Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B59. The dancers turn into Pleiades, A773..

A group of people (usually children, siblings) play, dance, rise to the sky and turn into the Pleiades or another small constellation.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Timor [after the death of their father, seven brothers only play with their tops, when all people cultivate the fields for sowing before the start of the rainy season; the mother followed them, chopped the tops into pieces, put them on plates where I was going to put food; the brothers went to where they used to play with tops, began to dance hand in hand and beat off the rhythm; water came out of the soil, they began dive; sister saw them when only their heads were left; the brothers said they would appear in heaven in the east when it was time to work in the fields; since the daughter didn't come back either, the mother sent tua & #225; an atan named Bere-Loic, the bamboo she held in her hand, became a star next to the Lúdun brothers (Pleiades?)] : Pascoal 1967:364-365.

Northeast. Hurons (viandot) [seven brothers play and dance; from time to time one of them goes to ask an old woman for bread, she does not give it; they make a tambourine, go up to the sky dancing; now an old woman offers them food, but it's too late; she cries; boys turn into Pleiades (Hutinazidja, "The Group")]: Barbeau 1960, No. 3:6-7; translated into Lévi-Strauss 1964, No. 132:248; seneca [12 children formed a circle, started dancing, took to the sky, are now visible above their parents' heads; one stepped aside - a faint star]: Curtin 2001:507; onondaga [old man warns children stop dancing, otherwise something will happen; they do not listen, ask their parents to give them food; they say that everyone can eat at home; children dance, take off, parents shout to them in vain come back; one boy looked around, became a shooting star, the others turned into Pleiades (=Monroe, Williamson 1987:4-6); var: witches from the sky made the dancers go up; the sun could not help The moon turned them into a group of fixed stars that Indians use to celebrate New Year]: Beauchamp 1922:167-169; Delaware: Bierhorst 2995, No. 123 [tribal leaders take twelve boys to island; they must fast there to become leaders in the future too; on the 12th day, boys dance, rise to the sky, become a "group of flickering stars"], 157 [people burned several witches; The creator punished them for this with a blizzard and an earthquake; people told "clean" children to offer prayers; children began to take to heaven; trying to stop them, they were whipped with clothes stained with menstrual blood; seven girls were left unstained, turned into the Pleiades], 171 [about the same, seven boys]: 58, 66, 70.

Southeast USA. Caddo [seven lazy brothers always dance, never work; their mother refuses them dinner; they dance, go up to heaven, turn into Pleiades; in summer, when people work, they play and so you can't see them]: Dorsey 1905, No. 36:64; Teal: Hagar 1906 [seven boys practice shooting on the cob; their mothers tell them to go far away if they don't want to shoot at game; boys dance in a circle, go up to the sky, turn into the Pleiades; parents tried to knock them down with poles, but they have already risen too high]: 358; Mooney 1900, No. 10 [seven boys are always chasing a stone disc with a stick, do not work in the field; mothers cook stones for them instead of corn; boys start dancing, go up to the sky; six turn into Pleiades; the seventh mother manages to catch the seventh with a stick; he falls, falling into the ground; a pine tree grows]: 258 (quail in Monroe, Williamson 1987:116-117); koasati [a group of lazy people only danced from place to place; when it was time sowing, they only sowed beans; they ate them; it was hot, they were gone; they were the Pleiades]: Swanton 1929, No. 2:166.

The Great Southwest. Pima [seven boys danced around the fire all night, although they knew that only adult men could dance this dance; ropes came down from the sky and picked them up dancing; they turned into a compact group of stars {Pleiades}]: Baylor 1976:45.

Llanos. Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 20 [while their Tsamani parents are working on the site, the children drink the juice of the fruit from the sky, dance, become lighter, ascend from the mountain to the sky; the sky at that time it was close to the ground; parents shoot at the sky, making a chain of arrows, becoming termites and climbing into heaven; Yaseritsa tells them that the thunder Ekonai took the children, shows the way to him; parents meet their children, everyone is happy, they dance in the sky]: 97 [(note 9); people of the Tsamani family dance and rise to the sky; turn into little stars that go beyond the horizon in April in the west before the Pleiades], 100-104.

Guiana. Carinha, Kalinha [people go to the site, the children are left alone in the village; 1) seven sisters are playing; the storm is carried to heaven; they turn into Pleiades; 2) seven boys play pretending to can fly; really go up to heaven, turn into Pleiades]: Magaña 1983:32-33; Magaña, Jara 1982:119; macushi [seven brothers are always hungry and crying; their mother throws them for tapir's jaw, calls food; they join hands, dance and sing, ascend to heaven; now their mother offers them food; they refuse but are not angry with her; they become Pleiades]: Barbosa Rodrigues 1890, No. 6:223-225; translated to Lévi-Strauss 1964, No. 131b: 248; at Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 45:141-142; oyana [two friends dance all night, jump into a hole, go up to the sky; one turns into Hyades (head) and Orion (legs); the other into Pleiades]: Magaña 1987, No. 105:55

Bolivia - Guaporé. Tapiete [during the festival, adults forget about children; a girl comes to see her mother, she punishes her; children sing, form a chain, rise to the sky, become yasitáta stars (apparently not the Pleiades)]: Calífano 1979:26.

Chaco. Caduveo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990a, No. 21 [children play non-stop; they finally fall asleep in the yard; a vine descends from above, takes them to heaven; since then, the children's circle has been visible there (South Crown?)] , 22 [seven boys and girls play late in the yard, do not listen to their father; at midnight a beast comes down, takes them to heaven; they become Pleiades (Nibetades)]: 42-43.