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C18A. The sun lures the rooster.

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The hidden sun lures the rooster.

Isanzu, sukuma, lulua (?) , Cuba, Lala, Kono, Dan, French (Upper Brittany), Walloons, Germans (Grimms), Khasi, Angami, Minyong, Meitei, Kachin, Drung, Bulang, Mundari, Bondo, Gadaba, Chinese (Shaanxi, Shanxi), Chuan Miao, Meo ( Thailand), Hani, Lisu, Macedonians, Serbs, Ancient Japan.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Isanzu [it was dark; the Sultan sent a Spider, a Fly, a Rat, and five men to heaven beyond the sun; the Spider lifted everyone along the thread, the Rat gnawed a hole in the sky; the heavenly sultan promised to give more than just the sun, but also cultivated plants; Mucha said that she would sit in baskets where people chose the right valuables; the Sultan told them to eat the bull with the bones overnight; the rat made a hole, the bones and meat were thrown into her; the sultan ordered them to get what they had brought on the ground when the rooster sings; the rooster sang, the sun rose; people planted cultivated plants; awarded the Rat, the Spider (live in the house), the Flies (they drink milk in milking time)]: Kohl-Larsen, Allensbach 1937, No. 25:29-31; sukuma [Leo gathers everyone for advice, offers to get light from the sky; Mouse, Spider, Fly agree to go; they climb into the sky on the web; the local chief suggests 1) mowing the grass throughout the savannah (The mouse calls ants to cut the grass), 2) eat a lot of meat (The mouse digs passages, they hide the meat underground), 3) identify which box is light, in which darkness; the fly overhears, finds out what's in the red box, the chief gives it away; on the ground, a rooster jumps out of the box, sings, the sun rises]: Millroth 1965:196-177; lulua (?) [The Sun and the Moon argued which one was older, the Sun got angry, disappeared; people sent a dog to the sun asking them to come back; the Sun gave the dog animals and birds that voice before dawn, told me not to try to catch the Lubute bird; the dog came to people; soon a rooster screamed, etc., the sun rose but the dog was numb]: Lambrecht 1963:45-46; Cuba: Frobenius 1983 (ngongo) [(= Kotlyar 1973:174-176); The Sun said he was the leader and the Month said he was; the Sun was offended, disappeared; the birds came together; the night bird Shukul wanted it to be dark; the domestic Rooster asked the Sun to rise; it began to dawn; another bird asked where our chief was; the sun rose]: 151; Torday, Joyce 1910 [it was only night; Woto left his brother Moelo's village; he regretted letting him go; sent him to him three people named Kalona, Buimbi, Binga, ordered not to fish on the river; Binga began to catch; they came back, M. beat Binga; sent the first two and the dog; they came to V.; he gave three birds - Natal cuckoo, rooster, black bird Japodiya; told me not to leave their homes when the first or second sings, go out when the third one sings; people did so; when this bird sings, the sun rises]: 247-248; lala [Lesa is the supreme god, leader in heaven, thunder; married to his sister Mushili, she is associated with earth; died; they have sons, the elder Kashindika and the younger Luchele; L. sent them to earth” to establish villages”; it is dark on earth; they went to their father to get the sun and moon; K. stabbed an ox, a dog came, he hit her on the back; L. offered to choose a bag of luminaries, but there were many bags, K. did not know which take it; Lucele came and fed the dog, who said that she would scrape and sniff the right bags (var.: in addition to bags of sun and moon, roosters and rhinoceros birds that foreshadow dawn); the sun placed to the east, the moon to the west; people woke up singing and cockscreaming; K. was furious, asked L. for poison, he did not give it, K. took it himself, brought it, died Lucele's wife, then K. himself; this is how he appeared death]: Munday 1942:49-50.

West Africa. Kono: Holas 1975:29-44 [(=Beier 1966:3-6); Sâ (Death) lived in an empty dark world with his wife and children; created a plain of mud; the god Alatanga visited him, made the surface hard, on it vegetation and animals, secretly married his youngest daughter S., because S. rejected his open offer; ran away with his wife, who gave birth to 4 white boys and 4 girls, 3 boys and 3 black girls ; they began to speak different languages, A. went to S. for advice; he gave white and black the cultural elements they now have; told whites to marry whites, blacks to blacks; A. sent the rooster and the other morning bird to ask S. for light; he said that as soon as they sang, the day would come; this is how the sun rose; the moon and stars appeared in the evening; S. demanded in exchange for the daughter given to A. every child when he asks him; that's why people die], 39 [The sun helped people by dispersing clouds during the festival; asked for a chicken for a favor, they refused; the Sun disappeared; after a long time people they sent a dog, then a bull unsuccessfully; when the Rooster came, the Sun liked his song, promised to go out whenever he started singing it; but left the night for his sister Moon]; dan [first Earth Sun, his son Ruo, Night, Rain, but there are only three women for four men; R. began to flirt with Rain's wife, who scolded him; as a result, the Sun and R. went east, the village of Rain remained in the dark; In the end, the Sun agreed to come back every day; the Rooster and Tutu announce its sunrise]: Himmelheber 1958:238.

Western Europe. The French (Haute-Brittany) [three brothers inherited a rooster, a cat and a sickle; the one who received the rooster sold it for a lot of money to people looking for a day; a cat to suffering from mice; a sickle to those who stung, shooting at ears with a gun]: Sébillot 1894, No. 34:278-279; wallons [the miller left his sons a cat, a rooster and a sickle; Jean took a rooster, Jacques Serpe, the elder Pierre a cat; P. came to the royal the castle, exhausted by the mice, he released the cat Mina; he caught the mice, P. married a princess, stayed in the palace; Jean came to the kingdom, where a chariot was sent east before sunrise — return the sun, otherwise the day will not return; the chariot returned only at 9 am, and only then did it dawn; the next night Jean released the rooster, he sang at 3 am, dawn; Jean gets a princess for the rooster, remains to live in the palace; Jacques came to a country where he reaped with sticks, almost the entire harvest was lost; Jacques also gets a princess for the sickle]: Carnoy 1883:283-291 (translated to Lopyreva 1959, No. 7:10-14; Germans [ when he died, the father gave the eldest son a rooster, the middle son a braid, the youngest a cat; the eldest went to an island where they did not know how to keep track of time; the inhabitants gave as much gold for the rooster as the donkey could carry; the middle came to people who cut off ears by firing cannons with nuclei; got as much gold for a braid as a horse could take away; the youngest went to an island where people were tortured by mice, received two mules for a cat, loaded with gold; after killing the mice, the cat wanted to drink and began to meow; the king and subjects were frightened, decided to expel the monster; the cat did not leave, but continued to meow; cannons opened fire on the castle; the cat ran away and the castle was destroyed]: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 70:251-252 (=Grimm, Grimm 1987:210-212).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Khasi [there were the first 16 Khasi families, each in his own home; 7 families were on earth, 9 in heaven; earth and sky were connected by a giant oak tree, it had a staircase, earthly and heavenly people communicated; Tiger persuaded people to cut down an oak tree; when he fell, he blocked the sun, it did not rise; the Rooster screamed for many days, tempting the sun to come back]: Stirn, Ham 2000:119; angami [Sun is male, Moon is woman; once The sun did not come out; the Ox, the Pig, the Dog consistently summoned him; only the Rooster called; the Sun admitted that he was afraid to go out at night, asked not to tell anyone; but the Rooster told]: Hutton 1914, No. 5:485; kachins [Sun Brother is the father of nine Sun Girls, Sister Moon has many star children; when people started stealing rice, the Sun released all daughters as punishment, gave dogs 9 tails each, and field mice (favorite game) 9 holes each; people made a large bow to shoot live snakes at the Sun; then the whole Sun family hid; they sent the Battleship, the daughter of the Sun killed him; then the Rooster; he agreed for the Sun to revive the Battleship, give him sturdy clothes and a long tongue; scatter his daughters, breaking them apart (they also became stars); if the Rooster does not welcome the Sun, the Fox will deal with him; if The sun won't come out, the Toad will swallow it, and if the Moon doesn't come out, the Dog will swallow it]: Gilhodes 1908, No. 24:691-693; drung (Yunnan) [two suns were shining, husband and wife; children die from the heat, plants they dry; the hunter climbed the mountain, knocked down the man by the sun with a bow, Saul the woman hid in horror; 9 days of darkness, everyone is afraid of monsters and spirits; on the tenth morning it was a little dawn; the rooster began to scream, “Young lady , Sun, give me earrings”; the green earring fell from the sky; the rooster promised to scream three times in the morning, after that the sun must come out; the female sun came out; and the male sun became a month, they have since they take turns; after death, the hunter was on the moon, his shadow is visible there]: Miller 1994:61-62; miniong [Sun and Month relieved themselves in the same place; their urine grew out of their urine Indian breadtree (artocarpus); Doiying Botte cut it down with his machete; a piece of bark fell into the ground, where Kine-Dene sat on it like a chicken sits on eggs; after 5 days, a chicken hatched, became a rooster; all this time there was no sun and darkness reigned; the rooster went to the house of the Sun and the Month, cried, and half an hour later the Sun left home]: Elwin 1958a, No. XIX. 5:344; Meitei [from B. Jatantakumar Sharma; the sun was too hot and people begged it not to rise; at first everyone was happy, but then hunger came; various birds and animals were sent to the sun, but the sun was offended refused to return; finally, they sent a rooster; he cleaned himself up and dressed up; one of his arguments was that when large creatures begged the sun not to go out again, in the opinion of small ones no one asked; in the dark, wild cats would destroy the cock tribe to the root; if the sun starts to come out again, he, the rooster, will notify everyone about it; the sun is back]: Oinam et al. s.a.

Burma — Indochina. Bulang (blang, south of Yunnan) [at first only the sky and clouds, among them rhinoceros-like li runs; Gumiya made the sky out of his skin, stars from his eyes, earth from flesh, water from blood, from wool — all kinds of plants, from the brain — humans, from the bone marrow of animals, birds, insects, etc.; four legs — four pillars of the sky; placed the earth on a turtle; as soon as the turtle tries to move, Gumia's rooster bites her eye; if she falls asleep, the turtle moves, shaking the ground; then people pour rice on the ground to wake up the rooster; 9 sun sisters and 8 month-old brothers decided to destroy G.'s creation; the earth is unbearable heat; at this time, crabs lost their heads, fish lost their tongues, snakes their legs, frogs lost their tails; before leaving the shelter, G. smeared the straw hat with wax, but the wax melted and flowed into his eyes; from G. made a bow of wood with green bark, a bowstring from wild rattan, arrows from bamboo, moistened the tips with poison from the reservoir in which the dragon was swimming; climbed the hot stones to the top of the mountain, struck 8 suns and 7 months with arrows; their blood poured into the earth, cooling it; the remaining Sun and Month fled; tired G. fired the 18th arrow, it hit the Month, which survived, but lost his heat; it became dark and cold, people plowed, tying their lanterns to the horns of oxen, the rivers stopped; G. sent a swallow to look for the sun; when she returned, she said that the Sun and the Month hid in a cave in the east; G . sent all the animals and birds to ask them to return; he did not go himself, because those who hid were afraid of him; two partridges, with a black tuft and a white tuft, did not go; the first smeared her tail with red, supposedly having diarrhea; the second smeared her head white — she is in mourning for her parents; all of them were banned; there is a swallow in front, followed by fireflies; birds are headed by a rooster, animals are a boar; in the cave, the Sun and Month spouses are starving, but afraid go out; the rooster called them, the others promised that G. would not shoot them; the rooster: from now on, go out after I had drunk; cut the knot, threw half to the Sun and the Month, and made a comb out of the other ( a cut knot is a sign of the conclusion of a contract); daughter G. Gumishafema feeds the Sun three times a day with golden juice and the Month with silver juice; she is a young girl in the morning, a young wife in the afternoon, an old woman in the evening; the Sun and the Month are allowed at the end of each month return to the cave to connect (the moon is not visible at this time); the Sun is a shy wife, the Month gave her needle rays to stab the eyes of those who glanced immodestly at her; the entrance to the cave was blocked the stone, only the boar managed to push it back; all is well]: Miller 1994:88-93.

South Asia. Mundari {it is indicated that Orissa's munda was probably a Mundari} [7 suns were shining, people were feeling hot; 7 brothers decided to destroy them, started shooting arrows and killed six; the seventh hid behind hill; it became dark; the animals gathered for the council; the rabbit said that one sun was still left; the lion went to ask the sun to come back, but it did not listen; the same elephant; the peacock; then the rooster cried and the sun came out; the rooster screamed louder, the sun started to rise; the animals asked people not to kill the sun and they promised not to kill; ever since then, the rooster has been screaming in the morning and the sun rises]: The seventh sun 2014:1-11; bondo [The sun was wandering in the guise of a black bull; people caught him and tied him up; at night, the boys went to the girls; they were tired, but dawn was not coming; the girl gave the young man a mushroom; on the way home, the young men saw a bull; the mushroom fell out of it like an egg, the rooster cut out, sang; the bull cut off the rope, it dawned; birds hatched from mushrooms like eggs, sang; now the Sun rises in front of the rooster's voice] : Elwin 1950:140; gadaba (gutob) [it was night; the gods gathered on the hill; each brought some food; Sitiya's mother was pregnant and couldn't come; but gave birth to two eggs and brought them; Ispur Mahaprabhu: What nonsense did you bring; he threw away the eggs, they crashed, the cockerel and the chicken came out, the cockerel cried, the sun came out, the spirits fled]: Elwin 1954, No. XVII.18:315.

China — Korea. Chinese (southwest Shaanxi, W. Fengxiang) [A long time ago, the sun always rose in the east and set in the west. But the sun became lonely, and it commanded the animals to find him a wife. All the animals responded to his call, but the rooster, instead of helping, went to the desert to peck sand. All the animals were surprised, and the rooster told them that if the sun found a wife, he would have children, and then it would be impossible to live on earth {because of the heat}. Therefore, the rooster bites the sand to “take precautions for later life” {get used to eating sand alone}. Hearing this, the animals refused to look for a wife for the sun, and when the sun found out about this, became very angry, refused to shine and took refuge in the sea. The animals began to blame the rooster for this. The next day, the sky never brightened, and the rooster ran to the sea, stood on its shore and screamed. The sun heard his loud scream, surprised, and peered out of the water. Seeing this, the rooster ran away and screamed again; the sun saw no one and came out of the water completely. Then the rooster ran away again and screamed, and the sun rose even higher. So the sun forgot its anger and returned to normal. The animals were happy, and only then did the sun remember that it had refused to shine, but it was ashamed to come back. Since then, the rooster has been screaming every morning and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, No. 10:12; Chinese (Shanxi, Wu. Wenxi) [10 suns appeared in the sky; Dalan ran to his younger brother Erlan, said that their mother had died of the heat; he made an iron rocker, hung 10 mountains on it, and chased the suns. pressing down the mountains one by one; to save her last son, the mother of the sun turned into an old woman, sprayed urine from the night pot; after that, E.'s rocker broke; the last sun took refuge in the East Sea, darkness reigned on the ground; the rooster sat on the sunflower and began to shout: All right, come out! since then, the sun has come out of the sea to the rooster scream and the sunflower turns its head after the sun]: Zhou Yang et al. 1999a, No. 16a: 28; Miao: Hatt 1949 [(by Erkes in T'oung Pao XXV: 97-98); Master Sky was first created by 10 female suns and 9 male months; humans shot 9 suns and 8 months]: 77; Graham 1954 (Chuan Miao): 172-173 [retelling Ho 1967, No. 10:216-217; heaven god Gulo took out a piece of iron He carved many sparks out of it that became female suns; Gulong, the god of the earth, took out a piece of copper, cut many sparks out of it, they became month-old men; the sky dried up, the earth turned to dust; Gulong asked Ndeo Mba for help; he found the only fig tree growing in the sea, made a crossbow out of it; Yang Ya hit the stars out of it; there was only one sun and one month left, hid; did not go to the call tigers, cows, came out to the rooster scream; Gulo rewarded him by placing a comb on his head with his teeth up], 265-266 [the archer makes a crossbow, knocks out the eye of the Sun and the Eye of the Month; the stars hide for three years; from calling a cow, a tiger is even more frightened; they go out to the rooster scream, he receives a comb as a reward]; Bender et al. 2006 (Guizhou) [Yang Yu measured 6 feet east and west and ordered to create suns and moons to hang them in the sky; his ruler was his footsteps; the furs for inflating the fire were the valley, the wind was blowing from the sky, the mountain range was the plunger, the high mountain was the handle, the boulder was the hammer; the mites were modeled on a crustacean claw; when the suns and moons were ready, the Earth Spirit was frightened; what was left was made a comb to a rooster (Chicken King); each of the months took the sun and moon; their skins fell to the ground as snow, ice and hail, Bong Yong placed them in the sky, then he also placed suns and moons there; the fallen pieces of gold became fireflies; Grandpa Xong made stars out of the remains of gold and when he died, his breath became a silver river — the Milky Way; (constellations made from different objects used to make suns and moons are listed, but not identified); The sun and moon fell into the sky by Bong Yong, but burned and dropped them, they split, they were repaired with the Juice of Immortality; Bong Yong did not want to do this anymore, so the God of Earth tied rivers to his neck and only then put the suns and moons on his shoulders; however, he slipped, the suns and moons fell into the muddy pond; Xang Ong and Vi Hxe washed them, but the God of Earth refused to carry them again; Niu Xang dragged them on wheels, and The God of Thunder lowered the rope and raised the suns and moons to the sky; Grandma Yu attached the suns and moons to the sky; then pierced holes in the sky with a needle and placed a star in each; harnessed a cow and plowed the sky. so that it is even and nothing interferes with the movement of the suns and moons; (further from the middle of p.66, the story of the destruction of excess stars); The suns were told to go to heaven one by one, but they did not hear well and went out all at once; the mountains began to melt; Hsang Sa wanted to kill his grandfathers for it, but they replied that it was not their fault that the suns were deaf; then HS went to shoot the sun; two young men clearing the ground under the field found an iron-tipped arrow, and gave it to him; HS tried to shoot from the boat — it was swaying; from the top of the mountain — not to keep his balance; then he climbed a click that had grown half the distance to sky, shot 11 suns and 11 moons; the last Sun and Moon hid in Du Li's house; only when the rooster screamed, the Sun decided to go out, the rooster was awarded a golden hat; Sky Dog licked the Sun's wounds and Moons; they promised him grains for it, but did not give him; therefore, in productive years, the Sky Dog eats grain, and the Sun and the Moon in lean years; the Sky Dog was given birth to Silver Mold Bottom, he has two rows of teeth; going shoot in the sun, HS returned home almost 12 years later; his son is the same age, he saw him hunting; the son asked where to get the goose; HS said that the eye also hit the pupil's eye ; HS shot a boy saying that they both (on earth) have no place; HS, his son and wife have become stars: son goes out at dusk, mother after dark, father before dawn]: 49-70; K&# 252; hn 1936 [(Savina, Histoire des Miao, p. 243-244); God created 10 suns and 9 moons; they all shone together for 7 years, the earth dried up; people made onions from the trunk of a giant tree that grew from primary waters, hit 9 suns and 8 onions; half the sun and moon were saved]: 77; Lemoine 1982 [Yang Yua's only son died from the heat of 9 suns; Yaya shot 8 suns with a crossbow, and the ninth hid in zaun grass tsaw; it was the only plant that didn't burn; shot 8 moons, and one eye knocked out the ninth; sent a pig to return the sun — it didn't come out; then a cow, a dog, a horse, a squirrel, a bird, a lion, an elephant — same; when the sun girl called the rooster, she went out and gave him her comb; now he's on a rooster's head]: 88-89; meo (NW Thailand) [Saub created heaven, earth, 30 sun women and 30 month old men; from peacock copper bow 29 Suns and 29 Months were killed, the rest hid, 7 years dark; the Sun and the Month do not respond to the calls of a bull, horse, Nkauj Mok and Nkauj Mim; the rooster sings three times, the Sun and the Month come out]: Symonds 2004:215-218; meo (North Vietnam) [Ti Liau created heaven and earth, lit 10 Suns Youth, 9 Moon Girls; to reduce fever, humans hit 9 Suns and 8 Moons with arrows; the rest The sun and moon hid, it became dark and cold; the Tiger could not beg them to return, the Rooster begged them in 7 years, received a red scallop as a reward from TL]: Karpov, Tkachev 1958:254-257; Hani [shine nine suns; some offer to cover them with baskets, others to hide in cellars; ask a shooter named Pubula to destroy the suns; he shot down eight with arrows, the ninth hid; various birds They send him to no avail; when the rooster sang three times, the sun came out]: Lin Lin, Ustin 1959:17-19; the fox [shone 7 suns (women) and 9 months (men); during the day all the suns gathered on holiday, and all months at night; life on earth is in danger; 7 years later, a dragon emerged from the lake to see how things are on earth; shot 6 suns, and the seventh managed to escape; shot 8 at night months, the ninth managed to escape; it became dark and cold, a year later the animals gathered for advice; decided that the cow would call for the stars, but because of her mooing they only hid behind the mountain in fear; after 4 years the animals gathered again; chose a tiger, the stars hid from its roar again; after 7 years they chose a rooster; his first scream made a month wake up, after the second one came out; after the third, the sun began to move, after the fourth came out; the month awarded the rooster with spurs, the sun with a scallop]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:154-156.

The Balkans. Macedonians: Tsenev 2004 [1) The Sun was going to marry, but the Hedgehog said that when many Suns were born, it would be impossible to live; the animals decided that the Sun should not marry; then he plunged into the sea; the Rooster began to sing, the Sun came up and accused him of drowning, the Sun, and he singing; since then, the Sun has come out when the rooster sings, and he cursed the hedgehog, hides that day; 2) God has forbidden the Sun to marry, then he sank into the sea; the Rooster began to sing, the Sun went out to see why he sang and stayed]: 36-37; Martin 1955 [the animals began to think they could do good for the Sun; the Hedgehog suggested to marry him, the Sun was happy; Leo doubted: new suns would be born, the earth would burn; the Sun sank into the sea; the Rooster volunteered to return him, crowed for three days, but to no avail; then he jumped into the sea, got wet and appeared miserably; the Sun asked what was wrong with him; the Rooster replied that he had been persuaded to marry and was now miserable; nothing better than living alone; the Sun was happy and went out; the hedgehog was subjected condemnation and he is now hiding from everyone]: 32-36; Ortenzio 2008, No. 4 [animals gathered for the Sun's wedding; the hedgehog picked up stones, put his donkey in the feeder; explained that when the Sun has children, it will become it is so hot that there will be nothing left but stones, let the donkey get used to it; after learning that the animals no longer want him to marry, the Sun disappeared into the sea; the rooster brought an old shabby rooster to the seashore and began to crow until the Sun came out and asked what was going on; the rooster said he sings for joy — he was single, but the example of a married man next to him; the Sun decided that he should not marry and came back] 30 [when the Sun's wedding was being prepared, the turtle said that if the Sun had children, the world would burn; God canceled the wedding, the Sun was offended, disappeared into the sea; God rewarded the turtle: it will always be protected from hot rays; the rooster asked to be rid of his feathers, then he could dive; the feathers fell out, the rooster dived, sang, the Sun came back; all plucked roosters come from this rooster]: 15-18, 123-126; Serbs [The sun wanted to marry and invited everyone to the wedding; the Hedgehog also arrived; everyone left their horses to graze in the meadow and the Hedgehog in the sand; let them learn to eat sand; when the Sun has children like them hot like their mother, everything else will burn; the Sun was offended and sank into the sea for a year; the Rooster promised to lure him out; began to crow on the shore; when the sun heard the rooster scream for the first time, the Sun stuck its head out see; The Rooster began to slowly move away from the shore, and the Sun rose on the sea and illuminated the world]: Eschker 1992, No. 45:207-208.

(Wed. Caucasus — Asia Minor. Megrela [Tsagareli, Megrelian Studies, vol. 1:10-13; when dying, the king orders him to guard his grave for three nights and pass off his three sisters as those who ask; the elder hears a rumble and sees someone dig up the grave, grabbed the corpse, cried over it, and then buried it and disappeared; the same with the middle brother; while they were away, the youngest gave the three sisters to those who came for them; the youngest cut the monster in two, but his blood filled a candle; the young man noticed the light, went to it, telling the rooster not to scream so that morning would not come; after crossing the river, the young man saw demi (=devi) sitting by the fire; grabbed a smut and ran; the smut went out when crossing; he returned but captured; the demis are told to get three princesses out of the castle; the young man climbed the wall and killed all the demis one by one as they got up; entered to the princesses, gave each a ring (his youngest), returned, took fire, plunged his sword into the stone, allowed the rooster to sing, returned to his father's grave; the king promises daughters to whoever pulls the sword out of the stone; he could only a young man married his youngest, gave it to his older brothers; the king gave the younger a flying carpet, the young and his servants flew it, but the flying monster took the princess away; the young man went in search; he came to three demi, married to his sisters; they said they saw Kazha-Ndii-Kerkun (“fast silicon-like demi”) carry a gold-haired beauty and they only managed to tear out the curl of her hair; the young man recognized his wife's curl; demi- his sons-in-law gave him a horse and a dog; he came to K.'s house; when he was taking his wife away, the gate called K.; he easily caught up with the young man, chopped them to pieces; the dog collected them, loaded them on a horse, he came to the demy-sons-in-law; the youngest he revived him, gave him a three-legged horse; when K.'s horse caught up, the three-legged one and K.'s horse slowed down; the young man cut K. in half and returned his wife]: Wardrobe 1894, No. 2:112-118).
Japan. Ancient Japan: Kogoshui 1996:304-308; Kojiki 1994, ch. 12 [Susanoo filled the canals in the fields of Amaterasu in the chambers, broke through the roof of the weaving chambers, breaking through the roof of the weaving chambers, heavenly piegogo ripped off the stallion from the tail, threw it inside; the heavenly weavers were frightened, pricked themselves with shuttles to secret places and died; Amaterasu oo-no kami took refuge in the Heavenly Rocky Grotto; the High Sky Plain and The Reed Plain of the Middle Land fell into darkness; the evil gods, like flies, filled everything with their buzz; 800 myriads of gods gathered roosters (Long-singing Birds) from the Kingdom of Eternal Night and made them sing; The Sky Blacksmith was told to forge a mirror; they dug up trees from Heavenly Mountain, hung a mirror, threads and scraps on them; the Heavenly Goddess the Brave began to kick her feet into the empty cauldron, throwing out her breasts, and the shoelaces of her skirt Dissolved to a secret place; 800 myriads of gods burst into laughter; Amaterasu was surprised: the country fell into darkness, so why on earth does Ame no Uzume amuse everyone; and when she was shown the mirror, Amaterasu I was more surprised, I left the cave, she was not allowed back]: 55-57; Nihon Shoki 1997, scroll 1, 7 [Susanovo no mikoto released the Heavenly Piebald Foal and made him lie in the middle of the field; defecated in first harvest temple; ripped the foal backwards, threw it over the roof into the hall where Amaterasu-opo kami was spinning divine clothes; she shuddered, pricked with a shuttle; angry, she locked herself in a stone cave, darkness has come to the earth; 80 myriads of gods gathered on the banks of the Heavenly River; Omopikane no kami gathered the roosters (“Long Singing Birds”) of the country of Eternal Peace (possibly Chinese influence) made them sing; two other kami dug 500 sacred trees with roots on Heavenly Mountain, hung them with low precious jasper, a mirror and soft white fabrics; Ama-no uzume-no mikoto in front of the entrance to the cave stood on a barrel and became obsessed with the deity; Amaterasu went out to see why Ama-no was having so much fun; she was not allowed back]: 135-156 (similar options on p. 136-140); retelling in Dale Sonders 1961:421 -422, in Matsumoto 1928:18-22.