Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B3F. An object dropped from the sky (.24.26.)

A character in the sky accidentally drops an object. Searching for this object in a world below the sky leads to the creation of the earth or a change in its appearance.

Bahau, Toba Bataks, Koreans.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Bahau [two men in the sky plucked each other's eyebrows, dropped their forceps, they fell on a rock in the middle of the sea; a worm emerged, left its excrement on the forceps; the crab scattered them, the rock was covered earth; the forceps took root, became a tree with copper foliage; the heavenly spirit Uwang found a hole in it, fertilized it; a male shoot and a female shoot grew on the tree, they had no arms or legs; the inhabitant He tried to kill the land with a leech with a sword, hit the trunk; men and woman were injured, but were able to get together; gave birth to Bahau ancestors; the copper tree continued to grow and sprout; this is how they arose evil spirits, then good spirits, then gods, and at the top supreme god amei Tingei]: Nieuwenhuis 1917:57 in Stöhr, Zoetmulder 1965:41; toba-bataki [supreme god Mula Dyadi lived on the upper of 7 tiers of heaven; created three sons; created a tree on one of the lower tiers, its branches reaching the upper tier; created a chicken, she sat three eggs on a tree, three of which were born, he married them to her sons; one had the face of a lizard, chameleon skin, the girl refused, began to spin, dropped the spinning wheel into the lower world; along the unwound thread, she descended on the head of a snake swimming in the sea; put it there a handful of land, brought at her request by the MD swallow; the serpent was tired and turned upside down, the world that arose was flooded with water; MD created eight suns, they dried up excess water; the maiden plunged her sword into the snake, nailing it firmly to the ground so that he would not turn over again; taking new soil, created the earth anew; MD shot the maiden's fiancé with a blowpipe; once on the ground, the young man shot in the throat, she grabbed the arrow flew away; following her and taking on a new, gorgeous look, he found a heavenly maiden, married her; they gave birth to people]: Warneck 1909:30 in Dixon 1916:160-161; in Stöhr, Zoetmulder 1965:51; a more succinct retelling in Hatt 1949:33.

China - Korea. The Koreans [the daughter of Mr. Heaven dropped the ring; they did not find it in the sky, the strongman went down to search for the ground; the earth was a flat swamp; in search of a ring, he dug through it, creating mountains, valleys, plains, rivers; having found the ring, the strongman returned it to his mistress]: Cho 2001, No. 76:117.