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C35. A space marriage won't take place.

(.12.) .

It becomes known that if characters who represent natural phenomena and parts of the universe get married, this will lead to disaster. The marriage is frustrated.

(Mosi), Malgashi (Merina, Sakalava), Latins, Minions, Gondas, Baiga, Pardhan, Chinese (Shaanxi), Bulgarians, (Romanians), Serbs, Ancient Greece, Russian Written Tradition, Lithuanians, ( Swedes).

(Wed. West Africa. Mosi [Nyaka (a little antelope endowed with intelligence and intelligence in Moshi folklore) promises a daughter to someone who brings buffalo milk, leopard skin, and elephant tusk; a hare through deception and all this gets the tricks; Nyaka refuses to give him a daughter so that the descendant of two creatures as clever as he and the Hare would not be smarter than God himself]: Frobenius 1986:47-50).

Sudan - East Africa. Malgashi: Molet 1979 (Merina) [The sky was looking for a wife; the bird invited him to marry the Earth; the Earth began to unite with Heaven, everyone was afraid; the bird advised Sky to give up marriage; Earth said that the sky does not respect her, it wets her every day; some parts of the Earth have risen and remained mountains, the sky has decorated them with vegetation]: 32-33; Haring 1982, No. 1.5.09 (Sakalava or Tsimihety, recording the beginning of the 20th century) [Heaven was looking for a wife; a bird like a sparrow invited him to marry the Earth; Earth agrees, began to reach for Heaven to unite with him; everyone was afraid to be crushed; then the bird advised Heaven to give up marriage - they say that the Earth has gone fool; Earth was told that Heaven pees on it every day; some parts of the Earth have risen and remained mountains, where the Earth grew trees]: 163.

Southern Europe. Latins [Phaedra's fable (1st century): "Seeing a magnificent wedding, a thief neighbor, /Aesop immediately began to tell: /One day the Sun decided to take his wife, /Why did the frogs scream to the sky. Jupiter, disturbed by the gam/What's up? Swamp residents say:/"It dries the backwaters alone, /Forcing us to die in dry places;/What will happen if it gives birth to more children?" (per. M.L. Gasparova)]: Phaedr. I. 6 (Gasparov 1962:10, =1991, No. 6:273).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Minyong [Sedi land and Melo sky are married; humans, animals, and Wiyus (gods, forefathers) are about to decide how not to be crushed; Sedi-Diyor, one of Wiyus's strongest, pushed away The sky is far from Earth; she gave birth to two girls, but grieving for her lost husband, she could not raise them, and they found a nanny; she died, she was buried, her sisters cried, and the light emanating from them also died disappeared; they thought that the nanny stole something from the sisters, dug up the grave, the body decayed, but the eyes were gone, they had images of sisters; the master extracted them, they became living girls; the eldest, Bomong, was beautiful dressed, left, didn't come back, she was the sun; the youngest Bong followed her, was just as bright and hot; they decided to kill her, the Frog shot her with a bow, the Rat brought the body to her older sister; out of fear and grief Bomong put a stone on her head, the light faded; Nginu-Botte sent a rat, a wild bird, and a rooster to Bomong; the rooster's huge genitals prevented him from walking, his penis was cut off, he became an earthworm, and his testicles went inside the body; Bomong agreed to return if his sister came to life; the master made the image of Bong, breathed life, Bomong removed the stone, at dawn the rooster and bird sang, the rat squeaked]: Elwin 1958a, No. 16:48-50 .

South Asia. Gondas [Heaven man called the gods to marry Earth; Bhimsen stole a foal for him, which was born by the mare Dano; decided that if Earth and Heaven married, they would crush everyone; created a rooster who announced the beginning of Kali Yuga; the gods decided that marriage should not take place in an era of darkness; birds and insects were born from the seed of Heaven that fell to earth, and the Rainbow Horse was allowed into heaven]: Elwin 1949:105; baiga: Elwin 1944 [=Coyaud 2013:43; The Jackal decided to marry Heaven and Earth; called Dhulia (a caste of drummers) to beat drums during the wedding; jackals gathered, drank a lot, the sky began to descend to Earth; the gods got scared, asked the Jackal to cancel the wedding or else the land would be empty; Bhagavan gave Jackal all the land for this, so jackals were everywhere]: 460; 1949, No. 2 [Earth had to go beyond the Cloud, everyone invited to a wedding; Chachahundarmal Raja is missing, Bhagavan sends for him; when he comes, he says that the gods, caught between the Cloud and the Earth, will be crushed if they hug each other; Then Mahadeo created the Bear and married him on Earth; the Bear caresses the Earth's breasts - anthills]: 207; pardhan [Heaven and Earth should have been married; the gods were afraid of being crushed; Guru Mahadeo whispered in his ear (whispered a seed-charm) to Desphiri Mata, who gave birth to the Wind; he went to look for his father; Bhimsen called himself father, the Wind hit him in anger, B. knocked out his eyes; since then the Wind has been blind, everywhere looking for father]: Elwin 1949, No. 13:87-88.

China - Korea. Chinese (southwest Shaanxi, W. Fengxiang) [The sun became lonely and commanded the animals to find a wife for him. All the animals responded to his call, but the rooster, instead of helping, went to the desert to peck sand. All the animals were surprised, and the rooster told them that if the sun found a wife, he would have children, and then it would be impossible to live on earth {because of the heat}. Therefore, the rooster bites the sand to "take precautions for later life" {get used to eating sand alone}. Hearing this, the animals refused to look for a wife for the sun, and when the sun found out about this, became very angry, refused to shine and took refuge in the sea. The animals began to blame the rooster for this. The next day, the sky never brightened, and the rooster ran to the sea, stood on its shore and screamed. The sun heard his loud scream, surprised, and peered out of the water. Seeing this, the rooster ran away and screamed again; the sun saw no one and came out of the water completely. Then the rooster ran away again and screamed, and the sun rose even higher. So the sun forgot its anger and returned to normal. The animals were happy, and only then did the sun remember that it had refused to shine, but it was ashamed to come back. Since then, the rooster has been screaming every morning and the sun rises in the east and sets in the west]: Zhou Yang et al. 1996, no. 10:12.

The Balkans. Bulgarians: Kuznetsova 1998 [1) The sun announced his wedding to the Moon, invited all the animals; the Hedgehog sat sad, chewing on a stone; replied that he liked the treat, but he wanted to learn how to eat in advance stones, for when the Sun has children, everything on earth will burn; the Sun refused to marry; the animals are angry with the Hedgehog, the Sun gave him needles to protect him; 2) The sun is going to marry its Moon Sister; "matchmakers" gathered - all animals; the hedgehog threw food into the feeder, sat in silence; replied that the wedding would take place if his horse ate its food; explained that when the little suns were popular, everything on earth would burn down, so he wants to teach the horse how to eat stones in advance; the animals decided to make sure that the Sun and the Moon never meet]: 78; Marinov 2003 [The sun decided to marry; the Hedgehog who came on a donkey put it in feeder stones instead of hay; explained to the Sun that when the Sun has children, the heat from many suns will incinerate everything, let the donkey get used to eating stones; the Sun has given up its intention to marry]: 29; Strausx 1898: 11, 37-38 in Hatt 1949 [The Sun was put to marry because people (or the Devil) began to think what would happen if she had children]: 73; Macedonians: Tsenev 2004 [1) people decided to marry the Sun; only St. Peter was sad; said that when the Sun had sons and daughters, the world would burn; people decided that the Sun could not marry; 2) The Sun was going to marry, but the Hedgehog said that when many Suns were born, live it would become impossible; the animals decided that the Sun should not marry; then he sank into the sea; the Rooster began to sing, the Sun came up and accused him that he, the Sun, was drowning while he was singing; since then the Sun has come out When a rooster sings and he cursed the hedgehog, he hides that day; 3) God forbid the Sun to marry, then he sank into the sea; the Rooster began to sing, the Sun went out to see why he sings and stayed; 4) when the Sun decided to marry, Mule said that if there were two suns, he would burn; the wedding was canceled, and the Sun cursed the mule so that he would not have offspring]: 36-37; the Serbs [The sun decided to marry, invited everyone to wedding; the Hedgehog gave his donkey stones, said he should learn to eat them; when the Sun has children, everything will burn; the Sun refused to marry]: Jankov 1951:63-64; Ancient Greece: Apol. 1972, 3 , XIII, 5 [Zeus and Poseidon argued for the right to marry Thetis, but Themis predicted that Thetis would give birth to a son who would be stronger than his father; some say that when Zeus intended to marry Thetis, Prometheus predicted that whoever Thetis would give birth to him would reign over heaven; following Chiron's advice to seize Thetis and hold her, whatever form she took, Peley lay in wait for her and took it away; Thetis turned into fire, water, or beast, but Peley did not let her go until he saw that she had regained her original form]: 69 (retelling in Yarkho 1982:297); Gigin 2000, No. 54 [ Nereid Thetis was predicted that her son would be stronger than his father. No one but Prometheus knew this, and Jupiter wanted to lie down with her, and Prometheus promised Jupiter that he would warn him if he freed him from his shackles. He promised, and Prometheus advised him not to join Thetis, lest the strongest be born and overthrow Jupiter from the kingdom as he did to Saturn himself. Then Thetis was married to Peleus, the son of Eak, and Hercules was sent to kill the eagle that tormented Prometheus's heart, and when the eagle was killed, Prometheus <каüни> was released thirty thousand years later from Caucasus Mountains]: 75-76; Ancient Greece [Perry 1952, № 314; One summer the Sun celebrated a wedding. All the animals were thrilled and the frogs were rejoicing too. But one of them said, "What are you happy about, silly people? The sun is drying our mud alone; what will happen to us if she gives birth to another son when married?"] : Gasparov 1991, No. 289:170; (cf. Romanians: Beza 1928 [1) The Sun-man asks God to allow him to marry Sister Moon; God shows him hell and heaven, but the Sun is better prepared to be in hell than without a lover; during marriage a hand reaches out to the moon, throws it into the sea, where it turns into a fish (golden barbel); the sun rushed west for the bride, but God grabbed her, threw her up, she became the moon; told them to look at each other a friend from afar, do not get closer; 2) The moon agrees to go beyond the Sun if it builds an iron bridge across the Black Sea and a staircase to heaven; he did it, Adam and Eve showed him heaven and hell in heaven]: 16-18; Mailand 1886 (Transylvania, by G. Moldován) [1) a shining young man asks his mother to allow him to marry his sister; she agrees if he builds a wax bridge across the world with a cold spring in the middle; everyone who drinks from it will ask for atonement; 2) the young man asks his mother to allow him to marry his sister, for after going around the world, he did not meet the girl more beautiful; she agrees if he makes iron shoes and will go around the world in them; make a copper bridge above the ground and a silver bridge over the world; he fulfills the condition, leads the bride to church, she asks to let go of her hand, rushes to the Danube; 3) the sister answers the Sun that will marry him only if he builds an iron bridge to him, silver above the ground; 4) The sun wants to marry its sister Juana Cossinczana; on the wedding day, a hand stretches out from the sky, throws the bride in the sea, and then to heaven, where it becomes the Moon; God tells the Moon and the Sun that they will follow each other forever]: 3).

Central Europe. The Russian written tradition ["Jesop" by Simbirsk captain Pyotr Kashinsky (1675, of the two surviving lists, one dates back to 1684 and the other to the first third of the 18th century), which consists of three books and is a free translation of fables from the collection "Przypowieśći Aezopowe, z Łacińskiego na Polskie z pilnośćiů przełozone. Przydane sů k temu przypowieśći z Gabryela Greka y Laurenthego Abstemiusa", published in Krakow around 1600: the toads were happy when they heard that the sun was taking a wife; the old toad said : "Oh silly people, what are you happy about?! Gentle to you, a ray of one sun causes you to lose that the swamps dry up. Well, do you understand whether it will be better when he has many such children?" (Book 2: "The Proverbs of Gavril the Greek", listed in the 18th century)]: Tarkovsky, Tarkovskaya 2005, No. 39:418.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [frogs found out that the Sun was getting married; decided that when children appeared, they would dry up all water bodies, burn everything; went to complain to God, but did not find him at home; the Sun found out that frogs they went to complain, deprived them of their warmth; frogs became afraid of the sun, they croak only after sunset; {there is no mention of canceling the Sun's wedding, but this logically follows from the story}]: Lebitte 1965:400; ( cf. The Swedes (Skåne) [Willand {i.e. Woland} met the siren (Naffru), tying it up; when he untied it, the siren said that now their son would be powerful (très fort) on earth, and if he hadn't, he would be just as powerful at sea (the story of the birth of Woland's son Widerich]: Runeberg 1902:90).