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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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B42I. Cassiopeia is a deer.

Cassiopeia is associated with deer or moose.

Russians (Arkhangelsk), Eastern and Western Sami, Far Eastern Evenks (Khabarovsk Krai), Japanese (Tohoku), Chukchi.

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [Cassiopeia - "Ostyatskaya Moose" (as opposed to) one) t Bolshoy - "with an apple; when someone wants to pick it, an apple tree grows; a real elk is the Ursa Major)]: Anikin 1994:88.

Baltoscandia. The Sami: Billson 1918 [Kalla-parnek are the sons of the Sun's daughter, who invented skis, domesticated deer; they are now in the sky; among them Orion, Sirius, etc.; the Big Dipper is their bow, the Pleiades are pantry, Cassiopeia - stalked deer, Jupiter - Elk, Venus - motley vazhenka]: 180; Potanin 1893, No. 87 [(by Castrén, Finn.Myth.:320); Orion is a Kalla parneh hunter, his bow is B. Bear; Cassiopeia is an elk he drove with his dog]: 328 (probably the same spring in Kharuzin 1890:347, but the hunter is named Colla Parne, Cassiopeia is "deer"); Eelsalu 1995 [by Eero Antio, 7 options; Myandash has golden horns, a white body, a black head, he flies along the "path of the sun"; Orion is a hunter Tiermes, a deer is Taurus, horns are Hyades, a deer tail is Perseus]: 611-612; Kharuzin 1890 [(according to Nemirovich -Danchenko. Lopar land//Picturesque Russia 1:171); Aroma-Telle is ten pines tall, his dogs are deer, chases a white deer with a black head and golden horns; when he hits him with the first arrow, mountains they will fall apart, fire will be thrown away, the rivers will flow back, the lakes and the sea will dry up; the second in the forehead - the fire will spread across the ground; dogs will rush, the hunter will pierce the heart with a knife - the stars will fall, the moon will go out, the sun will drown] : 148-149; another paraphrase in Czarnoluski 1962 [Tiermes throws lightning from a rainbow, drives the Myandash-Pyrre deer; when he catches up with the first arrow, the rivers will flow back, the lakes will run out; the second is the ground will be covered by fire, the Old Man from the North will burn; when dogs rush at M. and T. stabs him into his heart, the stars will fall from the sky, the earth will turn to dust]: 80-81; Lundmark 1982 [in the space hunting scene Cassiopeia, Pegasus, Chariot are represented by elk, Castor and Pollux, or the three stars of the Orion Hunting Belt; in Jokmokk it is also "three dogs of Steel"; Var.: hunter - Arcturus, hunting moose with a bow; when the elk will be killed, the world will end]: 93-100; Potanin 1893, No. 87 [(by Kastren, Finn.Myth.:320); Orion is the hunter Kalla parneh, his bow B. Bear; Cassiopeia is the elk he drove with his dog]: 328.

Eastern Siberia. Evenki, Khabarovsk Krai [a man chased an elk and a calf; the calf caught up in the sky, threw it to the ground, since then there have been elks on the ground; the ski trail remains in the sky (Milky Way - Mangi-Udyan) ; the uterus could not catch up, it fell into the sea, turned into a whale; the abandoned shoulder blade of the elk was Cassiopeia]: Arsenyev 1995 (3): 179.

Japan. Japanese (Tohoku, Yamagata Prefecture on the west coast) [Cassiopeia means "deer"]: Data from Nojiri Hōei. Nihon seimei jiten [Dictionary of Japanese Astronomers]. Tokyo: Tōkyo-dō shuppan, 1973, Paolo Barbaro reported.

SV Asia. Chukchi [Orion is a hunter chasing reindeer - Cassiopeia]: Bogoras 1924:243.

(Wed. The Arctic. Asian Eskimos (relocated from Providence and Cape Whelen to Fr. Wrangel) [Ursa Major - reindeer, Pleiades - girls, Orion - hunter, Gemini - bow, Cassiopeia - bear trail, Cepheus - half tambourine]: Ushakov 2001:172).