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B91A. Eyes: took it and did not return.. 31.42.43.

A blind character asks another to lend his eyes or change eyes, and leaves his eyes to himself.

Estonians, Western and Eastern Sami, Kvakiutl, Quinolt, Quileut, Lower and Upper Chehalis, Klakamas, Tillamuk, Kus, Kalapuya, Snohomish.

Baltoscandia. Estonians: Jakobson 1954:42-43 [The Forest Master took the Copper's eyes; promised to return it if it crawled back and forth through the wheel axle; the Copper crawled one way, the wheel was carried away; got one eye back; the Nightingale was also one-eyed; asked Medyanka for an eye for the night to go to the wedding; did not return it, was left with two eyes; the blind Copper ruins nightingale nests], 91-95 [(= 1987:60-63); The fox bothers the fisherman with stupid questions (why does he make a raft, why he will throw a seine; asks him to make a raft), he throws her on a rock in the middle of the water; the fox pretends not knows how to swim, calls the fish to transport it ashore; rejects Pike, Burbot, Ruff; agrees to the Eel's offer, grabs it, throws it ashore; roasts the eel, takes the crackling of fire for the barking of dogs, gets frightened, then the fire hits, the hot coals burn her eyes; the Fox asks Birch, Pine, Spruce to give her eyes, they refuse; Aspen believes that the Fox has forgotten her eyes on the mountain, that she goes after her own and will return it to Aspen; The fox leaves, singing like she deceived Aspen; she rushed after her, but only stepped on her tail blindly; the tip of the fox tail is now white and the Aspen leaves tremble with anger]; Kippar 2010, No. V.5 (Äksi khk, Tartumaa) [The fox put the fish in the hot ash, fell asleep; when she woke up, she did not find fish; began to hit the fire with a stick, the ash that scattered blinded her; the fox goes, asking the trees to lend her eyes; Birch tree, spruce refuse, Aspen gives, Fox did not return it; Aspen saw it, chased it, grabbed the tip of its tail, it has since turned white]: 90; Western Sami: Klaus 1995 [The fox pretends to be dead, a man with a caravan sledge picks it up, throws it on the first sledge, it slides off; stays lying only when thrown on the last one, in which salmon; throws salmon off the sledge, runs away; Bear, Wolverine , replies to the hare that she caught fish in the ice-hole; ties one salmon to the tail, says that it has pecked; shouts that a man is coming, others jump up, the tails are cut off (Wolverine has in the middle); Fox hides under the roots of a pine tree, the Bear tries to get it, she says that he did not grab her leg, but the root, and when the Bear grabs the root, the Fox pretends to grab her leg; yet the Bear took it The fox, carried it, she sees the motley Woodpecker, says that she painted him at one time; The bear also wants to be specked, promises to endure; the fox binds him, leaves him in a hole with burning brushwood; Bear burned down, Lisa carries his bones in a bag, hits one in the bag, replies to a passerby that her parents are an inheritance in the bag; the shepherd agrees to buy it, gives a reindeer team in exchange; the fox hired Stallo , Wolf and Mouse, told them to slaughter deer, Flea and Hare told to cook meat; went to wash her stomach, hit them against a stone, shouting that it was not her who killed, but the workers; Stallo and the others were afraid that they had come the owner of the deer ran away; the fox threw hot guns at the Hare (hit the tips of her ears) and Flea (burned her tail), they ran away; that shepherd came, Lisa said that everything was eaten by her workers and relatives, here one of them is Laska; the shepherd threw his head at him, the tip of his tail turned black; the fox on the shore calls the fish to transport it to the other side; consistently rejects everyone (listed), accepts salmon help; calls him ashore, grabs him, carries him to fry in an empty plague; roast hisses, Lisa thinks that people have come, jumps out; realizing what's going on, hits salmon, splashes of fat burned her eyes; Fox goes, asking trees if they would lend her eyes; two species of pine do not give, birch gives, fox runs away, birch manages to hit her tail, since then the tip is white]: 3-10; Kohl-Larsen 1982 [retelling in Dä hnhardt 1910:129; the fox begged the fisherman for fish; he offered her to eat moss, then grabbed her tail and threw it into the water; the fox swam on the rock, then ashore, found one fish forgotten by the fisherman, hot the fireplace began to fry the fish; noticing that people were approaching, the fox decided to eat the fish faster, hit it against the stone, the hot piece flew off, burned its eyes; the fox went, asking the trees to lend her eyes; the birch tree: I only have one, I need it myself; the pine tree also refused; beech: why are you going straight to me? fox: forgot her eyes, lend her eyes; beech: I won't give it; aspen agreed to lend the fox's eyes for a short time; seeing the light, the fox shouted that he would never return his eyes; aspen tried to hit her, but only hit the tail so its tip is white]: 177-179; Poestion 1886, No. 1 (Karasjok, North Sami dialect) [when the fox saw a man with a sledge caravan, the fox pretended to be dead; the man put it on the first sledge, the fox slipped off ; shifted it to the second one, etc.; when the fish was last, the fox threw it off and jumped on its own; tells the bear that it caught the fish with its tail in the ice-hole; when the tail froze, the fox began to call people; the bear cut off its tail, ran away; the fox also ran away, hid under the root, asks its dicks how they helped; leg: ran fast; ear: listened sensitively; nose: sniffed well; tail: showed them to run here; the bear pulled the fox by the tail, carried it to eat; walks past the spotted woodpecker; fox: this was the time when I painted birds! the bear also wants to be colorful; fox: to do this, you must tie you first; the fox tied it and burned it, put the bones in a bag, they rattle, the person he meets with deer pulled into sledges believes that gold and silver in the bag; gives deer for a bag; fox: you can open it by passing five or six mountains; wished a person's skis to break; they break; for the remaining deer to break their legs; broke; when the fox came to the deer received for bear bones, the fox called his assistants to kill them: bear, wolverine, ermine, mouse, fox, snake, snake, snake, frog; the bear shot in the chin (now there deer spot - "bear arrow"); wolf - in the back leg (there is a "bear arrow" spot); wolverine - in the back of the head ("wolverine arrow" spot); ermine - in the throat, mouse - in the hoof, even in the ass (everyone has the same), fox - at the base of the ear (there is now a "fox arrow" bone), in the intestines (a sign on the interior fat), the frog is in the heart (there is a "frog arrow" cartilage under the fat); so they killed all the deer; the fox went to wash the intestines, disappeared behind the stone, screamed as if she had been captured; the animals were frightened and ran away, leaving only an ermine and a mouse; at that time a deceived man came up; fox: it was my assistants who swapped gold with bones ; the man hit the tip of the tail with a pot hook over the fire, the tip turned black; the mouse hit the smut so it turned black; the fox came to the man who made the boat; I also want like this; in response, a man threw a fox into the river, it climbed onto a stone; each fish offers to transport it ashore, the fox rejects each; the pike is slippery, I can't resist; the perch - the dorsal fin scratches ; trout did not fit either; salmon; fox: swim closer; the fox grabbed it, threw it ashore, made a fire on its own, began to fry salmon; the branches are cracking, the fox thinks people are coming; then I realized; threw a stone at the salmon, fat splashed into her eyes, the fox went blind; she goes, asks the trees if they have an extra pair of eyes; the birch refuses to give, the aspen agrees to borrow for a while; the fox took it forever her eyes; aspen only hit her tail, it turned white]: 7-15; Eastern Sami: Yermolov 1959 [the fox is so cunning that all animals are angry with her; bear, wolf, marten, fox and hare came to her; fox: let's eat the smallest; ate the hare, then the marten, the fox and the wolf; the bear is going to eat the fox; the fox: not here, carry it across the mountains; pointing to the woodpecker: painted his back well; the bear agrees to be painted by the fox; collects branches and willow branches; is tied with branches, covered with branches, covered with branches, the fox burns him alive; carries bones in the bag; replies to the person that he carries his uncle's bones and grandfather; the man gives her a vazhenka for them; the fox cannot kill her, calls for help from a bear and a wolf, they gave her a stomach; the fox stepped aside, began to shout that she did not kill the vazhenka, but the wolf and the bear; those ran away, leaving the meat; began to fry it; fat drips on the hot stone, hisses; the fox hit the stone with meat, the spray burned her eyes; pine, alder, birch did not give her eyes (they fill them with resin in spring; fragile; narrow), oak gave; the fox asks his eyes if they see far; eyes are far away; ears (they hear far); legs (run fast); tail (I will cling to trees, bushes); the fox got angry at the tail, returned to the lair, made a fire there, began to warm up, and put out her tail to freeze]: 40-43; Kharuzin 1890 [the man and the Fox lived together; left alone, the Fox began to fry lard, burned her face, became blind; the man led her to pine tree, stuck resin into his eye sockets; The fox sees, but his eyes stick together; then to the birch tree, put pieces of birch bark; the fox went home; another fox digs a hole under the tree; the fox thinks it's a house; the man pulls her by tail, tears it off; finds gold in Fox's house]: 344.

NW Coast. Quakiutl [The Eagle asks the Snail to change his eyes for a while because he sees someone's military boat nearby; reports the boat to his tribesmen, he is praised, he leaves sharp eyes for himself]: Wallace , Whitaker 1981:114-115.

The coast is the Plateau. Quinolt [the Xwone'xwone trickster and the Snail changed their eyes; it turned out that the Snail was keen, and S. had ordinary eyes; the Snail married the Blind Crow; gives her one eye first, then the other eye ; blinded, the Snail does not cut down the tree, but the supports of the house; the house falls and burns, the Raven has time to fly out, turns black]: Farrand 1902, No. 2:92; Quileout: Andrade 1931, No. 26 [younger sister wants a dim star , the eldest is bright; the youngest wakes up with the old, the eldest with the young husband; the girls' father makes a bow; Whale, Bear, Elk can't pull it, Wren shoots, makes a chain of arrows; only the Snail sees an arrow piercing the sky; Osprey borrows her eyes, does not return it; animal people climb into the sky; the Spider lowers his younger sister on a rope, she hangs between heaven and earth, turns into a star; in the sky, a Thrush (Snowbird), then the Dog is sent for fire; both stay warm, do not return; the Rabbit kidnaps and brings fire; Rats spoil the weapons and clothes of the Stars; in battle, many Stars are killed; people- animals descend to earth, the chain of arrows breaks; those left in the sky become stars]: 71-83; Clark 1953 [a man from the sky steals the sun; Wren suggests making a chain of arrows; first The shark, then the Puma, the Kingfisher, the Hawk and others shoot successfully; the sky is cold; the wren rushes to the sun to warm up; while some treat the person to baked roots, others take the sun away; raise it, to illuminate the whole world; Eagle and Hawk take Snail's keen eyes; Stingray turns into Malaya, Bear skin into Ursa Major]: 151-152; Farrand, Mayer 1919, No. 10 [sisters sleep outside; alone He wants a red star, another blue star as her husband; Stars take them to heaven; red is an old man with sore eyes, blue is young; sisters want to go home, Stars send them to earth; earthly people decide fight against the heavenly; (episodes with Wren and Snail like in Andrade); once in the sky, Raven and Stingray duel; Stingray turns sideways and Raven is wounded by a spear; a little bird asks the owners let the fire warm; her breast turns red; (the Beaver episode is like in Andrade); heavenly people win, earthly people hurry back, the stairs break; the rest turn into stars, including Stingray]: 264-266; lower chehalis (winuchi) [Shwene wants to be on top of a cliff; cannot get off, licks her sweat, eats her eyes; takes the Owl's eyes and wings, goes down; the old woman gives him edible roots; he promises that his slave will take her in a boat; there is not a boat, but a stump; she puts bees under the roots in the basket, tells her to eat food when she climbs into the hollow; the bees eat S.'s eyes, the hollow closes behind him; Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella), Woodpecker punches a hole; S. stumbles upon the Snail's house; says he measures it, makes his eyes out of flowers, invites the Snail to change; since then, snails have been blind]: Adamson 1934:343-344; upper chehalis (satsop) [the old woman carries dried camas tubers in her basket; Xwəne buys tubers from her for a low bead; they are actually red berries; overtakes her again goes out and buys; the third time she explains that their 5 brothers all look the same; but the fourth time she's pretty sure she's still the same person in front of her; S. suggests that his slave give her a ride to to the boat, for which she gives him dried salmon caviar; one waits for a long time, then sees that the boat is just a stump; she picks up hornets, and when S. again offers to change the beads for caviar, she gives him the basket, tells him to open where there is no wind; S. opens the basket, the hornets bit him, he is blind; came to the Snail's house; says he is measuring her house; took her eyes away, put berries in her eye sockets; S. came to the place where people played with his eyes; (episode missed; S.'s eyes were somehow stolen); when their eyes were thrown at him, S. took them away; tried to find that old woman but didn't find it]: Adamson 1934:347-348; upper chehalis [Geese don't tell XWαnä'xwαne to look down at people if he wants to fly with them; S. sees a man, scolds him, Geese leave S. on the mountain, take their wings; he kills an owl, goes down to it wings; meets a monster woman, she carries camas tubers, he exchanges tubers for a bead, but it's not a bead, but a stick; runs ahead several times and repeats the trick, says there are five brothers, they look the same; the woman collects bees into the basket, leaves it on the stump, tells the stump to close when S. gets in there; the stump closes, the bees dazzle him; the woodpecker cut the hole, S. got out, made himself imaginary eyes made of dandelion flowers, came to the Snail, pretends to measure her house; that he sees unusually far away; the Snail agreed to change eyes; when the dandelions withered, she is completely blind; Sh. salmon, baked, turned milk into two girls; S. tries to get along with the girls, they run away; an old woman shakes a baby on a swing; girls kidnap him, replaced by a rotten deck; his mother conceived him from blue stone, he is the Month; she squeezes his diapers, makes the Sun out of his brother's urine; Blue Jay goes west, finds the Month; the Month is the husband of the women who kidnapped him; they gave birth to him bushes and trees, the youngest is the mother of all fish; the Month says goodbye to its fish children; transforms and destroys monsters on the way to earth; rises to the sky to shine during the day, but is too hot; the weak Sun Brother should have Shining at night but afraid of ghosts gives too little light at night; The month becomes the month, the Sun becomes the sun]: Adamson 1934:173-177; clackamas [part of the Coyote's penis remains in the girl; when copulating, he heals her; runs away, sleeps in a hollow; tells the hole to close, cannot open it; promises bird girls to paint them if they break a hole; Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varins), Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella) can't, Woodpecker punches; Coyote tries to rape her, she flies away, the hole is small; he sticks out parts of his body; Vulture takes his eyes away; he bumps into parts of his body at the house, pretends to measure it; tells the hostess that she sees a louse crawling across the sky; she agrees to change her eyes to see it too; since then, the Snail has been blind]: Jacobs 1958, No. 9:92-93; tillamook: Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 38 [two girls live under water; South Wind copulates with them, falls asleep; wakes up in a stone bag; Little Woodpecker fails to cut a hole; YellowHammer girl breaks through the stone; the South Wind begins to caress it, it flies away without finishing work; the South Wind breaks itself apart, sticks them through the hole, gathers itself again; finds no eyes, they have been pecked by the Raven and The seagull; inserts berries into the eye sockets; persuades the Eagle to change his eyes for a while, runs away; the Eagle takes his eyes away from the Snail; she remains blind]: 128-129; Thompson, Egesdal 2008 [see motif M46A, "imaginary baby"; South Wind (SE) meets two girls, they take him under water, he is barely alive when they let him go; goes to rest; tells the rock to cover him from the wind, falls asleep, is walled up with all sides; calls woodpeckers, these are females; Little Woodpecker breaks his beak, the big woodpecker pecks a hole; SE reaches for the woodpecker woman's hips, she flies away; he disassembles himself, pushes himself into the hole; cannot find eyes, they were taken away by the Seagull and the Raven; he makes new ones with berries (snowberries), but actually sees nothing with them; stumbles upon the house of the Bald Eagle (LO), who asks why he feels the house; SE replies that he wants to try it on, he heard that the house is very large; LO replies that he is looking into the distance from the roof of the house; SE climbs to the roof, asks if LO sees women on the other side of the sea; LO agrees change eyes for testing; having caught LO's eyes, SE runs away, then takes away the Snail's eyes, they were keen; LO takes away the Snail's voice {and, obviously, its eyes}, the Snail is left without eyes and without voice; then SE arranges the area in the Nehalem area]: 23-26; cous [like tillamook; Trickster goes to bed in a hollow, it overgrows; Woodpecker girl; Raven carries insides, Vulture takes his eyes; Trickster lures the Snail Boy to come closer, takes his eyes away]: Jacobs 1940, No. 29:190-192; Kalapuya [Coyote falls asleep, Blue Jay takes his eyes away; he makes new ones out of rose hips; pretends that she sees a louse crawling through the sky; the snail woman agrees to change eyes with him; the Coyote gets blind eyes and she remains completely blind: the Nightingale woman blows the winds loudly; the Coyote changes anuses with her to make people laugh; scares off game, starves, changes back; man feeds his huge penis with chips; Coyote changes penises, lets his new one across the river into his bathing daughter chief; shouts to other girls to cut off the tip with grass; changes penises again, returning hers; girl falls ill; Coyote comes to her as a shaman; tells everyone to sing loudly, copulates; from her vagina water pours out; people send a louse, then a flea to look at; both washed away with water; the spider comes back, reports; Coyote runs away]: Gatschet et al. 1945, No. 5:238-244; snohomish [The fox throws up and catches his eyes; finally the Raven takes them away; Magpie suspects that the Fox is blind; the Fox says he sees a star; Magpie peers, he pulls out her eyes, inserts himself in; the old woman Illness says that her granddaughters go to a party where everyone dances with Fox's eyes; claims that stone, club, water, fire, magic root cannot kill her; Fox's excrement is advised to beat her with nettles; she dies, he puts on her skin; the old woman's granddaughters carry it on her back, on the way he inserts his penis first into his older sister, then into his younger sister; sings in the guise of an old woman, grabs an eye, casts fog, his pursuers can't do it catch up]: Haeberlin 1924, No. 20:407-411.