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C6D. Getting land, A811.


Land (land) is formed from a small amount of solid matter (silt, sand, clay, mud) that characters extract from the lower world (usually from the ocean floor). See motive C6.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans: Hermanns 1946-1949:289-290 [Is the blue sky, white airspace turtle authentic or not? Is the yellow earth turtle supernatural or ordinary birth? When the surface of the vast ocean extended to the sky, ist dies der Täuschung Grund], 833 [water first; 1) A turtle pulls a piece of land from the bottom, from which our world grows; 2) Manchushri bodysatva created a monstrous Turtle, let it into the waters; shot it with a golden arrow; fire blazed, blood flowed, bowel movements poured out; the turtle turned over on its back; peace stands on its chest shell]; garo [At first, water is everywhere; Tatara Rabuga sent Nostu Nopantu as a woman to create land by giving some sand; she sat on a spider-woven web, there was no other place; she could not glue the grains of sand into a lump; sent a big crab first, then a small one, both returned before reaching the bottom; the water beetle brought clay from the bottom, NN creates land, TR creates the sun, moon and wind, they dry the earth; Mané land - woman; Tatara-Rabuga gave her a cloud robe, made her hair grow - trees, reeds and grass; created a gibbon (hullock ape) to prevent M. from sleeping with loud screams, forgetting about the duty to give birth to all living things; then TR created monkeys and other animals; first created fish from aquatic creatures, and then frogs; created rivers and rain to fill them; sent a goddess to earth to prepare a place for people to live; the first man and woman created were Sani and Muni, their grandchildren Noro and Mande became Garo ancestors; first humans ate wild roots and fruits, then a couple of dwarfs taught their farming; they gave God pumpkin and God rewarded them by giving them rice]: Playfair 1909:82-84 (=Bertrand 1958:83); kachari [water is everywhere at first; Alow Ilaja tells crabs to dive to the bottom; they scrape silt into a heap until a mountain of earth shows up above the water; by creating land, AI creates a man and a woman; he made their bodies before nightfall, went to rest without having time to put his breath into them; at this time his five brothers found the figures, divided them into pieces and hid these parts in different places in the forest; the same thing happened the next day; on the third day, AI created two dogs, leaving them to guard the figures; when the brothers came, the dogs drove them away; these man and woman became the ancestors of humanity]: Soppitt 1885:32; Mishmi [first one water; god Techimdum surfaced, looked around, erected a pillar; white ants crawled along it, carrying particles of earth from the bottom, put them on the water, land appeared; T. put another pole on the four corners of the world, ants climbed on them, land appeared; where they laid more land - mountains; a river flowed from the mountain, filled the lake, it overflowed; brother and sister escaped at the top of the hill; god Drakob extracted fire for them by friction, set fire to the forest; the water dried up, but now everything was burning; brother and sister escaped from the fire behind a wall of banana leaves; got married, gave birth to people, the wife brought and planted the seeds of all plants]: Elwin 1958a, No. 18:21-22 (=1958b: 23-24); Mikir: Stack, Lyall 1908 [The gods Hèmphū and Mukráng placed four pillars on the edges of the future land, tied them with their mothers' hair; the god Bāmon's wife was sent to Hāyóng, the god of the lower world, but he did not give lands; when she left, she picked up the worm garbage, hid it on her chest; they sent the king of earthworms, he processed this particle, it all grew and turned into earth; the blacksmith Kapráng dried the earth with furs]: 70-71; Lyall 1909:70-72 in Mandal 2009 [the gods Hèmphū and Mukráng placed four pillars on the edges of the future earth, tied them with their mother's hair; began to think where to get land; a hundred gods and their wives decided to send the god Bamon's wife to another world to the god Hajong, but he did not; on the way back, Bamonpi (i.e. B.'s wife) picked up worm excrement; sent Helong Recho for the king of earthworms, he turned this piece into a mainland; it was soft and wet, the blacksmith Kaprang dried it; to get plants, they sent it for Rekbepi, which is at the pole at sunset; she came and sowed plants; Pithe and Pothe ("great mother" and great "father" helped H. and M. create animals; first an elephant, then a tiger; the first man created was Bamonpo, he created two wives for himself, one mikir and the other assamka; they did not give birth for a long time; then the Assamka sent her husband to her brother, who gave his wives two oranges; on the way back, while B. was swimming, the crow took away one orange; the Mikir wife was left without an orange, but ate the peel and gave birth to a son Ram; the assamka gave birth to a son Chaputi; R. was strong, C. was weak; R. found an egg, brought it, a girl came out of it; the demons tried to steal it, but R. returned it and married it, she gave birth many children, their descendants are Hindus; decided to build a tower to heaven; gods and demons were afraid that these giants would take the sky away from them; they mixed languages, people went in different directions]: 78-79; kachin [ At first there was water everywhere; two nats, a Mutum man and a Muta woman, came down from the clouds, took a handful of earth out of the water, put them on the water]: Macgregor 1887:69 in Elwin 1958b, No. 27:137; rengma [first there is water everywhere; God sent birds and animals to search for land, no one found it; the crab dived to the bottom, brought dirt on its claws; God placed dirt on the surface of the water, everyone began to compact it, but to no avail; when the wagtail did it, the ground hardened; the wagtail is still shaking its tail]: Mills 1937:267; zeme [the text is titled "The Birth of Spirits"; there was no land, a tarot leaf was floating on the water; Bangklawong fell from the sky, said that if his foot did not touch the water, he would be king; one leg was on a leaf and the other fell into the water; he realized it would be a long time before he became king; began to ask everyone who could make the earth, but only King Worm (CC) replied that he was capable of doing so, but on the condition that every day a thousand people died to be eaten by him; B.: but then people were not will remain; CC: but every day a thousand will be born; went down to the bottom, began to do worm casts (what the worm leaves on the sand or soil, like a cast of a worm) until land appeared; raven ( mr., crow, but perhaps a crow) leveled it, but when he began to level the hills, he was tired, so there are rocky hills and there are plains; in a dream, Tingwong came to B. and told B. to cut off two fingers , one would make a wife, the other would become a sister; the sister did everything so quickly that she returned with water before B. could retire with his wife; then B. scattered katsing seeds in the grass and told his sister collect everything, otherwise she will hack her machete (dao); she completed the task and came in when B. copulated with his wife; this sight excited her so much that she was about to lay an egg; B. told her to go to the upper reaches of Barak To Tallaurok, taking a machete, a banana and a gibbon with her, lay her eggs there; she laid 8 eggs at the waterfall, left a machete, planted a banana and told the gibbon to guard; Katsingpeo was the first to hatch, but was frightened and climbed back; Tsiuperai was the second; then K. came out again, they began to argue who was first and in charge; 5 more eggs hatch, one remained intact; T. found a banana and a machete, cut down a banana for them, served them one banana, but Gibbon quietly took them for himself; T. hit Gibbon with a machete, smeared blood on his and his brothers' eyes, now they found sight; the brothers thought the last egg was spoiled, threw it into the river; decided consider the main one who will throw the stone across the river; all the stones fell into the water, but T. accidentally threw the bumblebee and it flew to the other side; then they began to throw the grass stalks; T. threw the snake and it was far crawled; the brothers flew to her mother in the form of crows; when she saw that there were only 7 of them, she decided that they were not her children; but T. called her mother, spoke about the eighth egg; the mother explained that the one who it will hatch, be wiser and stronger than the others; a boa constrictor was born out of it; to determine who was in charge of the seven, the mother sprayed milk from her breasts; the jet went to K., but turned and fell into T.'s mouth, and him back to K and then to the others]: http://www.nagajournal.com/category/arts-literature/folktalesstories/ Nagajournal Oct 27, 2013; mikir [the gods Hèmphü and Mukráng put four pillars on the edges of the future land, tied them with the hair of their mothers; the wife of the god Bāmon was sent to Hāyóng, the god of the lower world, but he did not give land; when she left, she picked up the worm's garbage, I hid it on my chest; the king of earthworms was sent, he processed this piece, it all grew, turned into earth; the blacksmith Kapráng dried the earth with furs]: Stack, Lyall 1908:70-71.

Burma - Indochina. Shans [ants dive into the primary ocean, get land]: Walk 1933:74; (=Hermanns 1946-1949:835, citing W. Schmidt. VI. 230 ff).

South Asia. Ancient India: Elwin 1950 [in Taittiriya Samhita and Taittiriya Brahmana, the creator of Prajapati raises the earth from the waters as a boar]: 136 (note 1); Vassilkov 2011 (=Cornflowers 2006a: 251-253) [in Varāha-kathā, Vishnu Purana, book 1, adhyāya 4 Prajapati Brahma wakes up and sees that the world is covered with water, in the form of a boar, whose body consists of the Vedas, dives into the ocean, emerges, shakes off, the rishis (holy sages) have found refuge among the bristles on his body; the author of the text no longer understands why; in the Mahabharata (book 12, adhyāya 333), the boar emerges, shakes off, with its tusk three lumps of clay fly off - a standard offering to three generations of the dead (fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers); in the early Vedic tradition, the boar is an opponent of the gods and the protagonist of cosmogonic myth, and in the later tradition it gets from the bottom of the sea, the earth turns into land; first it is the size of a pig's patch, then it grows]; tharu [the world is destroyed by a fiery drought, then by the flood; the lord of heaven and his wife copulate in in the form of birds, a drop of blood is placed on the water; 15 months later, the first ancestor Tharu Aklākal Gurubāba appears on the lotus leaf in the form of a pumpkin; the heavenly couple puts vitality into his head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, hair, lower body, he takes on a human form; he creates a Pigeon from his nails, which flies above the waters, finds no ground; G. cuts his thigh, Raini fish comes out of the incision ; she disappears, the pigeon cannot find it, G. tells pigeons to be caught with snare, fried, eaten; he creates a Crab from his nails to get the "immortal earth" from the lower world; he manages to overcome Xeremphis spinosa thorn fence, get the ground; on the way back, the demon grabs it by the shell, the Crab loses its land; G. tells crabs to be caught, baked, eaten; creates 8 other crabs in the same way with everyone the same as the first; creates earthworms; the first three do not overcome the barbed hedge, G. tells them to feed on earth and water; the fourth penetrates thorns, swallows earth; on the way back the demon cuts it into a thousand pieces, but the worm still delivers the earth, which makes the world stable; the first to grow on earth is the sacred herb kus (Poa cynusorides), from which is the first perar tree (Xeremphis) uliginosa); G. curses him, let people eat its fruits; creates a semar tree (Kapok, Bombax ceiba), addressing him as a woman, telling him to go find out how far the earth stretches; it has not been so long returns that G. tells her to hold the sky and the lower world; the same with the pine tree, she's gone even longer, G. tells her to live in the mountains, where her resinous fumes will smell fragrant on Mount Kailash; G. cuts again thigh, his daughter Dharmak Diyeri is born; to contain her, he places four holy manis around the edges of the world, retires himself into the forest as a hermit; D. wants to unite with him, tells the blacksmith to make her a belt, a ring and shoes made of iron to overcome a barbed fence; but G. puts a rope to carry weights, an oil press, a weapon, a pig bristle bridge on his way to him; D. overcomes everything, marries G .; after that G. is called Mahādeo]: Krauskopff 1987:14-16; chero [first water, lotus floats; Bhagawan lived in the lower world, rose to the surface on the Turtle; stayed sitting on the lotus, He told the turtle to get the ground from the bottom; she placed the earth on its shell, but as it rose, the water washed everything away; B. sent the Rat, who also failed to bring land; sent the vulture Garur, who took out the earth in the sky, brought it in his beak; B. threw the earth on four sides, there was a four-sided land mass]: Elwin 1949:4, 7; Oraons [on the advice of the Old Mother, Dharmes created Kingfisher, he dived into the ocean, brought the seed of earth from the lower world; D. made the earth out of it; Sit advised to make human figures out of clay, but D.'s horse trampled on them, fearing that man would harness it; S. advised dogs to drive away the horse; soon people inhabited the land]: Koonathan 1999:144 in Osada 2010; agaria [Bhagavan put a lotus leaf on the water, but it withered in the sun; created a world from lac (?) , but he broke; having rolled the dirt off his chest, created a crow, gave him his milk, sent him to look for land; tired, the Raven fell on the Kakramal Kshattri crab; he dived, found Nal Raja and Nal Rani sleeping; the crab squeezed NR's throat, forcing the earth to regurgitate, brought it to Bhagavan, who created land; to prevent Mother Earth from wobbling, the first agaria placed 12 iron pillars at the four corners of the world]: Elwin 1949, No. 1:27-28; Birkhor [at first there is water everywhere, there is a lotus on the water, the great Sing-bonga spirit came to the surface at the core of the stem, told the Turtle to bring clay from the bottom; turtle: where will I leave the house? S.: take it with you (this is its shell); the water washed away the clay from the turtle's shell; The crab also could not bring it; the leech took it out by swallowing clay; S. squeezed out the clay from it, threw it in four directions, creating land; the land was moist and uneven, S. began to level it, but mountains remained in some places; threw seeds, forests appeared; then S. created a winged horse, and then sculpted the human figure and left it to dry; the horse came and trampled on it, fearing that the man would harness it; then S. made a dog and a new human figure; when the horse came again at night to trample on the man, the dog barked away; the figure dried up and S. her revived, but joints did not bend; S. took his life and made a new man with bent joints]: Roy 1925:398-402; mundari: Roy 1912 [at the beginning there is water everywhere; Sun god Sing-bonga sent the Turtle, Crab, Leech bring clay from the bottom; the Turtle and the Crab could not, the Leech brought it, S. created land out of it; the Swan laid an egg, a boy and a girl, the ancestors of people, hatched from it; the SB taught them how to make beer; After drinking, they got together; gave birth to three sons, they went across the country]: v-vi; Roy 1916:201-214 in Osada 2010 [the earth is covered with water, there are no stars in the sky; the Old Man ("Old One") created aquatic animals; told Crab bring earth from under the water; he dived to the bottom, but while he was rising, the ground was washed away from his claws; the same with the Turtle (the ground was washed away from the surface of the shell; the Earthworm swallows the earth, floats up, regurgitates in the palm of the Old Man; he makes the earth big, creates land and everything on it; sculpts the figure of a man out of clay; before he could put his soul into it, the Horse came, trampled on the figure; the Old Man tried again and This time, the Tiger drove the Horse away without letting it get close to the figure; the Old Man cursed the Horse, people would put iron in its mouth, sit on horseback, hit the rump; the Tiger was rewarded by making him strong, everyone would become be afraid]; van Exem 1982:24-29 in Osada 2010 [{apparently Mundari, because it coincides with the previous text}; first water alone, Haram first created aquatic creatures; told Crab to bring land from the bottom; he took land in claws, but while he was rising, the water washed it away; H. sent the Turtle, which put the earth on its shell, the water washed it away; sent the Worm; he swallowed the earth, regurgitated (disgorged) in H.'s hand; he enlarged it, created it land, animals and plants on it; he sculpted a human figure out of clay; before he had time to revive it, the Horse broke it; H. tried again, and this time the Tiger drove the Horse away, preventing it from approaching the figure; H. cursed the Horse, people will put iron in her mouth, sit on horseback, hit the rump; Tiger rewarded by making him strong, everyone will be afraid of him]; Osada 2010 [author's notes; text A: on the Ganges, at sea we let's create a land, a field; for this purpose they sent Mother Turtle and Mother Crab; the Turtle put the ground on its shell, took the Crab with ticks, but when they rose, the water washed away the earth; they sent Mother Worm, Mother Leech, they drank the earth, spewed it out, urinating, land appeared; they created stone and wood to decorate the earth; they sculpted a human figure out of clay, left it to dry in the sun; they made a winged horse for beauty; a winged horse came from the east, came from the west, they trampled on the figure; they made a male dog named Chaura, a female dog Baura, put them on guard; they drove away a winged horse that came from the east, drove away the one that came from the west; text B is almost identical]; bondo: Elwin 1950:135-136 [Raja's daughter threw a pumpkin seed; her brother took the core out of the pumpkin; it rained, flooded the ground, Brother and sister escaped in a pumpkin; Mahaprabhu sent a wild boar to the lower world to steal land from Kermo; he also took seeds from K. from seven tree species (mango, tamarind, mahua, sago palm, dumal, pipal, banyan); When the boar emerged, the boar shook off the dirt, drops of mud fell on the water, became earth; M. took his brother and sister out of the pumpkin, changed their appearance by sending smallpox on them, they did not recognize each other and got married; from them people happened; (=Elwin 1949, No. 8:32-33)], 136-137 [pregnant Olenikha hears Belka telling her son that there will be a flood; afraid of a man at a watering hole; her son from the womb reminds that there will be a flood anyway; man hears, asks Oleniha to explain what was going on; Mahaprabhu says from Oleniha's womb, telling them to put the children in the pumpkin; the rain flooded the ground with a flood; M. wanted to know if people were left; collected dirt from the body, did A crow, threw a tree trunk into the water so that it could sit down; opened the crab, there was no land there, found soil in the worm's stomach; the pumpkin settled on the ground, brother and sister came out; M. gave them smallpox, they did not recognize each other, got married; M. gave the girl a remedy that caused her period], 141 (tulaguram) [there was only water, a boar lived in it; he raised the ground on his fangs (from the bottom), scattered it over the water, creating land; made the moon and the sun from the stumps of a sago palm tree threw it into the sky; the core turned into stars]; 1954 [water flooded the earth; Mahaprabhu rubbed his arm, turned the mud into a crow, it flew over the waters, did not know where to sit, saw a floating basket containing her brother and sister, came back, said M.; he told her to get land; she brought M. an earthworm, who extracted land {from the bottom?} ; M. scattered the earth in all directions, land arose; he took his brother and sister out of the basket, who refused to marry; then he called Thakurani, she spread smallpox on them, the girl became a scythe, the young man fell ill with leprosy; when they met, they did not know each other and got married; their 12 sons and 12 daughters gave birth to people]: 423-424; sora [Raja Ruhel lived in heaven; the man did not give him up Mother had a place in the bath, she cursed people, the world plunged into the water; she decided to create a new land, rolled dirt off her body, creating a bird, that flew for six months, sat on a cancer claw; one cancer mustache pulled sky, the other was in the lower world with the king of crocodiles; cancer agreed to steal his land, gave it to the bird; Raja Ruhe and his mother mixed the earth with water, threw it on four sides, land arose; the mother of the PP removed from their bodies a man and a woman, they gave birth to humans]: Elwin 1954, No. 14:433-434; baiga: Elwin 1939 [at the beginning it was only water, a lotus leaf floated on it, Bhagavan sat on it, rolled dirt from his hand, made a crow out of it - his daughter Karicag, sent her to search for land; losing her strength, she fell on the back of the great Turtle, Kekramal Chhatri, sitting on the waters, with one leg at the bottom of the sea and the other reached the sky; the Raven calls the Turtle his older brother, the Turtle calls the Raven his younger sister; says that the earth was stolen by the worm Gichnaraja, he is at the bottom of the sea; took the Raven to Logandi Raja; he called 12 Loharsur brothers, 13 Tamesur brothers, 14 Agyasur brothers, they made an iron cage, lowered the Turtle and the Raven to the bottom; the Turtle was frightened of the Worm, hid behind the Crow; the worm itself was frightened when The crow promised to beat him, lied that Dano had land, who would burn those who came; the emboldened Turtle grabbed the Worm by the neck, who regurgitated 21 times; each portion of the land was named differently, starting with his mother- land ending with virgin land (white, red, nice, trembling, rocky, etc.); the turtle pulled the chain, Logundi Raja pulled out the cage, the Turtle tied the ground to the Raven's neck, who brought it Bhagavan; he summoned a virgin, she knocked down the ground in a vessel of leaves for 8 days and 9 nights; B. threw the earth into the waters, it grew, became dry; at first the earth was wet and slippery; B. called the Wind and Bhimsen; The wind dried the earth, but when they stood on one side, the other rose; Bhimsen walked, created mountains, valleys; Nanga Baigin (Nang Baigi's wife) drove four nails into the corners, the ground established (but the earth itself is round, p.330)]: 308-316; Fuchs 1952 [=Fuchs 1960:405-418; Bhagwan has not washed for 12 years, rolled dirt from his armpits and chest, blinded a man and a woman, revived; this is Nanga Baiga and Nanga Baigin; they were ashamed of their nudity, sat in the sea up to their necks, fished, ate raw (there was no fire); the Pandwa brothers and their mother Kotma Ma lived in the middle world; KM complained to B. that there were only rocks; he ordered bring land from the lower world; P. brothers sent the Turtle there, it passed through a crack in the rock; took with them the Wasp, the Alumina Worm, the White Ant and another (the informant forgot); the wasp put the others on wings, carried across the river; the Kakramal crab guards the entrance, one claw on the ground, the other reaches the sky; he sleeps, the Turtle passes, Fertile Soil agrees to go to the middle world, tells him to swallow it; The turtle and its companions have swallowed all types of soil: white clay, red earth, chernozem; returning, the Turtle falls into the seventh trap, convinces Crab that he is his maternal uncle; the owner of the lower world The ancient Serpent (Burha Nang) wakes up; he will give the Earth only if Bhimsen himself comes for it; those who came were placed under a press, the ground was squeezed out of them; they went upstairs; an alumina worm knocked out her former turtle big teeth, collected a piece of earth the size of a grain from them; for this, Bh allowed him to eat up stems in the fields, but not the grain itself; the wasp revived the Soil; the lump was placed in a huge vessel of water, whorl- The KM snake (mother of the Pandavas) began to shoot her down, the earth became huge; Bhimsen brought an alcoholic beverage (the leaves of the tree between the middle and lower worlds fell into the recess, fermented; probably an analogue of catfish), Soil filled the middle world, but was going to return to the lower world if Nanga Baiga did not honor her; Bhagwan breathed Nanga Baige's clothes, he came out of the sea, addressed the ground, "Mother Earth, I bring you My respect, I will honor you"; The soil told him to cut off his sixth finger, which was very long, divided into four parts, and punch it in the form of pegs in the corners of the world]: 608-617; Santals: Abbi 2015 [Only darkness at first; voice from darkness: Is anyone there? another, one of the voices was female; then another; Thakur Jiv (TJ), Thakuraiin Gogo, Saru, Baru, Jiva and Jangar were created, they were all waiting for the light to come out; Thakuraiin Gogo (TG) created Siny Chando and then it was light; but now everyone is waiting for it to be dark; TG created Yinda Chando and darkness is back, darkness and light alternate; Siny means "day" and Yinda means "light"; in TJ's hands, the rest they saw a clay vessel; it blew on it, the clay blurred in the water and the universe drowned; this ocean was Jalaapuri; TG came to the Kolelavka place (in the shape of a boat) to swim; she sculpted mud washed away from her body a human figure and left {two figures?} ; the horse came to drink, trampled on the figure; TG sculpted a new one, but it turned out to be less perfect; asked TJ to revive it; the figure came to life, but in the form of a pair of Hans-Haansil (XX) birds; that's why that TG was doing it in a hurry; XX asked TJ to give them shelter and food; he created a tree in the middle of the water and the birds began to live on it; foam produced by the horse floating on the water, and hair that fell into the water TG gave birth to Saaraanpuri; TG and TJ came to live there; but some of the foam and hair remained in Jaalaapuri and moss appeared there, a plant and grass grew on it, XX made a nest in the grass; from two eggs laid Two figures hatched - the same ones that TG sculpted and trampled on the horse; when they saw that the figures did not look like them, the parent birds flew away; TJ created a cow and she began to feed everyone with milk; created people named Pilchu HaAram and Pilchu BuraHii; TJ created Marang Buru and he began to hiccup whoever could bring earth from the bottom; (9 creatures are named, but only in santali); Radho BoVar reached the bottom, collected clay in his mouth and I put it on my back, but the water washed everything away; the same with the others; only Kacchim Kuwari and Raaymaat Len om brought (from the bottom) the land and the land was created; TJ created the bull and sent it to the ground; with his help Marang The storm leveled the ground; the first two humans were brought to the ground and they began to live there]; Bodding 1942 [first water; Thakur Jiu created various aquatic creatures (crocodile, crab, shrimp, earthworm, etc.). ); he sculpted two human figures out of clay; when he was about to put his soul into them, the day-horse came down from above and trampled on them; then, taking the material from his chest, T. made two birds Has Hasil, revived them, they flew, but there was no land anywhere, so they returned to T.; he drank water, spat, foam appeared on the water; T. told the birds to sit on it, they swam on it on the waves, but complained that there was no food anywhere; The crocodile agreed to dive, get the ground from the bottom, but it was washed away on the way back; Prawn is the same; Raghop Boar (Buar) fish is the same (it has no scales since); Crab is the same; Earthworm asked the Turtle to be ready; he took the ground from the bottom, placed it on the Turtle's back; T. harrowed it, mountains appeared; foam stuck to the ground; vegetation appeared, two birds laid eggs, of which a boy and a girl were born]: 3-5 (retelling in Osada 2010); Culshow 1949 [water is everywhere; Thakur called on the kings of the sea, but they could not reach the ground from the bottom; the Crab agreed to dive, but on the way to the surface there was water the pieces of land he grabbed make sense; the same is the Turtle; the worm asked to put a golden dish on the Turtle's back, promised to swallow the earth at the bottom and empty his stomach on the dish; he did so, earth turned out to be uneven, T. tried to trim it, the sea flooded the lowlands; T. created two geese from the seeds of the sirom grass, a female and a male, Hans and Hansil (Goose and Gander); they laid two eggs in the grass, from eggs came out people - pilcu Haram and Pilcu Budhi]: 65-66 in Osada 2010; Shrestha 2019 [first water, above it Thakur and his servant Jahereda; Malinburi lived under water; T. told her to make two human figures; she sculpted them out of clay, brought it to the bottom of the sea, put them to dry in the sun; Sinsadom's horse flew in, broke the figures with flapping its wings; M. made new figures, asked T. to revive them; T. sent her for souls, But M. brought not human souls, but bird souls; T. breathed life into them and they flew to heaven; these are the first swans, Hans and Hansini; they have no place to sit, there is water everywhere; they asked T. to give them a place to live; Solehako fish, Katcom cancer, and Lenden worm lived in the water; S. and K. could not lift the ground; L. threw bits of land to the surface, but they sank back to the bottom; T. called Kachik the turtle, told her Lying motionless on the water; L. threw the earth on the turtle shell, an island was formed; T. grew a Kadam tree and Syrom grass there; Hansa and Hansini built a nest of grass; Hansiner laid two eggs the beast Raghopabu ate them; T. sent his servant J. to guard the eggs; a boy and a girl hatched from them; the children grew up, T. created a cow and two calves for them; taught the young man to make a plow and plow the land, that started farming; Maranburu (big mountain) was the guardian of a young man and a girl; taught them how to make an intoxicating drink; they got drunk and got together; M. told them not to worry, let them be husband and wife; they have 7 sons and seven daughters; they quarreled and began to live in different places; the father took his sons with him and the mother of the daughters; the girls and boys met, began to live in pairs; their parents also reconciled and came to live with them; 7 clans went from 7 brothers and sisters]: 567-570; gondas: S. Hyslop to Zograf 1971 [water is everywhere, God was born from lotus; rubbed his hand, made a Raven out of worn mud, ordered land to be brought; The crow saw Crab protruding from the water, leaning against the bottom; sat on Crab's back, the mark remained; because God made his body hard, the Crab agreed to dive, brought an earthworm, which regurgitated the earth; God scattered it across the sea, land arose; Mahadeva and Parvati came out of the abscess on his hand; vegetables grew out of M.'s urine, P. ate them, gave birth to gondas]: 7; Shyam Parmar 1973. Folk Tales of Madhya Pradesh in Kudinova, Kudinov 1995 [god Thakur Dev swam on the surface of the waters on a lotus flower; sent the Raven to search for land; six months later he met the Chakarmal Chatri turtle; she was standing with one foot in the water, head to sky; told the Raven that the underwater worm Gichna Raja had swallowed the earth; the Turtle and the Raven arrived at Logandi Raja, told TD's desire to get the land; he told his Lohasura's twelfth brother to make a braided boat; he made it with the help of one of his younger brothers; the Turtle and the Raven dived off it, the Turtle grabbed the worm by the neck, which regurgitated 21 times; he was the first to give it Dharti Mai (Mother Earth), then Mahamundi Dharti (Big-headed Earth), Pan Dharti (Sinful Earth), Yellow Earth, Black Earth, finally Kumari Dharti (Virgin Land); the Raven took all the land in its beak, pulled the rope, the LR pulled them upstairs; the Raven gave the land to TD, he rolled the ball, placed them on the water, land appeared]: 29-30; maria (Bison-Horn Maria; {diving is not described, but it is implied}) [rain flooded the ground; Gajabhimul placed brother and sister in the pumpkin, the pumpkin stuck to the rock; Mahapurub sent the crow to look for people; a banyan grew out of the rock, the crow sat on him, opened a pumpkin; the children climbed the tree , they drank his juice, it ran out, they began to cry; M. sent the crow to calm them down, but she wanted to kill the children to peck at their corpses, came back and lied that it was all right; the same with the eagle; with the tiger; then sent a monkey; a hot rock burned her ass, arms and legs, the monkey smeared his face to black with charred hands; M. sent a wild boar, ordered her to be smeared in the clay on the turtle's back; a boar shook, clods and splashes of earth formed land; smallpox was sent to brother and sister to prevent them from getting to know each other; after that they got married and had 12 sons and 12 daughters]: Elwin 1949, No. 4:30-31; koya [the earth drowned; Bhima's daughter jumped from the sky into the sea, descended into the lower world; Sesh Nag blew on her, turning her into a wild boar; the boar was lying in the mud, surfaced, shook, and land formed]: Elwin 1954, No. 5:426; Tulaguram [there was only water, a wild boar lived in it; he raised the ground on his fangs (from the bottom), scattered it on the water, creating land; made the moon and the sun from the stumps of a sago palm tree, threw it into the sky; the core turned into stars]: Elwin 1950:141; Sinhalas [at the end of the Kalpa, rain floods the earth; Saman replies to Vishnu that only the Asura king Rahu can revive the land; R. asks V. grow a lotus; descends its stem to the bottom, brings a handful of earth; V. puts it on water, creates land; Surya and Chandra (sun and month) came to illuminate the ground; S. and V. sculpted a brahmana, who sculpted him himself a woman for himself, revived her]: Parker 1910, No. 1:47-49 (=Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 1:28-29).

Malaysia-Indonesia. Semangs (Kintak Bong): Evans 1937:159 [1) a dung beetle brought the ground in powder form from below; the bear rammed it with its paws, otherwise it would have filled the entire space to the sky; another informant later (1935) said that the bear stopped the beetle when the earth rose half the distance to the sky; 2) (according to Schebesta 1927:212); at first there is water everywhere; the dung beetle brings a bag of earth from under the water; earth grows; there would be mountains everywhere, but the bear rammed part of the land, plains appeared], 160 (Kensiu) [(Schebesta 1927:242); The Dung Beetle extracts the land from the swamp, it dries up under the sun, hardens].

The Balkans. Bulgarians; Macedonians: Lafazanovsky 2003:31 in Rakhno 2016:250-251; Slovenes; Hungarians; Romanians; Bukovina (Romanians or Ukrainians; o the informant's language and the circumstances are not recorded) [water and sky first; God found a piece of foam on which the hell was standing, asked who he was; hell: I won't tell you until you take me into action (in dein fahrzeug); God promised, then said he was hell; offered to create land; God: Dive to the bottom for sand, I'll make it dry; but take it "in God's name"; hell dived, took sand in both hands and said "in my name"; when came up, his hands were empty; dived again: "I take it in his name"; he brought a few grains of sand under his fingernails; God threw them into the water and there was land large enough to lie on it; God lay down and fell asleep, and the hell pull it east to push it into the water, but the land grew; then he pulled west, in other directions; the land grew; God rose to heaven, hell wanted to follow him, heard a sweet singing in honor of God and asked how can he create as many followers; God: wash your face and hands and spray water behind you; so many devils have arisen that there is no place for angels in heaven; God commanded St. Ilya would drive them away with a thunderstorm; the storm lasted 40 days, the devils understood from heaven to earth; when the angels were already being washed away, God ordered St. Ilya should stop; but the sparks flying from heaven to earth are still visible]: Waldburg 1853:178-179; Gagauz people.

Central Europe. Poles; northern Ukrainians (Kozeletsky u. Chernigov governorate) [There was no earth, no sky, water was everywhere; God was flying above the water; he saw a gun without arms and legs; it was Satanael; God said to him: "Dive into the water and get the earth in my name"; S. dived, said: "Take it, earth, in my name"; the land was not given; S. dived a second time, the situation repeated; the third time S. said: "Take, earth, in the name of God"; the land was given, S. gave it to God; God said that they would now sow; where the earth fell like a hill, there was a mountain; where it was flat, there were even fields; where the earth drowned and did not cover the water, there was a lake; when they sown, God crossed the earth and flew to heaven; this is how the earth appeared]: Chubinsky 1878, No. 96:359-360; Western Ukrainians (Hutsuls) [at first there was water everywhere; God walked on the water, Aley (Ilya) slept in the clouds; one place on the water was covered with foam, God turned it into Aridnyk ( Satan); told him to dive, he brought clay from the bottom under his fingernail, God made earth out of it; God lay down to rest; A. tried to push him into the water, but as he dragged him to the edge, the earth became all more; when God woke up, God threw A. into the water, which was covered with ice; A. broke through the ice with his head, climbed back to land; after that, God called him an enemy, not a friend; Aley woke up, saw the ground, and pushed him in fear it, valleys and mountains formed; to prevent this from happening again, God chained his hand to the rock; with one hand he can only shake clouds (thunder); only A. had the ability to create and only God could revive creatures; so all creatures belonged to A., God had to steal them from him; their struggle ended with God throwing A. into prison; when they fought, a piece of God's skin was ripped off his hand and fell to the ground; Adam arose from this; one day A. fell off the chain, found A., spat on him, and he became unclean; then God turned A. inside out, the impurity remained inside; when A. slept, God put him next to He had a branch of willow, from which Eve arose; she ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, caused people to sinfully; people multiplied; sinners became devils - helpers to A.; the first people were small and long-bearded ("lectobeards"); after them, giants inhabited the earth; they were evil, God destroyed them by the flood; only Noah and his family escaped; var.: a horn sticking out of the water, two clung to it and did not drown; since then since fewer people will become dwarfs again]: Koenig 1936:369-370; Belarusians; Russian literary tradition; hand. Solovetsky Library; from Palea in the late 16th or early 17th centuries) [God walked on water, saw Gogol's bird; began to ask her, she replied that he was the God of the gods, from the upper ones, and she was from the lower ones; God told her to give it from the lower ones; the bird dived, brought God foam like silt, God made the earth out of it; called the bird Sotonail, made it chief over the heavenly forces; he decides to throne over the stars; God gave power over heavenly forces to Michael; M. first retreated from S., but God removed S.'s divinity, M. overthrew him from heaven; he fell, fell into the ground, with him part of his strength; others fell to the ground, became demons; still others remain in the air, pretending to be angels]: Porfiriev 1877:87-89; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Vyatskaya, Smolensk, Ryazan, Orlovskaya, Penza, Tambov) [Satan in the form of a bird, she dives to the bottom of the earth]: Kuzmina 1998:142; Russians (Olonetskaya) [Two gogol swam along the upper Okiyan Sea: one white gogol and the other black gogol. And the Lord Almighty himself and Satan sailed with these two gogols. By God's command, with the blessing of the Virgin, Satan summoned a handful of land from the bottom of the sea. From that handful, the Lord created flat places and rolling fields, and Satan made impassable abysses, shilli, and high mountains. And the Lord hit the stone with a hammer - and created the powers of heaven, Satan hit the stone with a hammer - and created his own army. And a great war broke out between the armies: at first Satan's army prevailed, but in the end the power of heaven prevailed. And Michael the Archangel overthrew Satanin's army from heaven, and they fell to earth in different places: who fell into the forests became forest dwellers, who into the water became watermen, who fell into the house as housewives; others fell into baths also became bayenniks, some in the yards became courtyards, and others in Riga became rigachniki]: Rybnikov 1864:191-192; Russians (Vologodskaya) [there were two brothers - a dove and a gogol; they take the earth out of the depths waters; create a man from sand, a woman from bone]: Belova 2004, No. 70:47; Russians (Gorky Region, Makarevo, Western Author 1965) [Satan answers God that the land is at the bottom of the sea; dives in the form of a waterfowl, takes land in his mouth, loses it along the way; for the third time he brings it; God scattered it across the sea, islands and continents have appeared; S. he hid part of the earth behind his cheek, it began to inflate; he threw it behind his back, the northern cold lands arose from it]: Morokhin 1998, No. 455:425; Russians (Saratov Volga Region) [God created heaven and waters, rides on the water on a rock, spat, Titan came out of the abyss; says his name is Titaniel, but you can simply call him Gogol; ready to listen to the order; God tells you to fly to heaven, bring land; he brought it, but hid a pinch by the cheek; God scattered the earth over the water, became dry; to hold it, created three whales, a stone slab on them, earth on it; God sees Gogol's swollen cheek, tells him to spit out the earth, appeared a land with valleys and mountains; out of envy, Gogol rested, squeezed God's land, it also wrinkled; Gogol claims that this is more beautiful; the man will remember the Lord when he goes uphill, and the jester when he goes downhill; God orders to bring seeds from paradise, gave them to God from his right hand, kept them from his left hand; useful plants grew from those sown by God, useless, prickly, poisonous from those sown by Gogol]: Zavaritsky 1916, No. 1:67-69.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachays [the dragon Azhdagan-Jelimauz lay in the middle of the sea; on its crown they built a nest of Ala-Kaaz ('Scarlet Goose') and Kara-Qaz ('Black Goose'); they did not have eggs; for the thousandth year, Jelimouse's legs began to grow, he began to move; the goose, afraid that the dragon would throw them off his back, dived twice before reaching the bottom; the third fell into darkness; reached a bright spot, there was black the creature Kara-Pooh advised him to go to his older brother Kaiyr-Khashkhy ("The Angry Lord") for advice to give a gift; the goose gave the right wing; the KH sent one-legged Obur-Katyn to his older sister (' Werewolf woman'), took her left wing; OK sent Erk-Jilan to her older brother, told her to go until the ball made of her hair stopped; ED sent Kart-Chopp to her oldest brother, took the second her leg, gave part of her skin, she carried the Goose to the goal; "Our father is Kara-Kuzgun ('raven'), and our mother is the Turtle, they were the rulers of the sea surface, but the dragon cut their bellies , deprived power; to pacify the dragon, you must summon Kart-Choppa; to do this, you must cut off the dragon's gallbladder, cover its middle eye with it; you can cut it off with hair growing on the crown the dragon under your nest"; everything was done, the dragon roared in pain, the vaults of heaven opened, an old man in a green robe with a golden staff came out; the geese dived in fear, emerged 9 months later, dirty; Kart-Choppa sat on their nest, scraped off the dirt from the geese feathers, told them to make a cake out of it, eat one half, soak the other, and smear the dragon's back; this caused the dragon's body to rot, seemed spine (p.23: i.e. the earth arises from the combination of mud taken from the ocean floor with the dragon's skin); the CC plunged his staff into the dragon's crown; he screamed, the sky shone; the CC hit with a three-hepatic stem on to the middle eye of the dragon, it burst, the other two opened; a smelly liquid poured out of the middle eye, turning the sea white; if the dragon's eyes close again, everything will darken; when thunderclouds appear they say, May Allah save the Dragon from closing his eyes]: Karaketov 1995:64-67; Nogais (published: T. Akmanbetov. Syntastyn Yiluvy (Warmth of the Monument), Makhachkala, 2008; recorded by folklorist Tahir Akmanbetov in 1975 from Ozbek Amanbayeva, a resident of the Sarysu village of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, born in 1913 ; the informant is a storyteller, musician, played ancient melodies on the horn) [at first only the eternal sky is Tangri, his companion Umai, Umai has two birds - Ak-Ku ("white swan") and Kara-Bapiy ("black duck"); Ak-Ku laid an egg, it consisted of water; Kara-Bapiy swam in the water, but she was drawn down, she dived and swam; one day she felt silt and sand at the bottom; she began to pull them to the surface and built a nest; she continued to put silt and sand around the nest, which made her nose red and long; the nest grew and became dry; Kara-bapiy knew that she could not do anything; when she created the earth in fear punishment, dived into the lower world; she was restless and persistent, which is why she was named Erke Khan]: Kapaev 2012:30, 226; Terek Cossacks (v. Karabulak) [when the Lord created the sky and the sea, he "began to plant the earth"; sent the devil into the sea to bring sand; the devil climbed into the sea, collected sand in both handfuls, and hid one handful for himself the cheekbone to do what the Lord did; when he got out of the sea, he gave the Lord two handfuls; the Lord began to spread sand in all directions; where even one grain of sand fell, the earth began to grow out of it; the sand in the devil's mouth also began to grow; the devil screamed in pain; told the Lord that he wanted to hide some sand from him, and he began to burst his mouth; the Lord told the devil to run and spit until He will not spit out all the sand; the devil did so; mountains appeared where he spit]: Baranov 1899, No. 9:192-193.

Iran - Central Asia. Dards (tire), burishi.

Baltoscandia. Finns; Karelians; Latvians; Lithuanians.

Volga - Perm. Komi; Udmurts; Mordovians; Marie: Vasiliev 1907 [Kiremet in the form of a drake swam on the water; Yuma told him to get land from the bottom; he brought it, hid part in his mouth; Yu blew to the ground, spread it through the water, creating flat land; K. began to spit out the hidden, creating mountains]: 50; Kaliev 2003 [To the bosom of the primary ocean from his nest - Ludo Pyzhash (letters. "duck's nest" - Pleiades) a duck flew in. After laying two eggs, she sat them under her wings. Two drake brothers, Yumo and Yeun, were born from these eggs. Then they alternately dived under the water and pulled land from the ocean floor. A flat surface was formed from the land that Yumo took out. On the other hand, Eun choked and spit out his saliva along with the ground. This is how mountains, lakes and swamps appeared on earth]: 17-18 (quoted from Yuziev 2016:106; the same text cites Limerov 2016:22 with reference to Kaliev 2004:108); Chuvash; Kazan Tatars; Bashkirs .

Turkestan. Karakalpaks [In ancient times, there was no land; instead, everything was covered with empty water. The Suymyryk bird (a mythical bird) began to pull dirt from under the water (1) with its beak to make a nest for itself. All kinds of dust, grass, and algae gathered in the nest for this dirt, and formed a large land. This is where the land was born. 1) "uyyk" in the Karakalpak-Russian dictionary of Baskakov 1958 (30,000 words) translates: 1) swamp, marshy place, quagmire; 2) dirt; (translated by Islam Saparbayev with clarifications and a comment by Ruslan Doutaliev)]: Aimbetov 2014b: 25.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Siberian Tatars; Chulym Turks: Lukina 2004, No. 5.1:97-98; Teleuts; Chelkan people (Lebedin Tatars, Otkushtö, 1863) ["At first it was just water and nowhere was land. Then God sent a white swan into the water and ordered him to bring water to heaven in its beak. But when he was diving, a little bit of earth stuck to his beak. The swan blew the ground off its beak, and it fell into the water with small specks of dust and began to swim on its surface. These specks of dust began to grow and expand, and from them became earth. But the ground was smooth and flat. Then God sent a second bird to earth to blow up the ground with its beak, and this made mountains and valleys on the earth. But the trait did not like the beautiful treeless land, and he created a mob with its swamps, where people can hardly live and are very poor. At first, God created a man who lived alone on earth. It was a man. One day, while he was sleeping, the devil touched his chest and a bone began to grow from his thigh, and as she got longer, she fell to the ground and a woman appeared out of it"]: Radlov 1989:211 (the swan diving episode mentioned in Dyrenkova 1929:123); Altaians; Shors; Khakas-Kachins; Buryats; Mongols.

Western Siberia. All Nenets; Eastern Khanty; Mansi; Southern Selkups [recorded by I.N. Gemuev, 1980, an informant shamanil when he was young; "The Earth was the first to sink. God sent a loon, it didn't get anything. Gogol (porya) took out sand. This is our land. God let the snake go, then the bird, the speckles. And earlier - to a hoof. And the speckle frightened the hoof. The hoof began to bite at him, which is why the grouse only has a little white meat, the rest is black. And he let everyone go ahead - he let people go. People got into a fight, he let the snake go to disperse them. He let the dogs go, as he let a naked man go. She's freezing - damn it. - What happened? I'm freezing. Got the hell out of her skin. Now we are sick - we cough. God sent - made a man out of clay, he sits like a man. And the hell spit, I spit. This is what we are rooting for]: Baulo, Tuchkova 2016, No. 4, fragment 3; nganasany; Entsy; [the shaman recalls; the deceased goes down the river; she is like Ket, but the water is black; the young man is in front, the old man is behind; there a lot of fish; he caught up with the dead, but did not dare to go too far; the owner of the underground land Ivendgai Paya {Tuchkova: Vendygai Paya (Ketan dialect) - "Staraya Paya", SDS 2005:83}, who was the first to die; everyone goes to her; she is on the river, but her house in a dry place; but only human bones, but also dog bones swim along the river and bark; there is a watchman from a distance, and if you come up, a bear]: Baulo, Tuchkova 2016, No. 4, fragment 3; northern Selkups; chum salmon.

Eastern Siberia. Central, western and northeastern Yakuts; Sym, Western (Kirensky, Podkamenno-Tunguska), Baikal (northern Transbaikalia, horse Evenks of the Nerchi-Chita region), Far Eastern ( Chumikanskan, Orochons) Evenks; Evens.

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais; Ulchi; Negidals.

SV Asia. Forest Yukaghirs; Russkoe Ustye; Markovo; reindeer Koryaks.

The Arctic. The island of St. Lawrence [after creating Russia and America, the Creator decided that something else could be done before sunset; he took a handful of sand from the bottom with his hand and squeezed water out of it (that's why the island is called" compressed, squeezed out"), put pebbles in front of him, put pebbles on this mound to be human, told them to fish]: Bogoras in Krupnik, Krutak 2002, No. 3:201.

Subarctic. Koyukon; upper kuskoquim; kuchin; hea; doghrib, slevy; chipewayyan; yellowknife; khan; upper tanana; southern tutchoni; tagish, inner tlingits; helmet; beaver.

NW Coast. Tlingits; hyda; bellacula; quakiutl.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry; Puget Sound; Upper Chehalis; Cowlitz; Molala? ; lower chinook? ; modoc.

The Midwest. Menominee; Northern Ojibwa (Sandy Lake); Western Marsh Cree; Eastern Marsh Cree; Eastern Cree; Northern Solto; Ojibwa; Timagami Ojibwa; Ottawa; Sauk, Fox; Kickapoo; Potauatomi; Steppe Cree; Steppe Ojibwa.

Northeast. Montagnier; nascapi; hurons; seneca; mohawki; onondaga; tuscarora; delaware.

Plains. Sarsi; blacklegs; grovantre; assiniboine; dakota; sheyen; arapaho; crowe; hidatsa; mandan; arikara; santi; teton; iowa; cuapo?.

Southeast USA. Shawnee; yuchi; chirokee; taskegee; alabama; koasati; chitimacha.

California. Yuki; pomo; proptu; patvin; maidu [initially dark and only water; a raft sailed from the north, carrying the Turtle and the Father-Secret Societies (UTO); then descended from the sky a rope made of feathers, followed by the Founder of the Earth (OZ, Earth-Initiative); his face is covered and his body shines like the sun; the turtle asks him to help create land; suggests tying it by the rope and to it for weight stone; six years later, the turtle emerged, covered in green silt, but it was washed away and remained only slightly under his fingernails; he scraped out of his nails with a knife, rolled up the pellets, put it on the stern of the raft; looked twice - nothing; on the third, wrap your arms around; on the fourth, a raft on land, the whole world has appeared; the turtle asks for light; OZ: look east, I will call my sister; the OT began to scream and the sun rose; then set; OZ: now I will call my brother; the month has risen; then summoned the stars by naming them; then he grew a tree with 12 different types of acorns; after sitting under the tree for two days, all three went west; And Coyote and his dog came out of the ground, a rattlesnake; those who had left returned, and OZ made different animals out of clay, starting with a deer; mixed red clay with water, and sculpted a man and a woman; they were white black-haired and beautiful; a woman tickles him, he doesn't laugh; Coyote wanted his hands to be like his paws, but Oz made people's hands like his hands; the first man was Cookes, and the first woman Morning Star; Oz told Cooks to take people to the lake; during this time K. grew old, but when he plunged, he became younger again; this will be the case with everyone; women put out baskets in the evening and they are full of food in the morning; Coyote organized a running competition; the Rattlesnake bit him and he died, the only son of Coyote; Coyote threw his body into the lake, but nothing happened; Kuksa dug the first grave and buried the young man; people spoke in different languages, only Cooks understood everything; first Kuks's wife left, then himself; came to the spirits, there was Coyote's son; Coyote came there in the footsteps; Cooks did not let him eat the food of the dead; Coyote jumped off the tree, to crash to death and see his son; but the spirit house was empty; the Coyote went west and was never seen again]: Dixon 1902, No. 1:39-45; mountain mivok; salinan; chukchansi yokutz; yokutz (all groups); tubatulabal; kawaiisu; monache.

The Big Pool. Bannock.

The Great Southwest. Seri; pima [in the darkness Djivut Maka (Shaman of the Earth) picked up a ball of clay from the bottom, threw it up, stood on it, began to sing, the lump grew, covered most of the water, the current ocean remained; earth swayed, DM told the spider to braid it around the edges with a web, the earth was established; created two pimas and two Apaches, they spoke different languages, he resettled the Apaches, now those enemies; the son of DM Siöhö picked up a baby he liked in the village, left it under the bush; when he returned to this place, water was pouring from there, a flood began; the woodpecker clung to the sky with its beak, its tail was soaked; people fled to the mountains, turned into stones; Woodpecker, Coyote, DM and S. began to make new people out of clay; Coyote made one-legged, DM threw them into the sea; DM people could do everything, S. sent illnesses out of envy; people asked Vulture for him kill; he made the water in the pond where S. bathed boiling, S. died; Vulture said that he would be reborn in four years; four years later S. came to his father, who began to reproach him for his attitude towards people; S. went underground, promising to send a new flood; it will come yet]: Olmos Aguilera 2005:187-190.

NW Mexico. Varigio.

Western Amazon. Siona, sekoya.

SV Amazonia. Letuama.