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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

B9. The water is in the tree.


The tree trunk contains a huge amount of water or the tree turns into water.

Hungwe, pygmies (mbuti?) , Zande, Maung (Goulburn Island), Dobu, Votjobaluk, Lake Kutubu, Gambadi, Viram, Vedau, Palau, Semangi, Dusun (Kadazan), Nenets, Penobscot, Bribri, Cabecar, Kuna, Eastern Panama (kuna?) , embera, bari, makiritare, wapishana, pemon, akawai, carinha Guiana, Makushi, Trio, Koreguahe, Siona, Sekoya, Maihuna, Napo, Waorani, Andoke, Uitoto, Bora, Barasana, Ufaina, Kabiyari, Yukuna, Makuna, Maku, letuama, yukuna, yagua, chikuna, chayahuita, paresi, calapalo, ayoreo, chamakoco, nivakle, chorote, maka, matako, toba.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Hungwe [to end the year-long drought, the chief's daughter, of marriageable age, must be sacrificed, but a virgin; none are found; then a girl is raised in retreat for two years; when it reaches maturity, it is strangled, buried under a tree at the top of an anthill; in three days, a tree grows from the grave to the sky, covers the moon and stars with its crown, its leaves turn into clouds, 30 It has been raining for days; since then, a virgin has been sacrificed during a drought]: Frobenius, Fox 1937:233-236.

Sudan-East Africa. Pygmies (mbuti?) [There was no water; the Chameleon heard a noise in the tree trunk; cut down a tree with an ax, water poured in from there, filled the reservoirs; a man and a woman came out with the water, and people came from them]: Parrinder 1967:45; zande [there is a tree next to the house, the owner always takes fish out of its hollow; Ture, a spider) treats; after eating, he went out, found a tree, took the fish, put it on his head, came home; the fish grew to his head, T. died; the fish owner revived him]: Arewa, Shrewe 1975, No. 36:253-254.

Australia. Maung [previously, the South and North Islands of Goulburn were separated only by a small bay; Mandulmandul fished with a net, gave it to male birds, the Raven always received only spoiled; for this he cut down a tree, the fall of which caused a seawater spill; each of the men became a bird of a certain species; taking off, he called his name; The raven, taking off, announced that he would eat any food; M. now - rock in the middle of the sea]: Berndt, Berndt 1964:338-339 (translated as Kudinov 1980); Watzhobaluk: Waterman 1987, No. 4520 (1) [the man lent six dogs to young hunters, and they ate one; the young walked hunt in the sky while climbing a tall pine tree; the dog owner drilled a hole in the trunk, put coal in it; the tree burned down, fell, the hunters remained in the sky, visible as a cluster of stars; the top of the tree - a dark spot on the Milky Way; pieces of tuff are the cones of that pine tree; the river valley and lake are the trail of a fallen tree], 4520 (2) [The thrush lived at the foot of a huge pine tree; dogs whistled, but it turned out that they came to dig People ate clay; Thrush placed hot coals under the roots of the pine tree; it fell, crushing those people; they turned into stones; where the pine roots were, a lake was formed; the thrush still whistles its dogs ]: 121-122; virrathuri [Koob-boor orphan (koala) was given almost no water; everyone left alone, he stayed in the camp, found water in the vessels, drank everything; filled them again from the stream so that it dried up; told a tree, climbed it by himself, the tree grew, became huge; when people came, they had nothing to drink; they began to climb the trunk, he poured water on them, they fell, crashed; finally two got to He was beaten, thrown down, trampled on, turned into a koala, climbed another tree; people cut down a large tree, water poured out of it, filled the streams]: Ryan 1964:265-266.

Melanesia. Viram [Sami and Gwavi cut down a large tree to make a boat; when it falls, a pond forms at the place where the branches fall; S. and G. do not know about it, they are thirsty; Diari, the dog S., returns with a wet face; S. hits D. (he is offended that the dog is drunk, but he is not); D. runs to the left bank of Fly in the village of Wimkungiu (enemies of the Viram); they return one by one from the hunt; D. rushes to the last one from the tree, bites off his head, brings home, buries, and the first coconut palm grows out of it; D. shows S. how to eat coconuts; when S. cuts down the hollow, G. sits with his knees spread; S.'s ax flies off G. between his legs, gets stuck there; S. gives G. coconut to eat, G. gets breasts, the ax disappears, G. turns into a woman; S. cannot turn the boat over alone, calls men for help; fallen coconuts turn into multitudes men, women and children; the boat is dragged to the river; D. sits in it, gives a voice, people howl back, the boat rises to the sky, S., G. and some others fly away on it; after them, those who remain on the ground throw clouds of dust and smoke; now the boat stretches across the sky from west to east, dog D. sits at its zenith; informants denied it was the Milky Way, the boat was invisible]: Williams 1969:386-389; vedau [husband old Kemiana goes to look for a missing dog, finds it by a tree; she eats flying fish that have fallen from the hollow of a tree; there is a sea inside the tree; K. is given fish to try; she sleeps for a long time in the morning; when she wakes up, she praises great food; people decide to cut down a tree to get fish; Aurana people cut down and Lavarata people cook; when A. sit down to eat, L. knocks down a tree with a few blows; the sea flows out of it , which did not exist before; the tree fell on A., they turned into sea spirits; at night they can be seen as glitter in the water; they drag the fishermen away; at first the water was the color of blood; L.'s people poured water on the chips Ebony, poured into the sea, it turned black; they cut down another tree, poured water, the sea turned blue and salty; all the fish were carried away into the sea, but the flying fish hid in the swamp; the women caught them secretly gave up working in the gardens; the old man sent these fish to sea, sprinkling their heads on their heads; it is still visible now]: Ker 1910:25-29; oz. Kutubu [only women lived in the valley; there was no water, but the dog always ran away to drink after hunting; they tied a rope to her, watched her hide in a hole under a large ficus; in two seconds For half a day, the women cut down the tree with axes; water poured out of the hole, forming a lake. Kutubu; var.: water appeared where the trunk and branches fell; islands, the gaps between branches; women either jumped into the water to become frogs, or ran to the slopes, became tirifa palm trees]: Williams 1940:127-128; gumbadi [Gwam and his younger brother Muri heard a pulsating noise from a tree trunk; they began to shoot arrows into the barrel; finally, G.'s arrows pierce a hole, and water flows from there, forms the sea; G. escapes, fleeing north, M. disappears]: Williams 1969:306; Dobu [people ate yams; there was fish inside the mango tree; they gave the old woman a try, she liked it; they began to cut, went to bed, the felling was overgrown during the night; the next evening the woman took one sliver home and the place was not overgrown; then the chips began to be burned, the trunk was cut in a few days; before the tree fell ugly women were placed from the sea, beautiful women were placed on the land side; the tree fell, the women were thrown up, the beautiful ones were on the Trobrians, and the ugly ones on the main island of New Guinea; the stump poured out of the stump water filled the sea; the woman took off her skirt, put the sink between her legs, covered the stump with this sink, the water sent it to pour; her brothers Tobwaliton and Tobebeso (they cut it down) became a shark and kokoko fish ( also predatory), made the sea salty; the fallen tree is somewhere under the ocean]: Fortune 1932:263-266.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Palau [a woman found an egg on a breadtree; it was the birth of a sunny boy; he wonders why his mother only feeds him tarot; he swam, dived under the island where he grew up his mother's breadtree; he drilled the trunk and branch, the waves began to throw fish inside; the fish came and fell through the trunk and branch at the mother's house; envious neighbors began to cut down the tree; water poured out, flooded the island, only that woman and son escaped on the raft; the son flew to heaven, returned to his mother; married a girl from another island, the ancestor of one of the lines]: Krämer 1929:61 in Wassen 1940: 70 (=Wassen 1933:128-129).

Malaysia-Indonesia. Semangi (Batek Nóng) [was a huge mahang tree (softwood: Macaranga spp., Mallotus spp.); it took three years to get around its trunk; the Malays were unable to cut it down; turned to the Batek hala (spirits) Sang Kelmai, who cut down in a year; the Pahang River flowed from the stump]: Endicott 1979:47; dusun (kadazan) [the rock split near Mount Kinabalu, a boy came out Nanangkis and the girl Babalayong; N. heard a voice in a dream; he ordered to go around the rock, there was a nut; N. planted it, a giant tree with leaves on the top of his head grew, blocking the sun; N. tried to cut it down, but the axe was not good; the same voice ordered to kill the huge Mondou bird, which had made its nest on this tree; the voice ordered to go behind the rock again, there was a sarbakan; N. shot the bird from it, tied it tightly with its tendons the ax to the handle and, on the third blow, knocked down the tree; when it fell, it became a river with tributaries; the tree fell on the evil spirit and he demanded sacrifices (the origin of sacrifice rituals); N. and B. married and have many children; one of the sons is Kimbalu, his seventh son Pinson was born with an egg in his hands, and a rooster with a copper beak and golden legs came out of it; the rooster led P. and his men to the shore seas]: Villard 2013:16-20.

Western Siberia. The Nenets [on the south side was the sacred place of Nadia; there was a sacred birch tree with seven branches; people went there for sacrifices; one day the birch roots were rotten, and when everyone seven roots rotted, the birch tree fell; blood flowed at the bottom of the trunk; but it was not real blood, but fire, and after the fire, its sacred water began to pour, which swallowed up all the rivers; people made a raft and they took one of all the animals at him; the great sorcerers stood on the ridge of the holy cape, and as the water rose higher, they shouted seven times, after which the water fell one inch; after summer and winter The water has withered; people are waiting for a new flood]: Lehtisalo 1998:10 (retelling in Barmich 2014:619).

Northeast USA. Penobscot [the bull frog swallows all the water; Gluskabe breaks her spine with an ax, knocks a birch tree on it, killing it; the Penobscot River pours out of the monster, the birch branches turn into its tributaries; thirsty people throw themselves into the water, turn into fish, turtles, frogs; only a few remain human]: Speck 1935b, No. 7:42-43.

Honduras-Panama. Bribry: Bozzoli 1976 [a woman's hair is always wet and salty; Sibu kisses them, blessing the future of the sea; the shaman gives her his rod, tells her not to let go of it; she violates the ban The rod turns into a snake, it bites a woman, she dies, is buried; a huge tree grows on the grave; S. is afraid that it will break the roof of his house (=peace); tells him to cut it down; people work all day, but the next morning, the felling overgrows; their axes break; S. comes to Okoma, sitting down on the bench every time breaks it, pushes the new one closer; finally asks and receives an ax; people cut down a tree; S. tells Martin Pez and the cormorant to tie the top of their head to the roots; tells the cannibal to be ready to grab the fruits that will fall; the tree presses the cannibal; turns into water; as it described the circle ( the top of the head is tied to the roots), the sea surrounds the land; the tree has fallen to the north, where the most islands are; the open sea is where the trunk was]: 420-421; 1982:155; Bozzoli, Cubero Venegas 1987:20; 1989, No. 5:33; Bozzoli, Murillo Chaverri 1984, No. 2, 25:7-8, 29; Francisco Figueroa in Gonzáles Chaves, González Vásquez 1989 [as in Bozzoli 1976; less details; the woman was pregnant]: 109; Stone 1962:56; cabecar: Stone 1962:53-54 [Sibu made the sky; saw a bat on the rock, piles of land under it, its bowel movements; told her to eat more fruit; sent a Sea-woman to Thunder to ask him destroy the rock so that people can get the land; Thunder wants to eat S.'s people, but still gave the Sea woman its rod; she left her rod, came back, saw a snake in this place, it bit her, she died, became to swell; S. put a frog on it to stop the swelling, but the frog rushed to catch insects; The sea swelled to the sky, S. turned it into a tree; it continued to grow, pierced the sky; Okama agrees cut down a tree; S. sends a deer to trample the clearing where the tree will fall (since then the deer has been running fast); sent a kingfisher and a cormorant to describe a circle above the tree; the tree falls, turns into a sea; nests the parrots on the tree became turtles, the leaves became crabs; the thunder destroyed the rock, took the devil's son out of there, spread it out, made him a round earth; told the devil to move the earth; made people out of corn grains; allowed bats to drink human and animal blood], 56-57; Eastern Panama (kuna?) [God created animals, birds, and plants; created a turbulent river into which all the rivers in the world flow; on its banks he grew a tree whose branches began to prevent the sun from moving; ordered two squirrels, a large and small, to knock down a tree; a large sliver that flew off injured the spine, since then it has been humpback; the small one has fallen; when the tree fell, the tree blocked the river, formed a sea; the leaves of the tree turned into fish, pieces of bark in crocodiles, turtles and iguanas; to prevent the tree from sprouting again, told monkeys, eagles (gavilánes) and ants to eat them]: Adrian de Santo Tomás in Wassen 1933:122-123; kuna [tree: sea]: Chapin 1989:64-70; Keeler 1956:134-136; 1961:30; Nordenskiöld 1938 [woman carrying fish, singing about Palu-huala (saltwood); Ibelele Olovaipilele (Sun) spends the night in the surba (a special section in a house where girls' initiations are celebrated), finds out where this tree is located; all cultivated plants, fresh and salt water, fish, game are on it and in it; Wild pigs (Dicotyles torquatus, D. labiatus) and Coati (Nasua sociales) are I.'s nephews; he tells them to cut down a tree; in the morning the trunk is intact; Jaguars, Snakes, the leader of the Frogs licked the felling at night; I. sends his brother Equaquinialilele (Venus) to guard the tree; he kills the Jaguar, the Snake, the Frog; people cut down the tree; the chips fall into the pond, turn into inedible fish; the peak is entangled in bunches of clouds; I.'s servants reached only half of the trunk; Little Squirrel climbed to the clouds, cut off the bundles; I. caught salt water in the net that formed the sea; people received fish, tree seeds, bananas, cassava and other cultivated plants]: 175-178; Eastern Panama (kuna?) []: Adrian de Santo Tomas at Casimir de Brizuela 1972:60-61; in Reichel-Dolmatoff 1945:22

The Northern Andes. Embera [if not otherwise: sea from tree trunk, rivers from branches]: Arango Bueno 1963:185; Isaccson 1993:53; Rochereau 1929:87-88; Pinto García 1978:160; Torres de Arauz 1963 (katio) [ a woman keeps all the water in a cave; Caragabí cut the woman in half, turning her into a narrow-waisted black ant; the ant hid the water in the hollow trunk of the Genené tree (sacred to Katio); K. and his people began to cut down the tree, the felling first overgrown; when they cut down, the trunk remained hanging on the vines; the squirrel gnawed through the vine, the tree fell, the water flooded the ground; K. and his people escaped on the rock; K. sent Heron, Duck, Raven - they did not return, they were fishing; K. created the Dove, he returned when he found land; the trunk formed the sea, the branches formed rivers, the buds - streams and swamps; the Genené trunk and the Monpahuará rock where- that is, even now, surrounded by four lights; someday the mountain opens, the river of fire will flood the earth; then K. and his descendants will live on earth forever]: 25-26; Peñaherrera de Costales, Costales Samaniego 1968 [God gives water to a woman, she becomes an ant, keeps water inside a huge tree; God sends the Woodpecker to cut it down; the next morning the Woodpecker finds the trunk intact; God tells him not to work ceasing until the tree falls; small branches turn into streams, big ones into rivers, trunk into the sea]: 85-86 Wassen 1933, No. 3 [the ant Conga had all the water; he refused to give water to God; he forced him to open your mouth with your waist, which had become narrow; the water was in the tree; God gathered everyone to cut it; in the evening, when others rested, the Toad asked the ax to work, but with every blow, the felling did not deepened and overgrown; God saw that he stepped on the Toad, which became a toad; four days later, the trunk was cut, the tree remained hanging on the vine; all the bird people tried to cut it, the toucan, the parrot and others they could not; the guacamayo cut, the tree fell, the trunk became the sea, the branches became rivers; God told the Devil to throw salt into the sea, he threw it, but the water was still fresh; God threw it himself, became salty]: 109; Zuluaga Gomez 1991 (chami) [from a cave in a rock]: 103-104; bari [the first ancestors find a huge seiba, hear a noise from within; Sabaseba says he leads them to cut down a tree; water has poured out of the trunk; when the tree fell, the trunk and roots turned into lakes, large branches into rivers, small branches into ravines, chips into fish and caimans]: Villamañan 1975:5-6.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritare [there were no birds, Wanadi turned sticks into birds {i.e. bird people, first ancestors}; Semenia's bird chief taught how to cultivate the land; Jaguar and Tapir did not work together with others, they collected the fallen fruits hid them; S. sent them to bring water in baskets; the rest, under S.'s leadership, began to cut down the Marahuaca tree with all the cultivated plants on the branches; Tucan's ax broke (so it is now crooked beak), Woodpeckers continue to cut; go on vacation, felling overgrows in the morning; they cut down alternating without interruption; the trunk is cut, but the tree hangs entangled in the sky (top of the head the tree faces the ground); this is reported by the Squirrel climbing up; S. gives him an ax, the Squirrel cuts off the heavenly roots, M. fell, heavenly waters poured into the ground from the chopped roots, rain, forming rivers; The land has turned green with vegetation; the trunk fragments have turned into mountains; everyone is happy]: Civrieux 1960:132-139.

Guiana. Wapishana: Farabee 1918 [Tuminikar (tum = create, make) creates people; Dweed brings them food every day; people look after animals, find a tree with everyone cultivated plants on the branches; they no longer need D.'s services; T. cuts down a tree, his stump is the Avayapiapu Rock (=seiba); some plants have not learned to grow, they are gone; the water from the trunk floods ground; people make a boat out of the upper jaw of a musk duck; sail to Cerriri; throw stones north to see if the water is deep; they have formed a hill; ducks wear their beak around their necks like an amulet]: 112-113; Ogilvie 1940 [Tuminikar (from Arav. tum - "create") and Duid are brothers; every day D. brings people edible crops; two girls watch Agouti, find a tree with all the cultivated plants on branches and roots; now people do not need D.'s services; T. tells to cut down a tree; stump - Roraima; water from a trunk floods the world; man turns a pendant from a musk duck's beak into an ark; takes it with him plants; sticks to the mountain; people throw rocks into the water to see if the water has come down; after the flood, a lot of bananas grow on this mountain]: 66-67; Wirth 1950 [Tuminicare plants a Huizhan tree; on the branches all his cultivated plants; a young girl finds W., picks the fruit, tells her four brothers; when they arrive, the tree is already very tall; they cut it down to get the fruit; fresh in the trunk water and fish; they close the stump with a cork; the younger brother wants more fish, takes out the cork; water floods the ground; after the flood, T. creates new people and animals; Mount Roraima is called the Mother of Fresh Water ]: 173-174; arekuna [Akuli (aguchi) eats the good fruits of the pupu tree; Makunaima and his brothers are bad from the kaui-yeg tree; M. sends Kali (squirrel) to trace for A.; K. and brothers find a navel, then other forest fruits; A. finds a Vasak tree; all cultivated plants hang on its branches; M. discovers corn between the teeth of sleeping A. a grain, sends K. to find out what is going on; he first eats V.'s fruits himself, then tells his brothers; the older brothers object, but M. insists that V. must be cut down; vines are held on top of him; M. sends K. cut them; he is bitten by wasps, since then his eyelids have swollen; M. cuts V., telling the wood to be soft; Jige's elder brother tells him to be firm; the tree falls, the stump falls, the stump to Roraima; water pours out of the stump with fish; J. covers the stump with a basket; M. wants more fish, takes off the basket, the flood floods the ground; M. and J. climb two palm trees; J. gives M. the fruit with his own; M. puts it on his penis, returns J. ate; A. hides in a hollow, where he had previously transferred all the fruits; making a fire there, he scorched his ass]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 1:33-35; taulipan [at the foot of Roraima five brothers: Makunaíma, Ma'nape, Anžikilan, Wakalámbe, Aníke; Agouti finds a Wadhaká tree; bananas, corn, papaya, etc. ripen on its branches; he eats them alone; Makunaima invites him to sleep, finds them at his place pieces of bananas on his teeth; sends Kali squirrel, then Manapi's older brother to follow Aguchi; Aguchi shows Manabi a tree with wild fruits, K. is a real Vadhaka tree; K. climbs a tree, bitten by wasps, since then his eyelids have swollen; finally, Aguchi and K. show the Manapi tree, who brings bananas to his brother; Agouti tells not to cut down the tree, water will flow from there; Manapi cuts, tells the wood to be soft; Aguchi heals the felling with banana peel and wax; Makunaima's other brother tells the wood to be hard; but Manapi knocks down the tree; the water pours out, the fish with it; the big and good fish is on north side, but only a small one here]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 2:36-38; akawai: Brett 1868 [Maconaima creates a tree with all the cultivated plants on the branches; Agusti finds tree, eating alone; son M. The whitefish sends the Woodpecker to follow Aguti, who pretends to be a knock; the Rat finds a tree, S. tells him to knock him down; the lazy Monkey interferes with work, S. sends her to carry water in the basket; the stump pours water, fish in it; S. tells you to climb the kokorite palm tree; those who could not close themselves in the cave; a long night falls; S. throws kokorite seeds; when he hears that they no longer fall into the water, people go down; turn into animals; Cayman is left without a tongue for lying; the Trumpeter Bird has its ants, now they are skinny]: 377-383; 1880:127-129; Im Thurn 1966 [Agouti finds a tree with cassava, bananas, and others cultivated plants on branches; people cut down a tree; a stump turns into stone; water gushes from it, someone has covered it with a basket; a curious Monkey lifted it up, the flood flooded the ground; the first ancestors climb a coconut palm tree; the Howler Monkey roars, his throat remains swollen; a man throws seeds down to see if the water is deep; the first ancestors descend; the Trumpeter Bird's ants have eaten its legs, now they are skinny; a man makes fire by friction; a Penelope marail turkey swallows a spark, wakes, his throat stays red; people think Cayman has swallowed fire, pulls out his tongue]: 379-380; carinha ( Guyana) [Tamoshi creates a tree with corn and other cultivated plants on the branches; Tapir finds it, eats it alone; people are watching him; Woodpecker failed, the Rat managed to find the tree; the oracle tells cut it down; people cut down for ten months, find plants; a flood begins; people climb a coquerite palm tree; a woman can hardly climb to half, turns into a stone that follows her too; several people climb a komoo palm tree, escape]: Brett 1880:108-109; Makushi [Entsekerang's older brother, younger - Anike; turn the first bad people into stones; notice the remnants various fruits on Aguti's teeth; sent Squirrel to trace; she finds a tree with all the cultivated plants on the branches; the brothers cut it down; A. tells the trunk to be firm on the side where E. cuts; the tree falls, the brothers collect fruits on a mat; the water from the trunk floods the world, A. tells the sun to go out; the brothers climb two Maurutia flexuosa palm trees, throw seeds into the water; new land emerges from them; A. tells the sun should shine again]: Farabee 1924:83-85; trio [in the center of the second heaven where Rain lives is the kanopo rain tree, tall as a ceiba; when it blooms, they fly in and sit on branches royal vulture, red guacamayo and amazon parrot; their movements make the flowers crumble, Ylawale (Orion) opens the sky, for us these flowers are rain]: Magaña 1987:176

Western Amazon. Koreguahe [there was no water, people squeezed it out of the vines; the man saw the battleship chew through the root, water poured from there; this man used water alone; others watched and found the tree from which this root was; the Parrot axes were dull; Parrots of another species are finishing their work; falling chips turn into water; the sky was low, the top of the tree was entangled in it; the squirrel rose, She cut off the branch, now it's raining from this branch; the tree turned into the sea, the branches into rivers; the water kept rising, it was necessary to cross the sea by log; the menstruating woman should have been the last to go, but it went in the middle; when it stepped on a log, it sank into the water with those who did not have time to reach the opposite bank; so there were few Indians; at the core of that tree was an anaconda]: Jimenez 1989, No. 16:33- 35; Zion: Chaves 1958:138 [Only the Turtle owns water; knocks on the trunk, the water is pouring, the Turtle is swimming; people ask for water, the Turtle invites them to cut down a tree; Woodpeckers, then the Big Squirrels break their axes; Little Squirrels cut down the trunk; tree branches are entangled in clouds; Little Squirrel climbs up, cuts off branches, stays in the sky; the tree falls; the trunk turns into the sea, branches into rivers, leaves in lakes; rivers also form in the sky], 139 [people do not give food to the turtle woman; she hides water; a stingy man hides fire, corn, peach palm; people find a tree with a top to the sky; Parrots, Woodpeckers cut it with axes for a long time; the branches are entangled in the clouds (the episode with the Squirrel as in p.138); The turtle steals seeds of cultivated plants from a stingy man, gives people], 145 [bamboo: river]; sekoya [tree: rivers ]: Cipolletti 1988, No. 2, note 3:31; Vickers 1989:158; mayhuna [toucans cut down a tree containing water; a squirrel rises to the top and cuts down there {obviously the tree is tied to the sky by vines}; the tree falls, its trunk turns into Napo and Amazon, branches into tributaries]: Bellier 1991b, No. 4C: 195-196; Napo [Apustulu alone uses a tree with fish in its trunk; a wasp boy helps him catch fish; the Jaguar and others pull the Wasp's belt with a rope; he reports a tree; they can't catch fish, they cut down the trunk; the felling overgrows as soon as they don't look at it; they work without interruption, burn chips; the tree still does not fall; the bird sees that it is tied to the sky by a vine; the squirrel climbs up, cuts off the vine; the tree falls, turns into rivers, leaves into fish; A. in anger throws his fan from feathers and a belt; they turn into a poisonous stingray, an eel; turns the remaining chips into fish and aquatic animals; makes rapids so that the fish do not go up the river; turns the squirrel into stone as punishment]: Mercier 1979:69-80; waorani [tree: rivers, flood]: Rival 1996:115

NW Amazon. Carijona [woman takes Jaguar as a lover, lets him kill her husband; when she is two years old, her son Months asks his mother how his father died; Missing in the woods; boy wanders through the woods, Forest says he did not kill his father; Fell off a tree; boy jumped off a tree, fell slowly; Earth; Didn't kill; - Drowned fishing; boy swims in a hollow over rapids, Water: She did not kill; the boy took a hummingbird egg, from which his younger brother Tukučimobi ("hummingbird egg first") was born; he is the Sun, smarter than the Month on the third day; The Month brings a lot of meat, but the mother gives everything to Jaguar; brothers kill birds to tell them about their father's death; the woodpecker who hammered the tree in which the Jaguar and the Night Monkey lived told; brothers revive dead birds; spy on how a mother dressed as a girl brings food, calls Jaguar, knocking a vine on wood, copulates; when she leaves, the brothers call Jaguar with the same signal, kill him with poisoned arrows; T. made his fangs necklace, wears it for war; when the Month wears the necklace, the hunters have a lot of prey; the mother takes a palm larva as lovers, the brothers burn the palm tree, the larva dies; the mother causes T.'s eye disease (then but after the murder of Jaguar); the forest chicken screams about it; T. tells all the birds to voice, finds a chicken by voice, brings it to its mother to fry; she witches to pour out of the bone broken while eating water, flooded the earth with a flood; T. uses a magical calebass to stop the flood; see motive J4]: Schindler 1979, No. 1:21-33; yukuna: Folclor 1974 [Lajmuchí built a house with his people; Master Listyev gave a bag of leaves to cover the roof, people opened it on the way, now the leaves are in the forest; it takes night, otherwise people eat all the time; the Master of the Night gave a package, one person opened it on the way, night fell, people fell asleep; the Master of the Night turned into a bat, ate his sleeping eyes; one put bags in his eyes in advance, the Master took them away, not his eyes; L. and his nephews came to the mistress of the Yameru water; she gave a little- a little bit, it's water from the leaves; she also has wild pigs in her pen; one man opened the pen, the pigs ran through the forest; L. watched Hameru swim and eat fish; the water in the tree trunk, they became his cut down, my aunt overgrows the felling overnight; {apparently they cut down a tree and extracted water, there is no last page of text}]: 304-314; Jacopin 1981 [see motifs K1, M30, I14; (Father Cavarivi is not mentioned the story begins with a conflict between brothers K. and younger Maotchi); Wolves (Martens?) Kawarimi's wife was stolen, Mother Komarov was left in return; K. killed her, mosquitoes flew out of her; K. took his wife, hid with her in a tree, took the fire from the Wolves, threw a stone, they became wolves; K. returns to mother; her husband is a Jaguar, they have a daughter; she rushed to K., but did not eat it; K. kills her (it does not say how), turns her into a paka, told her mother to cook for Jaguar; he eats, understands, K. climbs a tree, creates termite mound around the trunk, kills Jaguar; tells the mother that he brought her eggs with a toad, tells her to open her mouth wider, throws hot eggs (possibly hevea latex), her mother dies; K. kills a toucan, tells her cousin Hipu look into the hollow, the toucan pecked out his eye; they began to fish, the fish swallowed H., K. frees him; Crax ruba laughs at X., who has a swam eye; K. takes turns asking the birds how they sing finds a mocker; he warns not to eat his left half; H. eats, threw a bone, water poured out of it, a flood; the water came down; K. killed the Nothocrax urumutum mutum), he fell into the water, H. climbed to get it, swallowed by an anaconda; H. cut through her belly with a comb with piranha teeth, went out; so three times; K. and H. invented fire, began to live in the river; (episode with the flood p. 158-160)]: 148-162; ufaina: Hildebrand 1975 No. IV [four Imarikakana brothers came to her aunt (any older woman); in the morning she gave some water to wash, told her to take care of her, said she was collecting dew from the leaves; she went to her own until dawn four ponds, swam, caught fish, cooked and ate it, gave her brothers only manioc soup; Imarika Kayafiki found fish bone in the ash; followed her aunt, becoming chimbe, she guessed it; in the morning the brothers took the axes, went the other way, returned to the ponds; my aunt told me to lay the log before breaking the pond, then a river would form; but the river did not form; that pond had all the fish, but there were no stingrays and an anaconda; IF wanted to lower another pond, but noticed that there were only harmful creatures; the same in the third; in the latter, both creatures and fish; cut down a tree, it was also a snake; a river formed, it winding like snake], IX [four Imarikakan brothers come to the Sun; a huge tree remains uncut down on his site, he asks him to cut down; brothers cut down half, go to rest; at night, the daughter of the Sun puts chips back; the next day, Imarika Kayafiki throws them into the water, they turn into fish; the daughter of the Sun ties a tree to the sky with vines; IR turns into a squirrel, climbs up, cuts off vines; a tree falls west, breaks the Sun's daughter's spine, turns into the Apaporis River], XXV [tree: sea]: 337-339, 343-345, 357-358; barasana [tree: rivers]: S.Hugh-Jones 1979, No. 2D: 269; macuna: Århem et al. 2004:244 [this tree was used to form the underground river of death], 454 [the water was owned by Rômikmu (a female shaman), the water was inside the tree; the four Ayawa brothers decided cut it down; at night R. put chips back to the trunk, the tree remained intact; then they began to cut down day and night; the water that spilled out of the core of the trunk formed rivers; fish came out of the same tree; R. tied the top of the tree to the sky; two of A. turned into squirrels, cut off the vine; the tree fell, one managed to descend, the other remained in the sky]; kabiyari: Bourgue 1976 [Yakamukute (Sky) did not have anus; (his umbilical cord connected to the navel, the Banesteriopsis caapi vine; the Hehechu Jaguar was her process; this is only in the paraphrase Bonnemère 2001:40); Hehech is associated with the earth; I. came to dance with H.'s children, killed them; one escaped, became a bird; I threw the other into boiling water like a worm; H. collected pieces of his body, joined them with cotton wool, he turned into a monkey (mico); I pretended to be nothing knows; invited Y. to dance; blew the winds loudly; I asked him to make an anus; H. pierced his anus, he died; his body exploded, becoming sky, i.e. the sky separated from the ground; the remains of H. turn into a hill, blood became clay; from the other remains, the sons of Y., the four cultural heroes of Munully; they measure the land to determine where its center is; they build the first maloka, cutting down the only tree Teviji, there are no others yet; the roof is flat, after the first rain it falls; M. takes the night from the Karu toad; at first they do not give them a fee, K. hands them a vessel with wounds; demands gold; having received the night, M. carelessly open vessel, darkness comes; M. create nocturnal animals screaming at a certain time; when dawn comes, the sun rises; M. receive a vessel of earth from the Mapitare worm, inadvertently open, the land is dispersed; the water in Pira-Parana is hot, fish cannot be eaten, it is sick, and there are no other rivers yet; M. come to a tree with water and fish, owned by Kamanatana, the wife of the Mapitare worm; brothers eat ants and Kamanatana feeds them tapioca; the youngest is M. (his name is Mamitiri) spies, sees that this tapioca is Mapitare sperm; Mamitiri, in the form of a hummingbird, finds a tree owned by Kamanatana; M. opens a hole in which she kept animals and animals spread through the forest; M. dazzle Kamanatana, send them down the river to the rapids; they cut down trees that turn into different rivers; when a tree owned by Kamanatana is cut down, it does not fall, it is suspended for the vines; they send the white Maniritare squirrel to cut them down; the fallen tree turns into Apaporis, the vine turns into the Cananarí River; the sky at sunset is colored with squirrel's blood; the brothers tell the snake to make a channel rivers winding; brothers turn into parrots, fly to Thunder, replace its lightning with a parrot's tail, carry it away, distribute it to all communities]: 121-131 [summary with comments and interpretations], 138-143 [ accurate summary]; Correa 1989 [all the water and fish were in the hollow of the Itshuna tree, owned by old Kamatana; bathed and fished, then plugged the hole; the youngest of the Mujnuyi brothers (he is a shaman) became hummingbird, spied; the brothers did not have manioc flour, and K. took it out of her husband Mapitare's body (he is a white worm) during copulation (this is his sperm; var.: he copulated with a clay pot, K. took sperm from there); the brothers refused to eat it; burned coca leaves over the worm's mink, he died; they met the howler monkey; he told them to paint black, come to the Jejechu jaguar maloka, where the holiday is; daughter J. hid one of Muhnuya in her mouth; the brothers began to cut down old K.'s tree, but the felling overgrown; they began to carry the chips away; Squirrel cut down from above, and the chips flying from him - drizzling rain; chips fell on Muhnuya's head, since then people have had a headache; the tree fell along with the Kumaka vine, which formed the river; from the branches - channels, lakes; the root - the mouth of the Apaporis River; an ant woman (is she K.?) locked her brothers in an anthill; they turned into mosquitoes, five days later, when the exit was open, they flew away; they came to Thunder while he was sleeping, replaced his lightning with feathers from the parrot's tail (they became parrots, Thunder's daughter let them in); they came back to K., asked them to cook fish; while K. was collecting fuel, one of Muhnuya stole coal; on a Cayman boat he sailed across the river, Cayman went under water, took the fire; Muhnuyi turned into a frog, luring Cayman ashore; his brothers cut his belly, the Wasp finds fire inside; masks have been made from his vertebrae and intestines - they're like fire]: 43-50; yukuna: Hammen 1992: 87-88 [option on p. 245; Karipulakena (four orphan brothers) lived with their aunt Amerú; there was no water, A. gave them little by little; the younger Lamuchí watched A. pull water and fish out of the trunk wood; when asked A. where the water came from, she replied that she was collecting dew at night; K. decided to cut down the tree; A. ordered a balsa platform to be placed so that the tree would not fall into the lower world; but it broke through the platform, turning into a huge river in the lower world with clear water and fish; A. brought cultivated plants from the lower world; K. realized that A. had deceived them; found other trees; water in one, but without fish; in the other only snakes; in the third, all species of fish; K. made a platform out of solid wood; the wei river flowed from the fallen tree; the underground and heavenly rivers form the same system along which the Sun floats in the boat], 89 [Karipulakena's four orphans lived with their grandfather Jeechú; he is trying to destroy them; tells them to swim to become strong; tells them to cut down the vegetation on the site, ignoring that there is a huge tree; his Mananiyo's daughter laughs at K. - they won't be able to knock down a tree; K.: when we cut down, you'll wet yourself out of fear; at night M. puts chips back and the felling overgrows; when Lamuchí finds out what's going on, he threw the chips into the water, they became piranhas; then J. tied the tree to the sky with vines; L. became a little squirrel, got up, cut the vines; the tree leaned east, then west, and fell, turning into the Apaporis River; J. pegajosos grew in fear and a tree with sticky (pegajosos) leaves grew on this site]; poppy [the earth burned down; Idu Kamni (IK) mixed some earth with his saliva, created new ones the inhabitants of the world; it was not at night, the sun was moving across the sky from side to side; IK went with his brother to the chief of the crickets; everyone was sleeping there; the chief gave a box, told him not to open it along the way; the elder brother opened from there crickets, it became dark; the elder brother climbed the tree to wait for dawn; in the place where the youngest was sitting, he sees a nest of termites; the elder goes down, dawns, both return home, arrange holiday; moving the box around the house, they regulate the day; then day and night follow each other; IK's mother ordered to cut down a huge Ye tree (mimeosacea, up to 50 m high, bitter pods); cut down for two years; when they cut down, the flood began; the IR people escaped in the boat, it rose to the sky, their heads rested against it; the water slept, rivers remained; their channels were where Ye fell, the branches were tributaries; the IR put leaves and branches in heaps, rapids have arisen]: Silverwood-Cope 1972, No. 1:212-217; andoque [The month has a love affair with his Sun Brother's wife; he creates two parrots, asks the Month to get them off the tree; throws them away pole; The month falls into the hollow, the hole overgrows; woodpeckers push something new; from the hummingbird excrement, two vines appear, outside the tree and in the hollow; the Month rises and descends on them; makes itself the wife is made of wood; the woodpecker presses her mouth and vagina; there is a red fruit in the vulva, the Woodpecker smeared his head with juice; the chips turned into eagles; into stones; into fish; in the tree from which the Month got out were imprisoned water and fish; The month closed the hole to prevent water from spilling onto the ground; the Sun and the Month quarreled over the fish, the fish twitched, the hole opened, the water flooded the earth with a flood; The sun blew east, Month went to look for him in heaven]: Landaburu, Pineda 1981:66-71 (=1984:45-52); uitoto: Girard 1958 [Bunaima (the great anaconda) met Amena-cogoena or Monayyalque (identified with Nafuey - moon, the first woman), she gave birth to a boy; on the fourth day he turned into a tree with sweet and bitter cassava, corn, peanuts and other cultivated plants on its branches; the mother collected these fruits, other people they spruce the ground; people found a tree, cut down; water poured out of the trunk, forming rivers; the branches formed edible plants, mainly cassava; var.: Bunaima -The owner of the Forest, Thunder, cuts down himself with an ax tree to give people fruit and water]: 74-76; San Roman 1986 [tree: rivers]: 116; Preuss 1921, No. 2 [tree: rivers]: 205; bora [{in Guyot's comments to the "tree of anger" only mentions, but it is clear that the plot is similar to that recorded by neighbors Okain and Andoque}; the axis of settlement of boron falls from Z to V. along the Cahuinari River, which flows into Caquetá; in the myth, the "tree of anger" falls in this direction; its roots are in the Kahuinari estuary, the tip is where the savanna formed on the site of trees eaten by a rolling head (see motif L5); the branches of the tree have become branches that lead deep into the forest where they are located Maloki (community dwellings) bora; the "tree of anger" and the "anaconda of creation" are associated with dance sticks that beat the rhythm; at the beginning of the creation era, animals knocked down the tree of anger]: Guyot 1972: 156-157, 168; yagua [the water was owned by old Krora, it was inside the lupuna tree, he gave the twins drop by drop; the youngest, who arose from the elder's placenta, turned into a hummingbird, swam; brothers they began to cut down the tree; by morning the felling was overgrown; when they cut it down, the tree continued to hang, it was held from above by a vine, held by the old man himself; the younger brother turned into a scorpion, bit the old man in the leg, the tree bent; then in a big scorpion, bit harder, the tree fell to become Amazon and tributaries]: Chaumeil 1983:155; Chaumeil, Chaumeil 1978, No. 2:169-170; Payne 1992:207-208; Powlison 1972a [ the twin grandfather owns the water hidden in the tree trunk; the brothers call all birds and rodents to knock down the tree; felling overgrows at night; the youngest watches the grandfather, finds out the secret; they cut down the tree; it turns into the Amazon, rivers into tributaries, chips and leaves into fish, worms into Europeans, blacks and non-Yagua Indians]: 76.

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita: García Tomas 1994:149 [Kumpanama rolls the cedar with the top of its head upstream; the other is about to fall downstream to allow rivers to flow in both directions; Jaguar asks for he knock down a tree, it falls back up; small branches turn into rivers, large ones into large rivers; Jaguara K. makes a jaguar], 332-335 [Birds and Monkeys cut down a huge tree; K. they are going to knock him downstream with the top of his head; K. replies that Jesus ordered him to be knocked upstream; from time to time K. goes swimming, and various creatures wear one or the other of him jewelry or garments; K. turns them into animals according to the color and shape of the items worn; the tree falls, the trunk turns into the Amazon, branches into smaller rivers].

Southern Amazon. Kalapalo [Taugi (smart from a pair of Taugi and Aulukuma satellites) placed water and fish in the trunk of a Dawu tree; the man started shooting fish with a bow, the trunk split, and water monsters ate the shooter; a lake was formed]: Basso 1987:154-155; paresi [brothers cut down the ancestors of trees; felling overgrows itself; then the tree turns into a river]: Pereira 1986, No. 2:91.

Chaco. Ayoreo [people find a tree with water and fish in the trunk; women take fish from the hole as needed; the worse ones are given to Lisa-Dibe; D. pretends to have a thorn in her leg, comes back, opens the hole, the water pours out, forming a river with fish; fearing punishment, D. turns into a fox; Iguana married her, but then kicked her out; she grabbed him, but only skin remained in her teeth; therefore iguanas shed every year; D. grabbed the Chougoupedate fishing bird by the legs, began to pluck; it escaped, flew; D. attached her feathers to her, flew up, then fell; people wanted to kill her, but she already gave birth to children because she slept with several people; therefore, now animals give birth to many young at once, and women give birth to one child; D.'s children were fed honey, and the children of the deceased mother are still being fed]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989b, No. 309:370-371; Chamacoco: Escobar 2006 [young man is a club throwing champion; competing with an opponent, he throws it so far that he can't find it; finds it pierced into a bottle tree with water and fish inside; leads to a tree of fellow tribesmen, teaches how to fish carefully with a net; a greedy woman secretly pulls out a plug, water gushes out of the hole, floods the village; the shaman sends the Crow to find out the reason, she comes back, says that the woman has turned into a fox, is sitting in a tree; the fox says she will tell you where the plug is if they leave her in alive, they will help her descend from the tree; she is lowered, she points in the wrong direction, runs away into the forest; the crow finds a club on the same tree; the owner plugs a hole with it; the water falls down, people find, kill the fox, then they see it alive again]: 246-248; Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 47-50 [tree: flood, river, sea], 80 [fruit: lake]: 158-173, 288; nivacle [tree: flood, river]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987b, No. 32:95-96; Chorote: Wilbert, Simoneau 1985, No. 42 [Kíxwet fertilizes his clenched palm, a boy is born the next day, he is already walking three days later; K. leaves him on the platform from which catches fish, he cries; four girls come successively, trying to hold the boy in his arms; K. marries the one whose boy stops crying; gives people fish by catching it from a bottle tree , fish did not know before; K. takes the form of a Lignum vitae tree; every girl passing by dreams of this tree becoming her husband; at night she comes to one of them in human form, promises to create the river, if she accepts him; takes her as his wife; the Fox (Wóiki) becomes a companion, learns the secret of the fish tree; left alone, tries to catch fish, but forgets to close the lid; the stream rushes out , The Fox sinks; K. puts the water back with his rod; decides not to keep the fish in the tree anymore; creates the Pilcomayo River, which follows him, his rod; the river is filled with fish, the population increases], 49 [the owner of the bottled tree keeps water and fish in it; the fox releases them, sinks]: 75-79, 92; matako [tree: flood, river]: Alvarsson 1984:92-97; Wilbert, Simoneau 1982a, No. 68, 69, 70 [ Takhuah inserts his penis into his hand, a boy is born from a tumor; T. gives it to an old woman for upbringing; a boy harpoons a fish living in a bottle tree; one day he shoots a big dorado fish; she breaks a tree; water floods the ground, the boy sinks; T. stops the flood, finds his son's scalp; dives, becomes a fish owner], 78:143-165; poppy [a single man released the seed into the vessel, there a boy was born; his father sent him on the path along which the women went to the lake, told them to turn to them, calling them their mother; whoever responded would become his mother; the latter agreed; his arrow was hunting got into the caraguat plant; he pulled it out, the dorado fish jumped out of there; he began to bring fish to his mother; the fox spied, began to carry fish out of the tree, pulled out the largest, the owner of the fish; a stream poured in Fox carried fish; in order not to drown, he became a calabass]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991a, No. 28:92-93; toba [tree: flood, river]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989a, No. 90, 91, 302, 303:122-126, 390, 391.