Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

C25. Eschatological expectations.

In the event of an event, the world will be destroyed. See motive C24.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Congo [The month is stronger and older than the Sun, harsh and cruel, takes the souls of people and animals; its wife is the Morning or Evening Star; the Sun is an old hard-working woman, soft, kind to the elderly and to everyone who loves warmth; the Sun and the Month chase each other; when they merge, men will become lizards and women will become frogs]: Laman 1962:64-65; kuta [when Nzambi brings the sky down to earth, men will turn into lizards and women into frogs; to do this, he will bring down the pillars on which the sky rests; var: a dead woman is trying to bring them down]: Andersson 1974:34.

West Africa. Background: Herskovits 1938 [Aido-Hwedo was created before earth and sky; carried a demiurge in her mouth when he created the world; mountains arose from her excrement; then the demiurge told her to curl up hold the ground with a ring, bite its tail; so that AH does not suffer from the heat, the demiurge created the sea; feeds on iron bars made for it by monkeys; when it moves, earthquakes occur ; when there is no iron left, AH will swallow its own tail, the earth will collapse into the sea; the other (twin?) AH lives in the sky, it is a rainbow snake, thunderstorms descend on it; the snake's tail is twice as long as the distance from heaven to earth, so thunder peals are lengthy]: 247-250 (retelling in Kotlyar 1975:108, 2009 , no. 113:104, in Chaplin 1959:156); Parrinder 1967 [the snake collected the earth by squeezing it with its rings; 3,500 rings are now above the ground, 3,500 below it; var.: the snake has set up 4 pillars to the cardinal points to support sky]: 22; catch-up [there is water around the earth; a serpent bordering its tail in its mouth; if it releases, everything will collapse]: Griaule 1938:43.

North Africa. Morocco (Reef) [dwarfs as tall as two years old, old from birth, naked, humpback live underground; they dig access to earth every day to destroy people and live on land instead of them; Every evening they say that there is not much left, we need to rest; during the night, the course is covered with earth; this is because they don't say In sh'a Allah; if they guess to say, they'll finish the work, they'll destroy people]: Coon 1931: 155-156; kabila [the earth rests on the bull's horns, if it moves, the world will perish; there are 7 layers of earth and 7 heavens; our layer is fifth from below, there are two more above; tiny creatures live on the lower layer that hatch from ant larvae; they are angrier and smarter than even ants; there is a tree growing there, if it falls, these creatures will crawl to the ground and all die; they gnaw on the tree and almost gnaw through the trunk by evening, but they go on vacation, and during the night the trunk becomes intact again]: Frobenius 1921a, No. 13:83-84.

Southern Europe. The Sardinians [V. Bogrea, 1932:41-45; mosquitoes were collected at Zauberkreis in front of the church, walled up in a stone vessel; when they escape, the world will end]: Gunda 1979:398 {referring to D ähnhardt 1910, III:171, but it's not there}; the Basques [the rooster laid an egg, buried it in a manure heap, a snake crawled out of it, lived in a cave, first swallowed children, then shepherds and herds; one a resident of Arbuix forged a strip of iron, whistled, hid, the snake crawled out, swallowed hot iron, died; people built a chapel from the bones of the monster, but hail began; it stopped only when the chapel was destroyed; the monster has an egg left underground; in 52,000 years it will rise from the depths, and a monster will be born that will destroy the whole world]: Meskhidze 2010:317.

Western Europe. The French (Vivarais) [Big Dipper is a pot; Alcor is a little man watching when the contents boil; as soon as it happens, the world will end]: Potanin 1899:414; Sé billot 1904:31 [Haute-Loire: B. Bears are a four-wheeled wagon, oxen, and a driver; Alcor is a rat that gnaws on reins {and when will it gnaw?} ; Moselle (Pays Messin): the wagon is drawn by three horses, the driver tries to build them smoothly; when he succeeds, the world will end]; the French (Languedoc) [Ursa Major - pot with with a pen; Alcor is a little man who watches when the pan boils; then he will remove it from the fire and the world will end]: Sébillot 1904:31; Bretons (Guingamp) [on the moon The Eternal Jew collects firewood to burn the earth when the world ends]: Sébillot 1904:20; Germans (Bavaria: Upper Palatinate): Schönwerth 1858, No. 3 [the maid is loaded with work, she is forced to spin at night; A month, tired of quarreling with his wife, the Sun, took the girl to her place and now she is a Moon Spinner; if the tow ends and the girl stops spinning, the world will end; moon eclipses occur when the spinner gets tired, her hair hangs and covers the moon; the eclipse lasts longer if she accidentally harnesses her hair with the tow], 6 [the mother told the lazy daughter to spin forever on the moon; her there you can see, and in Indian summer, threads hang on the ground; var.: as soon as the mother left, the daughter went to dance; her mother cursed her; on the moon, the old woman weaves a basket, and the dog is waiting nearby; seeing that work is close to At the end, the dog tears up the basket; if the old woman finishes it, the world will end]: 59-61, 69-70.

Australia. Vurunjerry, viimbayo [the sky rests on pillars; if they rot, it will fall, everyone will drown in bursting cloud water tanks]: Waterman 1987, No. 9 (1): 21; Vurunjerry [ a man at the edge of the world is watching the pillars of the sky]: Waterman 1987, No. 9 (2): 21; milpulo [Pupilla (Nayive Cat, marsupial devil?) stole fish from people's tops, hid; people noticed his leg sticking out of the hole, pulled, couldn't overcome it; he first released colored smoke from the hole, it became a rainbow; then the flame burned his beards women, since then only men have beards; P. ran west; tries to return to his old place every day, but in the evening he finds himself far west again; if he returns, he will kill everyone]: Mathews 1908:307-308.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lakher [Zeupaliapa is a huge monkey; when the crab and shrimp watching the world's water flow lost their claws (they stopped cleaning the water from debris, causing a flood), Z. lost all their hair ; after the flood, it has grown; it loses one coat per generation; when it goes bald again, the shrimp and crab will also lose their claws again and there will be a flood again; Z. has few hair left]: Parry 1932:492.

South Asia. Gujarati [an old woman can be seen spinning her hair on the moon, and a goat nearby; if goat droppings fall to the ground, the dead will come to life]: Enthoven 1924:50.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Malays [you can see a banyan tree on the moon, under it a humpback old man weaves a forest from his bast, where he is going to catch everyone on earth; the rat constantly gnaws on the rope and the hunchback cannot finish his work; if he finishes, the world will end]: Skeat, Blagden 1900:13; temuan (mantra) [ideas about spots on the moon are close to Malay; on the moon, the banyan, the old man Moyang-Bertang weaves rope loops under it catch people with them; mice gnaw through the rope; the ground shoots around the perimeter; if the old man hadn't cut them off, they would cover the sky; the sky is a pot suspended above the ground; if the rope breaks off, fallen the pot will crush everything]: Skeat, Blagden 1906:319-320; Muslim Malays [light from God became water, foam surfaced above the water, steam thickened, land and sea formed, each of the seven layers; earth swam on the water and swayed; to consolidate it, God surrounded it with a diamond chain - the mountains of the Caucasus; spirits live on them; behind them is a desert covered with gold, emeralds, flowers; all mountains come from mountains The Caucasus, strengthen the land; the Caucasus mountains protect the land from excessive winds and monsters; they are followed by Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog), when they make a hole in the mountains, the world will end]: Skeat, Blagden 1900:1-2; Mentawai [angry with his sister, Kombut settled on the moon; from there he tries to hook people, but his wife prunes the forest every time]: Schefold 1988:73; kubu [old woman on the moon spins a thread to catch people on the ground; the white mouse constantly gnaws at the thread and it does not reach the ground]: Schebesta 1928:244.

Taiwan - Philippines. Ibanag [the boy is very powerful; he challenges God himself to compete; he invites him to tame two fighting mountains, he gets stuck between the mountains, his head out; trying to free himself, causes earthquakes; when free, the world will end]: Eugenio 1994, No. 152:264-265.

The Balkans. Romanians [The devil said St. Ilya, that his wife is sleeping with her lover; he came home (where he had not been for many years), cut off the heads of a woman and a young man; the mother of St. Ilya said that the young man was his son; St. Ilya asks God to serve him to destroy devils, strikes with lightning indiscriminately; the mother of St. Ilya made his right hand take away; he does not know when his day (he would destroy everything on this day); God says every time that Ilyin's day has just passed, or it's far away]: Murgoci, Murgoci 1929:150-151; (cf. Romanians [water is below the ground, but the earth does not sink because it rests on four pillars on four cardinal points; these pillars are associated with bright stars on the horizon; it is impossible to see all four right away; an old witch gnaws on supports, so earthquakes happen; when women wake up flour or drain the water they used to wash the bucket after washing, they feed and water the witch]: Rusu 2009:89); Bulgarians : Malchev 2007 [Rome Dad wakes up every hundred years to see if the world is in order; so he can see if his eyelids are supported, he looks and falls asleep again]: 70; Mollov 2007 (Varna, Sakar Planina, Middle Rhodopes) [an immortal giant elder in an old destroyed fortress or tomb will either disappear or become mortal when the world ends; he wakes up once a year or every three years (apparently February 29) check if the world is OK (whether women give birth, bees swarm, etc.)]: 49-50.

Central Europe. Poles, Czechs (Moravia) [Sibilla (Sibilla, Sibelija) sits on the moon and sews a shirt; she makes one stitch every day; when she finishes sewing, doomsday will come]: Gura 2006:464; Ukrainians: Azimov, Tolstoy 1995 [Alcor is a mouse that gnaws on horses harnessed into a wagon (Ursa Major) or a bridle between three horses and a four-star cart; "when a bridle it will break, the world will end"]: 119; Afanasiev 1865 (Kryukov Posad near Kremechug, Poltava) [There are three Zoryanitsa sisters in the sky (evening, midnight and morning) assigned to guard a dog that he is chained to an iron chain at the Ursa Minor and tries in every possible way to gnaw it; when the chain is broken, then the death of peace]: 763; Belova 2004a, No. 180 (Galicia) [the earth rests on four pillars, who hold four snakes; as soon as the number of sins in the world increases, snakes gnaw at poles; if they gnaw, the earth will fall into the abyss]: 110; Golovatsky 1860 (Hutsulshchina) [quotes Kostomarov (cf. below), adding that he heard this from the Hutsuls, whose harness is chewing on a knot]: 38; Grinchenko 1895 [See, there are seven big stars together? It's called "Woz": four stars are wheels, and the three that seem to stretch are a drawbar. You see, there's still a little star near the middle star. It's called "The Dog". Old people say she's still coming to that middle star, and when she gets to it, she'll gnaw through something there, and then there'll be the Last Judgment. Yes, that's right, it will be soon, because you see how close it is]: 1; Kostomarov 1847 [In the constellation Bear, people probably see horses, Svantovit. The black dog, the personification of Chernobog, wants to gnaw through the harness every night to destroy the entire body of creation, but does not have time, because before dawn he will run to the student for a drink, and in the meantime the harness grows together]: 54-55; Manzhura 1890 (Aleksandrovsky and Novomoskovsky y. Yekaterinoslav Gubernia) [The road (Milky Way) leads to Jerusalem and Crimea: as they ran from gentlemen, they followed it. On the Road, it is in Rozsokhy {Branching} that there is Krinitsa {well} - four stars, and the Girl with buckets came from her - three stars. There is also a Woz - four wheels and three horses in a zug. There is a little Woodyla star between the far front and second horse: when they eat, it's the end of the century. The cart, as it rises in the middle of summer, stands up with horses, and by dawn it turns its horses down. The harrow has three stars in one turn, and four in the other, and a three-star breathing hole to it. There are also: Chepigi, Kvochka (Stozhary)]: 148; Potanin 1899 [1) (Kharkiv); Big Dipper - "Voz"; four bucket stars - wagon wheels; two handle stars - two oxen, the third - a driver; a small star - dog; she tries to gnaw through the harness and thus disrupt the entire structure of the universe, but before the end of the world she will want to drink, run to the water, at which time the belts grow together again; 2) (Grinchenko 1895 , Chernihiv Gubernia); there is a small star near Voz Dog, which seeks to get to one of the stars of the tail of the constellation; when it gets and gnaws through something, there will be the Last Judgment]: 414 (also Avilin 2015:76); Saint 1961 [Wow - four wheels and three drawn horses; between the far front and the others - a bridle (Alcor); when they "cross", the world will end; Yekaterinoslavskaya: "Blind Man (from mole families"; Alcor) gnaws at the horse's bridle; when it gnaws, the light is over"; Volyn: Alcor is a field mouse that wants to eat the buildings near the Wagon, but time cannot cope with it from time to time he runs to the water to drink; while he drinks, the buildings become thick again; when the mouse has a snack on the buildings, the world will end]: 113; Yastrebov 1894 (Kherson) [there is a lake inside the earth that washes away the earth; when it is washed, it will fall into it and the world will end]: 7; Western Belarusians [the earth stands on three legs; earthworms have already gnawed two legs; as soon as they gnaw the third leg, it will come the end of the world]: Belova 2004a, No. 180:110.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [the giant is chained to a rock; his favorite dog licks the chain; as soon as the chain is rubbed, the giant will shake and destroy the earth]: Lukyanov 1904, No. 3:29; Kabardian people [a hero with one with an eye in his forehead, he made his way into the saddle between the two main peaks of Elbrus; indignant at his audacity, God Tha chained him by the neck to a rock; sent a kite to peck at his heart; the hero grew old, gray; when it bends down to drink water from the spring, the kite drinks all the water earlier each time; whoever drinks this water will live until the end of the world; when Tha lets the one-eyed man go, he will take revenge on people for their suffering]: Lopatinsky 1891a: 38; Ossetians: Gatiev 1876 [in kiamaty-bon ("hard day" Akhary-dur, the devouring stone, will fall from the sky, devour the land with its creatures, then devour the sun, moon and stars; not only humans, but all living beings will be condemned; to whom what is written in the womb will be with him; will the bull on whose horns the earth rests get rid of Ahara-dur's mouth? it is not known; when this bull shakes its horns, the earth shudders; and if the bull runs and throws off the ground, will it fall into tartar? Does tartare have a bottom? during an eclipse, the moon is devoured by Mai Horta animals; and the Hur-horta animals that devour the sun seem to consist of fire themselves; at the Last Judgment, Mai Horta and Hur-Horta will attack Ahary-dur for devouring the moon and the sun, and they will begin to tear it to pieces; during this struggle, it will spew out the sun, moon and earth, with crushed people and animals emitting stench, but rising up at the call of Chiristi (Christ) , or Barastyr (chief of the dead); when they see the moon and sun, the beasts of Mai Horta and Hur-Horta will rush at them again, but they will become invulnerable; the moon and sun will stand still until they devour the day of ahary-bon, on which they will merge with the earth into one mass and take the form of the last; then people and animals will be resurrected; some will be awarded by God in suffering in various torments, and others to pleasure heavenly pleasures]: 71-73; Miller 1882 [the monstrous Sameli was chained by God to the moon; therefore, there are spots on the moon; S.'s sons in the form of puppies try to free their father and begin to eat the moon; with By the liberation of S., men will turn into donkeys, women into donkeys; only the family of S. himself will avoid this fate; clans that consider themselves his descendants annually honor his memory with special rituals]: 299; Gevorgian 2007 (South Ossetia) [God created four virtuous ones: Artavyz, man, sheep, wheat; and for each evil creature: a woman for a man, a goat for a sheep, a bitter weed for wheat; A. must have been virtuous, but began to teach evil things; God told Uatzilla (the thunder) to grab him, and he nailed him to the moon with iron nails; if he was free, he would eat all people; to prevent this, every blacksmith must hit the anvil once again; A. also causes lunar eclipses]: 102-103; (cf. (cf. The Adygs [isps are a dwarf tribe in the Nart epic; the Isps had great physical strength, great intelligence, courage, and freedom; instead of riding horses, they had hares, as workers - others; led by Beloborod, they lived in the mountains, in small stone houses, had fortresses; a girl from the Ispov tribe married by Nart Khimish; Khimish broke the agreement (do not reproach her for short), and she returned to Spain; after giving birth to Batraz, she did not raise him herself, but returned him to the sledge without feeding him her milk; if Batraz tasted at least his mother's thimble milk, he would be able to turn the earthly world into the afterlife; when the ispas died out (according to the options: God punished them for their disobedience), the hares remained in fetters, which is why they now mostly jump; Abkhazian Atsans, Ossetian bcents correspond to Spain]: Mizhaev 1991:571; cf. Ingush [a young man lies in a cave on Kazbek, chained to a rock for some crime; he moans in pain because a bird of prey is biting his heart]: Dalgat 1972:51); Swans: Lominadze 1903 , No. 1 [blacksmith Daregiani from the top of Yalbuz (Elbrus) sees a crying beauty in the abyss on the golden ottoman, all around; she descends to her, she says that she is the wife of God Himself, who overthrew her for some crime; D.'s wife spies on him, cuts off the beautiful woman's hair; when D. comes, she rips her stomach open, gives him their child, tells him to leave it at the crossroads, dies; Jesus Christ, St. George and one of the angels give the boy the name Amiran; if he breaks this word three times, he will fall under the power of the devil; the dying hero tells A. to raise his two sons; they have become strong, and . killed them, the devils began to chase him; the next time he beat his horse; after the third violation of the word, the devils chained him to an iron pole in the abyss near Elbrus; he is also tied to a pole nine-headed divas; both try to reach checker A.; A. will be able to reach if his nails grow; therefore, swans do not cut off their nails during the first four days of the week; at this time they also grow in A .; the devils bird reports every time that the devils cut off their nails; one day A. will take possession of a sword, the diva will kill, golden times will come], 2 [poor parents have a son in old age; Christ called him Amiran; he defeated all the devas, summoned God himself to compete; he was immediately chained to an iron pole at the bottom of the abyss; nine hunters found him; he squeezed their bread, and blood flowed, his own is milk; said that life is so different now and with him; the Swans could not pick up his sword to serve him; the belt broke; they went for a strong belt, but could no longer find it; he tries to pull out a pole; every time a bird sits on the tip of a pole, screams, Amiran leaves; A. swings at it, puts a pole in the ground]: 141-144, 145-147; Kumyks [where the sky is converges to the ground behind Mount Kaf, there are dwarfs hanging their guns on wormwood; from morning to evening after the creation of the world, they dig a passage through the mountain; when it is almost ready, evening falls and the dwarfs leave rest, and during the night the mountain is restored; if they say "Insha Allah" when they leave, they dig a through passage and the world will end]: Khalidova 2012, No. 34:54; Georgians: Janashvili 1903b [Amiran - son Sulkalmakh and Darejan, his older brothers Badri (looks like a girl) and Usip (looks like a crystal fortress); his godfather is Jesus Christ; A. finds the deceased Tsamtsum, Usip's grandson; he killed all the giants He could not do one; the brothers meet this girl, who replies that he is going to devour Tsamtsum, Usip's grandson; A. kills him, he manages to talk about the girl Kamar overseas; white and red crawl out of his three heads , black worms turn into dragons; black swallows A., brothers cut off his tail, A. cuts it from the inside, comes out bald; Igry made his hair; K. A. breaks the cup, all the dishes fly to the sky to her father; the chase; A. kills everyone by hitting Father K. in the legs, but his brothers died, he kills himself; the mouse licks the blood, K. kills the mouse, the mouse heals him , K. revives A. with the same grass; A. wins everyone, calls Jesus Christ; he offers him to pull the stake out of the ground; the stake turns into a tree to heaven, A. is attached to him; the raven delivers him every day bread and wine; the dog tries to lick the chain; on Good Thursday morning, all blacksmiths hit the anvil three times with hammers, the chain is restored; A. will be free on doomsday]: 158-167; Stamboliev 1896, No. 13 [A shepherd finds a cave where Amiran is chained; he says that he stole fire from heaven for people; an old man came to fight him, he lost consciousness, woke up chained; every seven years an angel brings him food and water, opens the cave wall; the shepherd ran to bring chains and ropes so that A. could pull up his sword lying at a distance; a group of hunters detained him; when the shepherd reached the cave, the entrance to it was closed]: 91-95; Armenians: Harutyunyan 1980d [Gisheramairér ("mothers of the night") have been chasing the sun with snakes in their hands since the creation of the world; in the evening they rise from the mountains up to the ground to catch the sun, but it is already setting; then they begin to blow, the world becomes dark; groups look for the sun in the forest, in the mountains, in the villages; without finding it, through destroyed mills and dried springs they go underground and continue to search there; as soon as they go down, the sun rises in the east; if G. could see the sun, all people would die, the earth would be covered with snakes (darkness)]: 306; Harutyunyan 2004 [brave Artavazd, at the curse of his father, King Artashes, is shackled in the cave of Mount Masis; white and black dogs chew on his chains to free him; on New Year's Eve, the shackles become thinner, however, they are recovering from blacksmiths being hit by a hammer on the anvil again; if Artavazd could free himself, he would destroy the world]: 199; Ganalanyan 1979, No. 750 [Artavazd is chained in a cave; two dogs they gnaw chains; the sound of blacksmiths restores the shackles; therefore, blacksmiths hit the anvil three or four times on Sunday; otherwise A. will destroy the world]: 241; (cf. Armenians [the woman knitted socks for her son, asked the Sun to wait to go down; the Sun later returned to her mother; she told the woman's son to die every day, to resurrect at night, and her mother all her life knit and untie socks; son comes to his mother at night, asks for socks; mother knits, her yarn blooms; son walks barefoot]: Ganalanyan 1979, No. 353:130); Kurds [the earth rests on his back a red bull; when it tugs its ears, waves its tail, earthquakes occur; others say that a fly flies near a bull, when it comes to the eye, the bull blinks, an earthquake occurs; if a fly will sit on the bull's back, he shakes his back, the world will die]: Chursin 1925b:16.

Iran - Central Asia. The Persians [Majlisi writes that the Yájúj and Májúj peoples live on the other side of Mount Kaf, which borders the world; their tongues are like saws or files; every night they shed a passage to mountain range, but every morning he is restored to the mountain; they would have broken through if Alexander the Great hadn't built a hundred walls to hold them; people who lived near the mountains asked him for protection; on his instructions they prepared a huge amount of hot iron and 7 other metals; from this he made a wall (separate or on top of the Kaf Mountains); Yájúj and Májúj cannot cut this wall, and she too slippery to climb; at the end of the world they will break through; among them there are giants, there are people whose waist width is equal to their height, and there are big-eared ones with one ear under them hiding for others]: Donaldson 1938:90-92; Bukhara Arabs [a Jewish lender demands Bobo Ravshan either a refund, or a daughter, or a conversion to his faith; Aliy transfers BR to another country orders to sell for 1000 gold; the king buys, tells the slave 1) defeat the hero (A. kills him), 2) kill the dragon and fill the river (the person sees A. cutting and carrying the mountain), 3) bring A. in chains; A. tells the slaves to shackle him, breaks his chains, kills the king's warriors; the king converts to Islam, gives A. a daughter; when he leaves, he tells him to name the boy Imam Mehdi; IM throws an iron ball, breaking the old woman's spinning wheel, she calls his fatherless; he tells his mother to heat the oil, puts her hand in the oil, forcing her to say who his father is; not knowing who he is, he defeats A.'s two eldest sons and fights him himself; when he finds out that he fought with his father , hides inside the mountain; God answers A. that IM will come out and conquer the world, will rule for 40 years, after which the world will end]: Vinnikov 1969, No. 45:281-286.

Baltoscandia. Eastern Sami: Kharuzin 1890 [(after Nemirovich-Danchenko. Lopar land//Picturesque Russia 1:171); Aroma-Telle is ten pines tall, his dogs are a deer, chases a white deer with a black head and golden horns; when he hits him with the first arrow, mountains they will fall apart, fire will be thrown away, the rivers will flow back, the lakes and the sea will dry up; the second in the forehead - the fire will spread across the ground; dogs will rush, the hunter will pierce the heart with a knife - the stars will fall, the moon will go out, the sun will drown] : 148-149; another retelling in Czarnoluski 1962:80-81 and 1965:80-81 [Thiermes throws lightning from a rainbow, chases the Myandash-Pyrre deer; when he catches up with the first arrow, the rivers will flow back, the lakes will run out; the second - the ground will be covered by fire, the Old Man from the North will burn; when dogs rush to M. and T. stabs a knife into his heart, the stars will fall from the sky, the earth will turn to dust]; Holmberg 1927 [Boahje Naste ("northern nail") holds the sky; on the last day, the archer Arcturus will shoot him down with an arrow, the sky will collapse]: 221; Lithuanians (Zemaites) [God created heaven, earth and sea, they bowed to him, gave birth to animals, plants and fish; they were freaks: horses have snake heads, fish have 200 legs, 10 or more heads; the land and sea asked the sky to save them from this scourge; the sky asked God, who took part from heaven, earth and sea, created a giant creature to destroy freaks; the moon took an image of it to show it to the sea and sky; the creature opened its mouth, and a man and a dwarf jumped out; and giants also jumped out of it; the creature imagined that it was God, those who arose from him began to worship him; God struck him with lightning, his blood spread across the earth, all people, giants, dwarfs, and animals died; God created again such a creature, it gave birth to giants and dwarfs, and people came from the marriage of a giantess to a dwarf; then the earth was destroyed again and created {pdf page corrupted}; God put the giants in the water, they they stand there on their shoulders and hold the ground, since then it has stood firmly; when giants move, the earth trembles; God has placed dwarfs inside the ground, they forge weapons there; one day they will forge so much that they will come to earth , the world will end; the rest come from the first couple]: Veckenstedt 1883, No. 47:205-209.

Volga - Perm. The Udmurts [when the hare's ears turn black, the world will end]: Vereshchagin 1886:112 (=1995:115); marie [the earth is approved on the bull's horns; one is already broken when the other breaks, the world will end]: Potanin 1883:799.

Turkestan. See C25C motif. Kazakhs: Afanasiev (Poetic): 762 in Potanin 1883 [The Big Dipper is seven wolves chasing pacers; when they catch up, the world will end]: 736; 1893:321 [Naarun-Zarkum owned many horses ; the black mare brought a foal every night, but it was always kidnapped by someone; young Gali, N.'s son, watched, shot a monstrous bird; grows up, rides that mare's foal to marry the bride; in the field puts an iron stake, ties a horse to it, puts seven scarecrows (jety karakchi) around; every day she finds a horse on the spot, and thieves find only a stake and scarecrows; one day everything disappears; the bride tells that thieves prayerfully approved a stake (North Star), a horse and a scarecrow (Little Bear) in the sky; the horse is waiting for its owner; when he comes, the world will end]; Kuftin 1916 [around Temir-Kasyk (Polyarnaya stars) Ak-boz-at and Kok-boz-at horses (white and blue, the two extreme stars of Ursa Minor) ride the arcana; seven thieves (Karakchi Jets, seven stars of the Ursa Major) try to untie them; when one will get rid of it, the world will end]: 126; Svyatsky 1961 [(said teacher A.B. Baitursunov from Orenburg in 1910); The North Star is a stake to which two horses are tied with an arcana, light and pale (Malaya Bear); they walk around the stake, and seven thieves (Ursa Major) seek to steal them; when they steal them, the world will end]: 112; Chuloshnikov 1924 [North Star - Temir-Kassyk ("iron stake"); to him "two white horses" are tied to a rope; if one unties, the world is over; Jets Karakchi ("seven thieves"), the seven stars of the Ursa Major, try to untie them; these are the souls of seven robbers who, during the day they stole, and at night they repented of their sins; for this they were turned into stars after death]: 243; Kazakhs (Semirechye) [the cuckoo is a woman Zaineb turned into a bird; she searches everywhere, calls her husband Kukuk; he's also turned into a bird, lives on the other side of the earth; when they fly and see each other, the light will stop]: 148: Kuftin 1916.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khakas: Afanasiev 1855:191-198 in Holmberg 1927 [the seven stars of the Ursa Major are tied dogs with iron claws; when they fall off the iron chains, the world will end]: 425; in Potanin 1883:736; Butanayev 2003 (Kachins, author's note) [Irlik Khan dragged the moon and sun into the dungeon, darkness came; Ah-Khudai called everyone together, began to consult what to do; no owl, swallow after her sent; in response to the invitation, the owl said: I can't fly at night or even on cloudy days; can't you ask mountain and river spirits how to remove the moon and sun? the swallow reported this answer AH; AH decided: let I. grab the mountain echo and the murmur of water! The echo is the voice of the mountain spirit, and the murmur is the voice of the river spirit; he came to I. and suggested: If you catch a mountain echo and the murmur of a stream, the sun and moon are yours forever, and if you fail, you will return them to heaven; I. failed to fulfill the condition, returned the stars; the owl has since been held in high esteem by the people of Hongorai; AH told Irlik Khan that he will be able to get the stars back only when the mountain echo disappears, the murmur of streams will stall and the coniferous leaves will fall; since then, every leap year, I. looks out to check God's words; where his gaze falls, on the other side of destruction; if he looks at the sky, drought, if trees dry up in the forest; I. swore that he would rule the world over time]: 113-114; (cf. Khakas: Alekseev 1980 (Kachins) [an old hunter chased seven foxes and drove them into heaven; he became the North Star, foxes became seven stars of the Ursa Major]: 87-88; Butanayev, Butanayeva 2001 [Koketey climbed Sulu-Haya Rock, took out a scoter egg that had been laid for the first time; it gives birth to the winged dog Hubai-Hus, but scoters always break and eat the first egg; no one from H. maybe leave, K. got rich; after getting drunk, he sold H. to the Mongolian Khan; he ordered H. to get the invincible arsylan (lion), gave his son the raw heart of a lion, the son recovered; H. fell off the chain, ran, drove the maralikha with two marals; K. rushed after them; three marals asked the lake owner to save them, she lured H. under water; K. cursed the marals; they turned into three rocks in the swamp, their souls were three stars of the Belt Orion, Us Muygah; H. is the lower constellation of Koketey Adailara, K. himself is Sirius, Koketey Chyltys; the eternal pursuit in the sky lasts; at the end of the world, H. will descend from the sky, his barking will spread along the Yenisei Valley]: 59-61); Buryats: Linkhoboev 1956 [Aidaray-Bayan went to drink araka, his wife to milk cows; an old robber with hair to the ground, eyebrows to his chest kidnapped a child crawling on the floor; wife I saw him sitting in the bushes, sharpening a knife, and the child was behind him; the baby was lured by Aidaray Bayan and Hongor Bátor killed and buried an old man at the eastern foot of West Mountain, on the grave they laid the top of a small hill; ordered not to dig up this Mal-Altan hill until the goat's horns grow to the sky and the camel's tail to the ground]: 121; Khangalov 1959:282-291 [living in the NW Lobsogoy's side turned to a star, studied Gaser's magic, turned him into a tireless donkey and plowed on him; Alma-Mergen Khatan took the form of L.'s older sister, begged for a donkey, restored G. to his appearance; going to war with L., G. and his warriors chase three wild bulls, sisters L.; two are killed, the eldest runs to L.'s palace, takes on a human form, swallows G.; he cuts it from the inside, forcing her to say that her brother is immortal but can be defeated; G. kills her by cutting off her heart; with the help of AMH, sending arrows at L., defeats him, locks him in a stone tama for a thousand centuries; puts a stone battery to guard him], 323 [others say that G. threw L. into a hole and put two batyrs with iron hammers; when L. shows up from the hole, they hit him on the head; L. falls into the hole, from this is what earthquakes occur; some say that the boys created by G. shoot at L., exhausting him, he falls back into the hole; var: G. crushed L. with three mountains, nailed them with a spear; batyr nails his spear with an iron hammer; when the world ends, L. will stand up and defeat Abay Geser Bogdo Khan]; Mongols (northern Mongolia, river valley. Delgir-Murin) [(Izv.Vost.Sib.Otd.Geogr. General , vol.15, No. 1-2:11); this country was formerly inhabited by the Kerges people, who were rich in silver; ancient graves are attributed to them; people came from the north of small stature, but with ears to the ground, drove the Kerges, captured them silver; these long-eared people were previously trapped between the rocks of Altan-Mundurga, either Genghis Khan or Delgir = Khan and littered with stones, but they licked the stones, went out of the mountain and attacked the Kerges; some Gaser Khan's descendant put them uphill again; someday long-eared people will shed the walls of the prison again and attack people]: Potanin 1899:422.

Western Siberia. Southern Selkups [the hero tried to shoot Thunder with an bow, petrified; stands waist-deep in the ground; when everything comes out of the earth, there will be light]: Pelikh 1972:319.

Eastern Siberia. Central Yakuts: Seroshevsky 1896 [Cholbon (Venus) is the beautiful mistress of the Devil's son Jurgel (Pleiades); when they strive for each other, storms and snowstorms occur; when they they will merge, snow will fall on the fathom in the middle of summer, all living things will die]: 668; Tolokonsky 1914, No. 112 (the place of recording is not specified, the mediation of A. Kulakovsky; probably central) [The Little Bear was big, covered the sun and moon; a terrible cold came; a shaman girl, a pupil of the formidable celestial Uluu Toyon, took up save people; before the campaign, asked no woman to look at her; Kamlai ascended to heaven and began to break the Little Bear into small particles; at the moment when she collected sparkling fragments, small particles in her mouth, sprayed them on the sky, installing a system of stars, one woman could not help but curiosity, looked through the Chaughton window into the sky; the uda'an girl fainted, Bear was not completely defeated; someday the Little Dipper will grow in volume and life on earth will end; (retelling in Ergis 1974:134)]: 88-89.

SV Asia. Koryaks [(probably from Jochelson 1905 or 1908); for winter, geese fly to another world through a small hole in the sky or through a gap between rocks; they must fly silently; as soon as a goose gives a voice, the crack closes and the crushed goose falls dead; in another world, the Goose (or Bird) Mother is waiting for geese; seagulls far in the sky also have the Old Mother; if she flew to earth, she would obscure if the sun and sky; she asks the seagulls arriving for the winter how they lived on earth and why their beaks turned black; the seagulls say that they did not live well, they only pecked coals; if the seagulls tell the truth, the Old Woman- The mother will fly to the ground and eat all the berries; the old gulls are afraid that the younger ones will spill, so they stay the first years to spend the winter with them]: Toivonen 1937:110-111.

The Arctic. Northern Alaska Inupiate (Kobuk River) [caribou ate people; when the old woman's son was eaten, she was covered with cranberry juice {probably not cranberries, but a shrub of the same Vaccinium family with red berries}, the caribou began to bite her, the sour juice caused her teeth to fall out, but one caribou fang was hidden in her upper jaw (it's easy to find there); so at the end of time, caribou's fangs will reappear]: Cleveland 1980: 35-36; netsilic [a giant adopts a young man; they come to a frozen lake, where another giant is fishing; giants fight; a young man helps kill the second and his wife by cutting their tendons; them a little son rises to heaven, turns into Sila (Narsuk), the owner of bad weather, snow, rain; four women can sit side by side on his penis; someday he will kick down the pillars of the world] : Rasmussen 1931:229-231.

Subarctic. Tagish [Big Dipper is a big-headed man who took rabbits out of the trap, saying Hoo, hoo; one man shot him in the back; an arrow, a faint star near the second star bucket; the Big Dipper once said the world would end when it stopped walking in circles and turned upside down]: McClelland 1975 (1): 78; taltan: Teit 1919, No. 5 [Big Dipper said people to watch it; if the moon disappears, it won't last long, but if it disappears, it won't appear again; therefore, during eclipses, people watch the Big Dipper and see that it is in place , they say it's all right], 7 [the beaver hunter's family cooks blood in a bowler basket; when one son returns, everything has already been eaten; he cries, his father promises to beat him; the young man grabs the pot, gets up by the Month; says he is his real father; seen on the lunar disk, holding a pot of blood in his hand; his name is Sa'kesada; gradually bends down; when his figure turns upside down, the world will end]: 228-229 , 229.

The coast is the Plateau. Thompson (Nicola Valley) [The old man lives in the sky; takes land from the sky, sculpts the world, throws it into the waters; the earth appears; it rotates on a pole like an axis; at the base of the axis, the Old Man lives, watching her; when he thinks the time is right, asks Beaver to gnaw through the axis, the earth will collapse down]: Teit 1912a: 320 in Haekel 1958:44 (also briefly in Boas 1916, No. 3:617).

The Midwest. Kickapoo: Latorre, Latorre 1976:261-262 [Visaka confronts evil horned underground cougars; they're trying to freeze him; two birds come one by one to warn him, but he continues to sleep in her house; the third comes to peck out his eyes, he drives her; she tells the cougars that they cannot kill V.; they surround V. with water; he makes a boat, tells the Turtle to dive to the bottom; when she pops up, he scrapes silt off her legs and belly; The dove brings branches; V. makes a lump of branches and dirt, puts it on water, creates land; horned cougars remain hidden underground; Thunders help keep them there; when the world ends, horned cougars will come out and devour everyone], 267-268 [The moon is a grandmother who sends women their periods; she has the face of an Indian old woman stirring food for her family in a pot; if stops stirring, the world will end].

Northeast. Seneca [White Bisons live underground; dwarfs make sure they don't make it to the surface, bringing disaster to people]: Cornplanter 1938, No. 8:84; Seneca [woman sitting on the moon , embroidering a porcupine with needles; a pot next to her on fire; whenever she gets up to prevent the brew, the dog sitting next to her dissolves her needlework; if she finishes embroidering, the world will end]: Curtin 2001:508; Iroquois [the old woman was transported to the moon for not predicting when the world would end; you can see her weaving a strap on the moon to carry a load behind her back; once a month gets up to prevent the porridge that is being cooked; at this time, a nearby cat unfolds the weave; until the end of time, the old woman will not be able to finish her work]: Smith 1883:81; onondaga [horned snakes live under with earth; Thunders prevent them from going out; they will come out at the end of the world]: Hewitt 1928:805-806; delaware [a woman who has only one grain of corn weaves a basket; mice chew it overnight; if a woman will finish the basket, the world will die]: Bierhorst 1995, No. 201:74.

Plains. Black-legged (blood) [the husband gets a web to catch animals; his wife covers herself with incense, goes to the snake lover; the husband watches her, burns the lair of snakes; tells his two sons to flee, gives them a stick, stone, wet moss; hangs a web above the entrance to the house; the wife is entangled in her, he cuts off her head; her body pursues him; they turn into the Moon and the Sun; if the Moon catches up with the Sun, eternal night will fall]: Grinnell 1893a: 44-47; teton (White River) [an old woman in a cave embroiders a bison skin cape with needles; from time to time she gets up to prevent the brew boiling on fire from berries; every time her dog pulls out needles; if she manages to finish the embroidery, the world will end]: Erdoes, Ortiz 1984:485-486; Sheena: Erdoes, Ortiz 1984 [in the north supports the earth pole; the beaver gnaws at it; when it gnaws, the earth will fall]: 484-485; Kroeber 1900, No. 8 [same]: 164-165; Pawnee: Dorsey 1904b, No. 7 (skidi) [the bison of the beginning of time stands north at the gates of heaven; every year one hair falls out; when all his hair falls out, the world will come to an end]: 36; 1906, No. 5 (chaui) [four girls go north, attracted by an unusual smell; one reaches the goal, finding themselves at the dwelling in rock; the young man says that the smell comes from there; when she enters, the girl does not find a way back; the young man turns into an old man and in the morning again into a young man; according to him, the door opens; the raven boy says that the owner is Long Tongue (DYA), a rolling skull; teaches how to escape; the girl asks for permission to pick berries; searches for DYA in her head, throws away ticks, bites berries like ticks; smears everywhere bison fat, sits on the Raven, they fly away, then she walks, and the Raven flies in front; DYA loses time eating fat; then picking up or eating abandoned objects - arrows, balls of fat, thickets Rena to make arrowpoles (formed from a single arrow), bison (from a tendon; bison is needed to take bowstring tendons), turkeys (from a turkey feather); an abandoned flint knife cuts through a ravine; a man at the mound makes a bow; he invites a girl inside; hits the skull with a club, it splits, some fly west, becomes a month, the other east becomes the sun; in a month, the sun is also visible Now the figure of a man; the girl remains the sister of her savior and his brothers; she is the daughter of the Evening Star; they give her a corn seed, she grows a lot of corn; gives birth to a son from the North Star; goes north to her husband; seven brothers (they are Hawks) go east, then west; when they meet a woman, her husband and son, the world will end], 35 (pitahahuirat) [it rains, the flood has destroyed the race giants; in the northwest, where the water came from, Tirava put a bison; every year his hair falls out; after the last one falls, people will no longer live on earth]: 31-38, 134; Pawnee: Dorsey 1906, No. 35 (Pitahauirat) [when the Morning Star told people where each of the great gods would stand in heaven, an old man and a young person died; they were placed on stretchers and the stars carried them around the North Star; they are Ursa Major and Ursa Minor; the North Star said that someday the Southern Star would rise so high as to grab people carrying the stretcher, and then people will die]: 35-36.

Southeast USA. Shawnee [Our Grandmother weaves a basket in heaven; at night her dog (at Shawnee Chiroki: with her grandson) weaves what she has done in the day; one day she will finish her work, put the righteous in the basket, will destroy the world, populate the new one with people from the basket]: Voegelin 1936:21; (cf. Chirokee: Erdoes, Ortiz 1984 [as in Mooney, the ground is hung from leather belts; narrated at the Chirokee Tribal Convention in 1975. {it seems that the story comes from Mooney}]: 105; Mooney 1900, No. 1 [at four corners the earth is suspended from the sky on ropes attached to a stone sky; when they break off, the earth will sink into the sea]: 239).

The Great Southwest. Jicarilla: Opler 1938, No. IC1 [children play bear; the girl is gradually becoming a real bear; for the fourth time she is completely transformed, kills everyone; leaves her younger sister, that She serves her; carries water in human turtles, from which the Bear made buckets; her father and five other men return from hunting; together with the girl, they make a fire at the Bear Cave, throw her face has a burning deer's peritoneum; they rise to the sky on the cloud, turn into Pleiades; there are 7 stars in the Pleiades; if you see that there are only 6 of them, then the Bear has reappeared and threatens people], II.2 [Big The bear is one of HactCin's first ancestors; he brought dance moccasins; his wife helped him bring them; the moon grows and ages, and the Big Dipper is the same; but if you see that it has 6 stars instead of 7 stars, bad things will happen]: 113-116, 161.

Mesoamerica Nahuat (Puebla) [Navavet (in another village of Nanavatsin) was about to flood the ground; the Thunders baptized him, calling him Juanito, and brought him to his cave, decorated with rainbows as flowers, drunk; when he woke up, there was no one around; he is still there; he does not know exactly when his day (June 24); if he finds out, celebrates, rains everything, we will die again]: Taggart 1983, No. 5:218-219; (cf. Totonaki [judging by the Romanian parallel (see above), European borrowing; San Juan is bound at the bottom of the sea; makes the earth tremble; asks each time if Ivanov Day (June 24) is near; they tell him that it is still far away; if he finds out that Ivanov is today, he will escape and destroy the earth with a flood]: Beck 2012 [Mount Colinque, evil creatures descend from the sky; asked Gromov to break it, they failed; then they asked Aktzini=The Sea; he broke, but the whole world shuddered; he is deceived, kept at the bottom of the sea, the top of the mountain is hidden in the clouds]: 220-253; Ichon 1969 (Sierra), No. 2 [predatory jaguars and snakes they descend from the sky on a stone pillar; Thunders can't destroy a pillar; San Juan is given vodka, he breaks a pole, and the Chicontepec volcano remains in this place; the first ancestors cover this mountain with clouds, San Juan is told that the pole is still standing; he runs away a second time to hit, falls into the sea; his arms and legs are attached to the bottom with pegs]: 113-115; Williams García 1954 (coast) [twelve Gromov sheltered an orphan; they tell him not to touch the chest of clothes and weapons; he opens it, takes the contents, the storm begins; the thunders have caught up with him, tied him up at the bottom of the sea; he always asks if Ivanov is not today Day; if he finds out that today he will be free, cause a flood]: 77; tsotsil (Chamula) [underground dwarfs load luggage on the rabbit like a mule, it slides on his side from his back; if she stays on Back, the world will turn upside down; when the sun passes by the dwarfs, they wear clay hats; they want to go out into our world]: Laughlin 1977, No. 24:151; kakchikeli [during an eclipse, the Sun fights the Moon; The Morning Star comes to separate them and if he ever fails, the world will end]: Stoll 1886:275 in Lasch 1900:106; Tricky [the only woman lived in the forest among animals, husband she was a deer; she told her son and daughter that their father did not have time to go home, she took food to the forest where he works; the children met a deer, talked to him, he did not answer, they trapped him, they filled the skin with bees, asked her mother to cook meat; in the morning the deer did not come to her call, she found it, hit it with her hand, the bees that flew out bit her; when she returned, the children laughed; she asked God Riki punish them; he turned his son into the Sun, his little sister into the moon; they will walk above the earth and shine until they are forgiven]: Relatos Triquis 1998:26-29.

Honduras-Panama. Rama [people find a pot belonging to a waxuk (half-jaguars, half-bakers); they cook food in it, one woman does not eat; waxuk comes at night; a woman is unable to wake people up swims to an island; waxook devour the souls of the sleepers, although the bodies remain; shamans take the waxook to the cave, close the exit with a stopper from Anona palistris; when the cork decays, the waxook coming out again]: Loveland 1982:129-131; 1990:45-46; Bribri: Bozzoli 1977 [The Harpy Eagle arrives and catches people; God tells him to stay in the east; he can come back and devour everyone]: 75-76; Nersi in Gonzáles Chaves, González Vásquez 1989 [the roof of Sibu's house (sky) is tied with snakes; stars are their heads, mustaches; huge bats devour them; when the snakes fall, we'll burn]: 115.

The Northern Andes. Kogi: Chaves 1947, No. 11 [Kashindukwe, Nuánashe and Námaku used blue and green stones to turn into jaguars at night; so did their people; Núnkasha trapped K.; Magri, turning into a jaguar, he ate his daughter and wife, they seemed like pineapples to him; Aluseye and Mulkwehe killed Nuánashe. but his spirit is only asleep; when all the Mamas (shamans and priests) are gone, K. and N. come to life, the sun will go out, the world will end, trees and mountains will disappear, the sea will flood everything]: 485-486; Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2), No. 7 [Kashindúkua was the brother of Noána-sé, Búnkua-sé and Ambuambu; Mother gave birth to them all; was a great healer; his mother gave him a blue stone (= a jaguar testicle); when he took it in his mouth and put on a mask, he turned into a jaguar; once he did it in front of a woman; she seemed like a pineapple, he was hers ate; began to do so intentionally; B. killed him many times, touching him with a stick to extract lime from the vascular, then revived him; K.'s people followed him as jaguars at night, killing others; B. made a trap tree; at night it seemed like a woman, but crushed K.; he was shot with arrows, he promised that his every suffering would become a human illness; his head and claws were cut off, hidden in a cave ; at the end of the world he will come out of there and kill everyone; K. is good, he is our father, for the Kogi are the People of the Jaguar, and he is the Father of the Jaguar; we ask him for permission to live on that land; for him we dance with wind masks, water and land], 8 [Noána-sé was the son of Kashindúkua; after his death he became the head (priest, Máma) of the Jaguar People; inherited his mask and blue stone, ate women; asked his sister Nukasá, her two daughters, became a jaguar, ate them, then his mother; B. and the priests killed him with clubs, but his Jaguar Spirit went out and disappeared into the cave; along with Kashinduqua and Námaku, he would leave at the end of the world devour people]: 43-46, 46-47: Celedón 1886 in Lasch 1900 [during an eclipse, an evil spirit tries to swallow the moon; if it swallows, the world will end]: 107.

Central Amazon. Rio Solimons (the exact recording location is not known) [The Moon (Jassy) was supposed to go beyond the Sun (Kurasé); if this happened, the heat of love The sun would burn the earth, and the Moon's tears would flood it; the Sun and the Moon would part, and the Moon's tears would form Amazon; not wanting to mix its tears with the waters of the sea, the Moon allows the river to flow east for six months and then tries to regain its tears and the Amazon flows westward (dry and wet seasons?)] : Barbosa Rodrigues 1890:212 (German translation in Teschauer 1906:733).

Eastern Amazon. Sipaya [Marušawa is now invisible; lives in Kurišiši, with him his family and great shamans who spoke to M. during his lifetime; he used to be like a human, now looks like a jaguar; three women they collect saliva dripping from its mouth into a vessel; if even one drop falls to the ground, misfortune happens (someone cuts himself, bites a snake, etc.); M. sits facing north; when he turns around and looks around, people will die; next to him is the Kududú toad, holding the ground on its back; when M. wants to destroy the earth, he will bypass the toad from the outside of the sky and pull it out so that the sky will collapse; writing M. - people without an anus, Adji, who were once killed by his son Kuñarima; when the meat runs out, M. blows on the remaining bones on the roasting rack, they are again overgrown with meat]: Nimuendaju 1920:1022.

The Central Andes. Uarochiri (dep. Lima) [The "black constellation" Yakan (llama) moves along the Milky Way (mayo, river); in the middle of the night, when no one sees, Yakana drinks water from the sea; if she does not drink, the sea will overflow and flood the earth]: Salomon, Uriosto 1991, ch. 29:132-133; Santa Bárbara de Rapaz, Cajatambo (dep. Lima) [a poor woman from the mountains (llacuas) becomes pregnant, does not know the reason; the witch doctor explains to her that her two sons, the Fox, will eat the world during the night and day; after giving birth, she must run without looking back; she looks around, sees a white Fox go to the sea, devours people on the coast; they turn into rocks and mountains to which we donate coca and alcohol; the black Fox runs to deal with the highlanders; a woman turns into stone, we donate coca and alcohol to her; both Foxes meet on Puna de Lauricocha; one person remains alive with a llama; pretends to be dead; hears the Foxes say that now there will be a new world where people will suffer more; both go to the water for a drink; a man pushes them into a lake, keeps them there; if they escape, the world will end again; this man is our grandfather]: Ortiz Rescaniere 1980: 55-58; (cf. Pillao (prov. Dinielle Caryon, dep. Pasco): Arguedas, Izquierdo Ríos 1947 [a girl gets pregnant, dreams that she is giving birth to two eggs, as if she should put them in a calebass, add milk, her snake sons will be born, she must feed them chest; next time in a dream she is instructed to run without looking back, for the snakes will eat everyone in the village; she turns around, turns into stone; two men Yunca Yukán and Tomás Rikapá n come out of the mountain (or from the mountain), cut off the heads of snakes, and the snakes themselves turn into stones; people donate coca and sagaretha to them]: 93-94; Duviols 1976:289-290 [wife of one of Wain's casiks (wank's enemies) dreams that she will give birth to a girl who will destroy Pillao; another's wife dreams that she will give birth to two young defenders; when a girl reaches 12 years old, she is sent to herd lamas; she dreams of a monster, nine years later She gives birth to two eggs for months, leaves her under a waterfall; her snake sons tell her to flee, because they will destroy both villages of Pillao; she runs, snakes devour everyone; two young men Tumayrikapak and Yunkikayan they kill snakes with clubs; a woman and a child see a battle, screams, and then she herself, boys and snakes turn into stones], 290 [a woman gives birth to an egg, a snake hatches from it, sucks her chest, says that hungry and will eat the people of the village; Tumayricapac cuts off the snake's head, both turn into stones; the water in Lake La Culebra is red because of the snake's blood]).

Montagna - Jurua. Machigenga: Baer 1984, No. 3 [Parenya has daughters and sons; she took fish out of her anus, they were also her sons; tells her daughter to let part into the river, cooks, gives her husband a Hummingbird, says what she caught; he saw where she was getting the fish, refused to eat; she turned him into a hummingbird, let him drink flower juice; her second husband, the Bee; began to lick her sweat, she turned it into a bee; the next The fly saw that she was eating crap, made it a fly; the next was the Battleship; P. made masato, sent her sons for her brother Pachákama; he said he would come; walking back, the boys climbed on a tree for pakae fruit; P. came, asked for it, they peeled him; he turned them into monkeys; together with his son I 'giane came to P.; said that her sons would come to eat fruits; they came running laughing; P. called them, they turned into small and black monkeys; they ran again as humans, then finally into monkeys; I. turned her daughters into tapir, deer and paka; P. told Pachákam to sit down, he began to fall into the ground; tried to become bamboo, ants, did not help; The battleship took it to the mouth of the Amazon, secured it with pillars; I. turned the Battleship into battleship; P. placed I. in the upper reaches of the Amazon; when the ground shakes, Pachakama's son goes to him; the same one does not move; if he moves, the world will end; Pareni has turned into a salt rock, with her youngest daughter; fish swim up to suck their mother], 9 [the shaman's wife cheats on him with his brother; he turns into a jaguar, kills lovers; along with other jaguars, exterminates people; his His younger brother, an ocelot, tells his mother to pour resin into his nostrils; a great woodpecker, a heron, a lizard, a monkey cannot penetrate the resin crust; a small woodpecker pierces his brother takes the Jaguar and the other jaguars into the cave, her entrance closes; the assistant feeds him chicken, says it is people's meat; when he gives human beings, the Jaguar will come out of the cave, devour all people]: 446-449; cachinahua [heavenly people cut down a tree- sky; termites heal the trunk every time; if a tree falls, we will die]; character [evil Shashtoto is sent to clean the roots of the sky from debris; if he wants revenge and quits work, water will flood the earth]: Calífano 1995, No. 5:183.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 42-43 [four gray old men hold the ground; when they get tired, they shift from shoulder to shoulder, the ground shudders; they ask young people if their hair is still black, those they answer yes; four red-haired dwarfs Idsettii Deha hold the ground in the south and 4 in the north; ask from time to time if they are gray; gray hair is pulled out; when they turn gray, the ground will fall; the ground is held there are four old men in the corners; when the Sun and Moon pass by, they ask if they are gray, if it is time to replace them with young ones; the Sun and the Moon tear out their gray hair, say that it is not time yet; when they will take the wear young, the earth swings], 110 [the hunter kills many monkeys; their owner tears his body to pieces, throws him down, where his brother-in-law is waiting under the tree; he carries the head of the victim in the basket; his head falls out, gnawing through the bottom; her brother-in-law buries her; she comes out of the grave at the end of the world; if she whistles, it's an ominous day on earth; if someone else whistles, her head will come and devour people]: 88-89, 242; chiriguano: Cipolletti 1978, No. 1 [Tatu-tunpa (Battleship) got together with a girl; she left him pregnant; twins from her womb each ask to pick a flower for him, put it on her chest (en su seno); when ask again, the mother replies that there is no more space on her chest; the twins fall silent, do not show the way at the fork, the woman gets to the Jaguar Mother; she hid her; the jaguars came, the last Yawa with with two heads, one is sleeping, the other is awake; the woman has flowed milk, the jaguars smelled her, lowered her (from under the roof); the mother of the jaguars asked for her insides, hid the twins in a vessel; birds hunting they reproach them for feeding their mother's murderers; that the mother of the jaguars has a medallion (medallita milagrosa) that belonged to their mother; at a watering hole, the twins kill jaguars one by one; double-headed only one head was cut off; he jumped to the moon, the twins behind him; Luna Woman hid it under her clothes, told the twins that she did not have a jaguar; the jaguar ate it, the Moon called for help (eclipse); The twins said that one day he would eat the moon, the sun, the stars, come out from under the moon's clothes, the earth would end; one of the twins became Kembiliá (Venus), the other Yasotátobos (Orion's Belt)]: 48-51; Metraux 1932 [Tatu-tunpa came down from heaven, became pregnant with a girl; she did not know how it happened; T. promised her to return in a month; her mother tells her to go to her husband; twins from the womb tell her the road; she collects flowers for them, they need more; she refuses, they stop talking; she comes to the Jaguar house; Jaguariha hides her in addition to corn; the Jaguars find it, eat it; the toothless Jaguariha asks give her the uterus; when she cooks, the twins sit on the edge of the pot; she raised them, gave them onions to hunt birds; the Jaguars ask the twins to teach them how to hunt too; they cannot learn; the twins have lured them first cross a shallow lake and then a deep lake; everyone drowned, only the double-headed Sky Jaguar escaped; the twins made a chain of arrows, went up to heaven; the double-headed Jaguar rose after them; ate the moon and the sun, their blood gave rise to a new moon and sun; these are eclipses of the sun and moon; one day they will eat, huge bats will appear, kill people; some will hide under leather cloaks (?) ; at night, pots, plants, stones will sing, dance, attack people; smut will turn green, there will be no fire; people will first make fire with mate, it will end, remain in the dark; it will end earthquake, everything will die; the sun will return, another era will begin]: 154-158.

Southern Amazon. Paresi: Pereira 1987:620 (note 208) [in the sky, a rope is attached to Grandfather Vulture's neck, the other end is anchored to the ground to hold it; if the Vulture Grandfather falls, the ground will also fall, people will die], No. 344 [DS once decided to go down to earth to eat, but the sun began to fall from the sky with him; DS nephews asked him to return, otherwise people would die]: 778; kuikuro [vo during the eclipse of the moon, birds attack anya (the souls of the dead); the chief of the birds is the two-headed vulture of Ogomigi; helping souls, Agafutanga wants to kill him, but dead brother A. warns that then the sky will collapse]: Carneiro 1977:8-11; kamayura [a living person who comes to heaven to the dead cuts off a dangerous sedge, kills a toad, a double-headed vulture, a harpy eagle; if you kill the main eagle, the sky will fall]: Agostinho 1974, No. 10:200-201.

Eastern Brazil. To the east, there is a pillar that supports the sky; it is gnawed or cut down, but the felling overgrows while the fellers rest; if the sky falls, we will die. Kayapo [tapir gnaws on support]; apinaye [red-haired people cut the support]; frame camera [The Milky Way with dark spots on it is a nandu ostrich, its head is lower than the Southern Cross; if one day it will make a sound at night (? begin humming), people are over; one day he began to do this, dragging one wing on the ground and killing so many people; next to him is the babasu palm tree (Orbignia speciosa), a Scorpio constellation without tail stars; she was standing on the Nandu trail and he threatened to knock her down, but she begged her to leave her standing, because falling to the ground would kill many people; there is also an unidentified constellation of wild chicken in the Milky Way (Tinamus sp.); Magellanic Cloud - ash from the burnt anthropomorphic character Auke]: Nimuendaju 1946a: 233-234.

Southern Brazil. Mbia [Tupan took a giant nanda to heaven; to prevent him from pecking people, he gave him three piles of food (Coal Bags on the Milky Way); one pile has already been eaten; when Nandu eats two the rest, he'll take on people]: Müller 1934:453-454; Guarani [a blue jaguar that looks like a dog lies under the Ñanderuwuçu hammock waiting to be released to humans; once ate all people, there was only one boy left; he put the end of his spear into the fire, then into the monster's mouth, the jaguar died; the soul of the jaguar rose to heaven, revived there]: Metraux 1932:57.