Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

C10A. Birds cling to the sky, A2211.1. .42.47.50.

During the flood, some birds escape by clinging to the sky with their beaks. Wed. A2211.7 (“In a flood, birds cling to the sky; their tails take on their current color”).

Tlingit, tunic, chitimacha, biloxi, choctaw, alabama, koasati, havasupai, western apache, pima, papago.

NW Coast. Tlingits: Veniaminov 1940 (3) [there was no light; a man hides his wife in a box, kills his sister's children out of jealousy; she, on the advice of her mother, swallows sea pebbles, gives birth to Elya, hides him from her brother ; E. kills a forty-like bird, puts on its skin, sticks his nose into the sky, puts a duck skin on his mother; E. opened the box with his uncle's wife, his uncle threw it into the sea, E. came back to the bottom; uncle caused a flood, Uh . stuck his nose into the sky, after the flood fell west on algae, these are Queen Charlotte Islands; picked up chips of gigantic pine in his nose, where he flew, threw it, where it grows]: 38-43; Kamensky 1906 [fir for Only one toyon built dumplings; he kept his wife in a drawer; she was guarded by 8 birds that flew out if someone came into contact with a woman; his sister Kikuhinshi (daughter of Kikuhinshi) had eight sons; out of jealousy, the uncle took everyone to sea, threw them overboard, or hammered them in hollows; K. ran away, took Heron as her husband; she brought her a pebble, she swallowed it (or gave a pebble Killer Whale, or Killer Whale advised me to swallow it); K. gave birth to a son, El (Raven); he opened the box with his uncle's wife; he locked it in the deck, E. broke it; uncle caused a flood, E. put on the skin of a magpie, he clung to the sky with his beak, its tail and wings became wet; put a duck skin on his mother; after the flood, E. fell into the sea on seaweed, the sea otter transported it to land (or E. sank directly to land); picked up cones in his beak and fir chips, distributed fir trees around the world, taught people how to make dumplings]: 71-75 (translated in Kamenskii 1985:59-60); Golder 1907c [jealous keeps his wife in a box, kills his sister's sons; she swallows hot a stone, gives birth to a Raven; he opens the box, copulates with his uncle's wife; he causes a flood; the raven hangs under the sky, with its beak into it; hides spruce chips in its beak; after the flood, a forest grows out of them] : 290-292; De Laguna 1972:844-845 [kills her sister's newborn sons every time; she cries, a man advises her to heat and swallow a pebble; she gives birth to a Yale son (Raven) secretly from her brother; Raven put the mother in the skin of a duck; asks people where the Month keeps his wife, they say what she is hiding in the box; the raven pulls her hair out of her armpits, throws her into a smoke hole, they turn into woodpecker feathers; fly in the face for the Month, he causes a flood in anger; mother Raven swims like a duck, he himself clung to the sky with his beak; after the flood, he came out of the crow's skin, took his mother out of the duck's skin], 848-849 [jealous A month kills her sister's newborn sons, and daughters, just in case; a killer whale tells a woman to swallow a pebble; she heats a pebble, swallows, gives birth to a Raven (some informants: he is a son Killer whales); he pulls the wife of the Month (she is a bird) out of the box, he plucks her (var.: her feathers are under her arms), throws feathers; the Month raises to heaven, causes a flood; The raven saves his mother by placing her in the skin of a duck, and yourself — climbing into the skin of a snipe, clinging to the sky with its beak].

Southeast USA. Tunic [woodpecker clings to the sky, its tail and wings take on their current appearance]: Haas 1950, No. 5:63; Swanton 1911 [woodpecker and dove]: 323; chitimacha [two people during the flood escape in a clay vessel; the woodpecker clings to the sky, the end of the tail remains in muddy water, changes color; when the water begins to fall, he is sent to search for land, returns without finding it; The dove brings a grain of sand; it is placed on water, land grows out of it]: Swanton 1911:357-358; biloxi [during a flood, birds (three types of woodpeckers in particular) cling to the cloud, their tails remain in the water, becoming pointed]: Dorsey, Swanton 1912, No. 15:43-44; choctaw: Mould 2004:73-75 [(Cushman 1899:303-305); it got dark, bison, deer came to people's homes; then the sun rose in the north; Messengers came running with the news of the impending flood; people began to make rafts, but the bears gnawed the ropes of the vine, the rafts fell apart, the people drowned; Penibki (the “boat builder”) built a sturdy boat, escaped in it with his family; eagles, hawks and similar birds clutched their claws into the sky; after the flood they returned to earth; a crow appeared, P. sent her to search for land, but she did not pay attention to it; a dove flew in with a leaf in its beak, slowly flew west so P. could follow him; they sailed to the mountain], 75-76 [Swanton 1928b:2 [{about the same in Cushman 1899:285-287, =Swanton 1931:205; birds clinging to the sky are woodpeckers and nuthatches - sapsackers, yellow hammers, woodpeckers}; people stopped complying with laws, obeying chiefs (authorities); while everyone was dancing, it rained, then the flood from the east flooded everything; sapsucker, red head, wood-knocker soar to the sky, but their tails have been soaked in water, since then they have lost some of their feathers there (notched and forked); since then, woodpeckers (red heads), chicks with black heads fly high into the sky at night and their heads turn red there]; screams [the woodpecker clings to the sky, its tail becomes disheveled]: Haas 1950, No. 5:63; alabama , koasati [birds fly to the sky; swallow tail (?) is being forked]: Martin 1977:10.

The Great Southwest. Havasupai [woodpecker clings to the sky]: Smithson, Euler 1994:38; Western Apaches (San Carlos) [woodpecker, turkey clinging to the sky]: Goddard 1918:29; pima [various birds cling to the sky] over the sky; their tails become disheveled]: Russel 1908 [woodpecker's tail gets tough]: 211; Shaw 1968 [tails become disheveled]: 2-3; papago [dark at first; Creator of the Earth (NW) and Yellow Vulture (HS) meets four times in the void, each forcing the other to create peace; the NW took something out of his heart or rolled dirt off his skin, put it in the palm of his hand, from which a green branch grew, greasewood; louse He produced resin on the plant and created earth from this NW; he sang, bored it, it became flat; he placed birds (clouds) and shamans on the ground, on the mountain tops; when the earth spread out, shamans and mountains spread everywhere; the Earth expanded to the dome of Heaven; I'itoi jumped out, said he was the son of Heaven and Earth; he was small, bearded, gray or blond; from the northwest, a Coyote came out from under the bush; the earth swayed, Coyote, I. and JS unsuccessfully confused to fix it; this was done by two Spiders, connecting heaven and earth with a web; all the mountains were inclined to the west, all rivers flowed there; JS flew by, waving wings, gave the mountains a variety of shapes, rivers flowed in different directions; the NW splashed water to the north, west, south, east, the moon and the sun appeared; spit out stars like saliva; created people from his body, she began to fight; he and I. sent a flood; for this purpose, I. created Handsome Man, who became pregnant with all the girls, each gave birth the next morning; the sorcerer made the Handsome Man himself give birth; he left the child, that began to cry, his tears flooded the earth with a flood; NW escaped on a magic rod, I. in a large vessel, Coyote in a reed, JS pierced the sky; some people became birds, clung to the sky with their beaks; others became trees, took root; others with their dog climbed to the top of the mountain, turned into stones there; traces of foam on the water can be seen on them; NW and I. agreed that who will appear after the flood (emerge) the first, the older; the first NW, then I., the last Coyote; but I. made sure that he was considered the eldest; all three began to sculpt new people; those made by the Coyote are shapeless, thrown out of the sea; made by the NW too shapeless, and I.'s people are real; NW and I. began to argue; NW tried to pull the sky down, then fell through the ground, spreading diseases; I.'s people became pima, papago, apache, maricopa; I. did papago taught culture with his people (bow and arrow, house-building, drinking ceremony); I. retired to the cave; people, especially maricopa, kicked a defenseless rattlesnake; I. gave her poison; she bit her maricopa, he died; he was burned (maricopa has been cremated since then); Coyote stole the heart from the funeral fire; a hole in the ground opened, from there water or wind; closed when two were thrown into it boys and two girls; this is how Santa Rosa ceremonies arose; the cannibal stole children, strangled her with smoke in a cave; I. killed an ogre eagle, feathers for witchcraft; the monster sucked everyone into himself; I. gave himself suck, killed the monster, freed the swallowed; I. grew old, began to attack the girls during their maturity ceremony; people killed him three times; on the advice of the Sun, JS managed to kill I. from iron bow (gun); after 4 years I. revived, went west; I. created deer, an evil shaman drove them into a pen; two brothers paid a shaman so that everyone could hunt; JS is scalped, so bald; I. sometimes returns from the underworld]: Underhill 1946:8-12.