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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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B52B. Concealing the land. .

The character regurgitates the hidden (usually in his mouth) land, thereby creating mountains, swamps, and other inconveniences. See motif B52.

Russian written tradition, Russians (Novgorod, Penza, Vyatka), Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles, Terek Cossacks, Finns, Karelians, Livons, Lithuanians, Udmurts, Mordovians, Khakas, Shors , Altaians, Teleuts, Balagan Buryats, Kets, Northern Selkups, Yakuts (central Yakutia, Verkhnyaya Yana), Markovo.

Central Europe. Russian writing tradition [cf. Kuznetsova 1998]; Russians (Novgorod, Penza, Vyatskaya): Kuznetsova 1998:71; Belarusians: Grynblat, Gurski 1983, No. 4 [Damn saw God sow the earth, hid a part in his mouth; God asked what he eats, the devil swallowed the earth, it began to grow; he burped, swamps formed in these places where devils live], 5 [water was everywhere at first; God sailed in the boat, damn what he was going to do; God sowed the land, land appeared from the forest and that's it; the devil swallowed the land, it began to grow, he regurgitated it, swamps appeared, overgrown with rakita; the man began to tear his bast, the devil asked what he was doing; man tied him to an oak tree; the devil rushed, dragged the oak tree with him, there was a trace in the swamps], 6 [God was in the air, saw a bubble in it answers that he is God, and whoever asked is God over the gods; God offered to get land; the one in the bubble brought it in his hands and hid what he took in his mouth; God sowed the earth, it began to grow; so did the hell in his mouth; he regurgitated it, swamps and mountains appeared there], 8 [first only water, God swims, sees a bubble, the devil jumped out of there; God tells him to get the earth out of the water; the devil brought it in the hem, God sowed it; part of the earth The devil hid behind his cheek, the earth began to grow, he regurgitated it, appeared swamps]: 37-38, 38-39, 40, 41; Dobrovolsky 1891, No. 8 (Smolensk) [the sea is everywhere; The devil is in the body of a swan; God promises to free him if he gets the earth from the bottom; tells me to say, Lord Bless "; The devil swan dives, takes sand in his mouth, but does not say what he was told, the sand has washed away; the third time he says, brings sand, hides some in his mouth; the earth grows, including in the mouth Devil, that spits it out, creating swamps]: 229-300; Kuznetsova 1998 [God makes the land flat, but Satan does not care, sketched mountains, swamps and other inconveniences from hidden land]: 145; Ukrainians; Poles : Veselovsky 1890 [the land lies in the middle of the sea on two big fish; at first the land was flat; while God was making peace, the devil persuaded the duck to steal the land; God sent a hawk to chase her, he became hers strangle; the duck opened its beak to scream, dropped the ground, mountains came out of it]: 33-34; Zowczak 2913 (Przemysl, 1990; modern recording, probably West-Slavic influence) [God asked the Devil get sand; explained that he wanted to create dry land; the devil brought sand in his mouth and under his fingernails; God created land; the sand in the Devil's mouth and fingernails also began to grow, he spit it it it out; in these places they appeared swamps and inconveniences]: 214.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Terek Cossacks (art. Karabulak) [when the Lord created the sky and the sea, he "began to plant the earth"; sent the devil into the sea to bring sand; the devil climbed into the sea, collected sand in both handfuls, and hid one handful for himself the cheekbone to do what the Lord did; when he got out of the sea, he gave the Lord two handfuls; the Lord began to spread sand in all directions; where even one grain of sand fell, the earth began to grow out of it; the sand in the devil's mouth also began to grow; the devil screamed in pain; told the Lord that he wanted to hide some sand from him, and he began to burst his mouth; the Lord told the devil to run and spit until He will not spit out all the sand; the devil did so; mountains appeared where he spit]: Baranov 1899, No. 9:192-193.

Baltoscandia. Finns; Karelians; Livs; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2001:97 [damn/second God/duck dived to the bottom of the sea and carried sand for God; God sowed sand over the water2 - appeared earth; the devil filled his mouth with sand/hid some of the sand from God; he spit out the sand - swamps, swamps formed], 98 [God told the earth to grow; the earth began to grow and there was a devil in his mouth; the devil began to spit out ground - irregularities /swamps have arisen].

Volga - Perm. Udmurts: Kralina 1960, No. 1 (west from V.P. Petrov in the Grakhov district, the village of Vuzh Egra) [water everywhere; Inmar told Satan to dive and get land; he took out two handfuls, hid some in his mouth; I. He blew the earth into the water, land arose and grew; the earth in Satan's mouth also grew, his mouth burst, mountains, swamps, hummocks appeared; the first people were giants; one put a man in his pocket, brought him to his mother; she said that these people would be smart; and the giants were sitting by the fire and could not move away, they began to coat their feet with clay; when there were many people on earth, I. left them to the next world]: 39-40; Munk√°csi 1887 [water is everywhere, Inmar sailed in the boat, called on Shaitan, ordered him to dive, get everything he found from the bottom; on the way, Cancer says S. that he has been living in the water for 12 years, but has not seen the bottom; S. reached the bottom, brought sand in his mouth, despite the ban, I. hid a little; the earth began to grow; seeing Sh.'s swollen cheeks, I. ordered him to spit out the hidden, mountains and ravines formed]: 49 in Vladykin 1994:319-320, in Kralina 1960:288-289, in Perevozchikova 1988:15; Yakovlev 1914, No. 1 [there is water everywhere, God is swimming in a stone boat, the Devil is following him; God tells the Devil to get the earth from the bottom; he brings land in handfuls; God commands to bring more; The devil brings it twice, hid some in his mouth; God told the earth to grow, cover the water; the devil had to spit out the earth, the clods became mountains]: 387-388; Marie; Chuvash; Mordovians.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khakas (Kachins) [first it was a duck; having made another friend, she sent her to the bottom of the river for sand; she brings it three times and gives it first; the third time she left some of the sand in her mouth, this part became stones; the first duck scattered the sand, crushed for nine days, the earth grew; mountains grew after the messenger duck spit the stones out of its mouth; because of this, the first refuses to give it land; agrees give land the size of a cane; the messenger pierces a hole in the ground, goes into it; the rest sends a swallow for the human soul, telling the dog to watch and bark at Erlik Khan; E. created winter, gave the dog a fur coat, spat on a man; God poured his soul on man, made him a wife out of a rib; ordered him to eat red currants at sunrise, but not at sunset; the wife broke the ban and ate, God wrote it down in a book; woman with a child and a mare and a foal eat grass, a woman has crossed seven slides, a mare over one; God has decided that if people eat grass, they will eat it all; God gives the moon and the sun Erlik Khan; it's getting dark; God gathers the birds, tells them not to laugh if the Corncrake comes; the head of the birds, the Stork, laughed; the corncrake was offended and left; sent the Owl to overhear what the Corncrake was talking at home; Let Erlik Khan catch the echo of the rocks, his shadow, the tramp of a hundred horses; E. is forced to return the sun and moon because he could not fulfill God's requests; God sent the Swallow to steal Erlik Khan's flint; she stole it On the way back, he meets Komar; he says that E. was sent to find out whose blood is sweeter, turns out to be human; the Swallow asks him to show his tongue, bites off; the mosquito only buzzes; E. pursues the Swallow, tears off her middle tail; she threw half the flint on the rock; the young man was watching the door to God; Erlik Khan came: what do I eat? God replies that old and old women, and the young man said that trees are rotten; next time: children are young willow branches; young people are dried and hardened trees; for the fourth time E. breaks into God; everything was explained, E. now eats everyone, and the young man was driven to the ground]: 522-527 (=196:154-156; quail in Troyakov 1995:6-7): Katanov 1907, No. 582; Khakas [water everywhere; Ah-Khuday decided to create the land; his younger brother Irlik Khan: there is "live clay" under the water; becoming a pike or duck, he reached the bottom, took grains of sand in his mouth and brought them AH, but hid some in his mouth; AH caught three perch (ala puah) and forced swim on the surface of the water; scattered grains of sand on their backs, from them grew flat ground; I. spit out hidden grains of sand from his mouth and mountains and abysses appeared; "Let them call your name out of the blue, and When mountains and gorges meet, they will remember me with curses"; when fish wag their tails, earthquakes occur"; (hereinafter about the creation of cow liver, `, and man, H41)]: Sagalaev 1992:39 in Butanayev 2003:109-110; Shors; Altaians [Tengere Kaira Kan and a man soared above the water like geese; a man flew above T., lost the ability to fly, fell; T. rescued him, ordered him to dive, get the land; the man took out a part of it and put it in his mouth; the earth began to swell, T. told him to spit it it out, marsh hummocks formed on the ground; T. cursed him, called him Erlik; E. took possession of people T.; created evil spirits, settled in his sky; T. smashed it with a spear, fragments formed mountains; Erlik T. drove him deep underground]: Radlov 1989:357-358 (=Radloff 1866:175-184); Teleuts [(western missionary you . Postnikov in d. Myyuta, whose population was formed mainly from Bachat migrant teleuts - see below. Potanin 1883:130, note 2; Funk 2004:9); there was only water; Ulgen went down to create the earth; Yerlik volunteered to dive, brought earth from the bottom in his mouth; W. made the earth, it was all from turf; There was a little land left between E.'s teeth; he spit it it out, a hummocked swampy place formed; W. scolded him; he asked for as much land as the end of his stick took; he fell into that the place he asked for; the swallow brought turf in his beak; W. scattered it; made the forest and everything on earth; created the human body from earth, bones from stones; a dog without hair; went to look for a soul for man, left the dog as a watchman; E. appeared, promised to give the dog hair and soul to the man; the dog ate E.'s excrement, overgrown with hair; E. put a pipe in the man's ass, blew, thereby reviving him; W. came, I thought whether to exterminate people; the Frog persuaded them to leave them as they are]: Potanin 1883, No. 46a: 218-220; Baikal Buryats (Balagan).

Western Siberia. Keta [there was only water; You dived, grabbed the ground (mud) in his mouth, put it by the cheeks; emerged, blew - the ground turned out; Damn spinning, doing nothing; E. dived again, mud by the cheeks captured, blew - deciduous, cedar forest grew; E. collected what was crawling, dug a hole, lowered them there, dug a pole so as not to get out; C. sees the pole, decided to pull it out - everything crawling ran across the ground]: Alekseenko 1976:72; the northern Selkups [The rock-eater kills men and boys, leaves women; she asks to leave the cradle with her baby under the tree; animals raise the boy, show where the mother lives; he asks his mother to find out where her husband hides his heart and liver; he names a place; the young man presses his heart, the Stone Eater regurgles stones before death, the earth becomes bumpy]: Kazakevich 1998, No. 1:209-210 (retelling in Tuchkova 2004:247-248).

Eastern Siberia. Yakuts of central Yakutia, Verkhoyan.

SV Asia. Markovo (born Chuvan) ["according to the legends of pagan foreigners", two spirits, good and evil, flew over the water; the good tells the evil to turn into a merganser, bring land from the bottom; three days later evil emerges, gives land, keeps the seed in his mouth, so that, after learning how to make land, he makes his own; the good makes the earth grow, some in the mouth also grows, the evil spits it out, creating mountains]: Dyachkov 1992:231.