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B44F. Lisa wants a day .

In a debate about whether the world should be light, the fox is on the side of the world (almost always against the bear).

Altaians [fox and bear], Ainu [fox and others], copper [fox and bear], (netsilic [hare and fox], igloolik [raven and fox]), Labrador Eskimos [fox and bear], koyukon [ fox and bear], kuchin [fox and bear], southern tutchoni [fox and bear], (slevi).

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [The myth of a bear's throat singing tells how a fox prevented a bear from singing good wishes correctly. The bear sang like this: to have more summer days and fewer winter days. When the fox frightened the bear, he forgot what he asked for. The fox deceived him by saying the wrong words: for summer to be hot, night short, day long... The creator of the calendar became angry with the bear and told him: "You will sleep in winter and only walk in summer"]: Tyukhteneva 2009:71.

Japan. Ainu (Hokkaido) [the good and evil gods argued which of them would rule the world; decided that there would be the one who would see the sun first in the morning; the Fox imagined the good; looked west, saw The first rays of sunlight on the mountains, the gathered gods, confirmed this; therefore, those deities who are associated with light (not darkness) began to rule]: Brauns 1883:250.

The Arctic. Copper [Brown Bear: Let it be dark (turn twice), then dogs will smell seal holes better; Fox: Let it be light (repeats twice), then dogs will be better smell seal holes; Fox witchcraft turned out to be stronger]: Jenness 1924, No. 67:78 (translated into Menovshchikov 1985, No. 189:402); (cf. netsilic [The Fox and the Hare divided the day into day and night: "Taok-taok-taok (darkness - darkness - darkness)!" - said the fox. She needed darkness to steal from people's warehouses. "Uvdlok-uvdlok-uvdlok (day-day-day)!" - said the hare. He needed light to find food; what the hare wanted was, his word was stronger, and the alternation of day and night began]: Rasmussen 1935:181; Rasmussen 1931:208; igloolik [dark at first; The fox suggests that this should continue to be the case; the Raven repeats carr, carr, which resembles a word for light, dawn; the alternation of day and night begins]: Boas 1901b, No. 2:306; Rasmussen 1930a: 253); Labrador Eskimos (Nain) [the world is dark; Fox: let it be light to see holes in which seals breathe; Bear: let it be dark for me to sniff out these holes in the dark; the fox turned out to be A stronger shaman, Bear went to a dark ice cave; thankful people have not eaten fox meat ever since]: Millman 2004:22.

Subarctic. Koyukon {The bear doesn't mind if it's always dark, the Foxes want light} [the sun is gone; people tied a rope to the Bear so that when he looks for berries, they will find it; The bear thinks it's in it there's nothing to worry about, let it be dark; people ask the Raven for help, give him as much food as he wants; the raven flies away; turns dust and grass into good clothes and shoes; the sun owner suspects that this is Raven, but others say that he is rich handsome; his daughter fell in love with Raven, he began to live in their house; he noticed a dog, asked him to hang it; people notice that someone with a three-toed paw pecked over the corpse; all must show bare feet; the raven orders that the veil cover their eyes, the audience does not notice that he has three toes on his feet; sent his wife to fetch water, threw a fir needle into the water, the woman drank, swallowed; gave birth to a boy; in the same place where it was dark, the Foxes sang, Let there be light; rattles were tied to the sun and moon in the house so that no one would touch secretly; the boy cries, asks for sun games, grandfather gives; The raven wants the dog to grab the salmon; everyone rushed to the yard for the dog, but the Raven back into the house, grabbed, released the sun, it became light; kicked the child, he turned into a bunch fir needles; grabbed the moon, began to tear off a piece, giving each one of the months of the year the name; December became Nameless; the Raven came back, everyone is happy with the light]: Attla 1983:89-105; kuchin [ The bear holds the moon in a bag above his bed; while the Raven tells the Bear stories, putting him to sleep, the Fox opens the bag; Bear: Stop, the moon, don't shine; Fox: Swim, the moon, across the sky, the lights are brighter ; the moon has been growing and getting old ever since]: McKennan 1965:91-92; southern tutchoni [animals gather for a meeting, Bear is in charge; the world is dark; two Foxes blow on pebbles, making them move blows pebbles through a willow bark they twisted off; they say that this will be the case with people who die; a bear splashes a big stone into the lake, it drowns; and people do not will come back after death; Foxes get angry and run away; Deer, Mountain Sheep, Caribou and other animals want light; Bear, as well as Lynx, Fox, Wolf - to keep it dark, it's better in the dark hunt; The bear carried his big bag on his back; the rest are sitting by the fire; they hear him calling, cannot go to the fire; everyone laughs, they say - let him go; finally, he went out to the fire; in a bag near he has roots; he stubbornly repeats that light is not needed; the Fox says that the Bear is lost himself and that you must be able to hunt in the light as well; the Raven (Raven? - Crow), Lisa jumped into the sky after her, made it, dawn came; this is Lisa's merit]: Workman 2000:26-27; (cf. go down [winter is not over; animals gather for advice; only the Bear is missing; Lynx, Fox, Wolf, Mouse, Pike, etc. go up to heaven; find two Cubs in the house; learn from them what they keep in their bags rain, wind, fog, heat; Lynx turns into caribou, Mother Bear rushes after her; beasts steal heat; snow melts, flood begins; huge creature drinks water]: Bell 1901, No. 1:26-27).