Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

C28. A rash promise. .27.28.32.-.36.

A demonic character takes possession of a value without which another character (and humans) will die. The demon is cunningly forced to return valuables.

Gagauz people, Ukrainians (Western?) , Mordovians, Kyrgyz, Khakas (Sagai, Kachins), Buryats (Balagan, Kudins), Eastern Khanty (b. Pim), northeastern Yakuts.

The Balkans. Gagauz [Our Lady made a condition with Sheitan that she would own the living and he would own the dead; God understood that since all people were mortal, Shaitan would all of them; sent St. Ilya could not steal the contract as a worker; then God promised to heat the earth, and St. Let Ilya offer Sheitan a swim; when Sheitan was swimming, God froze the water, St. Ilya accepted the condition and flew to heaven]: Moshkov 2004:208, 228 [the same stories from Little Russians and Mordovians].

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Western?) [see Gagauz people; "Little Russians have the same stories"]: Moshkov 2004:228.

Turkestan. Kyrgyz [The devil is angry and hid the sun; everyone is gathered for advice; the wise Hedgehog said he is defenseless and cannot come; he is given a new skin with needles; he suggests asking the Devil to make it out skin of sand, and dry oil and sew ichigi by noon; The sun has to free the devil]: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1981:347; 1989:370-371; (cf. Kazakhs: Potanin 1972, No. 2 [Jalmouth ate people; The hedgehog let himself be swallowed, stuck in his throat; D. agreed not to eat people if the Hedgehog gave him gold; Musa Peigambar (prophet Moses) gave the Hedgehog a block of gold with the horse's head, the Hedgehog took it to D., he stopped eating people], 7 [Jebrail Jalmouse Pegambar caught all the birds, made holes in their nose, put them on the lasso, was going to eat; Baigus remained; suggests D. make lasso from sunlight and cow oil; D. cannot, lets birds go; Kazakhs do not catch baigus]: 47-48, 49-50).

Volga - Perm. Mordvians [see the Gagauz people; "the same stories among the Mordovians"]: Moshkov 2004:228.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Khakas (Sagai) [Kudai promises to give the sun to Erlik Khan; summons animals to cunning to evade his promise; the Bat does not come; says she does not the animal, because it flies, and not a bird, because it has fangs; K. explains that on the way to it she kept records of everything she met (more growing trees or fallen trees, pebbles or fish); it turned out to be equally divided, it was checked it turned out to be true; when going to court, people have since sewed bat skin under their collar]: Alekseev 1980:52-53; Khakas (Kachins) [God gathered a bird's gathering to choose an official; Corncrake appeared last, because it does not fly well; said that the Crane cannot be chosen, it will do nothing; the crane broke his leg; they chose the large colorful bird Ala-Gus; God disputed many people to his brother the Unclean, Gathered the birds again; when the Corncrake came in limping, Ala-Gus laughed; the Corncrake was offended and left; God sent the Swallow for him; the second time she overheard the Corncrake curse and say what to do suggest that the Line catch its reflection in the mirror or its shadow; the line had to be returned to people; God turned Ala-Gus into forty, divided its blue feathers among all birds]: Kuznetsova 1899, No. 2:148-149; Buryats: Khangalov 1958a: 327-328 (Balagan) [the owner of the earth, Dadyn-Ezhin Daba-Noyon (but also Delhen-ezhin Diben-Sagan-Noyon) demanded from the sky Khan Khurmas (or Khurmas-Tengari) the rays of the moon and sun, promising to harm people if he did not comply with the requirement; feeling sorry for the people he created, with the participation of all other Western Tengrians, Hurmusta tried to catch the sun and moon rays, but failed, convened all 55 Western Tengrias for the council; Zarya-Azarga (hedgehog) was also present at the council; since the Tengria Council did not figure out how to comply with the demand of the land owner (Dadyn-Ezhin), ZA went home; on the way said: "Hurmust's Western Sky has brought all Western Tangarins together, and they can't think of a way to catch the rays of the sun and moon, but it's impossible to do so because it will happen on earth it is dark; they must come up with something that would force the land owner to abandon his demand; if they demand "dadyn-zhirelge" and "dalan miralga" from the landlord, then the landlord will not be able to get it and will then give up his demand." Those sent by H. to eavesdrop on what he would say FOR, who had a habit of thinking out loud, told H. the words of the hedgehog; Western Tengria followed the advice and demanded dadyn-zhirelge and dalan miralga from the owner of the land; he instructed the king of waters Uh-Lobson to send him Dalan Miralga, but he replied that he could not do it, and Dadyn-Ezhin himself could not catch Dadyn-zhirelge and should have refused from their demand], 328 (Kudins) [Esege-Malan-Tengari and the landlord became related through the marriage of their children; the landlord visited heaven Esege-Malan-Tengari; when leaving home asked for the sun to the moon as a gift; EMT could not refuse; it became dark on earth; EMT sent for Zarya-Azorg, the latter being offended by the ridicule of 9 sons and 9 daughters of EMT, who laughed that the hedgehog was not walks because he has no legs (?) , but rides; ZA left, blurted out his thought on the way, which EMT used; he went to visit the owner of the land himself; What should you give? says the owner of the earth; the horse from the spring reflection and the arrow from the echo; the owner of the earth could not fulfill the request, took the sun and moon out of the box and handed it to the guest]; Khantalov 1903 in Sharakshinova 1980 [ High Heaven (Under Tengari) married the daughter of the Broad Earth (Ulgen Dalhey) for her son; the Earth demanded the Sun and Moon for her daughter, locked them in a box; the sky and earth became dark; Heaven cannot think of a way to get the Sun and Moon back; Zarya Azarga sent for the wise Hedgehog, ordered his 9 sons and 9 daughters not to laugh when he enters; ZA had no legs, rolled on the ground; sons and daughters, when they saw him, could not help laughing; ZA was angry, drove back; Heaven sent Hare, Deer, Ermine, Squirrel, Ferret to eavesdrop on what ZA would say; "Let the sons and daughters of the High Sky will descend to earth and become huts and ongons; in order to restore the Sun and Moon, we must ask the Broad Earth for Forest Echo and Water Flickering; it is unable to catch them , will be forced to give back the Sun and Moon"; the Hare overheard these words; as a result, the Sky received the lights back, and his children became gods who filled the Saiyans]: 34-36.

Western Siberia. Eastern Khanty (Pim river) [God promises the Devil what he asks for; Damn takes the sun and the month; God's son tells his father to ask the Devil for a shadow; he cannot grab it, returns the sun and the month]: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 85:69 (=Lukina 1990, No. 3:64).

Eastern Siberia. Northeastern (Kolyma) Yakuts [Ulu-Toyon sends his grandfather Sesen to marry Kyun Kys (Sun-Daughter) from Ai-Toyon; he asks for a mirage in return and water swell; W. collects animals; Wolf and Raven promise to get it, get the first long legs, the second vigilance for this; but they did not get it]: Seroshevsky 1896:655-666.