells the Ducks he has dancing in his bag; the last dance with his eyes closed; the White-fronted Goose raises the alarm; V. steps on Loon and Greaves of two kinds, so they have this tail; V. bakes game; The fox pretends to be sick, suggests that he run around the lake in a short way, and B. a long way; eats ducks, sticks his leg bones back into the ground; V. finds a sleeping Fox, sets fire, he escapes; V. sees birds throw their eyes up, repeats the trick, the birds take his eyes away; he stumbles upon trees, rejects willow, birch, makes new eyes out of fir resin; it is light, so Europeans are light-eyed]; helmet [Súguyā makes a blind out of brush), invites Ducks to dance with their eyes closed; tears off their heads; Toadstool spies, raises the alarm, S. steps on her tail, horned toadstool has not been walking well on land since then]: Moore 1999:414-417; Chipewayan [see motif M53; Visákecak asks geese to dance with their eyes closed and kills alone; one opens his eyes, the birds are running, V. steps on water-hen and the loon, since then they have not been able to walk on land]: Lowie 1912:195-200.

(Wed. NW Coast. Eyak [all birds are white; Raven and Loon paint each other; V. makes Loon a beautiful black necklace; without finishing work, asks to paint it now; G. is a bad artist, V. turns out to be all black; chases her, driving her into the lake; throws black mud on her head]: Smelcer 1993:69-70).

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [Estees fills the blanket with moss, answers waterfowl for carrying songs; asks them to dance with his eyes closed; Fish-Duck opens his eyes, raises the alarm; survivors run away; E. kicks fish-duck, who now has a flat tail; E. bakes meat, falls asleep; other Ducks eat all the meat themselves; E. finds only bones]: Jenness 1934, No. 39:210-211;

The Midwest. Steppe Cree: Ahenakew 1929 [Vesakaicak invites waterfowl to dance with their eyes closed; paints them (the origin of the species's color) before dancing; the water chicken opens eyes, V. steps on her tail, making her flat]: 331; Skinner 1916, No. 1 (5) [Visukejak tells Utkam and Geese that the dance has brought a "close eye"; whoever opens his eyes will turn red; The Water Hen opens her eyes, sees that V. is killing others; V. steps on its tail, which takes its current shape; this bird's eyes are red]: 349; Western Swamp Cree (northern Manitoba): Brightman 1989 (stone crees) [Wīsahkīcāhk fills the bag with moss, responds to waterfowl (geese, ducks, loons) that carries songs; everyone gathers in V.'s dance house, V. tells dancing with her eyes closed, curls the necks of the birds, starting with the most plump; Loon stood at the exit, opened her eyes, raised the alarm, V. kicked her in the ass, since then the loons had flat legs; V. ate, climbed between two birch trees, ordered him to squeeze so that he could empty his intestines; when he ordered him to let go, they refused; V. called Thunder, who split the birch trees with lightning; V. returned to where he left the meat; someone ate meat, only bones were sticking out of the ground; V. whipped birch trees with a willow branch, since then their bark in stripes and sherbins]: 29-30; Clay 1978 [Wesukechak collects moss in a bag, tells waterfowl what he carries a dance song; builds a teepee, offers to dance with his eyes closed, strangles the birds one at a time; Loon did not close his eyes, raised the alarm, the birds rushed out of the teepee, V. stepped on Loon, breaking her spine; bakes birds in the sand, falls asleep, telling his ass to be on the lookout; the ass sees the boat, gives a signal, V. gets up, does not notice anything; next time he does not react, the Indians take away the meat; V. punishes his ass by sitting on hot stones; wanders through willow thickets, since then willow branches are red with blood]: 48-54; Cresswell 1923 [Wisahke (Jay) filled the bag with moss, answers the geese that he carries songs, suggests dancing with his eyes closed, chokes one at a time; Loon, who was among the geese, spies, raises the alarm; V. kicks her in the ass, since then he has been flat in the loons]: 405-406; eastern swamp crees ( west coast hall. James): Ellis 1995, No. 8 [{3 stories mixed}; this is about Weesakechahk and birds; Chahkabesh {must be Weesakechahk} gathered birds about to fly away, offered to dance with their eyes closed; began to strangle them One at a time; Loon opened his eyes, raised the alarm; V. kicked him, since then the loons have a flat tail; Loon gradually died; V., which means Shingibish {Weesakechahk, then Shingibish}, that was the name of this Otter, i.e. Duck , he has two wives; Loon was handsome, covered in beads, took his wives away; when he slept, with his mouth open, S. put a hot incisor down his throat, Loon died, S. took his wives; so the loons had a dark throat], 18 ( ibid.) [Weesakechahk filled the bag with moss, told waterfowl he was carrying songs; building a teepee, telling him to dance while he sings; asks to dance with his eyes closed; chokes one at a time; Loon opens his eyes, raises the alarm, V. kicks her, now the tail of the loon is flat; bakes birds in the hot sand, falls asleep; at this time people stole the birds, put his legs back in the sand; V. thinks that the game has burned down, then realizes that robbed], 47 (Cree Muses) [birds and animals gathered for the feast; Loon began to take care of the wife of the Shingibish bird; he chased him, kicked him in the ass; since then Loon's ass is flat]: 41-43, 121-127, 287; Skinner 1911 (Albany) [Wicágatcak fills the bag with moss, tells waterfowl that he is carrying a singing teepee, tells them to dance with his eyes closed; strangles birds with arcana; Loon opens his eyes; he kicks her (the origin of the shape of a loon tail); bakes meat, goes to bed, tells his ass to guard; some person steals meat; his ass gives a signal, but V. does not react; seeing that the meat is stolen, he sits on red-hot stone; since then, people's buttocks have been dismembered; V. He blows the winds continuously, pieces of his gut fall out; he thinks it's dried meat, he eats it; the squirrel laughs; he throws a piece of intestine into the birch tree (the origin of the growths on the birch tree); hits the birch tree with a stick ( birch bark stripes)]: 84-86; Cree on lake. Winnipeg {the band is incomprehensible} [Wesa-Katch-ack (Neni-boo-Su at the Steppe Cree) invites you to a bird festival, asks you to dance with your eyes closed; kills one at a time; Loon opens his eyes, raises the alarm; V. kicks her, since then the loon has been dragging her hind legs]: Hamilton 1894:202; Western Forest Cree [Visakiychak's older brothers go looking for people; he's bored, he follows them; meets a woman with two daughters; says that Disease will come; we must make holes in the walls of the tipi, press their backs against them; copulates; leaves; tells waterfowl that he carries dancing in the bag Close your eyes; birds they dance with his eyes closed, he strangles them; the little one opens his eyes, V. tramples on the runaway, now they are flat; bakes meat; the fox offers to compete in the run, wins, takes the meat; V. finds a sleeping Fox, lights up the grass around]: Honigmann 1953, No. 6:326-328; Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake): Ray, Stevens 1971:38 [Visakaijak tells Utkam he carries songs in the bag; they should dance with their bags closed eyes; Loon opens, V. steps on her tail; Loon and Water Hens have broken legs; droppings leave dark marks on the birch trunk], 44 [V. asks Geese to dance with his eyes closed; one opens, V. only one thing is enough; bakes, falls asleep; his anus wakes him up, he tells him not to disturb him; two people in a boat steal meat, sail away; V. punishes his anus by sitting on hot stones; finds and eats pieces of meat; Chickady says he ate his burnt flesh]; Algonquins [Whiskejac calls ducks and geese to dance in his house with his eyes closed; Toadstool opens her eyes, V. gives her a kick, her tail acquires its current appearance; V. tells the anus to guard the meat while he sleeps; the Indians steal meat; V. sits in the fire to punish the anus; pours mud on the Partridge's chicks; she frightens him by flying by his before his eyes; he falls off a cliff; pieces of his burnt meat turn into edible lichens]: Speck 1915d, No. 3-4:8-15; Western Ojibwa: Radin 1914, No. 1 [Nenebojo says To waterfowl, in his bag of songs, asks the birds to dance with their eyes closed; the goose opens, M. kicks him with his foot; bakes dead birds; falls asleep, leaving his anus as a watchman; Winnebago steals meat, giving the anus a piece of flint for silence; N. punishes the anus by sitting over a fire; wipes his burnt ass against the bushes; this shrub has been a cure ever since], 9 [see B3A motif; as in (1), less details]: 7- 8, 21-22; Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 14 (Minnesota) [Manabozo tells waterfowl he has songs in his bag, asks the birds to dance with their eyes closed; Dipper opens, M. kicks her with his foot; bakes her dead birds; falls asleep, leaving his anus as a watchman; enemies steal meat, anus wakes M., enemies manage to hide; M; asks the anus not to disturb him in vain; meat is stolen; M. punishes the anus by sitting over a fire ; slides down the rock; pieces of his burnt flesh turn into moss]: 97-101; Barnouw 1977 [Venebozho cuts off an armful of grass, tells geese and ducks that he carries songs; offers to dance in the house closing their eyes; the dipper and the loon open their eyes, they turn red; the surviving birds peck at V. ; he bakes prey, tells his anus to guard it, falls asleep; the people of the South Wind put red paint in his anus so that he can no longer warn the owner, eat meat, sail away in boats; V. burns his anus over the fire; goes, something red falls out of his ass, pieces of meat fall; tobacco and edible lichens grow out of it]: 27-30; Blackwood 1929, No. 6 [Manabozo scares away partridge chicks that they told him that they were "crows scarecrows"; their mother flew in front of M., who suddenly falls into the water; fills the bag with grass, tells the waterfowl that there is a song in the bag, you have to dance with your eyes closed; Hell Dive opens, sees that M. is strangling the birds one at a time; M. manages to kick him with his foot, the dent remains; M. cooks the birds, falls asleep, burns his ass in a dream; slides off the cliff, tearing off the scabs, the blood stained willows, now they're red]: 337-338; Eastern Ojibwa (southern Ontario) [Nanabush saw ducks swimming; to kill everyone at once, he decided to bend the gun barrel; shot, the ducks flew away; then N. and his mother invited the ducks to dance, began to sing himself; told them to close his eyes during the dance; as the dancers passed by him, N. twisted their necks; however, the diver opened their eyes; the birds rushed to out; N. managed to kick the toadstool, so the greaves have flat legs stretched back]: Laidlaw 1915, No. 1-2:3-4; menominee: Bloomfield 1928, No. 79-80 [Menapus tells waterfowl that he has new songs, tells him to dance with his eyes closed; whoever opens, he will turn red; Wood-duck spies, raises the alarm, the bird runs away, M. kicks Hell-diver duck; bakes two geese, tells the anus guard the meat, goes to bed himself; the Winnebago Indians take the meat away; M. punishes his anus by burning it, rubs it against the rock, the burnt pieces of skin turn into edible lichen], 81 [as in (79-80); M. says what he carries songs in the bag]: 219-223, 223-231; Hoffman 1896 [Myanyabush tells the birds he brought songs]: 162-164 [sits on fire], 204-205; Densmore 1932 [Manabus meets Volkov, they take him into their company; he spies on their bones, the bone immediately flies into his eye; M. tells waterfowl that he carries songs; tells them to dance in the hut with his eyes closed, kills alone, throws Wolves; Wood-duck opens her eyes, screams, since then her eyes are red; Hell-diver pops up last, M. steps on him, now he is without a tail]: 148-149.

Plains. Montenegrins [Napa ("The Old Man)" builds a hut, invites waterfowl to dance, paints everyone according to their wishes; then invites them to dance with their eyes closed, strangles one at a time; cautious Loon does not go into the hut, raises the alarm; N. kicks Gagara with her foot, says that from now on she will not be able to walk normally on land; birds that open their eyes will turn red]: Linderman 1995: 7-9; (cf. Kiowa [Saynday tells the Gophers that they know a special song; they dance hand in hand and close their eyes; S. kills them with a stick one at a time; the last female runs away; S. manages to hit her in the tail therefore, gophers have a short tail]: Marriott, Rachlin 1972:75-78).