Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B60. Offended children leave their parents.


Children come into conflict with their parents over food, clothing, attention claimed and denied by their parents, and sexual behavior. They leave their parents to become birds, bats, stars, or atmospheric phenomena. See motif B59.

Ngaimbom, Watut, Tahiti, Mangaia, Toraja, Timor, Kalamians, Nanais, Nivhi, Negidals, Halkomel, Hurons, Onondaga, Delawars, Blackfoots, Caddo, Chiroki, Chumash, Tiwa (Picuris), yanomam, makushi, kalinya, aymara, tapiete, bororo, chorote, nivakle, maka, toba.

Melanesia. Nghaimbom [the old woman warned the children that adults were going to eat them; two older sisters became butterflies, attached a rope to the clouds, came back; the children got up, became Pleiades, two the elders were the last to rise, taking a bunch of bananas with them - they became Orion; people tried to kill the old woman, she became a bird]: Höltker 1965, No. 6:105-106; cotton wool [while parents are in the field, children learn to turn into bats; killed and ate all pigs, their parents beat them for it; children turned into bats, flew away; parents called them back in vain, cried]: Fischer 1963, No. 19:158- 159.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Tahiti [Pipiri and his sister Rehua hear parents agree to eat all the fish themselves while the children are sleeping; they make a hole in the wall, run away; their father Taua stalks them, their mother calls them back; P. and his sister sit on a deer beetle, fly up into the sky, and turn into three stars with the beetle {Orion Belt?}] : Putilov 1990:584-587; Mangaia [mother of Piri-ere-ua ("inseparable") and her brother fish late at night, brings, cooks and eats with her husband; they think the children are sleeping; they are offended run away from home, brother jumps to heaven, sister clings to his belt; parents try in vain to catch up with them; all four are stars in the constellation Scorpio (brother and sister are double stars); when this appears The constellations at sunset in mid-December counted the new year]: Gill 1876:40-42 (retelling Williamson 1933 (1): 133).

Malaysia-Indonesia. Toraja: Teselkin 1959 [God settled on earth from heaven, told his wife and seven sons to go down to him; sons did not work, only drove tops; mother hid the tops, put them where I usually left my sons lunch, they were hungry; the brothers decide to return to heaven, everyone chooses an activity for themselves, they turn into thunder, lightning, storm, rain, flood, earthquake; the seventh is not wants to harm people, turns into a rainbow; this rainbow brings their parents back to heaven]: 14-18; Western Toraja: Kruyt 1938, No. 8 [seven sons do not work in the fields with their parents, only they drive tops; the mother hid the tops, put it where she usually left lunch for her sons, the sons remained hungry; the brothers decide to leave, the eldest turns into an earthquake, others into thunder, lightning, distant thunder, wind, rain; the sun is the golden top], 21 [Bala' (Lore) says that the eldest brother became the sun, others became thunder, lightning, storm, rain, rainbow, earth {earthquake?}] : 355, 369; Timor [in the field, the father of three brothers bakes and eats a tuber without sharing it with the children; at home, their mother refuses to eat; they climb on an arek palm tree, tell it to grow up, climb into heaven, become stars]: Pascoal 1967:362; (cf. minahasa [Pandagian dances late; her father forbids her household to lower her stairs when she returns home; her mother invites her to lie down on the ground (there are fleas), on a pile of brushwood (there are rats); P. turns to Riamasan to take it to heaven; a golden chair descends from the sky on a gold chain, P. sits in it; when he gets up, P. asks him to stop three times, reproaches the household; when they understand that she is leaving them forever, they beg her to return in vain; in the sky, P. is tied up, carried, washed, killed, fried, slaughtered like a pig; her face turns into the sun, the back of her head into the moon; because at the back of her head there were incisions, spots on the moon; all parts of the body turn into different constellations and stars; a significant part is specifically named]: Bolsius 1909:886-891).

The Philippines. The Calamians [mother pushed rice to make panípig sweets, her child asked for him, his mother did not; he ran out the door, made wings out the leaves and turned into a throat that shouts "panípig"]: Worcester 1901:497-498.

Amur-Sakhalin. Nanais: Aurora 1986, No. 5 [mother sent the girl for firewood, locked the door; the girl says she will fit through the facade window; mother: there are devils; through the window on the back wall; the same; etc. (I'll go up the river, down the river, across the river, I'll go to the taiga); mother: devils are everywhere; during this time, the mother ate the cakes she baked; the daughter took two sticks, waved her wings, flew, descended on the horse road; horses are approaching; on the first is a servant, on the second is the Black Mergen, on the third, the Transparent Mergen; the mergens are fighting, Transparent won, took the girl as his wife]: 40; Pevnov 2010, No. 12 [mother died, father took another wife, who does not feed her stepdaughter; stepdaughter tried to take the yukola that her stepmother ate, who stabbed her hands with a knife; the girl asked the swans to pick her up; became a swan, flew away with them; when in spring the swans were returning, the father asked them to return their daughter; the first told them to ask the middle ones, the middle ones to ask the latter; the swan daughter replies that he would not return; the father turned into a larch, the branches of which seemed to be raised hands to heaven]: 61-64; Shimkevich 1897 [the swan was a girl with many sisters; her mother did not give her water, she left home, became a swan, flew away]: 137; Sternberg 1933 (p. Toron) [mother baked cakes, the neighbor's children came, the mother gave everything to the girl next door; daughter: why did she give everything? the girl cried, ran, her mother hit her on the shoulder, the girl became a swan (kuku), flew away; they don't eat swan meat]: 503; Negidals [Kongardukkan boy went with his mother to the storage shed; mother took Yukola, fish oil, but did not give the boy; the boy went to the lake, cried, tells the ducks that he would like to fly away with them; ducks turn him into a duck, he flies away; mother asks to come back, suck her breasts, son refuses]: Khasanova, Pevnov 2003, No. 28:79-80; nivhi [mother died, father took another wife, she does not feed her stepdaughter; stepdaughter tried to take the yukola that her stepmother ate, who stabbed her hands; the girl asked the swans to pick her up; became a swan, flew away with them; when the swans returned in the spring, the father asked them to return their daughter; the first told them to ask the middle ones, the middle ones to ask the last; daughter- the swan replies that he will not return; the father turned into a larch, the branches of which are like hands raised to the sky]: Pevnov 2010, No. 61-64.

The coast is the Plateau. Halkomel [weeping children turned into Pleiades (no more details)]: Hill-Tout: 21 in Boas 1916, No. 62:604.

Northeast. Hurons (viandot) [seven brothers play and dance; from time to time one of them goes to ask an old woman for bread, she does not give it; they make a tambourine, go up to the sky dancing; now an old woman offers them food, but it's too late; she cries; boys turn into Pleiades (Hutinazidja, "The Group")]: Barbeau 1960, No. 3:6-7; translated into Lévi-Strauss 1964, No. 132:248; onondaga [old man warns children to stop dancing, otherwise something will happen; they do not listen, they ask their parents to give them food; they say that everyone can eat at home; children dance, take off, parents they shout to return in vain; one boy looked around, became a shooting star, the rest turned into the Pleiades (=Monroe, Williamson 1987:4-6); Var.: Witches from the sky made the dancers go up; The sun could not help, the Moon turned them into a group of fixed stars that Indians use to celebrate New Year]: Beauchamp 1922:167-169; Delaware: Bierhorst 2995, No. 123 [tribal leaders take twelve boys go to the island; there they must fast to become leaders in the future too; on the 12th day, boys dance, rise to the sky, become a "group of twinkling stars"], 157 [people several witches were burned; the Creator punished them for this with a blizzard and an earthquake; people told "clean" children to offer prayers; children began to go up to heaven; trying to stop them, they began to whip their clothes, stained with menstrual blood; seven girls were left unstained, turned into Pleiades], 171 [about the same, seven boys]: 58, 66, 70.

Plains. Blacklegs [a group of boys go up to the sky, turn into the Pleiades because their fathers didn't give them white or yellow bison calf skins]: Josselin de Jong 1914:37-38; Hagar 1906 [hunters they gave their skin not to boys, but to their sisters]: 359.

Southeast USA. Caddo [seven lazy brothers always dance, never work; their mother refuses them dinner; they dance, go up to heaven, turn into Pleiades; in summer, when people work, they play and so you can't see them]: Dorsey 1905, No. 36:64; Teal: Hagar 1906 [seven boys practice shooting on the cob; their mothers tell them to go far away if they don't want to shoot at game; boys dance in a circle, go up to the sky, turn into the Pleiades; parents tried to knock them down with poles, but they have already risen too high]: 358; Mooney 1900, No. 10 [seven boys are always chasing a stone disc with a stick, do not work in the field; mothers cook stones for them instead of corn; boys start dancing, go up to the sky; six turn into Pleiades; the seventh mother manages to catch the seventh with a stick; he falls, falling into the ground; a pine tree grows]: 258 (quail in Monroe, Williamson 1987:116-117).

California. Chumash [a woman goes to her new husband; does not feed her young son, drives him away; a Raccoon helps him; six more boys join him in the same position; you are helped by a Raccoon; they turn into Geese; the raccoon can't fly with them even though they covered his body with feathers; mothers repent, ask their children to come back; they fly away, becoming seven stars of Ursa Major]: Blackburn 1975 #57:245-248 (retelling in Monroe, Williamson 1987:85-89).

The Great Southwest. Tiva (Picuris) [two Dove Maidens girls live with their grandmother; all the girls grind the grain, and these girls and their grandmother only weave baskets; the grandmother promises that they will grind the grain in the morning; in the morning they began to rub and take off at the same time; the grandmother asks me to come back, they rose their legs, became two stars above Mount Jicarilla]: Harrington 1928:351-353.

Southern Venezuela. Yanomam [taking the children, the women went for brushwood; on the way back, leaving their children, they eagerly ate wasp larvae; the children cried, turned into red-throated Caracaras; the women called them, but they were only flew to the upper branches]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 294:531

Guiana. Makushi [seven brothers are always hungry and crying; their mother throws their tapir's jaw to eat, calls them spotlights; they join hands, dance and sing, ascend to heaven; now their mother offers them food; they refuse but are not angry with it; become Pleiades]: Barbosa Rodrigues 1890, No. 6:223-225; translated into Lévi-Strauss 1964, No. 131b: 248; in Koch-Grünberg 1921, No. 45:141-142; kalinya: Magaña 1983, No. 1 [(Ahlbrinck 1931:433-44); seven brothers have been chasing tapir for a whole year; killing, frying, returning to the village; deciding to go to heaven because their sisters are late cooking; turn into Sirityo (Pleiades), they took the tapir head (Maipuri Yuman) with them to the Giades, the roasting grill (Sirityo sura-ri) in Pegasus], 2 (Maroni County) [ seven hunting brothers killed the tapir; when they returned home, their mother's bread was not ready; they went to the garden for cassava themselves, returned, the meat was not yet ready; decided to go up to heaven, became the Pleiades; nearby you can see the head of the tapir they are frying]: 32.

The Central Andes. See motif B63. Aymara (dep. Puno) [the widow sends three sons to cultivate the potato field; they just play, tell their mother every night that they are tired of work; when to harvest, they say that their field is the best; mother digs potatoes in the best field, its owner scolds her, explains that her field is the worst; the mother beats her sons, pulls out the hair of the elder, breaks the middle leg, the youngest knocks out the eye; she does not feed for several days sons; the eldest turns into wind, the middle into hail, the youngest into frost; they destroy crops in neighboring fields]: Lopez, Sayritupa Asqui 1990:63-67.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Tapiete [during the festival, adults forget about children; a girl comes to see her mother, she punishes her; children sing, form a chain, rise to the sky, become yasitáta stars (apparently not the Pleiades)]: Calífano 1979:26.

Southern Amazon. Bororo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, No. 18 [a boy steals corn from women; asks his grandmother to cook it; to prevent the theft from being known, he and the other boys cut off his grandmother's tongue and arms, homemade the parrot's tongue is cut off; they ask the Hummingbird to tie a rope to a tree in the sky, climb the rope; women climb after them; the boy cuts the rope; women fall, turn into various forest mammals; boys turn into stars, should be punished to watch what happened to their mothers], 19 [women eat all the corn in the field secretly from their husbands and children; a little boy comes by chance there; women feed him, ask him to remain silent; next time the boy wants to stay at home; his mother beats him, trying to force him to go with her; he spits out red clay, pretends to bleed from his mouth, stays at home; after women leave, shares a secret with their peers; further as in (18); the rope turns into a forest vine; without a star, they look down in punishment]: 47-50.

Eastern Brazil. Apinaye [the boys agree that everyone will rape their own sister; after doing this, they decorate themselves with feathers, turn into waders, fly away; the youngest's mother tried him unsuccessfully catch]: Wilbert 1978, No. 108:268-269; kayapo (shikrin) [boys stick feathers over themselves, rape women, including their sisters, who laugh loudly; boys wash their feathers, but one girl finds feathers in his brother's hair, tells others; when he finds out, the boy turns into storks, flies away; a young woman tried in vain to grab her flying baby]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 159:468-469.

Chaco. Chorote [the little girl cries; her older sister calls her mother three times, but she does not react; the sister takes the baby in her arms, goes up to heaven with her, they turn into two stars, one completely small; later their two brothers join them]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 6:21; nivakle: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 88 [the girl was abandoned by her husband, she went to her grandmother in an abandoned village; The jaguar came in the form of a man, asked for a drink; she did not give it, he went to the river, the girl saw him become a jaguar; ran in zigzags, ran to the men, who killed and burned the jaguar; shot at the target They sent the children to ask their wives for water, they did not; they lit a fire, rushed into it, becoming birds of different kinds; they flew to the lake, got drunk, ate fish; these birds live in the sky, bring thunderstorms; they they also brought corn seeds, beans, pumpkins], 92 [the young men shot at the target, send their younger brothers to ask their mothers for food and water, they refuse, advise them to go to the river to drink; the old shaman Gray Lizard takes feathers from young men's arrows, attaches them to their hands, they turn into birds, fly to the river; they are called thunder birds, just like thunderbirds that used to bring rain and thunderstorm], 94 [young man sent his younger brother to his mother for water, who refused; all the young men decided to become birds, each of their own species; they glued feathers from arrow poles to their bodies, flew away as birds, mothers offered them water in vain; Axtit á killed the royal vulture; everyone is trying to peck a hole in his body, but only Woodpecker succeeds; the birds are smeared with vulture blood, coals and ash, taking on their current color; when the world turned over, birds and thunderbirds were in the sky; one man ate all the fruits of the caraguat (Bromelia serra), he, his wife and all the people of the village became bakers and also ended up in heaven; bakers on earth - their relatives]: 216-218, 227-229, 232-242; poppies: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 5 [boys play with a ball; an old woman breaks a clay pot, she scolds them; because their parents don't like them, they they make a fire in the hole, jump into it; the first one who jumped over the hole is frightened; others tell him to tell his parents that their sons are all playing ball; he waters a buried hole, from there they sprout birds' beaks, then birds of all kinds appear; parents followed the boy, wanted to kill him for not saying what happened; he turns into a cormorant, flies away with everyone else; old woman, who scolded the boys, wanted to kill, she became a capybara], 6 [playing, the boys smashed the woman's jug with a ball; upset, dug a hole, made a fire; shouting that they did not like their parents, jumped into it; younger The flycatcher stayed named, buried a hole, watered it for several days, the burnt ones came out of it in the form of storks of various species; went to the village, then flew away; mothers grieved for them; wanted to kill the Flycatcher for being did not tell us what had happened, but he turned into a cormorant, flew away with the others], 7 [the boys were walking on stilts, one broke the old woman's jug; she advised them to play away; they dug a hole, made a fire, they said that their parents are always angry with them, jumped into the fire; the youngest flycatcher remains; the elder taught him to bury a hole, water him, lie to adults that the boys went to another village; burned they got out as birds, their mothers shouted after them in vain that they would no longer be angry; they wanted to kill the Flycatcher, who became a cormorant; people wanted to kill that old woman, she ran away and became a capybara; her husband became a capybara caiman], 8 [playing, the children broke the pot with a ball, the owner scolded them; they said that their mothers did not like them, dug a hole, lit a fire, jumped into it; the youngest buried it, watered it; the boys got out with birds, flew away; parents were angry at the youngest that he kept silent, he flew away with a cormorant]: 26-27, 28-29, 30-32, 33-34; Toba (Eastern) [two children were punished, they ran away, met two dogs, reached the seas, climbed into the sky, became little stars; nearby other stars are parents chasing children who can't catch them]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989a, No. 12:17.