Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

C15. Walled up jaguar.

A monstrous jaguar (puma) is locked in a cave or tree trunk.

Mesoamerica Lacandons: Boremanse 1986:174 [people ask the gods to protect them from the Master of the Forest; Khachakyum locks him in a cave; his wild screams are heard], 176 [The forest master lives inside the rock; his Jaguar paws sometimes protrude from the stone; the person cuts them off, they grow back; the Cave Master devours him].

Honduras-Panama. Rama [people find a tiksakung pot owned by waksuk (half-jaguars walking in packs on the ground and trees, devouring everything); according to one version, it is a jaguar skull; they cook food and broth in it overflows all the time; one woman did not eat by herself, warned not to eat, did not go to bed; at midnight it seems like thunder is rattling, waksuk comes; the woman is unable to wake up her companions, swims across island; waksuk devour the souls of the sleepers, although the bodies remain; waksuk tried to swim to the island, but they were eaten by the snakes living there; shaman spirits (turmali) came to save the woman; waksuk was taken to the cave, close the exit with a stopper from Anona palistris; when the cork decays, waksuk will come out again]: Loveland 1982:129-131 (=1990:45-46).

The Northern Andes. Kogi: Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2), No. 7 [Kashindúkua was the brother of Noána-sé, Búnkua-Sé, and Ambuambu; they were all born by Mother; was a great healer; Mother gave him a blue stone (= jaguar testicle); when he took it in his mouth and put on a mask, he turned into a jaguar; once he did it in front of a woman; she seemed like a pineapple, he ate it; began to do so intentionally; B. many times killed him by touching him with a stick to extract lime from the vascular, then revived him; K.'s people followed him as jaguars at night, killing others; B. made a trap tree; at night it appeared a woman, but K. was crushed; he was shot with arrows, he promised that his every suffering would hurt people; his head and claws were cut off, hidden in a cave; at the end of the world he would come out, he would become everyone kill; K. is good, he is our father, for the Kogi are the People of the Jaguar, and he is the Father of Jaguar; we ask him for permission to live on this land; for him we dance wearing masks of wind, water and earth], 8 [Noána-sé was a son Kashindúkua; after his death he became the head (priest, Máma) of the Jaguar People; inherited his mask and blue stone, ate women; asked his sister Nukasá for her two daughters, became a jaguar, ate them , then his mother; B. and the priests killed him with clubs, but his Jaguar spirit went out and disappeared into the cave; together with Kashinduqua and Námaku, he will leave at the end of the world to devour people]: 43-46, 46-47.

Western Amazon. Napo: Davila 1920, No. 2 [a pair of Jaguars destroy people; the apostle invites a male to go into the house to see if there are any holes in the roof, turns the house into a mountain; Jaguar manages to do it in a cave a small hole; through it other jaguars feed him; on doomsday, the Jaguar will go out to devour people; a female was walled up in Mount Calleras in the same way]: 466; Mercier 1979:28-39 [wife is pregnant, hers The month-old husband is gone somewhere; she goes looking for him, asks about the twins' path in her stomach; she picks flowers for the twins, gets bitten by a wasp, she claps her stomach saying they are to blame; twins they stop talking; she comes to the Jaguar grandmother; she hides her under the roof, the woman spits; Murupuma, Puka-Puma can't reach her, Wimba-puma jumps; they eat her, the grandmother asks for giblets, takes it out she hides twins in a pot; they grow up, call her to the plot where they quickly grew corn; she almost got lost in it; she tells them to bring water, they bring a lot, the grandmother almost drowned; asks for firewood, they bring a lot, they fill it up; they eat wood-grown mushrooms, it turned out that the grandmother's ears are still alive; the brothers' name is Kuillurkuna (“Stars”); they lured her into the cave where they were musical instruments, asked to dance, she sat on a glued bench, stuck; she was closed, she would come out at the end of time; the brothers lured the jaguars to the bridge over the abyss they had dug, brought them down; they hid in two rubber bags, let themselves be carried away by the cannibal eagle Anga, who brought them to a nest on a rock; when he fell asleep, the eldest killed the male, the youngest did not finish off the female, she flew away at sunset; the Duck responded unable to transport the brothers across the river; Cayman drove and asked what it smelled like; the eldest said he did not feel anything, the youngest that he smelled like caiman; the eldest had turned into a fast bird Suwisuwi, and the youngest in the sluggish Partridge, Cayman bit off his leg; the eldest dried the pond, found that caiman, tore off his jaw, took out his leg, put it back; climbed the vine into the sky, the eldest became Evening Star, Younger — Morning Star, took her jaw with them (Hyades)], 85-87 [Jaguar chief is Apustula's dog; eats people; A. puts chains on her; at the end of the world she will be free]; Oberem 1957 (quiho ): 183-184 [the sorcerer turned into a cougar, ate people; brought a pregnant woman, left himself, she hid on the platform; spat, he noticed her, killed her, found two boys in her womb, put them in her bag; the sorcerer's wife wanted them grow; the cannibal hawk took the bag to the top of the volcano, could not open it; Vulture asked the sorcerer's wife to take the bag back; the boys quickly became 15 years old, joined by a third; dug a cave in grief; they called the sorcerer, asked him to finish a little, walled up; now mundo-puma (world cougar) lives in the Galeras Ridge; if you hear a buzz, he calls other cougars; they bring him food; he asks why the game, not a man; to kill the cougars, the young men put a log through the stream; the cougars followed them, the young men threw off the log, one pregnant female escaped, the current cougars from her; two boys again; they killed cannibal hawk and snake; those petrified, will come to life at the end of the world; see B2A motif (the sorcerer's wife turns into mother earth, causes earthquakes); =Oberem 1963:34-35]; Foletti Castegnaro 1985:64, 114; Ortí z de Villalba 1989, No. 15 [The World Puma (puma Mundo) ate children left at home; the musicians lured her into a cave, the exit closed; she will come out at the end of time], 25 [the huge jaguar in Galeras ate people, The apostles imprisoned him in a cave; he complains about lack of food, all animals gather to the cave once a year; he will leave at the end of time]: 40, 54.

Montagna — Jurua. Machigenga: Baer 1984:250 [a huge two-headed jaguar lives in heaven; at the end of the world it will descend, multiply innumerably, devour everyone], No. 9 [a shaman's wife cheats on him with his brother; he turns into a jaguar, kills lovers; exterminates people along with other jaguars; his younger brother, an ocelot, tells his mother to pour resin into his nostrils; a great woodpecker, a heron, a lizard, a monkey cannot penetrate the resin the crust; the little woodpecker pierces his brother takes the Jaguar and the other jaguars to the cave, its entrance closes; the assistant feeds him chicken, says it is human meat; when he gives human beings, the Jaguar will leave the cave, will devour all people]: 446-449; Ashaninka (river camps): Anderson 1985:21-23.

Bolivia — Guaporé. Chiriguano [twins chase the double-headed Jaguar; the moon hides him under his clothes or bag; he eats the moon, causing eclipses; at the end of the world he will come out from under the moon's clothes]: Cipolletti 1978:51- 52; Nordenskiöld 1912:271, 294-295.

NW Amazon. Tikuna [every time one small child left by his parents cries, the Jaguar takes him away, tells him to put his nose to his ass, and kills him by releasing intestinal gases and devours him; Dioi turns into the boy, carried away by the Jaguar, but turns his nose away; people ask Jaguar why he is taking Their Father; he understands the mistake, but D. does not let him go; tells him to return to his original place, clutches Jaguar's hands in the trunk trees; demons of the Jaguar family still come to feed him, you can hear their roar]: Nimuendaju 1952:132.