Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

C14. Monsters destroy people .

During or before a global catastrophe (flood, darkness), animals or monsters attack people.

See motive C13A (riot of things: living objects and/or pets threaten, attack people).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lepcha: Siiger 1967, No. 1 [(local version of Geser); mung (evil spirit) Ca Shang Shang covered the sun with its wings; in the dark, tigers and wolves came out of the forest, devouring people; gye bu born in the sky was sent by his parents to earth to be the king of ling; on his flying horse he flew to mung, made the horse a seed, hid it in his pocket, hit mung with an arrow in the only hole in his armor; he he lowered his wings, it became light, mung vju saw gye bu, but he turned to his parents to instantly move him to another place; mung fell, gye bu cut his body into pieces, gave the ants bones powdered; triumphantly returned home]: 202-203; Stocks 1925 in Yamada 2009a [two Sun Brothers took turns rising, it was unbearable heat; Toad (edible species) volunteered to kill the Sun, made an arrow out rooster scallop (Celosia L., amaranth), killed his older brother with it; the youngest was covered with a black blanket, it became dark; black pestles turned into snakes, wooden mortars into tigers; illuminate the world fireflies tried and a tree with white leaves turned them outward; but this is not enough; half of the people died from snakes and tigers; people and animals unsuccessfully asked the Sun to return; only when the Bat, hanging himself at the ends of his bow by his legs and nose, shouted through his nose that the world would die from the cold, the Sun looked out, because no one had yet spoken to him through his nose; when he saw the Bat, he smiled; here But it got hot and the Bat fell, breaking his bones; so his legs did not look like birds or animals, and his nose was twisted; they decided to punish the Toad, otherwise the Sun would not shine; his limbs were cut off placed in a cold place; the killed Sun became the Month; in the seventh, eighth and ninth months, the current Sun sets earlier, says it is tired; but in fact, the red rooster scallop at this time grows to full height and the Sun is afraid of being shot; (retelling in Kühn 1936:82, citing C. de Beauvoir-Stocks, im Journal & Proc. of the Asiat. Soc. of Bengal, N.S. Vol. 21, 1925, p. 336 und 363/365; brief in Elwin 1949:54)]: 34-36; lakher [people did not die, multiplied, behaved badly; Khazangpa told the dog to swallow the sun (y Nateu are two dogs, they swallow the sun and a month during eclipses); it became dark; everything who died, except for the la rite, came to life, tigers and bears began to kill people, deer ran out of the forest; part people turned into stars, some into monkeys; rotten and dried trees turned green; baskets and other utensils turned into small animals and insects; only scorched ones remained the same with fire; only the bones of animals that had passed through the la rite could be burned in fires; they soon ran out and the lights went out; people survived as long as they kept their eyes open, but for longer than seven days no one was able to stay awake, they all died; only brother and sister hid under the pig feeder and the predators did not find them; when the Nateu dog was relieved and the sun came out again, brother and sister got married, became the ancestors of people; in order not to send a new disaster, K. made people mortal]: Parry 1932:488-489 (a brief retelling in Elwin 1948:26-26).

Malaysia—Indonesia. South Palawan: Macdonald 1974:92-95 [The Dust Man (L'Homme de la Poussière) meets the creator of Ampuq in emptiness, who creates earth, sky, water; spits betel gum on the ground, Humans and all living things appear; birds of prey, snakes devour people, only a few heroes remain, they complain to Diwata (an intermediary between humans and A.); the Dust Man destroys predators with fire; The giant who supported the sky turned into the wax of black bees; it became light; D. resurrected dead people], 95-96 [about the same; monsters destroy people because they, created by Ampuk, entered into marital relations with the spirits created by Datu de la Poussière], 96-98 [about the same]; 1981 [God Ampuq warned the young man that he would send a flood to destroy people for incest; ordered to warn relatives, make a boat; a young man sees a demon princess, takes off a tree, marries; the rest of the people were devoured by crocodiles and sea monsters; after 7 years the flood ends, A. tells no longer incest; people descend from a young man and a demon princess, they are like an index finger and a thumb]: 104-105.

China — Korea. Ancient China [the spirit of water Gungong was defeated by his father, the spirit of fire Zhuong; wanting to commit suicide, G. beats his head against western Mount Buzhou, which served as a support for the sky; the summit the mountains break off, the sky slopes to the west; part of the sky has fallen off, a world fire and a flood have begun; predatory animals and birds attacked people; Nuiva melted stones of five colors, filled a hole in sky; this explains the difference in the shades of the sky; N. cut off four legs from the turtle, used them as supports under the sky; the sky remained leaning to the west, the stars roll in the other direction ; the earth is squinting to the east, rivers flow there]: Yuan Ke 1987, ch. 2:51-52; Chinese (Shanxi, Wu. Pingdin) [Pangu separated the sky from the ground; the sky was held on the four legs of a sea turtle, and the earth rested on the back of the carp; immortals lived in the sky, and there was no one on earth; the Jade Lord sent Nuiwu on earth to create life; the first day is the Day of the Tree, N. created for flowers, herbs, trees; the second is Water Day, N. populated rivers and lakes with fish, turtles, crayfish; the third is Metal Day, N. populated mountains with wild animals and birds; the fourth is the day of Fire, N. populated the plains with cattle; the fifth is the day of Earth; N. began to crumple a ball of clay; the Golden Boy appeared in front of her; said that Mother Vanma sent him, she she is afraid that N. will become lazy; N. said, so she does not know what to do next; he promised to report to Mother; N., got angry and sculpted a figure of Youth, 50 of them out of clay; on the sixth day, the day of the Moon, N. wanted to lie down, but the Jade Maiden called her a lazy person; N. got angry again, sculpted 50 Virgo figures; laid out male and female figures in pairs and fell asleep; on the seventh day, the day of the Sun, she wanted return to the Sky Palace, I saw that the figures came to life; gave names to everyone, and called the couple who looked most like those Boy and Virgo Fusi brother and sister; they asked what to eat, what to eat, what dress where to live; N.: wild herbs and animals, dress in leaves and skins, live in caves; N. returned to heaven; wolves, tigers and leopards and ate 10 pairs of siblings; supportive the ground is carp, part of the earth collapsed, and with it 10 more pairs; the turtle supporting the sky was tired, jerked its foot, the NW corner of the sky collapsed, 10 more pairs died under the rubble; Wangmu found out, told N. to return to the earth to help people; N. tied the carp with dragon veins, smelted five-colored stones on Mount Fushan and patched the sky, cut off the turtle's paws and made supports for the sky, drove wild birds and animals away, returned to heaven; but wild animals and birds returned, ate 5 more pairs; the carp blinked an eye, the ground staggered, the mountains shook, volcanoes woke, 5 more pairs died; the turtle that had lost its paws began to cry pain, her tears turned into ice and snow, rains and glaciers killed 5 more pairs; it kept raining, the snow cover was getting thicker, the carp was getting heavier; the ground sank, the turtle's legs trembled, the sky and the land staggered, the ice and snow melted, the seas overflowed; N. sent Vanmu again; she threw her hairpin into the water, it turned into a boat, only Brother and Sister Fusi escaped; the flood was over, but the land is empty; Mount Fushan, where N. melted stones, was the highest, N. took her brother and sister there — let them multiply; they were embarrassed; N. gave everyone a millstone, ordered them to roll down the mountain; when the millstones rolled down, they lay on top of each other; the eastern and western Millstones in the Changshigou ravine are those millstones; shame will pass, and if you want to call each other brother and sister, please; newlyweds are still called that]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999, No. 9:12-14; Tibetans Yunnan [Nuiwa creates people from clay, shows in the forest who will be their friends (hare, bee), who to fear ( tiger, leopard); one girl listened to the river sing, N. invented a labial organ for the child; one of the children fell asleep and died; N. ordered to unite in pairs, scatter across the ground; meeting the spirit of water, the spirit of fire was defeated, hit Mount Buzhou angrily; it fell into the Heavenly River (Milky Way), water flowed from it; the monstrous dragon began to devour people; N. defeated him, began to repair the sky; found the Crab, he offered to cut off his legs, prop up the sky; N. supported the eastern edge with her long legs, the western edge with short legs, the sky bent, the sun set in the west; N. patched the sky and earth with colored stones; there were not enough stones on the south side of the earth, rivers flow there]: Riftin 1987b: 395.

Baltoscandia. Scandinavians [When the gods die, there will be a brutal winter, three winters at a time without summer. There will be great wars before then. The first wolf will swallow the sun, the second month. The earth will tremble, the mountains will fall, all the shackles will be broken. The World Serpent will climb to land, the sea will move to the ground, Fenrir will be free. The Naglfar ship will sail from the nails of the dead (so dying people must cut their nails). The ship is ruled by the giant Hryum. Fenrir's mouth from earth to sky. The sky is splitting, and Muspell's sons are rushing from above. Surt's sword is brighter than the sun. The Bivröst Bridge is collapsing. Loki, Hrum, Fenrir, World Serpent, and frosty giants gather in the Wigrid field. Heimdal blows his horn, wakes up the gods, they come to the ting (meeting field). One jumps to Mimir's source, asking for advice. He drives at the head of the Einerians against Fenrir, next to Thor fights the world's serpent, Freir dies in a fight with Surt, because he does not have a sword given to Skirnir. The dog Garm breaks free, he and Thur hit each other to death. Thor kills a snake, dies himself from its venom, Fenrir swallows Odin. Vidar steps on the wolf's lower jaw; Vidar's shoe is made of scraps from the cut of all shoes (whoever wants to help the aces must throw these scraps). With his hand, Vidar grabs the wolf's upper jaw and tears its mouth apart. Heimdall (white ace) fights Loki, they kill each other. Surt burns the whole world]: Younger Edda 1970:51-53.

Iran — Central Asia. Avesta [the era of struggle between the forces of good and evil will end in a monstrous winter; the dragon of Aji-Dahak defeated by Traethaona, chained to Mount Yemawend (Mount Yima, Damavand) will escape, the world will die in flames, then will be reborn]: Braginsky, Lelekov 1980:563.

The Midwest. Kickapoo [Visaka confronts evil horned underground cougars; they try to freeze him; two birds come to warn him one by one, but he continues to sleep in his house; third comes to peck out his eyes, he drives her; she tells the cougars that they cannot kill V.; they surround V. with water; he makes a boat, tells the Turtle to dive to the bottom; when it pops up, he scrapes off the silt from her legs and belly ; The dove brings branches; V. makes a ball of branches and mud, puts them on water, creates land; horned cougars remain hidden underground; Thunders help keep them there; when the world ends, horned cougars they will come out and devour everyone]: Latorre, Latorre 1976:261-262

Northeast. Seneca [White Bisons live underground; dwarfs make sure they don't make it to the surface, bringing disaster to people]: Cornplanter 1938, No. 8:84; onondaga [horned snakes live underground; Thunders don't let them go outside; they'll come out at the end of the world]: Hewitt 1928:805-806.

Plains. Wichita [the land is overpopulated; a woman gives birth to four monsters; they grow up, face four cardinal points in the center of the earth, eat people; the flood begins]: Dorsey 1904a, No. 55:290-294.

Southeast USA. Natchez [the dog began to howl, the chickens are dancing; the dog warns the owner of the flood, tells him to make a raft and rope to tie the raft later; prepare a pole with a fork at the end to shove off predatory creatures that have been spewed by mountains; the raft has risen to the sky, the rest of the living creatures have drowned, they have been devoured by predatory creatures; there are trees in the sky and birds on them; when the flood is nearing its end, the dog tells throw him into the water, stay on the raft for 7 days until the ground dries; people come to the survivor for the fire - naked, in rags, in good clothes; he hears voices from the east, goes there, but there only insects and mosquitoes; an old man comes out, explains that these were the voices of the dead]: Swanton 1929, No. 1:214; choctaw [(Cushman 1899:303-305); it got dark, bison, deer came to people's homes; then the sun rose in the north; messengers came running with the news of the impending flood; people began to make rafts, but bears gnawed the vine ropes, the rafts fell apart, people drowned; Penibki (“boat builder”) built a solid boat, escaped in it with his family; eagles, hawks and similar birds clutched their claws into the sky; after the flood they returned to earth; a crow appeared, P. sent her to search for land, but she did not turn attention to him; a dove flew in with a leaf in its beak, slowly flew west so that P. could follow him; they sailed to the mountain]: Mould 2004:73-75.

California. Maidu [the flood floods the plain, frogs and salmon chase and devour people; the couple flees to the hills, new people come from them; the leader fastes, gains strength, tells the Creator to drain plain; it allows waters to sink into the ocean, this is how the Sacramento Valley was formed]: Powell 1977:290 (=Judson 1994:70-71); tubatulabal [during an eclipse, the Sun dies; if it dies, to earth a snake living in the sky will fall]: Voegelin 1938:58.

The Great Southwest. Hopi [water snakes devour people during a flood]: Voth 1905, No. 3:10; Zunyi

["Maybe stars will fall to earth in the future, or our father The sun won't rise , utensils will turn into predators and devour us; and if not, the air will be poisoned and we will be dead "]: Quam 1972:3 (quoted in Quilter 1990:60; 1996:312).

NW Mexico. Tarahumara; Huichol.

Mesoamerica Aztecs: Köhler 1977a [sky collapses, jaguars eat people]: 271; Sahagun in Thompson 1934 [solar eclipse; Cizimitl monsters descend to earth and devour people]: 229; otomi; San Luis Potosi Nahuatl; huastecs; mountain totonaki; tsotsil [during an eclipse, chohchohotso (eagles or huge hawks) descend from the sky and pecks people's eyes; people wax them so that birds take wax instead of their eyes]: Guiteras-Holmes 196:153, 194; chol: Anderson 1957, No. 1 [to destroy people, God sends darkness and Jaguars; one man hides in a house, turned into a monkey]: 313; Whittaker, Warkentin 1965, No. 10 [God decided to destroy humans, make new ones; darkness came, jaguars were everywhere, people died; one man closed tightly in a house with thick walls; God tore off his head, put him against his buttocks; a tail grew in place of his head; this is how the howler monkey appeared; arachnids come from strangers ]: 55-57; lacandons: Boremanse 1986:105-107 (northern) [Nach Ak Yum decided to end the world, but his wife is against it; he tells his son to eclipse the sun, but the mother says that then she will go down to the earth to share the fate of people; came down; Our Father sent his son-in-law to bring her back; it's already cold, jaguars; Ah Kyantho (Nah Ak Yum's elder brother) put the sun in place], 278-280 (southern) [Our Father is gone hang the earth from the sky; while he was away, Our Mother killed a giant harpy eagle because it killed her children — humans; her husband beat her, she retired to an island on Usumasinta, with her son; Our Father without her starving, Wayantekob (owns water, air, fire) gave him nothing because he beat Our Mother; Our Father began to eat wild peppers and wild fruits that were sweet, but Our Mother made them bitter; home white herons were made for Our Mother, the waves carried it away; green herons did the same; the herons of Agamia agamia made a solid house out of stones; Our Mother returned to her husband, but promised to leave forever if he beat her again once; Our Father says that the support of peace will soon collapse; Our Mother threatens to go to people then; Our Father explains that his older brother Ah K'in Ih Ahau (“Lord of the Sun wants to destroy the world faces”); instead of humans, he was given rubber animal figures (mostly bakers); but he lowered male celestial jaguars, and Sukunkyum lowered underground female jaguars; in the sky they dug under a tree with earth to a mountain tree; finally Ah K'in Ih Ahau agreed not to destroy the world, brought the sun and jaguars back to their place]; 1989:71; Cline 1944:108 [the jaguar will eat the world], 111-112 [jaguars will eat the stars or eagles will destroy the world]; Davis, Standard 1997 [gods will let their giant pets off their leashes; snakes, eagles, porcupines and jaguars will descend from the sky, grab people and eat them; Hachakyut in Yashchilan will begin to cut off people's heads, boil blood in a huge cauldron, throw bodies to predators; young children are especially tasty; wind, rain and fire will destroy the earth and in the end nothing will be left; one day god will sow seeds and a new world will begin to emerge]: 49; Chorty: Fought 1972, No. 27 [if the Eclipse seizes the Sun or the Moon, the dead, spirits and animals will devour people in the dark]: 428-429; Maya Yucatana; Quiche; Tricks; Tricks [when the world ends, sea snakes will bite people to death; a new race will appear]: Hollenbach 1980, no. 12. 5:475.

Honduras-Panama. Guatuso; rama [people find a pot owned by a waxuk (half-jaguars, half-bakers); cook food in it, one woman does not eat; waxuk comes at night; a woman cannot wake people up, swim across the island; waxook devour the souls of the sleepers, although the bodies remain; shamans take the waxook to the cave, close the exit with a stopper from Anona palistris; when the cork decays, waxook will come out again]: Loveland 1982:129-131; 1990:45-46; Guaimi [the sun goes out; those who are awake in the chief's house are saved; the rest are devoured by the spirits of the dead and demons]: Constenla Umaña in Margery Peña 1994a: 100; kuna; kuna [Ogebip (the younger brother of Kwani, who saved people from drought), warns that there will be darkness; collects three types of trees that will burn without go out; the sun and all other lights suddenly go out; evil shamans return from the forest riding jaguars, tapirs, monsters; Ogebip's people are locked in the house; the rest are devoured by jaguars, flying jaguars, flying jaguars, huge snakes, bats and mosquitoes; O. sings for three days, the darkness clears; first the sun is hot, then it becomes normal]: Chapin 1989:167-170.

The Northern Andes. Kogi: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2), No. 4 [during initiation, young men copulate with old women for the first time; for the Sun it was Selda-Bauku; then the Sun took and rejected the Toad, the Snake; married The moon; the jealous SB tries to eat the moon every month; together with two other old women, attacks the Sun; the Sun and the Moon are protected by two guards, one in front, the other behind; if the SB eats the Moon, it will go down to earth, devour people], 7 [Kashindúkua was the brother of Noána-sé, Búnkua-sé and Ambuambu; they were all born by the Mother; he was a great healer; Mother gave him a blue stone (=a jaguar testicle); when he took it in his mouth and put on a mask, he turned into a jaguar; once he did it in front of a woman; she looked like a pineapple, he ate it; he did it intentionally; B. killed him many times, touching a stick to extract lime from the vessel, then revived him; K.'s people followed him as jaguars at night, killed others; B. made a trap tree; at night it seemed like a woman, but K. was crushed; he was shot with arrows, he promised that his every suffering would hurt people; his head and claws were cut off, hidden in a cave; at the end of the world he would leave and kill everyone; K. good, he is our father, because the Kogi are the People of the Jaguar and he is the Father of Jaguar; we ask him for permission to live on this land; for him we dance wearing masks of wind, water and earth], 8 [Noána-sé was Kashindú's son ; kua; after his death, he became the head (priest, Máma) of the Jaguar People; inherited his mask and blue stone, ate women; asked his sister Nukasá for her two daughters, became a jaguar, ate them, then mother; B. and the priests killed him with clubs, but his Jaguar spirit went out and disappeared into the cave; together with Kashinduqua and Námaku, he will leave at the end of the world to devour people]: 33-34, 43-46, 46-47.

Llanos. Yaruro [during the flood, a huge fish tries to eat a man and his aunt who escaped on the mountain]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990c, No. 7:26; kuiwa [the sky is collapsing, locusts eat people's eyes]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1991b, No. 9:32; shikuani [Kuwei decides to destroy the first humans (these are animal people); creates a huge tree, everyone climbs for fruit; the Jaguar realizes that the bones fall into the water; continues to throw them until one falls to the dry ground, escapes; the Sloth remains hanging at the very top; K. breaks branches, everyone sitting on them has fallen into the water, eaten by piranhas; K. buries a piece of skin From my foot, people are back in all houses the next morning]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 25:126-128.

Ecuador. Colorado [the ancient sun ate a heavenly jaguar; he went down to eat people, their knees were chewing on rats; shamans dressed up the son of a single woman in the best clothes; he cries with shining tears that everyone would die and he will be the same; took to the sky on a mule; it was cloudy for three days, then too hot; shamans left only one eye to the Sun to reduce the heat; the Sun throws a jaguar waiting for him with his mouth open partridges, which he takes out of 12 snares; if he reaches the last one, he does not find partridges in it, cries]: Calazacon, Orazona 1982:14-26.

Western Amazon. Mayhuna; Napo: Davila 1920, No. 2 [a pair of Jaguars destroy people; the apostle invites a male to go into the house to see if there are any holes in the roof, turns the house into a mountain; Jaguar succeeds Make a small hole in the cave; other jaguars feed him through it; on doomsday, the Jaguar will go out to devour people; a female was walled up in Mount Calleras in the same way]: 466; Mercier 1979:28-39 [ the wife is pregnant, her month-old husband is gone somewhere; she goes looking for him, asks about the twins' path in her stomach; she picks flowers for the twins, she is bitten by a wasp, she claps her stomach saying they are guilty; the twins fall silent; she comes to the Jaguar grandmother; she hides her under the roof, the woman spits; Murupuma, Puka-Puma can't reach her, Wimba-puma jumps; they eat her, the grandmother asks herself giblets, takes out, hides twins in a pot; they grow up, call her to the plot where they quickly grew corn; she almost got lost in it; she tells them to bring water, they bring a lot, grandmother she almost drowned; she asks for firewood, they bring a lot, they filled it up with firewood; they eat wood-grown mushrooms, it turned out that the grandmother's ears are still alive; the name of the brothers is Kuillurkuna (“Stars”); they lured her into a cave where there were musical instruments, asked to dance, she sat on a glued bench, stuck; she was closed, she would come out at the end of time; the brothers lured the jaguars to the bridge over the abyss they had dug, they brought them down; they hid in two rubber bags, let themselves be carried away by the cannibal eagle Anga, who brought them to a nest on a rock; when he fell asleep, the eldest killed the male, the youngest did not finish off the female, she flew away at sunset; The duck replied that he could not transport the brothers across the river; Cayman drove him and asked what it smelled like; the eldest said he did not feel anything, the youngest that he smelled like caiman; the eldest had become the fast Suwisuwi bird, and the youngest in the sluggish Partridge, Cayman bit off his leg; the elder dried the pond, found that caiman, tore off his jaw, took out his leg, put it back; climbed the vine into the sky , the elder became the Evening Star, the Younger became the Morning Star, they took his jaw with them (Hyades)], 85-87 [the chief of the Jaguars is Apustula's dog; eats people; A. puts chains on her; at the end of the world she will be free]; Oberem 1957 (quiho): 183-184 [the sorcerer turned into a cougar, ate people; brought a pregnant woman, left himself, she hid on the platform; spat, he noticed her, killed her, found two boys in her womb, put her in her bag; wife the sorcerer wanted to raise them; the cannibal hawk carried the bag to the top of the volcano, could not open it; the Vulture asked the sorcerer's wife to take the bag back; the boys quickly became 15 years old, and a third joined them; dug a cave in the mountain; called a sorcerer, asked him to finish a little, walled up; now mundo-puma (world cougar) lives in the Galeras Ridge; if you hear a buzz, he calls other cougars; they bring him food; he asks why game, not human; to kill the cougars, the young men put a log through the stream; the cougars followed their trail, the young men threw off the log, one pregnant female escaped, from her current cougars; young men two again; they killed a cannibal hawk and snake; they are petrified and will come to life at the end of the world; see the B2A motif (the sorcerer's wife turns into mother earth, causes earthquakes)]; 1963 [as in 1957]: 34-35; shuar [in flood time, water monsters devour people]: Pelizzaro 1993:146

NW Amazon. Barasana; letuama [at the end of the world, wild animals will change their nature: big animals will become small and insects will become huge, destroy humans]: Palma 1984:101-103; witoto [the girl refused the grooms, the father said she would marry Buneima (water perfume); B. heard one of them let the girl smell the aromatic grass, she fell in love with him, went with him; before underwater in the village he told her to wait; sent his sister (crab), nephew (water spider), brother (sardine), uncle (caiman), but they returned without bringing her; went by himself, showed her a hammock; Crab sister She gave peanuts, corn, and peach palm fruits to eat; when she became pregnant, she brought unknown fruits to the ground to her family; then her husband and his men came out; one of them, Cheo fish, was fried and eaten by the women; others left in anger; the woman gave birth, came to her parents to show the child; it was a fish in a vessel; the children gouged out her eyes; the servant sent with the woman returned, told the child's father; he cried, the rain flooded the land in a flood, fish dragged people under water]: Preuss 1921, No. 4:62-63.

The Central Andes. Mochica culture; Huarochiri; Incas; Santa Rosa de Rapaz, prov. Kahatambo (dep. Lima) [a poor woman from the mountains (llacuas) gets pregnant; does not know from whom; the witch doctor tells her that she will give birth to two fox sons who will destroy the world within 24 hours; after giving birth, she must run without looking back; she looks back, sees a white fox go to the sea, devours the people of the coast; they turn into rocks and mountains to which we donate coca and alcohol; the black fox devours the inhabitants of the mountains; the woman turns into stone, we donate coca and alcohol to her; both foxes meet on Pune de Lauricocha; he is left alone with his llama; he pretends to be dead, hears foxes say there will be a new world where people will come will suffer more; foxes go down to the water for a drink; a man pushes them into the lake; if these foxes are saved, the world will be destroyed again; this man is our grandfather]: Ortiz Rescaniere 1980:55-58; southern coast of Peru (painting on a vessel of late Nazca culture) [humanoid creatures with bird wings and tails grab and decapitate humans; these creatures appear to be identical to angels in images of the Wari and Tiahuanaku mountain cultures, whose features are in turn given to the shield boys in late Mochik paintings (Donnan 1972; 1985:92-93)]: Benson, Conklin 1981:67; Fung Pineda 1968:16-17, fig.b; Sonko (dep.

Cusco) [at the next world turn, there will be lightning, vortices, earthquakes; Amaru snakes will attack mestizos]: Allen 1995:93

Montagna-Jurua. Machigenga; machigenga: Baer 1984:250 [a huge two-headed jaguar lives in heaven; at the end of the world it will descend, multiply innumerably, devour everyone], No. 9 [the shaman's wife cheats on him with his brother; he turns into a jaguar, kills lovers; he exterminates people with other jaguars; his younger brother, the ocelot, tells his mother to pour resin into his nostrils; the great woodpecker, the heron, the lizard, the monkey is not they can pierce the resin crust; the little woodpecker pierces his brother takes the Jaguar and the other jaguars to the cave, its entrance closes; the assistant feeds him chicken, says it's human meat; when he gives human beings, The jaguar will come out of the cave, devour all people]: 446-449; pyro [the girl Kochmaloto has a child with the Serpent; when she went to get brushwood, she left it to her mother; she fell asleep when she woke up and saw what she was holding in her arms the snake threw it into the fire, then into the pool; the son came out of the water to his mother, gave a genipa seed (a large tree with coloring fruits), ordered it to plant it, hit the stem to grow faster, arrange it on the branches platform; the flood sent; the snake mother and his wife were on the platform, the rest of the people drowned, the crabs were breaking boats; fruits fell from the tree, the sound of their fall, the women understood that the water had come down; they went down]: Matteson 1951, No. III: 57-58 (=1954:71); characterbet.

Montagna. Shipibo [becomes dark; huge bats attack people; they have to sleep under clay vessels; (the text below is full of Christian motives)]: Gebhaert-Sayer 1987, No. 35:384; kashibo: Frank et al. 1990, No. 4 [people stole the sorcerer's wife, who caused a flood, the sun disappeared; crayfish, shrimp, wild pigs, tapirs rushed to the village; people struggled to fight back, smashed crayfish shells, they threw them to the fire; but Canchan-puxëcërë came, returned the sun with a song, stopped the flood], 5 [an unknown boy brought them to the village of Canchan-puxëcërë; he shouted that people the flood will destroy; a storm began, the water surrounded the mountain where people, crayfish, caimans, tapirs lived, the souls of the dead rushed there, people struggled to fight them off; began to make a big boat; the sun did not It was shown for 10 days; one and the other began to sing, but unsuccessfully; then K. sang the right song, the sun rose, the flood was over]: 78-79, 88-90; Girard 1958 [without details]: 275.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Takana; takana [the hunter kills many monkeys; their owner tears his body apart, throws him down, where his brother-in-law is waiting under the tree; he carries the victim's head in the basket; head falls out, gnawing through the bottom; her brother-in-law buries her; she comes out of the grave at the end of the world; if she whistles, it's an ominous day on earth; if someone else whistles, her head will come and devour people]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 110:242; chiriguano; chiriguano [the twins chase the double-headed Jaguar; the moon hides him under his clothes or in his bag; he eats the moon, causing eclipses; at the end of the world will come out from under his clothes Moons]: Cipolletti 1978:51-52; Nordenskiöld 1912:271, 294-295; manasi.

Southern Brazil. Apapokuwa: Nimuendaju 1914:319-320 [Nyandevusu drives away the Eternal Bats biting the Sun and the Month; one day he will allow them to devour the stars; N. The jaguar is sky blue, looks like a dog; it cannot be killed, it will eat everyone; he went down once, but the boy killed him with the burnt end of his spear in his mouth; the spirit of the blue jaguar returned to heaven], 399 [ one day N. will let go of the pole supporting the earth, the world will collapse, the blue jaguar will devour people].

Eastern Brazil. Crash [daylight is gone; ferocious beasts, mosquitoes, and grasshoppers were killing people]: Wilbert 1978, No. 22:94-95.

Chaco. Eastern Tobas [darkness came, jaguars descended from the ground and from the sky, devoured people; 15 days later it dawned again; some people turned into anteaters]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1989a, No. 67: 98-99.