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B69. Striped chipmunk, A2217.2.


Wanting to thank or punish a small rodent (chipmunk, groundhog, squirrel), the character makes him striped, usually by running his paw or hand over his back.

Ijo, Punjabi, Rajastans, Santals, Birkhor, Sora, Oriya, Nayar, Russians (Nizhny Novgorod), Altaians, Telengits, Chelkans, Tofalars, Shors, Khakas, Baikal Buryats, Mansi, Northern and Eastern Khanty, Northern Selkups, Kets, Evenks (Western, Sym, Buryatia), Evens, Central Yakuts, Nanais, Nivkhs, Thompson, Shuswap, Sanpual, Koulitz, Vasco, Yakima, Kutene, Blackfoot, mohawks, seneca, yuchi, chiroki, screams, southern mountain mivoks, hopis.

West Africa. Ijo (kalabari) [during a drought, the turtle goes to the pond to fish; the leopard met it, demanded fish for himself; before that, he killed the turtle's mother; the turtle offers to fry fish together, but for now play by tying each other to a tree; the leopard tied and untied the turtle, and the turtle tied it, threw pepper in his eyes and left; everyone is afraid to untie the leopard; finally the forest rat did it, and the leopard managed to scratch it; since then, there are white spots on her skin]: Dayrell 1910, No. 27:93-97.

South Asia. Punjabi [in Punjab, a small squirrel is called "Saint Rama Chandra"; when Rama built a dam to get to Lanka, the squirrel helped drive dust with its tail; or it brought the builders sand on its back ; he stroked it out of gratitude, the stains remained; many Dravidian tribes consider themselves descendants of this squirrel]: Crooke 1896:242 (quoted in Dähnhardt 1910:56); Rajastans (Jaipur) [in one of Buddha was a squirrel of his incarnations; when he saw a man drown in the sea, he dispersed the water with his tail, helped the man get out; Brahma rewarded the squirrel by stroking it, the stripes on the coat - his fingerprints - remained] : Dähnhardt 1910:56; nayar [when Rama was building an earthen bridge to Lanka to recover Sita, kidnapped by Ravana, the little squirrel worked hard to eat; as a sign gratitude R. stroked her back with three fingers; black and white stripes remained]: Iyer 1912:89; Santals [seven brothers live in the woods; Bonga girl secretly cooks, leaves seven servings; in the first time only the younger brother risks eating (eats all seven servings), the second time the younger brother and the next, then three; on the fourth day, the older brother guards, does not notice the girl; the brothers guard seniority, only the youngest sees her; timidly agrees to marry; she gets wives and his brothers; gives birth to a boy; the hermit Jhades asks for her cord to tie his hair; leaves, she follows him, leaving his child and husband; seven brothers catch up with them, J. turns them into stones; the boy grows up, others call him faultless; his aunts tell him the truth, he goes to J.'s country; asks for the way various shepherds, in Yuyuba (Zizyphus Jujuba Lam.), the last instruction is given by a squirrel; a grateful young man runs his fingers over her body, leaving stripes; in the garden, J. the old woman makes floral garlands for the new queen; the young man hides the ring left by his mother in a garland, she recognizes it; the son tells the mother to find out where J.'s soul is; J. replies that in two types of pumpkins; the young man cuts the vine to no avail; in sword (burning manure on a heap - the same); in two cranes on a poplar in the middle of the sea; a young man passes three women, one has a bench stuck to the hair, the other straw to the hair, and a rice grinder to the third; the young man promises to find out how to free themselves; a crocodile with a bloated stomach transports him across the sea to the poplar for promising to find out how to recover; cranes reply that the first woman should invite the traveler to sit down (she does not did this), the second to clean the hair of others, the third to allow the poor to grind rice in her mortar; the young man broke the cranes's wings and legs, J.'s limbs also broke; the crocodile moved back, his stomach opal; in J.'s house, the young man twisted the cranes's necks; freed his mother; carried the heads of the cranes, J.'s head follows, fell into the blacksmith's horn when the young man threw crane heads there; revived his father and uncle]: Bodding 1929, No. 72:47-81; Birkhor [Ram, Lakshman, and Hanuman asked the squirrel if she saw Sita get kidnapped; the squirrel said Sita was carried away in such a direction; Ram blessed the squirrel by running his fingers over her back and leaving three stripes; from now on falling from any height will not harm you]: Roy 1925:416-417; sora (informant Enam Gomango, Christian, Gajapati County) [When Rama came from India to Sri Lanka, all the monkeys helped him. They turned their bodies into a bridge to Sri Lanka. The chipmunk also decided to help, went into the water, soaked his skin, rolled in the sand, and then ran and brought a little sand on his skin for the Rama Bridge. Rama was delighted and stroked the chipmunk on the back, leaving Rama's fingerprints as a blessing]: Krylova, Renkovskaya 2017, field materials; oriya (informant Srinivas Gomango (Christian, d. Nuagada, Gajapati District) [according to him, this story is not Sorskaya, but Orian]: Krylova, Renkovskaya 2017, field materials.

Central Europe. Russians (Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow) Bogorodsk, western 1963) [how the bear and chipmunk ceased to be friends (the appearance of stripes in the chipmunk)]: Belova, Kabakova 2014, No. 147:369.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians: Khokholkov 1997 [The chipmunk wintered with the Bear; got out of the den before him; the disgruntled Bear ran his paw over him, leaving stripes]: 15; Garf, Kuchiyak 1978 [in the spring, finding supplies nuts in the chipmunk's hole, the bear hugged him to thank him; the chipmunk barely escaped - the claw stripes remained]: 33-36; Potanin 1883, No. 9g [the chipmunk stole a cow from God, for which God's messenger chased him and whipped him, traces remained; lightning still hits the tree under which the chipmunk hides]: 181; Oinotkinova et al. 2011, No. 51 [Kudai sees that the chipmunk is too greedy, stocking pine nuts; turning into a bear, he grabbed him to punish him; the chipmunk escaped, the stripes remained on his skin; the bear punished the cedar for biting some nuts, throwing away others; now she has almost no meat, she is always hungry]: 161-163; Chelkans [the bear asked the chipmunk where the nuts were; he replied that there were no nuts and climbed a tree; the bear grabbed his paws, leaving stripes; cedar also replied that there are no nuts; bear: let the meat on your chin and cheeks do not grow; the badger told the bear a place where there are a lot of nuts; the bear blessed him, so the badger is fat]: Kandarakova 1988:179-180; telengites [striped chipmunk because Kudai scourged him]: Potanin 1883, No. 9b: 181; Shors [bear asks the chipmunk to climb a tree and throw off his cones; that refuses, the bear scratched it with its paw, the stripes remained; the woodpecker also refused; the bear cursed him: let it dry out, so the woodpecker never gets fat; the badger explains that he cannot climb the cedar, but the cones will fall on their own when a strong wind blows; tells you to wait; the bumps have fallen down; the grateful bear gave the badger some of his fat, so the badger is fat]: Chudoyakov 2002:118-120; tofalars [ The chipmunk makes large supplies of pine nuts for the winter; the bear finds them and eats them; before going to the den, he strokes the Chipmunk with his paw, feeling sorry for him, so the Chipmunk has a striped back]: Seedrin 1996, No. 25 : 55; Sherkhunayev 1975:230-231; Khakas (western 1946; the archive contains a record of 1899) [The bear and the chipmunk are arguing about how many days there will be in the first spring month; The bear wants 30, the Chipmunk 31; the bear does not want to lie in the den for an extra day, scratches the Chipmunk, there are stripes left on the skin; in a month Chipmunk 31 days]: Balter 1986:86 (=Troyakov 1995:48-49); Baikal Buryats: Gomboev 1890, No. 19 (Balagansky) [chipmunk because Burkhan stroked him with his hand]: 78; Potanin 1883, No. 9a (Tunkinsky) [The chipmunk was picking nuts, the Bear asked for them, he gave it, the grateful Bear stroked him with his paw]: 181.

Western Siberia. Mansi [The Chipmunk and the Bear argue which of them will be the first to see the sunrise; the Bear looks east, the Chipmunk looks west, the first to notice the sun's ray on the mountain; the Bear slashed it with its paw, five the stripes have remained on the skin; since then, the Chipmunk has immediately hid in the pit]: Rombandeeva 2005, No. 38:283-285; Eastern Khanty: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978 (Surgut District), No. 73 [The chipmunk asks the Bear to be his older brother; The Bear wants the Chipmunk to be his older sister; they began to swear, the Bear grabbed the Chipmunk with his paw, the stripes remained], 74 (b. Agan) [The chipmunk hears that someone is shamanizing in his house; calling Hare, Fox, Bear; shamanite Frog, Bear throws her outside; Fox offers to arrange a sacrifice to Toruma; Bear sings and dances, The fox calls him names at that time; says it is the Hare, then that the Chipmunk, then confesses; the Bear kills the Hare, grabs the Chipmunk with his paw, he dodged, but there are stripes left on his skin; The bear climbed behind A fox in a hole, stuck; The fox went out, heated the foot, killed him, ate him for a long time; (=Lukina 1990, No. 97:252-253)]: 51, 51-52; Soldatova 2008, No. 4 (b. Wah) [the bear and the chipmunk collected cones and berries; the bear liked the obedient chipmunk, he stroked it, the stripes remained]: 118; the northern Khanty (the upper reaches of Kazim, Ai-Kuryokh) [the bear suggested the chipmunk to be his sister; he replies that he is too small; the bear ran his paw down his back - there are stripes left; now the chipmunk will store nuts and cloudberries in the hole, and the bear finds them; but would be sister - I wouldn't look for it]: Lukina 2010:224-225; Kets [The bear went to the forest to cut his axe, got lost; The chipmunk says that he, the Bear, his father and mother raised him when he was an orphan, undertakes help; blindfolded the Bear, sat on his head, told him to go, brought him home; the grateful Bear patted him on the back, leaving five black stripes]: Alekseenko 2001, No. 143:255-256 (original in Porotov 1982:56 -57); the northern Selkups [1) the chipmunk and the bear were the same size; the bear ruined the storage facilities; the chipmunk wanted to eat the same; the bear ran his paw down his back, leaving stripes and making him small; explained that otherwise they would eat all the supplies and people would starve to death; 2) the sable and the chipmunk were friends; one day the chipmunk climbed into the sable's territory, began to eat pine nuts; the sable chased him, ran through back with claws; since then, the sable and chipmunk have not lived side by side]: Tuchkova 2004:320.

Eastern Siberia. Turukhansky Evenks: Vasilevich 1936, No. 11 (Tura) [The bear replies to the Wolf that he is afraid of hazel grouse, the Wolf says he is afraid of a person; The wolf brings hazel grouses, finds the dead {unconscious? } The bear, he tells how he met the hunters; tells the Chipmunk to bring berries, for which he dyed his skin with his paw over it]: 15; Osharov 1936a (Gainda, the right tributary of Podkamennaya Tunguska, Zap. 1926; =1936b, No. 18:282-283) [In the spring, the Chipmunk gave the Bear half-eaten supplies; for this he stroked him, the stripes remained]: 38-39; Evenks (Podkamennaya Tunguska) [the bear asked the chipmunk how he was lives, what he eats; he answered; the bear called him well done and stroked his paw, the stripes remained; bears are digging up chipmunk supplies]: Suvorov 1956:61; Sym Evenks: Davletshin, Duvakin 2009, personal message [The bear stroked the Chipmunk, the stripes remained (the informant does not remember anymore)]; Lukina 2004, No. 3.17 [after getting up from the winter, the bear asks for nuts from the squirrel, they do not give cedar; the chipmunk gave; grateful bear stroked him, the stripes remained]: 75; Evenki Buryatia [in the spring, the Chipmunk shared supplies with the hungry Bear; the bear, as a token of gratitude, runs his paw down the chipmunk's back and leaves it on his back five stripes]: Voskoboynikov 1958:51 (=1960a, No. 21:29}; Evenks of Buryatia [The chipmunk treated the hungry Bear from his supplies; the grateful Bear ran his paw over his back, leaving five stripes]: Voskoboynikov 1958:51; Evens: Novikova 1958 [after a long winter, the Chipmunk shares supplies with the Bear; the grateful Bear strokes his paw, leaving four stripes]: 30 (=1987:25-26); Robbeck 2005 [the bear helped the chipmunk, shared it with him; the fox to the chipmunk: you can't grow up because the bear makes you work; the chipmunk protects the bear, but one day the bear found the evrazhka and ate it himself, and the chipmunk did not leave anything; the chipmunk decided to hunt himself, rushed at the hare, but missed it; the bear also guarded the hare, rushed at the chipmunk, managed to run his paw down his back, the chipmunk climbed the tree, bear claw stripes remained]: 199-200; central Yakuts: Ergis 1964-1967 (1), No. 6 (2nd Hikhtyas heritage of Kobyay ulus) [The fox tells the Tyokei bird ("cheating, deception, flattery") drop an egg, threatens to push through the clearing, gnaw through the valley, cut down a willow; this is how he gets three eggs out of four; The chipmunk explains that the Fox will not be able to carry out the threat; Lisa offers the Chipmunk to swing in an iron cradle, ties it with wire; the Tyokei bird rubs it with its beak, saves the Chipmunk; The chipmunk comes to the fox meeting, dancing, pouring wood dust from behind his bosom; Foxes laugh; one with He covers his mouth with chipped teeth; the old man Chipmunk beats her, the foxes now have black hair; the wire mark is stripes on the chipmunk's fur; (Quail in Sivtsev-Omolloon 1976:56-60; in Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 3:119-123 The name of the bird Tyuyonen, western in 1938, Kobyaysky District, Central Yakutia)]: 48-51; 1974 [the chipmunk has five stripes on its back because it was petted by a bear]: 217.

Amur - Sakhalin. The Nanais [The Bear and the Chipmunk were friends; the Fox persuaded the Chipmunk to be the first to rush to the prey, he only scares it away; the Bear was tired of it, he grabbed the chipmunk on the back with his paw, the stripes remained; The chipmunk runs away, now lives alone]: Medvedev 1992:180-183 (=Nagishkin 1975:19-21 without specifying the text); nivkhi: Voskoboynikov, Menovshchikov 1951 [western 1926, Okhotsk coast Sakhalin; the chipmunk was red; the bear tells him that he is afraid of iron-tipped arrows, he is not afraid of wooden arrows; that he is afraid of a pack of dogs, he is not afraid of one; The chipmunk replies that he is not afraid of iron arrows, they fly past him; that one dog will run over him, and when they run a lot, he is not afraid; an angry bear runs his paw over the chipmunk's back, it has five stripes left]: 167-168; Kupriyanova 1973 [(brief description of Kreinovich's archive); the tale of the chipmunk and the bear]: 118; Pevnov 2010, No. 10 [the bear woke up hungry, the chipmunk treated him to nuts; a grateful bear touched him with his paw, stripes remained; since then, the chipmunk has been protecting its supplies]: 139; Pilsudski 2003, No. 4 [Bear: it's bad if ten dogs are advancing, iron arrow; Chipmunk: I'm afraid of only one dog, arrows with a blunt end; The bear is angry, scratches the Chipmunk, he has five stripes left; before that he was red]: 68.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson: Hanna, Henry 1996:67-71 [Grizzly marries a (Black) Bear; both have four children; Grizzly looks for his wife in her head, kills her; tells his children to bake Teddy bears; they are the same ones they kill, bake the youngest, leave her where the Grizzly eats; he realizes that he has eaten his son; chases the Cubs; quarrels with the Squirrel, grabs her paw on the back, white marks remain; the grandfather of the Cubs carries them across the river; carrying a Grizzly, makes a hole in the boat; aquatic creatures grab a Grizzly through it, eat it; a monster sits by the river, biting women in the back of the head; one of the Bear Brothers turns into salmon, gives himself harpoon, snacks in the forest, takes the prison away; the monster goes home; the brothers return the prison to him; survive the flood], 81 [The chipmunk teases the Bear; he ran his paw behind him for the third time, the stripes remain] ; Teit 1898, No. XV [Black Bear and Chipmunk argue, screaming in their own way; Bear wants darkness, Chipmunk wants light; their powers are equal; Bear scratches the Chipmunk with its paw (the origin of the stripes on the chipmunk's skin); if The bear killed the Chipmunk, it would be eternal darkness]: 61-62; shuswap: Kuipers 1989, No. 28 [the chipmunk girl lives in the forest with her grandmother; grandmother sent B. to pick berries, told me to pick, not eat, beware Owls; B. climbed onto the bush, began to eat berries; saw an Owl walking and catching children below; Owl Chipmunku: your father is waiting for you; B.: I have no father; then all relatives, but when Owl said that her grandmother was waiting for her, B. promised to go down; but let Owl close her eyes; Owl just pretended to peek; B. jumped over the Owl, she only managed to rip off her back, the stripes remained; B. ran to to her grandmother; she hid her under the bed in a basket; but she rustled and grandmother hid B. in a bowl of soup, almost drowning her; lark: hide her in a quiver/sink (clam shell); so that the lark would not give them away , his grandmother gave him a necklace; the lark flew away to show it to everyone; the Owl came and searched everything; the lark came back: I'll tell you if you reward me; the owl gave him a yellow sleeveless jacket; Lark: B. in a quiver/shell; the lark still has this necklace and sleeveless jacket; Owl pulled B. out her heart and ate it; went to look for other children; lark for grandmother: place a berry instead of a heart ; Grandma did so, crossed B. three times and she came to life; Owl met Coyote; Coyote: I also love eating children, let's go together; Coyote: let's eat those children in your basket; let's send children for firewood to fry; for children: bring resinous fir branches; Coyote Owl: spread ash and resin so that when we start dancing, the paint does not come off; light a fire, a lot of smoke; Coyote: let it dissipate , otherwise the meat will be bitter; we will dance, and we will send the children to bring meat skewers; The owl is tired of dancing, but the Coyote cheers her up; pushed her into the fire; Coyote for children: shove the Owl into the fire with these skewer sticks fire; Owl's eyes burst and two types of owls appeared from them]: 134-144; koulitz [The chipmunk was raised by Grandma Olenikha; he climbed a tree and ate berries; a dangerous woman came and pretended to be his grandmother, she promised to give roots to the kamas; he threw her branches, jumped away, but she had time to scratch his back (stripes since then), licked the blood from her fingers, she liked it; her grandmother hid it under the basket; grandmother promised to make a dangerous woman white and beautiful; you have to cover yourself with resin, jump on a white stone, then tear off old skin; tried it with one finger - it all happened; grandmother cut her neck with a sharp stone, covered her with stones; five sisters of a dangerous woman came, each tasted the meat given by her grandmother and died; Coyote found out that the children of dangerous women were still alive; asked his "sisters" what to do; those: then you'll say you knew everything yourself; Coyote: start, it's raining! they were scared: the souls of dangerous women's children hang on the walls; the Coyote cut them; when people come now, they will populate the whole world, there will be no dangerous creatures]: Adamson 1934, No. 26:218-220 (=Wilson 1998:181-183); sanpual [Rabbit (K.) tells her granddaughter Chipmunk (B.) to pick berries, says that Owl (S.) is not dangerous during the day; S. pretends to be K., asks B. to go down from the bush; she does not believe, tells her to hide under the basket, S. peeks, manages to scratch B. with his claws, the trail still remains; K. hides B. in the basket, under the pillow, the Lark in the shell; S. threatens to eat K., she has to give B., she asks regain bones; S. wants to be white like K., she replies that she fried herself on hot stones; S. goes for resin, K. revives B. from bones, they burn S.; at night, the owl's eye bursts, you can hear hooting, K. says that S. will be an owl; S.'s three sisters tear up her grave, eat meat, recognize her sister; the youngest did not eat; the Coyote fools them, runs; asks his feces what to do; he says he will be home with dancing, let the Owls dance with their eyes closed; Coyote sets fire to the house; the youngest S. does not enter the house, screams to the elders; Coyote asks for permission to kiss her, bites off his tongue, runs, hides in a hole; feces turns into a noisy camp, S. goes to look for Coyote there, he runs away]: Ray 1933, No. 18:165-167; Vasco [the cannibal grabs the chipmunk, the stripes scratched by her fingers remain]: Spier, Sapir 1930:277 (quail in Hines 1996, No. 10:56); yakima [grandmother tells Chipmunk not to go far, to be afraid of the cannibal Alixtaní; he goes, A. lures him with pine nuts, but he climbed a tree; A. so She sits for a long time that grass grew under her, confused her legs; The chipmunk threw the branch away, she thought it was him, rushed after him, cut off her hair, entangled in the grass; The chipmunk ran into the house, A. grab his hand on the back, the stripes remained; A. sat at the door, his grandmother and grandson dug a way, ran away; they made a fire in the pit; the grandmother (A. does not recognize her) says A. that you can become beautiful if you lie on the hot stones, put turf on top; A. died; her two sisters came, dug it, ate it, thinking it was the children she had caught; when they found out, they thought she lay down in the hole herself to get rid of the bad smell; since then striped chipmunk]: Beavert 1974:130-136; coutene [The frog warns his granddaughter Chipmunk not to go to the river; she goes and meets the Owl; the Owl tries to seduce her by saying that one or the other of her relatives want her to go with him; the chipmunk replies each time that this relative has already died; asks Owl to close his eyes, runs away; Owl manages to run her paw over the Chipmunk's back, leaving him on the skin of the strip; The chipmunk asks the grandmother to hide it; she hides it in the basket - the granddaughter makes noise; puts it in her mouth - falls out; hides it in a pot of soup; answers Owl that she did not see the Chipmunk; Owl asks for a drink, finds soup, drinks, kills the Chipmunk at the bottom; The frog washes the granddaughter's bones, revives her]: Boas 1918:306.

Plains. Blackfooted [Napa ("The Old Man") finds a dying warrior, who replies that Someone is killing everyone; sees a huge monstrous creature pulling arrows fired at him from his body, next to piles killed people; the creature replies that he is Bad Sickness; N. promises to make him small (this makes it easier to find food) if he tells him his secret; Evil Disease teaches him what to wear a cape made of newborn deer and moose skins, sing "now you'll get sick", then people get sick; N. turns it into a chipmunk, paints it striped, teaches him what to eat; the chipmunk is happy; N. does cape, paints; in order to work less in the future, tells newborn deer and elks to be speckled from the very beginning; deer and moose are happy that their children are now beautiful]: Linderman 1995: 1-6.

Northeast. Iroquois [Porcupine appointed animal leader; asks the audience if it should always be day or night; the issue is being discussed vigorously; the chipmunk wants an alternation between light and dark times, Repeats, There will be light, Bear sings, Night is better, even if it's always dark; when the Bear sees that the Chipmunk is winning and dawn begins, he chases the Chipmunk, having time to run his paw over him back; the trail remains; day and night alternate ever since]: Smith in Thompson 2000, No. 13:39-40; Seneca: Curtin, Hewitt 1918, No. 13 [mother and daughter have a shabby blanket made of skin; it comes to life, chases them; they manage to run into the house, but the blanket scratches them on the back; the mother and daughter were chipmunks, the blanket was a bear], 78 [The bear brags that she was strong enough to prevent the sun from rising in the morning; The chipmunk does not believe it, laughs when the sun rises as usual; the bear manages to scratch him on the back, leaving three stripes]: 111, 421-422 (=Curtin 2001:505).

Southeast USA. Yuchi [Puma tries to be the sun first, people are dissatisfied; Star (Spider), then the Month shines too dim; the Sun rises and shines around the clock; The chipmunk says people need night to to multiply; starlight and a month are enough for this; Puma scratches the Chipmunk in anger, leaving stripes on his back]: Speck 1909, No. 2:104-105; chirokee [all living things discuss how take revenge on people who offend them; they invent diseases; ground squirrel alone does not complain about a person; for this he is torn with his claws, the stripes remain forever]: Mooney 1900, no.4:251; screams [ animals share night and day; Bear chairs; some only want day, others only night; Chipmunk: Equally as dark and bright stripes on a raccoon's tail; Bear scratches the Chipmunk angrily, stripes remain on the skin from the claws]: Swanton 1929, No. 1:2.

California. Southern mountain mivok [out of jealousy, the Eagle beat his chipmunk wife, kicked her out of the house; a week later someone brought her back, but she died; the stripes on the chipmunk's skin are signs of those beatings; the Eagle grieves, has been in mourning for a year; Yelelkin descended from the sky, carried him through a hole in the zenith of the sky; his nephew Coyote ran to the southern, eastern, northern, western corners of the world in search of a way to heaven; returned began to dance, bouncing higher and higher, jumped to the zenith; in the sky, the Frog (Bullfrog), Y.'s wife and Eagle's aunt, advised not to kill the prisoner right away, gave Eagle a knife; Y. prisoners, inviting them to bend down for a drink from a basket of water; the Eagle offered Y. to drink himself, cut off his head with a knife; Coyote plucked all the feathers from Y. planted all the feathers around the world, which grew trees and grass; from the sky, Coyote and Eagle lowered on a rope Frog; then Coyote said there would be new people, turned himself, Eagle, and others into animals and birds]: Barrett 1919, No. 9:17-19.

The Great Southwest. Hopi: Fewkes 1895 [a woman conceives twins - A young man (Tuyu, aka P üüko ñhoya) from sunlight and Echo (Palu ñhoya) from a stream of water; brothers defeat monsters (see motif J60); The mole digs four cameras under the lying Huge Moose; gnaws hair under the heart, says it's for freezing kids; twins hit Moose with lightning, he blows up three chambers with a horn, dies before destroying the fourth; the chipmunk helps to cut the carcass; for which one of the twins runs two blood-smeared fingers over it, since then striped chipmunk]: 135-136; Stephens 1929, No. 8 [as in Fewkes]: 20.