Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B8. The frog hides the water .

The frog hides the water (usually drinks the lake, the river). Thanks to another character, water returns to the pond (s). (The Khan, Upper Tanana, and Varihio motif is not cosmogonic).

Australia. Kurnai Lake Tyers [the huge Frog swallows all the water; animals take obscene positions to make it laugh; this succeeds when the Eel wriggles on its tail; the Frog laughs, the water it pours out, the flood begins; Loon (or Pelican) made a boat and saved many; when they refused to give him a wife, he painted combat paint with clay, turning into a black and white pelican (or stone)]: Waterman 1987, No. 2400 (1): 79; Jauan, Murinbata [A frog dives into a pond, drinks all the water; a brolga man (bird) drained the contents of the remaining reservoirs into a vessel, ran to the top of the mountain; The frog rushed into the pond as usual, but there was no water and he broke his arms and back; one person managed to pierce the vessel with a spear; the water spilled out, people turned into frogs, and Brolga flew away]: Waterman 1987, No. 2410 (1): 81; Northern Australia [The Sandfrog drank all the water, became huge; the Eagle found him sleeping; only the Kangaroo managed to pierce it, the water spilled out; the frog is now hiding from shame in the sand, going out at night]: Waterman 1987, No. 2410 (2): 81.

Malaysia-Indonesia. The Andamans [The woodpecker invited the Toad to take her to the tree for honey; began to lift her on the vine in the bucket, let go of the vine, the Toad fell; to take revenge, she drank water in all rivers and streams; began to dance, the water spilled out of it, the drought is over]: Man 1932:105-106.

Subarctic. Khan: Mishler 2004, No. 2 [after killing the Cannibal Otter, Tsá'Wëzhaa comes to the Bear; he gives him a daughter, demands to bring material for the bow and arrow; 1) eagle feathers; C. kills male and female cannibal eagles, feeds the chicks with ordinary meat, tells them to eat animals from now on; 2) the tendons of a dangerous moose; C. asks the Mouse to climb into the anus of a lying moose, cut the heart; C. made a bow and arrows], 3 [3) now the Bear asks for resin; it is dangerous to approach the resin hanging on the fir, C. knocks her down with a stick; C. kills the Bear with a bow, it turns out that this is the Bear's daughter; C. ran away, hid in the lake, Bear tells the Frog to drink water, she drank it, but Snipe pierced her belly with his beak, the water poured out; the bear with the net waited where the river flows out of the lake, but C. threw his clothes into it, slipped through himself]: 147-149, 149-151; Schmitter 1910 (Eagle) [The bear harpoons salmon; the old man turns into salmon, harpoons himself, breaks off and carries the tip; comes to the Bear in human form; he suspects that the old man stole a harpoon; the old man marries the Bear's daughter; he demands 1) bring an arrow tree (the stump falls on his son-in-law, he dodges, makes poles out of a stump; 2) bring cannibal eagle feathers to make the plumage of arrows (son-in-law climbs into the nest, kills one chick, asks another how the parents will arrive; Mother with snow, father with hail; kills adult birds with a spear, brings feathers); 3) get glue the tips with resin (the son-in-law sticks a long pole into the lake of boiling resin, splashes it on all the fir trees; since then, the fir is resinous; brings resin); 4) bring tendons (the son-in-law asks the Mouse to gnaw the hair from the place on the body of a monstrous moose under which the heart (The mouse explains to the elk that it needs hair to warm the babies; the son-in-law kills the elk with an arrow, brings tendons); 5) The bear advises making tips from birch bark; sends her son-in-law to hunt, tells his daughter to become a bear, kill her husband; her son-in-law kills her with bone-tipped arrows; The bear chases him, the son-in-law hides in the lake; the bear tells the Frog drink the lake; Son-in-law tells Snipe to hole the Frog's belly, the water pours out; the son-in-law runs away from the Bear]: 21-23; upper tanana [the man marries the Bear's daughter; he decides to run away, sails away in the boat, hides in the reeds; the bear tells the frog to drink the lake; the man asks the snipe to pierce that stomach, the water pours out; the bear tries to catch his son-in-law with nonsense, but he runs away with his shirt in filled with branches]: Brean 1975:54-58.

The coast is the Plateau. Tillamook [The frog keeps all the water in a wicker bucket; the South Wind hits it, pours water; the frog has peeled, so some rivers have green water]: Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 39:147; kalapuya : Jacobs 1945, No. 1 [Frogs hold all the water, sell for dentalia shell penetrations; Coyote pays, drinks, quietly destroys the dam with his hand; water rushes to freedom]: 135-136; Gatschet et al. 1945:236-237 [like Jacobs; along with water, Coyote releases salmon and other fish into rivers; turns frog women into frogs]; Erdoes, Ortiz 1984 [as in Jacobs, No. 1; west 1977]: 355-356; ne perse [The frog widow sits at the source of the river, the water is gone; the Coyote comes, asks him to get drunk from the bucket; spies on where the Frog gets the water; collides it, throws it into the stream; runs He has not yet found a raft in front of him to sail further]: Spinden 1917, No. 8:187-188; Walker, Matthews 1994, No. 9:31-33.

Northeast USA. Hurons [husband throws his pregnant wife to the ground; Loons pick her up in the air, put her on the Turtle's back; she tells animals to dive; Beaver, Muskrat, Dive can't reach the bottom, some they pop up dead; when the Toad pops up, the Turtle finds some clay in her mouth, gives the woman, who puts clay on the Turtle's shell, the earth grows, the Turtle has been supporting the ground ever since; the twins in The woman's womb is arguing how to be born; the good Tijuskeha (Ioskeha of French sources; "good", "savior") is born normally, the evil Tawiskarong ("flint") comes out of the mother's side, killing her; she is buried; a pumpkin has grown from her head, corn from her breasts, beans and other cultivated plants from her arms and legs; makes snakes, predators, huge mosquitoes, a huge toad that has drunk all the water on the ground; good makes harmless and useful animals; the partridge flies to Taviskarong in search of water; Tijuskeha follows her, rips the Toad's belly, the water pours out; he reduces evil creatures in size; the kind says that he can only be killed with a bag of corn and beans; evil - that he can only be killed with a deer horn; the first to hit the evil, but the good comes to life, kills the evil with the horn; he goes west, becomes the master of the dead ; the good wanted rivers to flow in both directions, the evil one demanded that only one way]: Hale 1888:180-183; malesite: Mechling 1914, No. 6 [Sakilexis (from all other Gluskap informants) comes to village; Forest Marmot woman weeps because he will be killed; he is offered to play with the skull of a shaman who digs his teeth at whoever he hits; S. breaks the skull with a kick; he is asked to fight; the enemy is kneeling in the ground among the rocks; S. wants his legs to break, throws his body on the rocks; people are glad he saved them from the tyrant; the Master of Water has closed the water; S. threatens to pierce his huge belly, he breaks the dam in fear, releases water]: 45-47; Stamp 1915 [The frog widower keeps the water; the Raccoon sends Nork to ask for water; the young man kills the Frog, marries his daughter, opens water sources]: 246-247; mikmaq: Leland 1968 [a giant blocks the river with a dam; a person asks for water, gets only a drop; Gluscap pierces the giant's belly with a spear, from there it flows water; the giant turns into a bull frog with wrinkled skin, who lived in the same village as him - leeches, crabs, fish and other aquatic creatures]: 114-119; Parsons 1925, No. 1 [husband's father comes to his daughter-in-law, pierces her heart with a burning chip, rips her stomach open, throws her insides into the river, carries her body away, eats her body; her six-year-old son lures him ashore in his intestines; he returns to the river if he sees father; father catches him, gives him blue jay feathers; older brother says father told grandfather to kill their mother; they burn father in the house; found in the intestines pushes his bones, they turn into mosquitoes; brothers they pour boiling fat on their grandfather, let his grandmother fry his heart, kill her with an ax; the brothers kill the bull frog that has swallowed all the water; the water pours out of his belly; the brothers go north, endure the cold, sent by Ice and the North; coming back; turning into stones]: 56-59; Speck 1915b [the woman has a 6-year-old son, she is pregnant again; the husband tells his father to kill her; the old man tells the woman to bend down, burns her heart with a stick, throws her insides into the water, takes her body to eat; the boy tries to catch his little brother in the water; finally brings her home; when his grandfather appears, he returns to water; the old man catches him, gives him blue jay feathers; the older brother tells how their father told their grandfather to kill their mother; they burn their father in the house; found in the intestines (NC) pushes his bones, they turn into mosquitoes; brothers pour boiling fat on their grandfather, let his grandmother fry his heart, kill her with an ax; go to kill other giants; Marten's grandmother says that the Ox Frog took all the water, gives it for the girls; NC sends Marten, he brings dirty water; NK goes by himself, kills the Frog with an ax, sends girls home, breaks blood vessels, the rivers fill up again; the brothers sail to the Dicabrasion, she makes a hot fire ; brother dies, NC complains about the cold, Porcupine dies from the heat, NC revives his brother; interpreting rocks crush passers, NC breaks them with an oar; on the lake, geese are Gluscap's guards; NC tells them to remain silent; NK and G. both manage to smoke a pipe; NK withstands the cold and wind; G. gives an inexhaustible piece of fur, NK's brother becomes a fur merchant; NC marries; mother-in-law takes him to the island to collect seagulls eggs, throws him there; seagulls they bring him back; at night, his mother-in-law lies down with him, tries to poison him with her gases; he made a hole in the blanket with a knife; threw it into the hole, at the bottom of her turtle always devours her sons-in-law; NK got out, kill him]: 61-64; Whitehead 1988 [a woman marries her son Kukwes (an ogre giant); he hunts animals for her and her son, humans for herself and her parents; does not tell you to touch the bear's stomach; the son hits the stomach with an arrow , the liquid drips, K.'s strength melts; he allows his father to eat his wife; the old man heats his iron staff, pierces his daughter-in-law, gutts the baby from her womb into the river; the turtle brings him up, he goes out to play with his brother; he asks his father to make two bows, two arrows, etc.; they make a mess in the house, the family is forced to confess to his father; the father makes jewelry from bird tails; The house is enough in Rechnoy's house, his father keeps him running; first Rechnoy throws his tails into the fire, then smiles; the father fell asleep, the brothers burned him in the house; the bones collided, they turned into flies, mosquitoes, sand fleas; because pushed on the doorstep, insects enter the house through the entrance; The river beats the birch tree with a spruce paw, since then there are traces on the bark; brothers put their grandfather to sleep, look for insects, cover him with fat, burn him, let the liver eat to his wife, they kill her with an ax; the bull frog hides all the water in his house in birch bark buckets, gives it in exchange for women; the River kills the Frog, breaks blood vessels, the water fills the rivers; the brothers sail in a boat, The river kills giants; The porcupine drowns so hot that Domashny dies; the River one wraps herself in a blanket, the Porcupine dies herself, the River revives her brother; Kluskap's house is guarded by geese, River tells them to remain silent; K. causes frost, Domashny dies, revives him on a river morning; Domashny receives a growing beaver skin from K., becomes a merchant; Riverside marries Skunsiha's daughter; she is lucky to collect it bird eggs, leaves him on the island; seagulls bring him home; mother-in-law tells her to sleep with her, tries to strangle her with his gases, he makes a hole in the blanket; she throws it into a hole, at the bottom the Turtle devours sons-in-law; Rechnoy gets out; meets a man walking on bent legs, kills him, makes a door out of him, brings the corpse to his relatives; snakes and frogs fall from their faces; both brothers return to the island, turn into two stones]: 140-154; penobscot [the bull frog swallows all the water; Gluskabe breaks her spine with an ax, knocks a birch tree on it, killing it; a river flows out of the monster Penobscot, birch branches turn into its tributaries; thirsty people throw themselves into the water, turn into fish, turtles, frogs; only a few remain human]: Speck 1935b, No. 7:42-43.

California. Pomo: Barrett 1933, No. 16/2 [The frog sits at the spring, does not provide water; then the Coyote drinks seawater that was fresh; spews out what he had drunk, creates rivers and lakes. Clear], 17/3 [The old frog hides the water under the basket; the Coyote cleans the basket, drinks all the water; the girl pokes him under the rib with a stick, he regurgitates the water, creates a lake. Clear; regurgitates eaten snakes, turning them into different types of fish; creates streams], 18/3-4 [The Frog and the Salamander make baskets, do not give the Coyote water; he drinks sea water, lies down; Kuks pierces his stomach is awl; water pours out to form a lake. Clear], 19/2-3 [The frog does not give him water; both his sons die; he drinks somewhere in the Great Valley; pierces his stomach with an awl, the spilled water forms a lake. Clear; all the fish that people now catch comes out with the water], 21 [Frog and Triton don't give Coyote water; he drinks seawater, lies down; Kuks pierces his stomach with an awl; the water pours out, forming a lake Clear], 22 [The frog owns water; the Coyote drinks it all, he feels bad; the frog comes to heal him, rips open his swollen belly with a knife; the water pours out to form a lake. Clear]: 110-111, 116-117, 119-121, 121-122, 124-125, 125-126.

NW Mexico. Varigio [The turtle offers Coyote to drive deer at her, she will shoot; misses; only the Coyote catches the deer; decide to cook meat, go to drink before that, the Turtle immediately comes back, asks aura {Vulture?} pick meat on the palm tree and then it; thorns poke thorns in the head; the Coyote's children come across them; the Coyote lies under a palm tree, the Turtle drops a piece of meat on him, he asks God to throw more; Seeing the Turtle, the Coyote cuts a palm tree, the Turtle asks Aura to move the meat to the top of the mountain; despite the warning, he opens his eyes, falls; answers Coyote that trying to eat it, break it, he will break it teeth, a knife, an ax, will break a stone; pretends to cry when he offers to drown her; laughs when she gets into the pond; Coyote asks ducks and herons to grab her, she swims to a nearby pond; two frogs drink almost all the water, but the hummingbirds pierce their bellies, the water pours out]: Relatos Guarijíos 1995:33-39

Chaco. Toba Pilaga [The fox and the bird Čelmót collect honey; C. witches, the fox falls from a tree, attacks a sharp stick, dies; it has rained, the Fox is wet, comes to life; went to the lake, jumped into it, and the lake was dry, he died; a man came, saw a dry lake, a dead Fox and a Frog; pierced the Frog's belly with a thorn, the water poured out, filled the lakes, the Fox came to life]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1982b, No. 123-124:242 -243.