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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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B3C. An attempt to drown God. .

When creating land, the creator goes to rest, the antagonist tries to drown it, drags it to the edge of the earth. Because of this, the earth expands, the antagonist is unable to reach its edge.

Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, Shors, Mongols, Central Yakuts, Sym Evenks, Eastern Khanty.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [(Strausz 1892; 1899); God invites Satan to go down to the bottom to get the earth; before that, S. must say, With God and with my help; S. puts his name in front twice, not can reach the earth; the third time he speaks correctly, brings earth under his fingernail, God makes dry land out of it; pretends to fall asleep; S. drags him into the water, but the earth grows because of it; so in everyone directions; further on the creation of man]: Nadi 1989:117 (also Köngäs 1960:161-162); Hungarians [(Bosniák 1969:462-464); 1) (Chángó settler, Moldavia); God sends The devil gets the earth from the bottom; while he emerges, water washes the ground from under his fingernails; the third time there is a little left, God makes dry land out of it; D. tries to push God into the water; as the earth does grows up; further on the creation of man; 2) (Sekler, Bukovina); an angel, whom God later gives the name Adam, brings sand from the bottom of the sea]: Nadi 1989:117; Zsigmond 2003 [by Bosniák; 5 entries in Moldova and Bukovina, 3 in western Transylvania (Marosszéh); = var. 1 in Nadi; same for Romanians and Bulgarians]: 423.

Central Europe. Poles (Lodz Voivodeship) [the devil tries to drown God sleeping on a small island; he drags him to the edge, but the land grows and turns into a continent]: Krzyżanowski 1963, № 2450.2:173; Ukrainians [the southern (Ukrainian) version of the dualistic world: Satan dives for the material for creation in a non-ornithomorphic form, saying words, I don't take, but God takes; God puts S. to sleep, at this time he creates land on the waters; the earth increases as a result of S.'s attempt to drown the sleeping God - he pushes or carries God from shore to shore, but the end of the earth "runs away" further; God sends an angel to take away a valuable item from S.; the one sent encourages S. to dive to the bottom of the sea, at which time he carries away the object (thunder, lightning, heavenly power, robes, golden crown, chariot, board with a recording agreement with S.); in the northern (Russian) version there are no characteristics of the southern version]: Kuznetsova 1998:69-70; Ukrainians (Hutsuls) [at first there is water everywhere; God walked on the water, Aleya (Ilya) slept in the clouds; one place the waters were covered with foam, God turned it into Aridnyk (Satan); told him to dive, who brought clay from the bottom under his fingernail, God made it earth; God lay down to rest; A. tried to push him into the water, but as he dragged to the edge, the earth grew bigger; when God woke up, He threw A. into the water, which was covered with ice; A. broke through the ice with his head, climbed back to land; after that, God called him an enemy, not friend; Alei woke up, saw the ground, pushed it in fear, valleys and mountains formed; to prevent this from happening again, God chained his hand to the rock; with one hand he can only shake clouds (thunder); only A. had the ability to create and only God could revive creatures; therefore, all creatures belonged to A., God had to steal them from him; their struggle ended with God throwing A. into prison; when they fought, a piece of God's skin was ripped off his hand and fell to the ground; from this came Adam; one day A. fell off the chain, found A., spat on him, and he became unclean; then God turned A. inside out, impurity stayed inside; when A. was sleeping, God put a branch of willow next to him, and Eve arose from it; she ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, caused people to be sinful; people multiplied; sinners became devils - assistants A.; the first people were small and long-bearded ("lectobeards"); after them, giants inhabited the earth; they were evil, God destroyed them by the flood; only Noah and his family escaped; var.: a horn sticking out of the water , two clung to him and didn't drown; from then on, fewer people will become dwarfs again]: Koenig 1936:369-370.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [God created the island and lay down on it to rest; the devil dragged God to the water, but the island began to grow in this direction; by God's orders, the devil dived into the water to get land, but not reached the bottom; he carried the silt only under his fingernails; God extracted the silt from under his fingernails and created an island]: Kerbelite 2001:44.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Shors ("Kuznetsk foreigners") [first one water; God often spits in one place, saliva forms a heap, the devil Aina comes out of it, calls him a friend; God tells him to dive to get it land, say, Help, Lord! A. does not say, the earth is washed off his hands twice, but at the bottom he eats it; the third time he brought the earth, God dried it, scattered it, creating land; the earth in A.'s stomach began to grow; God cut it, cleaned it, cured A., went to bed; A. tried to turn the earth over, but only stretched it; begged for a piece of land at least the size of a crutch; fell down, and reptiles and insects, prickly plants came out of the hole, mountains and swamps appeared; God fortified the land on three pillars (ker-palyk); when they change places, earthquakes occur]: Shtygashev 1894:1-7; Mongols: Potanin 1883, No. 46b [(recorded by the missionary You. Postnikov from Khalkhas); water was everywhere, the Ochurmans lived in the sky; decided to make land, looked for a comrade, found Chagan-Shukuta; both went down to the water; the Frog that noticed them dived; O. sent ChSH find it in the water; he took out the Frog, put it belly up on the water; O. sat on it, told ChSH to dive, get the ground; he brought an armful of liquid earth from the bottom, said O., If it weren't for me, you wouldn't get it land; the earth immediately fell out of his hands, fell into the water; O. told him to dive again, take the land and carry it on his behalf; O. poured the land he had brought onto the Frog, the earth began to grow, both sat on it, fell asleep; Shulmus grabbed them to throw them into the water, but the earth grew faster than he ran to its edge; he left them; O. and ChS made a man, went looking for a soul, left the dog as a guard; promised find hair for the dog; The devil gave it wool, fed it, lit yarn, blew smoke into the man's nose, reviving him; O. and ChSH put a cup of water; on whoever side he would grow up in the cup, rule the earth; Sh. he also asked for land, got as much as at the end of his stick; stuck worms, snakes, reptiles in the ground, crawled out; the flower grew from O.'s side, but he dozed off and ChSH put it on his edge; O. said that now both people and animals will steal and enmity; went to heaven; he is a real god, and Ulgen was invented by the kams (shamans)]: 220-223; Skorodumova 2003 [there were water and air, Buddha Ochirvani was in the sky; he decided to create the earth, found Tsagan Schuhert's assistant White Umbrella; told him to turn a turtle swimming in the water over his stomach, dive, bring it from the bottom of the earth, think about it (O.), sat on the turtle himself; grabbed the ground, but felt that something was interfering; thought that O. should take the land; immediately a handful was filled with earth, the CSH surfaced; poured the earth onto the turtle's stomach, earth appeared instead of the turtle; both the celestial fell asleep; Shulmas went to the edge of the island to drown them, but as he ran to the edge, the earth expanded; O. and the CSH sculpted the people, O. ordered the CSH to make a guard, who sculpted the dog, Oh . and the CSH went for intelligence for man and hair for the dog; Damn gave the dog hair, said that it would be fed by its owner, a man; he lit a thread in front of the man's nose, he came to life from the smoke; O. and the CS argued which they should rule by living beings; they decided who would have a flower in a cup of water first; O., but the TS put it in his cup; O. said that now people would deceive each other, flew to heaven]: 35-37; Chulym Turks [water is everywhere, loon is swimming; God: what do you eat? - Earth. - Where is it? - Underwater. - Get it, thank you. Loon brought the earth three times, it turned out to be a cake, God lay down on it; the devil grabbed his leg and threw it into the water; God was on land, a lot of land was formed; the devil grabbed the sleeping God by the legs, pulled him into the water, and the earth expands; dragged until it was dry all around; hell asked for half the earth; God refused; well, at least stick the stake; God allowed, damn stuck the stake and took out mosquitoes, midges; God plugged the hole; did dog; made a man; went after his soul, told the dog to protect the man; the devil asked to miss: I'll feed and shower it with black hair; the dog missed; the devil pierced the navel and did not care; God told the dog serve a person; since then people have been ill]: Lukina 2004, No. 5.1:97-98.

Western Siberia. Eastern Khanty: Lukina 2004, No. 1.1 (Tomsk Region) [only the sea is everywhere; Torum began to pour soil and wheat on it out of a handful; hell appeared, made swamps, hummocks, holes; stuck his staff; T. fell asleep, the devil began to carry it to drown, the earth became everywhere; T. flew to heaven, and the devil began to live underground]: 13; Petrukhin, Khelimsky 1982 (eastern, N.V. Lukina's clarification, December 2016) [Kyn-lung (Kul-Otyr), taking advantage of Numi-Torum's dream, began to drag it on the ground, trying to drown it; at the same time, hills, valleys, pits, hummocks, swamps appeared; K. went to his underworld through a hole from a staff stuck in the ground; through a hole to the ground bloodsucker mosquitoes and disease spirits have risen, but the goddess Mye-Im blocks it]: 567.

Eastern Siberia. The Central Yakuts [the world consisted of water; God (B.) claimed that the devil (D.) would not be able to reach the bottom of the sea; D. decided to go down to defeat B. in a dispute; three years later he emerged, but saw that the ground he had taken from the bottom in both his fists was washed away by water; B. noticed that D. had a grain of land under one claw, which he had stolen unnoticed; B. began to mock D. that he could not get the promised land; D. dived again; taking advantage of this time, B. created land the size of a bed from the stolen grain, lay down on it to rest and fell asleep; when D. emerged from the water and saw B.'s prank, he gave out a terrible cry, which caused the earth he had taken in his mouth from the bottom of the sea to crumble in all directions; it formed mountains, irregularities and generally unsuitable places for humans; then D. sent a bunch of his servants, and everyone together began to pull the land on which B. lay with their iron claws in order to sink it; instead, the land stretched in all directions and formed the current land ; further see motive B1]: Kulakovsky A.E. 1979:14-15; Sym Evenks [at first there was water and two brothers; younger Action made the loon dive and get the ground from the bottom; Loon could not do this to do, for this E. broke her legs (that's why all loons don't walk well); E. Gogol sent, who dived and seized the ground from the bottom with his beak; for this, Exery kissed him on the head (so all the Gogols have white spots on their heads since then); E. put a piece of land on the surface of the water; the land began to grow, but was still so small that action could even rest on it; his older brother was angry with E. ; when he was sleeping, he began to draw the ground from under him, but the earth only stretched out and became very large]: Vasilevich 1936:4; 1959:173.