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B73B. Looking for a brother.. 22.26.-.

Two teenagers or young people look for each other, resonate (or one of them calls the other): a girl - a missing (deceased) brother or brother's wife; brother - sister or brother; one or both of them turn into birds with a characteristic scream.

Viets, Lisu, Chinese (Liaoning, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Hubei, Zhezqiang, Jiangsu), Bulgarians, Serbs, Romanians, Albanians, Czechs, Adygs, Kumyks, Rutulans, Azerbaijanis (Lankaran), Georgians, Altaians, Shors, Khakas, Napo, Canelo, Saparo, Siona, Okaina, Tikuna, Mokovi, Quechua Santiago del Estero.

Burma - Indochina. Vieta [the girl came with her little brother to the spring; washed the boy, then he washed her, stroking and tugging her breasts; the sister grabbed a stick to beat him, he ran, she followed him; still the night bird chim qui screams, "Pinch me if you want, pinch me!" ; at night, screams are far from each other, they approach at dawn, but the sunrise separates them again; var.: Brother and sister went to the party; when the brother returned, he groped his sister, she rushed into the forest; Now at night he screams, looking for him, "You can touch me if you want," and he says, "No, I don't want to"]: Cadière 1901:193-194 (=1955:248-249).

China - Korea. Chinese: Liaoning 1994, No. 141 (Liaoning, Wu. I.; 1983; said an elementary school teacher) [an elderly couple lived in a cave on the mountainside; they went to collect medicinal herbs, found nothing; they noticed jumping near the well multicolored silk ball; when they came up, they found the ginseng root, dug it up, it turned into a man, his forehead had bangs, a tail on the back of his head, the rest of his head was shaved, dressed in a red apron, himself white and plump; said that he was ginseng root, asked him to let go, then he would ask his grandfather to fulfill the couple's wish; they asked for children; at midnight a golden-red bird flew in and spit out pumpkin seed; it turned into a sprout; in autumn, the couple picked a pumpkin, sawed it with a saw, a boy and a girl inside; the boy was named Wangan ("Look at the Post"), and the girl was named Emin ("Glowing in the Night"); they grew up quickly; a wealthy landowner from the Yu family with a crack in his lip (cleft lip) was nicknamed "rich crack" (BT) by people; he said that the land on which the spouses live belongs to him, demanded that E. be given to him as concubine; the couple sent E. and V. to hide in a cave on the mountain; BT beat the couple to death; noticing E., tried to grab her, but V. threw him into the abyss, he turned into a rabbit; his servants drove E. onto a rock, she jumped down and became a mountain pigeon; his brother followed him, became a rocky falcon; shouts "emin, emin!" , calling on his sister, and a mountain pigeon shouts "wangan, wangan", calling his brother; a rocky falcon protects crops by driving rabbits away]: 311-313; Dähnhardt 1910:384 (southern China) [Folklore Journal 5, 124; Ah Ko - Brother's wife Ah Saw; both young women went to watch the strawberry tree (Mirica sapida) bloom; the tiger jumped out and took Ah Ko away; Ah Saw ran to her mother, but only the son who is in love with Ah Ko is important ; mother tells Ah Saw not to return without Ah Ko; she turned into a black bird, still looking for her daughter-in-law and yelling Ko.ko.o.o.], 385 [Folklore Journal 5, 125; in Eberhard 1937, No. 83:125, this variant is recorded in Guangdong and Fujian; the wife died, the husband took the other; she gave birth to a son Ah Ti ("little brother"), stopped feeding and dressing her stepson Ah Kwai; one day she gave both beans, told them to go plant and not come back, until green leaves appeared; she gave her stepson boiled beans; AT changed with him because the AK beans were larger; AK's beans sprouted, he came back; his stepmother drove him away to look for his brother; he did not find him, he began Ti Tai Tai (a black "beanbird" that looks like a lark), screams plaintively, calling his brother]; Eberhard 1937, No. 83 [the older brother leaves the younger brother; he calls the elder, turns into a bird (Zhejiang, Guangdong); one sister dies, the other searches for her and calls her, turns into a bird (Shandong, Hubei, Zhezqiang, Jiangsu]: 123-126; fox [native son is a freak and a fool, adopted is handsome, smart and friendly; parents they love their loved one, decided to get rid of the adopted; they told everyone to sow beans and not return until they sprouted; the receptionist was given roasted ones; on the way, the son tasted the beans that the adopted child received; they tasted better and he demanded a change; his adopted son came back alone; his parents told him to look for his older brother; he died of hunger and cold, became a nightjar; shouts "I've been looking for an older brother all my life!"] : Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:195-197.

The Balkans. Bulgarians: Marinov 2003 [my sister was lazy, her brother reproached her, she scolded him back; he left and left her alone; she repented, cried, asked God to be able to fly and find brother; God has turned her into a cuckoo; during the day she looks for him and screams, Ku-ku, but her brother is silent; at night he answers from the forest, Choo Choo; she hears him but does not see him]: 154; Dähnhardt 1910 [1) (song plot); yunak Yankula, suffering from her 9 wounds for 9 years, sends her sister Jan to the Danube for water; on the way back she got lost, asked God to turn her into a cuckoo; since then she has been flying and calling her brother; 2) before the young man in In March, they went to war, returning only to the haymaking or the harvest; the sisters climbed the trees to see if the brothers, called them, turned into cuckoos; they do not lay eggs because they are girls]: 378; Romanians: Dähnhardt 1910 [1) King has sons Kuckuck and Stephan; when he dies, he leaves the throne K.; S. revolts; their mother, dying, asks her sons in vain to make peace; then orders one live in the East, another in the West and never meet; K. is in a different world, and S. (this is a bird) flies and calls him: Kukuk]; 3) the woman gave birth to twins, Stephan and Kuckuck; they constantly cried and finally died, turning into birds; K. is in paradise, and S. is on earth and from the Annunciation before Ivan Kupala calls his brother: Kukuk]: 377; Gaster 1915, No. 92 [the rich man has sons Cuckoo and Mugur; Alexander the Great took them into his army, raised them; the army led by them killed the Psoglavtsy ( dogs above the waist, stole women from people, fed and killed men); A. came to the country of women with an army; they are beauties and warriors, and their men are women; K. fell in love with a local woman, and M. remained indifferent to them; when A. led the army to the gates of paradise, Munura was allowed in, but K. was not allowed, because no one could enter heaven with his wife; the cuckoo and his wife turned into cuckoo; the cuckoo continues to call his brother ]: 284-287; Albanians [Kuckuck is a sister, she has two brothers, one of them Gjon; she accidentally killed him with scissors; asked God to turn it into a bird; her second brother also became a bird; they name the victim, brother at night (Gjon, gjon) and cuckoo sister during the day (Ku-ku, i.e. "Where are you?"] : Swainson 1885:144 (=Dähnhardt 1910, No. 5:381); Serbs ["we also find a similar fairy tale in Serbia (Zetschrft. f. d. Mythol. 3, S. 284]: Grohmann 2015, No. 476:97.

Central Europe. Czechs [a sister looking for a brother has become a cuckoo; she either calls him or says she has found him]: Swainson 1885:144 (=Dähnhardt 1910, No. 10:379, =Grohmann 2015, No. 475:97).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Adygi [the widow has a boy Tutsuk ("little Tu") and a girl Kulya; her mother is lost, disappeared; T. goes to look for her mother; K. runs, screams, Kagaz, Tutsuk ("come back, little Tu"); falls asleep in in the forest, wakes up as a bird, still screams, Kagaz, Tutsuk! Tivi]: Kerashev 1957:245-247 (=Maksimov, Kerashev 1953:149-155; =Kapieva 1991:66-68); Kumyks: Bagriy 1930 (2) [zap. L.G. Lopatinsky from a student of Temirkhandura Real School); brother left, told his sister to look after the horse; sister sat down to sew dudes out of red morocco, did not notice how the horse had disappeared; rushed looking for him in the forest, then to the lake; asked God to turn it into a bird, became a stork; my brother looked for his sister, asked him to make him a stork; storks are looking for each other, one screams, At yok, the other, Gyz yok; (the motif of a dude dressed on one leg is clearly missed)]: 46-48; Hajiyeva 1961 [brother instructed his sister to look after the horse; she became interested in work, the horse disappeared; wearing a dude on one leg, She rushed to look for him; afraid to return without a horse, asked God to turn it into a beautiful bird; this bird has different legs, one with a morocco dude; unable to find a sister, the brother asked him to be turned into one bird; looking for each other; sister shouts at ek ("no horse"), brother, anjagyanna-mgya kyz yz ek ("what a horse, no girl"); these birds are called at ek kushlyar]: 330; The Rutulans [the twins Madina and Gigu lost their parents: the father fell off the haystack, the mother was carried away by the river; since then, brother and sister drink only rainwater, and after harvesting hay in haystacks, they cuckoo; left without parents, M. and G. asked Allah to turn them into cuckoos; G. went to Mecca, from there he called his sister, and M. called his brother while staying in their homeland; they cannot meet]: Khalidova 2012, No. 53:72; Armenians [1) Brother Sahak and his sister are orphans; when S. was combing his sister's hair, he was kidnapped; his sister asked God to give her wings; he turned her into a bird with a comb on her head { hoopoe?} ; she flies and calls her brother, Sahak, Sahak; 2) stepmother sent stepson and stepdaughter to the forest for firewood; brother was bitten by a snake, he died; sister wanted to be a cuckoo; now she flies and calls, Ku-ku, ku-ku; 3) the orphan girl Bebuk has a brother; her stepmother sent them for greens and roots; B.'s bag was full of holes, her brother stabbed her with a blunt knife; when he saw blood, he stabbed himself in the chest, began to scream, Bebuk; B. turned into a bird, started shouting Bebuk too; God turned his brother into a bird; now both fly in the gorges and scream]: Harutyunyan 2007:45; Georgians [brother and sister graze cattle stepmothers, cattle are missing; stepmother forbids them to return until they find them; God, out of pity, turned children into birds, they still scream (Found? - No); note: "a popular legend in Georgia"]: Virsaladze 1973, No. 97:150; Azerbaijanis (Ganja) [brothers named Usub and Nasib have sister Fatma, she wore a scallop on her head; a horse was missing, The brothers went to look, telling their sister to cook, she cooked milk soup; no brothers, F. searched unsuccessfully, asked God to turn it into a bird to make it easier to search; God made it a hoopoe, his crest Fatma's scallop; the hoopoe is looking for brothers, shouting "Opop gul-tap, Usub, Nasib suddi ash!" ("hoopoe! Find a rose; Usub, Nasib - milk soup"); Fatma's father's wealth, inherited, has remained in the ground; she hits the ground with her beak, wanting to say that wealth is in the land]: Yemelyanov 1896:186-187 .

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Altaians [the craftswoman sister sews everything; her younger brother became a bird, flew to the valley, died of hunger; in May, her sister worked and sang; the rich mistress began to beat her, the girl turned into a bird, flew away through the chimney, one shoe remained in the owner's hand; therefore, one leg of the bird was red and the other was yellow; finding her brother's remains, she shouted, "Dry corpse, gray bone"]: Oinotkinova et al. 2011, No. 53:163-165 ; Khakas (Sagai) [people did not die; the elderly have a son and daughter; the boy died, this was the first death; the daughter has been crying for a year, she was given Araks, it did not help; the second year, they gave tobacco, also did not help; old people they ask Skinny to turn their daughter into a bird; the daughter became a cuckoo, flew through the opening of the yurt, the mother managed to tear off her boot from one leg; while she cried, she did not eat anything; if someone hears in the spring morning the cuckoo is hungry, will starve all year; when the cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo, you can't go out without eating; the girl swayed when she was grieving, so the cuckoo cuckoo swings; one leg is black, the other red; when she wore one boot, Skinny made her a boot out of growing grass; this flower looks like a boot]: Mindibayeva et al. 2016, No. 19:135-137, 338 (comm.); short version in Troyakov 1995 [small the boy is dead; the sister has been crying for two years; the parents ask Skinny to take her home; he turns her into a cuckoo; the mother manages to grab her leg, pull off her boot; Skinny weaves a boot out of grass on his bare foot; Therefore, the cuckoo has one leg black and the other red; grieving for his brother, the Cuckoo did not eat; whoever hears the cuckoo singing on an empty stomach will be insatiated all year; therefore, in spring you can't go to the forest without eating]: 46; Shors [Kakuk is sister, Pasyuk is brother; brother married; once did not return from hunting; wife is indifferent, pretends, looks at guys; K. grieves, falls ill, asks for water, daughter-in-law does not pay attention; K. became a cuckoo, flew in search of her brother; daughter-in-law tried to grab her leg; so the cuckoo has one leg without feathers; she screams Ka-kook, Pa-syuk]: Chudoyakov 2002:120.

Western Amazon. Napo: Hartmann, Oberem 1987:155 [(two options); He went to his mistress for a month; she smeared his face with her genipa; he had stained since then; decided to go up to heaven, called his wife with her; she hesitated, he got up alone; his wife became a nightjar and sings by the moon], 156 [about the same as Orr, Hudelson 1971:2-5; The month in the sky is losing weight because his wife does not feed him; eventually he goes down to another wife, eats up; everything repeats itself (moon phases)]; Mercier 1979 [Quilla ("moon, month" in Quechua) secretly comes to his sister at night; she smears his face with a genip; he asks monkeys to lick his face; their faces also turn black, but They could not wash the Month; he asked the Kiwa Pishku birds to take it to heaven, became the Month; invited his sister to get up too, but she could not grab hold of his clothes, stayed on the ground, turned into Filuco night bird with a long tail (a piece of K.'s clothes left in her hand); sings, my brother, my brother! The month shines poorly, because it is stained]: 25-27; Wavrin 1937 [He was married for a month, but secretly went to his sister; at night she ran her hand smeared with her genipa over her lover's body; in the morning, the Month, out of shame, convinced him to the forest asked the Whistiti monkey to wash it; it failed, but since then the Whistiti muzzle has been black; A month climbed a rope into the sky, the spots are still visible; his wife has turned into an iluca bird, cries at night husband; if not for this incest, the Month would be as bright as the sun and there would be no night]: 607; Canelo: Karsten 1935, No. 6:522; Whitten 1985 [Jilucu (Nightjar) smeared an unknown lover's face genipa; in the morning she saw her brother of the Month in the sky; now her children will be associated with Isla and father and mother, jilucu and quilla]: 69-70; saparo [the girl smears her lover's face with genipa juice; they find themselves her married brother; out of shame, he decided to go up to heaven in the morning; made fans out of feathers to fan the fire, asked the bird to help him fly; wanted to say goodbye to his wife, but she hesitated; took off, playing the flute; became a month old, the spots are still visible; the girl turned into a night bird (apparently a nightbird) singing cousa-kusa ("husband, husband") in the moon; var.: The mistress of the Month comes to the Jaguars, dies, her children avenge her; see motive J9]: Reinburg 1921:11-12; Zion [three brothers went hunting, killed a tapir; on the way back they asked the Crocodile to transport them across the lake; jumping ashore, the latter shouted that the Crocodile was not their girlfriend, but just a crocodile, the Crocodile bit off his leg; shamans began to drink the drug yazhe, making the Sun shine and dry the lake; the crocodile ripped open his stomach, young man was alive, but without a leg; all three brothers began to drink yazhe, flew away; the sister refused to drink, the brothers left her on top of the tree; there she cries, calling her brothers; the caiman's jaw turned into the Pleiades]: Chaves 1958:146-147.

NW Amazon. Okaina [A month met his sister; when he learned that his daughter was pregnant, the father smeared his son's face with a genipa; he rose to heaven out of shame; another, younger sister of the Month asked me to take her with him; however, looked down and fell, becoming a toayo bird that sings on a full moon]: Girard 1958:137-138; chikuna [the girl was waiting for initiation; asked the immortals who came in to make her immortal; among The guests were Mëtarë (identified as a turtle in lingua geral) and his fiancée; she did not like him because he ate only tree mushrooms; she and her lover Falcon painted each other a friend on the street; the tapir's skin with the guests sitting on it began to rise to the sky; the brother threw a rope to M.'s bride, it broke off, the girl turned into a mai n yu night bird, screaming plaintively, mai n, mai n ("brother, brother"); M. broke blood vessels with the prepared drink, it was full of worms; ants and everyone who changes skin drank it; those who rose on the skin can be seen as a halo around the moon or as the Pleiades]: Nimuendaju 1952:135-136.

Chaco. Mokovi: Wilbert, Simoneau 1988, No. 45 [brother and sister abandoned in the forest, climbed a tree, brother tears, sister could not; brother left, sister became Kapap bird (=kakuy), still calls him at night], 53 [Crespín had a sister, lost; since then he has been calling her - cres-pin, cres-pin]: 70, 75; Quechua (Santiago del Estero) [like mocovi].