Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B63. The transformation of lazy children.. 60.65.

Kids lie to their mothers like they're working in the fields. When the deception is discovered, they, left without crops, turn into atmospheric phenomena or celestial objects.

Ecuador. Brother and sister are turning into a rainbow. Pindilig (mountainous Ecuador) [the rainbow consists of a woman (white) and a man (red); they are spouses or sister and brother; brother and sister lie to mothers as if they are working in the fields; when the deception is revealed, they turn into a rainbow without being found]: Bernal in Turbay Ceballos 1998:16.

The Central Andes. Brothers turn into wind, hail and frost. Wanka [an old woman sends her three sons across the river to work in the fields; they have fun telling their mother that they worked hard every time; they live in a hut, take wives; they leave them when they run out of food; brothers are starving; they come to their mother, demand meat; she cuts off the flesh from their buttocks, gives them an animal under the guise of meat; when they put it in their mouths, the ground shudders; the mother tells them that they ate; turns them into Frost (senior), Hail, Wind; god Huallallo turns mother into fertile land]: Villanes Cairo 1978:113-117; dep. Huancavelica [a woman sends her two sons to sow corn; they simply scatter seeds across the field; the same goes for planting potatoes; each time they ask their mother for food and meat; she suggests cutting off their leg and make food out of it; they agree; the wind takes them to the top of Mount Oyocco; they are now two stone figures]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Ríos 1970:87; Cusco (?) [Chisin Chaska, Cuskatuta Chaska, Ilyariucha Chaska are three sons of Kake (now a small animal living in Pune); their mother sends them to plant potatoes, they only pretend to work and eat seed tubers ; after learning about this, the mother turns them into Evening, Midnight and Morning Stars]: Urbano 1993:298; aymara (dep. Puno): Albó, Layme 1992 [a woman sends three grandchildren to plant potatoes; they do nothing; when it comes time to harvest, they tell her grandmother to dig potatoes on the best plot; the owner beats them a woman, tells her the truth; she blames her grandchildren; the eldest turns into hail, the middle one turns into frost, the youngest into the wind]: 63-65; Lopez, Sayritupa Asqui 1990 [widow sends three sons to process potato field; they just play, tell their mother every night that they are tired of working; when to harvest, they say that their field is the best; mother digs potatoes in the best field, its owner scolds her, explains that her field is the worst; her mother beats her sons, pulls out her elder's hair, breaks her middle leg, knocks out the youngest's eye; for several days she does not feed her sons; the elder turns into the wind, medium in hail, younger in frost; they destroy crops in neighboring fields]: 63-67; Mendoza 1981, No. 1 [the widow sends her two sons to work in the fields; they only play, each time they lie to their mothers that worked; they refuse to go to harvest, saying they are tired; they send the mother to a better field; the neighbor accuses her of stealing, explains what happened; the mother returns in tears; the sons decide to take revenge people for her tears, the eldest turns into hail, the youngest turns into frost]: 49-52; Ochoa Villanueva 1975 in Souffez 1985b (no recording) [the widow's three sons do not work; their mother digs potatoes for the neighbor's field, thinking it's hers; the owner punishes her; she cuts off and cooks a piece of her own flesh, feeds her sons with soup; they take revenge on their neighbors for their mother, turning into wind (older brother), hail (medium), frost (junior)]: 173.