Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B66. The rope turns into vines..

Characters climb to the sky on a rope or chain of arrows; falling to the ground, it turns into forest vines. See J47 motif.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritare [Kuamachi (Evening Star) and his grandfather Mahanama decide to take revenge on the Stars for killing K.'s mother; lure the Stars with their leader named Wlaha (Pleiades) to trees for fruit; M. says that he will weave baskets to put fruits in them; K. climbs a tree, drops the fruit; water floods the forest; M. with his baskets and K. jump into the boat; M. throws baskets into the water, they turn into an anaconda, caimans, piranhas; devour many Stars, whom K. knocks down trees with arrows; V. shoots into the sky, making a chain of arrows, climbs there with the remaining Stars; Mönettä, scorpion, became Big Bear; Ihette (Orion Belt) climbed slowly, bleeding and dragging his leg bitten off by a caiman; Amaduwakadi became the Morning Star; sloth, tapir and others also climbed into the sky; so that demons they also did not climb into the sky, K. climbed by himself, Ioroko, the creation of the Orosha antagonist, climbed after him; K. asked Cancer to cut the stairs, he hesitated, then piranha had a snack, I. fell to the ground; there is a vine in the forests - the remains of that staircase]: Civrieux 1960:179-180; 1980:110-116.

Western Amazon. Shuar; Aguaruna; Aguaruna [the character is about to climb the rope but it's cut off]: Guallart 1958:68.

NW Amazon. Uitoto: Girard 1958 [(Flornoy, p.124); a young man lives in an old woman's house; she chases him (perseguía con sus maldiciones); to escape, he turns into a woodpecker, hammers trees; she tries to grab him, he turns into a hummingbird, flies to the sky; his body releases a liquid that looks like a vine or rope; an old woman climbs it; a young man turns into the Sun, the rope melts an old woman falls, turns into a bitter cassava with a poisonous peel]: 78; Preuss 1921, No. 8 [Jitoma (the sun) is torn to pieces by his wife's lover Jicebeño, this is a Gaimo jaguar; the victim's two sons climbed in into the sky on the shoot of a pindo palm tree, which their sister took there; her mother followed, but Hitoma began to get hotter, the old woman fell and broke; her bones pierced the ground, became a furuido plant, the large intestines became a usu vine (with thick roots), long intestines hung on trees as a rudiaë vine]: 313;.

Southern Amazon. Bororo [women eat all the corn in the field secretly from their husbands and children; a little boy comes there by accident; women feed him, ask him to remain silent; next time the boy wants to stay at home; his mother beats him, trying to force him to go with her; he spits out red clay, pretends to bleed from his mouth, stays at home; after the women leave, he shares the secret with his peers; the boy asks hummingbirds tie a rope to a tree in the sky, climb a rope; women climb after them; a boy cuts a rope; women fall, turn into various forest mammals; boys turn into stars, rope into the forest vine]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, No. 19:48-50; Iranshe [cannibal Ma-myu-u and cannibal Shinkaruli kill all villagers; M. swallows them with her ass, S. hits with stones (there are three of them), always flying at the target; sister M., her three nephews, remain; boys threaten to rape and kill their aunt if she does not tell them about the fate of their parents; make arrows; enter M.'s anus look at the weapons and utensils swallowed in her womb; cut off M.'s liver and heart, jump back; M. dies, turns into thorns; parrot, vulture, Jandainha-da-Mato - Sh.'s children; brothers tell them not to give them away; replace Sh's stones with ordinary ones; S. throws two stones at the brothers, does not fall asleep; brothers cut him into pieces, he is reborn every time; pursues brothers; those shoot at the sky, make a chain of arrows; the younger one is afraid to go up, hides in a hole, becoming tejubinha (Ameiva surinamensis); the elders climb into heaven, taking his aunt with them, throwing a ladder of arrows; S. makes a new one, also throws arrows behind him; they turn into a vine; all brothers and aunt turn into stars]: Pereira 1985, No. 29:127-138.