Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

B81. A gun for a dog. (.11.24.) .32.34.-.37.39.

The creator and his opponent are considering whether to give the dog the ability to shoot (with a bow or a gun).

(Wed. Bantu-speaking Africa. Lala [animals have come to Lesa, everyone is unhappy with their fate; Dog wants to eat with humans, Leo wants to have fire to cook, Elephant wants to have more than one child, etc.; L. I'm ready to listen, but Wagtail explains that the Dog eats crap and cannot be near its owner; that Leo, having fire, will kill people, setting fire to their homes; that breeding elephants will trample everyone; L. agreed with her; so wagtails should not be killed]: Munday 1942:47-48).

(Wed. Malaysia-Indonesia. Timor [the dog had fingers like a monkey, it chased it through the trees; the monkey offered to throw off the fruit, asked him to place his hands; clenching its hands, the dog could not do more of them reveal]: Pascoal 1967:218).

Volga - Perm. Komi: Limerov 2005, No. 64 [Mikhailo decided to stand on all fours and be a bear; the goblin turned him into a bear; the woman went to the forest, he stole her; the woman died, but the cubs remained; the bear wanted eat Mikola Ugodnik; he first asked for help split the log; clenched the bear's paws, began to beat, let people go for promising not to eat; the bear asked for his thumb; Nikola is ready to give on condition that the dog would get a gun; the bear took his request back]: 62-63; Rochev 2006, No. 105 [The bear asked God to give him a thumb (he has four fingers); God refused because the bear is already too much strong], 106 [=Fokos-Fuchs 1951, No. 39:239-243, =Konakov 1999:417; the man got on all fours and turned into a bear; the goblin made him a bear forever; the woman went to the forest, he stole it; the woman died, and the cubs remained; the bear wanted to eat Mikola Ugodnik; he first asked for help split the log to make a sleigh runner - good people would get it; clamped the bear's paws, began to beat, let go for a promise not to eat humans; the Bear asked for his thumb; Mikola the owner replied that then he would give the dog a bow and arrows, the man would give wings; the Bear asked for will for at least three days; Mikola gave it; if on Semenov Day, a man will go to the forest, then at his own risk]: 153, 155.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [The bear asks God for five fingers; God answers that he will give the Dog a gun then]: Khokholkov 1997:8-9; Khakas [The Eagle gathers birds for advice, sends the Owl to bring everyone; Taimen tells not to give power to man (Hurna Hulag, "bare ears"); the flying squirrel does not want to go, says that she is not a bird or a beast; the Corncrake demands not to give power to the Screamer Crane; he overcame him for this leg; the Crane has been removed from the contenders for power; future pets are given to help Man; the Wolf asks for a thumb, like a Man; the Eagle and the Leo then offer to give the Dog a gun; they also analyze other claims against each other; the Crane is told to carry the Corncrake to warm countries; Taimen says that now there will be no rest in the water, since they chose Man]: Troyakov 1995:40-41; Russians in Siberia: Kuznetsova 2014 [stories about a bear asking for a fifth finger are recorded by Russians only in Eastern Siberia: Priangarye (Zaporozhets 2000:47), Russkoe Ustye (Azbelev, Meshchersky 1986, No. 75), Verkhneudinsk (Potanin 1864:122)]: 57; Kulikovsky 1890 (Vedenshchikova village, or rather not a decree.) [The bear asked God for his thumb; God said he would then have to give the man wings and the dog a gun]: 112.

Western Siberia. Mansi [1) by Gondatti; God wanted to give the Dog a bow and arrows to better help the hunter; in response, the Bear demanded his fifth finger to fight off dogs; God decided both nothing give, but allowing the Dog to eat with the person; she did not hear, asked again twice, he told her to eat the same thing as a person, but not together (garbage); 2) according to Infantiev, r. Conda; after creating the Dog, Torm gave her a bow and arrow, but Torm's mother said that with such an assistant, a person would be too sick; T. took the Dog's weapon and mind]: Munk√°csi 1908:255-256.

Eastern Siberia. Yakuts [God did not give the Bear a thumb with a claw on its paw; The dog said that if God gave this finger to the Bear, let him give it a gun; God decided that both the Bear's thumb and the Dog's gun will make them too dangerous; (Western 1945, Nakharinsky Nasleg)]: Ergis 1964-1967 (1), No. 35:106 (retelling to Sivtsev, Efremov 1990:16, Sivtsev-Omolloon 1976:23-24); Sivtsev, Efremov 1990 [The dog serves at God is the key; opens the forbidden box where the plan of hell lies; after the second time, God deprives her of her ability to speak, takes half of her mind, tells her to become a friend of man; The dog kills the Wolf with an arrow, Bear; man dodges, she becomes his servant, loses her bow]: 33-34; northern Yakut reindeer herders [Ayyy-Toyon created pine, birch, talnik; tea, barley, medicinal herbs; good fish; edible birds: partridge, duck, goose; useful animals; Allaraa-Ogonyor imitated and created spruce, larch, aspen; poisonous grass; bony fish: perch, pike, huchen, small fish; loon, crossbill, woodpeckers; snakes, lizards; insects; wanted to create a mosquito the size of a crow; Aiyy-Toyon then promised to give the dog the ability to shoot]: Gurvich 1977:197; Podkameno-Tunguska Evenks: Osharov 1936a (Baikit, built in 1928) [Amaka created the Bear six-toed, he destroyed everything; A. took his thumbs, the Bear asked them back; A. gave them, but on condition that he would give the man a bow and arrow, the dogs his teeth; the Bear prayed for A. took away his thumbs and let him sleep peacefully in the den]: 17-18 (=1936b, No. 6:278); Suvorov 1956 [the bear asked the man to let him cut the hut; the dog asked for a bow; when he saw the dog with a bow, the bear refused the ax; the dog agreed to return the bow and live with the person]: 65; Yenisei Evenks [The bear asks for a thumb; God replies that then he will have to give onions to the Dog and it will exterminate the Bears]: Rychkov 1936, No. 6:267; Baikal Evenks (north of Transbaikalia, p. Chara, 1948) [the bear asks the tangara to make him a fifth finger like a human; the tangara agrees to the condition that he gives the dog a gun; the bear agrees to live with four fingers]: Pinegina 2019:52; Far Eastern Evenks (Uchurian?) [when God created animals, the bear was left without a thumb; asked God to do it; god: then you will destroy people, start hitting them with sticks; the bear insists; God agreed to the condition to give a bow and arrows to the dog; the bear was frightened and refused his request; but in general, the bear looks like a human]: Myreeva 2009b: 175-176; Evens [having created a dog and a bear, Havki made them at odds ; gave one more reason, the other more strength; the bear asked H. for his thumb; then the dog asked for a gun; H. decided not to give it; otherwise the bear would tear all the animals and the dog would shoot] : Robbeck 2005:231.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nivhi [The owner gave the Bear claws and teeth; he is not afraid of anyone, but the Dog says that a man will be born soon; the man and the dog went hunting, wounded the bear, he ran away; the Bear asked The owner should make his hands, but he replied that he had finished working]: Kreinovich 1929:83.

SV Asia. Forest Yukaghirs (p. The ridiculous Verkhnekolymsky ulus of Yakutia) [the bear came to Christ, asked for a fifth finger; Christ said: "If I give you a fifth finger, the dog will walk with a gun"; decided to try it, gave it the dog has a gun; she lost it, since then she has been snooping through the forest looking for; Christ left the fifth finger to the bear]: Zhukova, Prokopyeva 1991, No. 1:146; Russian Ustye [the bear asked Christ for five fingers; that replied that in this case he would give the dog a bow and arrow; the bear declined his request]: Belova, Kabakova 2015, No. 131:104.