Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

C34. Flood: a wounded creature. .18.-.

The flood begins after people kill (offend, maim) a (usually aquatic) creature.

Bud, Numanbor, Maung, Watut, Palau, Rawang, Ibani, Chukchi, Kuchin, Tsimshian, Quarry, Katlamet, Kalapuya, Kutene, Menominee, Western Ojibwa, Eastern Ojibwa, Northern Ojibwa, North Solto, Eastern Cree, Sauk and Fox, Steppe Cree, Ojibwa Steppe, Sarsi, Blackfoot, Mandan, Omaha and Ponca, Iowa, Arapahoe, Caddo, Alabama, Coasati, Yurok, Shasta, Monache, Luiseño, Serrano, Navajo, jicarilla, havasupai, nahua (San Luis Potosí), tlapanequa, guambia, yanomami, arecuna, sekoya, shuar, aguaruna, huambisa (?) , murato, bora, uitoto, Vaupes, kokama, chayahuita, shipibo, pyro, kulina, takana, chimane, chiriguano, cinta larga, bororo, crajo, chamacoco, lengua, yagani.

Australia. Bud [people found, baked and ate Rainbow Serpent eggs; the serpent washed into the sky and formed a cloud; it began to grow, covered the whole earth, a thunderstorm began; lightning was snake tongues, they destroyed the huts causing the flood]: Waterman 1987, No. 2235 (1): 75; numanbor (location not established) [people found, baked Rainbow Serpent eggs, which led to flooding; the sorcerer turned people into ducks]: Waterman 1987, No. 2235 (2): 75; maung [people only give the Crow bad, inedible fish; he cuts down a tree from which water gushes, floods the earth; humans turn into birds of different kinds]: Berndt, Berndt 1964 : 338-339.

Melanesia. Vatut: Fischer 1963, No. 28c [the husband found out that his wife had a lover; sent a big snake to her in the image of that man; the woman slept with the snake; people brought him into the house, set him on fire, but his left one hand (i.e. a serpent in anthropomorphic form?) stayed outside; the children saw the serpent block the river with its foot, but people did not believe it; the children went to the mountain; people sacrificed the Snake a pig, but he was not satisfied, shot at the ground, water poured, everything drowned, only two young men escaped on a coconut tree; they ate coconuts, the shell fell into the water, it was carried to the mountain, where the girls escaped; the boys jumped into the water, swam for the shell; married girls, had many descendants], 29 [people killed and ate a big snake, one danced with its head on his spear; water filled from the ground, everyone drowned, only the children escaped on the mountain]: 174-175, 175.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Palau [humans killed one of the eight gods; the other seven decided to destroy people with a flood, saving the life of the good Milathk woman; told her to make a raft, tie him to a tree with a vine; tie him to a tree; tie him turned out to be short, M. drowned; the eldest of the gods sent immortality for water; Tariit (water shepherdess bird, Rallus pectoralis), arranged so that the Hibiscus populneus tree was quietly pierced by a knot a tarot leaf vessel containing water; a woman has lost her immortality, and the hibiscus becomes tenacious, any branch, if planted, grows; lively, although not immortal, M. gave birth to people]: Kubary, vol.1:53-55 in Frazer 1924:259-260.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Rawang [Alang Pung was born with wings, tail and claws; began to take people to the cave and eat them; people invited him to the party, advised him to sit on the roof, lower his tail into the crack between the beams of the floor so that no one would step on it; grabbed it by the tail, killed it; buried it, but in the morning it was on the surface; so twice; they decided to eat it, divided into pieces, but not enough for everyone; then they threw it the body into the river; it dammed it, the flood began, only a piece of land remained above the water, a couple of people escaped there; 9 suns came out and dried the earth; two went in different directions, but found no one, got married ; God Dameu killed him, cut him into small pieces, scattered them, gave his mother his liver under the guise of animal meat; said that she ate; explained that there would be many children, told him to cook food; called people Plenty came; those who didn't get food became forest animals]: LaPolla, Poa 2001:48 -65

Malaysia - Indonesia. Dayaki sushi (ibanas) [people in the forest mistook the boa constrictor for a log, began to cut down the collected roots on it; when they understood what was going on, they cut and cooked the boa constrictor; rain flooded the ground with a flood; they escaped on the mountain woman, dog, rat and other small animals; the vine rubbed against the trunk, heating it; the dog noticed this, the woman got fire; married a vine, gave birth to a half-boy (vertically) Simpang Impang; he took grain from the rat, which promised that rats would eat grain from humans; The wind scattered the grains; SI went to look for the Wind; along the way, the Tree, on which birds constantly eat, said ask the Wind to knock him down (so as not to suffer); the Lake asked the Wind to remove the piece of gold that covered the water's runoff; sugarcane and bananas asked them to have branches like trees; Wind offers competitions; 1) dive (the bubble immediately surfaced, the fish that dived instead of SI won); 2) jump (the swift took off instead of SI); 3) go through the wind gun (ant); the wind does not give up; then SI called his father Fire Drill, set fire to the Wind House; the Wind admits defeat, makes SI a fat man in compensation for the grain; as for other requests, the Wind promised to fix the matter; but the branches to bananas and It will not give reeds, because people violate customs]: Hose 1912:144-147.

SV Asia. Chukchi [an unknown sea animal digs into the hunter's back; people save the hunter, who orders to peel off the animal's skin, let him into the sea; a flood begins; at the site of the village, a strait forms between two islands]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 59:223-224.

Subarctic. Kuchin [Giateaquoynt's brother turns into a Wolf; drives an elk into the lake; a big fish (she is the mother of both brothers) swallows it; at night, fish play with Wolf and elk skins; D. sharpens Kingfisher's beak; he tells him in gratitude about his brother's fate; D. hides in a hollow deck on the shore; fish go out to play, fall asleep; he kills them, two are saved; rain begins, the flood begins; D. sails on a raft; sends the Raven and another bird, both return without finding land; ties a rope to the Beaver, asks him to dive; he pops up dead; the same with the other two Beavers; the muskrat dives a little once; the last time D. pulls her out dead, finds earth on his paws; creates land; revives Muskrat; sends Wolf and Fox to explore the earth; the Wolf does not return, the Fox reports that the earth is big]: McKennan 1965:103-104; dogrub, slevy [young man asks the whale to swallow it; suffers from the heat inside the whale; asks his sister to throw him her moccasin; grabs him, she pulls it out; whale in It produces waves of anger, flooding the earth with a flood; only brother and sister are saved]: Petitot 1886, No. 4:319-320.

NW Coast. Tsimshian: Barbeau 1953 [children laugh at a tree at a stranger with a plant protruding from her back; it leads to a tide, water floods the ground; some people flee on rafts, tribes are divided]: 184-185; Boas 1916 [(summary); people hurt trouts; a flood begins; some flee in boats; mountain climbers sink; var: mountains arise during a flood]: 727.

The coast is the Plateau. The quarry [see motive L78; a seal hunter kills too many animals; one day he brings a white tuoen, asks his wife to wash the carcass; she enters the water, the marine inhabitants carry it away; the husband dives, brings stones to the little fish under which the fish live, makes blind geese sighted; Satsan cuts a tree to make the kidnapped woman fins; the husband tells the wedge to split; repairs; for this S. pours water into the fire; the husband takes his wife; S. prevents the pursuers from leaving the house, Geese and Fish put obstacles in their way; the sea floods the earth to the sky; the husband kills his wife with an ax, throws it into the water; the water begins fall down; first the Muskrat, then the Beaver dive, both repeatedly bringing portions of clay from the bottom; man makes new land out of them]: Jenness 1934, No. 8:141-143; katlamet [Blue Jay sends a girl marry Puma; she enters the house, sits on one of the beds; Mink, Otter, Raccoon, Lynx, Mouse take turns coming in, bringing trout, salmon, ducks, roots, etc.; Beaver pretends to be a Puma, lies down with the girl; At night she gropes for branches in his stomach; leaves, stops in a house on the edge of the village; the Beaver sends animals for her; she sends them away; when the Puma comes, she becomes his wife; the Beaver cries, the flood begins; Blue Jay, Mink, Otter dive, do not reach the bottom; The muskrat dives for a long time, the flood ends; when jumping out of boats, animal people lose their tails, hitting them aft; Bear and Grizzly do not are back for their tails, they are now short]: Boas 1901, No. 2:20-25; Kalapuya [Keith's daughter comes to Puma, becomes his wife; they go visit her father; meat bags roll by themselves; Puma spits in the fire, Keith smells meat; next time Puma sends his brother Coyote with his wife; he pretends to be ill, leaves, dives, asks his excrement if he now looks like Puma; for the fifth time - looks like; returns to a woman in the guise of her husband, copulates with her; meat bags do not roll by themselves, the spit does not smell meat; Keith kills Coyote; Puma solders his wife's womb; takes out Coyote throws his son, son, into the water; cuts off and takes his wife's braids; the flood begins (sent by Keith); stops when Puma throws braids into the water; Puma buys fire from a snake (copperhead snake)]: Jacobs 1945, No. 5:103-113; kutene [a water monster is killed by an arrow; his blood (=water) gushes from a wound; people are fleeing to the mountain; the Hawk sticks its striped feather into the ground; the water rises to the last stripes, leaves]: Boas 1918, No. 66 [Hawk's wife cheats on him with the monster; he kills both]: 219-225: Clark 1966 [Woodpecker kills the monster that swallowed Drake and his wife]: 144-145.

The Midwest. Menominee [all birds and Thunders go down to play ball against fish, snakes, otters, land animals, polar underground Bears; Myanyabush watches the game, kills three underground gods with arrows; they fall into Lake Michigan; the water rises, chases Myanyabush; he climbs to the top of a pine tree on the mountain; tells Beaver and Muskrat to get the earth from the bottom; both float dead; on the legs of the Muskrat Myanyabush finds some silt, makes it an island; waters descend]: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. 6:255-260; Western Ojibwa: Radin, Reagan 1928, No. 2-5 (Southeast Ontario, Western Ontario, Minnesota) [see motive C6; Manabozo or Vissekejaq injures minito, the old frog goes to treat him; M. kills her, wears her skin, comes to the minito, drives an arrow deeper into the body of the wounded, killing him; the water rushes after M., he climbs a tree, makes a raft; tells Beaver, Otter, Muskrat to dive; they float up unconscious one by one; between the fingers of Muskrat M. finds grains of land, makes land]: 62-76; Barnouw 1977 (chippewa) [see M60 motif; Venebozho kills underwater serpent chiefs; water pursues V., he climbs a tree on a mountain; see motif B3A]: 38; eastern ojibwa (timagami) [see motif M60; Nenebuk kills the queen of the Giant Lynxes; Lynxes send a flood; N. tells Beaver to reach the ground, he does not dive to the bottom; the muskrat pops up dead with the ground in its paws; N. makes the earth; sends the white crow to see if it is big; he eats dead fish, turns black; the seagull eats a little, the ends of its wings turn black; the owl eats fresh fish , does not return]: Speck 1915d, No. 1:34-38; Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake) [see B3A motif, motif C6; Kingfisher tells Visakajak 'u how water monsters killed his brother Wolf; V. paints Kingfisher's throat is red; hides on the beach, shoots monsters; The frog goes to heal them; V. kills her, puts on her skin, hurts M.'s heart, runs away; the flood begins; V. sends Beaver, Otter, Muskrat to get the bottom of the earth; on his paws, the surfacing Muskrat finds clay; creates land; sends Wolverine to see if it is big; the third time Wolverine does not return, the earth is ready]: Ray, Stevens 1971:20-26; Eastern Cree [The Trickster hunts the beaver, breaks the dam, the water floods the world; he sends the Muskrat to get the earth from the bottom, it pops up dead; sends the Raven to bring the land, it returns from none than; collects moss from the raft, puts it in the Wolf's mouth, tells him to run around the raft; the earth grows]: Skinner 1911:83; northern solto [see M60 motif; Visekajac kills the underwater Puma; others Pumas cause a flood; Visekajak with animals flees on a raft; animals dive to get the ground from the bottom; Beaver, Otter, Muskrat emerge dead; Visekajak finds clay on Muskrat's paws, makes the earth; sends the Raven to see if it is big; she returns twice; the first time the earth is small, then it grows; Visekajak sends the Wolf; he does not return, the earth is big]: Skinner 1911: 173-175; sauk, fox [see motif B3A; Visakya and Kshyapatya, sons of the supreme deity; manitou (Snakes?) kill K.; V. wounds the Snakes with arrows; the Toad goes to treat them; V. persuades the Toad to return; he comes under the guise of a Toad Healer, finishes off the wounded; other Snakes first cause a world fire, then a flood; V. escapes in a boat or on top of a pine tree; see motif C5, C6]: Jones 1901:226-235; Steppe Cree [see motif J33, motif K27; Visakechak and his younger brother run away from chasing them off their mother's heads; the old man invites V. to the boat, takes them away; the younger brother is left alone, turns into a wolf; V. marries the old man's youngest daughter; the old man dies, V. kills his wife's mother-in-law and older sister; Water Pumas and Snakes eat Brother Wolf; V. injures the Pisces Leader; Frog goes to heal him; V. learns from her normal behavior, kills her, takes her form; plunges the arrow deeper into the Leader's body, he dies; the flood begins; V. and the animals escape in the boat; V. sends Loon, Otter and others to the bottom to get the land; only the Muskrat dives, brings the earth on its paws; V. sends it four times, creates land; Spirit creates two (?) pairs of people; sends the Raven (to measure the earth?) , he does not return; sends Eagle]: Bloomfield 1930, No. 1:16-20; Steppe Ojibwa [see B3A motif; Nanybozhu takes a young Wolf as his companion; Horned Snakes drag him under water; N. finds his trail, turns into a stump on the shore; wounds three of the largest snakes with arrows; the old toad goes to treat them; N. recognizes her song, kills her, wears her skin; cries when he sees the Wolf's hanging skin; kills snakes, driving arrows deeper into their wounds; grabbing the Wolf's skin, runs, the water follows him; the muskrat brings silt from the bottom; N. creates land; revives the Wolf, sends him to find out if the earth is great; the Wolf returns, Having reached middle age; next time an old man; N. is happy, turns the Wolf into a wolf]: Skinner 1919, No. 6-8:283-288.

Plains. Sarsi [two young men from the upper world go down to people; the chief's two daughters fall in love with them; people want sisters to marry two bright stars; kill young men; as punishment, the Creator sends the flood; the old man is saved on a raft, with animals and birds; he sends animals to dive; the Muskrat comes up last, the old man scrapes off her legs some silt, blows, creates land; sends Zuika to find out is the earth big; he comes back aged, tired; the earth is big]: Simms 1904:180-182; blacklegs: Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 1 [a woman gives birth to a son from the Star, he turns into a mushroom; some the child tears him to pieces aimlessly; celestials send a flood]: 19; Fraser 1990 [the leader's daughter with two friends sleeps outside, wants a Star as her husband; in the morning a beautiful man comes up to her, picks her up sky; she gives birth to a child, is happy; her husband does not tell you to dig up a large root crop; she violates the ban, sees her native camp through a hole in the sky, cries; her husband orders to make a rope, sends it back; she comes to his parents, but her son turns into a smoke mushroom; people cut him to pieces; she asks the Morning Star for revenge; he tells her and her parents to make a raft, sends rain that floods the earth; her father tells Beaver, Duck, other animals and birds to dive to the bottom; no one comes back; the muskrat brings land on its foot; land reappears]: 32-35; mandan [people plucked a live bird; in her The feathers were water, the animals decide to release this water; it's raining, the flood floods the ground; three brothers turn into bison, their sister into corn, flee to the mountain; after the flood they become human again]: Beckwith 1938:18-21; Omaha, Ponka [two var.; Hahige's younger brother chases otters on the ice; aquatic monsters grab and devour him; looking for his brother, H. cries, his tears turn into rivers; hears one Drake bragging to another how much meat Brother X. he has inherited; H. kills him; makes the other tell us where monsters go ashore to warm up; in the form of an eagle, a leaf, the hawk is recognized by monsters; creeps up on them, becoming a snake, injuring two; the vulture shaman goes to treat them; H. asks about his normal behavior, kills them, puts on his clothes; does not heal, but finishes them off the sick; feeds them with snake meat; takes away his brother's skin; Bobrikha hollows out the boat; predicts that the remaining monsters will send a flood, snakes, darkness, cold to destroy H.; H. replies that he is not afraid, kills Bobrich; H. cannot fully resurrect him, turns him into a wolf, becomes a moose himself (or vice versa)]: Dorsey 1890:238-253; iowa [every morning a woman finds venison at the door; spies He sees a man with a second face on the back of his head; he carries meat to marry her four daughters; a woman hides them in the grave, pretends to mourn their death with her husband; a two-faced mourns the grave, hears voices, tears her sisters off, takes her in a boat; three call him husband, he throws them overboard; the youngest calls them brother, he brings her home; dives, brings her a water puma to play; aquatic animals and monsters seek to return the child, send a flood; Two-faced fights underwater, dies; a girl throws a child into the water, the water falls; the girl comes to Bobrikha; she kills one of her daughters, feeds the girl, tells her not to break her bones; the girl bites through the bone of her little finger; Bobrikha's daughter comes to life, cries because of a broken finger; the girl returns to her parents]: Skinner 1925, No. 11: 472-474; arapaho [see motif J33; Raven's wife kills man's new wives by inviting them to swing by the backwater and cutting the rope; says: Here's food for you, grandmother; the water monster grabs the fallen in get a girl; brother brings her crying baby to the shore; she goes out to feed him, the monster allows her to get out of the water only to the waist; brother grabs her sister, the husband hits the monster with a spear; brother drowns the Crow, repeating her words (Here's food for you... ); the river overflows, the family escapes to the mountain; the brother throws paint on four sides, the flood stops; fish, turtles, frogs on land turn into springs, rivers, lakes]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 5:8-12

Southeast USA. Caddo [during a drought, people cut and scatter dead fish and aquatic animals; a man in the sky blames them for it, sends a flood; some flee to a mountain that grows as rising waters; after the flood, the drowned turn into crocodiles and other aquatic animals]: Dorsey 1905, No. 8:18-19; alabama [man throws a frog into the fire]: Swanton 1929, No. 3:121; koasati [like Alabama, a lizard on fire]: Swanton 1929:121

California. Yurok [man kills young Thunder; other Thunder raise a storm, rain the ground; the culprit negotiates payment for the murder, the disaster ends]: Kroeber 1976, No. J4:321; shasta [Coyote shoots at a water monster; a flood begins; all animals gather in a single dry place; water goes away]: Dixon 1910a, No. 27:36; monach [little brother worries water creature; the flood begins]: Gifford 1923, No. 9 [throws a stone at a river child; a man rises to heaven; kills a river child after a flood], 10 [shoots a big salmon; after the flood kills a lot of salmon]: 326, 333-334; luiseño [Coyote shoots a frog; a flood begins; Coyote climbs a tree; birds advise him to jump; he jumps, sinks]: DubOis 1908:156; serrano [The frog warns the Coyote that it cannot be eaten, there will be a flood; the Coyote eats the Frog, climbs a tree; the cranes tell him to jump, grab their wings; he falls, drowns; after his flood Brother Wolf brings him back to life]: Benedict 1926, No. 15:15.

The Great Southwest. Navajo [in the lower world, a Coyote steals his cub from a water monster; people flee from the flood to the ground; water rises here; leaves when a little monster is thrown back into the water]: Johly, B'yash 1958:5-6; Klah 1960:4-6; Matthews 1994, No. 1:74-77; Stephens 1930 [The spider spins the net, the Coyote catches the child of the water monster Teholtsodi with it, gives it to the Spider; the flood begins; two young men they plant reeds, people climb into it, it grows, the Badger breaks a hole through the sky into the upper world; people dry it; water follows them; the Spider throws the child into the water, the water goes away land]: 100-102; hicarilla [like Navajo]: Opler 1938:266-267; havasupai [men despise a depraved woman; she turns into tobacco, then a frog; jumps into a river, a river floods the whole earth]: Smithson, Euler 1994:37.

Mesoamerica People kill a big snake, water floods the village. Nahuatl (San Luis Potosí): Croft 1957:332; Tlapanecas: Schultze-Jena 1938, No. 2:119.

The Northern Andes. Guambia [a girl gives birth to a son by a snake; despite the ban, her mother takes the baby in her arms, who turns into a snake and crawls away, forming a lake on the site of the village]: Franco 1991 [or two lizards ]: 16; Hernandez de Alba 1965:119-120

Southern Venezuela. Yanomami: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 28 (surara; Becher 1974:20-21) [God Pore takes the image of an old man, comes to the village; the chief of the Talma orders him to be sheltered; he asks take care of his turtle; in the absence of the chief, his wife kills her to eat it; lightning strikes a woman, rain begins, a flood begins; the turtle comes to life; T. and his daughter Wahuama flee to a tree; a turtle puts them on his back; after the flood, P. tells T. and W. to lie in the same hammock with the turtle; W. gives birth to a leader; P. sends the souls of the dead from the moon back to earth, the tribe recovers], 29 (ironaciteri; Becher 1974:23-25) [starting at (30); Yuri is the chief's elder wife; the monkey licks her period, the chief kills the monkey, beats his wife; son Yu. Maraveau wounds his father with a bow; he is finished off by lightning, the monkey comes to life, saves Yu and M. from the flood; further as in (30); Yu and M. in the same hammock], 30 (ironaciteri; Becher 1974:21-23) [slept at In the village, a person leaves a howler monkey (iro, hence the name of the group); Yu. - the chief's daughter from his deceased wife, inseparable from her; two other wives kill a monkey, its ashes are mixed into soup for Yu; lightning kills both women and their sons, it begins to rain, flood; monkey revives, saves Yu and her father; after the flood, the god Pore tells all three to lie in the same hammock; the monkey disappears, Yu becomes pregnant; blood flows from the sky, new people emerge from its drops; Yu gives birth to them leader]: 67-68, 69-71, 72-75.

Guiana. Arekuna [crab thrown into the fire]: Koch-Grunberg 1924, No. 34:116; oyana [Kuyuli asks people to withdraw, knocks down trees on the site with one blow; only one has moved away, the others are crushed; K. revives them, but others do not know about it, they push him to death in a mortar; later he is seen alive in the river; the woman wants to grab him, she is dragged into the water herself; together with the woman K. returns to the village; his body in ulcers, his wife goes dancing; K. sends his friend Sick for a genip, heals ulcers, comes to dance handsome, his wife does not know him, dances with him all night; after dancing, he stomps his foot, the ground water floods; K. and his son escape first in a mortar, then in a tree; K. sends four species of birds to explore the surroundings; two of them receive fruit from humans; throw it into the water, the flood ends; The survivors The toad steals the fish from the top; K. sends two birds in turn to guard, one finds the thief; K. comes to the old toad, finds out that she keeps the fire with her anus; K. sends two birds, but they fail steal the fire; sends the jaguar to drive it away, steals the fire himself, but the Toad is happy that he loses it; K. himself turns into fire, prepares manioc cakes from the pus of the abscesses that he has on his body; Sica refuses to eat it; K. asks him to bury himself; this is where a vegetable garden with all cultivated plants appears]: Magaña 1987, no. 42:42.

Western Amazon. Sekoya [hero kills thunder, his wife's lover; she breaks blood vessels with chicha, liquid floods the whole world]: Cipolletti 1988, No. 4, 5:54, 57; shuar: Barrueco 1988 [man's earthly wife throws his beloved snake into the fire; she makes a flood]: 72-75; Karsten 1919:328; 1935:532-535; Pelizzaro 1961, No. 6:4; 1993 [the hunter sees the tapir whistling, calling Tsunki, a water woman; she comes out of a lake or river, the tapir combines with her; the hunter calls the woman himself, becomes her husband; returns to earth, carrying T. the snake in the basket; in his absence, the earthly wife found the basket, became burn a snake with smut; Father C. sent a flood; all people were eaten by the caimans, a man and daughter escaped in a tree; threw fruits, felt the water fall by the sound; married his daughter, people came from them]: 142 -146; 1993 [a person falls ill, in a dream a woman promises to give him medicine on a rock in the middle of the river; says he killed her father's enemy, lemucha, asked to make a trophy head out of his skull; the man sees how the tapir whistles by the river, Tsunki comes out, copulates with him; the man also whistles, T. asks to hang the lemucha skull around his neck, goes under the water with him to his anaconda father; they want to put him on an anaconda, he is frightened, he is put on a turtle; instead of cockroaches on the walls of the fish, instead of pigs in the pen, anacondas; his father-in-law made his son-in-law potent by putting leaves on his genitals; went to visit the family on earth, the man brought the Wife Ts in the basket; in his absence, the earthly wife found a snake in the basket, began to poke her head; Father Ts. flooded the ground with rain and flood; all people were eaten by caimans; a man with a little daughter escaped in a tree; shed fruits, understood by the sound that the water was falling; after the flood he married his daughter, people come from them]: 142-146; achuar [like a shuar; a man's mother finds an anaconda and beats her]: Mowitz 1978:33-39; Aguaruna [like shuar]: Akutz Nugkai et al. 1977 (2), No. 11:135-137; Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1979, No. 81 [man hunted with a dog, she drove Paka, she jumped into the water; the snake, the daughter of the water owner Tzúnki, caught on a thorn on the shore; the man threw it into the water; she became a woman under water, told her father about the savior; he ordered him to be brought, let will also bring the head of the extracted pack; the next day, daughter C. met a man, gave a love drink, brought him to the bottom of the river; there dogs are nutrias, benches are crocodile, turtle; the man fried fish, for underwater inhabitants are cockroaches; other fish are chickens; when a person was about to go home, they put the fish in a basket, told him not to open it on the way; he opened it, the chickens flew into the river, became fish again; he brought a wife from the underwater world to himself; on land, daughter C. is a snake; a man hides her in the house, pulls her out at night; in the absence of a man, women found a snake, his mother began to beat her, the snake began to grow, it rained; in a dream the snake wife tells her husband to climb a tree; the house is flooded, the mother, the man's wives and children ate the snake wife, took her husband into the river forever]: 650-653; huambis (?) : Stirling 1938:122-123; murato [caiman killed, caiman's mother causes a flood]: von Hassel in Coriat 1943:87.

NW Amazon. Vaupes Province {conditional: baniva} [hunter kills a female deity that takes the form of an anaconda; the flood begins]: Barbosa Rodrigues in Goeje 1943, no. d 23:110; bora [girl gives birth to a fish, her father throws the baby into the river]: Wavrin 1932:142; witoto [the girl refused the grooms, the father said she would marry Buneima (water spirits); B. heard one of them gave the girl smell the aromatic grass, she fell in love with it, went with him; in front of the underwater village he told her to wait; sent his sister (crab), nephew (water spider), brother (sardine), uncle (caiman), but they returned without bringing her; he went by himself, showed her a hammock; the crab sister gave her peanuts, corn, and peach palm fruits to eat; when she became pregnant, she brought unknown fruits to the ground to her family; then the husband went out with their people; one of them, Cheo fish, was fried and eaten by the women; others left in anger; the woman gave birth, came to her parents to show the child; it is a fish in a vessel; the children gouged out her eyes; sent from The servant returned as a woman, told the child's father; he cried, the rain flooded the ground with a flood, the fish dragged people under water]: Preuss 1921, No. 4:62-63; kokama [God went fishing with the people; he was thrown into a quagmire; one man pulled him out, washed him, healed his wounds; God let him escape; the rest were destroyed by the flood]: Figueroa 1904:236 in Agüero 1992:20.

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita: García Tomas 1994 (3) [Kumpanama was fishing with poison, people picked it downstream; others pushed him into the river to get all the fish; two brothers saved him; he tells them to climb the sapote tree; at midnight he sends a flood; pauhil, montete (parrot genus) and sushi (yurabarba) also sit on the branches; a week later, the brothers drop the fruit and realize that the water begins to fall; the third fruit slaps near the ground; after the fourth, birds sing, dawns, the tree regains its normal size (it grew during the flood); the brothers find a hut with everything they need]: 224-225; Ochoa Siguas 1992 [ people poison too many fish; for this, Konpanama sends a flood]: 170; shipibo: Gebhaert-Sayer 1987, No. 1 [a boy comes, shoots fish, they become big; people are jealous , they bury a boy with his property on the river bank; a man with his wife and two children finds him, tears him off; he causes a flood, tells a man to climb a genip tree; the rest of the people die; the wife becomes a nest of termites; the sun hides; man and his children grope for food prepared for them in the dark; man throws fruits down; on the sixth day the fruit falls to the ground, not into water; man descends, his children turn into huancay birds; a man finds food cooked in the house; waits for two women who have arrived in a boat; grabs a maid sitting on his nose; a daughter sitting aft the sun swims away, marries a Spaniard; shipibo-conibo are descendants of a maid]: 347-349; Roe 1982, No. 1 [as in Gebhaert-Sayer]: 49-50; pyro [a woman gives birth to a snake; her mother throws it into the fire, it will begin flood]: Matteson 1951, No. 3:56-58; kulina [people fish in the lake with a net; catch a baby; he quickly turns into a young man Sasabo, marries; contrary to warning, his wife's brother blows S. Tobacco in the nostrils, S. falls dead; comes to life, but people fumigate it again with tobacco; the flood destroys people]: Adams 1962, No. 17 [S. sends adopted father and uncle to safety], 18 [two brothers escape on a tree; they throw one amulet down, it goes with the flow; they throw another, he makes a hole in the ground, the waters go through it, the earth dries up; first the brothers bake bananas and meat in the sun; then grandfather Owl brings fire]: 133-142.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 166-167, 203, 204:299-300, 324-325; chimane [the wife is lazy and untidy; the husband does not bring her game; she turns her little daughter into a paka or aguchi, cooks meat; husband hits her, she cries, tears turn to rain; since then it has been raining; if he hits her again, a flood will begin]: Hissink, Hahn 1989, No. 4:63; chiriguano [young man meets in the forest is beautiful, brings home; during the holiday she becomes ugly; she is told about it; she leaves, causes a flood]: Nordenskiöld 1912, No. 2:253; synth larga [Bepuixi asked her daughter, for her husband to get him a white pen for the arrow; she gave his father black; he got angry, went to another daughter, who gave him white; B. caused rain, a flood, her daughter, who had given a white feather, escaped, she climbed a palm tree buriti; threw fruits down, determining by sound whether the fruit fell into the water or already dry; when the water came down, came down, new people came down; the old ones turned into fish; the stork (martin fisherman) dried the water, to eat fish; you can now hear people in the lake crushing corn in a mortar in a mortar]: Leonel Queiroz et al. 1988:25-26.

Southern Amazon. A man shoots a bow at a water spirit. Umotin: Schultz 1961-1962:242; bororo [a man shoots at a water spirit; he causes a flood; a man escapes on a hill; heats stones, throws them into the water, the water gradually evaporates; he marries Olenikha; the first children look more like deer, the next ones are human]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1983, No. 29 [fishermen give the boy fish saying it is his mother's genitals; he complains to his father; the father comes , but sees only a water spirit by the river, shoots an arrow at it], 30 [a man shoots at a spirit caught on top; divides his children into two exogamous fratries]: 71-74.

Eastern Brazil. Crash [month catches a turtle]: Wilbert 1978, No. 5:40

Chaco. Chamacoco [people kill the Battleship Chief; it starts to rain, water floods the ground; man hides in a pre-built house]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 34 [most people in the house turns into various animals], 35 [those outside the home drown or become different animals]: 111-119; lenghua [a man cut off the tail of a rainbow snake; then the flood began]: Loewen 1969:126.

The Southern Cone. Yagans: Gusinde 1937:1154-1155 [a female moon sinks into the sea to punish victorious male ancestors], 1155-1156 [a female Brillenibis bird offended by humans causes snowfall. melting water floods the world]; Wilbert 1977, No. 7, 8:27-29.