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B42h1. An arrow pierced the animal .

In the plot of space hunting, one of the astral objects is identified with an arrow or bullet, emphasizing that it caught an animal or three animals that are identified with the Orion Belt. {The Khoisan versions emphasize that the arrow did not reach the target}.

Ancient India, Kazakhs (Tarbagatay), Altaians, Teleuts, Telengits, Shors, Tuvans (?) , tofalars, Baikal Buryats, Cahuilla (?) , cupeño (?) , luiseno (?) , Chemewevi, Panamint, Southern Payut, Yavapai, Mojave, Maricopa, Kiliwa, Diegueño, Western Apaches.

South Asia. Vedas [Daksha made the first sacrifice, did not call Rudra; Rudra's wife Sati, insulted by this, threw herself into the fire; furious R. pierced the victim with an arrow; the victim became an antelope, rushed to heaven, now it is the constellation of Mrigashirsha (three stars of the Orion Belt); the star Ardra (α Orion, Betelgeuse) is a wild hunter who is chasing her]: Temkin, Erman 1982, No. 3:18, 238 (note); Hinduism: Allen 1899 [Sirius is a hunter (Lubdhaka) who fired an arrow (Orion Belt) at the Praja-pāti deer; also Saramā - one of two watchdogs on the Milky Way]: 119; Gibbon 1972 [Orion is Mriga, a male deer; three stars of the Orion Belt are the arrow that pierced him].

Turkestan. Kazakhs (Tarbagatay) [three Orion stars - Ush-arkar ("three stone rams"), the other three are Ush-Mergen ("three hunters"); seventh star - Multukning-agy (Rifle Bullet); hunters on the ground too many animals were killed; the sheep complained to God; he took them to heaven, the hunters also climbed the lasso]: Potanin 1972:54.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tuvans, Altaians: Dyakonova 1976 [with Orion (Ush-Maigak - Altaians and Western Tuvans, "three maralukhs"; Kurbun Soga - southern Tuvans) is associated with a legend about a hunter, who was chasing maralukhs with a dog with an arrow and a bow in his hands; before and during the hunt, the hunter looked at Orion, especially at the star that marked the arrow, and treated her to tea]: 285; Teleuts: Potanin 1883, No. 38a [Kuguldey-Matyr drove three maralukhs on horseback; they took to heaven; he left the horse in the east (big star), shot twice; one of the star arrows is white, another red, bloody, piercing maralukha; KM itself is also visible in the sky]: 204; Altaians: Garf, Kuchiyak 1978 [Kajigei-Mergen exterminated animals; chased dogs after with three marals, they ran across the sky, K. dismounted; one arrow passed by, the second pierced all three maralukh; one of the three dogs grabs the maralukh by the leg]: 179-181; Nikiforov 1915:251 [ Kangigei killed almost all the animals, a maralukha with two cubs remained; an arrow pierced her, came out bloody; the three stars of the Orion Belt were a maralukha with cubs; under her K., an arrow above her, there are three dogs beside the maralukha; the stars on the right are a hat and (away) an abandoned horse], 251-252 [Cogoldei exterminated animals, rose to heaven; Kudai created Uch-Muigak to test; the horse is tired, K. left her, the dog began to grab W.'s legs; the first arrow passed by, the second pierced W., came out bloody; both are visible]; Potanin 1883, No. 38b [Kogol-Mayman drove three maralukh (Uch-myigak; uch - "three", but described as one animal); one Orion star is his dog, the other golden eagle, the third is an arrow; the other three are the tail of a maralukh; KM hunters ask for good luck], 38c [ Cogoldey promised to kill all the marals; for this, God cursed him; three maralukhs became stars; Orion's fourth star was K. himself, the fifth was a horse, the sixth was an arrow, the seventh was a dog]: 204; Surazakov 1982 [ Kogydey-Mergen meets six heroes in turn on the way (listening, moving mountains, jumping, shooter drinking a lake, throwing stones); KM whips them, they accompany him to matchmaking to Erlik Kara-Taadi's daughter; she does not know which of the CM who came; those who come are imprisoned in an iron or stone palace, heated; a drunk lake pours water, cools the palace; others win a local strongman, learn about the trap pit, catch the failed ones; the Kaan children are seven identical Kogyudey-Mergen going to a wedding; the North Star is the daughter of Ai-Kaan Altyn-Kyuskyu, the wife of Kogyudey-Mergen; the red star above the constellation Three Maralukh is the KM arrow that spread the belly of one of them]: 127-128, 134; telengits: Potanin 1883, No. 38g [the orphan was a clever hunter (mergen); said that shoots the beast not at God's command, but at his own will; Uch-Myigak drove, he rose to heaven, followed by a shooter, a horse, a dog; they and a bloody arrow are visible among the stars], 38d [Kobon Chagan chased Uch-muigak; fired a dog, then an arrow, it pierced the beast's heart; Uch muigak, a dog, an arrow can be seen in the sky]: 204-205; Shors [hero Kan-Yergek with nine he chased the moose with dogs; he jumped into the sky, KE followed by a horse and three dogs; in the sky the horse was tired, KE let him go, he became a star; pierced the moose with an arrow; the pierced elk became star; arrow, KE, three dogs became Orion stars]: Dyrenkova 1940, No. 53:283 (quail in Dachshunds 198:343); Tofalars: Katanov 1891 [=1907:640; there is a constellation of ush myigak (three raisins); one of the three stars is a man, the other is a red deer, the third is an arrow (bullet)]: 51; Rassadin 1996, No. 2 [the hunter let two dogs after three maralukhs, the burkhan took them to heaven; the hunter came for them, tied them horse, hit a middle maralukh with a bullet]: 9-10; Balagan Buryats [Hohoosei Mergen drove three maralukh; they began to go up to heaven, he shot them to catch up; the deer began the constellation Gurban Maral (Orion); the arrow (three stars) is visible below Orion]: Khangalov 1960, No. 10:16 (retelling in Sharakshinov 1980:57); Buryats: P.P. Batorov (archive) in Zhambalova 2000 (Alar Buryats) [Huhedei Mergen drove three marals, followed them into the sky, shot them all with one arrow through; they became Orion; below three smaller stars were his dogs; a reddish star above Orion - bloody arrow; H. stayed in the sky, sometimes shoots thunder and lightning, making shamans those he hits]: 283; Potanin 1883, No. 38l (Alar) [Gurun-Baryk or Gurun-Gurogen - three stars side by side; below them are three dogs Kogodey-Mergen, guarding animals; the CM put all of them in the sky as a memory of themselves; his horse stands aside; to the right of Orion is an arrow ( red star), which shot through an average roe deer; KM was sent from the sky to save people from Mangyt-Khai, who killed all but seven old women]: 206; Rinchen in Sharakshinov 1980 [Huhudei Mergen drove three maralukh; hit the middle one with an arrow, the arrow is still visible; calves ran after the maralukhs, followed by XM dogs Asar and Basar; seven elders for the dogs; everything is now visible as constellations]: 58.

California. Cahuilla [Orion Belt - Mountain Sheep, Orion's Sword - Arrow fired, Rigel - Hunter]: Hooper 1920:362; cahuilla (all groups), cupeño, luiseño [ Orion is a mountain sheep, left-handed hunter and arrow]: Drucker 1937a: 26.

Big Pool. Chemewevi [the three stars of the Orion Belt are three mountain rams; the one in the middle is pierced to the ground by the arrow of a blind hunter (Coyote?) ; the arrow's plumage is Orion's sword, the tip is Orion's head; Betelgeuse, Rigel are the hunters in ambush; Aldebaran, Sirius are the beaters]: Fowler 1995:147-148; panamint [pakampotsa: an arrow identified with Orion's Sword and flying at a mountain sheep, which is identified with the Orion Belt; wasüppin is the "mountain sheep Orion's Belt"]: Dayley 1989:182, 379 (the material was identified by M.A. Zhivlov); Southern Payute: Fowler 1995:147 (Las Vegas) [Orion Belt - three wild rams; Rigel (probably) is a shooter in cover; a star to the right of Orion's Belt is a hidden shooter; three stars above Orion's Belt (apparently Orion's head) is an arrow (or rather its tip); Orion's Sword stars are a broken arrow (apparently an arrow shaft that pierced the middle of the rams)], 149 (kaibab group, north Arizona) [The Orion Belt is a mountain ram, but not a real one, but created by Coyote from pebbles; when Puma killed a mountain ram, Coyote said that (s) his son killed a ram; Orion's sword was a Coyote arrow; some another star is Coyote's son's arrow], 149-150 [there are other fragmented evidence].

The Great Southwest. Western yavapai [The Coyote lives with Puma, kidnaps the Bear's wife; he comes for her, the Puma kills him; the Coyote has three daughters; he asks one to bring him a knife, go across the river in a deep place; the girl lifts up her clothes, the Coyote sees her vulva, rapes her; the mother and three daughters fly to heaven, the Puma behind them; the Coyote asks a blind archer to shoot one daughter; his arrow pierces the girl , almost touches the Puma; he turns red in anger is a red star; the constellation is called a muu]: Gifford 1933a: 413-414; mojave [the three stars of the Orion Belt are mountain sheep (his eye, body wound, anus); Canopus is an old hunter; his arrow pierced a ram; his plumage is Orion's sword, the tip is three stars of Orion's head; the ram runs west, where he is waiting Sirius is Canopus' young son]: Fowler 1995:147; maricopa [three stars of the Orion Belt: deer (above the rest), mountain sheep (medium), antelope (lowest); hunter (star low above the southern horizon) apparently Sirius) shot a mountain ram; three stars to the east are the tip of his arrow, three in a line to the west (Orion's Sword?) - her plumage; the hunter seeks to go ahead of the ram, moves parallel to it across the sky]: Spier 1933:146-147; keliva: Meigs 1939 [Memipáio has a son Metáilkwa'ipáiv, who has two wife; eldest lover, is expecting a child; the youngest, out of envy, stepped over her husband so that menstrual blood dripped on him; he killed her with a stick in her heart; blood splashed in the sun, now there are spots; he chased three wild sheep, they became three stars of Orion's Belt; Orion's sword is an arrow, another star next to it is its tip; Orion rises every night from the sea where the rams jumped ; when he returned, his wife had already given birth to a son named Maikwiak; people killed his father, his son revived him; twice; the third time they cut him apart; the head was Valle Trinidad; the body was a slope towards the San Desert Pedro; right hand - trough on the other side {what?} ; there is no left hand, it was torn off; legs are two plains; the son killed evil people; in the sky he made a hut made of bent branches, but instead of branches, a rainbow; took a dog with him]: 69-78; Mixco 1985 [Man Lands (? Ser-del-Alrededor) was the father of the Underworld (Ser Subterráneo); the son always brought his father wild sheep, who ate bone marrow; once he did not find a bone marrow by touch (he is blind); son thinks why he doesn't eat the fried blood, the head he brought him; the father became angry; the next day the son ran south, north, west - got nothing; in the east he noticed sheep, chased, pierced with an arrow; these are three stars of the Orion Belt, landing across the Gulf of California in winter]: 342-343; diegueño: Drucker 1937a [Orion is a mountain ram, left-handed hunter and arrow ]: 26; Gifford 1931 (kamia) [Amuh constellation (three stars of the Orion Belt) is a "mountain ram"; more specifically, one star is an antelope, the second is a deer, and the third is a mountain sheep; two hunters, chemeuevi and yavapai, have been sent shoot because they are the best shooters, their arrows pierced a deer and an antelope; at the beginning of time, all three animals were killed by these two hunters, and the souls of all five were in the sky; hunters below the Orion Belt, arrow above]: 67-68; Western Apaches (North and South Tonto, San Carlos) [Orion Belt - Mountain Sheep; Betelgeuse (?) blushed because the hunter almost hit it; Orion's sword is an arrow]: Gifford 1940, No. 2266:60, 155.